Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 23, 1910, Page 22, Image 22

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Visit Our New Optical, Hairdressing and Manicure Parlors Take Lunch in the 7th-F16or Tea Room Good Service Good Music
Portland Agents Vudor Porch Shades Ostermoor Mattresses White Mountain Refrigerators Headquarters for Nemo Corsets
45 th ay Anniversary Wonder Sales 4th Bay Pioneer Week I
Tomorrow The Greater Meier ? Frank Store's B 084ttt Friday Surprise Sale
and Misses
r Tall
$15.00 Values
Sizes to 36 at
Tomorrow for 1064th Friday Surprise Sale
Smart and high-grade Tailored Suits for jun
iors, misses and small women Sizes 1 4 to 18
and 34 and 36 only Coats are single or double-breasted,
plain or fancy collars, semi or
tight fitting Skirts full-pleated Materials are
serge, cheviot, panama and fancy worsteds
They come in navy, black, green Q C
and wistaria Reg, price $15 at P 'Q
Mail Orders Filled See Fifth-Street Window
Wash Dresses
B Vals. $4.98
See this remarkable bargain on Women's Wash
Dresses, made of linen, gingham or rep-Come
in all shades including tan, blue, pink, laven
der, reseda and white Some in Dutch neck
style with full pleated skirt Others are semi
princess effect with panel front Others in the
tunic models All sizes up to 42 ? A QO
bust - Values to $8.00, choice aty'Q
gffgg Petticoate iXTs
Tomorrow for the 1064th Friday Surprise
Sale, a new shipment of 500 of the famous
S. H. & M. Silk Petticoats. Every Petti
coat fully guaranteed, on sale tomorrow
at this low price under this guarantee :
el. J J
Purchaser's Guarantee Should this
petticoat, bearing trade-mark S. H. &
M. crack or split within three months
from date of purchase, return this
guarantee to your dealer. He will re
place it with a new one, provided the
damage has not been caused by tear
ing, alterations or by wear on bottom
ruffle. The S. H. & M. Co.
Made of the best quality Taffeta Silk, with
silk dust ruffle and braid to protect it.
Four styles to choose from. They come
in white, cream, pink, light blue, canary,
lavender, gray, tan, brown, rose, apricot,
wistaria, green, navy blue,
etc. ; val. to $12.50, choice at
Mail Orders Filled. See Fifth-st. Window. "4
$35.00 Oriental Rugs at $19.75
Tomorrow, for the 1064th Friday Surprise Sale, a lot of 360 fine Oriental Rugs, hand
some Beloojs; average size 3.6 by 5.6 feet. The average value is $35.00 tj?" Q 7C
each, but for this great Friday sale we offer them at this price, each P ' 3
Feather-Weight Card Tables
Regular $4.50 Values at $2.85
, See Fifth-Street Window Display.
Tomorrow for the great 1064th Friday Surprise Sale in the Fifth Floor Toy
Department, a sale on the famous Featherweight card and sewing tables,
size 30x30 inches, with felt or leather-covered tops; regularly - r
$4.50 each; priced for great Surprise Sale tomorrow at only DO0
Women's Hose, 3 Pair 25c
Tomorrow for the 1064th Friday Surprise Sale, in the Hosiery Department, the First
Floor, a great special bargain in Women 's plain black Summer weight Hose,
with elastic top and double heel and toe. Good values at 20c O ET
the pair; for great Friday Surprise Sale, special 3 nair for-JC
5000 pairs "Women's plain lisle Hose, in
all the newest and most desirable shades.
Also in lace hoot effects, in blacks and
tans; .2 lots, both regular 35c val- " Q
ues; tomorrow on sale, only, pair A
pair for
Women's embroidered fancy lisle Hose,
assorted color combinations in polka
oots, lace ettects and colored boot stvles
iuhi ine ming ior beacn and Sum
mer outing wear, 50c and 75c vals,
$2.00 Parasols for 79c
Tomorrow, for the 1064th Friday Surprise Sale,
in the umbrella and parasol department, first
floor, main building, a lot of 500 parasols, in
white, with Dresden border and in rosebud
patterns, also solid colors in pink, blue, tan and
nile. Regular $1.50 and $2.00 values, "7Q
on special sale for tomorrow at, each
Women's Linen Handkerchiefs, with or y8
ineh hems, also swiss embroidered, scalloped
and hemstitched Handkerchiefs, our best
regular 15e and 25c values, special sale C
Z5c Neckwear 25c
Embroidered Linen Collars, iy2 and 2 inches high, all O J
the newest patterns; sizes 12 to 15; regular 35c values 3C
Specials for Today
Interesting Facts
About Early Days
(Continued From. Yesterday.)
