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Appropriation of $60,000 for
Willamette River Next Year
Is Request.
Fresent Plan of Annual Operations
on Willamette Said to Bo Useless
Unless Funds Are Provided
for Larger Contracts. .
Representing growers of the Upper
Willamette districts, above HewDerg,
Tho have been isolated from the Port
land produce mark:et because of the
imnaasable condition of the stream
from Newberg to Salem, Captain Rich,
ard Chllcott yesterday forwarded com
munlcations to commercial organiza
tions at Salem. Albany, Newberg, Ore
gon City and Portland, asking their
co-operation in a move to prevent the
expenditure of J30.000 on the stream
this season. He asks that the work be
ordered delayed until next year, when
960.000 will be on hand for permanent
He says in the communication that
he has discussed the proposal generally
with shippers along the stream and
that they favored the question being
shouldered by the commercial bodies as
the most effective means of getting re
Reasons Set Forth.
The letter is, in part, as follows:
The fact that steamer cannot now ply
on the Willamette River, above the City
of ewberg. I argument enougn relative
to the condition of the river.
The question with us is. How shall the
present conditions be amelloratea it win
probably be three or four weeks before an
orficlal communication irom wasnington
reaches the engineers' office in Portland
with orders to commence work. Three
weeks more will be consumed to put the
equipment in order. From one to two weeks
will be required to move the same to the
work and by that time the low-water period
Is nearly at an end, consequently any
money expended this season ia practically
useless and would be wasted.
The proposition It is desired to set forth
is this: That one man of the Engineer
Corps be placed in charge of the Willam
ette River during his life or term of service.
as the practice of removing men every one
or two years who nave gained experience
in a given locality, is not conducive to the
public benefit; that every dollar expended
on the river shall be for . permanent lm
' provements. no money whatever to be ex
pended for temporary work, and that all
. work shall be done under tne contract sys
tem and the surveillance of an Army engl
, neer.
Contract System Favored.
The latter clause will be the most ef-
. fective and the most potent factor in the
economical expenditure of the money and
the readiest manner by -which this river can
be opened to navigation. If a contractor un
dertakes the work, all of which can easily
be specified, it will be done thoroughly and
with promptness and dispatch and the men
so employed will not be enjoying a Bum
. mer outing.
Under the present system, which has al
ways been in' practice on the Willamette for
20 years or more, the river has gradually
been allowed to get In a worse condition,
until today it is Impassable, with the sum of
sju.uuu oeing expended upon it annually.
Now, if we save this season's appropria
tion and place it with next vear's. a sum
of 960.000 is thus available which, expended
under the contract system, will open a per
manent cnannei rrom Oregon Ulty to Salem,
and perhaps higher.
Steamers Crowded and Some Must
Add Passenger Accommodations.
Unprecedented coastwise traffic, prin
cipally noticeable by the gains in passen
ger business, is being experienced in
Portland and while the development of
Oregon coast localities is generally cred
ited with the Increase, sales of reserva
tions to San Francisco and Los Angeles
have climbed to such an extent that
without question the extension of the
Harrlman service to San Pedro will prove
lucrative from its inception.
Beginning at Tillamook the trade is
shown to be growing to such -en extent
that two regular steamers are crowded
to capacity each week and the owners of
the Golden Gate yesterday announced
that the passenger accommodations re
cently added' have been found inade
quate and it has been determined to util
ize her 'tween decks for berths, giving
her a license for S3 persons.
On the Coos Bay route the Newport.J
Hn 11 i n ir Inst nlg-ht htiH o full 1
could have secured passengers, as th
sales on the steamer Breakwater, sailing
at 9 o'clock this morning, were so heavy
that before the office closed yesterday
all berths had been disposed of and ac
commodations had been provided in her
social hall.
The steamer Bear, sailing Saturday,
had but two of her saloon deck state
rooms left yesterday and as they are the
most expensive accommodations on the
vessel, there is every reason to believe
she will have a large list. The steamer
Rose City's reservations have been com
pleted at the Bay City and she will be
added to the fleet so that sailings will
be resumed in regular order when the
schedule Is placed in effect to San Pe
dro, it being planned to have the Beaver
and Bear call there first and be followed
by the Rose City.
