Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 07, 1910, Page 13, Image 13

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Royal Worcester; Bon Ton, Warner Rust Proof, Redfern. Corsets Marquise, Mme. Helene, Beautiful New Marietta Corsets
Rengo Belt Corsets SaHlin. Waists Vassar Union Suits for Men Cooper, Carter arid Dr. Deimel's Linen Mesh Underwear
T7- n
jcvery uay-
Great $1,000,000 Removal Sale Go3r&iiini"U.edi
W o
Surprise Sales for Tliuirsday audi ...Fri'dlay
Children's Dresses at l2
A genuine clean-up of our entire stock of children's Dresses.
Fancy plaids, reps, lawns and percales; sizes 6 to 14 years. In
cluded in this sale are all our newest styles, bought for this
season. Dresses that sell readily at $2.00 to $10.00 each.
Special to close, at one-half the regular selling prices I &
Child's $1.5Q Dress 69c
Today and tomorrow, in the infants' and children's store, on
the second floor, a sale of dresses at less than half. They are
made of percale, gingham and fancy checked materials, made in
pretty styles for children from 2 to 5 years of age; our ?Q
regular values up to $1.50; special for this lot at, each Oi C
5Qc Wash Goods at 24c
For today's and tomorrow's selling, real English oxfords, chev
iots and madras cloths, made by the best English manufacturer;
all guaranteed fast colors. The best wearing materials made.
They are used for all purposes. Our regular 40c and 50c Ol
values- rvrir-prl vftrv sreeial to close them out ouicklv C
Corset Demonstration
Women's $1 Hosiery 53c
Women's 35c Hosiery 18c
Our lines of Hosiery are' intensely interesting to women
who want the best. In every instance the quality will
be just a little better and the price just a little less than
you will expect. For instance,' today and tomorrow .we
will sell fine imported mercerized cotton Stockings, in
black, white, tan, gray and wine colors, good O 7
values at 50c a pair; special for this sale, pair
LISLE THREAD HOSE Extra fine lisle thread qual
ity, imported, also fine cotton stockings with hand-
j embroidered instep; all new designs; our regu- CO
I lar stock values to $1.25, on special sale at, pr.
I LADIES' LACE HOSE Fast black allover and boot
'vj effect patterns; very large assortment to choose "1 Q
from; our regular values to 35c; special, pair OK
35c HandKerchiefs for 19c
7c Handkerchiefs 3c Each
Fine Linen Kerchiefs with hemstitched edges and hand - embroidered corners; Q
new patterns to select from; best regular 35c values, special at this price, each Av
FINE CAMBRIC Handkerchiefs for women, hemstitched with corded centers; also O
colored borders and fancy colored centers; our regular stock values at 7c, each
$75QTailored Hats $3.95
$1Q Trimmed Hats $2.95,
$2Q Trimmed Hats $4-95
Today and tomorrow the millin
ery store will display on three
separate tables some of the best
realv-to-wear hac values we
have placed on sn.'e this season.
TAILORED HATS, in a very
neat assortment of self-trimmed
and ribbon or silk-trim 'd strict
ly, tailored Hats for street wear,
excellent values to $7.50, special
for this sale, your flJQ QC
choice at this price POIiJ
TRIMMED HATS A big table
of Trimmed Hats, all this sea-'
son's proper styles; good, snap
py fashions, well made, trimmed
in flowers, foliage, silks, rib
bons, nets, laces, etc.; large and
small dress shapes, for street or
evening wear ; excel- tfjl QC
lent values to $20.00
ANOTHER TABLE full of hats
ready to put on and wear out.
Far better styles than you usual
ly see in. a $10 assortment. All
kinds of shapes, large, small and
medium. Our regular values -up .
