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The Royal Proclamation
Fight City, After Quiet Sunday,
Only Lull Before Storm,
Alive Again.
Only Wife and Close Friends
Are With Big Fighter on
Final Day.
Sportdom's Thousands Anxiously
Await Sound Which Will Start
Greatest Fight in World's
Pugilistic History Today.
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T? rVO XT air .Tnlv 9 fqnfulal Tt
jJs tho lull before the storm. The
fighters are resting:, the fight fans are
resting-, and. It being Sunday, the very
gambling games of Reno are resting.
The last argument has been given,
the last theory expounded, yet every
thing remains In the air unproved,
and the partisans have paused, open
mouthed, waiting for tomorrow when
pilly Jordan says "Let 'er go." the
(gong sounds and the black giant and
ithe white man proceed to let go at
tach other and to prove or disprove
, he 10,000 pros tndr cons that have
been advanced the last week, or, the
last year.
- The one thing Jeffries hates is ap
plause. Out at his training quarters
VFarmer" Burns pleads with the spec
tators with tears in his voice, not to
clap their hands. Applause always
gives Jeff the grouch, and so one is led
to believe if Jeffries wins the fight
nd 20,000 men tear themselves loose
in the wildest outbursts of applause
that the Sagebrush State has ever
heard, that Jeff will have the most
profound, confounded and enormous
grouch that ever a man possessed.
1 A trifle of phophesy if the fight
goes any decent distance, there will be
Jaent and dented ribs for Johnson if
not 'broken ones.
There are no illusions among all
these fighters, fight followers and
trainers and conditioners of men. They
know the sport for what it is and
they know it Intelligently. Any per
son who believes that prizefighting Is
nothing but pure brutality and bar
barism would learn much by a day's
contact with this army of fighters and
fight fans that has poured into Reno,
nnil siirh ft nprnnn wnnlri Via ftumrised
that there is more in the game thanl
two men pummeling each other. The
game is a myriad times finer and
greater than that.
In the 11 days I have been in Reno,
during which time I have rubbed
shoulders with - all these men who
know the game, not once have I heard
the whisper passed of "fake." There
Is not one man on the ground who
entertains the slightest suspicion that
the fight is fixed in any way. This
old cry of "fake" was raised several
months ago, but it died from lack of
sustenance. Not one thing was found
on which to feed it- Depend upon it,
the big fight is absolutely on the
All Loyal to Jeff. i
' One of the most touching things I
Jiave seen here has been the devotion
nd loyalty of every fellow in the
training camp to Jeff. Especially will
I never forget an exhibition of this by
Sam Berger. Sam was one of a group
that believed the big fellow should do
more sparring and Sam argued for It
passionately late and early and all the
time. The last day of his active train
ing Jeff boxed some fast rounds with
Choynski and Brother Jack. Finishing
with the latter,. Jeff proceeded to take
off his gloves.
"Hold on," Berger cried, "I'm here."
nd to those near him Berger said, in
L low voice, "I'm going to give it to
- him as long as I can last." And he did,
too. He surged in like a hurricane.
walloping the big fellow as hard as hel
was able, crying aloud from the very
effort of the blows he delivered, tak
ing his punishment in return and keep
ing it up until toward the end. All but
out from a heavy rip to the stomach,
he was held up by Jeff to prevent him
from falling to the mat. Sam wasn't
yearning for this punishment, but out
of his heartfelt anxiety and loyalty for
his leader he did his little best to fit
him for his big fight.
Especially do I remember how Sam
received Jeff's shoulder punches. It
was a blow of such crushing impact
that it would have finished there and
then any man of Berger's weight who
did not make a practice of boxing.
Things Worse Than Fighting.
Prize-fighting may be brutal, but in
my humble opinion there are many
things worse. Prize-fighting has rigid
fair play rules. Foul blows are not
permitted, nor are big men allowed to
fight with the little men. Heavy
weights fight heavyweights, middles
with middles and lightweights with
lightweights, but out in the world this
fair play does not exist. If a rebate is
a foul blow in the business world,
what can be said of food adulteration,
the packing of life-preservers with
scrap iron and the bribery of the peo
ple's legislators and representatives?
Can the worst that ever happened in
any prize ring compare with short
weighing the Government, which is the
people? How Is it about a big man
who pounces on a little child, on a
thousand little children, puts them to
work in a factory and destroys them,
body a:id soul? What of the big mer
chant who by the force of hunger com
pels his women employes to labor long
hours on a semi-starvation wage? As
for me, I prefer something that may
be in its way brutal but at the same
time Is eminently fair. There is not a
little learned from prize-fighting. If
some of the fairness of the prize ring
were carried Into business life, it would
be a much more beneficial world In
which to live.
