Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 02, 1910, Page 3, Image 3

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Pretty Metal Picture Frames
Make Acceptable Xmas Gifts
Ami Now Comes an Opportune Sale
Thousands of Metal Picture Frames in every size from a small
petite to a large cabinet picture. Gold plated, burnished, silver,
French gray, Roman and Grecian gold, oxidized and black. In
plain and fancy patterns.
Special 19c, 28c, 39c, 63c to $1.48
Manufacturers' Rug Samples Very Low
Every Fall we receive the carpet rug samples from this
manufacturer. They are all bound ready for use. Made of
the finest quality Tapestry Brussels, Body Brussels and Ax
minster. .These rugs are very handy all over the house. s
They are great carpet savers. The colors and the patterns
are extremely attractive. This sale is bound to be widely
attended as hundreds of people await this announcement.
A great economy sale.
$2.50 Tapestry Brussels Rugs Sp'l 79c
$3.50 Body Brussels Rugs . .... 98c
$4.50 Axminster Rugs Special . $1.39
Dressmakers' Find'gs
Rubber-Lined Shields, sizes
2, 3 and 4, special, a pr 10
Collar Supporters, set . . .4
Socket Fasteners, black and
white, all sizes, spe. dz. 4f
Silk-covered Waist Feather
bone, yard 10t
Hump Hooks and Eyes, the
card 4J
"Two Season" Satin, special,
yard .....85
Pearl Buttons, sizes, 14 to 22,
pure white, special doz. 4
Best quality f eatherbone
stock foundations, spe ea. 8$
No Groceries
No Liquors
No Bakery
No Restaurant
C B. Corsets
W. B. Corsets
Heating Question Solved in
These Oil Burners
$4.50 Perfection Oil
Heaters Special . . .
This is a large-size heater and is guaranteed
in every way. Made by the Standard Oil Co.
$3.25 Perfection Oil
Heaters Special . . .
This is the same heater as above only a little
smaller in size. Standard Oil Co.
Self Light Gas
Mantles . - . . .
All you do is turn on the gas, it lights itself
and if this mantle breaks or fails to light within
60 days from purchase bring it back and get a
new one.
Hawk Playing Cards
This is an extra fine quality linen finish card.
Has a perfect slip. 1000 packs ; special, 8? pack.
50c Linen Box
Paper Special
J 29.
500 boxes of fine linen paper, in white only.
Full royal size. 60 sheets and 50 envelopes,
packed in a fine blue linen box.
1 Oc Doz. Score "
Cards Special D C
Score cards for 500. The large size, complete
with schedule, rules and 24-hand score.
Women's-Misses' Velveteen Dresses
Exceptionally Smart and Dignified fc 1 7 QC
Tailored Styles in These New Models P I .UJ
Everybody knows NOW that this is a "VelveteenM'dress season.
The demand speaks for itself. But we knew weeks ago of the favor
that these garments would enjoy and so we prepared accordingly
and advantageously.
While most stores are finding it hard to buy HIGH-CLASS VEL
offer you these extraordinary bargains at $17.85.
Turn these dresses inside out. Scrutinize the
tailoring. Examine the quality of the lining, and
the finishing of these garments. You cannot fail to
be impressed. At $1 7.85 they are undoubtedly the
greatest values in dresses we have had the good
fortune to offer you.
These dresses are made of extra good quality Velveteen in black,
navy, brown and taupe. They are plain tailored. Piped with satin.
Trimmed with silk cord and buttons. The yoke and sleeves are
made of fine gold embroidered net.
Regular Price $5.00
These suit blouses are today the scarcest article in women's
wearing apparel In the face of this indisputable fact, we
offer you an assortment of beautiful new lailormade Persian
silk waists.
In pretty soft Persian colors. They are made with plaited
front, coat sleeves with cuff, and with stock collar.
Pellard Suits and Forsythe Waists
Bleached Table Cloths
Wed nesday 89c
These cloths come 62 inches square. They
are already hemmed. In an assortment of neat
attractive patterns. They are manufactured of
an excellent quality of damask. Assuring you
plenty of wear and service. It's just the cloth
for your every-day use.
All Linen Napkins
20x20 Inches
Wednesday $ 1 .98 the Dozen
From the Birthplace of Parnell
Of Irish manufacture, which is in itself a
guarantee of quality. For nowhere can you
find linens that out-class the Irish.
In this sale we present for your inspection
400 dozen all-linen Napkins, twenty inches
square, in a variety of patterns. We have se
cured this lot far below the regular price and at
1.98 a dozen save you at least a third.
Muslin Pin Cushions
Very Special Sale
Get your supply for Xmas work now. They
will be very scarce in a few weeks. The best
quality made.