The North Pacific Steamship Company
will have the Santa Clara in service ear
ly next month and while the Eureka has
not been able to include Coos Bay as a
port of call, it is probable that harbor
will be placed on the list so that the
Roanoke and Elder can travel on the
Portland-San Francisco-San Pedro route.
Eir Encountered Typhoon Off Japan
but Makes .Fast Passage.
Pending a determination of tho dif
ferences between the stevedores and
longshoremen, through which the lat
ter have enforced demands for the pay
ment of 60 cents an hour for winch
drivers and hatchtenders employed at
St. Helens. Brown & McCabe are pay
ing the new scale, as work was yester
day started loading cargo on the Brit
ish steamer Saint Eninstan at that port.
The vessel arrived in the river Tuesday
and was moored there during the night
and began receiving lumber yesterday
The Norwegian steamer Eir, which
reached the Portland mill Tuesday
night, started loading with four gangs
yesterday, and it is estimated that in
twelve days she will have completed
her cargo f 3,100,000 feet for Taku
Bar. The vess-el left here three month
ago, discharged lumber at Hankow and
loaded hardwood there for Redondo,
Four days from the Japanese coast she
encountered a typhoon in which she
labored for 12 hours, but despite that
delay she made the run to Southern
California in 21 days, averaging nine
knots, tsne win be dispatched by Hind
Rolph & Company.
Accident Delays Service Record.
For the first time in 21 years. Frank
Malmquist, purser of the steamer Un
dine, was unable to report for duty
yesterday in the Kamm Line service,
and his absence was due to the fact
he is being treated at St. Vincent's Hos
pital for injuries received about mid
night, when he slipped on the deck and
fell against a cavil while trying to
make fast a. line thrown from an in
coming steamer. Mr. Malmquist dis
located his shoulder and sustained
Division of Portland Mill's Business
Iieaves Little for Abroad.
In excess of 4,000,000 feet of lumber
was purchased from the Portland Lum
ber Company by Hind, Rolph & Com
pany for June and July loading and as
the Eir will leave about a third of the
lot, arrangements are being made- to
secure sufficient additional business in
the Orient so that a steamer can be
sent in July for a full cargo.
There are also two cargoes to be
placed for loading here early in August
by the same firm, being consigned to
Australia and Manila, making three
vessels yet to be named. The company
cabled a bid to Port Pirie on 6.000,000
Dae to Arrive.
Name. From - Date.
Bear .San Francisco In port
Breakwater. . . .Coos Bay In port
Rose City. ... ..San Francisco lndeft
Hercules Hongkong. ..June 24
Oolden Oate. ...Tillamook. ...June 25
Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook. ...June 25
Roanoka....... San Pedro June 25
Beaver San Francisco June ,2T
Falcon .San Francisco June 2T
Oeo. W. Elder.. San Pedro. ...July 3
Rygja Hongkcng. ...July 10
Selja Hongkong Aug. 12
Scheduled to Depart.
Name. For - Date.
Rose City San Francisco Indert
Breakwater. .. .Coos Bay. ... .June 23
Henrik Ibsen. . -Hongkong. .. .June 24
Bear San Francisco. Juno 25
Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook. ...June 'J7
Golden Gate. . . .Tillamook. .. .June 27
Roanoke San Francisco June 28
Falcon San Francisco July 1
Beaver San Francisco July 2
Geo. W. Elder. -San Pedro. . ..July 5
Hercules -Hongkong. ...July 10
Jysja Hongkong July 30
Selja Hongkong. ...Sept. 8
feet wanted, but no reply has been re
ceived. ,
The Portland mill has assembled 1,
180.000 feet to be loaded in the River
dale, due next month to work cargo for
China, under charter to the China Ex
port & Import Company, and about the
same amount will be delivered aboard
a ves&el for the company to be sent late
in July, not yet fixed. Under existing
conditions, the mill disposes of about
100,000 feet daily in Portland, five cars,
equalling about the same in measure
ment, are dispatched to the interior,
while the month's business by coast
wise vessels reaches 2,000,000 feet, so
on a cut of 400,000 feet each 24 hours
there is not much surplus for the for
eign market. Inquiries are reported
brisk and more business is available
than is .being accepted.
