Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 09, 1910, Page 11, Image 11

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Demonstration of Royal Worcester and Bon Ton Corsets by Miss Hope Frances Gale, Expert Corsetierer From the East
Warner Rust Proof, Redfern, Hbwd, La Beau, Mine. Helene, Marquise, Marietta, Rengo Belt Corsets-Sahlin Waists, Etc
The Store
With a Future
Our $1,000,000 Removal Sale Continues
O11I7 a Few More Days for Great 3BargairiLS
$1 Finder Rings 19c
Odds and ends in good quality rings, sig
nets, bands in" plain and fancy engraved
styles, also novelty stone settings in a
large variety of kinds and patterns; reg
ular stock values to $1.00; take 1 Q
advantage of these low prices; for
$1,5Q Toilet Case $1
Tourist toilet case, made of heavy moire
cloth, lined with rubber, fitted with pock
ets, etc.," for sponge, tooth brush, hair
brush, soap, comb and other necessities ;
our regular $1.50 values; spe- fijl (f
cial at this very low price pxwV
$5 Handbags- at $3.19
$4 Handbags $212
For today's selling the Leather Goods Store, will
place on sale a line of high-grade Goat Seal Hand
bags, with single or double-strap handles, leather
lined, fitted with coin purse; trimmed in gilt or
gunmetal. They are exceptionally good; look like
real seal bags. Our regular values to. t o "I f
$5.00, specially marked for today at pjtl"
ANOTHER LOT of goat seal and novelty leather bags, in
black and colors. There is a bag in this lot for every
taste, as the assortment is varied and embraces many
novelty ideas. Styled with strap handles, leather lined,
fitted with coin purses and card cases; our 0 1 Q
regular" values to $4.00; special at this-price P,,i'
$4.QO Mesh Bag's at $2.69 Each
German silver novelty Mesh Bags, leather lined, with shirred tops, dainty fcO ?Q
shapes and neat mountings; $5.00 values for 3.89 and $4.00 values, each PiW
Women's $3.75 Sailors $121
$3.5Q Turbans $1.19 $15 Hats at $2.95
The millinery store ' offers for today the
most remarkable values ever shown in Port
land. All sailor hats excepting Knox
makes rough braids with bands, drooping
brim styles, for auto wear, and the tricorn
styles; values to $3.75; special QQ
Saturday price, your choice, at PAI0
TURBANS The rage just now. Silk
trimmed, quill trimmed, velvet trimmed,
rough braid styles : values to C1 1 t
$3.50 ; special Saturday price P X X i7
TRIMMED HATS Any trimmed hat,
tailored street hat, any Hindoo Turban, any
auto bonnet, any pique and Panama cloth
sailor, also a few ostrich trimmed hats,
values to $15.00; special to- JJO QC
day at this low price only, ea. P70
$2.5Q Parasols Special for 98c
$6Parasols $1.48-$8 Parasols $2.39
A general cleanup of high-grade parasols at prices which seem almost ridiculous. But
we are determined to close them out. There are thousands to select from. We men
tion here only three lots, which are unusually good. Genuine Lansdowne, rich taffetas
and mercerized fabrics in hundreds of plain and fancy designs. Note the low prices:
200 fancy parasols in assorted patterns; vals. to $2.50, 98J. Fine taffetas; 0 OQ
values to $6.00, for $1.48. Lansdowne tops, very stylish; values to $8.00 S?5'
Evening Special 6 to 9:3Q
$13.5Q WillowFlxme$7.Q5
A, very choice line of willow plumes Plumes of unusual beauty, drooping and grace
ful. To make a willow they take a plume with extra long flues and to each flue is
knotted the flue cut from another plume. It takes a dainty-fingered miss a day and
a half to tie one plume. When completed it is so beautiful that it will trans
form the plainest hat into an artistic creation. This lot was carefully selected by our
discriminating expert, whose knowledge of feathers has made it possible for us to offer
better values than any other store. The colors are black, white, blue, mais, fZ'7 QC
pink and lavender; values to $13.50; special from 6 to 9:30 today, at, each P
Women's $4 Oxfords 69c
From 6 to 9 :30 this evening, a sale of odds and ends in Women 's Oxfords, white
canvas, black kid and colored oxfords. This is a cleanup sale. ,The price is so very
low that we cannot afford to exchange them or allow them to be "returned. Be JQ n
sure and get the correct size; values up to $4; very special evening price, pair.."''
