Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 28, 1910, Page 12, Image 12

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Newsboy Becomes Portland's
:. Executive Today With
Troubles to Solve.
Inauguration and Banquet at Port
land Hotel One of Greatest Events
In City's History $1500
Secured for Boys' Home.
10 A. M. Meeting of Boy Mayor
and Council at City Hall.
2 P. M. Parade through streets to
Multnomah Field.
"2:00 P. M. Sports at Multnomah
Weld. Exhibition game of Australian
football. Portland Newsboys vs. Co
lumbia Park team In baseball game.
8:15 P. M. Vaudeville entertain
ment by Columbia Park Club at
Portland Theater.
San "Weinstein, newsboy", is Mayor of
Portland today.
Joseph Simon, elected Mayor by the
people of Portland a year ago, turned
over; the keys of the city to the boy
Mayor last night, and with it turned
over a series of perplexing questions for
the :.boy to settle with the aid of his
The inauguration, following closely
upon the heels of an election as dramatic
in its climax as anything ever seen In
Portland, took place at the Portland
Hotel in the presence of the visiting boys
front the Columbia Park Club, of San
Francisco, a number of invited guests
and 'a great delegation of newsboys who
crowded the entrances to the big dining
rooni to see their candidate assume the
reins of office.
Great Event Witnessed.
Tt !was a great event, this stepping into
office of a child of 16 years of age. With
a voice shaking with emotion, and some
embarrassment, young Weinsteln ac
cepted the key to the city and thanked
his co-workers in the campaign and prom
ised to do what he could for the boys of
The newsboy was elected by a scant
"margin of 1311 votes out of over 150.000
votes- which were cast. "Bud" Krlbs,
now..jt member of the boy council, gave
the newsboy a good race. When the polls
opened in the morning Weinsteln held a
lead, of over 3000'votes. This was at once
overcome by a man who was at the polls
who deposited enough to put Krlbs in the
lead Gold and checks were gathered by
the-wewsboys for thousands of votes, but
whenever the newsboy would get ahead
the lead would at once be overcome by
more votes for Kribs, voted by this same
man. who withheld his Identity.
As it drw near for the time of clos
ing the polls the scenes around the
Chamber of Commerce building, which
were the headquarters, resembled a riot.
Krlbs Jumped far ahead, in fact, almost
20.000 votes to the good. The newsboys
were almost despondent and fairly forced
every Individual they could find to go to
the- voting booth and cast ballots for
their co-worker. Then a purse of $200
was raised by some of the prominent
friends of the -newsboys and this was
deposited just before the closing of the
polls and left Sam Weinstein 1311 votes
ahead. Just as the "man of mystery" was
stepping forward to register an addi
tional 2000 votes. When it was an
nounced that the voting was over the
man showed himself to be working for
charity more than for the election of his
boy friend by depositing the J-'O for the
;j ? $1500 Is Secured.
In all, between $1500 and $1600 was re
ceived from the contest. -This fund will
act as the nucleus for the $10,000 rfund
for -building a home for boys in Portland,
similar to that in San Francisco.
Immediately follDwing- the announce
ment of the contest. the boy Mayor and
his Council were taken as guests to a
luncheon at the Meier & Frank restaur
ant, given by the Meier & Frank Com
pany. The Council and the votes cast
for them are as follows:
Sm Weinstein. ,M.580 votes; "Bud" Kribs,
oO.iu votes; Frederick Porter. 1 1,31)4 votes;
George Colton. 7SW1 votes: Niel Malarkey.
TltiS votes; Lester Oakley, 6215 votes; Moses
feaohs. 51t5 votes; Harold Meier, 4S8 votes;
Dan, Tarpley. 4819 votes.
