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1, 1910.
Goods Sale of Tremendous
Every Yard of Dress Goods in the Store at Radical Reductions
We suddenly decided to cut prices on every yard of
dress goods in our store. Continued bright, sunshiny weather
finds us wt'h a tremendous over stock at this, the height of the
dress goods season, there should bz an unprecedented response
io this advertisement for you have the assurance that at this
sale you get the choice of the best slock of dress goods in ih: cily.
Quality, the keynote of our store is
reflected in every weave of dress goods
we handle. None but dependable first
class, high-grade merchandise finds a
place on our shelves.
From the Highlands of Scotland these Scotch spun tweeds
and bonnie plaids in beautijul comb nalions are here in abundance.
From France We quote beautijul Henriettas, Albatioss and
From Belgium suitings and tailored dress fabrics.
From Germany, serges and cheviols.
From Austria, mannish mixtures, diagonals and broadcloths.
The weather is going to be cold, and these dress goods are
warm. We cordially solicit your inspection of these wonder
iul specials.
Mrs. Dean direct from the factory guarantees a
pertect fining moaei. re sure iu ,ume
No Groceries
No Liquors
No Bakery
No Restaurant
C B. Corsets
W. B. Corsets
A Few Positive Examples of Economy
Judge Our Sale by These Reductions
50c and 60c Dress Goods 39c Yard
All wool Albatross, Nunsveiling, Batiste and mixed suitings
in all colors.
60c Dress Goods 45c Yard -
All wool Henriettas, French Serges and Storm Serges alsa
40-inch Scotch wool plaids.
$1.50 Dress Goods 79c Yard
All wool suiting a 60 inches, all wool stripe serges 54 Inches,
tailor suitings 50 inches, gray homespuns 48 inches and aL'
wool and silk and wool plaids.
2.00 and $2.50 Dress Goods $1.48
All wool novelty suitings, two-toned diagonals, canvas
Bouretts, tailor stripes, mannish mixtures in all colors.
$2.00 Dress Goods $1.59 Yard
Imported French broadcloths 54 inches wide. Sponged Jand
shrunk. Comes in all colors. . t
$3.50 Dress Goods $2.48 Yard
Best German and Austrian broadcloths 56 inches wide. Guar
anteed shrunk. In black and street and evening colors.
All Black Dress Goods Reduced
60c At'-wool French Batiste per yard 45c
$1.00 All-wool Fancy Serges per yard .' . . ..... . 79c
$1.25 All-wool Heavy Canvas per yard 85c
$1.25 French Poplins and Taffetas per yard 98c
$10 54-inch Chiffon Panamas per yard $1.19
$1.00 50-inch Storm Serge per yard 79c
85c 44-inch Priestley's Briliantine per yard . . . . . 59c
$2.50 54-inch French Broadcloth per yard .... $1.98
$1.50 40-inch Silk Stripe Marquisette per yard .... 98c
1 Natives Slay Christians Is
Army Report.
l(al(1. nirrctcil Against Foreign
l.lomrnt. Roi.uK In Pratli to
American and Chinese.
Labor Trouble Responsible.'
WASHINGTON. Oct. SI. Eight Chrl.
tlans. one an American and two Chl
nr, have been killed and much prop
erty belonging to foreigners lias been
destroyed by the rebellious Manobo
tribesmen In the Philippines, according
to a report from Brigadier-Oeoeral
Pershing to the War Department to
day Kor almost a week or mors two bands
of about 100 Manobos hare been ter
rlfvlng the people on th west coast of
iVtio, In Southeastern Mindanao Is
land. Their rslds have been directed
attains! the foreign element. The com
panies of the Third United Stales In
fantry were sent to suppress tb dis
order. General Peislng does not re
gard the situation as serious.
I.uhor troubles are believed by th
War l-partment officials to be respon
sible for the uprising among the Man
bos. The latter are of the lowest type
of Ptltptnos. 11 Is said. They are Indo
lent and resent any effort to compel
them to work. It Is presumed here that
the outbreak has resulted from too
vigorous measures to meet this condi
tion taken by foreigners owning plan
Vprlslnr In Philippines) Caused by
Distrust, Sajs Bostonlans.