Specials in Men's "Wear
An All-Day Selling Event
$1.50 SHIRTS 95c Men's Golf Shirts in plaited or plain bosoms, with cuffs attached
or detached, light and dark colors, all new pafterns, made of imported percales, QES,'
madras, etc. Actual $1.50 values; lay in a supply of shirts at this low price
BATHING SUITS 4 OFF All our men's bathing suits in two piece or com- j
lunations, wool or cotton; regular $1.00 to $5.00 values; reduced just one-fourth
$1.50 UNDERWEAR 69c Mercerized lisles in blue, pink, salmon and white CQ
colors, Summer garments; values to $1.50; special at this low price, each, only'C
$1.25 UNION SUITS 59c Good Summer weight, form fitting garments, in ecru CQ
color; sizes up to 40; our regular $1.25 values; special at this very low price 07C
50c NECKWEAR 35c Your choice of any reversible or open end four-in-hand OCr
tie, all our newest patterns; regular 50c sellers; special at this very low price OOC
25c NECKWEAR 19c All our regular 2oc four-in-hands, tecks, bows, etc., in- 1 Q
eluding the new stock; your choice of the lot at this special low price, only AC
$1.00 NECKWEAR 65c A lot of very classy four-in-hands in new desirable CZVtf
patterns such as sell readily at $1.00; special at this very low price,, at, each "C
Men's $5 Oxfords at $1.98
The only comfortable shoe for Summer wear is the oxford. For today's selling we
offer a big lot of men's stylish oxfords in all kinds, patents, kid and colt stock, in. a
.iuu line ox sizes, graaes wnicn cannot De Dougnt anywnere lor less tnan cji QO
$3.50' and up to $5.00; special for the removal sale at this low price, pair
.22.50 Lira
pedal, Only fjlO.45
150 gems for today's selling. Don't miss it. Just for a Saturday crowd
bringer and because it's warm and you need 'em. We offer beautiful one
piece Lingerie Dresses, made of batiste and mull, nicely trimmed in lace and
embroidery; styled with panel fronts or with knee flounce effects. Some are
shirred or tucked, some dotted swiss and allover embroideries, trimmed in
Irish crochet and Val. lace. They come in pure white and blue,
pink and lavender tints. Excellent values to $22.50. Special
Toilet Paper at 3c
For today only we offer in the station
ery section, center aisle, 1000 rolls of
good quality toilet paper, 600 sheets in a
roll, full count, perforated, fine and
strong. Hotel and rooming-house O
keepers take notice; special at, roll
$1,25 Stati'n'ryaQc
Broken lots of odds and . ends in Eton
Crane, also Hurd's finest stationery.
Various sizes and colors, some boxes are
broken, others are only part full, but not
one is worth less than 75c; others OQ
are worth up to $1.25; special at
SilK K. imonos Half Price
Long Crepe Kimono SL5Q-
A seasonable and timely offer of 650 Crepe Cloth
Kimonos, light and dark patterns ; cut full and long,
trimmed and tied at the waist with silk-satin ribbon. .
The patterns are all new, in the Oriental or floral
designs. A very special purchase of two big lots at
much less than factory price has made
it possible for U3 to offer them at, ea. J) JL ,37
SILK KIMONOS Your - choice of the finest line of
kimono values from $10.00 to $28.50 you have ever feasted
your eyes upon. They are full length ; some are loose with
ribbon to tie in at the waist, others are shirred in at the
waist; some are empire style; all are new, right up to the
minute styles; ottered very special at just half the
regular price; take advantage of this low price, at l&
$1 Back Combs at 12c
Fancy Back Combs, in line quality shell and amber colore, nicely finished, jewel 1 O
and metal trimmed", or gold inlaid patterns; regular values to $1.00; special price "C
HAIR PINS Select quality of hom hair pins, crimped 6tyle, put up 6 pins in a O
box, very popular sellers; special at this extremely low price, the box, only OC
lO ILinen' Suits
Special 3.5
Such weather as this requires a Linen Suit for comfort.
