Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 02, 1910, Page 10, Image 10

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. . v .-rT'TrT'r,T O 1Q1A
uronxixi? QREGOXiAy, weuadai, Auvjumv 3
Hitt Outpitches Gregg in
2-to-0 Game and Fais Get
Money's Worth.
Vernon leader Compelled to Hon
.Mk AVhrn Hi Callrr Dislo
cate IU4?ht Thumb--"Mij:htT"
Case? Strike Out.
eMerxl iteaalls. (
Vernon X Portland .
Kan rraatac a, Oakland X.
ttmntBio S. Lo Ans:a
Maadloc f ClatM.
rl 3 " 5 :
orni ; a ; a 3 : :
r I i : : 2 , ? ;
l-t t nl 1l t :' i n :i i'v .""'
nttri d ';i - :.' im. .."
s. tnn. i: ..' ii :i fin' .;'
vrrnon w r ' I ;i. 2: i" '"
!. Ant i'iz: rr i ; u-i, i
eecrr. o ' I ') li !' ( .3-J3
, f :; itj irx utf t?:; iri'
Woo. l ost. P.
P-iitand 113 .f.
Oakland li
I.C8 ANIfXES. CaU Not. j. Rj-
riaLI-Portland and Vernon met today at I'ark for tn laat Imp In the rar
for th xnMiit, and Happy HoRan a
vnafra tr.ramrd th leader. 1
It'll pitched a better irama Uian nrrg-f;
and therein lay the secret of victory.
Tja local fan were out In fore anI
auir a (am that waa worth their money
1 every atace. What Ore larked In de
livery the other mad up In nrklin.
K.iror llxun did not Intend to play to-
d. hut In tha rtrs half of the first in-
r.:rc Frown, who waa siated to do tne
r--elvin fr tha Villagers, dislocated bl
rtrht thumb by an awkward attempt to
rather In the fourth wide or.a that had
bean delivered lo krueger. and waa
frxred to retire, Hogan had tn don tha
iraak. for he had no other catcher ready.
la the Btith Innlnic Lmpire Irwin ac-
ruard riaher of coaching from tha berv h
and put htm out of tha grounds, mucn J
hl d suet- There were lomt dose Ae-
rUlon. but aa (hey were evenly divided.
tb"ce waa no compliant from cither aide.
Three double play by the Beavena were
featurea of the laat and anappy name.
They came when needed and beld tha
Veraona down tn their total.
Glenn opened the icame with a single
en lire flrai ball pitched. It waa one of
or ly three hua made durlna; the game.
Olaon went to second on Caaey'a wacrtnc.
bui he look too blc a chance and waa
rauartit off aecond by Hitt. who tried for
him twice before he nailed him. Krueser
walked, but Kraut at ruck out.
Ti e Viilacera atared out auspiciously
In taelr half of .the nm also, but a dou
ble p'ay by the Beaver cut them short.
Carlisle walked. Uurrcll slneled and Rosa
siTtft-ed. Then R. Braahear walked,
nillr; the base, and only one man out.
Hosp bounced a high one In front of
th plate and Murray, pouncing on the
b 1 Ilk a cat. touched the p.ate. forc
ing Carlisle, and enapped tlie ball to
Bheehan at third, forcing BurrelU who
for some reaesoo, beat known to him
self, had euarted back toward aecond.
lit the third. Olson made a phenomenal
su p of Burrell s drive and threw him
out at first. Carlisle. In this Inning waa
benefited by a cioae decision, when be
doubled to left and reached the second
aai-k by a desperate diva Just aa Krue
ger'a peg reached Olson. Tha first In
nlrur waa virtually repeated In the
fourth when Gregg walked K. ftraahcar.
liotp singled Infield and X. Brashear
sacrificed. Lindsay struck out but Mur
ray missed the third sack and received
the bail just la time to touch out R.
Rrahear. who waa dashing In from
third. Murray then whipped the bail
to Rappa doubling Undsay at first.
The fana had some fun In the first half
ef the fifth. Kappa singled Infield and
took second on oris sacrifice. Murray
struck cut and Urecg walked. Olson
hit hot one to Kurrell. but It waa too
ht to handle and Olson waa safe and
the baaea were full.
A Casey walked up to the plate some
an In the granns'.and shouted; "And
Mlahty Casey struck out-
"I'lwy at the bat." the crowd re
sponded. The altuatlon waa much the
er.M and one could almost hear I'e
A olf Hopper reciting lits favorite aa
"hushed stillness' fcil upon tie crowd
at last and "Casey awung his mighty
ami." Ho can almost fainted. but
Mighty" Casey did Jut what the Casey
In Itie piece Old struck out.
