Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 28, 1910, Page 16, Image 16

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Mi well an eon a.
rOK SALE Trays, carriages, graders and
other fixtures of a 10-ton prune drier, a
great bargain: quick sale desirable; build
in g being dismantled. Call or write to
the Mosier Fruit Growers' Association.
Mosier, Or.
HOOS -Young thoroughbreds, 50 averaging
150 lbs. each, increasing pound per day;
will sell one or all o them on their feet.
Merrill, long-distance Twelve-Mile, or of
lUe 334 Oak.
FOR SALE Anyone Intending to enter
Behnke-Walker ro liege can obtain books
necessary for shorthand or bookkeeping
course; reasonable. AK 88. Oregon iaa.
LAUNCH Roamcr, 40x10. in first-class con
dition, sleeps 6; toilet, gallery and tender
on davits; speed ii miles. Dr. Freeberger,
206S wet lan d bid g.
FOR SALR Chandler & Price 23-inch band
cutter. Chandler & Price 10x15 platen press,
-used 18 months; a bargain. Allen Eaton,
Eugene. Or
FOR SALE cheap by owner one 10 h. p.
traction Russell engine. Joplln & Meeks,
So:i Board of Trade bids-
FOR SALR Showeas. wallcases. counters.
chMp. No. "22 Grand iva. Phone Eai;
FOR SALE: Diver's pump, complete sub
marine diving outfit, S. W. Bailey, 387
Hast Washington.
TWO houseboats and launch for sale, reas
. onable. inquire of "Ben," across from
the Oaks.
BTOCK of decorations, novelties. Jewelry, re
turn balls, canes, pennants, etc 472 Wash
ington st.
All seizes; low prices; easy terms.
SPECIAL prices on factory rebuilt machines;
liberal terms; $10 to $GO. Northwest Type
writer Co.. M. 887Q. --2 Abing, ton bidg.
tU). Ask for catalog. Rebuilt $15 up. X.
M. HaytrCo.. H 6th st. Main 5528.
FOR SALE Chatham vacuum house cleaner
with electric motor; guaranteed; $50. In
quire cor. Union ave. and East. Yamhill.
VIOLINS, banjoc. mandolins, guitar at as..
regular prices. Uncle Myers. 71 ttttt U
REFINED, educated young woman, keeping
house for aged father in country short dis
tance from portiand, wishes to board and
care for 2 children ; city references. Ad
dress p. Q. Box 7i9, Portland.
Highest price paid for men's cast-off
clothing and shoes. The Globe Second
hand store. 290 First. Main 2080. We also
buv ladiea' rlothlng
I will pay cash for good chickens of
good breed. If you want to sell out your
chicken business, let me hear from you.
V SI. Orogonian.
W A M'L) Men's cast-off ciotnlng and
shoes; we also buy household furnishings;
highest prices paid. Call at the "Fair
Deal, 02 N. 3d st. Main 9273
WANTED Pipe-threading machine from 1
inch, and a 6-H. P. gasoline engine. G
95. Oregonlan.
, WANT to let contract to clear 20 to 100 acres
land. Donkey outfit preferred. Vanduyn dfc
Waiton. 515 Chamber of Commerce.
EELL your second-hana furniture to the
Ford Auction Co. or you'll get less.
Pbones : A 2445 : Main 8051.
"WANTED 2 or 4-H. P. second-hand sta
tionery gasoline engine In good working
order, cor. East Yamhill and Union ave.
6 POT eaati paid foe your furniture; prompt
attention, always glv en. 1 'hi n East 1QH7.
"WANTED 1 or 2 big milch cows. 1480
Macadam st. Phone Main 6081.
HIGHEST price paid for secona-nand shoes
BTirt HnthM Phon Marshall 1929.
WANTED Moving picture machine, films,
etc. AM 73. Oregonian.
tl'MMER home in country for children, con
ducted by elderly lady. Main 1403.
PLUMBKR9 and steam fitters First-class re
liable open-shop men; good wages, regular
work. - Address Vm. E. Holmes. Sec, Se
attle. Waeh.
WANTED Experienced man for ' general
work in family liquor store; one who
knows city preferred. Brunn & Co., 1st and
I WANT a young man to help me in my
steam-cleaning and pressing business; will
make' you $75 mo.; little money required.
See me today. 193 4th st.
FOR $35 we learn you to operate motion
pictures and secure you position paying
?33 -weekly. Office hours 9 . A. M. to 4
P. M. 266 Washington st, room 612.
WANTED Steady man to check goods, etc.,
pay $15 week; can be increased with in
terested help; small investment required.
Particulars. 248 Stark st.
lOL.Nti MEN wanted 10 prepare for railway
mall clerks, postoffice clerks, carriers, etc.
Write or call for Book 80. It's free. Pad no
States School. McKay bldg.. Portland. Or
WANTED Night watchman for residence
district; must have good references. Call
H)7 East 7oth St., or phone Tabor 323.
R. B. Robbins.
WANTED For a first-class hotel, young
man, stenographer and clerk. Answer
with reference and telephone number. Ad-
. dress AH 88, Oregonian. '
WELL-EDUCATED young man required as
stenographer; must be quick at figures.
- Good prospects. Write full particulars.
- AN75, Oregonian.
MACHINISTS, call at 270 Alder st. be-
fore accepting positions in city. Strike
on - for 8 hours. Ed Carlson, business
' agent. '
RAILWAY mail clerks, city carriers, clerks,
Portland, examinations announced July 15.
Preparation free,. Franklin Institute, Dept.
271P. Rochester, X. Y.
WANTED Shlnglers; none but first-class
gauge men need apply Address J. J.
Bradheld, 3018 North 29tlv st., Tacoma,
,Wash. '
THOROUGHLY competent girl for general
housework wanted ; good wages. phone
Main .".
BOY' wanted to learn trade. Wm. Klumpp,
engraver and printer, 502 Merchants
Trust M 1g.
WANTED Sash and door machine men; good
wages and steady employment the year
around. Addresa Box 462, Belllngham. Wash.
$20 WILL buy my equity in ten-acre tract;
worth double; long easy terms on balance.
AM e5, Oregonian.
SALESMEN If you want to handle some
thing good and make good money call at
321 Board of Trade bldg.
PORTER Club Barber Shop. 675 Wash
ington st.
' Apply Smith & Watson Iron Works,
Front and Hall sts.
MAN and wife for small country place near
Portland ; man for general work v. If e to
cook for family. AL 84 Oregonian.
SUPERINTENDENT wjotf working factory,
general construction ability, prefer party
with money. D 94, Oregonian.
EX PE RIE XCEP po I ish e r and buffer; shop
work. Portland Plating & Mfg. Co., 22d
and Thurman.
WANTED Auto truckdriver; must be familiar-
with two-cycle engine. Apply 605
Electric bldg.
WANTED Barber; rent or work on 60 per
cent. Address Portland Hotel, Long
Tiacri. Wash.
WANTUD Bright, energetic young man,
small capital required. 326 Washlng
ton. room. 416.
WANTED Man with $100 to take Interest
in business paying 10O -per cent. Call room
' '-39 New Scott Hotel; hours 1 to 3 P. M.
LEARN to drive automobile, only $3; les
sons day or evening. 326 Washington,
room 415. or A or Main 5331.
$18 TO $35 week few months only learning;
situations guaranteed. Watch making-En -.
graving School. Box 182. Ashland, Or.