How could you be without one when we price very styl
ish Suits at less than it would cost you to have one'
made! They are made of natural color linen and linen
crash materials; styled with medium-length jackets,
semi or tight-fitting, with plain tailored or shawl collars ;
gome faced in embroidered effects; pearl or bone but
tons; patch or set-in pockets. Skirts are styled in the
plain plaited or tunic effects. A good line of colors to
choose from. These suits are for street or for outing
wear. They are just as stylish as wool suits. Our regular
stock values to $10.00. Very special Re
moval Sale price at this low figure, each
Attorney Objects to More In
terveners in Land Case.
Lawyers for Those Who Have Filed
Have Notion Court Will Order
Oregon & California to Make'
Deed to Each Applicant.
Denying that he had any intention of
attempting to quiet the activities of
speculators' and their attorneys In
securing applicants throughout the East
for homesteads on the right of way
of the Oregon & California Railroad.
"VV. D. Fenton yesterday entered an ob
jection in the United States Court to
any additions being made to the more
than 5000 persons who have heretofore
Intervened-in the case.
The situation was developed through
the offer of Attorney L. c. Garrigus of
nine interveners in the case of the
United States against the Oregon &
California and the Southern Pacific
Company, wherein the Government is
attempting to recover title to lands
along the route from Portland to the
California line, which are valued at
more than $40,000,000.
5000 Make Filings.
More than 5000 persons have been
induced to make filings under the be
lief that the tender of the purchase
price of J2.50 per acre, the maximum
price named in the grant from Con
gress, granted a preferential right to
enter the lands should the United States
Court declare it to be the duty of the
railroad company to issue patents at
the maximum price to actual settlers.
Through some unknown representa
tions. It has been made to appear to
residents of the Middle West and East
that the tender of $400 in gold to the
Southern Pacific Company secured a
chance to make entry of a valuable
tract of land. As a result, a large num
ber 'of persons have been allowed to
Intervene as interested parties in the
Criticism Not Made.
"I have no intention. of In any manner
criticising the persons who have made
The tenders, the attorneys who repre
sent them or the agents who induced
the filings to be made," said W. D.
Fenton yesterday. "My only purpose is
sto save the record to some extent. If
the case should be appealed there are
enough filings to entail a cost of more
than 5000 for a copy. The principle
involved by the intervention is saved
by the admission of those who have al
ready appeared in the court, and we
think that enough."
On the other hand, the attorneys for
the Interveners seem to have a notion
that the court may enter a decree
ordering the railroad company to make
a deed in favor of each applicant, re
gardless of the fact that the act of
Congress refers to actual settlers on
the land."
Arguments Concluded In Two Cases
Between. Company and Road.
Argument of the contentions between
the Eastern Oregon Land & Investment
Company and the Malheur Valley Rail
road Company 'were yesterday con
cluded, as to two of the .three cases
now engaging the attention of the
United States Court. .
In the railroad case, 60 days time
was asked in which to ascertain if the
differences might not be compromised,
and the time was granted by Judge R.
S. Bean.
In the latter case the Eastern Oregon
Land Company, successor to the hold
ings of The Dalles military road grant,
claims riparian rights to the ownership
of a portion of the water of Willow
River in Malheur county. The com
pany claims that 3600 acres of its land
have been made productive by reason
of the overflow which results from each
Spring run-off of water. It asserts that
when the Malheur Railroad constructed
Its roadbed from Vale to Brogan the
embankments Interfered with the flow
of the floods. It Is conceded by both
sides of the controversy that culverts
may be so arranged that they will
carry the flood water from the stream
to the 'lands in the rear of the em
bankments. The railroad company has
agreed to accede to any reasonable de
mands In that direction which may be
made in the next 60 days, but not after
ward. The cases which are now in the hands
of the court relate to the reservoir of
the Willow Creek Land & Irrigation
Company and the rights of way for the
ditches which have been constructed.