BOSTON. Oct. 11. The troubles In
Davao Province. Mindanao Islands, are
dus to the hatred and distrust manl-
. . -.4 M..rria .nm of the Dlanter. by
the natives. In the opinion of the
Misses Metcalf. two nosinn wuuicu.
who have Just returned from Santa
Cms. lavao Province, after a resldenc
of five year In the Philippines.
The irour-irs ni m ..-
of an uprising, the Misses Metcalf ex
plained today, -because the natives are
so Ignorant that they do not know of
the existence of any government."
The American planter named Geer.
whose death at the hands of the na
tives was reported recently, th Misses
Metcalf said, was a native of Texas,
sued about 2i. With bis bride of a
few months he went to Mindanao,
where be purchased a hemp plantation.
The marriage was an elopement, the
parents of both pppovtnr the match.
Bandit 11 low Safe and Have Run
ning Gun Flcht In Escape.
PAL.KST1NR. Tex Oct. XI. Sheriff
Bar t- In receipt of a message from
r.rspelnnd Way telllrir him that the
Fate Bunk of Grapeland as robbed of
imv last n:ght. The vault wa wrecked
wtih explosives.
Krmr men were engaged In th robbery
and rots were exchange by them with
several ctllxens.
tleshlp Connecticut, flagship of the At
lantic fleet, will mark the beginning of
the last cruise of Rear Admiral Schroe
der as commander. Schroeder has been
a flag- officer for five years and It
commander-ln-chicf since the return of
the fsmous round-the-world cruise of
th fleet two yesrs ago. He will trans
fer the command upon the return of th
Connecticut, early In January.
While no official Information ha
been forthcoming a to who will b th
next commander-in-chief, the Impres
sion Is general that It will be Rear Ad
miral Hugo Osterhaus. He was Ad
miral Robley D. Bvan- chief of taff
at the start of th voyage around th
The Connecticut ' on Its departure
Wednesday, will, head south, where,
somewhere In the Atlantic off the Vir
ginia coast, the fleet of 16 battleships
that are to visit England and France
will assemble In fleet formation and
proceed east, eight of the ships going
to Kngland. and the Other eight to
France. Portland- and Gravesend are
the English ports the ships will visit,
whle the French ports selected ar
Cherbourg and Brest. At the end of a
two weeks' visit, th ship In English
waters will go to France and those In
French waters will sail to England.
Supreme Court Rules Murder
Verdict Shall Stand.
a "whirlwind campaign party" which
will begin its automobile tour of the state
Mr. Wilson Is Just back,from a speech-,
making trip In Iowa, where he predicts
the Republicans will regain the Eighth
Congressional District, which Wlllliam
P. Hepburn, the author of the famous
railroad lew, represented for many years.
Franchise- Seeker
Sehroeder to Give l"p Atlantic Com
mand Mhen Fleet Returns.
NEW YORK. Oct. 51. Tb departure
from New Xoik Wednesday of th bat-
Kdward I. Wayman Telia of Agree
ment With 16 Defendants on
Royalties for Use or Patents.
PITTSBURG. Oct. 11. Government
Investigation Into th so-called "bath
tub trust" began here today before
Llndsey C. Cpencer of Baltimore, ap
pointed examiner by the United States
Circuit Court It that city to take testi
mony. Edwin P. Grosvenor, special assist
ant to Attorney-General Wlckersham.
Is representing the Government, while
Attorneys Herbert Noble of New York,
Hartwell P. Heath and Frank O. Wal
les are for the defendants, who are the
Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Com
pany of this city and IS other corpora
tions. Charges of violating the anti-trust
law are alleged by the Government, and
Kdward I. Wayman. of this city, aa a
witness, today told of an agreement
he drew up and which th 1 defend
ant signed In which the corporation
agreed upon a penalty for th viola
tion of regulations controlling the
marketing of their products.
Wayman identified a copy of these
agreements and one which was a Job
ber's license agreement. In which he
mas named as licenser. It was adduced
that of Hi furnaces In operation, the
licensees paid the licenser a royalty of
$i a day on each furnace, fr the use
of various patents.
When the licensee observed his con
tract, however. It ' was provided that
th licenser return 1 per cent of the
original amount paid by th licensee as
Wayman also showed that the 1 de
fendants cannot sell any sanitary ware
in the United States without flrst hav
ing a contract with him. He will re
aurae his testimony tomorrow.
Ashland Bank Makes Application.