WANTED Experienced lumber grader for
planing mill on night shift. Multnomah
Lumber & Box Co.
WANTED Man to do general work in second-hand
furniture store. AM 94, Ore
gonian. WEAVERS wanted at once. Apply Port
landWoolen Mills. St, Johns, Or.
GOOD toy of 16 years to learn the business.
Lowengart & Co-
DENTIST Licensed. Apply Modern, 753
A 1 d e r , cor. Third.
WANTED Blacksmith's helper. 231 Madl
son ft.
PORTER wanted, at 538 Williams ave.,
Portland, Or.
SOLICITOR who can furnish horse. 28
U n io n ave.. N.
BARBER wanted; V good man. steady Job.
165 N. 6th st.
MEN for factory near Portland; married men
preffr-rreq. o-iw rnenorK nn:g.
YOUNG MAN about 20. to work in bottl
ing department. 91 Front st.
WANTED One first-class sheet metal
worker. J. L. Austin. 387 East Alder st
WANTED Piano player to go to Eastern
Oregon. Call 321 7th. W. N. Reinhart.
PHOTOGRAPH coupon and purtiH.i agents;
new offer. Cut berth, studio Dekum bldg.
HIGH-CLASS commercial salesman wanted.
215 Commercial bldg.
Jl BUSINESS man as salesman and. col
lector Address. AM, To, PrnrrnnU-u
WANTED Abio uoaied men for the U. 8.
Marine Corps, between trie ages of 19 and
85: must be native born or have first pa
pers. Monthly pay $13 to $6U. Additional
compensation possible. Food, clothing.
Quarters and medical attendance free
After 30 years service can retire with 75
per cent of pay and allowances- Service
on board ship and ashore In ail parts of
the world. Apply at Breeden bldg-, Port
land. Or.
1O0O white laborers for surfacing and
general railroad construction work ; wages
93.85 per day. Fare from Seattle to the
work, $15. Nextshipments, July 1.
M. J. HENEY, Pier 2. Seattle. Wash.
1000 MEN to know that I sell men's suits
at less than wholesale price. How do I
do it? 1 buy manufacturers' samples ana
cancellation orders and sell them In an of
fice building, the rent of a ground-floor
store; sell $35 to $40 suits. $1.75. $18 to
$22.50 suits, $12.75. Knew- Sample Suit
Shop, room 315 Oregonian bldg. Jimreue
Dunn. M g r. .
WE want two first-class lot salesmen to. sell
an out-of-town subdivision; this is a quick
seller. We will pay the most liberal com
missions that have ever been paid to the
right kind of men, men who are hustlers;
none other need apply.
332 Chamber of Commerce.
MEN wanted for firemen and brakemen on
nearby railroads; age 18 to 36; experience
unnecessary; no strike; nermanent employ
ment; firemen 1U0 monthly, brakemen $75;
promotion to engineers, conductors; 400 men
sent to positions monthly; state age; send
Etamp, Railway Association, c a i'p rego man.
WANTED Saddlemaker to take charge of
department; must be able to do own cut
ting, fancy stamping, etc., one who can
make chaps, cuffs, etc, preferred- union
sn op, steady work; state wages desired.
AN 91, Oregonian.
10,000 POSITIONS for graduates last year;
men and women to learn barber trade in
8 weeks, help to secure proimrUon ; gradu
ates earn from $15 to $25 weekly; expert
Instructors; tools free; write lor cata
logues. Mohler System of Colleges, 3o
North 4th st., Portland, Or.
Y. M. C. A. The friend of the young man
and stranger ; hearty welcome and good
counsel are yours without cost. Constant
demand for men who can do something
well. Special employment membership as
sures employment. Investigate before you
Invest. "
Independent or nonunion
222 Commercial Club Bldg
WANTED A man as janitor for lapartment
house; must be able to help cook; wages
$50 per mouth. Including free apartment.
Address, stating experience and age, AL
So, Oregonian.
WANTED A young man that has some
knowledge of tin work to do tin work,
set up machinery and lea:-n the mercantile
business ; must be a hustler. Estacada.
Mercantile Co., EBtacada, Ore gon.
A FIRST-CLASS opening for a good sales
man accustomed to dealing with business
and professional men. it you are alive
here's your chance. Address AJ 73, Ore
gonlan. "
WANTED Two first-class high-grade wire
less stock salesmen. Only those who can
deliver the goods need answer. A-l con
tract that will net $500 per month upward
to producers. L 75, Oregonian.
A NUMBER of men wanted who think they
can eell oil stock at 25c per share. The
right men can make big money, as this Is a
gilt-edge proposition. 321 Board of Trade
bldg. .
Call or send for new catalogue, answer
paper, etc. 207 Marquam bldg.
WE want 4 men who can sell real estate;
line proposition to good, men. See Mr.
Crowe, 10-12 A. M. Jno. P. Sharkey Co.,
6th and Washington.
WANTED An express driver, one who has
been In the business. Call 162 2d st., cor.
SALESMEN, all lines bookkeepers, sten
ographers. 313 Washington, room IS.
WANTED A practical nurse for out-of-town
hospital: wages $25. Call 31 N. 16th
Btreet. .
Hand Ironers. starchers, machine girls
and mangle girls. Opera House Laundry.
WANTED Girl or woman for general
housework; muBt he willing to go to the
beach. Apply at C94 E. Maim
WANTED Young woman for chambermaid
who lives at home. 29 X. 6th St., Fair
mount Hotel.
GOOD girl for general housework, small
family. Phone Main 89S6, or call 170 N.
'-"-'d st.
FINISHERS and operators on men's neck
wear. Columbia Neckwear Mfg. Co., 291
Stark st.
RELIABLE girl for care of 2 small chil
dren and second work. 794 Irving st. Call
afternoona. Main 8235. A 1 1 S2.
WANTED Girl for office work in meat
market; temporary; experience unneces
sary; salary small. AN 79. Oregonian.
WANTED A cook, a helper and a cham
bermaid in a boarding-house. 350 Glisan
WANTED Girl for general housework,
Swedish, Finnish or Norwegian preferred
evenlngafree. Apply 38110th st.
CAPABLE girl. homelike family, beach.
5 ; housework, woman, $35; chamber
maid. St. Louis. 303 Wash. Main 2039.
WANTED Cook, with references, for pri
vate sanitarium. 446 East Market. East
WANTED Girl, general housework, family
of 2. in a flat. Call 377 Ross st.. near
MARKERS wanted. American Laundry,
1 2th and Fland ers.
WANTED A neat, reliable girl for general
housework; wages $30. 461 Hassalo st. .
iIRL for general housework; experience not
necessary. 257 North 22d, cor. Northrup.
SALESLADY with some experience in bak
ery. Call corner Front and Market sts.
EXPERIENCED second cook for boarding
house. 733 H"'t fft.
GIRL wanted to work in cigar store. 134
6th st. North, cor. Hoyt.
WaNTED An assistant bookkeeper; must
have experience. AJ93.Oregonian.
WAITRESS. Thompson's Restaurant, 144 4th
WOMAN Experienced In home bakery. Call
at East 11th, corner Harrison.
wAXTED, girl, general housework, 212
Fast 30th. Tabor 1768, B1 .634.
