Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 09, 1910, Page 14, Image 14

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BOrt ACRES of timber land. 12 milea from
Iufur Kail road; good water rower, ca
pacity 10.000 feet dally; 10.000.000 feet
of standing timber on land; all fenced
with 4-wire fence; timber and complete
outfit goes for 112,500; will give terms.
Parties interested will be shown the prop
erty upon calling on V. J. Kelly, The
Dalles. Or.
ISY'ILL Bell 123 acres, in sec. 6. T. 6 N.. 2 f
Columbia (Jaunty, lew miies suum
weat of Kainler; contains l.SOO.OOo feet
of timber; price, for quick sale, $30UU.
Walker & Reed. S-3 Chamber of Cora
me r ce.
0 CLAIMS to be located in Central Oregon;
-will run from 1.2."V.tG0 to 2,000,000 feet
yellow pine and fir. Y. G. Eapey. 317
Chamber of Co m m -ico. phone Main 1 677.
C. J. M'CKACKEN, 304 McKay BMg
iiOM E S TE AD or ti mber fe 1 f n qu i s h m e nt ;
state location; two or three joining pre-
ferred. P 3 12. Qregonian.
WA.VTED 1,000.000.000 feet of timber. $1
per 1000; from owners only. L. 111, Ore
gon! an.
.600,000 FEET, near Buxton, in Washington
County, for aale cheap. Inquire 83 Fourth
e t Port land. Or. .
TIMBER claims, homesteads, relinquish-
ments. 21 'J Worcester t ldg
600,000,000 No. 1 yellow pine from home
steaders, a snap. 7o.t Marquam bldg.
TIMBER lands wanted.
304 McKay bid.
C. J. McCracken,
IW ANTED to rent Farm, 10 acres or over.
C 108. Oregonian.
' -
Horscw. Vehicles and Harness.
"FOR SALE The handsomest, best-bred
stallion in the Northwest, being by a son
of the great Robert McGregor, his first
dam by Pancoast, the sire of Prodigal,
1'atron, etc., second dam by Dictator, third
dam by Mambrino time. "This horse car
ries the best blood of Robert McGregor.
Pancoast and Dictator with the right sort
of Mambrino Chief crosses, he is a good
individual and a promising sire; very gen
tle for the most timid person to drive,
can trot in 2:1 with little work, and is
handsome enough to win in the show
ring. This horse is being sold for the rea
son that we have no place to keep him in
the city. He can be bought on easy pay
ments or will exohange for real estate.
Kramer's New York Stable. 15th and Al-
, tier sts.
WHY buy second-hand vehicles when you
can set a new one from an old-established
-wholesale house, 44 years in Oregon, at
almost the same cost' We are located
outside the high-rent district, own our
building, and can make the price. Ex
clusive agents for the old reliable line of
Michigan Buggy Co. fine vehicles, deliv
ery wagons, top buggies, runabouts and
farm -vagons. Be sure and see us before
you buy. It may save you money.
R. M. WADE & CO..
: 322 Hawtborne ave., bet. East 1st and 3d.
We are now located at the Portland
Union Stockyards.
We have on Land a good stock of mules
weighing from - VJM0 to 14O0 lbs. that are
first-class In every particular; our prices
&ie in line with tne times. Come and see
us and we wlil convince you.
On account of the Merchants Express
Transportation Co. being forced out of
' business, they have for sale several teams
of heavy horses; weight from 1200 lbs. to
300 lbs. ; all young horses ; also several
goose-neck wagons, trucks and harness.
Inquire stable, 3:7 Flanders, between 0th
and 7th streets.
L BLACK gelding. 7 years old. 16 hands
high, weighs about 1175 to 1200 lbs., thor
oughly broke to ride and drive and
. guaranteed sound and kind. This horse
is the property of a lady that is leaving
the city. Kramer's New York Stables, 15th
and Alder sts.
BLACK gelding. 10 hands high; 5 years old,
weigh 1200 lbs., sound and very gentle to
ride and drive; can road 12 miles an
hour, fine rubber-tire buggy and nearly
new handmade harness; trial given to re
sponsible party. Kramer's New York Sta-
bles. 15th and Alder sts.
CEXTLE horse that a woman can ride or
drive; also buggy and harness. Inquire
Roberts Bros.. 3d and Morrison. -
FOR SALE Horses, harness and wagons.
Remember, we sell guaranteed horses and
mares. If not as represented they can be
returned. We also have on band several
ciellvery. farm, vegetable and znilk wagons
lor sale. Ha.w thorne-ave Stables. 420
s Jiawthorne ave.
300 head, 120O to 1500 lbs., suitable for
railroad, logging and farm work. Mules
at Freedman Bros.' barn, corner 13th and
Overton sts. Address Sparks fc Wiggin
i. ton. Imperial Hotel.
fcOL G-, the best 5-gaited saddle horse in
the city; 5 years old and steady for man
or timid woman to ride ; he will drive.
Kramer's New York Stables, 15th and Al
der sts.
IARE and horse, weight 2200 lbs., new har
ness and spring wagon: must be sold at
once. Ask for watchman, Hawthorne
Park, East 12th and Madison.
FOR SALE 26 N. 3."th St.. Portland Sta
ble; several head of horses, 1000 to Kioo
lbs., single and double, harness, wagons,
ouggies ana saau i es.
FOR SALE Fine family mare 6 years old
and sound; new rubber-tire runabout and
harness; must sell at once. 554 59th bu,
end of Hawthorne carline.
FOR SALE One team young well-matched
horses, weighing 27oo; one horse 6 years
old, weighing 1500; no plug. 22U Russell
"WANTED Driving horse for its keep, very
light work; will buy if suited. J 114,
livery business, rigs. toiKs. harness, wag
ou0r for Male or rent. M aln 2 208.
ONE camp wagon complete; will sacrifice
it taKen at once. blast Jiiighta and Mall
sts. ; take Sellwood car.
FAIR young horma. weight 27M; absolutely
riBOund andgenile ;bargain. H3ti E. Stark.
PASTURE for rent rffcar Portland, 339
Sherlock bldg.
Piano. Or pan and Musical Instruments
1105 PIANO certificate; latest series; printed
in most approved manner; this will be a
curiosity in years to come; will accept 30
cents for same. Address AE 111, Ore
gonian. FOR SALE Piano certificate, face value
real value, problematical ; will trade
for two linen collars, size 15 i. Address
IT IT I Irinni 'i n
FIANO certificate. $150, beautifully done in
green ink ; nice size for framing ; cer
tificate free if you furnish the frame.
Address AE 113. Oregonian.
BARGAIN Beautiful piano, almost new;
must nave cash; no reasonable oner re
fused. AL 313. Oregonian.
HAVE a check on Bush-Lane Piano Co.,
1 ;; will sell cheap. Phone East S7S,
room 27.
VIOLINS, brass, reed and string Instruments
repaired ; any piece made to order. H.
floddard, room 10. 142 -d st.
$10 BUYS Biwh & Lane piano 110 check.
ana norenaen-&ouie jfi;o cnecK. 1'none la
bor 1374.
$125 PIANO MAKERS' check, good at four
piano stores. nat win you giver Ad
dressAF 111, Oregonian.