The slith saw the first run of the
g.-ae. Kurrell singled Infield to Olson
wae made another wonderful stop, but
couMn't recover himself In lime to throw
tne. runner out. K s slncled down the
t.ilra) haae llr.e. putting liurrell on aec
ond. R. Brahear went out Olson to
Rapps. Burreil golrg to third and Roa
to second llosp drove a torrid one to
Casey, who Jucxled the ball and then
let It get away from .ulna. Burrell
scored on the error. Koes went to third
and Hosp was safe on ftrat-
N. Brashear flew to. Ryan and Ross
beat the throw to the plate, hut was
ruled out by McGreevy for leaving third
before the catch was made. In the
eighth Burrell singled to center, bis
tMird hit of tl'e game, and went clear
tiiro.igh to third on Row' Infield single.
R. fwashear flew to Krueger. Burrell
s-orlnjc after the catch. Iloep fanned.
Tte ai-ore:
AB R H P) A T.
O i.n r 4 I S
V-w-nr. If J S i ! ? o
1'ti rf
lit? . i . ? j ; ;
Wt ".:::::::::: " ? 5 2
Sr-SKTV. :::::::::: j J J J J J
Tal 4 14 1
rrn.i cf t S 1 ? 2 t
b. ::::::::: i 2 I a
Sralear. K. .... I J J
" . Brash-r. lb .... 5 It
i,..M. i. 3 o a 3 o
.. " . "
H S: a . . . e a 4 t ' 1
13 S T ST 10 3
Portland O 0
M.t IOllO0 0
r-V . ' " 0 0 1 1 a
iiTu 1 t l o 2 o : ;
MM MM -rU.I R-rtf:r hire
1 -v Wrajler. R. BrMMr. On.
j , - tja jIX tires. . Kill. U. btruck
eutBy Or'tc Hitt. . Doable rlsi
i.Tg te Murray l Hieehan: Ores, to Ik P.iPr. nsn l M irrar to e
h.n fr.f-Irin aad McC.rrevy. Time
of game -1 --"
Sntrr Outpitclira Lively and Willis
In Iteaulifal Game.
PAS FRANCISCO.-Nov. 1. Willis and
Lively were both victims of the hard
hitters on the San Francisco team to
day, and. after Oakland s two run lead
waa evened by the local team In the
ninth. Madden, who was running for
jJuter after the pitcher had been
walked In the tenth, was scored on a
drive by Melcholr. Oakland pennaut
hopes took another slump.
Bodle. Vltt and Mohler. each hit for
two base during the gnme and Ten
nant credited himself wfth two double.
AB. R. H. PO. A. E
AB. R. H. PO. A. Jr..
SSSt .:::::::: I i ; ?
VA-o..erton. 3b 1
wi ' v ............ 3 o l o a o
I i lei? o ........... o e o o 1 -0
L',, op. j j o j -j o
Totala S 3 S "IS 17 1
ab. n. h. ro. a. r
flaw, cf 4 0 1 3 0
M-Ardle. c 0 t 2 I
Melrhlur. rf 1 I t 1 J
!!:. If ',' J
T.nnsnt. 1 o 3 11 1 J
Vl.u St. 3 2 2 2 i i
K-rry. e 4 O J 1 0
Mohler. 4 0 1 2 0
fl,.'. p 3 0 110
Madden. 0 1 1? i i
Totals M IS tO 1
One out whn winning ran made.
etaa for Kuttr In the tenth. ,
Oakland OOlOBOOOlo 5
li,, ooiooiois o a
Fo rnndicn 1 00000001 1 J
Hit - 1 1 A A A A
Tn rune and 11 hlls off W1IT1S la 1-3
Innings. I'hrtrss deefst to Lively. Two
h hits li'!l. VltL Tennant 2. al'-hlsr.
1'iushaw. Ml'-hlor. Sarrlfi-e hits MrAr
dle. Vitt. Wsrrs. Carr.ll. Tnnsnu Hha-.
Fir t tiaae on relied oalls rT nuior o. on
Lively i". htru. k out Hr Willis 4. by Pu
tor a. by Lively 1. roubl pir
ton to Cutshr to Wolveeton. Vsr- to
I'utihtv to Cameron. M-'hl-r to MeArdl to
Tennsr.u raaecd ball I'earre. wild plti h
s-itor. Time or rame. J.o. Lnipircs
lllldbrand and Tomaa
Crlgt-r To Away S-to-C Game In
Klghlh IniiJng.