to $10.00, on sale at 10 QC
low price of, each P"'
Enameled Kitchenware
Refrigerators and Screens
A few hot-weather specials and kitchen goods bargains which we would suggest
to take on the camping trip or Sunday picnic, offered at extremely low prices:
Regular $2.85 Three-burner Gas Plates, special sale at low price of $2.15
Regular $10.00 Hardwood Refrigerators, specially priced this sale, $7.75
30c Adjustable Window Screens ; today at extremely low price of 25c
All White Enameled Dinner Plates; 12o values; priced for today at 9c
AH White Enameled Soup Plates; specially priced for today at 12c
All White Enameled Handled Cups; for this special sale they go at 12c
All White Enameled ll-inch Meat Dishes; we are selling these at30c
All White Enameled Vegetable Dishes, 8-inch ; generaly much higher, 19c
All White Enameled Vegetable Dishes, 10-inch; thsTpricedtodayat26c
50-foot Coil of 34-inch Garden Hose ; special attractive price today7$4.95
Rubber Bath Spray Brushes; this is another of our specials; go at $1.25
for $4-85
$2.50 Suitcases for $1.85
100 genuine Cow-Hide Suit Cases, 24-inch
size, lined, with shirt fold, fastened with
bolts or straps all around; good solid steel
frames; body made of best quality; light
weight, strong case boarding. The very case
for your Summer trip; good enough to go
anywhere; will last for years. One of the
best cases on the market for g o C
$6.50. These are special, each hr,OQ
MATTING SUITCASES are about the neatest and best all-around cases made. They
are strong because the body is of goood case-boaridng, and the frame of steel. They
are light weight because all materials are fine and light. They are bound with kera
tol, leather corners; full 24-inch size: fastened with bolts and erood. de- 1 OC
pendable lock. Regular $2.50 values, on special sale at this low price, ea. P
Bath Towels 15c, 18c, 20c
The bathing season is now on, and we are ready with an enormous stock of .Bath Tow
els, heavy bleached and unbleached, good quality terry cloth. A special pick-up of sev
eral hundred dozen. Bought for the new store, offered, each, 15, 18 and ,20
Women's $3.5Q Waists for
Tomorrow Only at $1.3.9
Lucky Friday for women who need Wash
Waists. A lot of 300 Lingerie and Tailored
styles, made of such good materials as Lawns,
Batiste and Madras. The lingeries are nicely
trimmed in lace or embroidery. The tailored
waists are .plaited or tucked, according to the
very latest vogue. Our waist department is
making many fast friends for us. It is brim
ful of good styles and qualities. Thi3 special
assortment was selected with a view of win
ning many new friends for the store. This is
not a lot of old styles or undesirables. Every
waist is new, just received from our New York
office. All women who have an eye to style
and are inclined to want to save will do well
to see these $3.50 values
the extremely low special price
for st 4 o
5Qc Oregon Flannel at 29c
20c Washable Belts at lOc
FOR BATHING SUITS it's hard to find
anything better than this flanneL It is
made in Oregon, is all-wool. The water in
the Pacific is a little chilly, so better
have a warm suit. A regular 50c OQ
quality, on special sale at, the yard
WASH BELTS 200 dozen in the lot;
many very new and desirable patterns, all
sizes, fitted with neat pearl buckles; our
regular 25c values are offered special at
19c, and our regular 20c values 1 ff
are offered very special at, each "C
A Sale of Richardson's
Fine Linen Bed Spreads
If you want something rich and good, something that will last an ordinary lifetime, buy
the Richardson-made Bedspreads they are in a class by themselves. Made of pure
flax, richly embroidered and hemstitched; work all done by hand. Priced as follows:
$24.00 values on sale for, each, $18.00 $20.00 values on sale at, each, gl5.QO
$18.50 values on sale for, each, $13.88 $17.50 values on sale at, each, $13.13
5 Ibidem Coats
On Sale at
Go where you may you will find fashionable
women wearing Linen Coats. In the Pullman
cars, on the stage coaches in Yellowstone Park,
in automobiles, at the beach, on the streets,
or in the parks. The most serviceable coat
made. For today's selling we offer 100 of
these popular Summer Coats in full length
styles, made of Linen Burlap, Linen Crash,
Round Thread and Pressed Linens, in the neat
plain tailored semi or tight-fitting styles, with
shawl or millitary collars. Colors are gray,
natural linen and white. It matters not what
your plans are for the Summer, you will need
one of these coats for many occasions. Take
advantage of the liberal offering; come to the
store today or tomorrow. Ex
cellent values to $25.00. Each
A Sale of Room Size Rixrs
S16.5Q Values for $12.75
44 VaL
In view of the many new homes now ready to be furnished
we offer some very unusual values in room-size Rugs.
Good quality Brussels Rugs size 9x12 feet 1 O 'TC
regular $16.50 values, removal sale price, ea. ? O
WILTON BUGS High grade, size 9x12, all CO C ff
good patterns; regular $44.00 values, at, ea. POOUU
AXMINSTER RUGS Room size, in many new and at
tractive patterns; size 9x12 feet; our best GJOI 7C
regular $30.00 values, on special sale at, each 1 O
BODY BRUSSELS RUGS Nearly every house
keeper knows the wearing qualities of the body
Brussels Rugs. The patterns are always good.