$125 PIANO credit check; will trade even
up xor a Dei on jenries. Aaaresi aia no,
BUSH & LANE piano check $310 for $10.
Jil7 Lmatina ave., city.
CHECK on Bush & Iane piano, $110 for $5,
before! oth. 340 Benton.
Will trade for city property to the value
of $18O0, or will take part property and
part cash; auto bought new last year, list
price $.i3O0; 5-passenger touring car, ex
tra large tonneau and room for seven;
must act quick ; top, glass front, robes
and full set of tools, phone C 2746.
change for a good piece of acreage, close
to City of Portland, improved. J 110, Ore
Ionian. -PASSENGER 60-H. P. Thomas Flyer, in
good condition; Jut the car for fltage line
or livery; looo cash or inMallment. West
ern Auto Co.. 53. Alder St.
va.mld 4-passenger auto; guaranteed m
good condition; 09 preferred; not over
l.'tOO to $700 cash. Address P 110, Ore
con la r
Thomas Flyer, in good condition; will
trade for vacant lota AN 116, Oregonian.
$250; stark st pock bunoay, rrom
-t km r 4-loot ii r coru wooa 3,ou, aeuvereu.
Mult n oman tuei v o. iotn pnonea.
OR SALE Sewing machine, almost new.
Call or phone sargent Hotel, room 213.
231 Stark St. Main 1407.
UaDai Credit Aas'Q- 601 Vorctter bid$
SEWING machines, special sale on splendid
lot of fine second-hand machines of all
leading makes Singer, Wheeler & Wil
son, New Home, White, Domestic, House
hold and others, to make room for new
. Singer 66 and rotary. Singer Sewing
Machine Store. 9. S. Sigel. agent. ilJ-S
Morrison St. Pnone Main 2183, A 45991
One fine 2-year-old Jersey bull, out or
the Ladd herd; is a vet y sure breeder;
also a splendid, full-blood Jersey cow, will
be fresh inside of week; price $100 for
the two. $5d for either. P. L- Kennedy,
. AVoodburn. Or.
WILL sell 10 $85 piano fake checks for
one copper each, or the entire $850 worth
for a small piece of gas pipe not over
two feet lens;. Address AL 111, Ore
gonlan. WILL sell piano check, good at several
piano stores; check is for $100; will take
J.'3 cents for the check and will sell two
more for same amount for 3 cents each.
Address AC 112, Oregonian.
THE Northwest Typewriter Company, 222
Abington bldg. phone M. S570. is the
only company selling strictly factory re
built typewriters; prices $10 to $65.
COURSE In I. C. S.. Scranton, Pa.; never
been used; will sell for 1-3 cost; can be
changed to any course. 204 Chamber of
Commerce. .
YOUNG lady wanting money to attend col
lege, desires to dispose of Persian lamb
coat, best grade fur, mink trimmed, ex
tremely low price. C 106. Oregonian.
FOR SALE Gasoline launch, length 33 ft..
beam S feet. 12-H. P. ; decked, 35-pas-senger
capacity. Apply at Gilman's, l-o
Second st.
All sizes ; low prices ; easy terms.
FOUR $125 checks which can be applied on
pianos marked up $150 ; all four for $4
or less .j Address AC- 111. Oregonian.
COMPLETE logging outfit, including five
work oxen in good condition. Address A.
Bennetz, Oregon Clty. Or.
5-H.-P. GASOLINE woodsaw on trucks for
sale cheap, almost new. Inquire 380
Fron t st.
FOR SALE Cub bear 3 months old; bept of
fer. Cor. E. 44 th and Plymouth. V. K.
PurceIl. Woodstock P. O.
About 40 tons of hay near city, at a sac
rifice. Room 2oti Board of Trade bldg.
$50. Ask for catalog. Rebuilt $15 up. N.
M. Hayter Co., 90 5th st. Main 5529.
FOR SALE Showcase, wallcases; counters,
c hea p. No. 222 Grand ave. Phone Eas t63b.
TWO fine, large Kadiak Bear rugs; also one
fine large Polar bear rug. for sale cheap.
Phone E 3034. Call at 7'S E. Burnslde st.
STOCK of decorations, novelties. Jewelry, re
turn balls, canes, pennants, etc.. 472
Washington sL .
600 BUS1NES CARDS $1 If you bring thia ad.
Rose City Printery. 102 & 3d, near Taylor.
VIOLINS, banjos, mandolins, guitars at half
regular prlpes. Uncle Myers, 71 6th at.
6HOWCASES. new and second-hand. S12
verett, cor. Cth A 1 fixtures.
22-FOOT launch, complete; must sell at
o nee. R 110, Qregonla n.
OAK sideboard with large mirror. Telephone
B 1327.
21-FOOT launch with boathouee for aale
cheap.Richmond 1321.
FRESH cow cheap. John Moll, Lents, Or.
Highest price paid for men's cast-off
clothing and shoes. The Globe Second
hand store. 290 First. Main 20&0. We also
buy ladies' clothing.
WANTED Men's cast-off clothing and shoes;
we also buy household furnishings ; highest
prices paid. Call at the "Fair Deai," 62
N. 3d st. Main 9272.
WANTED Driving horse for its keep, very
light work; will buy if suited. J 114.
SELL your second-hand furniture to the Ford
Auction Co. or you'll get less. Phones: A
2445; Main 8951.
SPOT cash paid for your furniture; prompt
attention always given. Phone East 1Q67.
A HOME for a maltese cat with her young
one. Tabor 701.
WANTED Office furniture; must be reas
onably priced. Phone Wood lawn 1 Bo 2.
WANTED Motion-picture macnine; gas out
fit, films. 526 Wash. Phone Main S458.
WANTED Men for work in nnishing-room
of chair factory : give experience and
wages desired. Address R. Veal &. Son.
A lban y, Or.
BIG clearance sale of men's fine clothing
now proceeding at the Knew Sample Suit
Shop, room 315 Oregonian bldg. Jlmmie
Du nn , mg r.
PATIENT nurse to tutor and assist in care
of nervous and slightly mental case; state
salary expected; references. A 114, Oregonian.
YOUNG' MEN wanted to prepare for railway
mail clerks, pos toff ice clerks, carriers, etc.
Write or call for Book 30, it's free. , Pacific
States School, McKay bldg.. Portland, Or.
SELLERS for Bay City lots, terminus of
United Railways; good pay to good sell
ers. Bay City Land Company, 310 Lumber
MOTION-PICTURE operators earn $35
weekly; learn business- short time; easy
work ; terms. School 520' Wash. bet.
lfith and 17th.
WANTED Boys about 18 years old for
setting rubber type In advertising dept.
Apply 10 to 12 A. M. Kerr-Glass Mfg.
Co..4th a nd Hoyt sts.
APPRENTICE, barber, seven months' ex
perience or more, $10 week to start; stu
dents need not apply. J as. Morrin, lone,
WANTED Young man, experienced In mak
ing window shades. Apply to foreman,
Drapery Shop, Tull & Gibbs. Inc.
WANTED First and second cook, night cook
and waiter. Call at Hood Hotel, between
S and 12 Saturday.