Do any of you men, who do not spar,
remember your boyhood fights where.
In a few minutes, you fought until you
became exhausted? Bearing that mem
ory in mind, consider what this fight
will mean to the two men who engage
in it. They fight three minutes to the
round, with one minute, rest. Thus if
the fight goes 15 rounds both men will
have been engaged a solid hour. Thirty
rounds will mean two hours and 45
rounds will mean three hours three
solid hours of fighting. Remembering
your boyhood flurries of combat, I am
sure you will agree that two or three
hours for grown men is going some.
Query: Suppose Jeff wins and re
tires again? Won't that leave Johnson
In the ring as the heavyweight cham
pion of the world? And won't the
championship situation be Just where
it was before Jeff decided to re-enter
the ring? Of a certainty outside of Jeff
there is no other heavyweight who can
beat Johnson.
What more is there to say or do?
Tomorrow tells the tale, and it will be
a. tale, of a great fight the greatest.
...... .................'
V ' A
- -1
White Giant Says He Will Not
Disappoint His Friends.
Big Fellow Says if There Were Any
thing Wrong With Him, He wottld
Ask for Postponement, but He
Feels Sound as a Dollar.
RENO, July 3. "When the gloves are
knotted on my hands tomorrow afternoon
and I stand ready to defend what is really
my title, it will be at the resquest of the
public, which forced me out of retire
ment. I realize full well Just what de
pends on me) and I am not going to dis
appoint. As to my condition and just how I feel
on the eve of the battle there's no use
going into details. That portion of the
white race which has been looking to
me to defend its athletic supremacy may
feel assured that I am fit to do my very
"I want those who fancy my chances to
know this much: If I had as much as a
slight pain, a sore finger or the most
trivial thing imaginable that might an
noy me, I would immediately insist on a
postponement. Fortunately. I'm as sound
as a dollar. I think I will surely beat
Johnson. I would not have signed to
fight at all unless I was reasonably cer
tain of victory.
"It Is impossible for me to say just how
I will fight this colored man. My method
of attack will develop as the actual scrap
ping is on. Neither can I say whether
the battle will be a long or a short one.
Suffice it to say that at any time I hit
the other fellow It Is going to hurt, and
that I will hit just as quickly as I can."
Manager and Trainers Confident Big
Fellow Will Win.
RENO, Nev., July 3. The trainers
and sparring partners of James J. Jef
fries gave to the Associated Press to
night their opinions of the result and
of their chieftain as follows:
By Sam Berger, manager for Jeffries:
"Jeffries has never been one ounce
better than he is right now. I would
have liked to see him do much more
boxing. He is prepared to go a route,
all right, but because of the lack of
sparring he will not warm up to his
pace as speedily as if he had an abundance-
of glove practice. I don't think
Johnson can hurt him, - and the further
the fight goes the safer are Jeffries''
By James J. Corbett, chief of staff at
Jeffries' camp:
"I believe Jeffries to be in great
condition for a long, gruelling battle.
I am satisfied that no distance would
be too great for him. Personally, how
ever. I'm sorry he has not done more
fast work, such as boxing and shadow
dancing. Because of the lack of this
sort of exercise, I figure that Jeffries
will have a merry time in the early
stages of the fight. Jeffries, however.
Is in shape to take a beating and he
will be strong and coming when the
other fellow is tired. I think Jeffries
is a sure winner."
By Roger Cornell, thief trainer for
"I consider that Jim Jeffries could
not possibly be in any better physical
fix than he is today. He has gone
through a systematic course of train
ing that will later be thought to be an
absolute novelty in the boxing game.
Iz doesn't make much difference how
far this fight may go. Jeffries will be
just as fast at the end of 30 rounds as
he was in the first. I look for him to
outbox, out-distance, outfight and out
game Jack Johnson."
. By Joe ChoynskU Jeffries' sparring
partner: 1
"I have never seen as finely a condi
tioned athlete as Jeffries is. If there
be any flaw in his physical fitness, it
can only come to the surface in the
fight, for the man certainly is per
fectly trained. I boxed with Jeffries
and Johnson when they were novices.
Johnson will find himself pitted
against a man much faster, cleverer
and stronger than himself, and he will
surprise me If he lasts longer than
seven rounds."
By Jack Jeffries, sparring partner of
the champion:
"Jim Is a very careful fighter, and
for that reason I think. Uva fight will
go about 10 rounds. One or two good
hard punches will turn the trick for
him. I stayed eight rounds with John
son myself, and I know I couldn't last
half a round with Jim if he cut loose
on me. As to my brother's condition,
he's Just as strong as ever and I be
lieve a little faster."