Deckhand Drowned in Beaver Creek.
Paul Fulgence. deckboy on the steam
er Cascades, was drowned in Beaver
Creek yesterday, while standing on a
raft that was being backed from the
creek by the Cascades. Details of the
accident were not received at the local
office of the Shaver Transportation
Company. Fulgence had been a mem
ber of the crew for some time and was
regarded with high favor by his em
ployers. It is not known if he has rela
tives here.
Marine Notes.
With cement from the Bay City, the
steamer Wellesley reached Couch-street
dock yesterday afternoon.
Having discharged most of her ce
ment cargo at Supple's dock, the barge
Amy Turner will shift today to the
Pacific Bridge Company's wharf to fin
ish. Though it was planned to dispatch
the Oriental liner Henrik Ibsen at day
light this morning, she has been de
layed and may not sail until tomorrow
"Work was started on the annual re
port of the United States Corps of En
gineers, covering work on the Willam
ette and Columbia rivers, and It is ex
pected to be ready for the public July
After towing the schooner W. F. Je . -ett
to the lower harbor yesterday from
St. Helens, the steamer Ocklahama
towed the American bark Pactolus from
Astoria to Prescott, where she will
work lumber.
Commander J. M. Ellicott left last
night for Astoria to board the light
house tender Heather, and he will be
gin his annual tour by inspecting light
stations at North Head and Cape Dis
appointment, then proceeding in turn
to Willapa Bay, Grays Harbor, Coos
Bay and the Umpqua River.
yesterday's entries at the Custom-
House were the steamers Jim Butler,
Stanley Dollar and Nann Smith, from
San Francisco; steamer Breakwater,
from Coos Bay, and the Norwegian
steamer Eir, from Victoria. The Stanley
Dollar cleared for Seattle, to load lum
ber, the Jim Butler for San Francisco
via Stella and the Breakwater for Coos
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND. June 22. Arrived Steamer
Wellesley, from San Francisco; steamer
Stanley Dollar, from San Francisco. Sailed
- Steamer Newport, for Coos Bay; steamer
Jim Butler, for San Francisco via Stella.
Astoria, June 22. Condition at tho mouth
of the river at 5 P. M.. smooth; wind west,
8 miles; weather clear. Arrived at 3 A. M.
and left up at 4 A. M. Steamer Wellesley,
from San Francisco. Arrived down during
tho night and sailed at 4:80 A. M. Steamer
Johan Poulsen, for San Francisco; at 9:15
A. M. Steamer Geo. W. Eider, for San
Pedro and way ports. Sailed at -a A. M.
Steamer Elmore; at 7 A. M., steamer Golden
Gate, for Tillamook. Arrived down at 1 and
sailed at 2:15 P. M. Norwegian steamer
Sark. for Dalny and way ports. Arrived
down at 3 P. M. Schooner W. F. Jowett.
San Francisco. June 22. Arrived at mid
night Steamer Falcon, from Portland; at 4
A. M. Steamer Rainier; at 6 A. M Steam
er Nome City, from Portland. Arrived at
3 P. M. Steamer Catania, from Portland.
Point Reyes. June 22. Passed at 3 P. M.
Steamer Washtenaw, from Portland, for Port
Queenstown. June 22. Arrived yesterday
French ship Andre Theodore, from Portland.
Scilly. June 22. Passed yesterday
French bark Jean Bart, from Portland, for
Newcastle. Australia, June 22. Sailed
yesterday British bark Andromeda, for
Portland. -
Tatoosh, June 22. Passed out British
steamer Coulsdon, for Portland.
Gaviota. June 22. Sailed at 9 last night
Steamer J. A. cnansior. ior foruana.
San Pedro, June 22. Arrived Steamer
Shna Tak. from Portland.
. New York, June 22. Arrived Carman la.
from Liverpool. Sailed Mauritania, for
IJvemool: Majestic, for Southampton.
Southampton, June 22. Teutonic, for New
Tork: Kaiser Wllhelm II, for New Tork.
Havre, June 21. Arrived La Gascogne,
from New Tork.