Ington Oct. 11. The United States Na
tlonal '.Bank of Ashland today applied
' to be made a depository to receive
postal savings bank funds.
This Indicates the action of Foley
Kidney Pills, as S. Parsons. Battle
Creek. Mich.. Illustrates: "I have been
afflicted with a severe case of kidney
and bladder trouble, for which I found
no relief until I used Foley Kidney
pills. These cured me of all my ali
ments. I was troubled wtth backarhes
and severe shooting pains In the" sides,
with annoying urinary Irregularities
nd a sense of Incompleteness In the
act The steady use of Foley Kidney
pill rid me entirely of all my troubles.
They bave my highest recommenda
tion." old by all druggist.
Refusal fo Send Jury From Room
While Admissibility of Testi
mony Is Argued Is Also
Adjudged Permissible.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 31. A man's con
stitutional rights are not necessarily
violated because Jurymen trying him on
a charge of murder are allowed to sep
arate and to read newspapers during the
trial. It was held today by the Supreme
Court of the United State.
The court held similarly In regard to
th refusal of a Judge to send the Jury
out of the courtroom during arguments
on the admission of evidence.
Furthermore the court laid down th
rule that the act of requiring the ac
cused to put on a coat, alleged to have
been worn when the crime charged waa
committed, did not amount to "requiring
the prisoner to testify against himself."
Holt Case Is' Issue.
These points were made In the de
cision of the court In refusing to inter
fere with the sentence of life Imprison
ment Imposed by the Federal Circuit
Court of Western Washington upon
James H. Holt on a charge of having
murdered Henry to. jonnson in rori
Worden Rarracks. Wash.
in announcing the opinion of the court.
Justice Holme says that the trial Judge
had gone to the limit In th matter of his
discretion at the trial, but that be had
committed no reversible error.
Jurors Held Competent.
"No doubt the more conservative
couch." said Justice Holmes. Is to ex
elude the Jury during the consideration
of the admissibility of confessions, but
there is fore In th Judge's view that
If the Juror ar fit to play the part as
signed to them by our law they will be
able to do what a Judge has to do every
time h tries a case on the facts and
we cannot say that he was wrong In
thinking that the' men before him were
competent for their task.
In regard to the Jury separating dur-
Ing the trial. Justice Holmes said that
If the mere "opportunity for prejudice and
corruption was to raise a presumption
that they exist, it would be hard to
maintain Jury trials.
As to th coat incident, th Justlco
made the remark that the principle un
deriving this objection would forbid the
Jury even to look at a prisoner and
compare his features with a photograph.
fenced for Passing Bad Checks.
George L. Price, the telephone promoter
whose arrest here last bummer ana nis
subsequent escape from a San Francisco
officer while on the way to the Bay City
attracted great attention, has been sent
to San Quentln prison for a term of five
years, according to roports Just received
here from San Francisco. He waa want
ed for Issuing fictitious checks when he
left California and came here to promote
a telephone company. jjWhen arrested on
a reouisltion. he fought extradition, but
was finally sent to California. At Weed
he escaped from the detective having mm
In charge, and later returned here when
the California officials announced they
would make no further, effort to get him.
Failing in his efforts In business here.
he drifted back to California, was ar
rested, tried and convicted, ana is now
In prison.
Supreme Court Decides Mill Did"
Not Provide Safeguards.
OLYMPIA. Wash., Oct. Jl.-(Spec!al.
By sustaining the Pierce County Superior
Court In granting Charles H. Anderson
the $2500 awarded him by a Jury tor the
loss of part of one hand while at work
for the Pacific National Lumber Com
pany,, the Washington Supreme Court has
again upheld the famous factory act. .
It was brought out that the company
had failed for three months to provide a
hood for the Jump saw and that Ander
son lost his fingers while going about his
work as oiler In a regular manner.
The court holds that the company was
guilty In not providing proper safeguards
for Its employes.
For bowel complaints in children al
ways give Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil.
It is certain to effect a cure and when
reduced with water and sweetened 1
pleasant to take. No physician can
prescribe a better remedy. For aal
by all dealera.
Seattle Lawyer Declares Every
Measure Enacted at Olympla at
Last Session Is, Invalid.
S RATTLE, Wash., Oct 31. (Special.)
That the whole work of th session of
the 1909 Legislature is void, because the
House of Representatives was presided
over by an alien in the person of Lo O.