PACR AM KNTO. Nov. 1. Tha Sena
tore won from the Angels today. 3 to
3. Crlger losing off the game In the
eighth Inning. The Angela were lead
ing by on run when Boardman drove
the ball Into left for two bases, going
to third when Nagel kicked the sphere
about, 'l-a Longe hit to Criger, who
threw the ball high to Howard, cov
ering first base. La Long golna; to
third on the bad throw. Arrellanes'
single through short, scored La Longe
with the winning run. Score:
Loa Angel. 1 4 Pacramen ..I T 1
Batterl-s Criger and Smith; Arrel
lenea and La Longe.
Xnr York Still Hold Lead In Big
Amateur Indoor Meet.
NEW YORK. Nov. 1. Local athletea
did not hare It their own way In to
night' event of the Indoor champion
ships of the Amateur Athletic Union.
Representatives from Yale and Harvard
and the Canadian. New England and
Pennsylvania club flijured In the scor
ing, but they could not overcome the
lead gained by the local cluba laat
In the (00-yard run. M. Shcppard, of
the Irish-American Athletic Club, led
Into the stretch, where H. Gisslng. New
York Athletic Club, came up and won
by two yards. The five-mile race waa
easy for Tom Collins, or tne lrtan
American Athletic Club. The eltfht-potnt
core stands:
Seniors, N'ew Tork A. C 77: Irish-
American A. C. 7; Pastime A. C 20.
Juniors Pastime Athletic Club. It;
New York A. C. 18: Harvard, and St.
Jamea A. A., of Rhode Island, tied for
third place with eight point.
New England College President to
Talk of Athletics.
AMHERST, N. H-. Not. 1. Football
will com up for consideration before
the college presidents of Boston. "Brown,
Bowdoln. Clark. Dartmouth, Harvard.
MMJlebury. Trinity. Tufta. Vermont.
Weaieyan. Wlillama and Yale, when
they meet at Amherst In the annual
convention of the New Kngland Asso
ciation of College Presidents, next
Thursday a week.
One additional delegate from the foe.
ultv of each college will be present.
Among the question to be considered
will be as to whether the control of
athletics shall be with the faculty or
not, and also as to whether or not loot
ball reform are sufficiently numerous
and radical to Justify tx continuance
of the games. The principal discussions
of the meeting-, however, will ce on
questions of education.
if" ' - )
,. ...s ....;t,v.- . . .. jz,
" . ,rrt , v
-' S-i-.,:-.: v ;-...:.'. - -
Pullman Eleven Triumphant in
Gridiron Match by
i 9-to-0 Score.
Old-style Football 6 Match for
Mixture of Forward Pauses and
Fake riays Shown by
Visiting Team. -
By the core of to 0 th gritty war
rior representing the Multnomah
Amateur Athletic Club on the gridiron
went down to defeat In their Drst es
say at the new gridiron game yester
day afternoon, and the Washington
State College eleven, the team accom
plishing Multnomah's downfall, la en
titled to full credit.
Both teams presented a strong line
up and played the new game In up-to-
date fashion, as but few penalties were
Indicted by the officials at any stage
of the game. The collegians from
Washington limply played better foot
ball and managed to work their plays
to better advantage than did the ciud
men. The use of the forward pass was
one of Washington's principal adjuncts
and they brought it Into play at oppor
tune times. .
Besides the use of the forward pas
the work of "Huge" Laird, the Wash
ington State College team's right
tackle, waa phenomlnal. This player
waa the bright and shining light of
the entire engagement, for he com
pletely ontdld hi work which shone so
well in the recent game with the Ore
gon Agricultural College eleven last
Saturday. Laird waa everywhere, and
was especially effective In solving th
clubmen's style of play and mixing up
the advancement. It was due to this
player principally that Multnomah waa
unable to score, for the clubmen fre
quently threatened the college rivals
and were held or forced to punt
through Laird s Irresistible onslaught.
