Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 02, 1910, Page 15, Image 15

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    5QO Boxes Apples
$2.52 Val.
Extra special for today
5QO boxes of old fashioned
Roxbury Russet Apples
grown by Mariem McRae
PacKed at Hood River
Regular H2.50 (Cl
the box, special piJ J
Best Bohemian
Butter 77c Scr.
.The quality butter the
clean butter the solid but
ter the best bvttter on the
marKet It maKes new
friends for our grocery
store every day "77,
2-lb. Square today I I V
The .
saaaaaaas BBSBB)
Wednesday oouair
Wilbur's Juvenile Menagerie 4th Floor-Bring the CHildren-Model Grocery
Delicatessen. Bakery and Tea Room 4tH Fl.-Plan to Spend the Day in Store
ly' S
From 9 to 10 A. M.
I I 9 to 10H
12c Toilet Paper for 6c
9 to 10 A. SI. today. Sale of 3000
rolla of fine qualitv, strong, smooth,
pare tissue ToUet Paper, 1000 sheet
to the roll. Our regular 12&0 f
quality, special for one hour at J SJ
25c Embroidered Collars 5c
9 to 10 A. M. today, 1st floor, 500
dozen Linen Embroidered Collars for
ladies; newest patterns. These are
positively worth the regular P
selling price, 25c, on sale for J C
10c Envelopes, Package 4c
9 to 10 A. M. today, 1st floor sta
tionery store offers a good quality
white and cream Envelopes in popular
sixes; these sell regularly l I
lOe; special for this hour, pkg. I C
Regular 15c Scrub Brush 8c
9 to 10 A. XL today, basement. In
the kitchen goods section we offer
good Scrub Brushes, such as good
judges are glad to get at 15o Q
each; special for this hour tQC
Boys' Reg. 50c Caps at 23c
9 to 10 A. IX. today, 1st floor, a
sale of 600 boys' Golf Caps; in gray,
checks, blue serge, ete. A splendid
line of valuea to 60c, spe- QO
eial for this hour only, ea. dO C
Reg. 20c Handkerchiefs 9c
9 to 10 A M. today, lft floor, a
sale of women's pure Irish Linen
Handkerchiefs, hemstitched and neat
embroidered initials ; best regu- Q
lax 20c values, special price, ea. jj C
From 2 to 3 P. M.
$4 Flannel'te Kimonos $2.39
2 to 3 P. M. today, 2d floor, a lot
of 150 long Flannelette Kimonos in
semi-fitted styles, trimmed in ribbon;
figured and flowered fl O OQ
patterns; $4.00 values P 0 S
75c Persian Neckwear 47c
2 to 3 P. XL today, 1st floor, your
selection of our entire stock of the
very latest Persian Neckwear, ready
sellers at 75e; your choice Ak J
for this hour only for, each X 4 C
S1.50 Table Covers at 89c
2 to 3 P. XL today, 3d floor, a sale
of Reversible Tapestry Table Covers
in a good assortment of rich, choice
colors; our regular "QQ'
values, special at only, ta.OtC
$1.75 Combinations for 98c
2 to 3 P. XL today, 2d floor, wom
en's Combination Corset Cover and
Drawers. alo skirt and corset cover;
trimmed in fine laces ; our QQ
regular values to $1.75 at J Q C
French Plumes at 1-3 Off
2 to 3 P. 1L today, 2d floor, a
sale of all French Plumes, guaranteed
best qnality male stock; extremely
wide fiber; perfect $10 to $50 U
values, on sale at redaction of
$1.25 Union Suits for 98c
2 to 3 P. XL today, 1st floor, a
sale of men's heary fleece-lined Union
Suits in all sixes; oar regular $L25
stock values, on special sale QQ
for one hour only, the suit J O C
"Women's $1.50 Qlove3 69c
2 to 3 P. XL today, lit a'loor. A
nle of women's 3-cIasp Kid Gloves,
in black, gray, tan, green, blue and
all wanted colors; value lQ
f L50, on special sale at, pr. O J C
$1.40 Cut Glass Dish at 98c
2 to 3 P. XL today, 3d floor, a sale
of 6-inch eut glass Olive or Boa Bon
Dishes in the very newest designs;
buy now for Christmas; the Q Q
best regular $1.40 values, at 70 C
$1.75 Handbag3 for only 87c
10 to 11 A. XL today, 1st floor, 500
well-made, good qnality ladies' Leather
Handbags, gilt and gunmetal trimmed;
all leather lined; $3-75 values, 07
on sale for one hoar only ttO I v
Women's $3.50 Chemise $1.98
10 to 11 A. M. today, 2d floor, wom
en's white Nainsook Chemise, all trim'd
in German VaL lace and fine Swiss em
broidery; regular $3.50 fl1 QQ
values, special one hoar P 1 O
10c Hair Nets for this sale 4c
10 to 11 A. 1L today, 1st floor, a sale
of large size invisible Hair Nets, silk
tied at both ends; all shades in the lot.