Third place was taken by a dark
horse, Frederick Porter, the son of
Johnston Porter, railway contractor of
Porter Bros. Young Porter, who is 16
years old. was nominated by the Failing
school with 125 votes last Thursday. The
boy says his father is out of the city or
he might have been elected. Little Lester
Oakley, who is 11 years old. deserves a
great deal of credit for taking . sixth
place. He went into the fight aided
by no coterie of wealthy friends or rela
tives but had his sisters canvas the
. streets for him. He wanted to be elected
to tlie Council and succeeded.
J. Band Concert Surprise.
A -great surprise was given early last
evening when the band of the Columbia
i Park Club gave a concert in the court
of the Portland Hotel.
Following the concert was the ban
quet and inauguration at the Portland
Hotel. The toastmaster at the ban
quet was Frank B. Riley. Mr. Riley
introduced Mayor -Simon as the ex
Mayor of Portland. His honor replied
with the principal address of the even
ing. Mayor Simon said:
"In the light of my. official demise
I am hardly the person to congratulate
the new Mayor. We are, however, in
deed pleased to have the Mayor of San
Francisco with us with all the young
visitors from the Bay City. I congratu
late the youngster, and from what 1
have seen of him, I am sure he is a
most worthy successor of Mayor Mc
Carthy. As the deposed Mayor of
Portland and as my last official duty, I
wish to extend to all the visitors a
cordial and . hearty welcome, and ex
tend you all the freedom of the city.
I am" not Just clear what the .'freedom
of the city is, but whatever it Is, you
have it. I certainly hope you will have
a pleasant stay among us."
Sidney S. Peixotto. head of the Co
lumbia Park Boys' Club of Sa-n Fran
cisco, then spoke. He said in part:
"The idea of boys' work is a new
one. We originated it in SanFrancisco
and feel complimented that" you are
following our example. I wish to con
gratulate you on your choice of boy
Mayor. From what I have seen of the
boy chosen, it shows that capable boys
are to be found in every city.
In making the formal presentation of
the keys of the city to the boy Mayor,
Mayor Simon said:
"Mayor" Weinsteln Gets City's Keys
-I wish to congratulate the boy Just
elected Mayor of this city. I especially
wish to commend him because be haa
ill v w JrA ' -
irt str -"" T .-wf- Ef ' Willi 3
ty tit-v J-1 1 u.,. .. .. a k u I 1 -
" ytT'.l- Tim mil in i i
discarded the vicious practices of direct
primary, assembly, and so on and has
bought every vote honestly. I know the
boy will prove worthy and I wish to sug
gest that he come to the City Hall early
tomorrow morning and take up several
matters which I have on my blotter to
be settled. I intended to fettle these mat
ters today but was disturbed and had
to put them off until tomorrow.
"Among the things which I intended
settling tomorrow and which will now
have to "be settled by "Mayor" Weinstein
is the completion of the Broadway bridge.
I suggest that he call on Frank Kiernan,
R. R. Dunnlway and C. K. Henry before
he comes in and show them the necessity
of dropping the opposition to the bridge.
I intended to do this but didn't find time.
Then the boys might buy Council Crest
for the City Park. That haa b?en a
source of trouble for some time and
should be settled at once. While they
are buying thoy might also gq down and
buy a piece of property, or a string- of
properties for public docks. That I ex
pect you to do tomorrow.
"While you are at it you might regulate
the dancehall evil, determine the great
question of 'What is a sandwich, that
we may tell Jut the difference between
a restaurant and a drinking palace, settle
the teamster's strike and call on the 477
people on the East Side who want streets
improved. Do all these things now. I'd
like to have them all cleared up by the
end of the week when I may have to go
back to the City Hall. A red-headed wo
man called me up today to have a cow
removed from her yard. I know she was
red-headed from the way her voice
sounded over the telephone. Well, you
might quiet her, with the aid of your
Mayor Simon Gives Advice.
"Just a word of warning about councils.
I have had some dealings with these men
and know what to expect from them.
Take my advice and give them every
thing they ask for and when you have
finished they will ask for more.
"Here is the key to the city and to my
office. Take it and discharge your duties
well. I know you will. Ssttle the big
questions for me and reign as well as
you may."