2 GOOD 1 i ve women s a1 i c i tors; good money.
See R. M. Plummcr. 260 3d s t
"WAITRESS for lunch and dinner work. 386
Morrison. t
EXPERIENCED telephone girl. Oregon
Creamery Co.. 130 Second bL
WANTED Girl for general
COAT finishers wanted; must be experienced.
Apply 2;3 Yamhill, room 9.
WANTED Experienced dressmaker; also
apprentice girl. 171 11th st.
WANTED Experienced second girl. Apply
to Mrs. C. H. Lewis. 19th and Glisan sts.
WANTED Girl for general housework. July
at the beach. Phone East 59S6.
WANTED An experienced cook. Apply 554
Davis, corner 17th st.
HELP wanted. Union Laundry Co, 2d aad
GIRL for general housework.
mook. C 1116. E. 177G.
425 Tilla-
EXPERIENCED dining-room girl; good
wares. Elton Court. 11th and YamhilL
COOK Kreat Northern Hotel. D10 N. 21st st.
Main 7658. S car north.
GIRL to assist general housework. 186 North
GOOD cook, first-class, private boarding
house. at once. 374 Park st.
WANTED Good girl for housework, small
family adults. nearney Pi,
WANTED Dining-room .girl at 163 12th and
WANTED Experienced girl for general hou
work Apply room 201 Oregonanbldg.
LESSONS In Shorthand and Typewriting by
expert; $5 a month. 269 14th. Main 483,
WANTED Girl for general housework. 260
Grand ave.. cor. Multnomah.
WANTED Middle-aged woman to work in
lodging camp, ii.n nawtnorno ave.
first-class ladles' tailors. ii?n
GIRL for general housework; good wages.
.yr. E. 15th. North.
GIRL for general housework; pleasant room.
; i- FrTAI.F '.
WANTED Cooks, $40. $45 and $50.
Waitresses, hotels. $30 to $40.
Waitresses, restaurants. $7. $S and $9.
Chambermaids. $2. $30 and $35.
Lady for delicatessen, $40.
Two shooting gallery girls for the
beach, $30.
Solicitor, $10 week and commission.
Girls for general housework, $20 to $40.
Ladies Dept. 205 Morrison st.
WANTED Good reliable dressmaker to take
charge of dressmaking department; would
consider partnership; not any capital re
quired. Must give security. Thia dress
making is in connection with the best
tailor shop in Portland. Dressmaking to
be apart from tailoring. The best loca
tion in town. Would give reliable gjrl
charge of it and intereet in came. W iL
grammar schools. 17 years of ago and
over will find a good opportunity to en
ter a business career by applying at ones
WANTED Housekeeper at Touchet. Wash.,
to keep house and take care of one little
girl, 8 years old and willing to pay right
wages to a suitable person. Call at Free
Employment Bureau. Phone Main 3555.
Henrv Evans.
SALES girl wanted, 16 to 18; must be re
spectable and have first-class references;
others need not come. Apply mornings,
from S to 9. Postal Shop, 323 Wash
Jngton st. .
GIRLS wanted to work in paper-box de
partment; musi be iquick and intelligent;
wases to start, $1 per day. DO not apply
unless over 16 years of age. American
t'hicie C,o- cor. 14th and Johnson.
WANTED Girl for general housework by
July 6; must bo good, experienced cook ;
family of two; no sweeping ; give refer
ences. Address AL 69, Oregonian.
GIRL for general housework; must be good
cook ; best wages; modern 7-room house,
family of three, no children. 800 North
rup st., corner 24th.
FIRST-CLASS girl for general housework in
family of three adults; a desirable position,
good wags. Apply at 835 Overton St.,
mrnt'r of 25th.
EXPERIENCED saleswoman for hosiery
department. Lennon's specialty glove
hosiery store, Morrison st- opposite Post
office. ;
WAXTED At once, reliable girl or woman
f'jr general housework; must be good plain
cook; good wages. Apply S0O Union ave.
North. Phone C II OS, Wood lawn 1737.
WANTED Girl, general housework, four
room apartment, fileep home. Apartment
17. Morton Apartments, King and Wash-
Inpton sts. '
HOUSEKEEPER wanted, one who under
stands the care of a home; give particu
lars and state wages and references. AJ
8H, Oregon f an
526 Washington St., Room 307.
Main 8S36 or A 32G6.
WANTED Ketinca; capable woman fox re
sponsible position. Vlavi Co.. 609 HoUi
chiid bldg.. 4th and Washington.
WANTED A capable girl for general house
work. Apply at 721 Johnson st; 10 to 12
A M. or 7 t o 8 P. M.
343 Washington S.. Cor. 7th, Upstairs.
Phone Main 2692.
TEN trustworthy ladies rtravel for manu
facturing companv; salary $75 month, city
2 . 50 d a y . K oom 9. 249 Ho lladay ave.
GIRL to do general housework, 6-room bun
galow, 8 adults; wages $25. 501 East 20th
North. Phone C 1299.
GIRL for general housework; family of 2;
Eastern Oregon. Call 528 Irving st.,
mornings: wages.
AMBITIOUS, energetic woman over 25 for
position with wholesale house. Experience
mi unnecessary. AB 79, Oregonian.
WANTED Girl for general housework, must
be good cook ; 3 In family. Mrs. Nlcolai,
951 Melinda ave., head of Johnson st-
GIRL for general housework. 654 Ravens
view drive, Portland Heights. Main 7933
or A 1667.
WANTED A girl to do light housework and
go to Long Beach; steady place for right
girl. Phone Sell wood 1462.
GIRL for housework. 702 Northrup.
WANTED Chambermaid. 42 North 4th st.
WANTED Good cook. 274 K. 25th at.
SOLICITORS for delicious new beverage;
La Coola. Call afternoons. 168 West Parle.
BARBER wanted at 112 4th st. ; steady
FOR private boarding-house, dishwasher, pan
try girlf waitress. 735 Hoyt st.
F;SK TEACHEKtf' AGENCY offers good
T..oTTT,-.nw to A-l Instructors 611 Swfftland.
Bookkeepers and Clerka,
EXPERT accountant ;wants small set of
books to keep; books opened, closed, bal
anced. Terms reasonable. E 83, Ore
gor.ian. THOROUGHLY competent bookkeeper and
all-around office man desires position
where efficient services will gain pro-
m o t i o n . B es trefe ranees. E 82. Orego nlan.
YOUNG married man wants position, aa
, sistant bookkeeper, credit man or collector,
well acquainted with city; references. AJ
91 . Oregonian.
BOOKKEEPER and stenographer, 27 years
old. with eight years" experience and has
first-class references, desires position. Y
S6. Orogoni an. '
GOOD experienced stenographer, accurate
and rapid, desires position; reasonable
salary. Phone A 5446.
M I see I la n eo ns.
YOUNG man, handy and a good worker,
would like to learn cooking; would work
for small wages in nice place. R 88, Ore-
MAN and wife, child 3 years old, sober and
industrious, want position together, stock
ranch or farm work preferred. AJ 90,
Oregonian. i
A YOUNG man of 30. good habits, steady, in
dustrious, conscientious worker, 10 years
general office and business experience, de
aires position. L 68, Oregonian.
RELIABLE young married man. with ex
perience, wishes position as janitor, night
watchman, or any position of trust. AK
92. Oregonian.
FIRST-4;jAS3 toolmaker and all-around
machinist and millwright wishes position
in mill or factory; wages not less than
$4 a day. N 86, Oregonlaji.