Our regular lOe values, on special sale
75c Fancy Neckwear, only 29c
12 to 1 P. XL today, first floor, thou
sands of odds and ends of women's
Neckwear in dainty, np-to-date styles;
worth np to 75c; while CayOQ
last, choice for one boor only J
10c Pumice Soap, cake, for 2c
12 to 1 P. XL today, 2000 cakes of
Pumice and Pnmicine Soap; also aa as
sorted lot of Toilet Soaps which sell
regularly at lOo a eake; on spe- n
cial sale for this hoar only, eake a C
75c Hose Supporters only 19c
1 to 2 P. M. today, 1st floor, Ladies'
Silk Hose Supporters, fancy frilled elas
tic, velvet grip fastening, all colors, va
rious styles, in regular 50o tolQ
75c values, special at, the pair ltC
Women's $1.50 Belts for 27c
1 to 2 P. It- today, 1st floor. Great
assortment of odds and ends in ladies'
Ttant-lMihr and suede effect: many
novelty style belts, in all sizes your
ehotce ot the entire assortmenx
tomorrow at low price of only
$2.25 La Vallieres at only 98c
3 to 4 P. M. today, 1st floor, 500 La
Vallierea in green, rose gold and oxidized
designs, pretty French novelties in stone
and metallic effects; reg. QO
nes to $225, for one hour only OC
Girls' $25 Sweaters, only 98c
3 to 4 P. 1L today, in the basement
nnderpriee store, girls' wool Sweaters
in gray or cardinal; ages 2 to 12 years;
our regular stock valnea up toQO
$2.25, special one hoar, each OC
Men's $1.25 Shirts selling 35c
3 to 4 P. M. today, in the basement
1000 men's Golf Shirts, all sizes, is a
good assortment of eolors and patterns.
Our regular $1.00 and $1-25
values, on special sale at, ea. JJ C
Women's 45c Hose on sale 19c
3 to 4 P. if. today, first floor, wom
en's black Cotton Stockings, medium
weight, made with 4-inch lavender tops.
Guaranteed fast black. Eegn- 1 A
lar values np to 45e, the pair X V C
$1.50 Lounge Pillows for 89c
4 to 6 P. XL today, 3d floor, a one
hour sale eretonne-eovered Lounge Pil
lows, with lace edging and stuffed with
best qnality of silk floss; our OA
regular $1.50 values, for, each. OaC
Women's 75c Hose only 39c
4 to 5 P. M. today, ladies' black silk
Hose, made with bsle garter tops and
lisle soles; our best regular 75e values
are bargainized for this boor O Qk
only at low price of, the pair JC
$L25 'Japanese Tea Set at 98c
4 to 6 P. XL today, 3d floor, a one
hour sale of Japanese Tea Sets of 17
pieces, includ'g tea pot, sugar and cream,
6 enps and saucer; our rego-nn
lar $1.25 values, spel, the set IO C
Women's $4.00
Dresses Special at
this Sale for $1.98
10 to 11 A. XL today,
2d floor, 250 -women's
dainty one-piece
Dresses, for street or
house wear; neatly tail
ored; of gingham, ma
dras, ehambray; plain
eolors or figures; all
rizes, $4(!1 Oft
value, at tj) X J O
I I Q-fo 11 A.M. 1
75c Framed Pictures only 33c
10 to 11 A. M. todav. 4th floor. Sev
eral hundred fine Pictures in neat oval
brown veneer frames; size 10x12; popu
lar subjects, St. Cecilia, The Last Sup
per, ana oincr iavonies ; reg- 1
2000 Pairs Men's
$2.50 Gloves, for
this sale at 98c
12 to 1 P. XL today,
