Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 01, 1910, Page 13, Image 13

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.Store Closed All Day Monday, July 4tH Supply Your Needs Today and Tomorrow-Agents for Standard dewing' Machines
Agents for Royal Worcester, Bon Ton, Warner Rust Proof and Redfern Corsets Howd and La Beau Front Lace Corsets
09000 Removal Ssile Isn All IDepte:
ay's-'KaraiiiLS as -Advertised 'If esterday
25c Wash Belts at lOc
35c Wash Belts at 19c
5000 Wash Belts, in many new designs,
fitted -with neat shell buckles; a splendid
assortment of values up to 25c ; 1 t
they are priced special to close at "v
EMBROIDERED and plain tailored
Wash Belts, in a large variety of pat
terns; good styles, fitted with assorted
buckles; our best regular values "
up to 35c, special removal price A
$7 Handbags at $498
$5 Handbag's at $3.89
A sale of 250 extra grade seal goat Hand
bags, in black only, leather-lined, fitted
with toilet articles, card and coin purse;
gilt or gunmetal trimmings; EZA Qft
regularly worth $7, special at P"'0
MESH BAGS, of best grade German sil
ver, wth shirred tops, kid-lined; several
very new patterns, worth to CO &Q
$5.00 each, special to close P--'y
$35 Tailored Suits
Today Only $11.95
A lot of 300 Wool Tailored Suits in serges, wide wales, sack-
cloths, novelty suitings and mixtures. The coats are styled in
the medium lengths, semi or tight-fitting backs, with plain
tailored or fancy trimmed collars ; 2, 3 or 4-button cuts. The
skirts are all plaited according to the latest vogne. Included
in this lot is a line of very good white serges. Think of it a
white serge suit for $11.95. The other colors are blue, gray,
black, green, tan and mixtures. There's a suit in this lot for
every taste, and no woman who needs one can well afford to
miss this sale. Those contemplating a Summer trip should
by all means see the plain tailored styles.
Be here early. Values to $35, today only
$30.00 Pattern Hats for $5.95
$10.00 Trimmed Mats for $2.95
Now for the grand final clean-up in the millinery store. Over 1000 hats to be sold in
the next two days at ridiculously low prices.. Very choice patterns, designed in the
latest fashion.. Trimmed by the best milliners in the country; regu
lar values up to $30.00 ; on special sale for today and tomorrow only at
TRIMMED HATS All new styles, hundreds of different kinds to choose from. Too
many to undertake description. Values to $10.00, special today only, each, 2.95
Sale lOOO Silk Petticoats
Reg. $8 Values for $3.35
A special purchase of 1000 Petticoats, made
of rich, lustrous silk taffeta, cut full in the
body. Styled with deep flounce, trimmed in
neat tailored bands and tucks. A full range
of colors, in black, white, changeable, grays,
blues, greens, pinks, garnets, rose, etc., etc.
All are regular values up to $8.00, JJO OC'
special removal sale price, garment ?"'
Crochet Bed spreads, each $1.85
Crochet Bed Spreads, each, $1.94
Imported Galatea Cloth, yd., 18
45c Damask Towels; special, 32
50c Bath Towels, special, at 38
Women's 75c Aprons, special, 49
Children's 50c Aprons, special, 9
$1.50 Rompers, special today, 79
Women's 75c Neckwear, sp'l, 27
$1.00 Embroidery, the yard, 35
35c Fancy Neckwear, special, 19
$2.25 Flouncings, the yard, 9S
$1.75 Silk Gloves, special at 95
$1.25 Chamois Gloves, special, 69
Women's 25c Hose, 3 pair for 50
65c Fancy Hosiery, special at 27
Children's 20c Hose, special at 9p
No. 8 Plated Tea Kettle, at 98
No. 8 Wash Boiler, special, S1.00
3-Quart Granite Sauce Pan, 16
Guaranteed Electric Iron, $4.50
Granite Preserving Kettle at 42
50c Pictures, special today at 5
Silk Kimonos, special at V2 PRICE
Every yard of Dress Goods in the
Every yard of Silks in the
$1.75 Wash Veils for 59c
$1.5Q Veiling at 48c Yard
The very Veil for beach and outing wear;
washable Drape Veils in many dainty designs.