A GOOD Japanese who has clerical knowl
edge of business, wishes some position to
do w o r k . D9 0, Ore g o n i a n
EXPERIENCED janitor and wife want posi
tion in high-class apartment-bouse. AK
im jL Oregonian.
JAPANESE wants position In DENTIST'S
OFFICE; experienced laboratory work. AJ
POSITION" as grocery clerk; 12 years' ex
perience; best of references. AJ 92,
SITUATION A Japanese boy wants a few
hours' work in the morning; till 10 A.
M. Apply 231 Burnside.
GOOD Japanese want a janitor in store or
hot e 1. N SO. Oregonian.
POSITION grading foreman; Eastern experi
. ence. Phone Woodlawn 2S46.
GOOD Japanese wants situat ion at apart-
ment-house or family. C iS, Oregonian.
EXCELLENT Japanese cook wishes place.
fa mil v. A J 88. Oregonian.
YOUNG Japanese wants position housework
wUh garden work. R 87. Oregonian.
Bookkeepers and Stpnoirrapnerm.
COMPETENT stenographer and office as
sistant, eight years 'experience general
office work, desires position; reference.
AH 95. Oregonian.
COMPETENT bookkeeper and stenographer
desires permanent position; seven years
with one firm; best of references. p 84,
YOUNG LADY wishes position as book
keeper and stenographer. Phone Wood
1 aw n 13 4 X.
STENOGRAPHER Six years' exu peri ence.
would like position in lumber or law of
fice. Address AJ 77, Oregonian.
LADY stenographer wishes position for prac
tice. small salary. C OR. Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED stenographer desires per-
i I'luntni yutiuKiii. o i, uregoni an.
DESIGNER from the East will make suits
or dresses for special low prices to intro
duce work. The Westminster, cor. 6th
and Madison. Main 55S2.
ANGELES Dreasmsklug Parlors. 326 Wash
ington st., suite 216. Main 982, A 5381.
WANTED Plain and stylish dressmaking.
302 E. 5Qth Bt.
FIRST-CLASS seamstress by the day. Phone
Tabor 96S.
DRESSMAKER, capable, would like sewing
by day. East 12 0 S .
LADIES' tailoring; alterations, coats r lined.
M.'g MurkW. 430 Columbia St. A 470.
A LT itinds of sewing done. Call East 3025.
BY professional nurse, work at once, terms
$18 per week; maternity a specialty. Phone
Main 2645.
SITUATION wanted by a gentleman to care
for children. B 99. Orcgonian.
TRAINED nurse will take easy cases at
?15 week ; references. Main "3 2.A 1856.
MIDDLE-AGED experienced practical' nurse;
doc torsref e rences. Main 003 7. ,
KIND, motherly lady wiBhes care of small
children. 426 E. Market st.
WANTED Position as housekeeper for w id
owner or invalid, care of children, nurse
or companion, by middle-aged widow with
11-year-old boy; no objection to country;
ref erences. Address AG 79, Oregonian.
100x100, HIGHLY improved; you can double
your money, as it is 3 blocks from
Broadway bridge. Owner, iJ84 College.
POSITION as housekeeper for rooming
house by middle-aged lady, experienced.
Phone B 2316. .
TWO girls want second work in private fam
ilies going to beach; Washington beach
preferred. Ad d r e ss 6 5SVa u ghn st.
i Miscellaneous.
A MIDDLE-AGED lady wants housekeeper's
position in a widower's home, 1 or 2 chil
dren. Call or address Mrs. A. E., 263
Mill st.. Portland-
POSITION wanted by first-class manicurist
In hotel or barber shop. Miss F. Ernst,
C.orne Uus HoteL ,
CAPABLE woman, chamber work; house
keeper, club or ranch ; child's nurse. St.
Louis Agency. 303 Wash. Main 2039.
COMPETENT girls wish general housework.
beach or country preferred; wages $35 to.
$40. 746 Michigan ave.
LACE curtains washed and stretched, called
f o r and delivered. Main 3 965.
LACE curtains washed and stretched, 40
c oins a pair. , M. 5723. A 5514.
GIRL of 9 would like a place caring for chil
t'ren. AH 93, Oregonian.
WOMAN wants housecleaning. etc. ; refer
ence s. Ph one Main 4963. Room 9.
A GOOD woman wants work by the day.
Phone East 2412.
RELIABLE woman wants work by the day,
cleaning preferred. Main 839$.
LADY wishes hour or day work. Phone
WORK by day or hour. East 5524.
AGENTS wanted Our excellent home-growo
nursery stock is in demand; sales this
season will be Immense; a flattering op
. por tunny; cash paid weekly; outfit free.
frwlem Nursery Co.. Salem. Or.
ACTIVE canvassers can make $50 per week
easily selling trees for the Oregon Nursery
Co., Orenco, Or. Good territory open; lib
eral proposition. Call or write to Orenco,
AGENTS wanted to aid us supply the de
mand for choice nursery stock; outfit
free; cash weekly. Address Capital City
Nursery Co!, Salem, Or.
We furnish the renter, collect the rent,
pay taxes, insurance and keep up repairs,
the same for you as though the property
was our own; references, any bank la
245 Stark St.
Phones A 35uQ. Main 35.
WE ARE having calls for houses and flats
but have nothing vacant, where we collect
the rent and look after the property (which
we can do cheaper than you can). We make
no charge for renting your house. Better
let us snow you how we do it. Smith's
Agency. l'o Sherlock Bldg. Main 8954
WAN'l ED To rent a nicely furnished house
of 4 or 5 rooms, with bath and phone;
walking distance of Postoffice. AN 93,
WANTED By young lady employed during
day, furnished steam-heated room, modern
. conveniences. West Side ; state price ; ref
crences. C 99. Oregonian.
WANTED 2 or 3 unfurnished housekeep
ing rooms in private family ; walking dis
tance; must be reasonable. AM 86. Ore
Rooms With Board.
COUPLE with room .and board with private
i a mily: West Side. A 90. Oregonian.
A GENTLEMAN wants room and board in
private family, located in Alb in a. Ad
dress A 98. Oregonian.
YOUNG, sober Scandinavian wants room and
board in private family. D 95, Oregonian.
&UMines places.
WANT to buy small cigar store; state price.
D 97. Oregonian.
Furnished Rooms.
ANGELA HOTEL 625 Washington street,
between 19th and 20th. Just completed,
the cosiest, oom pie test and up-to-datest
residence hotel In the city. The ground
floor office is " finished ia real mahogany,
marble and tile, is spacious and handsome;
elevator service, private telephone ex
change, steam heat, hot and cold water
In all rooms, many with baths and wall
beds, ' and is splendidly furnished. The
rent is very moderate, r rooms from $15 per
month up. Why not get the best for your
money? Now open, roouis by tho day. week
or month. Phone Margaail 1950.
ullding; line large g round -iioor office; hot
and cold running water in all rooms;
steam heated; private baths; very richly
furnished. Rates only $3 and up per
week; 50c up per day. call and see us.
Northeast corner Fifth, and Glisan sta.
Hovclike, Homelike. Homelike.
7 th and Aakeny sts.
Free was toeir depot carriage,
I took it on the spot;
There may be other houses just as good,
A quiet home for quiet people.