The Willow Creek people claim to own
the entire flow of the river by pur
chase, while the Eastern Oregon Land
Company rests on the proposition that
the owner of lands bordering on the
stream must be provided for in the dis
tribution of the water for irrigation
purposes, an inherent right.
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Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets will brace up the nerves, banish
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all dealers.
South East Side Needs AH
Water for Domestic Use.
Water Board Accused of Ignoring
Rapid Growth of Suburbs, Which
Require 2 4-Inch Main to Sup
ply Needs of Ten Years.
D. M. Donaugh, president of the Sell
wood Board of Trade, yesterday declared
that the only Immediate relief from the
water famine in Sellwood was to stop
all sprinkling of the lawns during the
present hot season.
. "We need the water for lawns;" said
Mr. Donaugh, "but it is absolutely neces
sary that the families in Sellwood have
water for domestic' purposes, even If the
lawns have to be neglected this year.
This is only a temporary expedient, and
we must then look (tor permanent relief
by securing a reinforcing main adequate
to supply the district .for the next ten
years. Of course, we" cannot hope to get
this main laid inside of a year, but must
resort to whatever will give temporary
relief immediately.
"The Board of Trade will call a mass
meeting of the citizens of Sellwood next
week and talk over the situation. We
are grateful for the action taken by the
Seventh Ward League, and we assure
that organization that we appreciate the
efforts it is making to get adequate water
facilities for the South East Side."
Reinforcing Main Demanded.
Ben Riesland, president of the Seventh
Ward Improvement League, will call the
water committee together as soon as the
members can be reached, and steps will
be taken to get a reinforcing water main
laid from Division street southwest to
Sellwood. This committee consists of one
member from each of the ten clubs affili
ating with the Seventh Ward League. It
is "considered too late in the season to
get relief in many portions of the South
East Side, but the intention is to start a
movement for laying an adequate main
southwest that will supply water for that
growing district for a number of years.
L. E. Rice, who has been working con
stantly for additional water main, says
that he does not think either the Water
Committee or the water engineer has any
conception of the growth of the South
East Side and the need of water.
"For more than a year," said Mr. Rice,
"we have been hammering for a reinforc
ing water main without any results what
ever. Dr. C. H. Raffety, former East
Side member of the Water Board, had a
full realization of what is needed for the
South Bast Side. He contended that a
24-inch main should start from the res
ervoir and be carried southwest toward
Sellwood, and reduce in. size sothat at
Sellwood It would be 12 inches in diam
eter. This plan was set aside and the
water engineer prepared plans for a very
small pipe that would have been wholly
inadequate for the territory and it would
have been waste of money to put down
such a main as he proposed. It would
hardly have been ample for present
uses." i
Committee Accused of Xeglect.
The league adopted the following reso
lution: Resolved. That tt is the sense of the
Seventh Ward League that the City Water
Board is neglectlni; Its duty in refusing to
supply the South East Side district of Port
'land withan adequate water supply and
that as a result a great portion of the South
East Side, to the number of 10,000 people,
are at this moment lanqulshlng for a drop
of water. This condition cannot but breed
disease and cause untoid suffering and dis
comfort, as well as endanger hundreds of
homes by fire.
Humane Officer's. Job Sought Be
cause He Examines Horses at Work.
Police Sergeant E. L. Crate, humane
officer, must lose his position, even if
it takes $10,000 to do the job, said T.
A. Ketcham, a grading contractor, who
objected to having his horses inspect
ed by the officer while they were at
work. Sergeant Crate, in making his
daily round went on Thursday to the
grading camp at Columbia Park, where
Ketcham has 12 teams employed. The
officer stopped the teams while he
went from one to another and exam
ined the shoulders of the horses, to
make sure that none of them was lame.
While the horses were being inspect
ed Ketcham came up and took Crate
to task for stopping the work. He told
him that the horses could be inspected
after working hours. Ketcham says
that Crate told him he would hold the
teams as long as he liked, adding that
he had the authority to hold them up.