Exceptional values to $1.75; special CQp
ths week at removal sale price, each
MESH VEILING General clean-up of French
Mesh Veiling, in all the new and popular
shades, at less than one-third regular A Q
price; values to $1.50, special, the yard
$15.00 Linen Tailored Suits, $7.45
Women's $8.50 Sweaters, at $2.95
$1.00 Corset Waists special, 27
Women's $5.00 Pumps, for $1.98
Canvas Oxfords, special 1-3 OFF
$1.25 Stamped Squares, for 39
$3.75 Embroidered Pieces, $1.19
$7.50 Embroidered Pieces, $2.98
$11.00 Embroidered Pieces, $4.98
$16.00 Embroidered Pieces, $6.29
$22.00 Embroidered Pieces, $9.89
$3.75 Dinner Sets, special at $2.60
$6.20 Dinner Sets, special, $4.68
$8.00 Dinner Sets, special, $5.95
$8.50 Silver-Tea Sets, sp'l, $5.25
$15.00 Silver Tea Sets at $11.50
$9.50 Silver Tea Sets, sp'l, $5.75
$18.00 Silver Coffee Sets, $10.80
$10.50 Silver Water Sets at $7.35
$7.35 Silver Water Pitcher, $4.98
$3.75 Silver Bread Tray, at $2.90
$4.50 Silver Bread Tray at $2.65
$2.00 Sugar and Creamer at $1.29
$5.90 Silver Cake Basket at $3.95
department has been reduced,
department is now reduced.
45c Dam'sKTow'ls 32c
50c Bath Towels 38c
Housekeepers, take notice. For two
days we will sell fine Damask Towels,
with knotted fringe, white or colored bor
ders; excellent values at 45c, on OO
special sale at low price of, each
BATH TOWELS, of extra heavy terry
cloth, extra large size, for general use.
Our regular 50c values, on spe- 00
cial sale at low removal price, ea.
75c Aprons for 49c
$1.50 Rompers at 79c
Women's Gingham Aprons, in the Moth
er Hubbard styles, and white cambric
and lawn Aprons for waitresses ; our best
regular 75c values, on special sale A Q
at the low removal price of, each
ROMPERS, of linen or gingham materi
als, also a line of dresses of percale, or
chambray; sizes 2 to 6 years; val- '7Qp
ues to $1.50, special price, each 7
Lingerie Dresses
$22.50 Vals.$9.95
Lucky Friday for women who want dainty Summer
dresses. But only 250 can enjoy the full benefit of
this offer. A splendid and varied assortment of
new styles in fine lawn, mull and batiste materials.
Some are trimmed in rich laces, others are hand
embroidered, and many combination effects are
shown in the knee flounces, tunic and panel effects.
The colors are white, lavender, blue and pink.
These dresses are especially good for street wear
and Summer or evening wear all the year round.
Remember this was a special purchase made
through our New York office for an opening spe
cial. On account of the delay in moving we
give you the benefit now. Actual qH
values to $22.50. Special for today, tpi.yO
$6 Waists $2.55-Crepe Kimonos $1.59
A more sumptuous gathering of fine white waists was never shown in all
the great Northwest at such avlow price. In this lot there are 300 gems.
Various different patterns styled to please women who wear only the new
est creations. They are made of batiste, lawn and linen materials. Beauti
fully trimmed in laces and embroideries or fashioned in the & O C C
neat tailored effects, tucked or plaited; vals. to $6.00. Today, pZUu
1000 CREPE KIMONOS, $1.59 These were bought for the new store, but will
be added to what we have on hand, to effect a more than ordinary sale. They are
all cut full; splendid patterns in dark and light colors; shirred in at ?" CQ
the waist line ; trimmed in ribbons. Special for removal sale at, garment r
1,000,000. Itemoval Sale o Men's IFuinniislhiinis
Saleof TrunRs, Bag's, Suit Cases
Everything Redvtced
Lower Than Ever
$2.5Q Suit Case
Special at $1.85
A good lightweight, clean, neat-looking
Suitcase, matting covered, good case
board body; bound all around, leather
corners; fastened with bolts, or bolts and
straps all around; regular
$2.50 values, on sale for
$6.5Q Cow Hide
Svxit Case at .S3
i A real, genuine cowhide Suitcase, made
with straps all around or with bolts;
body of good strong lightweight case
boarding, with lightweight, strong steel
;- frames; linen-lined; our best regular
$3.50 values, special at
this low price, each, only
Reg'. $1Q Steamer
Trunk Now $7.85
Don't have to travel by water just be
cause you own a steamer. Here's a line
of 36-inch slatted steamer trunks, can-vas-covered,
steel-bound and heavy steel
bumpers; double straps. The handiest
trunk for traveling by
land or water; $10 values
Sale Men's Bathi'g
Suits Now at Vz Off
b e without
JJEs a bathing
suit of my
own for any
thing in the
would yon?