Mei6, of North Yakima, is the conten
tion of Philip Tworoger, attorney for
Guiseppe Avarro and Francisco Avarro,
two of four Italians charged with the
murder of a fellow-countryman In Seattle
two months ago. Habeas corpus pro
ceedings foi the release of the two
Italians will be filed In tne superior
Court tomorrow morning.
In support of hte application for a
writ, Tworoger recites that the constitu
tion expressly provides that no bill shall
become law until signed by the pre
siding officer of each house; that each
house shall elect Its own officers and
that no person Is eligible to membership
in the Legislature unless he be an Ameri
can citizen.
The attorney declares that Speaker
Melg la not now and waa not during
the. regular and extra sessions of the 1909
Legislature an American citizen; that he
could not legally have been a member of
v- Ti.,,r. onH therefore was not eligl'
ble for the Speakership. He follows this
with tne conclusion mat um
ArA- nrnn TPri Bfrnr(l TIE tO 1SW HnVl
that all of its acts, including the criminal
code, are invalid.
Wilson, Knox, MacVeagh and
Wlckersham in Campaign.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 31. A fourth
Cabinet officer has been ordered to
Ohio to help in the Republican cam
paign. Secretary of Agriculture Wil
sons dales in New York State have
been curtailed to enable him to speak
In some of the rural districts of Pres
ident Taft's state on Friday and Satur
day. Secretary Wilson Is popular among
the farmera and the Republicans- ap
parently ar more anxious about th
voters in the rural districts than they
have been for several years. Secretary
of State Knox. Secretary of the Treas
ury MacVeagh and Attorney-General
Wlckersham are- the other Cabinet
members who will participate in th
Ohio campaign.
Mr. Wilson s Ohio csmpaign will In
clude Prebl County. H will b part of
Cures all humors, catarrh and
rheumatism, relieves that tired
feeling, restores the appetite,
cures paleness, nervousness,
builds up the whole system..
More than 40,000 testimonials
received in two years an un
naralleled record are the broad
and solid foundation for this
claim. Take Hood's.
Get it today In usual liquid form .or
chocolated tablets can-q --.
Pull Out a Hair
The Way to Tell Whether or
Not Your Hair Is Diseased
rv.n if vnn have a luxuriant head of
hair you may want to know whether
It is in a healthy condition or not.
Ninety-eight per cent of the people
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test yourself .that you can see and
i . nhioh will tell vnn whether
UHUClBiaiiu, .. .... .. ..... . .
your hair la healthy or not. Pull a hair
out of your bead; it tne duid ai inn
end of the root is white and shrunken.
It proves that the hair is diseased and
requires prompt treatment if Its loss
would be avoided. 11 tne duio is pm.
and full, the hair is healthy.
-nr. Mrf nna whose hair re
quires treatment to try our Rexall "9S"
Hair Tonic We promis mat 11 win
not cost anything if It-does not give
-tT 1 r DcivAll "S3" Hair
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relieve scalp irritation. imumLa mo
hair roots, tighten the hair already, in
the head, grow hair and eradicate bald
ness. Out of 100 cases where It was given
a thorough, conscientious test. It grew
hair on 93 heads, which should be suf
ficient proof that Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic contains extraordinary remedial
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cause of our knowledge of this prepa
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It in two sizes, prices 50 cents and $1.00.
Remember you can obtain Rexall Rem
edies in Portland only at the O.W1 Drug
Co., Inc., corner Seventh and Washing
ton streets. '
la often distressed by Gray or
badly Dieecnea nair.
Imperial Ualr Regenerator
I it, m-Hv thl. Anv ah &d from
sJrjf Black io the lightest Ash Blondo
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aslly sppllea. Aosoiuieiy nri
) SafflDla of bslr colored free.
' t'nrreaDonrlence confidential.