For today and tomorrow we offer you your un
restricted choice of our regular $31.50 best grade
Body Brussels Rugs at this special TQr C.f
low removal sale price of, each POOvl
We have secured the services of Miss Hope Frances Gale for the
month of July, so as to have her with us when we open the
new store. Miss Gale is recognized as one of the most expert
corsetieres in all America. While with us she will demonstrate
and give fittings of the Royal Worcester and Bon Ton Corsets,
Women's $1.50 Silk Gloves 98c
$4.GO Real Kid
Gloves at $1.48 a Pair
Ladies' Silk Gloves in 12 and 16-button lengths; excellent
values for Summer wear; black, white, tan and all QO
wanted colors: onr ree-ular $1.50 values, the rair0'
EMBROIDERED Silk Gloves, very neat and attractive
patterns, in the popular 16-button length; fl?"! AQ
priced very special today and tomorrow, pair PAxO
CHAMOISETTE GLOVES The very popular Summer
Glove, and best substitute for kid. In the natural 1 0
color only; all sizes; on special sale at, the pairC
KID GLOVES Ladies' 16-button real Kid Gloves, in
black, white, tan and all the, popular shades; q1 4ft
our $3.50 and $4.00 values, for two days at Pi.txO
KAYSEK BILK GLOVES The standard of the market.
We have them in all lengths and all desirable shades,
New lines just received. We will be pleased to show them.
Women's 30c Underwear 21c
85c Vests 53c $1.25 Vests at 73c
Ladies ' Vests, with high neck and long sleeves,' ankle length pants, medium weight, suit
able for Summer wear to the mountains or seashore; 30c values, special at, each, 2X
Low-neck swiss-ribbed sleeveless Vests, our best regular 85c values, special price 53
Extra fine swiss-ribbed Sleeveless Vests, $1.25 values, on sale at low price of, ea., 73
Sale lOOO SilK Petticoats
$12.5Q Values for $4.95
Petticoats just received.
They were bought for the
new store at a very advan
tageous price for an open
ing sale. On account of
the delay in moving, we
will place them on sale for
today and tomorrow at
this very low price. They
are made of extra quality
taffeta silk, cut full in the
body. Styled with a deep
flounce, trimmed in tail
ored bands, tucks and
plaits, full dust ruffle;
they come in many differ-
ent styles, in all wanted colors; rich, lustrous quality.
Values to
$12.50, priced very special for today and tomorrow, the garment
Hair Bow Ribbons 25c
$4.QO Auto Veils $2.98
$1 Fancy Neckwear 37c
A general clean-up of all pure silk satin Taffeta Ribbon, in a complete line of col
ors. Ribbon for fancy work, beading, etc. No. 1, regular 20c values, special at
14c; No. 1 regular 25c quality, special, 17c a bolt; No. 2, regular 35c quality,
on special sale at 25c a bolt; No. 3, best regular 50c quality, special, bolt, 35
HAIR BOW RIBBON Best grade of 5-inch taffeta silk Ribbon, extra OC
fine, for hair bows; black color only; our best regular 40c quality on sale at
AUTO VEILS Extra large 6ize Auto Veils, hemstitched all around, made of best
quality chiffon. A veil suitable for the beach, for traveling, for (PO QO
mountain wear; our best regular .$4.00 values, on special sale, each P&0
MESH VEILING Hundreds of short ends; all must go. Plain and fancy OQ
dotted Mesh Veiling, in black and all colors; values to 65c a yard, special
FANCY NECKWEAR Thousands of dainty pieces, in ladies' Neckwear, the new
Dutch designs in jabot? and stock effects, lawn and lace patterns ; our best O '7f
regular values up to $1.00 eah. on special sale at this low price, each
LADIES' NECKWEAR 300 dozen pieces in this lot; all new, fresh patterns in
the most complete line of styles we have yet shown at 25c; for two days at 10 $
95c Corset Covers at 69c
Women's $2.5Q Drawers at $1.19
Every garment in the big White Store is now reduced.
Every garment will stand the scrutiny of critical buyers,
for it's made with an eye single to the giving of the full
est satisfaction in every detail. The garments are sensi
bly designed, strongly made and appropriately trimmed!
Corset Covers, made of fine nainsook, trimmed with
fancy disks set in yokes, edges trimmed with lace and
embroidery. Our regular stock values to 95c. rf
Special low price today and tomorrow at, each QC
Drawers, made of fine quality longcloth or nainsook
styled, with circular or plain flounces; regular dress
maker made garments. Our regular values f
to $2.50. Special to close out today, at ij) 1 1 j
Petticoats, made with eyelet embroidery flounce, cut full
and deep, with full dust ruffle ; exceptionally good values
at the regular price of $3.95 each. Special
today and tomorrow we close them out at
$12 Bon Ton Corsets $5.49
Today and tomorrow the corset store will sell two models in the Bon Ton Corsets, high
or medium bust, low hip and back; made of best quality corset materials; C?C 'Q
nicely trim'd; lines in which the sizes are broken; actual values to $12.00 PT'