129 Eleventh st.
New modern brick building, steam
heated, private baths, hot and cold wa
ter in rooms, beautifully furnished, cosy
and comfortable. Kates very reasonable.
Call and see us. Regular and transient
trade solicited.
THE BAR'XoN. 13Lh and Aider, is now un
dergoing a tnoruugh renovation; TO steaoa
seated, electric-lignted ruotui, all
Kates 75c day; $lo month uy. Suites wiut
rvB&ing water 20 monta up. Pnoues ui
Jpath free.
Fifth at, opp. City HaiL Phone Marshall
666 New. beautifully lurnUned. hot, cold
water In every room, puollo and prlva.e
baths; permanent, transient.
HOTEL bAKUiNT, Cor. Grand ave. and
Hawthorne Phone East
291, connecting every room. Private batns,
elevator, first-class grilL Special rates by
week or month. American or .European.
Transients soli cited.
NICELY furnished rooms, also unfurnished
basement rooms. The Mercedes, ltla
Stout, near 20th and Washington. Phone
A Main 901.
312 Oak st-, corner Sixth. Large, light,
airy rooms, elegantly furnished, electric
llgnts, running water, iuw miea.
Washington and 17th, first-class furnished
rooms, si ng 1 e or en suite; all modern con
venlences; 3 weekly Up. A 2647. M. 547.
All outside rooms; hot and cold water,
steam heated; $3 and up per week. Urand
ave. and East Ash.
THE BEAVErt. 12th and Marshall sts.. well
furnished sleeping rooms $.5o per wses.;
eiectrlo lights, hot baths free.
XHE MANSION Elegantly furnished rooms,
modern, beautiful grounds, suitable for
geutlei2an.walking distance. 6tn-Jeffersoa.
MODERN outside rooms, $2.60 to $3 per
week. Including baths ; also housekeeping
rooms. 648 Washington st.
APPLICATIONS received for rooms in build
ing formerly occupied by Arlington Club,
Alder and W. Park. Address P. o. Box 223.
THE ESTES Good rooms, reasonable; new
furniture, telephone and baths free. 327
Stark, corner 6:h. Mr.. ' Maud J. li-stea.
Grand ave. and E S tark. Modern,
FURNISH ED roo ins. Elm Place, formerly
Elton, Court Anaex, 41 Yamhill and UUk
Furnished Rooms.
124 14th, Cor. Washington St.
Every thing new; large, airy rooms, sin
gle and with bath; telephone in every
room, service free; rates by the day. week
or month; also unfurnished rooms.
, MRS. J OS IB SMITH, Manager.
Furnished Rooms In Private Family.
WIDOW lady living aione who Is building
. beautiful new home, would like gentleman
and wife or two gentlemen to room and
board in Rose City Park; this home is
strictly private and modern, new furnishings
and homo cooking. Address G. S. B., Post
office Box 619, city.
ONE medium and one large room; can be
used as suite, suitable for gentleman; well
furnished, larre closets, modern conven
lences; West Side, phone Marshall 1866.
FURNISHED rooms, front room with al
cove, man and wife, or for two; also large
chamber room for two; modern and new.
Call after 1 P. M.. 228 Tenth st.
LARGE, beautifully furnished front room
with alcove; also small room; all conven
iences. 223 Wrest Park, near Salmon.
COMFORTABLE Quarters for quiet gentle
man ; nicely furnished, right atmosphere.
PhoneMain 5332.
TWO elegant furnished rooms, one with al
cove; steeping porch if desired. Phone and
bath. 23o N. 18th.
175 17TH AND Yamhill sts., nice front
room, furnished, suitable for 2 gentlemen,
close in, cheap rent.
NEWLY furnished rooms in steam-heated
residence; with running hot and cold.
water. 564 Flanders st.
FURNISHED front rooms, single or en suite,
all modern conveniences. 34 16th &L, N.,
near Washington.
Nit:KL.Y furnished room, suitable for two;
everything new; rent 514 per month. 432
Third st-. Hal C-
NEW LY furnished room. 5 minutes walk
from Postoffice; suitable for one or two
gentlemen. 214 1 3 1 h s t -. corne r Salmon.
LOVELY front room for two or three in new
modern home; breakfast if desired. M
7972. LARGE, well furnished bay-window room,
private. p walking distance. 210 22d st.. N.
FURNISHED rooms In private family. 248
jS'.2th. Maic 3649.
NICELY furnished rooms; terms reasonable.
321 West Park st.
FURNISHED rooms; modern conveniences;
walking distance. 28 North 16ta st.
FURNISHED rooms, modern conveniences,
walking distance.269 l-th St.. South.
SLEEPIXG-PORCH, electric "lights. bath,
phone. 547 Yamhill st.
ONE front room, walking distance. 60S East
Morrison. Piione East 4815.
GOOD room, $9 month; bath, fine location,
walking distance. 452 5th.
FOR RENT Newly furnished front room
$15. 395 3d st.
SMALL room f er one, $7 per month. 511
Morrison st
NICELY furnished rooms, reasonable; bath,
walking distance. 414 Second st.
VFRY pleasant rooms, every convenience,
.walking distance. Main 3312. 361 loth st.
Unfurnished Rooms.
tJL'lTE of two unfurnished housekeeping
rooms, $1.25 per week each; gas plates fur
nished. Belmont Apartments. 4&o Bel
FOUR very fine unfurnished rooms for rent.
Phone East 63S1.
ROOMS with board, .$6 per week; home
comforts; 4 minutes' walk from Postof
fice ; phone and bath free ; rooms without
board. $2 and up. The Lindell, 207 Mar
ket st.
ROOM A N DBOAR Df or lad ie sfa nd gentlemen;
nicely' furnished rooms with running water,
with or without board, at Tho Hazel, 385
3d st.. corner Montgomery.
PORTLAND Women's Union, 23d year, room
with board, use of sewing-room and library.
610 Flanders st Miss Frances N. Heath,
upt- .
ROOMS, with board; rates reasonable. The
Waldorf,14713thst. Main 2118.
THE CALVARD Choice accommodations.
452 Morrison, cor. 13th ; walking distance.
TH B CONCORD. Choice accommodations.
452 Morrlson.cor:13th ; walking distance.
KoomsWItb.Board in PrlvatoFmlly.
READY about July 1. rooms and board for
4 gentlemen, consisting of 2 large front
rooms, sleeping porch and reception
room: best of home cooking. 414 Jefter-
ROOMS with board, private boarding-house,
a home for workingmen, terms reasonable,
20 minutes walk from business center.
Kajst 722. 89 E. 8th St., N.
NICELY furnished front room, running
water, beautiful grounds, ideal place for
Summer; exceptional board. 90 East 8th
rt.. corn or Washington. East 139o.
NICE, large, north-front room, bath, for 1
or 2 gentlemen ; board if desired. 36 7
Knott, cor. Union ave. ; 13 minutes ride
from center of city.
NEATLY furnished " front parlor, suitable
for 2 gentlemen, with or without board ;
single housekeeping room very reason
able. 289 11th st.
ROOM and hoard, all modern conveniences,
excellent home cooking; also tent room
for young man Phone B 213s. t
BOARD and room, elegant parlor suites with
piano; good home cooking, reasonable. 191
Eleventh, n ear Ji'amhil 1 ph one Mai n 5 9 3.
TO communicate with gentleman desiring
to join bachelors' co-operative housekeep-
.,ing club; references. P47, Oregonian.