1st floor, a sale of 2000
pairs of men's Gloves,
in capes, mochas, suedes
and glace kids; all the
popular shades and in
all sizes; regular values
op to $250, on special
tale for one QQ
hour, the pr. J O C
Women's $6.00
Tailored Waists
for this sale $2.89
1 to 2 P. ML today,
2d floor, 200 women's
Tailored Waists in the
newest styles; pleated,
tucked or embroidered,
very fine quality of
linen; all sizes, perfect
fitting; regular $6 val
aes, forj0 QQ
inly, ea. 4ai aO 7
Women's $2.50
Wash Waists at'
low price of 89c
3 to 4 P. M. today,
basement, 300 women's
Wash Waists in the
newest lingerie and
tailored styles, lace
trimmed, or plaited and
tucked; all sizes in the
lot; regular values np
to $20, spe- OA
sial only, ea.O S C
$2.75 Dressed Dolls, only $1.59
3 to 4 P. M. today, 4th floor, sale of
Dressed Dolls with sleeping eyes, full
wig, dressed in all-wool challies, fine un
derwear, shoes, hose and d 1 C Q
hat ; regular $2.75 values J) X O 7
$2.25 Comb and Brush for $1.39
3 to 4 P. M. today, comb and brush
sets in neat lined box. Krafts wood
Circassian walnut and Fox woo d,' all of
these brushes have fine 1 O
bristles. Beg. $2.25 sets J) X eO
Misses' $10 Wool
Press, special
thi3 hour $4.85
35 styles to select from.
Misses' 1-piece Dresses
in French serge, with
high nock, long sleeves,
trimmed in braid and
f a n e y buttons ; colors
blue, brown, cardinal;
sizes 14 to 20 yrs spe
cial for f A O
only, ea. pT eO O
Child's $1.50 Shoofly for 91c
4 to 6 P. XL today, 4th floor, full
size child's Shoofly; large, roomy seat,
foot rest, etc.; neatly painted and var-
Dished: regular $L50 values,
your eboice for ,the hour, each
I I 3 to 4pm.
4- to 5 p.m..
H nT .4
$35.00 to $60.00
Marabou Sets Re
duced this sale 1-3
10 to 11 A. XL today,
all our handsome
Marabout sets of stoles
with muffs; white, nat
ural, white and black;
uofhing prettier for af
ternoon or evening; our
regular $35 to $60 vals.
Special, 1iOff
this hour. VXA
52.00 Cotton Blankets at $1.35
10 to 11 A. XL today, in the bedding
-store, third floor, we offer extra large
gray Cotton Blankets, with pink, blue
and brown borders ; good warm blankets
that will wash easily; our fl 1 O C
regular $2.00 values, pair A mJJ
011 Heaters, $5.00
Values, at thi3
sale for only $3.95
12 to 1 P. M. today,
3d floor, a sale of large
;ize Oil Heaters, made
a-ith solid brass fronts.
Take the No. 3 circular
triok; capacity of fount
1 qts.; automatic indi
cator, nickel trimmings.
Out $5 qH
talue at PO w
Untrimmed $10
Hat Shapes for
this sale at $2.98
1 to 2 P. M. today,
2d floor, Hatters' plush
dress hat shapes, fine
quality velvet, the fin
est French felt, duchess
satin and velvet shapes.
Aetnal values np to $10,
on special sale for one
hour at I O Q C
nly, ea. 4)o 70
Oak Screens $1.50
values special for
this sale, only 98c
3 to 4 P. M. today,
third floor, a one-hour
sale of 3-fold solid oak
Screens, silkoline filled,
stand 50 inches high;
screens which can be
used for any purpose;
regular $L50 valors, on
speol sale w AO
this price, ea.