33XPERIENCED automobile repair man. must
be Al ; open shop. A. G. Arnold, 7tn and
AGENTS call at 314 Columbia St.; out-or-town
work; big money for hustlers; $50
or more i required. C. E. Kramer.
WANTED At once, first-class soda dis
penser and good second dispenser. O. B.
Dewey, 952 Pacific ave., Tacoma, Wash.
WANTED Strong boy in cake department;
night work. Royal Bakery, 11th and
Everett. .
WANTED. TEAMS 00 teams wanted for
city work; good wages; steady work. C.J.
Cook Co., 7th and Davis sts.
WANTED Boy of 17 to learn printer's
trade. Apply, giving age and home ad
dress to m .QO. care Oregonian.
WANTED Partner, energetic and willing;
small capital. 326 Va Washington sC, room
$18 TO $35 week few months only learning;
situations guaranteed. Watchmaking-Ea-graving
School. Box 182. Ashland. Or.
WANTED 8 chorus men with good voices.
Call Pacific Amusement Exchange, Mar
qua m bldg.
WANTED An experienced stock salesman
who is a member of the order of. Elks
1 n good standing. R lOR. Oregonian.
"WANTED Cut-off man for box factory;
steady work and good wages. Inquire 121
East Water st.
WANTED Young man to do porter work
for board and free use of bootblack stand.
Apply Oaks Tavern.
WANTED Union barber at 313 Oak sL;
good guarantee.
WANTED Dishwasher and kitchen porter.
1 ( i 5 West Pa r k
WANTED Boilermakers and laborers. Apply
to Marine Iron Works, St. John, Or.
JAPANESE boy for garden work; must un
derstand milking. phone A 5531.
ASSISTANT bushelman wanted today"
Hewett, Bradley & Co., 344 Washington st.
FRETSSFEEDER at Watson's Printing Co
fZrtrtt noil rh hM fr. '
PHOTOGRAPH coupon and portrait agents-
no ft rf ftr Cn thWh Bfiulln ii j
" mug.
WANTED A man to care for small fruit
WANTED First-claas oil well driller. K
1 IP. Oregonian.
WANTED Two first-class barbers; steady
work. Address , E. Anderson, Salem, Or.
DISHWASHER for boarding-house; also
cook's helper. 735 Hoyt st.
WANTED Elevator boy; must furnish s;ood
reference. Apply room 623, Electric bldg.
BARBER wanted. 146 First st. Browning's
FIRST-CLASS barber wanted. Oregon Bar
ber Supply Co. Monday, city, good money.
WANTED First-class bond salesman. G
114 . Oregon! an .
EXPERIENCED helper, hard candy depart
ment. Aklon Candy Co., 12th and GILsan.
WANTED Barber, first-class, steady Jod.
304 Burnslde st.
ONE automatic trimmer man, one edger man
51 1 Board of Trade.
MEN for factory near Portland; married
men preferred. 339 Sherlock bldg.
26 North 2d St.
Phones Main 1526; A 1526.
Established ISTti.
Headquarteis for railroad, hotel and
restaurant work; we ship daily south and
east to the Utah Construction Co., Erick
scn & Petterson. etc., at Natron and
Klamath Falls. All FREE FARE. We
want 500 laborers, teamsters, rockmen,
tunnel men, etc., at top wages; if you
cannot reach this office, we will be fflaa
to do business with you at our other offi
ces at
SAN FRANCISCO. 87-S9 4th st.
SPOKANE. 424 Front ave.
Sacramento. 020 2d st.
LOS ANGELES, 13-j S. Los Angeles st.
4 buckers, $2.50, $2.75.
2 hooktenders, $4.5o.
2 rigging rustlers, $3.
2 chasers. 52.50.
2 donkey engineers, $3.
2 firemen. $2.50.
4 handy men, $2. .70.
' 3 carpenters, $3.50.
1 ratchet setter. $3.50.
1 gang trlmmerman, $3.
Teamsters, dirt wagons, no strike. $2.o0.
Hostler, $2.0.
Farmhands, $35 'to $45.
Telegraph operator, $65.
3 cement finishers, union wages.
Laborers, city. $2,50, 53.
Cook, small hotel, city, $60 found.
Cook and helper, $75.
Kitchen helper, dishwashers. $9, $10 up.
Porter, $30. board and room.
Waiter, railroad camo. $35.
New jobs coming in all the time. A Job
free to any ablebodied man who Is broke.
We have other jobs not in this advertise-
ment. ,
WANTED Two mill carpenters, $3.50.
Sawmill machinist, $3.50.
Two carriage riders. $2.50 and $2.75.
Two men to rivet smokestacks. $4.
Man and wife, cook and helper, country
hotel, $75.
Three camp flunkeys. $33.
Two men to wait table at camp boarding-
houne. $35 month.
Two waiters, out of city, $13 week; one
$40 month.
Three waiters, city. $30 up.
Ten farmhands, $35, $40 and $45.
Hundreds of new jobs every day for
mlllnairds, loggers, teamsters, farmhands,
cooks, flunkeys, dishwashers, etc., etc.
Main Office. 12 North Second St.
WANTED Able-bodied men for the U. S.
Marine Corps, between the ages of 19 and
35; must be native born or have first papers;
monthly pay $15 to $69; additional com
pensation possible; food, clothing, quarters
.and medical attendance free; after 3o years'
service can retire with 75 per cent of pay
and allowances; service on board ship and
ashore in all parta of the wcr'd. Apply at
Breeden bldg., 3d and Washington ts.,
Portland. Or. .
MEN WANTED, age 18 to 85, for firemen,
$100 monthly, ajid brakemen $80, on n-earby
railroads; experience unnecessarj ; no strike;
promotion to engineers, conductors; railroad
employing headquarters, over 500 men sent
to positions monthly; state age; send stamp.
Railway Association, care Oregonian.
10,000 POSITIONS for graduates last year;
men and women to learn barber trade in
S weeks, help to secure promotion; gradu
ates earn from $15 to $25 weekly; expert
instructors; tools free; write for cata
logues. Mobler Syctem of Colleges. 35
Korth 4th St.. Portland. Or.
Y. M. C. A- The friend of the young man
and stranger; hearty welcome and good
counsel are yours without cost. Constant
demand for men who can do something
well. Special employment membership as
sures employment. Investigate before you
WANTED Advertising solicitors for new Pa
cific Coast magazine; guaranteed circulation
lOO.OOO; new method and features for ad
vertisers; splendid opportunity for right
man; give address and phone .number. G
112, Oregonian. ;
WANTED Men and boys at Los Angeles;
no expense for instruction; learn automo
biles, electricity, plumbing. bricklaying
trade in montns instead of years; study half
and work half time; catalogue free; United
Trade School Contracting Co.. Los Angeles.
BARBERS Board of Examiners for Oregon
will convene in this city July 11, ' 12 and
13, at 167 First st, for the purpose of
examining all those holding permits. T.
M. Leabo, secretary.
WANTED Careful man, able to check
goods, etc. ; pay $25 week ; can be in
creased with interested helj ; small In
vestment required. Particulars, 24S Vs
Stark st.