LA RGE front suit, with board ; newly fur
nished, electric lights and running water;
also single room. '04 N. 2-d st.
NICELY furnished large front room; home
cooking; reasonable rates. Phone Main
ROOM and board in refined private family
to young man of good habits. Address
W 89 , urcgo n i an.
LARGFJ front room with board. 515 Morrison
st., corner 16th.
NEWLY furnished rooms, with board, 595
East Oak, corner 15th. B 2619.
BOARD and room for two; single beds, home
cooking. 191 11th. near YamhilL
CHOICE, airy rooms, select board, home
like, reasonable. 761 Marshall Bt,
for two gentlemen.
-Room and board
NICELY furnished rooms In beautiful home,
with board 2 e x cellent ta b le. 7 54H o yt.
LARGE room with board, home cooking,
all conveniences. 107 16th, near Flanders.
FRONT alcove, furnished for housekeeping;
also single sleeping room. 50 Yaxnhill.
NICELY furnished room and board. 321
West Park st. .
655 irving.,t3t:
ROOM and board for 2. $25 each. Main 5486.
A partmepts.
-ONEONTA" APARTMENTS, 1S7 17th. near
Yamhill (W car at depot). 2. 3 and 4 -room
furnished suites; hot and bold, phones and
batn free. $20 per month. $5 per week
and up. Main 4697. A 4739.
Washington sts., 3-room apartments, h'avs
9 every modern convenience. Including steam,
heat, hot water, private bath, free phones
anc janitor service; rent very reasonable.
FIVE-ROOM furnished apartment, modern
in every particular;, steam-heated, hot
water, janitor services, with first-cla-ss
furnishings. Apply to Janitor, 668 Kear-
ney st
For housekeeping In suites, $12 and up;
hot water, free baths, first-class. 631
Washington, cor. 20th.
STEAM-HEATED 5-room apartment, mod
ern and desirable; 525 Everett sU Apply
Morgan, Fleidner &. Boyce, 503 Ablatun
ST. CROIX, 170 St. Clair street, near Wash
ington street, apartment No. 43 for rent,
furniture for sale; half price.
STANLEY Apartments. 701 Washington St.:
3 and 4-room suites, nicely furnished
THE LEONCE Apartments. 186 North 22d.
between Johnson and Kearney, Just opened
Ui 3-rrom suites, completely furnished.
SUNNY 4-room apartment, furnished, rea
sonable, Westminster, om ana Madison,
Apt. 8. Tel. Main 5765.
SUNNY 4-room apartment, furnished, rea
sonable, Westminster. 6th and Madison,
Apt. 8, Tel. Main 575.
CHETOPA. 18 th and Flanders, modern 4
room unfurnished "apartments. Apply to
janitor. - '
ST. CLAIR 715 Wayne St Six room, mod
ern apartment, two porches choicest loca
tion in city. Telephone Main 4930.
FOR RENT 3-room furnished apartment,
private bath, large closet. 551 E. Yam-
mil. riiunt; l j 1 -iv.
FINE 4-room basement apartment, heat, hot
water, etc, $2 month. 60S Flanders.
FURNISHED apartment, including piano.
The Morton, King and Wash, sts.
Modern furnished apartments. East -0465.
King and Wayne sts. Apply to janitor.
UNFURNISHED 3-room apartment; ren
$18. Inauira 225 Market su .
764-706 Hoyt St.,
Between 2lst and 22d.
New brick apartment house wfll be
ready for occupancy July 1. Two, 3 and 4
room suites, completely furnished; extra
large rooms, especially desirable for Sum
mer, being equipped with electric and tire
less cookers, built-in ice boxes, electric
lifts, large sleeping porches. The best
equipped house in city; reference required.
For reservations phone Mars h al I 1S41.
489 Clay st.. second house from 14th.
the only modern completely furnished 2
room apartment-house in the city: house
and elegant furniture, brand new; ,1ust
opened for business; steam heat, electric
light, hot and cold water in every apart
ment; private phone, bath; walking dis
tance. $18-$25. Including light See them
now before they are gone and take your
choice. Marshall 2074.
THE PAGE aTparWbXTS" El Sth and
Burnside; new brick, opened the 1st of May;
3-room apartments, elegantly furnished; all
modern conveniences, including steam heat,
private phone, private bath, hot and cold
water, reception hall, bay windows, fire
place, laundry and steam drier In basement;
automatic freight elevator, janitor service;
rent reasonable . a few unfurnished apart-
,menta. Phone B 1018.
Cor. Grand ave. and Stark St.
New fireproof brick building, beautiful
ly furnished two and three-room apart
ments, private baths, wail beds, large
clothes closets; plenty of hot water; Sum
mer rates. Phone B 300l
$25 TO $33 Fine West" Side steam-heated
apartments; private bath and phone,
hardwood floors, em-all outside pore 11, nne
new brick building; these are the best
and cheapest apartments in tfie city: they
are furnished with bedsteads. springs,
dresser, dining-room table, ice box; do
look them up. Call 414 11th St., Damrneier
Invest Co.
HEINZ apartments, 14th and Columbia ; 4
blocks south from Morrison St.; new brick
building, completely first-class; furnished
in 2. 3 and 4 room' iamiiy apartments,
private bath, reception hail, st'.-am heat,
. hot water, elevator, free phone, janitor
service; rent from $25 per mouth and up.
finest 3 and 4 room suites in the city, pri
vate baths and phones, steam heated, not
and cold water, disappearing beus. Gar
land stoves, porcelain lined refrigerators,
electric elevator; $35to $50 per month.
Elaborately furnished 3-room apartments,
all modern conveniences, large shady lawn
cool verandas, janitor; rents reasonable,
walking distance. 624 Marshall st.; take
"W" car. Main 66 3 2 or A 3 191.
ELEGANTLY furnished 5-room apartment,
all modern, also 4-room unlurnisliea
apartment ; will be ready July L Brain
tree Apartments, 295 12th st. Phone Main
7740. ;
2 and 3 room apartments, new 4 -story
brick Just completed, all modern conven
iences, each apartment has private outside
balcony, rent reasonable.
JULY 1. Beautiful unfurnished 5-room front
apartment with all modern conveniences;
steam heat, hot and cold water, phone, gas
range, refrigerator, gas, electric lignt,
.janitor service, etc. PhoneA 1133.
Strictly modern, large rooms and three
closets to every apartment; cool and airy
for Cummer. 6b5 Lovejoy st. Take W
THE WESTFAL. 410 5th st., furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private baths and
phone; elevator and Janitor service; reuts
reasonable. Phone A 2U38.
FOR RENT New and strictly modern 3
room tlats on 20th and Laurel sts.. port
land Heights; rent $40. Apply
. 85 Fourth St.
THREE new, up-to-date flats, best location
in city. Call Main 1505. W. Reidt, 401
Rothchild bldg. Money no object; want
a good tenant.
THREE, - new, up-to-date flats, best location
in city. Call Main ir5. W. Reidt, 401
Rothchild bldg. Money no object; want a
good tenant.
FOR RENT Good 5-room fiat. 4&7 Davis
fit.; rent $20. Apply
85 Fourth St.
FOUR-ROOM FLAT with modern con
veniences ; choice location. near car;
adults. $16. 289 Beech su Inquire at
780 Williams ave.
FINE modern upper flat of 7 rooms; choice
location. 172 23d St., near Johnson St.;
rent $33. C. ii. Koreil, 250 Stark.