Children's Hats for 1-3
3 to 4 P. M. today, a sale of chil
dren's Hats in beaver, plush, velvet, felt,
black, navy, red, brown, castor, white,
etc.; values from $1-50 - ff
to $7.00, on second floor vl1
35c Letter Files selling at 19c
3 to 4 P. M. today, 1st floor. Letter
Files, of heavy wood, boxes covered with
marbled paper, prettily lined; index of
tough manilla; size 10x15; onl A
special sale for one hour only X J C
Women's $4.25
Nightgowns for
sale- at only $2.39
4 to 5 P. XL today.
Women's Night Gowns
in dainty longcloth and
nainsook material, slip
over, high or low-neck
styles, neatly trimmed.
Regular values to $4.25,
on special sale at low
price of d O OQ
only, ea. iDt 0 J
Men's $4.00 Sweaters for $2.35
4 to 5 P. XL today, la floor, men 's
heavy coat style Sweaters; all wool, in
plain gray, tan and white, or trimmed
with contrasting eolors. fl Q OC
Talnes to $400, at, each pfOJ
25c Hnck Towels for only 15c
10 to 11 A. XL today, 1st floor. A
sale of large size Huck Towels, all white
or colored borders; suitable for house
hold or hotel use; our regular " C
25o values, special, only, each. A OC
50c Dishpans for this sale 35c
10 to 11 A. XL today, 3d floor. The
kitchen goods store offers a line of Roy
al Steel Dish Pans, 14-quart size; our
regular 50o stock values, very QJ
special, for one hour only, ea.OtC
$8 to $16.50 Coats for only 1-2
10 to 11 A. M. today, on the second
floor, a sale of children 's Coats, in plain
and mixed materials; ages 6 to 14 years;
splendid values at $3.00 to $16.50, on
special sale lor tnis nour oniy a
just half the regular selling prices '
40c Pinoche, at 20c a Pound
12 to 1 P. M. today, in our basement
candy store, most delicious Walnut Pi
noche, made in our own sanitary candy
kitchen; only the purest ma" OHp
terials nsed; 40o quality, lb. fci vlt
50c to 85c Slippers for only 29c
12 to 1 P. M. today, in the basement
"underprice store." A great assortment
of Comfort Slippers for men, women and
children; a hundred styles and HQ
eolors; 50c to 85e values, pair a 1 C
$6.90 Electric lamps only $4.60
1 to 2 P. M. today, 3d floor, a sale
of very fine Electric Lamps with 12-inch
square art shade, brush, brass finish ; ex
cellent values at $6.90; fif
very special for this hour ffft JJ
$1.50 Corsets, special only 65c
1 to 2 P. M. today, in the basement,
white Coutil Corsets, lace and embroidery-trimmed,
long hips, fitted with 2 and
3 pairs of .supporters; valnea
up to $L50, special this hour UuC
P. M.
Women's $7.50 Combi't's $4.98
3 to 4 P. M. today, 2d floor, wom
en's nainsook combinations, Princess and
Corset Cover combined; beautifully
trimmed; values to $7.50; fi I QQ
special one hour, the suit iPtvO
Boys' 25c Hose selling at 17c
3 to 4 P. M. today, 1st floor, a one
hour sale of 200 dozen boys' black Winter-weight
Ribbed Hose, extra spliced
heels Tmd toes, aU sizes; 25c 1 7
standard quality, special, pr. X fl C
$2.25 Seamless Roasters $1.80
3 to 4 P. M. today, third floor. The
kitchen goods store offers a line of Roy
al Steel Covered Seamless Self-Basting
Roasters, the best regular (J O f
$2.25 values, special, ea. J) X eO vl
$1.00 Poplin Suiting for 59c
3 to 4 P. M. today, in the basement,
20 pieces of Silk and Wool Poplin, 20
new shades, all full 24 inches wide, very
popular $1.00 values, special (JQ
for one hour only at, the yard Oa C
2 for 5c Darning Cotton for lc
4 to 5 P. XL today, a one-hour sale
of 45-yard spool Darning Cotton, black
only; splendid quality, four-thread; our
regular 2-f or-5o value, special for
one hour at low price of, the spool X
10c Torchon Lace for only 5c
4 to 6 P. XL today, first floor, thou
sands of yards of the much-wanted all
linen Torchon Lace in extra widths, some
as wide as 5 ins.; many patterns
to select from) lOo valnea forO C
$L00 Black Silk for only 63c
4 to 6 P. XL today, in the basement,
24-in. black Taffeta Silks, excellent fin
ish, will give splendid wear; best regu
lar $1.00 qnality, special this fff
hoar only, at low price of, yd. OO C
From 11 A. M. to 12
tl riV .Ha,
$1.50 Automobile Veils 78c
11 A. M. to 12 today, 1st floor, 50
doz. good quality Chiffon Auto Veils,
hemstitched all around ; in all the new
desirable shades ; regular 'TO
values $1.50, choice, at OC
Women's $3.50 Dra'rs $2.12.