By Farmer Burns, Jeffries' wrestler
and trainer:
"Jeffries is In much better coridltlon
than even he himself realizes. No ath
lete ever worked harder or more will
ingly for a fight than he has. I think
that Jim should win in six rounds or
less. But if he doesn't, his chances will
improve with each succeeding round.
I figure the farther the fight goes after
the first six the safer bet he will be."
By Bob Armstrong (colored), Jeffries'
"If Jack Johnson stands up and
fights Jeffries, the big fellow won't
take long to finish him. If he runs
away, it only amounts to slow death
for him. Personally, I know that John
son is going to be a pretty much scared
fighter before he goes into the ring."
Johnny Roche and; "Jockey" Bennett
.in First-Class Shape First
Iiong Fight Since 190.
For the first time since 1904 fight
fans of Portland will be treated to a
20-round boxing exhibition tonight,
when "Jockey" Bennett, of Portland,
and Johnny Roche, of San Francisco,
will display their dexterity with the
padded mitts over the long route. The
bout will be held at the Exposition
Both lads are rated as clever ring
generals and are in first-class shape.
Johnny Roche says he never felt bet
ter in his life than Tight now. . He is
particularly anxious to make a good
showing against Bennett, for he has
a match in prospect at Seattle which
he considers practically clinched if
he manages to show well against the
Portland favorite.
Both lads are in the bantam-weight
division, and are speedy youngsters all
the way. They like fast milling and
each has a style peculiarly his own.
As both men are scientific and clever
mitt-wielders, the bout should be
speedy from the tap of the gong.
Norman Brashear. first baseman and
heavy sticker of the Vernon baseball
club, has been selected to referee the
main event. "Brash" has had con
siderable experience in this line and
should handle tonight's affair in ap
proved style.
As a curtain-raiser, the Oregon Ath
letic Club has arranged a preliminary
match between "Kid" Exposito and
"Spider" Richardson, clever youngsters
who have appeared here before.
Friends and Trainers Keep Watch
While ex-Champion Sleeps.
Springs, Reno, Nev., July 3. (Special)
Closely surrounded by a dozen of his
intimate friends, a strong guard is be
ing kept over Jim Jeffries tonight to
see that no harm can come to him while
he sleeps.
His brother Jack, Eddie Leonard, Dick
Adams, David Lewlnsohn, Harry Mona
han. Jack Kipper and others stayed
with him during the evening, while his
trainers, Dewitt, Van Court, Corbett,
Roger Cornell, Joe Choynski, Arm
strong, Farmer Burns and Tod Boyer did
guard duty on the outside.
Perhaps never before in the history
of the prize arena was ever a fighter
so well guarded. The work of the Joy
riders the other evening in disturbing
the big fellow's sleep evidently had
something to do with the strict vigi
Men's Fine Clothing.
$30. $35, $40 suits : 1123.75
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344 Washington Street
Near Grand Theater.
Miss) Mildred' Snapp Dies.
MILTON, Or., July 3. Speclal.)
Mildred, the 18-year-old daughter of Dr.
R. G. Snapp, of Freewater, is' dead. She
was operated upon Tuesday at - Walla
Walla for appendicitis, and death oame
Saturday. She was Dr. Snapp's only
Champion Honestly Believes
He Is Master of Jeffries.
Johnson Says Fight Will Be Fast
One and That Tap of Gong Will
Be Music to Him Condition
Conld Not Be Improved.
RENO, Nev., July 3. When I go into
the ring on the Fourth of July to fight
SrEr. Jeffries, I will do so with full con
fidence that I am able to defeat him at
the game of give and take. I honestly
believe that In pugilism I am Jeffries
master and It is my purpose to demon
strate this In the most decisive way pos
sible. I think that I know Jeffries
thoroughly as a fighter and with this
knowledge reassuring me I am more than
willing to defend the title of champion
against him.
I have trained faithfully for this fight
There cannot be the slightest doubt that
my physical condition is such that it
could not be improved, upon. The condi
tions under which I have trained and
the routine that I have followed have
brought me to a state in which I will be
able to exert every ounce of my strength
and bring Into play every point about
boxing that I know of.
Intentions Carried Out.
My original intentions regarding my
training have been carefully carried out
and I could not ask for better results.
Everyone, critics and all who have seen
me, agree that I am conditioned to the
notch where I can enter the ring at a
moment's notice.