The boy Mayor, Sam Weinstein, then
took the key and made his speech of
acceptance and thanks.
The boy Mayor of San Francisco, Ben
ny Katz, then spoke. The little fel
low proved himself to be tn easy
speaker and told of his experiences in
San Francisco. Following him, Wal
lace McCamant entertained with
some good stories and then R. L. Sabin
spoke on the schools, Inviting the visi
tors to visit the trade - schools during
the week.
The last address of the evening was
delivered .by Rev. Father McDevitt.
Ben Selling Relates Career's Start.
AValter Holt, president of the Mult
nomah Club, who was one of the speak
ers, extended to the visiting young
sters the freedom of the clubhouse. Ben
Selling, who, while not at the banquet,
was espied standing in the corridor of
the hotel, related an interesting ac
count of how he earned his first money.
"It was during the stirri:.g times of
the Civil War." said Mr. Selling, "and
news in Portland was very scarce. Oc
casionally, l.owever. The Oregonian
would get some news, and then an extra
would be issued. I sold the papers and
in that way made my first money. To
day I have some money over $1000
anyway and after all of my experience,
there is one thought I would impress
upon you. That is to be honest. Be
criticallly honest and industrious and
you will be successf ull."
Definite Policy Outlined.
Boy Mayor Weinstein, and his coun
cil of 8 other youngsters, disclosed a
policy last night. In outlining his
policy, "Mayor" Weinstein said:
"We are going to suggest that the
outdoor gymnasiums be pushed in Port
land. We want a space reserved in
every park for the children. We want
the public baths started again. A. lot
of the fellows get drowned in the river
now who wouldn't if they had the baths
with some one to watch over them. I
want to see the city buy Council Crest
and put a park there with a large
space for the children. Another thing
we want is to have the curfew hour
changed from 9 o'clock to 10 o'clock in
the evening. That doesn't seem too
His honor, the boy "Mayor," is
sued a proclamation last night order
ing every city and county official to
take part in the parade this afternoon.
This parade starts at 2 o'clock from
Fifteenth and Washington streets. The
participants will assemble at 1:45 at
Fifteenth and Burnside streets, march
down Washington street to Third
street, up Third to Morrison street and
then up Morrison street to the Mult
nomah field, where the great carnival
of sports will take place.
Police to Head Parade.
This parade will be headed by the
mounted police. Then will come a
platoon of police followed by the police
band, after which will be the "boy
Mayor" and his council in their private
automobile. Then will come the Hunt
Club members mounted and the city arfd
county officials in automobiles. Follow-,
ing will be the band of the Columbia
Park Boys' Club, after which will follow
the newsboys of the city and other attrac
tions. At Multnomah Field will be the prin
cipal feature of sports of the week.
There will be an exhibition game of
Australian football by the San Francisco
boys. Following this the visitors will
play baseball with the Portland news
boys. In the evening the Columbia Park boys
will present -a vaudeville entertainment
at the Portland Theater. This show has
been given by these boys 132 times during
their 30,000-mile tour of the Soutn Seas
and Australia. The entertainment will
consist of music by the band, singing by
the San Francisco boys, musical acts,
comic acts, skits, dancing features, play
lets, farces and athletic and tumbling ex
hibitions. One of the features will be a
series of comic boxing events in which
the main go will be between '"Jack John
son" and "Jim Jeffries," Ben Katz, "boy
Mayor" of San Francisco, taking the part
of Johnson, and Robert Haymes imper
sonating Jeffries.
Beer, $1 doz. quarts delivered to your
home. Spring Valley Wine Co.
Illinois People Are Warned Against
Half-Way System of Popular
izing Elections.
PEORIA. 111., June 27. United States
Senator Bourne, of Oregon, speaking to.
night at the meeting in the interest of
good government, charged that efforts
had been made, at the time of the Sena
torial primary- election in Oregon, to "dls
honor the state and its public service."
