Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 01, 1910, Page 13, Image 13

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t..h Ar7f Nm Corsets. Royal Worcester. Bon Ton. Mme. Helene, Marietta. Marquise and Rengo Belt Corsets
Warner. Redfe7n75od and LaBeau Front Lace Corsets-Visit Our Manicuring and Hair Dressing Parlors. Second Floor
For Today Tuesday's Shopping'
Pfnot. of THis Great Store Teems With Merchandise of Merit
'" . . . i . m r
Our Basement "Underprlce" Store Offers Unusual Bargain Opportunities to Jiarewa nnyeir
Reg. $6.00 Velvet Baft's $2.89
Reg. $5.QO Handbags at $3.19
A vari.ty of the newest shapes ia
bUek Velvet Bag tor street or even
ing wear; all the race with fashion
able women in the East. tfO QQ
Regular $0.00 values, each V"J
1500 handbag, good quality seal stock
in many new shapes; pu ana pin
metal trimmed, leather lined and fit
ted with eoin or card CJTJ 1Q
purses; $3.00 values, each
$12 Trimmed Hats $5.95
$ Trim'd Hats $14.
Ladies' new Fall and Winter Hats,
In every new model and effect; felt
and hand-made shapes, trimmed in
flowers, wings, quills and ribbons;
all new, up-to-the-minute headgear.
Values np to $12.00, an
for the low price of 3)Q,JJ
A magnificent assortment of Wom
an's Dress and Street Hate, in all
the newest modes, thonghtontby
the best designers, trimmed In os
trich, for, marabout, coque, ribbons,
etc ; values tip to
etc; ralnes npto t- vf QPJ
$37.60, special at J) 1 f.tD
DRESS EATS in all this season's bant
model ; a broad ranee of styles to choose
from, iugh-graae i.uu io 8:7 11 c
$16.50 vals., spaeial at, eaoh
$1.25 Embroidery
Special at 37c Yd.
Thousands of dainty Embroideries, suit
able for your every want, in widtha from
2 to 13 inches; a great varietyof pleas
ing designs, worth op to $1.25 0 7
a yard, at the Tery special price
$4.QO Axito Scarfs
Special for $2.37
50 dozen satin bordered Anto Searfa,
Tery best and most practical for all
round use. Actually worth $4.00 each.
On special sale while they jO 07
last at the low prica of
35c Ribbons at 25c
5-inch Moire Ribbons, in black, white
and all the popular ahades an extra
pure silk Trade, which should not be
sold for less than 33e; on spe- OC.
eial sale today at only, the yard
45c Ribbons at 29c
10,000 yards of 5 1-2-ineh Warp Print
Dresden Ribbons in all the new, desir
able combination effects, suitable for
Tour holiday fancy work, reg. OQr
Val. to 4, specud at the yard, -V.
$1.25 Cape StocK
Gloves Special 87c
Just retired, a rery special purchase
of 2000 pains of heavy Cape Stock
Gloves; just the thing for street wear;
the popular shades of tan for Fall.
You'll find them the best Talues yoo
ever saw at $1.23; on sale now Qf
, ik. ru i 1 Imw Tirir. n f nair. v
m v f '
Special Frizes for Today
To All Who Enter Dolls for Ovtr Doll Show Before 6 P.M.
To encourage early entries for our Doll Show. Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, and to give us a better opportunity
properly to dfsplay the dolls, we will give an additional
beautiful prise to all who make their entries today
before 6 o'clocK-All Entries Close 6 P. M. Wednesday
$25Q.OO in Gold Will Be Given to
Prize Winners-Make Early Entries
CLASS H BEST DRESSED BOY DOLL, first prise $10.00,
second prise '5-00
DOLL $10.00
A BEST DRESSED DOLL, all sizes eligible; first
prize S25-0?
CLASS A BEST DRESSED DOLL, all sizes eligible; second
-rize , $15.00
CLASS 'dBESt' DRESSED DOLL, 7 inches to 16 inches in
length first prize :y;"Z15
CLASS D BEST DRESSED DOLL. 7 inches to 16 inches in
length second prize $5.00
CLASS E BEST DRESSED DOLL, not oyer 6 inches long
tint nrlM u-uu
inches long eecond prize $10.00
first prize $20-00
second prize H0-00
24 inches or over, first prize $20.00
24 inches or over, second prize $10.00
CIiASS C BEST VMioatiU WUU, I mcues w
24 inches long .$20.00
Reg'. $2.00 Allovers 87c Yard
Reg. $1.25 Dress Nets 59c Yard
A splendid assortment of Allovers in
black, white and cream colors; full 18
inches wide, in rnsny new designs for
uouaay cuesitaiR, waitx. cm. , igkuuu
DRESS NETS, in white, cream and
ecru; an endless variety of new pat
terns, 22 and 45 inches wide; suitable
for overnets for dresses, waists, gowns,
etc.; also for yokes, sleeves, CQ.
trimmings; vals. to $1.25 y
values up to $2,00, on special Q7C
sale at low priee of, the yard u'
ThanKsft'iviixa' Linens
$20.00 NapRins $14.75
Richardson's high-grade Irish Linens
are all sacrificed for this week's great
Thanksgiving sale. Finest quality of
hemstitched Satin Damask Sets and
separate cloths are priced away down.