' Bacon. $.11 to .12H per pound. But
ter. .28 and .30 per pound. Lard, .14 and
$.13 per pound. Eggs f.lS and S.20 per
dozen In 185T.
The first steamboat that ever ran up the
Willamette River to" Eugene, Lane County,
was- The Clinton. In March, 1857.
Captain Nathaniel Crosby, who built the
first frame house In Portland in the Winter
of 1847-4 died In Hongkong, China, early
In 1857.
The convention which framed the present
Constitution of Oregon was held in the
months of August and September, 1857L
On April 25. 1857, the cleric of the Port
land School District reported 433 persona
over 4 and under 21 years of age.
The taxable property In Portland, as re
ported by the Mayor on April 23. 1857, was
41,103.829. and the receipts for the year pre
vious from all sources were $4026.32.
In May, 1857, there was a semi-weekly
mail between Portland, Oregon City and
Intermediate points.
At a meeting of the Common Council of
Portland on April 28, 1857, an ordinance was
passed authorizing and requiring the grad
ing and planking of so much of Morrison
street as lies between Front and Third
Mr. A. Meier (the founder of the Meier
& Frank store) arrived in Portland on the
steamer Commodore from San Francisco on
May 20, 1837.
Total vote of Multnomah County on the
first Monday In June 1857 was 645.
The Democratic candidate for Congress,
General Joseph Lane, received 31Q- votes, and
the Whlgg candidate, Oeorge W. Lawson,
320 votes.
The late 'Hon. George H. Williams deliv
ered an oration on July 4, 1857, at "Santian
A Portland newspaper of August 23. 1857,
acknowledges the receipt of cider from Mr.
James B. Stevens. The editor regrets ab
sence from the city at the time, and speaks
of cider that he is accustomed to, which
they used in Salem that was made of corn.
On August 29. 1857, a. Portland editor ac
knowledges the receipt of a Bartlett pear,
raised by Berryman Jennings, of Clackamas
County, which weighed 16 ounces. In this
connection it may be said that Mr. Jennings,
an Oregon pioneer of 1844, was the first
man who ever taught a school in the State
of Iowa, which was , In the Winter of 1830-1.
An elk weighing 650 pounds was brought
to Portland from the vicinity of St.. Helena
on September 3, 1857.
California papers of September, 185T, state
that "the San.- Francisco markets are
flushed with Oregon fruit to an extent be
yond any previous season."
The total vote of Washington territory at
the election for a delegate to Congress in
1857 was 15S5, of which Governor Isaac I.
Stevens, Democrat, received 1024, and Alex
ander S. Abernlthy received 648.
Mr. J. Ross Brown, a notable character
in connection with Government service on
the Pacific Coast, was in Portland on Sep
tember 12. 1857.
The weekly line of stage coaches was es
tablished in September. 1857, from Corvallls
by way of Eugene City to Winchester in
Douglas County. . The local paper speaks of
this arrangement as one of great conven
ience to the traveling community.
On the 12th day of December, 1857. there
were seven steamboats running out of Port
land, as follows:
The Senorita, W. B. Wells, master, run
ning up the .Columbia River.
Mountain Buck, Thomas Wright master,
running up the Columbia River.
The Express, William Irving master, run
ning to Oregon City.
The Jennie Clark, Joseph Myrlck master,
running to Oregon City.
Multnomah, Richard Hoyt master, running
to Astoria.
Vancouver, James Turn bull master, be
tween Vancou-er and Portland.
The Belle, Riohard Williams master, be
tween Portland and the Cascades.
The Ribbon Sale
This extraordinary sale means the distribn
tion of thousands of yards of fine quality
Ribbon at prices very much below the real
marked value. It includes Ribbons suitable
for trimming the daintiest muslin wear, or
baby things, up to the wide ribbons suit
able for sashes and millinery use, etc.
