Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 01, 1910, Page 22, Image 22

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    1. 1910.
Portland's Greatest Holiday Store Oat-of-Town Patrons Shoiild Secure Our Latest Fall and Winter Catalogue Send in Your Name
The World's Best Advertised Products Alwayseejsentation HereIsrepresentation and Substitution Not in Our Business Policy
Take luncheon today in
our new tearoom and res
taurant and hear the pro
frramme rendered by the
Heilij Theater Orchestra
from 12 noon to 2 P. M.
reafter Filener
Enthusiasm Runs High at Doll Show
Aboriginal Show No Experiment
CLASS A. Best Dressed DolL all
fixes eligible in this class. First
prize. $23.00 Eastman Kodak and
carryinf case: second prize, toy
(tore, with cookin utensils. Talned
at $15.00.
CLASS B, Largest and Best
Dressed Dol 24 inches or over.
First prize, toy kitchen and Bten
bOs, rained at $18.00: second prise,
handsome doll perambulator, Tal
ned at $10.00.
CLASS C. Best Dressed DolL 7 to
24 inches. First prize, doll's lace-
trimmed bassinette, value $15.00.
CLASS D, Best Dressed Doll. 7 to
16 inches long. First prize, hand
some German silver toilet set. Tal
ned at $10.00; second prize,
weathered oak doll's chiffonier,
Talned at $7.00.
CLASS E, Best Dressed Doll Not
over 6 inches la length. First
prize, beautiful weathered oak
table and doll's chest, Talned at
$10.00. Second prize, doll's ward
robe trunk, Talned at $5.00.
CLASS F, the Most Original DolL
First prize, child's weathered oak
desk and table, value $13.50; sec
ond prize, combination doll set,
four dolls in one, value $3.50.
CLASS G, the Most Comically
Dressed DolL First prize, doll's
millinery set, Talned at $10.00.
CLASS H, the Best Dressed Boy
DolL Prize, doll' 6 o'clock tea
set. Talned at $10.00.
CLASS X, the Most Originally
Dressed Character Face Doll-Prize,
enameled doll bathtub and fixtures,
value $6.50. Doll Show, 5th floor.
Jewelry Sale Today
Latest, Smartest Novelties
At Greatly Reduced Prices
Rhinestone Hat Pins, pretty patterns, all Art
the best quality (.tone, special' at 40c and OC
German Silver Mesh Bags, kid lined, r A A Q
5 or 6-inch frames, at $3.49 and iDTeX
Belt Pins and Brooches,, an immense assortment,
both imported and domestic patterns, QQ
all finishes, priol at 23c, 33e, 59c, and 70C
Cuff Links, of solid pearl or gold filled OQ
patterns. Warranted. Today at. each 07C
Sclid Cold Cuff Links with filled post. QQ
We make the special low price on these of ZsOC
Gold Filled Bracelets in all sizes and t QQ
finishes . Special price today, only J) 1 i O
Cold Filled Watch Fobs with signet charms. A
large assortment to select from. "We QQ
make the low price for today at, 59c and OC
Belt Buckles in two piece designs. Gold OQ
or silver finish. Special today at, each J7C
Bead Necklaces in pearl, coral or tur- rQ
onoise graduated beads. Special today at JjC
Hair Rarettes in the new classic wave and no
transformation patterns. Special price, OOC
Gold Inlaid Backcombs with rhinestone q q
The Doll Show
Judges Will Be
Mrs. Harrison Corbett, Mrs. G. F.
Sanborn, Mrs. F. S. Stanley, Mrs.
E. E. Coovert, Miss A. Cremens. They
will be ready to pass on the merits of
irmir dnllifs this week, no be sure to
have them look their prettiest now.
Low -priced, appetizing
dairy lunch served in our
basement for those who
want quick service and a
light lunch at small cost.
Served all day. Try it once
Big Sale of Good Dolls at Prices That
Produce Satisfaction and Happiness
. - - . rwK'nnnnn Tm ciA-n IPTTW O TT"TT7
YOU HAVEN'T ENTERED A DOLL, BUY Oriti OJT XnJiSJS ashu ub.cbb ax iv. ajix. oxm .