COOK and helper wanted at once to cook
on ranch for 40 or 50 men. Address ap
plications to B. S. & L. Co., Hay Creek,
Or., stating wages wanted; must be ex-
. perienced.
YOUNG man with experience In retail busi
ness, wages $40 a month to start; good
chance for advancement ; one who re
sides with parents preferred. AL lid,
WORK for a few first-class heading bosses
In aqueduct tunnel, York town Heights.
Westchester County, New York. John
WANTED A young man aS gardener,, pri
vate place, with some knowledge of an au
tomobile; references. Phone Ex. 20,
Home A 2050.
BARBER wanted. $5 guarantee. St. Charles
Ho tel barbe rsh op.
BARBER wanted for today. 101 Grand
ave.. cor. E. Washington st.
BARBER wanted for Saturday, guaranteed
$5. 220 Taylor st.. bet. First and Second.
BARBER wanted for Saturday; $5 guar
antee.iM 130 t Grand ave.
WANTED Carpenters at East 7 th and
Franklin sts
MEAT cutter for Saturday1. The Ockley
Green Market. Take St. Johns car.
BARBER wanted, steady job, at 266 1st.
BARBER wanted. 253 Holladay ave.
YOUNG slrl to assist with housework and
baby, good home, good wages. o24i 20th
st., Portland Heights.
EXPERIENCED lroners. mangle feeders and
.folders. Call at Portland Laundry Co.,
Wth and Couch.
FIVE ladies for shooting galleries, between
20 and 36 years; good wages. Apply today
at 275 Burnside st.
EXPERIENCED girl wanted for general
housework; good wages. Telephone Main
WANTED Girl for housework; small family.
J A. Lyons. Whitman station, Mt. Scott
1 me. Tabo r 601 .
WANTED Good girl for general housework;
small family. 754 Schuyler. Phone East
X COMPETENT girl for general housework";
good pay given, good service required.
Phone Main 4412, A 4426.
A REFINED .woman to take care of home;
no cooking. 60i Lovejoy st. Call morn
ings. 2 WAITRESSES. Hot Lake; $30. fare paid.
Hansen's Ladies Agency, 345 Washing
ton st.. room 7.
WANTED Girl for general housework, 260
Grand ave., N.. cor. Multnomah.
WAITRESS Private boarding-house. 735
Hoyt st.
WANTED Girl for second work; wages $25.
163 12th St., the Norton.
COMPETENT second girl, small family. Ap
ply 68 Lucretia st. Tel. M. 8773.
EXPERIENCED presers on lady's garments.
Vienna Dye Works. 226 3d st. .
WANTED Girl or middle-aged woman for
housework. AK 1Q7. Oregonian.
WAITRESS wanted. Stein's restaurant, 122
14th st.
A GIRL to assist with housework. Apply
fj(2 Johnson st.
WANTED Girl for general housework. Ap
ply o41 Washington st.
HELP wanted. Union Laundry Co., 2d and
WANTED Experienced girl for gen. house
work. Apply room 201 Oregonian bldg.
LESSONS In Shorthand and Typewriting by
expert; $5 a month. 269 14th. Main 3893.
GIRL to help with housework. Apply 322 B.
32d. .
A GIRL for cooking and general housework.
Main 4152. :
GIRL for general housework, good wages. Call
867 Lovejoy.
WANTED A chambermaid at 152 Grand
WANTED Experienced short-hour waitresses
a.tWomana Exchange, 3 86 5th.
GIRLS wanted. Western Mantle Co., 28
.Front st.
HOTEL cooks. $40. $45 and $50.
Restaurant cooks, $11 to $12, city.
Private family cooks, $40 and $43.
Hotel waitresses, $25, $30 and
restaurant waitresses, $7 to $U week.
Chambermaids, $20 to $30.
Cloi ks. $:m.
Chambermaids. $20 to $30.
Girls for general housework, $20 to $45.
Large list of new places every day.
Ladies' Department. 2u5j Morrison St.
GIRLS, 16 years of age and over, to work
In ' bag factory. Apply at once. AMES
HARRIS NEVILLE CO., 5th and Davis sts.
WANTED Several bright young women to
learn telephone operating; students paid
$2o per month while learning; a thor
ough train'ng given each student before
assignment to position; - this is an excep
tional opportunity for such applicants that
qualify. Apply to school principal at our
east office. East Ankeny and 6th sts.. be
tween 8 A. M. and 5 P. M., week-days.
The Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.
grammar schools, 17 years of age and
over will find a good opportunity to en
ter a business career by applying at once
WANTED for the city and road, chorus
women of some experience; . must be
shapely and have good voices; also want
twelve young, good looking women for
pony tal!et. Pacific Amusement Ex-
, chan ge, Marq uam b 1 dg.
Experienced cook wanted for country
home; 5 minutes ride from Portland;
gcod wages; references required. Phones
, Main 3508. A 7734.
WANTED A steady, confident, energetic
housekeeper, 24 to 32 years old, by man
with good home and two little girls un
der 5 years; $35 per month. Apply at
once. 519 Commercial bldg. Main 307S.
WANTED Young ladlea fcr training to be
come nurses; course, 2 JA years, di
ploma; first year, $10 per year; second
year, 12.50; third year, 15. Address Box
24, Fatonvllle, Wash.
W ANTED A pan try worn an, one thorough
ly experienced in making salads, etc. ;
none other need apply; state references,
address and give phone number. AK 117,
WANTED A competent art needlework
woman, one to take complete charge of
art department. MacDougall & Southwlck
Co.. Seattle. Address Manager.
MIDDLE-AGE or elderly lady wanted to keep
houe on a dairy ranch ; lady must be used
to children ; German lady preferred. B 113,
WANTED Experienced woman to take
charge of ladies' department, out of town.
Call 0 to 11 A. M. Saturday. R. M. Gray,
273-275 Morrison.
GIRL for general housework. $30, permanent
and desuable place for competent person
In family of three. S94 E. Taylor, near
20th st.
BUMMER SCHOOL for English branches,
shorthand and typewriting; day and eve
ning classes; positions guaranteed. 630 Wor
cester bloc k.En roll now.
WANTED An experience! girl for second
work ; small family. Apply mornings,
S. E. cor. 20th and Jackson, Portland
Heights. Phone Main 2644.
32U Vi Washington St., Room 314.
Main 8S36 or A 3266.
GI RL wanted for general housework. Miss
Cadweil, Ravensview and Hill Crest drive.
Main 11S7.
WANTED Middle-aged lady to helo with
home work and care of children. Address
252 Yamhiilst.
WANTED Girl to keep house for 2 gentle
men and a child. Call afternoons. 160
Grand ave., north.
WANTED Refined capable woman for re
sponsible position. Viavl Co., 60 Rothchild
bldg., 4tha.ndWashli-.gton.
YOUNG girl to help light housework and
care of child; to slee at home. Apply
Apt. 41. Keeler Apts.. 14th and Clay.
GIR L to assist general housework. In
quire 46 East 22d St., North, or phone
East 5541.
LADY to learn beauty culture. Sanitary Beauty
College, 4oo to 412 Dekura bldg. Make your-
e?lf Independent.
843 S Washington St.. Cor. 7th. Upstairs.
Phone Main 263-.