Both core made by Washington
State College were recorded In the sec
ond quarter when Galhralth kicked a
goal from the field, the eame a he
did for Pullman' only score Satur
day, and a few minutes later Coulter
went over the Multnomah line for a
touchdown, and Oalbratth again kicked
the goal, giving hla club a lead of
points which waa aecure during the re
mainder of the game. e
Washington State College. In ad
vancing the ball toward the Multnomah
goal. used tlra forward pass as the
principal medium. Galbralth and
Hentzelman were especially effective in
this line, for nearly every pas nego
tiated between the two netted advant
ageous yardage. A pass for a gain of
30 yards wa fruitful of the first score,
though Multnomah rallied nicely and
forced a kick when Washington had
the ball on the 28-yard line. Galbralth
succeeded in kicking the field goal
from a difficult angle, which netted
hi team 3 point.
On reversing goal the Washington
lads commenced a steady advance down
the field after Multnomah had kicked
ff. nd bv interchanging forward
passe and line bucking stunts, all of
which gained yardage irequenuy, wom
ter finally was shoved over the Mult
nomah line for a touchdown. Galbralth
followed this by kicking the goal and
Washington had a lead of point.
The Multnomah team showed con
siderable Drowess. but lack of concert
ed action was apparent in many In
stances. Time after time the clubmen
were In possession of tha ball, but their
.icu of attack seemed Ineffective
against the collegians. Frequently
they advanced the ball for material hut when within sinKing uisi-
ance of the opposing team' goal, a
fumble, or magnificent defense of
Washington' part, would break up the
play, and the clubmen would lose the
Th teamwork displayed by the
TC.-hincrton State College player easi
ly urpassed their performance against
the Oregon Aggie lat Saturday, and
taking everything into consideration.
the visitor played mucn mum ii
ball. The team lined up aa follow:
..--... iai foattinn- Multnomah (0)
Buck . . J7r. ...... L E K Opl Smith
inter I L T R L"bT
J.i Harter L O R
e.iors. Niirter ... Ctr',?5
Holme. Knight .R O L., iB"n'i?
Laird B J A.
Galhralth R E L e- Hars
H.nlMlrul ...... .QRhlnahart. Latour. t.
H R.r."."Cairicrate. stott
F Iudley Clark
Foran .
? CHntjsi-Kelley Defeated.
niAmvMt.MmiTit Tabor rrxmrnir
school football team defeated the Clln-
ton-Keiley school eleven yeterday by
.a a lt..MnTrl1v e-rrelled In tha uere
of the forward pass, but tha Glencoe-
Mount Tabor players vrere uitr.
Touchdowns were made by Walker and
t nlnfn.M onnf Tahor. That
I r- , " '
score aummed up the total point mad
during the gam.
OTer 1000 Feet of Exciting Play
(shown at Sjar Theater.
Th two distinguishing features of
the championship baseball films feat
ured at the Star Theatesj today ar
their marvelous clearness and the ra
pidity with which they have been pho
tographed, the negatives developed and
the completed pictures ready for exhi
bition in thl city.
The erie of championship game
between Chicago and Philadelphia was
concluded only a week ago. and, aur
prlslng as It la,, here in Portland tha
public ee a genuine portrayal of the
important contest. A private exhibi
tion was given before a number of
prominent public and newspaper men
yesterday, and all complimented the
Star Theater management on the excel
lence of the attraction. The feature
of the series are clearly and graphic
ally depicted? and will doubtless prove
attractive to the thousands of fan here
who ardently hope that Portland will
win the Coast League pennant despite
Judge Graham and the California con
Subscrlptlon List for Benefit Game
to Reward Champions Is .
Growing Steadily.
Oakland' hope ot, winning the peni
nant by capturing all of the remaining
. - ka niaH with the Seals was
shattered when the Seals got away
with the first game of the series yes
terday. While Portland also lost, th
situation 1 mucn more luvumui. i
the Beaver' chances than before th
1 .--.4
i. i. i -- nroanectlvA rjennant-wln-
iv. ii.ii.
- .Antinna to .hold the lead by a
111 - - -
choice margin. Because of thl th
. h.Miminir more and more en
thusiastic over tne oeneui iuuu uc.iib
, , . 1. 1 V. - i-liomninn team OUt
raiaeu iw i "nfc " "
at the close of thl season next Sun
day. One week later tne oig oucm.
in he ninvH here, when th
gaWiicJ " 1 11 " - ...
Beaver will be given a tctlmonlal by
the fan.