10c Dressed Dolls, special 7
15c Dressed Dolls, special 11
25c Dressed Dolls, special 19
Kid Dolls, with full jointed
hip and knee, moving eyes, full
curled wig, tied with ribbon,
shoes and stockings.. Prices:
15 inches long, 60c values 43
16 inches long, 75c values 59
16 ins. long, 85c values 63
18 inches long $i.00 vals. 69
19 inches long, $1.25 vals. 79
23 ins. long, $1.75 vals. $1.23
35c Dressed Dolls, special 23
50c Dressed Dolls, special 39J
60c Dressed Dolls, special 49
Unbreakable Dolls, with cloth
heads covered with hair; cloth
body, jointed, dressed. The two
larger sizes have papa and
mamma voices and sleeping
eyes. Sensible and lovable
dolls, at the following prices:
11 inches long, 25c values 18
14 inches long, 50c values 33
16 inches long, 75c values 49
75c Dressed Dolls, special 59
$1.25 Dressed Dolls, sp'l 99
$1.50 Dressed Dolls at $1.19
Jointed Dolls, our Rose City
Baby, same quality as our Rose
City Beauty, but only 13 inches
long. Full curled, sewed wig,
sleeping eyes; regular TQ
$1.25 values, at only 4 ZC
Our Oregon Beauty Doll, sleep
ing eyes with lashes; regular
$3.00 values, spe- J1 QC
cially priced, ea. D A 07
See Fifth-Street Doll Windows
A Fall and Winter Sale of Dress Goods
We Will Cut Skirts Free
Our Entire Stock of Dress Goods
Sell at Greatly Reduced Prices
This is an opportunity that Portland's fashion followers will
be greatly interested in. In addition to radical reductions
on our entire line of Wool Dress Goods, we will CUT
re-engaged Mr. Lawrence Anderson, the skilled skirt cutter,
who was with us for a month a short time ago, and in re
sponse to requests from a large number of our patrons we
have secured his services again and will be pleased to have
them come and avail themselves of this liberal offer. Mr.
Anderson is the originator of the tailor system of dress
cutting, and cuts yonr sfcirts to you measure wuue you wan.
Here Are Some Examples of the Great Savings Offered on Dress Goods
( Fancy Dress Goods, 54 inches
; wide, best Fall colorings and
patterns. Reg. 150 QQ
i vals. Special, the yd. 70C
Fanov Dress Goods, 54 inches
wide, best Fall colorings and
patterns. $2.50 t- y0
vals. Special, yd. 7) A xO
Fancy Dress Goods, 54 inches
wide, best Fall colorings and
patterns. Regular t - 1 Q
$1.75 vals. Spec! J 1 1 7
Imported Broadcloth, sponged
and shrunk. Regular $3 and
$3.50 values. Spl Q
price, yard only D07
Leather Goods Today
Handbags and Novelties
New Velvet Bags, with French JQ QQ
frames. Very popular. Special at j)is0
Leather Hand Bags, with silver frames, all leather.