Yokohama, June 20 Sailed Admiral Du
perre. for San Francisco.
Tacoma. Wash., June , 22. Arrived
Steamer Buckman, from San Francisco. De
parted Steamer Governor, for Sound ports.
Seattle, June 22. Arrived Steamer Eu
reka, from Tacoma; Japanese steamer lam-
ha Maru, from Yokohama. Sailed Steamer
Charles Nelson, for San Francisco: German
steamer Slsak. Hamburg, for San Francisco:
steamer Buckman. for Sound ports; steamer
Dirigo, for Skagway. j
San Francisco. June 22. Arrived Steam
ships Rainier, Nome City, Catania, from
Astoria: M. F." Plant, from Coos Bay; Daisy
Freeman, from Grays Harbor; Watson, rrom
Seattle; schooner Oregon, from Coquille
River. Sailed Steamship Flfleld, from
Tide at Astoria Thursday.
High. Low.
0:35 A. M 8.7 ft.!7:50 A. M.... 0.8 ft.
2:23 p. M fl.7 ft. 17:40 P. M 4-3 ft.
Top Grade Stock Brings Ad
vance at North Portland.
Active Demand for All Classes.
Sheep, Lambs and Calves Sell
Readily at Current
Good prices prevailed at North Portland
yesterday, particularly on hogs, sheep and
calves. Hogs climbed 10 cents above the
previous quotations. There was a good run
of stock and an active demand.
The interesting feature of the day was
the sale of a load of extra good hogs at
$9.85. The top of" the market for the
past Week had been 9 75. This latter figure
was realized on a small load, while several
other lots brought $9.50.
Fancy Iambs sold at JS and the best sheep
moved readily at $4.75. The best steers that
were offered brought $6.26 and 5.35, and
the best cows on sale went at (4.85. For
fancy light calves buyers paid $6.76.
Tho receipts for the day were 380 cattle,
p83 calves, 1038 sheep, 171 hogs and 14
Shippers of the stock were: F. R. Hibby,
of McMlnnvllle, 2 cars of sheep; M. Burke,
of Salem. 1 car of sheep; A. R. Ford, of
Carlton, 1 car of hogs and sheep; F. C.
Sharkey. 9 cars of cattle from California
C. H. Harris & Son, of Lebanon, 1 car of
hogs and sheep; Frank Dlnges, of Junction
City, 1 car of cattle; G. D. Burdick, of
Lebanon, 1 car of cattle and hogs; C. T.
Tatton, of Halsey, 2 cars of sheep; W. C,
Morey, of Welser, 1 car of hogs; Gladhart
Bros., of Welser. 3 cars of cattle and calves;
A. F. Myers, of Joseph, 1 car of sheep; F
W. Ball, of Condon, 1 car of cattle and
calves; E. J. Haight, of Shanlko, 1 car of
cattle and calves, and F. A. Goodner, of
Seattle, 1 car of horses.
The day's sales were as follows;
Weight. Price.
8 steers 107B $5.33
3 steers . 101:1 4.30
27 steers 10S0 4.30
a steers 91u 4.2
11 steers 1104 4.00
10 cows ....1037 4.H5
3 cows 10110 3.50
1 yearling 620 a.r0
' 1 calf 330 4.75
2 bulla 1365 2.75
2 bulla 1540 2.50
li7 lambs 65 6.00
104 sheep 9:1 4.73
113 sheep 105 4.05
107 sheep 114 4.30
1(6 calves 229 6.73
8 calves 32l 4.50
25 cows . .J.r . 912 4.50
17 cows 1007 8. HO
50 steers .....1131 5.25
21 steers 1H'. 4.;i)
1 steer ' 141(0 3.00
1 cow 1300 4.00
1 cow 1200 3.00
3 cows 10S3 4.25
25 cows ...10o: 4. S3
8 cows HS5 3.25
17 cows !! 4.00
22 cows X57 3. 05
1 calf 370 3.(10
1 calf , 170 , 6.75
6 calves 145 6.75
6 yearlings . 9411 3.00
128 sheep 106 4.75
9 sheep . 139 3.60
43 sheep . 82 4.40
60 sheep 96 3.K0
3 sheep 106 4.50
102 lambs ...................... 70 5.95
70 lambs ;. 67 5. HO
121 lambs 51 5.35
26 hogs ISO 9.73
21 hogs 181 9.50
1 hog 370 9.00
47 hogs 162 9.5
UO hogs 200 8.85
Prices quoted on the various classes of stock
at the yards yesterday were as follows:
Beef steers, good to choice Cal
ifornia $ 5.00 $ 5.73
Beef steers, good to choice East
ern Oregon and Valley 5.40 5.60
Beef steers, fair to medium.... 4.25((i 4.75
Cows and heifers, good to choice 4.25 4.75
Cows and heifers, fair to me
dium 3.758 4.50
Bulls 3.O0.1 4.O0
Stags 3.5011) 5.00
Calves, light 5.75 6.75
Calves, heavy 4.00(9 6.00
Hogs, top 9.50 9.85
Hogs, fair to medium 8.40f-i) 9.23
Sheep, fair to good wethers... 4.00(0 4.25
Lambs, choice 0.50 6.00
Lambs, fair ................. 4.75G2) 5.25
Eastern Livestock Markets.