Crate says that Ketcham then threat
ened to have that authority taken
away, used vile language to him, and
pulled off his coat to fight. The in
spection continued, and Crate -found
the horses sound. He then . arrested
At the hearing In Police Court yes
terday morning the question was
raised by Attorney John Stevenson,
who defended Ketcham,- whether or
not an officer had the right to stop
teams unless he had reason to believe
that they were being abused. Ketch
am denied having used abusive lan
guage, and was dismissed.
Trunks, suit cases and bags. Largest
variety at Harris Trunk Co., 132 Sixth.
Plan to Change Lines, He Says, Is
Contrary" to Law Approval
Will Be Withheld. '
City Engineer Morris yesterday after
noon defied the street committee of the
City Council, when he refused to approve
a plan to park East Nineteenth street,
between Broadway and Thompson streets,
and to change the curb lines. Council
man Menefee, in whose ward the pro
posed - change would lie, moved that a
resolution be adopted and the committee
sustained him.
"I serve notice right now that this will
never have my approval." said Mr.
Morris. "It will go on record without
my approval."
Mr. Morris stated that he bases his
objection to this line of work on the
opinion of City Attorney Grant, who
holds that the Council can only legally
change the curb lines of any street with
the consent of all the property owners
or by serving notice upon each one in
some regular manner.
When the East Nineteenth street propo
sition came up, Mr. Menefee and Mr.
Morris at once clashed.
Mr. Morris declared he would never
approve the plan, but, nothing daunted,
Mr. Menefee moved that the resolution
be adopted. Before it was voted upon
Mr. Grant gave his verbal opinion, as
"Supposing that it makes the property
owners' cost less to park a street with
a hard-surface improvement than it does
without the parking, would a property
owner have any right in court on damage
claims?" asked Mr. Menefee.
"If his property is benefited and not
damaged, he would not," said Mr. Grant.
"But it is not cheaper," volunteered
Mr. Morris.
The committee then adopted the reso
lution, thus sending the subject to the
Council, which will meet next Wednesday
Notwithstanding the fact that the Sum
mer season is well along and that a vast
amount of hard-surface work has been
and Is being done throughout the city,
petitions for much other work are con
stantly coming before the committee.
There are also a good - many remonstrances.
Street Crossings Becoming So Busy
New Regulations Are Necessary.
s -
Beginning yesterday a police officer
was stationed at Second and Washington
streets to handle the great amount of
traffic that passes that corner in the
busy hours of the day. Patrolman E.
Burke was detailed to take charge of the
crossing. A traffic officer will also prob
ably be placed at Fifth and Morrison
streets as soon as possible. The extra
duties entailed upon the police by the
teamsters strike prevent- the detail of
an officer at this corner for the present.
Controlling the opposing streams of
traffic at busy crossings has become a
problem in Portland within the past
few years, and the "increase in-the num
ber of tall office' buildings continually
adds to the difficulty. It has been pro
posed that the metropolitan system of
holding up one current absolutely for a
time while the cross current Is allowed
to proceed should be adopted here. Un
der this plan, at. a signal from the traf
fic officer, all north and south traffic
comes to a halt, while east and west
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mole, or even if it came without apparent reason, the fact that it does
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around the place are constantly being fed with unhealthy matter and
the fibres are thus prevented from knitting together and healing. Purify
the blood and the place MUST heal, its cause having been removed. S. S. S.
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traffic passes. When the congestion has
been relieved the situation is reversed.
In the largest cities the plan affects
pedestrians as well as wheeled traffic.
Police officials favor the project, but it
is believed much opposition on the part
of conservative personw would appear.
They Grow Hair
Certain Ingredients, If Prop
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Human Hair Growth.
Resorcin is one of the most effective
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Pilocarpine, although not a coloring
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Borax, because of its well-developed,
softening and cleansing properties, is
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maining in the hair roots.
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Drug Co., Inc., Cor. 7th and Washing
ton sts.
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