Buede and Velvet Belts, newest effects, gQ
all colors, special for this sale at, eachOjC
Persian Beltings, new importations, ff
.latest design. Special price for today 5 X vf U
Women's Kid Gloves 79c
Women's Kid Gloves, in 2-clasp style; come in
white, black, tan, brown and mode ; sizes 5 1-2 to
7. We also include chamois gloves at WQ
this price. Regular $1.00 values, special C
Women's Cape and Kid Gloves, pique or qq
P. X. M. sewed; in tan only, $1.00 values 3cC
Women's Cape and Chamois Gloves, in one or
two-clasp style; come in white, 'black and colors;
sizes 5 1-2 to 7 1-4; regular $1.50 val QC
ues, bargainized for this sale at, per pair &7 O C
Women's Real Kid and Cape Gloves, 8-button
length ; sizes 5 1-2 to 7 ; all colors ;1 OQ
regular $2.25 values. Special, price ij) X
Women's Kid Gloves, two-clasp style, Paris point
backs and heavy stitched backs; come in white,
black and colors; regular $1.75 val-d" "1 Q
ues, special price for this sale, pairip X X J
setting. Special price for today, only JUL 1 . m
Ostermoor Mattresses, Beds, Springs, Sofa Beds and Couches, Special Prices
Great Holiday Sale Edition de Luxe Books
The Productions of the World's Best Authors at Low Prices
A BigBargain Opportunity That No Book-Lover ShouldMiss
Great Reliable Oriental Rug Sale Now On
Gems From Several Great Collections The Meier & Frank
Store's Guarantee Goes With Every Purchase of These Rugs
t 1r3t - v
Great Sale Pattern Hats
$40 to $150 Values at Half Price
The artists who created this exquisite Millinery are the acknowledged
Ip.nlprs of the world of stvle. Choice is wide and every taste may be
suited from that which" prefers the.picturesque and imposing models
to the more conservative woman who chooses tne plain, cmc styles. e
have the extremes of size, from the smallest turban to the most elab
orate large hat, in this assortment. These hats have set the styles in
millinery for the "West. They are exclusive creations, imported irom
European centers. Now for a tremendous and determined effort to sell
v? Portland's fashion followers may have the
benefit of the beauty while the season is young. All
regular $40.00 to $150.00 values, at the special figure
V2 Price
French Willow Ostrich Plume Sale
At About 4 Be!ow Regular Price
There is no "off season" for plumes; they are always in style, always
rich and correct. A fine quality plume is good for several seasons'
wear and makes the hat that it decorates distinguishable for its
beauty. This sale affords an opportunity to supply your wants in
handsome plumes at moderate cost. Read the following low prices:
Regular $7.50 values for $4.95
Regular $8.50 values for $6.95
Regular $10.50 values for $7.95
Regular $12.50 values for $9.45
Regular $15.00 values at $11.95
Regular $16.50 values at $12.45
Regular $18.75 values at $13.95
Regular $20.00 values at $15.95
Regular $28.00 values at $21.75
Regular $33.00 values at $26.45
A Great Thanksgiving Linen Sale
Dependable Qualities Low Prices
Ertra Heavy Bleached Table Damask
ur linen, 70 in. wide, bleached; OA
nlir $1 00 imAf. for this sale OVC
66-Inch Bleached All-Linen Table
Damask "" pieces in the lot. yd.
60 Pieces Extra Heavy Cream Damask
70 inehea wiJe. all good patterns; "JCZf
re (rula r $1.00 value, special, yard
Pore Linen Bleached Table Damask 70
inches wide, full bleached; f)
piece; resr. fl-ll value, yd.
100 Doien Napkins AU linen,
ask; '4 sire; regular $o.00
values, this sale, dozen
22-lnch Napkins 100 dozen in
the lot: priced at. the dozen
Satin Damask Table Cloths C"J flfi
Satis Damask Cloths 70x90
satin dam-
"0x72 in.; rrg. $4.00
inches; $4.50 value, spec
S $3.25
Satin Damask Table Cloths 70x103 in.;
reeular $5 values, during this JJO CfJ
sale at the very-low price of V-
24-inch Napkins 100 dozen in
the lot: $5.U0 values, special at
Satin Damask Cloths S-4 size; regular $8
values; during this special sale 7
vs. v
you may supply your wants at
Satin Damask Cloths Sill
size, regular $10.00 values.
Satin Damask Cloths Sxl0-4 CQ 7C
Satin Damask Cloths 8x13-4
size: regular $11.00 values, at
Satin Damask Cloths 9-4 (O r7Et
size;: Re?. $10.00 values for vO.IJ
Napkins to Match This Last Cloth 100
dozen in the lot; regularly CI f Cf
$12.00 values, on special sale VT. W
Come in Bound or Square Shape Table
Paddins in all widths, in felted, knitted
or quilted styles. Inspect this fine line.
In Men's Section Bargains in Underwear
Nine Other Barfaina Besides These Two. Onr Men's Section Has the Best Always.
Mea'a Shirts and Drawers, in fine cash
mere wool, pure worsted, fiat ribbed
underwear; medium or heavy weight;
eomes in natural or tan, pre-shnink QQ.
-fitting; all sizes, 1130 val.
Men's Shirts and Drawers, made of light
or medium weight wool, worsted, ribbed
or flat weave, form-fitting, in natural or
gray; lull lasnionea inrougnoui. un.