Size 10x12 Cloths, $45 valnes $34.50 JflW' --r
Size 10x10 Cloths, $45 values $31.00
Size 9x12 Cloth, $42.60 vals. $33.00
Eichardson very high grade Napkins,
regular $20.00 values,
special price, the dozen
i $14.75
SEPARATE CLOTHS in a very choice
line of Richardson's make; size 10x12;
our regular $22.50 val- ff
nes. specially priced at ep X ,UU
Size 10x10 Cloths, $20ai K Afl
values, specially priced J 1 0.UU
6x10 01oths7$lgQ val. Pl $12.50
mm-- a
Women's Tailored Suits
$42.50 Values at $26-45
: l: ! , Hi
f i 'is .. i .1 i. hi
Another day will be devoted to
the selling of new suits at much
less than the real worthWe
are splendidly ready to supply
your needs for Fall and will
continue for today this sale of
high-grade Suits which were
bought at a most advantageous
price The materials are French
sergejEnglish diagonal, wide
wales, Kngllsh worsteds, broad
cloths and mixtures Short
aemUfittin coats, braided or
plaited sKirts, carefully selected
5 high-grade values (PQL A C
Women's Coats
S4Q Values $23.65
Wool Coats in neat, plain tailored semi-fitting
styles. Serges, Broadcloths and Novelty Wor
steds in the very new "Polo" or belted styles.
All sizes and a good range of colors to choose
from. The banner offer of the season. Really
remarkable values to $40.00.
For today's sale at low price
Sale of Women's Dresses
$38.5Q Values at $24-95
Second day's sale of women's one-
piece Dresses suitable for all occa-
for theaters, parties and even
ings at home Then you must have
dress for street wear Our lines
are most eactensive Here's a special
offering of dresses suitable for street
wear or afternoon wear Materials
employed are serges, panamas, fancy
weaves! taffeta or messaline silRs
They come in many new styles with
lace yoKes. cuffs and fancy braid or
button trimmed They are real high
class 338. 5Q values-tftni CltZ
Choose from the lot at PHT JD
S35Q.OO Seal Coat
Special at $262.5Q
Our Fur Store la stocked with the most reliable Furs
that the market affords. Among the many are Hudson
Seal Coats, London Dyed, lined with heavy Chiffon
satin. Regular $380.00 values now
on sale at the very low price
5 $262.50
Women's $3 Shoes $2.55
700 pairs of women's Shoes in broken
lines; some of our best makes, patent
leathers, cunmetals and kid leathers;
most all sues in the lot Regular vaU
nea to fA priced very spe- Q CC
rial at low price of, rair V
1000 pairs of women 'a Street Shoes,
patent leathers, in button or lace,
eravenette top., extra high cut; also
giinnietal ia button or blucher styles.
Our regular $3.00 values, ffO 35
priced very special, pair V""
A Wonderful Sale of
ClarK Make of Hosiery
10,000 Pairs of
Distribut'd Free
Today with every purchase of Boys'
iad Misses' Apparel, Underwear and
Furnishings amounting to $1.00 or
more we will &vPUjLjT-.
Clark's maSeChfldren's Hose A tCC
Women's, Men's,
Children's Hosiery
A broad, liberal offer Is made Jyth6
makers of Clajk'sjosejtoeplacewiih
a new pairall Clark's makehoseyhich
does not prvesatlsfactory. No coo-
pons, no time limit to the off er. gy
Free Cooking SchoolToday IO A.M.
Every parent In Portland should advise their daughters to attend Miss Tracy's Cook
ing School. Come and see how she stirs things up. Bring fork and spoon to sample
the foods. MENU Royal Soup, Chicken Timbales, Prune Pudding, WMppedCream
ThanRsglving Sale
of Fine Dinner Sets
S16.5Q Dinner Sets $1Q
S67.8Q Dinner Sets $54
100-piece Semi-Porcelain Set, regular $26-25 value, at $21.00
Vary neat German China Dinner Sets of 43 pieces, tf C fQ
with neat rosebud decorations; regular $7,o0 values
GERMAN CHINA Dinner Sets, in white and gold (SC QQ
decorations; 42 pieces, worth $8.00; special, the set V
GERMAN CHINA Dinner Sets n neat border dea- QC QQ
orations! 42 pieces, worth $8.00, special at, the set V-r,v
ENG1JSH SILICON CHINA, Booth's popular make, in dinner
ts, with heavy dark blue border decoration, new ft 90
pretty patterns; 50-piece sets, worth $10.25 speeial XtJ-TYo
60 -Piece Dinner Sets, regularly worth $13.90, special fjl.lg
100-Pice Dinner Sets, regularly worth $21.50, special $17.0
! FRENCH CHINA Dinner Sets, in neat spray decoration, good enoagb for 10.00
the proudest turkey that ever lost nis neaa; igiuw w
fiAVIiAlJ UiUJSA. pinner oe j. , -s- r- - - &OHt.VJV
as, jn tlorat aecoraiions, wua gum w ""! v-..wv
CHINA Dinner Sets, 100 pUeas, handsomely decorated; our C93.95
1 . . . this AOf WVM T nO RRL "
ENGLISH SEMI-PORCELAIN Dinner Sets, wi h heayy incrusted gold $10.20
border deration. 50-pe. set,, all good, useful dishes; $13,75 value set P ' ' V. V
60-piece Semi-Powelain Set, our best regular $17.35 value, special at, the set, 9X3.79
Sale Andirons and Fire Sets 3d Floor
Take elevator to third floor and see the. largest and most complete sk of Adiroaa
.hj v; R. in .11 Portland. The prices are specially redueed for this sale only.