It has never been my policy before a
battle to discuss the method I will employ
t during my fight. In this fight more than
j in any other, it is impossible to tell in
detail just how things will go. I am
going to win. I will be there fighting at
every turn. I don't look forward to tight
I pinches because I think my superiority
over air. Jerrrles eliminates the need of
any thought of such things.
No Lagging Expected.
There will be no lagging. The fight in
all probability will be fast through every
round, no matter how far It goes. I am
prepared for a long contest If the fight
is not quickly ended and it goes without
saying that a short fight would be right
under my hands.
Every fighter on the eve of his fight
declares that he hopes the best man wins.
I am quite sincere when I say that I
doubt if Mr. Jeffries knocks me out or
gains a decision over me, but if he does,
I will go to his corner and congratulate
him as soon as I am able. My congratu
lation will be no fake. I will mean it.
If Mr. Jeffries has it - In him to defeat
me, I think I can modestly say he is
entitled to all the congratulations he
may receive.
Let me say in conclusion that I believe
that the meeting between Mr. Jeffries
and myself will be a great test of
strength, skill and endurance. The tap
of the gong will be music to me.
Black Will Get Decision Between
Twelfth and Eighteenth Round.
RENO, July 3. Jack Johnson's man
ager, chief trainer and his sparring part
ners have given to the Associated Press
their opinions as to the result of the fight,
as follows:
By Tom Flanagan, manager of Jack
Johnson I never saw a man more fit for
a test of skill, strength and endurance.
Johnson is pretty nearly the perfect man
physically. I look for him to win as cer
tainly as he enters the ring on Monday,
He is ready and anxious to meet Jeffries,
and believes down In his heart that he
can make the former champion take the
count. It will be -a great fight. Johnson
knows he has the strength, cleverness,
knowledge of the game and the heart to
win the contest. He doesn't underrate
Jeffries for a moment, but confidence is
the thing.
By Sig Hart. Johnson's chief trainer
Johnson will win between the 12th and
the 18th round. There will be two big
men fighting, and they will fight for all
that is' in them. We have outlined our
plan of action, and we all feel sure that
the champion will lay Mr. Jeffries low.
Johnson will surprise those who have
held him a l-to-2 shot.
"You Have Been Fooling Around
With That Nigger and Don't Be
long Here," Says Jeff as Mid
dleweight Appears at Camp.
Springs, Nev., July 3. This was a day
of idleness, but of intense nervous
strain, at the Jeffries camp. Sprawled
at his ease beneath a shade tree on
the lawn, the white champion was ap
parently the calmest man in the camp.
His wire, his thre brothers and his
tried and trusted friends spent the
daylight hours with him, and no one
mentioned or hinted at the ordeal of
the morrow. Jeffries' mind apparently
was at peace and he gave no sign of
Whatever the outcome of the fight,
Jeff will feel relieved when It is all
over. The staring, curious crowds have
tried his patience almost to the break
ing point. For months he has submit
ted to the invasion of his private life;
his every move has been watched and
chronicled; his most intimate thoughts
and plans discussed, and he yearns for
the seclusion of his own home.
Hundreds Plead for Glimpse.
It was strangely quiet around Jef
fries' camp today. But for the shift
ing, restless crowds which thronged the
roads before his cottage, there would
have been no hint of the impending
From early morning until late in the
day the athlete idled about the lawn.
To his friends he kept open house, like
some country squire, but to the endless
stream of the interviewers, pleading
for a word, he turned a deaf ear.
From daylight until long after dark
the resort was crowded. In automo
biles, in buggies and by street cars
hundreds Journeyed out from the city
just for a glimpse of Jeff. Along the
fence which guards his lawn, men,
women and children stood in a solid
rank. When one moved away another
took his place. Not a motion or ges
ticulation of the Impassive man upon
the lawn was lost upon them.
Jeff Holds All Attention.
From across the road, at' the hotel,
came the whine of the dealers at the
gambling games, the rattle of chips and
coin, and the ring of glasses at the
bar. From the baseball field arose the
cheers or Jeers of the game. A wild
west show nearby clamored for atten
tion and strangely-garbed cowboys
with flapping sombreros, bearskin
chaps and revolvers, rode hither and
thither about the grounds. But the
quiet man in shirt sleeves and cap,
with his back resolutely set toward the
gaping throng, outbid them all for at
tention. Jeffries doesn't want anyone around
his camp who has been on friendly
terms with Johnson since he came to
Reno. This was shown today when he
had Stanley Ketchel, the middle
weight champion, put out of his train
ing quarters and off the grounds.
Ketchell Put Off Grounds.