No. 1 Wash Ribbon, five yards in the
piece, on special sale this week, piece
No. iy2 Wash Ribbon, 5-yard piece at 7$
No. 2 Wash Ribbon, 5-yard piece for 10
No. 3 Wash Ribbon, 5-yard piece for 12
No. 5 Wash Ribbon, 5 yard-piece for X7J
Ribbon Belting, iy2 to iy2 inches wide, in
27-inch lengths, plain or fancy; reg- 1
ular prices 50c to 75c yard, length
2-inch Taffeta Hair Ribbon, in white, black
and colors; regularly priced at 15c " fl.
the yard; special for this sale, only "C
4- inch Taffeta Ribbon, in plain moire or
Dresden effects, all colors; regular O-,
20c values, offered for this sale at A C
5- inch Moire and Taffeta Ribbon, in black,
white and. colors; regular 25c val- "
ues, special for this sale at, yard OC
7-inch heavy Taffeta Ribbon, in black1,
white and colors. Regular 45c val- OP
ues, special for this sale at, yardC
Soft Messaline Ribbon, for hat trimmings,
7 inches wide; our best regular 50c OC
values, placed on sale at only, yard""
Fancy Warped Print Ribbons, in all OO.
colors, 6 ins. wide; 65c and 75c vals. OOC
Satin Ribbon for millinery use; all colors,
5 and 6 inches wide ; regular 35c and 1 qr
50c values, special for this sale at 1 C
Extra heavy Taffeta "Hairbo," in all col
ors, 6 inches wide; our best regular OQ
50c values, priced for the sale at, yd. J7C
Colored Velvet Ribbon, with satin O T
back, 2 inches wide ; 60c value, yard " C
Fancy warped print and striped Ribbons,
in all colors; 5 inches wide; our 35c "1 Q
value; placed on sale at, the yard AC
Fancy warped print and striped Ribbons,
in all colors, 5 and 6 inches wide;O0
regular 50c value, sale price, yard"''
6 to 9-inch fancy warped print and self
colored Ribbons for sashes and mil- OQ
linery, all colors, 75c and $1 values
Extraordinary Special
Watch Friday Morning Paper for
Details of the Greatest Shirt Sale
Ever Held in Portland-See Fifth
Street Windows for Our Display
Buy A Willamette Sewing Machine on the
Club Plan Pay $2 Down and $ 1 A Week
The factory representative will be here for
three days beginning today, and we invite all
Portland homefitters who have not a good sew
ing machine in their home to come in and have
the many advantages of this superb machine
shown them. The Willamette is sold under a
positive guarantee that it will give ten years'
good and satisfactory service, and this guar
antee is backed to the .fullest extent by this
firm. You are taking no chances, trying no ex
periments, when you buy a Willamette. It is
the best low-priced machine on the 'market,
and there are none better at any price. The
quality of the Willamette line is too well
known for us to take up space in this announcement telling more about it. The dur
ability is greater than the lasting quality of any other make. The appearance of
the Willamette completely outclasses all others. Don't fail to see these machines.
This is the easiest way possible to purchase a sewing machine. Join the club now
forming and pay $2 initiation fee, which is applied as a first payment on machine.
Then, while you are using the machine and getting the good of it, make small pay-
.ments of $1.00 a week., We deliver the machine as soon as you make first payment.
Willamette Cabinet, priced at $35.00 Model 124 C, drop head, price, $23.50
Full quartered oak case, price $32.50 Model 14 D, drop head, price, 20.00
' Model 104 0, drop head, price, $26.50 Hand Machine, encased, price $11.00
Special demonstration this week, today, Friday and Saturday. Expert from factory
will be in our store to explain the merits of each machine. Be sure to come this week.
Our $6.50 Cut Glass
Pitchers Only $3.99
We are offering today, in our first floor
cut glass and silverware section, a great
opportunity to secure rich cut glass arti
cles at a very low price. These articles
will make very appropriate wedding or
. birthday presents. Let us show you.
Cut Glass Pitchers, in artistic cuttings
and patterns; regular $6.00 CJO QQ
and $6.50 values, sale price pO.J7iJ
35c A Dozen Jelly
Tumblers at 2c Each
Today, in the basement, a lot of 10,000
Jelly Tumblers, regularly priced at O
35c the dozen, special in sale, each
10,000 Table Tumblers, thin blown glass,
very neat; regular price 60c the O
dozen, on special sale today, at, ea.