1U W. tad St., Kew Vork.
rU7 A KM P Is not recommended for
SWAIVlr- everything; but If you
nnnT have kidney, liver .or
KUU 1 bladder trouble it will
be found Just th remedy you need. At
SrVgglsiVln fifty cejt anrf dollar sixes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful new discovery by mall free,
also pamphlet telling all about It
Icdrsis. pi. Kllnwr co- Blngbamton. K. X
With the desire that the true position of this company; be under
stood bv its Mtrons and by the public generally, we solicit -caret ul
aa?ng 'of the fSnowfns statements regarding the tender problem in
this city. d thar a considerable portion of the public has in
sonS manner recSvtd the impression that .this i company .has refused I to
nMHe hv the decision of the Council and Mayor of Portland aaopuns
the DUDllc which It is the desire of this company to give a.n.1 the right
of tne nubile to receive. We fully believe that it is the desire of the
(h.iiriwi of determining the best type of fender adapted to our serv
ice PThese testa hive de? eloped several fenders which we deem superior
to the Nellon fender life-saving devicea. Twenty-one test, .were .made
of the Nelson fender and a record was kept of each of said, tests. A
'nTnVtVree tf-US'Ssii wJW Automatic attachment usedne
test with a prostrate dummy at a speed of ten miles an hour. The
dummy passed under the fender and the . result . would have I
du,nmfratnhebcanrftrav.n0 afMTeV'an 'So'ur . 'JE? f fS
S W&.SS. W-rffliffi- a'human
b6isfxteen of the tests .were nonautomatic, that is to aay, the fender
""Mou?,! Wr-n! ?n mfud tit the nonautomatic test, , dene nd en
tiralv unon the vigilance of the motorman, and the results in this char
acte? owsts were no more favorable than with the present tender on
the cars of this company similarly operated. j,-j , th.
The Nelson fender has not, to our knowledge, been adopted by th
i .nihnritlM of any other city, and we did not deem It wise
SUSaopf a, fVxVrimt?l StIcS Spona s'ystem the size of that operated
ln TPih.!l"nit been demonstrated by the advocates of the Kelson fender
i0 CThe3Uonr& r. operated with airbrakes shall
lli ilrFikA av'Ira-de'sh asCprtl
SiSFfetJf rbrakant?, SfS
heivv grides are equipped with magnetic brakes and not with air. And
tr ui-h cari no type of fender is provided by the ordinance.
We nave opposld the Nelson fender tor - the further reason that It
nrolects I in front of the car and, in our opinion, because of the narrow
Streets Tand resulting sharp curves ln Portland, the sweep of the pro
fictld feeder around curves would constitute a menace to pedestrians,
jectea T.nnt4-it the adODtion of a type of fender which is in
SSe lnethr congested ' district?0 of'New YorkChlcago, and other large
elites in the East, where similar conditions Prevail.
The fender we have advocated is free from the danger which we be
lieve to be Inseparable from the operation of th automatic devicea
of ? the , Nelson T fender. The automatic trip of the Nelson fender Is
ofiJert between three and four inches ln front of the fender, which
?.ns Tit a height of : about 10 inches above the rail, and in the majority
of casts whin striking a prostrate body, a poriton of the body would
S under' the fender before the tripping device acts. In such cases,
u.J ??ho trinnine nevlce acts, the fender is forced toward the track
J ' "J rULe "! f Her ? one thousand pounds, with the result that the
nortion of the bod v under the fender would be caught and crushed
between the moving fender above and the stationary ground below
Weonsider this feature ot the fender as a trap practfcally certain to
Pr0WeCewfltnaltheeSpubiic to understand that our opposition to the adop
tion the NelaonPfender has been In no wise influenced by pecuniary
we have simply endeavored, with the aid of our ex
considerations. We have simply en . selectlon and adoption
SrUfe-savlng dlvfcedbest adapfed to the peculiar conditions of Port
?' 5 !j Jivi?J -the greatest assurance of safety to the public, and
K aadnvd,seKi Vagiin & adoption of the Nelson ender solely for the
V&e.cV' as shown by the tests and by It.
."ne pLftwrdTngeYdns'operktion when used automatically on
pro5.VratJ:i0tiUi.S'd!inirer when striking persons in a standing position.
Thl that ; it III " "et bein proved possible to operate it ln
fj? i,v, automatic or straight air emergency brakes in com
conjunction with automatic or ra.g"t maufacturers to such use.
mThe ex perimehntal ? of the device as shown by various breakage.
ndNothwUhs!anndidgSl tl"e difference of opinion between the Council snd
Notwunstanaing ot tne 9nder prescribed by the ordinance,
S."er wish the PUbUc S understand that It Is the settled policy of this
eomnan? so far as it is possible to do so, to comply with all lawful and
reasonable regulation, imposed upon us by the duly constituted munici
pal authorities.
Portland Railway, Light & Power Co.