Size 3 by 3 to 4 by 4 Square Special ... 5c
Size 4 by 8 to 4 1 -2 to 1 0 Oblong Sp'l . . 7c
Size 4 by 12 to 5 to 12 Oblong Spl ... 10c
Size 4 by 18 Oblong Special . 15c
Size 5 by 24 to 5 by 36 Oblong Spl . . . 25c
N,.. nLr The Scarlet Pimper
eV POOKS neV. -The climax.- "Re-
becca Mary," "The Squaw
Man," Gret, "Mary
Jane's Pa."
Every Yard of
Dress Goods
.Deeply Cut
This Week
Substantial reductions on EVERY YARD of dress goods in our store. It matters not whether
your choice be plaids, serges, diagonals, broadcloths. Cheviots, Scotch suitings, English mix
tures, nun's veilings or any other weave now in greatest demand, youH find EVERY YARD
CUT to such a low price that the savings in this sale will pay you to buy even for future use.
It's another example of the Lipman, Wolfe & Co. special sale THAT SAVES.
24-inch 3-oz. Switches
We are placing on sale today 500 fine 24-inch
three-oz. Switches, in all shades. These
switches are made from fine quality long
French hair.
Regular $4.00 Puffs Special $1.98
Regular $4. 75 Puffs Special $2.95
Regular $6.50 Puffs Special $4.00
Regular $5.75 Puffs Special $3.98
These puffs are of the finest imported human
hair and in styles such as Empire, Recamier,
chantecler and Marie Antoinette.
36-inch Real Hair Nets' Spert 18c
36-inch Rubber Hair Nets, 3 for 25c
36-inch Silk Hair Nets, 6 for 25c
75c Very Large Wool Rolls Special at 39c
Crepe Wool, All Shades, Special Yard 30c
$1.50 House Dress
One-piece house dresses
made of plain blue cham
bray, figured or striped per
cale. With plaited fronts
ind square Dutch neck with
Fancy bandings.
$250 House Dress
This one-piece house dress
nade of black and white
check flannelette, fancy fig
ured percale in dark and
light colorings. Trimmed
with bias bandings or pip
ings. Made with a round
W. B. Nuform Corset
Special, $1.00
Our famous W. B. Nu
form corset made with the
new medium bust, long hips
and back. Of an extra good
quality coutil. Has three
pairs of hose supporters at
tached. Has a draw string
in the- front. Lace trim
mings. $2.75 Nadia Corset
Special, $1.75
The popular Nadia corset
of fine batiste. Medium bust.
New long hips and back.
Hose supporters attached.
Lace beading and ribbon and
satin trimmings.
Rubber Sale
$1.00 White Water Bot
tle 59
$1.25 2-qt. Water Bottle 89
$1.35 3-qtWater Bottle 98
$1.00 Fountain Syringe 59
$1.50 Fount'n Syr'ge $1.19
$1.75 Hope Fountain
Syringe $1.29
$2.00 Maroon Rubber
Fountain Syringe, 5
ft. tubing, 3 hard
rubber pipes $1.39
Khoemakrr and Burke Leading Can
didate for Office Voder Jfew
Form of fiovrrnmcnt.
FAKFR CITT. Or., Nov. 1. (Spe-rtl-
-One wrrk from election the
right for the offices of Conmlulonn
under the now charter, providing for
Pio commission form of government, la
growing hotter all tho tint and the
outcome la being eagerly awaited not
only In Faker City, bat ail over the
tate. as Maker Is the ft ret city In tha
Mate of Oregon to adopt the commis
sion. pontes is playing no part In tha
fight, and for the nrst time candidates
fr ctty offices ars com In a oat and
making a fight Independently of any
ring or "pulL" William Pol I man. tha
present Mayor. Is out making an open
fight for the election of W. II. Shoe
maker, and Is meeting with hard oppo
sition on the part of the mends and
uroorters of C I. Palmer.
Thomas C Burks, an ei-Polloe Judge
In Pes Moines. la., where tha commis
sion form of city government was first
adopted, and who has been prominent
In Kastern Oregon mining affairs for
many years. Is making a good fight and
yesterday, through the local taper. Is
sued a challenge to all the candidates
to meet him In debate. He addressed
a large meeting, and none of the other
candidates appeared.
This evening Judge Burke again ad
dressed a large meeting at South Ba
ker and seems to be gaining ground, as
none of the others appeared, although
they were again Invited to do so. I'p
to the present Uma the fight haa been
eoaceded ta be between Palmer and
Between the contest of tha prohibi
tionists against the Homo Rule Asso
ciation and the battle for Commtsslon
ersntpa. this city Is In a state of fer
ment which bids fair to reach an ex
citing climax during the last week of
the campaign.