5000 Table Tumblers, needle-etched, reg
ularly sold at $1.25 the dozen, on C
special sale today at low price, each
Standing of Candidates for Boy Mayor
Sam Weinstein. Newsb'ys.42f6
Don Tarpley, Independent. S877
Harold Meier, Ind 3S0
"Bud" Krlbs. Ind 2775
Lester Oakley, Ind. .....1130
George Colton, Port.. Acad. 575
Samuel Oreenberg;, Ind. . . . 475
Percy Menefee. Ind 44S
Wayne Coe. Ind 336
Children's Wash Dresses$3.50
ipeciql $ 1 .4:
These clever little Dresses are for girls
from 6 to 1 4 years of age, and are made
of good quality ginghams, chambrays,
percales and reps The colors are blue,
pink, tan and all colors and -combinations
in plaids and stripes They are Russian,
sailor and jumper styles, trimmed with
fancy braid and buttons Full pleated
skirts Values up to $3.5Q 2 1 A
tomorrow Surprise "price p J
Mail Orders Filled See 5th-St. Window
500 Wash Waists
$ 2 Values at 9 8c
Tomorrow for the 1 064th Friday Sur
prise Sale, we offer an even halt thousand
Women's Tailored Waists, made of
zephyr and French percale They come in
white, blue, green and lavender grounds,
with stripes of various widths and colors
There are plain Gibson shirt effects,
with box or the broader styles, made with
inch and one-half inch tucks They are
finished with cuffs of the same material
and white tailored collar $2.00
values, Friday Surprise price
$2.25 Embroidery Strips ? 5 c
Tomorrow, for the 1064th Friday Surprise Sale, a surprising value in fine embroideries '
in manufacturers' strips of 44 to 5 yards in each length. The materials are swiss,
nainsook and cambric. They come from lto 9 inches wide, in eyelet or floral '7tZf
designs. Regular values up to $2.25 the strip, on special sale at low price of
Men's and Young Men's Suits
Vals. to $28.00
Special $ 1 8.85
Tomorrow for the 1064th Friday Surprise Sale
in the Men's Clothing' Department, Third
Floor, a lot of 300 men's and young men's
suits, picked up in the East by our clothing
buyer at wonderfully low prices. They are all
the season's latest and up-to-date models, and
come in decidedly snappy or more conservative
cuts. They are made of fancy worsteds, cassi-
meres and cheviots. The colors are light and
dark gray, tan, brown, olive green and dark
mixtures, in stripes or pin checks. Suits for
business wear. Come in all sizes in regular,
stouts and slims; regular $25
and $28 values ; this sale
at $16.85
i:i-5. s;
i , a .1
See Sixth-street Window. Mail Orders Filled.
Young Men s $18 Suits $10 M
This offer is on one of our best makes of young men's clothing. Materials
are fancy worsteds, cassimeres and tweeds, in the most pop- g q ps
ular of the season's colorings and patterns; $15 to $18 values, t) A vlO0
.Boys' Khaki Suits for lads from 5 to 16 years of age. Medium weight
fabrics, just the thing for beach or outing wear. Military style, f q
long trousers, red trimmings; regular $1.25 values, on sale at, suit
Reg. $ 1 2.50 Women's Hats
Friday Surprise Price $4.95
Tomorrow, for the 1064th Friday Surprise
Sale, a great clean-up of women's and
misses' dress and tailored Hats, trimmed
with flowers, ribbons, fancy feathers,
etc. All the wanted colors and shapes;
good materials;. values up to Cf QC
$12.50, special tomorrow, ea. P"''
New Line Misses' and Women's Lingerir
Eats for midsummer wear. They com
in the new mushroom effects, trimme
with. ribbons and flowers; values up t
$25.00, on special sale ota Sfi
tomorrow at one-fourth off Vl
Flowers and Foliage, in odds and ends,
fine imported goods; a full assortment;
regular values to $1.50 the bunch, OC
special tomorrow, your choice for-
All Imported Spring and Summer Model
Hats, from the foremost Parisian de
signers, special tomor- y Dpipp
row at this reduction ' 1 IV
H i)