CHICAGO. June 22. Cattle Receipts, esti
mated, 26,000: market, 15g-25c oft from Mon
day. Beeves. $5. 50.S. 65; Texas steers. $5.2o3?
6-90: Western arteers, $5.307.&0: Blockers and
feeders $3.853?5.90; cows and heifers, $2.70t3
690: calves, K&8.25.
Hogs Receipts, estimated. 32.000; market,
slow to 20c lower. Llirht. $9.239.55; mixed,
$9.2069.65; heavy, 8.45S9.50; rouRh. ,$8.951j
9.10; good to choice heavy, $9.10t9.GO; pigs.
$&59.60; bulk of sales. $o.3o'o.45.
Sheep Receipts, estimated, 15.000; market,
ulv to 10c lower. Native $3.2.VS5.35: West
ern, $3.25&XS.30; yearlings. $5.75&7.15; lambs,
$5wT.40; western, sa.zira. i .w.
OMAHA, Juno 22. Cattle Receipts, 3300;
market, slow to 15c lower. Native steers.
5.25fft8.10: cows and heifers. $3.75(g.50;
Western steers, $3.75'??-6.50; cows and heifers,
$3. 75S-5.50; catiners, $2.75(4.25; mockers and
feeders, S3.&orrnj.tH; caives, 4ie.zo; duus.
stags, etc., $3.75-6.00.
Hogs Keceims. 4jw: mantel, zoc lower.
Havy, $9iS9.20; mixed. $9.109.13; light,
$9.159.25; pigs, $7.50&8.50; bulk of sales,
$U. HxtiU.liO.
Sheep tteceipts, o. " " ' : maricer, slow ana
lower. Vrarllnfirs. 55i-6: wethers. S4&4.90:
ewes, C3.754.60; lambs, $6.75&.50.
KANSAS CITY. lane 22. Cattle Receipts.
a2.0OO: market, best native steers steadv.
others 10c to 20c lower. Native steers, $5.25
&8.30; cows and heifers. 750.70; stockers
end feeders. $3.50iii6.2S; bulls. $3.75;
calves, $4b'S: Western steers, $3g825; West
em cows, $3.506.
Hogs Receipts. 15.000; market, 15c to 20o
lower. Bulk or sales. $9.359.42; heavy,
$9.2.aVJ9.35: packers and butchers. $9.309.45;
light. $9.aoiS9.45: pigs. $8,7549.00.
Sheep Receipts, 7000; market, weak. Mut
tons. $46.25; lambs. $6.50i& 7.90; fed weth
ers and .yearlings, $4.Z5j6.23; fed Western
ewes, $435.
Produce Prices Current In the Bay City
SAN FRANCISCO. June 22. The follow
ing prices were current In the produce mar
ket today:
Butter Fancy creamry, 2Sc; creamery
seconds, 27c; lancy dairy. 26c.
Cheese New, 1314c; Young America,
Eggs Store, 25c: fancy ranch, 27c.