WHEN moving call up Van Horn Transfer
Co.. Main 1618, A 1984. All covered wag
one, all experienced men. -
FOR RENT 1-room modern Hat. Inquire
628 Williams ave. Phone 1697.
739 OVERTON ST. Modern fiat, 6 sunny
rooms; choice location. Main 8a9.
MODERN 5-room flat, 5 th, near Jackson;
West Side; easy walk. Main or A 1223.
6-ROOM modern flat; $32.50; 449 7th; key
upstairs, or apply 191 First. Edwards Co.
FOR RENT Newly furnished apts. ; all
modern conveniences. 186 North 22d st.
AT 348 E. 33d St.,
Tabor 1 8 1 O.
furnished flat. Call
NEW 5-room flat, close In. Stokes & Zeller,
;tVH East Stark.
Jiout-kerplng Rooms.
THE BEAVER. 12th and Marshall. Fur
nished for housekeeping, gas ranges, elec
tric lights, hot water, bath, laundry, all
free; $15 per month up; a clean place; best
In the city for money; short distance from
Union Depot. Take S" or 16th st. cars
north, get off at Marshall st. No dogs.
WELL furnished housekeeping rooms. 2 $8
niontr-; 3 for $12; .furnished cottage, larga
rooms, $20; lower flat, 4 rooms, $18. 304
26th, North (west side river). W car from
depot. Sth , Morrison to 26th ; b lock north.
UNFURNISHED,, two-room, bay window
suites, five blocks from Postoiflce. u5
Jeff ei son, corner Fifth st. Beautiful out
look. $2 WEEK Clean, furnlsUed housekeeping
rooms; laundry, bath, phone, gas, heat,
yard, c 1 e a nli nun. 4 06 V a n c o u v e r ave.
THE DEL MONTE. "20th and Washington
street; 2 nicely furnished rooms, $20; all
ONE large house-keeping room, 2-room
suite, nicely furnished, walking distance.
235 12tli st.
NICELY furnished housekeeping rooms.
,489 Washington St.; close in.
$LjO ween, large, clean luro. nouseaeepiatf
rooms ; laundry, bath, gas. 184 Sherman,
THB ELMS 2 and 3-room apartments, fux
nished. 191 14th at.; transie-tt solicited.
TWO suites housekeeping rooms. Phone,
gas, bath. 721 1st.
FX RN1SHED housekeeping rooms, central,
rates reasonable. 342lst st.
AL16 week, clean Xur. housekeeping rooms.
heat, laundry, bath 2Ki Stanton. "U" csj.
Housekeeping Room in Private Family.
TH REE unfurnished housekeeping rooms;
clean, convenient, separate rut ranee. 703
Multnomah su East 4808, Broadway or
Irving ton car.
a s -
FURNISHED housekeeping? and sleeping
rooms, reasonable. yjtS .Jefferson, between
lot hanrtpa rk, Wes t . P h o 11 e M a rs h a 1 11 0 i" .
SWELL housekeeping rooms, beautiful loca
tion, walking distance, yard. bath, phono,
laundry. gasrange. hot water. 656 Glisan.
FOUR largo rooms, first floor; bath, yard,
piano; phone East 1786 Sunday, 7 P. M.
wees: days.
READY about July 1. 3 rooms and pantry,
furnished for housekeeping. 414 Jeffer-
son st.
BEAUTIFUL large room, suitable for cou
ple, with housekeeping privileges. 569
$4. 7 5W EEK Nicely furnished suite; ru n -ning
water; also housekeeping room, $2.25
week. 241 1 5th st. North.
TWO elegantly furnished housekeeping
rooms. Seo these for a n-Ice home. 73 i
Union ave., N.
FOR RENT Two housekeeping rooms; two
sleeping rooms witli gas and phone. 266
Hall street. West Side.
SUITE of rooms for housekeeping ; bath,
gas, phone ; in private house. 1U29 Gar
tield ave. L. Parker.
NICELY furnished 3-room housekeeping
suite, all modern conveniences, reasonable
rent. 20 8 17 th st. South.
TWO suites housekeeping rooms, gas, phone,
rath. 421 6th st.
THREE neatlv furnished housekeeping
rooms. 168 10th st.
TWO nicely furnished housekeeping-rooms.
8' Colonial ave. Take Ruwsell-ShaVer car.
$L8 2 furnished housekeeping rooms; bath,
gas, electric lights. 651 E. Morrison.
THREE furnished housekeeping rooms, $25.
147 11th St., or call Main 7024.
FURNISHED housekeeping on first iioor.
149 13th st.. near Morrison.
FRONT housekeeping rooms. 153 13th st.
MODERN 8-room house, Holladay Addition.
Inquire 3 86 E. 7th ft. N.
$18 NEW 5-room bungalow. 343 East 51st,
near Hawthorne. Dr. Darling.
NEAT 5-room cottage, perfect order; $22. 386
JEast 9th st. N. Broadway car.
MODERN 6-room house, corner . 23th. and
Davis, Phone & 1139.
WHEN you move you'll need new furniture.
Buy it Judiciously and the savings will ex
ceed your moving expenses.
Our NO-RENT PRICES made us one of
the largest furniture houses in the city in
two years.
Lookers shown same court sv vs buyers.
69-75 Grand A v e. , Cor. East Stark St.
East Ankeny and Russell-Shaver carlines
mi pass our door.
LARG E home in best portion of Nob Hill
district, handsomely furnii-hed. will let to
right parties for t'ouz months. AE 80, Ore
gunian. TO RENT Strictly modern 7-room honsev
first-class condition ; corner; 434 Oregon
St., cor. East 7th North. Call up owner.
Tabor lSOO.
6-ROOM modern house. 858 Williams ave.,
near Shaver; rent $2t..
317 Board of Trade Bid g.. 4th and Oak.
FURNITURE for sale and modern six-room
house for rent. Call between 2 and 5 P.
M. 792 Cleveland ave., near Be a ch st.
TWO desirable 8 and 6-room houses. 396
398 San Rafael, near Union ave. Phones
E 1685 , C 1491.
FOR RENT New, moxiern 6-room houee
$22.5o per month. Apply 569 East 35th st.
Take W. R, car.
LARGE modern home. 11 rooms, close in, one
block from Washington St., $65 per month.
Q ueen In v. Co.. 41o Fail i n gb 1 d g.
$14 6-ROOM house, bath. 51 East 2Sth St.
J. J. Oeder, cor. Grand ave. and East
Anken y st .
BUNGALOW, in prettiest part of Irvington,
6 rooms and sleeping porch, everything
modern and complete. AK lu. Oregonian.
NEW, modern. 7-room house, long lease.
Bennett c Wells. Stewart station, Mt.
Scott car . P honeTa b o r 6 6 0
FOR RENT 6-room modern house, furnished
or unfurnished, large yard with fruit trees.
William RueppeU. Main 1221.
FOR RENT 7-room house with all modern
conveniences. Inquire 634 1st St., cort
Sheridan. Main 4472.
MODERN 10-room house, choice location
741 Glisan, near 23d St. ; rent $60. C
H. Korell.25u Stark.
$13.50- McFarland's 6-room cottage. 272 Myr
tle Station, Mount Scott carhne. See Wells.