Rlar $ 6.S0 black Andirons, speei.l 5 5.20 II ftegular $11.00 brass Andirons special g u
Koeular $16 00 blaolt Anrtirons, speeiai 94,cv 1 . --
TK is HA
ice patten:
Two Days' Sale
of Groceries
WW trade in an nnsanitarv erocerv store
when you can buy for the same prices or
less, m the cleanest store in roruanaj
Hams, Eastern sugar-cured, 1 Q.fon
at. V,u low nri nf onlv. lb. A 'J
Cranberries, best quality, on spa- 10
cial sale at low price of, quart
Chocolate, tsjsnop's oup, special yt-
t Inv nrina of. Tits'.. 15 and 6JV
New Walnuts, fancy; buy ail yon 20c
want of them at this price, lb.
O. W. K. Syrup, half gallon for 49
O. W. K. Svrup. one gallon, only 95
Coffee, our hotel quality, on spe-OQ-,
cial sale at low price of only, lb.
Coffee, our regular 40c Imperial Qf)
Roast, on special sale at, the lb. v
Prufles, Oregon extra fancy, inQQc
wooden box, special at, the box'JV
Flour 0. "W. K. brand, 49- CI Al
1h iuiV. on BDecial sale for
Flour, 0. W. K. Money back, 24- 7fc
pound 6ack, on special sale for
Finnan Haddieg in tins, on spe-OQ
eial sale at low price or, the tin"""
Sale Andirons
and Fire Sets
Take elevator to third floor and 6ee the
largest and most complete stock of And.
irons and Fire Seta in all Portland,
Regular $ 6.50 Black Andirons $ 5.20
Regular $18.00 Black Andirons 812.80
Regular $11.00 Brass Andirons $ 8.80
Regular $20.00 Brass Andirons S516.0O
Regular $30,00 Brass Andirons $24 .OO
Regular $ 850 Brass Fire Sets 8 5,20
Regular $ 9.00 Brass Fire Sets $ 7,20
Regular $10.00 Brass FJre Sets $ 8.00
Women's S2.25 Vests 95c
75c Underwear at 48c
We are sole agents for Portland for
Merode and Carter Ribbed Vests and.
Tights and Union Suits. The best fit
ting and handsomest underwear made.
Ladies' swiss-ribbed Silk Vests with
high neck and long sleeves, beautiful
ly finished garmenta, ia pinkQC
.nd Mum !S2.25 unities, at. ea. W
Vests and Tights, good Winter-weight
cotton, with high neck ana long sieeve
vests and ankle length tights. AQg
Regular 75c values, epecial at
Union Suits, heavy cotton fleeced ma
terial, in pure white ribbed ; high
neck, ankle length, and full- HtZr
length sleeves; $1.00 value at J
S3.00 Broadcloths at $2.59
Reg. $1.25 Fall Suitings at 98c
During the month of November it is our custom to clean up all our novelty
suitings, regardless of prices; our stock is considered and is the cleanest and
most up-to-date in all the ereat Northwest, All our military cloths, tweeds,
Bannockburns, English worsteds, cheviots, bop
sacking, panne cloths, Priestley's renowned
cravenettes, etc., reduced. Prices as follo1
Regular $1.25 values, reduced to only 08p
Regular $1.00 values reduced to only 79
Regular $1.50 values reduced to only Sl-Jg
Regular $1.75 values reduced to only 81,39
Regular $2.00 values reduced to only $J48
Regular $2,50 values reduced to only 81.98
Regular $3.00 values redueed to only $2.59
Regular $3.50 values reduce to enly S2.89
Regular $4-00 values reduced to only 83,29
Regular $450 values reduced to only $3,69
Our famous broadcloths, sponged, shrunk and
made absolutely spotproof- fabrics of quality
which are sought by the most fashionable
trade; 150 different shades will be shown.
They are full 64 inches wide the best tbat'
money and skill can produce. This sale in
cludes all evening shades. Our finest French -
Venetians and Worumbo cloths, CO QQ
rnTV, TSn a vard. reduced to only S "''v
Our renowned Broadcloth, the best regular
$3.00 quality, but on special sale tfp CQ
at the very low price of, the yard V''