WA NT ED Lady to assist In bath parlor;
board and room ; small pay. AK 11S,
. Oregonian.
PASTRY cook, housekeeper, country, fam
ily cooks, second girls. t. Louis Agency,
3Q3Vj Wash. Main 2030, A 4775.
WANTED Reliable private home for a little
girl 3 years; state price, etc. Address Mrs.
Charles Jones. Gen. Delivery.
V A.n TED Experienced bakery sales laay.
must have references. Apply to J. E.
Miller, Royal Bakery, 3rt) Washington st.
LADY for treasurer small theatrical com
pany; $5o required ; experience unneces
. sary. Call 326 Stark St., room 1.
WOMAN wanted at home bakery; steady posi
tion, good wages. Call at 380 East 11th.
Gilbert Delicatessen.
WANTED Girl to go in country; tour in fam
ily, no children; will pay good wages. Call
Maln 3651 by 1 P.M.
WAITRESS, experienced, wanted at once
at Portland Hotel, Long Beach, Wash.
Inquire 171 7th st. -
WANTED Good cook and chambermaid for
country hotel. phone Sellwood 1 105.
WANTED A girl to assist waiting on table
in a private ooarding-house. 253 6th st.
GIRL to work in shooting gallery;
week. 60 North 3d.
"WIll-. Kive room and board to ladv for
light services. Fourth st.
GIRL to help with housework. Phone B JU43,
cajl 89 East ltith st
MANGLE help wanted. Independent Lauu
. dry, corner 3d and Gllsau sts.
GOOD maid for chamberwork at ones. Bel
yedere Hotel. 4th and Alder.
WANTED An experienced waitress. Call
. Alexander Court, 53 Ella St.
WANTED A waitress, steady work. Call
at 404 E.
WANTED Manicurist, temporary position.
Call M 31."1 altera P. . M.
WAITRESS wanted. 277 Alder st.
J3IRL for housework. 702 Northrup ,t.
GIRL for arof.eral housework. 815 ilth st.
WE have openings for every line in . the
dramatic as well as vaudeville lines.
Marquam B!dg:
GOVERNMENT employes wanted. Write for
Portland examination schedule. Franklin
Institute Dept. 249K. Rochester. N. Y.
position to A-l instructors. 611 Swetland.
ltookkceporw aori Clerkst.
YOUNG MAN, 8 years' experience in ofrice
work; railroad, derires clerical position; ref
erences. N 112. Oregonian.
STENOGRAPHER Experienced, rapid and
accurate, wants position; reasonable sal
ary. Telephone Tabor 629.
EXPERIENCED stenographer, good speller,
accurate and rapid, reasonable salary. A.
644S. j
BEAUTIFl'L new cottage, rent reason. In-
oulre "1900 Cottage," Lon g Beach.
YOL'NG man, stenographer, wishes position;
.it fresent employed. F 11-. Oregonian.
JAPANESE engineering student of Wash
ington University, wants position as
draftsman for $60 per month. Ketch, 48
1st st.
YOUNG man. good appearance, 6 years in
Portland, wishes position with chance to
advance; small salary to start. AJ 113,
Oregon ian.
COOK Competent, sober and reliable young
man, wants position as cook in hotel,
restaurant or cafeteria; references. C
COMPETENT church organist seeks en
gagement: certificate Ass. Board. London,
Eng. G 111. Oregortlan.
YCUNG man. willing to exercise and ride
saddle horses morning and evening. F
Il.'l. Oregonian.
EMPLOYMENT wanted by 20 foreigners
with their interpreter at log road or con
struction work; state wages and kind of
work. H 114, Oregonian.
YOUNG man. good camp cook, familiar with
mountains, would like to take party on
mountain trip. E 112. Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED milker wishes job on dairy.
AJ114, Oregonian.
JAPANESE boy wants work In afternoon
or evening. AJ 112, Oresonlan.
of my time to earn board; can act in cler
ical capacity or lend services in musical
line. Employed in day time in advertis
Ing worR. B 100 Oregonian.
SALESMAN with seven years- road e3pe"
rience wants position demanding selling
ability in the city; best references.
113, Oregonian.
MIDDLE-AGED man of good appearance,
speaking German. Danish. Swedish. Nor
wegian; a little English; wishes some kind
ot work:G 110, Oregonian.
YOUNG man, steady and sober, wants posi
tion as plumber or pipefitter s helper; have
experience: want to learn trade thorough
ly. AKllti,Oregonlan. ,
YOUNG man. good education, wants position
with realty firm to show property; chance
advancement; state salary. AL 115, Ore
gonlan. COACHMAN, first-class, wishes position
New York and Saa Francisco references.
y 106, Oregonian.
JAPANESE Emplovment Co. will furnish
all help. Maln5a.A473.6SEverett.
POSITION wanted as yard foreman, cargo
tallyman or marker. M 114. Oregonian.
JAPANESE, speaks good English, wants po
sUlon before 3 P. M. H 110. Oregonian.
Call 5 to B P. M. A 4005
CHAUFFEUR wants position; 3 ' years' ex-
perience. AL 116, oregonian.
YOUNG man wants work on farm. Address
Fllippl Norton, gen, del.. Albany. Or.
FIREMAN wants work: good references.
AH 107. Oregonian.
Bookkeepers and stenograpDera
BOOKKEEPER and stenographer, with ten
years' experience, desires position; cap
able of taKlng charge of office ; thoroughly
competent; beat ot retertjnees. AH 11-.
Oregonian. .
WANTED Position by experienced sten
oirranher with knowledge of bookkeeping;
real estate preferred; willing to work. B
111. Oregonian;
PYuc-mrwr'S'n vnnn rr inilv would like DO
sltion in doctor's or dentist's offlcs. AK.
1 1 o. Oregonian.
STENOGRAPHER wishes substituting work;
terms reasonable. Plione Main 959b.
EXPERIENCED stenographer wants posi
tion immediately. AD 110. Oregonian
YOUNG lady stenographer, eight years' ex
perience. rapidacurJ:eMn40oy.
Dresnuker. .
ANGELES-Dressmaking Parlors. 326 Wash
ington at., suite 2m. Main ls2.A a3L
LADIES' tailoring; alterations, coats relined.
Mrs. Muckler. 4Q Columbia st. A 4709.
DRESSMAKING done, reasonable; refer-
ences. Call 32i Hall St.
WANTED Nursing by experienced middle
aged woman; maternity preferred, phone
..Main 4110.
A REFINED Eastern woman wants position
aa bouaekeeper in widower's home In coun-
' try; good cook and butter maker and all
around housekeeper. V 101. oregonian.
HOUSEKEEPER, widow, age 36, with one
child, age 5, desires position for widower
or bachelor'a home; must have work. Ad
dress room 26, 30BVi First st, clly.
WANTED Position by competent woman as
housekeeper; prefer rooming-house. O 112,
Oregonian. . X
AS housekeeper In small hotel or rooming
house; experienced. AN 119, Oregonian.
WA.VTED Place for schoolgirl In small
family to assist in light housework and
some wages; would go to the beach. Phone
B 2 581. ,
WANTED Home for girl 11 years old; family
of refinement. B 112. Oregonian
SWEDISH girl wants position witn Biuan
family. Address 2O03 E. Salmon st.