Jeffries was engaged in a game of
cards with some of his staff on the
lawn when Ketchel, who had motored
out from town, came strolling up. He
stood behind Jeffries for a moment be
fore the big fellow became aware of
his presence. When he finally saw him,
Jeffries calmly turned around and said:
"I don't want you here. You have
been fooling around with that nigger,
and I don't think you belong here at
Ketchel smiled, but did not move
away. Jeffries continued playing for
a few moments and then turning to
Farmer Burns? jerked his head in the
direction of Ketchel and said:
"Put that fellow out."
Burns got up, took Ketchel by the
shoulder and turned him toward the
cottage. Walking with the middle
weight champion as far as the porch,
Burns gave him a mild push toward
the steps and Ketchel quietly walked
out at the gate and took his car to
Jeffries Is Favorite Among Noted
Sporting Men at Reno.
RENO, Nev.. July 3. Various fighters
and sporting men here for the big fight
have decided opinions about what the
outcome will be. Some of them are
given here.
By William Muldoon I think Jeffries
will win. - Both men, I believe, are now
at their very best, and there is little
to choose between them, but, barring
accident, it is my opinion that the white
man will triumph over the negro cham
pion. By John L. Sullivan This is the fight
which none has been able to get a line
on. It may be short or long. At any
rate, it will be a good one while it lastsi
Who will win? I would not venture a
By Abe Attell Jeffries will knock
Johnson out some time between the 20th
and 23d rounds. After the fight has
gone that far the negro will be tired and
the white man will be able to deliver
the final punch at will.
BV Stanley Ketchel Johnson is my
choice. His superior cleverness and
strength will bring home the big end
of the purse to him.
By Jake Kilrain Jeffries phould win.
There Is no reason why he should not
be back In his old form, if he has worked
By Tom Jones, fight promoter and man
ager of Ad Wolgast I think Jeffries will
win because of his gameness, hitting
ability snd bulldog tenacity.
8y Frank G-otch Jeffries will win in
a walk and the fight, I firmly believe,
will be brief.
By Tommy Burns Jeffries will defeat
Johnson for ' the simple reason that in
every way he Is the champion's physi
cal and mental superior.
By Jack Root, who fought Marvin Hart
for the heavyweight championship I
cannot see why, judging by their com
parative physical conditions. Jeffries
should be the favorite over Johnson in
the betting. To my mind Johnson is In
better shape than the white man and
will surely defeat him.
By Battling Nelson Johnson will win
because he is in better condition than
Jeffries, because of his youth and be
cause no fighter ever was able, after
leaving the ring for any length of time,
to "come back.""
By Jack Hall, manager of John L.
Sullivan Johnson is in his prime; Jef
fries has been, out of the same for five
Safe and Sane
IIILE the reverberations of crashing cannon,
thunder between the hills of Portland amidst
the shouts which echo the exaltation of a Free
People, enlightened by Liberty we feel the
pride of our institutions.
OUR lives are protected against the alien foe by our
gallant soldiers and sailors, but for protection
from a more insidious enemy Disease we de-
pend on our Manufacturers. Patriotism demands
of them that they make
that is Honestly Made.
P ROUD of this heritage, we accept the duty, and labor
I incessantly to produce a product -worthy of Old
Glory, itoyal laDte
potficm a wpll
bodies of onr people, and
healthy and patriotic.
HIS is the kind of citizenship we strive to emulate
the kind that is clean, honest and square the
kind that produces bread of which the City, the
State and the Nation may well be proud.
Yours for Safety and Absolute Sanitation.
Demand Table Queen Best Dealers Carry It Always Five Cents
Look for the Word "Royal" on the Bottom of the Loaf
years. No fighter or athlete in all the
history of the sport ever "came back."
Famous Trainer Satisfied Big Fel
low's Condition 19 Perfect.
RENO, Nev., July 3. (Special.)
Mike Murphy, the famous Eastern
trainer, who is considered an authority
on condition, made a statement today,
saying that Jeffries was In the best
possible condition.
"I am satisfied without a shadow of a
doubt that Jeffries is in perfect condi
tion," he said. "Roger Cornell has con
vinced me that Jeffries' muscles are in
better shape today than they ever were
before. The big fellow is trained to the
minute and I can't find a fault in any
department. I will not pick the winner
to be made public, because it might in
fluence a good many of my friends in
their judgment."
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Jeffries -Johnson Fight
The East Side Billiard Hall, cor.
East Morrison and Grand Avenue,
has installed a direct wire connection
with Reno. Special operator has been
provided and complete returns of
fight will be given out. This large
well ventilated room insures accom
modation for a large crowd.
will be read and bulletined in Te
Oregon Grill Hotel Oregon as tele
graphic reports of each round are re
ceived. Corner of Seventh and Stark