Conductors Pay Increased.
BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Nov. 1. Effec
tive today, conductors on passenger
and freight trains on tha South and
North Divisions (main line) of tha
Birmingham Mineral Alabama Min
eral Divisions of tha Louisville A
NashvUla received an Increase In
wages, putting thera on a parity with
the conductors on other divisions. In
creases amounting from US to 1 V
per cent ara given.
Oswald West Absent From Hearing,
Despite Drawing Fat Salary
as Commissioner.
SALEM. Or Nov. L (Special.) Judge
Gallowey heard the last of ths testimony
In the Edenbower spur case tonight, the
Southern Pacific contesting the order re
cently Issued by the Railroad Commis
sion, in which a spur track la ordered for
that point.
Aa array of wltneses. Including leading
men In the operating and other depart
ment of every Harrlman and Hill Una
and of practically every line in the Weat.
took the stand to oppose the Commission.
The Southern Pacinc also had a great
array of legal talent here to fight the
case. Including W. D. Fenton, R. A. Let
ter. Dexter Rice and George G. Bingham.
Attorney-General Crawford and Charles
McNary represented the Commission and
Commissioners Atchcson and Campbell
were on hand In the courtroom, taking a
decided Interest In the case.
Regardless of the Importance of this
action, which is shown on its face by the
vast number of high-salaried witnesses
and legal advisers which the railroad
company has brought to bear on the case,
Oswald West, Railroad Commissioner,
failed to appear today, and the testi
mony has' been heard and the record
taken without his appearance at any
time during the trial. This neglect on
his part was widely commented upon to
day and many local frultmen are making
free use of West' name In no compli
mentary terms.
This case is considered by them to be
of vital Importance and it Is considered
by every man who has any business with
railroads, especially In handling ship
ments in carload lots where switches or
spurs are necessary, to be one of the
leading cases with which the Commission
has had to deal.
Oswald West's absence, when he Is be
ing paid a high salary to attend to his
duties as a Railroad Commissioner. Is
held by those Interested as a rather slip
shod method of "delivering the goods."
Torpedo-Boat Destroyer Fast.
ROCKLAND, Me, Nor. 1. A knot
slower than tha record of her sister
hip, the Drayton, but faster than
either of the oil-burning torpedo boat
destroyers, the Sterrett todar obtained
a top speed of 3Z.331 knots an hour In
a standardisation test. The Sterrett's
turbines generated about 15.000 horse
power. Herkverage speed for the five
runs made was 11.651 knots an hour.
Owner of Alameda Group of Mines
in Josephine. County Will Oper
ate Plant on Rogue River.
MED FORD, Or.. Nov. L (Special)
The management of the Alameda group
of mines in Josephine County has at
last reached an 'agreement with the for
est service whereby the mining com
pany Is permitted to operate a smelter
on its property on the Rogue River.
For more than, a year negotiations have
been pending with the forest service, but
not until a few days ago were terms
made that were acceptable, to both
Ths company will file .a $10,000 bond.
wTilch is Intended to Indemnify the for
est service for any destruction of trees
that may result from smelter fumes.
Former agreements submitted by the
forest department demanded an indem
nity bond of $30,000 for possible damage
to the forests in the vicinity of the
smelter, but the mining company refused
to accede to such terms, contending that
the timber within a radius of three or
four miles of the plant was not worth
that much.
District Forester Chapman visited the
property recently and after a thorough
Investigation' of the value of the timber
in the vicinity of the smelter he decided
to modify certain conditions of the agree-
ment and cut down the indemnity bond
to $10,000.
Buzbee Gets Appointment.
ington, Nov. 1. Furman Buzbee was
today appointed rural carrier on route
three, at Oregon City.
Says Quinine Is Useless and Tells
How to Break Up Worst
Cold and End Grippe
The most effective and harmless
way to cure the Grippe or break a se
vere cold, either In the head, chest,
back, stomach or limbs, is a dose of
Pape's Cold Compound every two
hours until three consecutive doses are
You will distinctly feel the cold
breaking and all grippe symptoms go
ing after the very first dose. It
promptly relieves the most miserable
neuralgia pains, headache, dullness,
head and nose stuffed up, feverlshness,
sneezing, sore throat, running of the
nose, soreness, stiffness and rheumatic
Take this harmless Compound aa
directed, with the knowledge that there
is no other medicine made anywhere
else in the world, whlclv will cure your
cold or end Grippe misery as prompt
ly and without any other assistance or
bad after effects as a 25-cent package
of Pape's Cold Compound, which any
druggist In the world can supply.
After three- years' research we have
conclusively demonstrated that qui
nine is not effective In the treatment of
colds or grippe. . -