GIKL. 16 years old, wishes to take care of
chlldren. 5lilLake St.
WANTED Situation general housework.
Phone Woocllawn 32S.
Misceilaneo us
BRIGHT girl, 18 years, experienced In care
of children or will wait upon aged lady;
does not run about nights; city references
as to character. Address "Katie," room
37, Y. W. C. A.
EXPERIENCED business woman wishes po
sition as head waitress or stewardess In
tlrst-class establishment; best references.
A L 114. Ore gonian.
GIRL wishes any kind of work by day;
good worker. 5 13th st. North, upstairs.
Please write letter.
COLORED lady wants janitor worn or
washing by the day. lus bth St., North.
WOMAN wants washing by the day. Ad
dress561Lakest. HOUSEKEEPER Young woman, child's
nurse. St. Louis. 303 'i Wash. Main 2039.
SHAMPOO and scalp treatment at your
home. Phone East 4 42.
7y wants work by hour. Phone Mrs.
'Thompson. Woodlawn 1S.j4.
GIRL wants place to take care of children.
864 E. Davis.
ACTIVE canvassers can make $50 per week
easily aelllng trees for the Oregon Nursery
Co Orenco. Or. Good territory open; lib
eral proposition. Call or write to Orenco.
AGENTS wanted Our excellent home-grown
nursery stock Is In demand; sales this
season will be Immense; a nattering op
portunity; cash paid weekly; outlit free.
Salem nursery Co., Salem, Or.
AGENTS wanted to aid us supply the de
mand for choice nursery stock; outnt
free; cash weekly. Address Capital City
Nursery Co.. Salem. Or.
We furnish the renter, collect the rent,
pay taxes, insurance and keep up repairs,
the same for you as though the property
was our own; references, any bank In
245 Stark St.
Phones A 3500. Main 35.
RESPONSIBLE people would like to rent a
furnished house of about 9 rooms for
months; must be in a desirable district,
Irvington preferred; best of care guaranteed-
references furnisned; give location and
full particulars in first letter. A llti, Ore
gonian. WANTED To rent from July 28, for
or 2 montns. iurniancu jiuuao.
rooms, linen and cutlery,
nice lawn:
state rent and particulars to 0 112, Ore-
onlan. .
UNFURNISHED house or flat. B or 6 rooms,
family 3 adults; must be strictly modern.
In good residence district. West Side pre
ferred; state full particulars; best references.
N 111. Oregonian; .
BY reliable party, six or seven-room fur
nished house for the Summer; West Side
or Portland Heights. Main 7100 or A BU21.
WANTED For the Summer, completely fur
nished cottage or apartment; any desirable
neighborhood; small family; references cx
changed. B 114. OregonUn. -
WANTED to rent 7 to 10-room modern, well
furnished house; adults only; on or near
carllno. Address with all particulars. AM
119, Oregonian.
WANTED 8 or 9-room modern house for
small family of adults on West Side. X 111.
" ' Kooms With miara
YOUNG lady attending school desires place
to board In private family; willing to work
after school or act as companion. Holmes
Bus. College, Main 513. A 2554.
Furnished lipoma.
Fifth St., opp. City Hall. Phone Marshall
66j New, beautifully furnished, hot, cold
water in every room, public and private
.baths: permanent, transient.
SIS Oak sL, corner Sixth. Large, light,
airy rooms, elegantly furnished, electric
lights, running water; low rates.
THE LANDORE, 2R8 Tenth street, at
Jefferson. Choice newly furnished rooms,
within walking distance of business cen
ter ,
Washington and 17th, first-class furnished
rooms, single or en suite; all modern con.
venlenceg; $3 weekly up. A 2647. M. 5647.
Grand ave.. East Stark, modern, private
hth. phone, elevator. East 5405. B 2SS8.
THE BEAVER. 12th and Marshall sts., well
furnished sleeping rooms 2.50 per week;
electric lights, hot baths free.
MODERN outside rooms, $2.50 to fi per
week. Including baths; also housekeeping
jooms. 613 is Washington, at.
yurnlsncd Room.
building; fine large ground-floor office; hot
and cold running water In all rooms;
steam heated; private baths; very richly
furnished. Rates only 3 and up per
week: 50o up per day. Call and see us.
Northeast corner Fifth and Gllsan
Seventh and Ankeny Sts.
This poetry may be bad
Not so this little ad.
Which greets you in this paper,
So plain, plain, plain.
This little ad's no shirk.
For each one gets In its work.
Just try us once and you're sure to come
Again, 'gain, 'gain.
ANGELA HOTEL 635 Washington street,
between 19th and 20th. Just completed,
the cosiest, completest and up-to-date
residence hotel In the city. The ground
floor office Is finished in real manogany,
marble and tile. Is spacious and handsome;
elevator service, private telephone ex
change, steam heat, hot and cold water
In all rooms, many with baths and wall
beds, and Is splendidly furnished. The
rent is very moderate, rooms from $15 per
month up. Why not get the best for your
money? Now op?n. rooms by the day,
week or month. Phone Marshall 1950.
.8. W. cor. 11th and Washington sts:
Modern brick building, steam heated,
private baths, hot and cold running water
In rooms, well furnished and now under
new management; excellent location, close
to shipping and theater district; rates
reasonable. Call and see what a comfort
able house it Is. Transients solicited.
Both phones.
129 Eleventh st.
New modern brick building. steam
heated, private batlis, hot and cold wa
ter In rojmi. beautifully furnished, cosy
and comfortable. Kates very reasonable,
call and bee us. Regular and, transient
trade solicited.
124 14lh, Cor. Washington St.
Everything new; iarge, airy rooms, sin
gle and with bath; telephone In every
room, service free; rates by the day, week
or month; also unturnished room.
MRS. JOS1H SMITH. Manager.
HOTEL SARGENT. Cor. Grand ave. and
Hawthorne. Phone East
291. connecting every room. Private baths,
e.evator iiri-class grill. Special rates by
week or month. American or European.
Transients solicited.
THE BARTON, 13th and Alder, is now un
dergoing a thorough renovation; 70 steam
heated, electric lighted rooms, all outside.
Rales 75c day; Slo nn.nth up. Suites with
running water $2o month up. phones and
bath tree. .
HOTEL MAJESTIC, new, modern and ele
gantly turnlshed rooms, single or en suite,
with or wuhouth bath, 1 a day and up.
Rates by week or month. 427 Alder St.,
bet. lltn and 12tb-
HOTEL BUCKINGHAM, opp. Portland Ho
tel, 330 lamhlll; lirsL-class turnisned
rooms, single or en suite, modern, $5 up;
transients solicited. Main 31, A 71 7.
HOTEL BUCKINGHAM Opp. the Portland
Hotel, 331) lamnill First-class furnisned
rooms, single or en suite, modern;
weekly and up. pnones At. 31 anu. a uii
I'Lk.NISUEu rooms Elm Place, formerly
iMton court Annex, lamum auu mil,
A FEW choice double rooms, rent very
reasonable at the Colonial, 105 loth st.
CLEAN furnished rooms at 189 .West Park.