Stewarts Station. Phone Tabor 66L
FOR flEXT Modern 6-room cottage. 138
Blandena st. Take L car.
5-ROOM, cottage, corner 19th and Northrup;
new, modern, g as. In q uire 5 71 Lovejoy.
MODERN 6-room house, 9 East 14th St. South.
P h one Et 5852.
7-ROOM home, near 24th st; -block from
car, $25 per month. CaU410 Failing bldg.
418 EUGENE ST.. 6-rm house. Gas. bath,
yard. Owner. Room 9, 245 Morrison.
Furnis!:cd Houses.
FOR RENT Beautiful, modern 7-room
house with lawn and fruit; furnished beau
tifully; parties leaving city for Summer.
462 E. 7th, N. Union-ave. car; terms reas
onabletoreliableparties. HOUSES for rent, furnished or unfurnished,
S. W. Cor. 6 th and Washln gton Sts.
COTTAGE, well furnished, good view. $20
month, west side river. Apply 3t:4 North
26th ; W car from depot, 5th or Morrison
to 2tith. block north.
FURNISHED cottage for July and August,
all conveniences; piano, nice lawn. 53
Rodney ave. Apply Wascher Bros., East
15th and Broadway.
FURNISH ED house at Mt. Tabor, 8 rooms
and conveniences ; silver, linen, piano, yard,
block equare; lots fruit trees. Call bet.
9 and 5. Ph. Tabor 1894.
NICE, furnished 6-room flat for rent, nicely
arranged for renting rooms, 3 already
rented ; references required. 432 3d St..
flat C. f
A 5-ROOM modern bungalow, completely
and finely furnished, In fine residence dis
trict; will rent for long time or give lease.
Phone Tahor 873. 1
FOR RENT 5-room lower flat for 2 months,
modern and furnished complete; $35 per
month; references. Phone B 2731.
BUNG A LOW -5 roms, neatly furnished,
includes garden, berry bushes and chick
ens. Tabor 1425. n
WELL furnished 5-room flat, including piano,
heat and water; good location one block
from carllne. Phone M 5983. m
COMPLETELY furnished cottage, including
piano, for Summer months; no children.
358 13th st.
MODERN home, furnished complete, 1 block
from 2 cars; chickens and garden. Phono
Woodlawn 785. 1836 Grand aye.N-
FOR RENT Completely furnished home for
the Summer, walking distance. Call East
FOR RENT Furnished modern 5-room cot
tage, with nice yard, within walking dis
tance of town. Phone East 1496. m
FOR RENT Completely furnished 6-rom
houe; reasonable to right party. 616
Northrup st. Phonw A 3038.
WELL-FURNISHED house with piano, fine
location, lawn and flowers. Call 800 East
Salmon, or p hone East 11H).
FURNISHED 5-room cottage to September
15: Sunnyslde carllne. Phone B 2238 of
- rail 945 E. Salmon., after 6 P. M.
WELL-FURNISH ED house with piano, ftna
location, lawn and flowers. Call 800 East
Salmon or phono East 1Mt,
FURNISHED flat, choice location. West Side,
handy to business; reasonable. Main 22 1 It.
6-ROOM furnished flat, yard, ii replace",
w a 1 k 1 n g d lstance; $'-'S. Ph one Main 5853.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished 5-room apart
ment. Phone Main 51 17.
ELEGANTLY furnished 7-room houB", Nob
1 UU ,f o rlye a r. Mai n4 134. 777 Johnson.
FURNISHED house, Irvington. for rent
July 5 to Sopttmber 15. phono East 4111.
FOR RENT Furnished 5-ioom cottage for
the season. Phono C 2699. m
DES1 RA RLE furnished flat, 4 rooms, bath,
gas. 514 East 21-gt st. W-R car.
FURNISHED four-room cottage; electric
Ilyht-M. bath, central. Inquire 273 7th.
MODERN furnished flat for rent. West Side.
Phono Main 361 2. 177 Green avenue.
Houses for Rent. Furniture for Sale.
FOR RENT 7-room house, corner Nob Hill
district, garden and roses. $35 ier month to
responsible parties; part of new furniture for
Bale. Address AH 83. Oregonian.
ST. CROIX. 170 St. Clair street, near Wash
ington street, apartment No. 43 for rent
furniture for sale; half price.
ELEGANTLY furnished 5-room modern
apartment or will sell furniture. Apart-
m e n t 19, Rosefriend. 7th and Jefferson.
FOUR-ROOM apartment for rent; furniture
for saie; a snap. Victorian. Apartment
31. 42 Columbia. Phone A 4743.
FURNITURE of 8 rooms; yard; rent $27.50;
five rooms rented for $60; price $400;
terms. 27 E. 7th.
FOR SALE cheap if taken at once, furni
ture of 6 rooms, house for rent, lease.
Call 247 Harrison.
9-ROOM house for rent, furniture for sale;
clears $25; gas. bath, electric lights, yard;
price $5o0. 267 Columbtast. '
FURNITURE of 16 rooms for sale, house
for rent; good lease. 22 1 13th. Main 6302.
LONG BEAf'H, Newton Station; very desir
able furnished cottage for the season; ocean
front, corner. Inquire Dr. Tempteton, Ham
llton bldg. m
WANTED To rent, two or three furnished
housekeeping rooms at the beach; state
location, terms and accommodations. A
lr.g-s. AL 90, Ore.; on lan.
FOR RENT at Seaside, for the season, mod
ern furnished cottage. Address H 80, Ore
NICELY-furnished bungalow. alo two-roomed
cottage for rent at Ing Beach, Wash.
Call 546 7th st. Phono Main3944.
FOR RENT Mrs. York's nice clean 6-room
cottage, with barn, cloe to oeach. Ad
. drt'Sb Sea view. Wash.
FOR RENT At Seaside, 30-room flat, best lo
cation In city. A money-maker. Must be
reliable parties. Box bc Seaside, Or.
FOR SALE Cosy 3-room cottage. Ingle
nook Addition, Seaside; well located. $556.
Bargain. Apply F. Dresser. Seaside. Or.
4-ROOM house for month of July; good ol
cation ; price $40 ; 1 block from Moore
Hotel, Seaside, Qr. Phone Main 4tS6.
FOR RENT until August 1. small furnished
cottage at Long Beach, Wash., ready for
occupancy; fine location. Apply500 Glisan.
WANTED Cottage at Gearhart; give loca
tion, price, particulars. Box 2;j, Gear
hart. Or.
FIVE-ROOM furnished cottage, month ol
J u 1 v, Uearhart Park ; $40. Phone Tabox
1 6v9. :
SEASIDE $110 season. "Fernwood." 4-room
furnished t ottuge. Main or A 2776.
glQO. East
5 rooms until November L
SIX-ROOM furnished house at Gearhart.
Call B 2146. from 9 to. 5.
SUMMER COTTAGES to rent at Seaview.
Address G. Heltkemper, Seaview. Wash.
OCEAN PARK. WASH.. 5 rooms, furniture
$75. Main 7317. Owner, 393 14th.
FOR SALE Choice lot. Bay Ocean; a snap.
AF 8Q. Oregonian.
FOR RENT 1-room cottage, near Saltair,
Long Beach. Phone Sell wood 946.
SEASIDE furnished cottages. overlooking
ocean; reasonable. Phone Kast 2.6'