Don't yon
know we've
ritWiv'i 5t almost
tsfco-;.; .riyqsS verv kind
-and quality,
two-piece suits or combinations, wool or cotton?
They are priced low at $1 to $5. fCC
for this sale we offer them at 3 Ull
Men's $1.5Q Umbrellas 98c
You never know in Oregon whether you need a
bathing suit or an umbrella. In fact, you some
times need both at once. Here's 2000 men's 28
inch Umbrellas, good waterproof tops, mounted
on double paragon frames, fitted with a great '
variety of straight and crooked boxwood QQ
handles; our regular $1.50 values, each
ANOTHER LOT of men's finer grade 28-inch
Umbrellas, warranted waterproof tops, unbreak
able steel frames, natural vood han- Ji1
dies; regular $1.75 values, at, each p.OU-
25c HandKerch'fs
9c Ea., or 3 for 25c
For today and tomorrow's selling we
offer 500 dozen men's colored border or
plain white handkerchiefs, hemstitched
three for the price of one. They are
good values at 25c each. For the
two days, special 9o each, or 3 for
$3.5Q Pajamas $1.
A sale of 200
suits of men's
Pajamas. Fel
lows who like
t.o lounge'
around theiri
room, and
shave before g
n n T11S1
mey aress, wui .
like these, gl
They are made t
of sateen, soi- s
sette, oxfords, h
etc., m wnite,:
.heliotrope, etc. f
Cut full, and
well made;
are beautifully "
tnm'd; worth s
$2.50 to $3.50 '
the suit. On special sale at
remarkably low removal price,
St $1.69
Sale Men's $1.QQ
Union Suits 59c
era's $1 Knee Length.
Underwear Now 69c
LOT 1 A great many have tagen advantage of the saving
opportunities of this great removal sale. It is the unani
mous verdict among our customers that our offerings are
genuine. The values and prices are just as advertised.
Here 's an offering of 100 dozen undergarments shirts and
drawers, in mercerized lisle, blue, salmon, pink and white
colors and fancy weaves. Our regular stock val- CQ
ues up to $1.50; very special today and tomorrow
LOT 2 A sale of 50 dozen union suits in the ecru color,
fine quality form-fitting garments, good Summer CQ
weight; our regular $1.00 values, special, the suit'''
LOT 3 Particular fellows who want excellent quality in
the very light weight cool underwear will find what they
like best in this lot of 25 dozen briefs, Jmee-length pants
and sleeveless 6hirts; in nainsook or soisette. Our ZQf
regular $1.00 values, special removal sale price "C
$1 NecRwear 65c
$2 Neckwear 95c
Did you ever stop to admire a smart, businesslike man on
the street? Notice how particular he was about his neck
near T The very becoming pattern, the neat folds in the
tie? "Well, such a man will like these fancy striped and
figured patterns, because they are just right. The CC
happy medium, not too loud; $1.00 values, each OC
ANOTHER LOT of very high grade Ties in neat patterns,
four-in-hand styles, made of very choice imported silks;
regular $1.50 and $2.00 values, on special sale to-QCr
day and tomorrow at this low removal price, each fJC
Fancy Vests
$5 Values at 32.19
A well-dressed man always looks so neat in a fancy
vest. No reason why every young fellow in town
shouldn't have one. Here's a sale of fancy vests in
wool or mercerized materials ; some very exceptional
values in the lot, worth to $5.00 each.