Aurnlahed Kooms In Private family.
PLEASANT, large front room, buy window,
alcove, in mouern house, lor three gentlemen-
also large room for couple, house
keeping privileges; Nob Hill district. Alain
ROOMS, well furnished, fine beds, light and
well ventilated; running hot and cold wa
ter; rates, 13 to 5. 341 Harrison, cor.
7th st. ,
ELEGANTLY furnished suite of two rooms,
also one large room In a nice modern
home; all conveniences, walking distance;
moderate rent. Larabee su
FURNISHED rooms, modern conveniences,
fresh air. good view, board if desired.
Phone Tabo r 199 2 .
10 Small furnished room in modern, team
heated apartment, flat B, 409 Jefferson.
Main 70U4.
NICELY furnlshesd front bedroom, modern,
nice location, walking distance. 4o3 Lar-
rabee st.
NICE, homelike furnished front room for
one or two gentlemen, cheap; close in.
Apply -1 i.Ji.n si.
A PLEASANT room, all modern conven
iences; hot water continually. Apartment
4. 584 Flanders. A 5145.
NETLY furnished, well ventilated, large
room, suitable tor two, very reasonable.
33Q Mill st.
NEWLY furnished steam-heated rooms in
residence; running hot and cold water.
504 Flanders.
v'wi t. f,imiHhrl room for two gentlemen,
hot and cold water, sleeping poicn; also
single room, west ram. Aiain uuv.
FINE ROOMS, nicely furnished, central, rea
aunable rates. Ii9 loth st. N lUximan.
248 N. 20TH St. Furnished rooms In pri
jyate lamliy. Main 3049.
FURNISHED rooms, modern conveniences,
walking distance. 2s NorthlUlh su
TWO rooms, en suite or single, with use of
kitchen. . B61 10th st-
LARGE front room In modern flat; walking
distance. 8 E. 12th st. N.
DESIRABLE room for one or two; 112;
close In. 08 12th st.
SPLENDID ROOMS 8 minutes Postottice; lo
cation speaks tor Itself. 302.? Park.
ROOM. In private family, workingmen pre
ferred ;i-eonable. 209 Hassalo St.
17 MONTH Pleasant. nearly furnished
ONE nicely furnished room, phone, close in,
"humelike. 367 3d St.
50 ELEGANT, large, front room; walk
ing distance. 24 g landers. Main 781;,.
iLKNISHEU rooms lor rent, jou iz.a. rnone
Marshall 12Q7.
LARGE, pleasant room, with rireplace7" good
board. 321 W. Park. Main 7959.
Unfurnished Kooms.
UPSTAIRS 5 rooms, bathroom, pantry and
large clothes closet in each room. 447 (ith
3,lt,Ei.N. UL.MKAl., uaAaj.iipi,i!,.
FOUR very fine unfurnished rooms for rent.
Phone East 03SL
ROOMS with board. 0 per week; home com
forts' 4 minutes' walk from PosWJflK-e;
..1 or, hath free: rooms without board.
$2 and up. The Llndell, 267 Market st.
PORTLAND Women's Union, 23d year, room
with board, use of sewing-room and library.
610 Flanders st. Miss Frances N. Heatn.
THE HAZEL For gentlemen and ladies,
nicely furnished rooms, with or wfuiuut
board.3853d at., cor. Montgomery.
ROOM and board for young women. 153 per
week, privilege of laundry, library and
sewing. 0 Grand ave., north. Pnone E 201.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, first -class private
boarding-house, facing tne park. 374 Park.
ROOMS with board, reasonable rates. The
..---, . , , - -,',.1. ,in OIIU
waiaon, xti aoLii iouiij.
Koom With Board In Private lamliy.
ROOM and board for two gentlemen In pri
vate family, one block from Hawthorne
car. Call at 3 1 3 Marguerite ave.
MODERN furnished room with board; home
cooking. Phone, batn, all conveniences,
reasonable. 107 16th St., near Flanders.
BORD and room for two; bath, phone,
home cooking. 0 per week. 191 11th,
near Yamhlii.
LARGE front room, two beds, with board,
for two young men. 166 B. 12th st. Phone
East 8332.
sLKNisHED rooms with best ot home cook
ing. gentleman preferred. 414V. Jefferson st.
cHuiL'c corner rooms, select board. line
neighborhood; reasonable. 701 Marshall st.
FURNISHED rooms with board, sleeping
porch. 355 11th St. A 1630.
NEWLY furnishesd rooms with board. 6D5
Kast Oak, cor. 15th. Phone B2U19.
ROOM and board for centlemen of good
habits; private fa mil y jj a in 3356.
NICE rooms, good home cooking for one or
two gentlemen. 501 Vs Davis st. .
ROOMS with first-claw table board. 743Va
Northrup near 23d. A 3070.
NEWLY furnished room, with board "for
two. East 4270. 640 East Alder.
TWO nicely furnished suites, lights, phone
and bath. 370 7th st. $18 and 23.
ROOM and board. 655 Irving st.
ALMIRA Apartments, 14th and Salmon St..
unfurnished. reasonable prices.
JUANITA, 325 11th t.. very nicely fur
nished 2-room apartment, modern. $27.50.
THE KING DAVIS, corner King and uavis
sts. ; 3-room. cool; references.
King and Wayne sts. Apply to Janitor,
Clay sireet, second liuuse from 14th.
the only modern completely furnished 2
room apartment-house in tho city; house
and elegant fu.'iiiture. brand new; June
opened for business; sttam heal, electric
lipht, hot and cold water in every apart
ment; private phone, bath; walking dis
tance; $18-$25. including electric lighL
. Marshall 2U74. ;
' Cr. Grand ave. ar.d Stark St.
New fireproof brick building, beautiful
ly furnished two and thiee-room apart
ments, private bath, wail beds, large
clothes closets; plenty of hot water; Sum
pier rates. Phone E. 3U0.
ANGELA APARTMENTS. 37-38 Trinity Place.
between iwtn aria om. near asnington -New
brlcjk building, newly and elegantly
furnished, complete for housekepelng. In 2:
3 and 4-room apartments; ouuiue porches;
electric elevator, hot water, telephone ex
v change. Janitor service, phone M&rsuall IB lo-
HE.1NZ apartments, 14lh and Columbia; 4
blocks south from Morrison st-; new brick,
building, completely f li'Et-class. furnished
Jn 2. 3 and 4 room lamliy apartments,
private bath, reception hall, steam heat,
hot water, elevator, free phone, janitor
service; rent from 25 per month and up.
finest 3 and 4-room suites In the city; pri
vate baths and pnones. steam heated, hot.
and cold water, disappearing beds. Garland,
stoves, porjelain-lineu re-frigeraturs. e.ectrle
elevator: 35to $00 per month.
Elaborately furnished 3-roeni apartments,
all modern conveniences, large shady lawn,
cool verandas, janitor; rates reasonable.
walking distance. 024 Marsnail St.; Lak
"W" car. Main 6032 or A 3191
"ONEONTA" APARTMENTS, 137 17th. near
Yamhill (W car at -Depot); 2. 3 and 4
room furnished suites; hot and cold water,
phones and baths free; $20 per month, $5
perweek and up. Main 4oU'. A 4739.