A Great Sale in Suit Section
1 5 Unparalleled Specials 1 5
Women's Tailored Suits, in best materials, styles fc 1 A C
and colorings; reg. $25 and $30 values, special at V1'""
Women's Tailored suits of extra fine materials and the most
modish styles, mostly plain colors; regular values flJOO
to $45.00. Specially priced for this sale at only PJt
Women's One-Piece Dresses, very pretty models for street or
evening wear; all sizes; regular values up to dio AC
$18.50, specially marked for this great sale at only V -
Women's Full-Length Coats, of tweeds, broadcloths., or shep
herd checks; semi or tight-fitting styles, marked o AZt
special for this sale at the very low price, each P A
Women's Long Silk Kimonos, $7.00 to $10.00 values, at $4.95
Women's Marquisette Waists, very special value at, ea. $S.50
French Coney Fur Sets, regular $12.00 values, special at
Japanese Mink Stoles, regular $25.00 values, special ?J.Sa
Large Pillow Muff of Jap. Mink regular $25.00 values $18.85
Black Fox Stole, trimmed with tail, regular $12.50 value $9.2o
Black Fox Pillow Muff, regular $12.00 values, at only $8.75
Black Fox Stole, tail trimmed, regular $17.50 values $13-2
Black Fox Pillow or Bug Muffs to match at this price $13.25
Belgian Lynx Stole and Muff, regular $18.50 set, for $14.45
Russian Pony uoai, wun snawi cuuar, ytv.w vuuca v""v
Annual Sale Cut Glass at V4 Off
Choose sparkling Cut Glass for
Thanksgiving feasts and .save one
fcrarth the regnlar price on richest
patterns.. And the f enowing items at
a great deal less than reg. price:
Nappies, 5-inch size, regularQQ
$1.50 values, for this sale atO J
Nappies, 6-in. size, reg. d 1 1 Q
$2.00 vals., for this sale iff JL X i7
Sugar and Creamer, reg. d O QQ
$4.50 ' values, special at iPi07
Water Jugs, handsome 1?0 OQ
patterns, $6 values, at XfJZJ
8-inch Bowls, regular flJO ACk
$6 values, for this sale iPJrx7
Fern Dishes, regular $6 J0 QQ
values, for this sale at tj)t3e70
Look over the list below. Note the
assortments and the values offered.
$2.50 Salt and Pep'r Shakers $1.89
$2.00 Spoon Trays, special at $1.50
$4.50 Spoon Trays, special at $3.3S
$6.00 Sugar and Creamer at $4.50
$7.50 Sugar and Creamer at $5.63
$4.50 Comports, special, only S3.3S
$2.50 Oil Bottle, special only $1.89
$6.00 Celery Dishes, special 4.50
$10.00 Celery Dishes, special $7.50
$3.00 Fern Pots, special, only $2.25
$7.50 Water Glasses, sp'l, set $5.63
$10.00 Fern Dishes, special at $7.50
$6.00 Relish Dishes, sp'l, ea. $4.50
$4.50 Relish Dishes, sp'l, ea. $3.38
$4.00 . Vases, 8-inch size, each $3.00
Ii Lingerie Section-Bargains in Underwear
Exquisitely beautiful and dainty Bridal Sets, made of the finest sheer nainsook or
batiste Hand-mbroidered and hand-tucked; trimmed in Val., Cluny, Baby Irish lace,
beading and ribbon. Four lots, all great values. The set consists of gowns, chemise
and drawers. Don't fail tp see these Bridal Sets. Very unusual values offered here.
Reeular $18.00 values, special at S11.00 Regular $30.50 values, special at 21.00
Regular $25.00 values, special at $18.00 U Regular $37.50 values, special at $23.00
Petticoats, made of nainsook or sheer lawn, with hand-embroidered flounce, trimmed
with Cluny and Val. lace, made with dust ruffle, embroidered or plain; ItlC ff)
this exceptionally fine article regularly $20.00, during this sale at only V"
Women'f Drawers, made of fine nainsook or cambric; trimmed in fine Val. 1 OQ
or Torchon lace or wide embroidery; regular $2.75 to $4.00 values, only
D mn . J C 1 va iiac snAifl I
. h : . : 1- ; '