"During the session of the Legisla
ture, said Mr. Bourne, an ex-Govern
ment official, an assistant to the chair
man of the Republican Xational commit
tee, appeared in Oregon and, I am in
formed, promised Federal appointments
to legislative members if they would
disregard their statement No. 1 pledges
to the electorate.
"The effort was made by the enemies
of the law to create the impression that
by this person's relation with the chair
man of the Republican National com
mittee during the National campaign, he
would be able to deliver their promised
appointments in case the No. 1 sub
scribers sold their honor and betrayed
their trust."
Speaking directly to the people of 111!
nois, Mr. Bourne said that it is for the
voters of that state to determine whether
they want a popular selection of United
States Senators, but he warned them
against any half-way system. This, hi
declared, would only result in dlssatis
faction and probably corruption.
Senator Bourne said if his hearers
wished to destroy the power of the po
Iitlcal machine, abolish the convention
system and establish the popular selec
tion of United States Senators, they
should inaugurate a system which takes
away from the Legislature the righ to
do more than ratify an act of the people
at a general election.
Senator Bourne described the much
discussed Oregon System, which he de
clared to be the best system of popular
government in the world and which,, he
said, constituted absolute government by
the people.
"People are not only intelligent, but
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fair and honest," said Senator Bourne.
"When initiative end referendum were
under discuasison it was freely predicted
by enemies of popular government that
power would be abused and that capital
ists would not invest their money in a
state where property would be subject
to attacks of popular passion and tem
porary whims. Experience has exploded
this argument." ,
The speaker then dwelt a.t length on
various features of the Oregon system
and continued :
"Plainly stated, the aim and purpose
of the Oregon law is to destroy an Irre
sponsible political machine and to put
all elective officers In the state In direct
touch with the people as the real source
of authority; in short, to give direct and
full force to the ballot of every indi
vidual elector in Oregon and to elim
inate dominance of corporate influence
in the administration of public affairs."
Petroleum on Lower Columbia.
ASTORIA, Or., June 27. (Special.)
There is on exhibition in this city two
ancient-looking little vials containing
liquids that may mean immense busi
ness to the lower Columbia River dis
trict. One -ial is full of a thick, white
liquid that was procured in the Nasel
district and the other was originally
the same, but the latter being sub
jected to a hisrh heat carries on the sur
face nearly one ciuarter of crude ne-J
troleum. The process of separating!
this was crude, .but shows the nnasiJ
billtles of oil-bearing land and it wai
only taken from drainage. "
Silver Beach Park Oiven Away, i
EELL1NGHAM, Wash.. June 27
Mrs. oenevieve Phipps, of Denver, ha
agreed to give Silver Beach Park,
wnne city resort on Lake Whatcom, li
the Bellingham Chautauqua Associai
tion, to be maintained as a memorial
to her father, Clarence H. Chandler
who recently dropped dead while preJ
paring to open the resort for the sea'
son. The property is valued at $50,000.1
ant excursion
Saturday, July 9, 1910
(Leaving Portland at 10 P. M )
via the'
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co.
Oregon Short Line
Special Round Trip $
Rate from Portland
Which includes rail transportation to and from Yellowstone Park; stage
transportation through the Park; all meals and lodgings at Park hotels during
the five days' tour.
Grandest Scenic Trip in the World
Embracing stops at the famous Park Hotels, seeing the Geysers, "Mountains,
Lakes, Cataracts, Canyons, Buffalo, Elk, Bear and other animals in their
wild state.
Parties desiring to return via Salt Lake through California can do so for
$29.00 additional, or $108.75 from Portland.
will be provided for this event, and will include Pullman Sleepers, Diner,
Parlor Observation Car, and all the latest conveniences that go to make the
trip juleasant and comfortable.
Full details, with pamphlet descriptive of the trip, map of the Park, etc., can
be obtained by writing to our City Ticket Agent, Third and Washington
Streets, Portland, Oregon, or to
Wm. McMURRAY, General Passenger Agent