Special . for this . sale only, each, D, 1 J
25c Four-in-Hand 17c
5Qc Ties Special 29c
A clean sweep in the men's store. Young fellows
who are inclined to be economical will take advan
tage of this sale. New styles in four-in-hands,
shields, bows and shield, tecks. All good p
patterns. Regular 25o values. Special, each J. C
AND THIS LINE is also worthy of your attention.
We let you choose from hundreds of styles and
patterns in four-in-hands, in open end or reversible,
Bat ties, tecks, etc., in fancy colors. Everything
new; ready sellers at 50c each. Special for the
two days only, your unrestricted rr
choice of this excellent lot at, each, jQ,
Boys' Oxfords at Off
Boys' Oxfords, in patents, gunmetal colt, tan
Russia, etc.; blucher cut, in three different style
lasts. All this season's patterns. Priced at a
saving of one-third off the regular selling
price. Our $1.50 values for $1.00, etc., etc.
50c Half Hose 21c
Men's S3 Fancy
This sale brings out many very unusual values in
men's goods, and the hosiery department claims
recognition on this line of fancy Half Hose; black
lisles, with silk clocking; solid colors, in mercer
ized lisles. A big range of patterns; reg- 0 1
ular values to 50c, on special sale at, pair
Stiirts $112
We take great pride in directing your attention
to the fact that we are winning the trade of the
most ultra-fastidious young men in town. It's
no small triumph; we have worked for years to
accomplish this end. For today and tomorrow
we offer 100 dozen very high-grade shirts, made
of imported fabrics such as French Percales, An
derson's Madras, Austrian Zephyrs, Russian
Cords, etc. Excellent
$3.00. Special for this
LOT 2 An offering of
golf shirts, with
plain or plaited bosoms, with cuffs attached or
detached; light or dark patterns.
ends and broken lines. Values to
$1.25. Special this
LOT 3 Golf shirts
plaited or plain bosoms,
attached o r detached
cuffs; made of good
quality percales, madras,
oxfords, etc. An endless
variety of colored pat- V
terns and white.
All $1.50 values
values to . t AWls .:. !c l l
eeT BUSH! I ll i VM?)
v TTSiJKZ! J w c T3 sr' Tzy w - rt
Men's $2 Gloves
Reduced to $1.15
There's 200 dozen in this .lot cape mocha
and suede stock, in tans and grays.
Fellows who want neat fitting dress gloves
will like them. Very excellent values to
$2.00. Special for today
and tomorrow. the pair,
Men's $3.5Q to $15
Bath Robes 3 Off
Here's something yon will have use for all the
year round. Bath Robes are always seasonable,
but a little more during the beach season. We
offer you an opportunity to select from our com
plete stock of blanket cloth and terry cloth robes
at one-third less the regular price: They are all
well made, cut full and long. The prices
range from $3.50 to $15.00, now reduced
Regular $2.25 Heavy
Sweater Coats at $1.59
Now is the time to get that Sweater Coat to wear
on your vacation.. We offer a lot of heavy coat
style Sweater? in blue, gray or tan, in solid col
ors, or trimmed in contrasting colors; d1
our regular stock values at $2.25, ea. Pi.iJS
$1 Watches at 69c
Standard Move'nt
In the Jewelry Section, Men's department,
a sale of standard movement watches, guar
anteed for one year; nickel or gunmetal
cases. The best watch values ever put on
the market at $1.00. Very special jf
for Friday and Saturday, each QC
1QQ Doz. Men's 75c
Night Gowns 49c
100 dozen white muslin Night Gowns, bought at a
special price; all new; cut very full and long,
with or without collars; made of very good qnal-
ity material, nicely trimmed; our reg-
ular 75c values, special for this sale J V
All other Gowns are reduced in proportion, includ
ing values up to $7.50. Take advantage; buy now.
Suspenders 35c
Men's suspenders, made of superior lisle
webbings, with extra strong leather ends ;
our very best 50c values. Also President
suspenders that are sold all over the
country at 50c a pair. Special for
Friday and Saturday's sale, each,