Yesterday the sale of ticket for the
big benefit game netted' 176. That
bring the total ubacrf!ed to date to
Th. anihscrlntlon list Is:
Prevteualy acknowledged 63.iSo
.'.i-'.;-v,n. 2.00
AlcMcngw 2.0O
Htudebaktr Bros. Co.. N. W J -g
iseomea nu'"ut .... ,nn
F. M. Kelly no
p. H. Senoloj-e 1-JJg
Hertsche Bros. 9"
Portianu &ikh ,-zA
Cash : IXX
H: .c- ..wr. :: ?o
- ,, Z.'W
Spranger a uaiumer
Bowman Broe - -VJ"
Georg Kramer J.oo
J. Jianory -
M. C." Frohman - V"
Marauam Barber Shop -M
Both Sandy
J. f. Potter A.W
A. . F. Kemand J
H. R. Hunter
L Gorman ; ij
I E. Solomon 'il
gr..::.v.v.-.v.v ::::::::::::::: iS
Total O'O00
Berry and Ilogan May Stand by
McCredie In Contest for
Certain Measures.
cial.) Ominous rumbling that makes a
noise like troubl is heard on th ev
of the annual meeting of the Pacific
. tqoti which la acheduled to
"start In San Francisco next Thursday
Having heard the call to arms, Henry
Berry and "Happy" Hogan. will leave
here for the seen of action tomorrow
night. A neither of the gentlemen
hav been accustomed to side step trou
ble the chances are that San Francisco.
Oakland and Sacramento who are known
to refer to themselves as the "Big
Three" will know that they have been
In a fight when all has been said and
at Night Is
Eutf Mi
dona to say nothing of McCredie, who
has never been known to "lay down
Just for the fun of having the other
fellow walk over him.
As a matter of fact, Los Angeles, Ver
non and Portland loom Just as large on
non Coast League map aa San Fran
cisco, Oakland and Sacramento.
"So they're" looking for trouble are
they?" quoth Berry, when told of the
merry time In prospect. "Well we will
be among those present and I think
Hogan and I together can manage to
put up a pretty fair scrap."
Among other things to come before
the meeting will be the Question of the
double umpire system for next season,
the adoption of a schedule, the election
of officers and the adoption of a rule
cutting down the number of players on
each club to 17, including the bench
President Graham and Secretary Long
are said to be slated for re-election and
a tenatlve schedule has been drafted by
J Cal. Ewlng. and will be submitted.
Berry ts out for better treatment than
he received In this season' schedule.
However, It 1 in the discussion of the
double umpire system In which the odor
of brlmston Is most likely to be de
tected. .
San Francisco, Oakland and Sacra
mento. It Is reported, have decided on a
policy of economy for next season.
Berry says that it look as good to him
now as It did when he first started the
fight for it and that he 1 now at hi
best fighting weight.
McCredie Sends Forfeit.
SEATTLE, "Wash.. Nov. 1. (Special.)
Portland' application for admittance
to the Northwestern League, accom
panied by $1000 forfeit money, was re
ceived today by President Lindsay.
The meeting to admit will be held
Cypres water tanks have been known t
defy decay for mora than a quarter of a
Knox Hafs
are sold on reputation
and bought on faith.
For ssWat our agencies everywhere.
Ccnipare Our Prices
m rrm imt mem in in mwi n w.
work mnjmbmr. no mmttmr bowocji ygi. W
J brifLjr wore tor ouW
"a of - tow a patron- la
3 one dap It dMirttd,
J jValuJ oxtractioia
rv. - . jlTwn0B pianna or
4 hHi4aTMr. mmrk la anrrli
1-4. CotisaiUtroi fr.
j. .. i fin
a 5uM riusis - i.v
I3'- i EbsmI Filfinrs 100
Sihw FrTflfirs .50
Plata 5.00
. . ... en
i.w.A.u,f t. P.K.i.r.ltft.o
a mm aruaraw m eamaai MAT srrnoM
AU work fully warantsed for flrtaen 7m
Wise Dental Co.,mc.
Painless Dentists
f sjnnf Bmidmi. Thtrt and Wsshlnt. WRTIAIfBI.
caUaeanT A. at. le r. At. taaaAra,)
- - if
L 1 J V "aaA ... 1
The Addition with
til AXJEELHtrRST at night is now the most conspicuously defined sec-1-
tion on the residence map of Portland." Sunday Journal.
This is because a very large portion of the ornate and elaborate Cluster
lighting system is now in coinmission in Laurelhurst, making lta beautiful
eeLurdhurst at night and realize one of the gwatosttharms of
Portland's most delightful Residence Park. Drive out in your automobile
paved streets all the way V2 miles due east from Burnside Bridge, enter
Laurelhurst at the Glisan street Gateway.
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r , ... I 1 7 .
"fjrit j
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r , im li Willi
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