COMPLETELY furnished apartment, furni
ture for sale at a bargain; these apart
ments are up to elate, reasonable In price,
and beautifully located, giving a mag
niticent view of the city. Call M. 2682.
2 and 3 room apartments, new 4-story
brick Just completed, ail modern conven
iences, each apartment has private outside,
balcony, rent reasonable. a
For housekeeping In suite. J12 and up;,
hot water, free baths, Urst-class. 631
Washington, cor. 2oth.
Strictly modern, large rooms and three
closets to every apartment; cool and airy
for Summer. 095 Lovejoy st. Take W
car. .
FIVE-ROOM furnished apartment, modern
in every particular; steam-heated, hoc
water. Janitor services, with nrst-clasa,
furnishings. Apply to Janitor, Ooo Kear
11 e ys t. .
Washington sts.. 3-room apartments, have
every modern convenience, tnclueilng steam
heat, liot water, private bath, free phones
and janitor service; rent very reasonable.
STEAM-HEATED 6-room apartment, mod
ern and desirable ; 625 Everett st- Apply
Morgan, Fleldner at Boyce, 5U3 Abington
UNFURNISHED 4 and 5 -room apartments;
r.ewly finished, all modern conveniences;
free phones. 21st and Northrop sts.. West
Side. phone A 40u0.
HARRiSON COURT, best 2 and 4-room un
furnished apartments, with all modern
conveniences. 394 Fifth st. Main ol4s
and A 7303.
THE LAURETTE Apartments. 220 11th st.
1 elegantly furnisned and 1 unfurnished
3-room apartment; strictly modern; bota
THE best 3 and 4-room furnished and un
furnished apartments In the city at 09T
Washington st.; walking distance; every
thing new and moelern; ail conveniences.
THE WESTFAL, 411) 0th St.. furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private baths and.
phone: elevator-and Janitor service; rents
reasonable. Phone A U38.
FOR RENT Newly furnished 3 and 4-room,
apartments; modern conveniences. The,
Leonce. 186 North 22d Bt.
IRIS APARTMENTS. 3d and Mill sts., 4
room unfurnished $32 and $36; 5-room un
furnished. $45; modern Improve ments.
FOR RENT Furnished 3-room apartment.
37.50 ; 3 months. Answer giving refer
ences AB 105 tare Oregonian.
$20 AND $25 2 or 4 rooms, with bath, fur-
nisnea ana unLuruwiu,
Phone East 5 043
Modern furnished apartments. East 6463.
THE CI1ETOPA. ISth and Flanders. 4-room
unfurnished apartments. ApplytoJ anltor.
THREE, new up-to-date flats, best location.
In city. Call Main 1505. East 1187. W.
Reldt. 401 Rothchlld bldg. Money no
object; want a aood tenant.
UNFURNISHED 4-room flat, bath, 3 closets
and fireplace; newly tinted. 551 East!
Yamhill, between 12th and 13th. Phone
East 1710. ;
FOR RENT Good 8-room flat. 487 Davis
L; rent $20. Apply
85 Four) hSL .
MODERN four-room furnished nat in de
sirable East Burnslde district; also five
room unfurnishedflat. Pnone East 3211.
A NICE 5-room flat, partly furnished, close
In, no children. Apply rear cottage 23U
Hall st.
MODERN lower flat In Irvington. 405 E.
loth North or phone E 5008; blocks to
.Broadway car.
FOR RENT Furnished new modern upper
flat. 109 Burr St., South St. Johns. Phonst
Richmond 1551.
WHEN moving call up Van Horn Transfer
Co.. Main 1018. A 1984. All covered ag-
ons. all experienced men
MODERN 6-room flat, 6th, near Jackson:
West Slde;easywalk Main or A 1223.
UPPER 4-room flat with bath. $25 per
month. SSti Park St. Apply 3S8 Park st.
6-ROOM modern flat, 449 7th St., yard.
:;2.5o; key upstairs.
FU RNISHED- flat, 5 rooms, no children. A'
4- KOOM flat, furnished complete, $21." 40
Larabee st.
UPPER modern 5-room flat. 811 Williams
ave. Woodlawn 1502.
5- ROOM flat, corner, modern. In Nob Hill.
Main 50119.
Housekeeping Rooms.
THE BEAVER. 12ih and Marshall. Fur
nished for housekeeping, gas ranges, elec
tee lights, hot water, bath, laundry, all
free; J1J per month up; a clean place; best
In the city for money; short distance from
Union Depot. Take "S" or loth st. cars
north, cet off at Marshall st. No dogs.
WELL furnished housekeeping rooms. 2 $1
month; 3 for $12; furnished cottage; large
rooms, $20; lower nat, 4, rooms. $18. 304
2rtth North (west side river). W can
fiom depot,, Sth, Morrison to 28th: block
r.orth. .
FIRST floor cottaKe. 2 or 3 rooms, large,
well-lighted, newly tinted, furnished, good,
vard, central location, references. 20 N.
ilth, blocks north of Washington.
. I'hnng a'iO'.'O.
UNFURNISHED, two-room, bay window
suites. Ave blocks from Postoffice. 305 '
Jeffeison. corner Fifth su Beautiful out
look. TWO nicely furnished housekeeping rooms,
gas range, bath, phone. 4S3'a Washing
33 1TTH ST. NORTH. 1 block OIT Wash
ington, part of lower 6-room flat, fur-
niehedor unf urjilshed.
461 EAST MORRISON, cor. East Sth.: com
pletely furnished housekeeping rooms, rea
sonable. ,
$2 WEEK Clean, furnished housekeeping
rooms; laundry, bath, phone, gas. heat,
yard, clear, linen. 406 Vancouver ave.
THE ELMS 2 and 3-room apartments, fur
nished. 181 14th St.; tianslent sollclted.
DELMONTE. 20th and Washington; 2-room,
complete for housekeeping. $10.
$1.50 week, large, clean furn. housekeeping;
rooms; laundry, hath, gas. 184 Sherman.
$1.25 WEEK, clean fur. housekeeping rooms,
heat, laund ry. bath. 203 Stanton. "U" car.
$1 50 TO $2.00 a week Clean furnished
housekeeplng rooms. DeSoto House. 291 2d.
Twosutte- housekeeping room; phone, gas,
hath: cheap. 721 First.
- Housekeeping Kooms in Private Family.
SWELL housekeeping; rooms, beautiful lo
cation, walking aintance, yard, bath,
phone, laundry, private porch, hot water.
656 Gllsan,
NICELY furnished housekeeping rooms;
bath, telephone, running water. 48 North
21at st.
NEWLY furnished housekeeping suite, with,
steam heat and hot water. 564 Flanders
$3."n WEEK, 2 rooms housekeeping. Call
294 .11th st.
HOUSEKEEPING room, unfurnished. 664
$15 2 NICE, bright, furnished housokeep-
Ing rooms. Main 6845.
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping rooms;
walkingdistance. 311Montgomery st.
SUITE furnished housekeeping rooms. $1C; $4 per month. 611 Morrison su
HOUSEKEEPING rooms 1st and 2d floor.
149 13th St., near Morrison.