11 A. M. to 12 today, 2d floor,
women's Drawers, circular and popu
lar styles, trimmed in fine VaL lace
and dainty embroid- fl O "1 O
ery; $3.50 values, pair vptlM
$1.25 Paper Napkins at 75c
11 A. M. to 12 today, 1st floor,
1000 in pkg., pure white Paper Nap
kins, for lunch or children's parties;
can be nsed for many pur- T
poses; $L25 values, special f OC
50c Sugar and Creamer 25c
11 A. XL to 12 today, 3d floor, a
one-hour sale of fancy Decorated Su
gar Bowls and Cream Pitchers in as
sorted styles; splendid 50c O J
values, special at, the pair d 3 tV
Reg. 50c Hair Rolls at 29c
11 A. M. to 12 today,' 1st floor,
Finest quality 24-inch Hair Rolls, in
round and new French styles; all new,
clean, sanitary stock ; regn- OA
lar 50o values, special only tC
Child's $2.00 Sulky at $1.39
11 A. XL to 12 today, 4th floor.
Large assortment of all-steel Sulkys,
wood seat witn nign db.cs. ana eiaes,
l&re-e wheel with rubber tires; sells
regularly at $2.00; f or fl -t QQ
this hour only at, ea.
F r o m 5 to OP. M.
$3.00 Crepe Kimonos $1.19
5 to 6 P. XL today, basement dept.,
200 women's Crepe Kimonos, shirred
at waist line; cut fall and long, plain
colors; figured or flow-fl "1 1 Q
ered patterns; $3 vals. P X X aV
$2.25 Corset Covers $1.72-
5 to 6 P. XL today, women's white
Corset Covers, of nainsook, longcloth
and allover embroidery, prettily and
daintily trimmed; val- fl 1 70
nes to $225, special at p X t
Boys' $1.00 Blouses for 69c
5 to 6 P. XL today, 1st floor, 50
dozen boys' Blouses in a big range of
patterns, light and dark colors, made
withaneckband for collars; AQ
sizes 8 to 14; $1.00 value at O c C
$4.50 Cut Glass Bowl $2.95
5 to 6 P. XL today. Anticipate
yottr Christmas needs; buy now. 8-in.
Cut Glass Berry Bowls or Fruit Bowls
in beautiful patterns; fl O QC
regular $450 values at
$1.75 Juliet Slippers at 98c
5 to 6 P. XL today, in the base
ment underprise store, women's leath
er Juliets with rubber heels. Regular
$L75 values, on special sale Q Q '
for one hour only, the pair tOC
Reg. 50c Meat Saw for 25c
. a n ir a .1 ; ai I. '
ment "underprice store," a sale of
good grade kitchen Meat Saws; our
regular 50e valnea, on spe- oH
cial sale for one hour at, ea. Li O C
$25 Pillows at $1.45 Pair
6 to 6 P. XL today, third floor,
the bedding store offers fine qnality
feather-filled Pillows, covered with
art tick; our regular fl A C
$2.25 values, the pair J) X TxJ
Remnants at Half Price
5 to 6 P. XL today, in the base
ment, odds and ends in Ribbons, Veil
ings, Trimmings, Laces, Embroideries,
Thousands of remnants, marked
at half the regular selling prices lA
5 to 6 km,