Poultry Roosters, old, $5 5.50; roosters,
young. $810; broilers, small, $2.2533;
broilers, large.. $3.604; fryers, $607.50
hens, $5 10; ' ducks, old, $67; ducks.
young. $84j)10.
Vegetables Cucumbers, SK32H0: garlic. 3
34c; green peas. $1.50i2.5O; string beans, 6
fdi 10c; asparagus, 75QP83C; tomatoes, O0$p
75c; eggplant, 54i18c.
Hops California. 1214c.
Potatoes Early Rose, 403'60o.
Fruit Apples, choice, 50c; apples, com
mon. 35c; bananas, 75c$3: Mexican limes,
$0.50 7; California lemons, choice, $2.50-S
5.50: oranges, navels, $1.50 3.25; pineapples,
Mlllstuffs Bran, $23 '3' 24; middlings, $28
Hay Wheat. $9'a!14.50; wheat and oats,
$913; alfalfa, $7.5010; stock. $6'3i7;
straw, per bale, 40 65c.
Receipts Flour, . 2575 Quarter sacks;
wheat. 630 centals; barley, 3455- centals;
oats, 940 centals; beans, lHo sacks; potatoes,
5000 sacks; bran. 105 sacks; middlings. 65
sacks; hay, 894 tons; wool, 137 bales; hides
010. v
Metal. Markets.
NEW YORK. June 22. Standard copper
Easy. Spot and June. $1212.25; July. $12S
12.10; August and September, $12 12.20.
The London market was easy at 54 13s 9d
for spot and 15 5s fid for futures. Arrivals
at New York were 515 tons. Custom house
returns showed exports of 936 tons, making
12.940 tons so far this month. Lake copper,
$12. 62 H 12.87; , electrolytic. 12.37't4
12.02; casting, 2.12 V S 12.37 V4.
1 In was easy, bpot and June 32.a0orr32.70;
July. August and September. $32.3532.60.
London, steady. Spot, 148; futures, 148
17s 6d.
Lead was easy, with spot at $4.404.50
New York and $4-17 Vi 4.20 East St. Louis.
London, 12 15s.
Spelter was easy, at $5,156)5.50 New York
and 4 854-95 East St. Louis. London spot.
E22 2s 6d.
Iron unchanged at 49s for Cleveland war
rants In London. The local market was
barely steady. No. 1 foundry Northern.
J1B.5016.85; No. 2. $1616.25: No. 1 South
ern and No. 1 Southern soft. $16.25 16.75. .
Eastern. Mining Stocks.
BOSTON, June 22. Closing quotations:
Allouez 42 Mohawk 49B
Amalg. Copper.. 66 Nevada Con. . 19
a. z.. l &. sin.. 25 V Nipissing Mines.. 1 1 H
Arizona Com. .. ltlis 'North Butte 274
Atlantic 7 INorth Lake 11
B & C C S M. 13 Old Dom. ex. d.. 38
Butte Coalition.. If) (Osceola 133
Cal. & Arizona. 54 Parrott S. & C-) 14
Cal. & Hecla 545B Qulncy 73
Centennial 17 Shannon ........ 10 U,
Cop. Ran. C. Co. 63 4 Superior 44
E. Butte Cp. M. 7fcSup A Bos Mln.. 10
Franklin 12 Pup & Pitts Cop. 10
GIroux Con. .... T (Tamarack 50
Granby Con. . .". 37 V. S. Coal & Oil 36
Greene Cananea. 7V41U. S. S. R. A M. 40
1. Royale (Cop.) 1S4 do preferred .. 48
Kerr Lake 8ITTtah Con. 21
Lake Copper.... 55 Winona ........ 8
La Salle Copper 11 V Wolverine 112 .
Miami Copper... 20 Vr
Selling on an Enormous Scale Car
ries Values Down Rapidly From
Start of Trading.
CHICAGO, June 22. Official announcement
of a break in the hot wave was a hard hlow
this afternoon to speculative holders of wheat.
Rain at various places In the Spring crop
country, where great damage to tho growing
grain was feared, led to liquidation on a scale
almost equaling in magnitude the "buying dur
ing the previous day, hut the power to rally
with vim was not plainly shown until a spe
cial forecast was received indicating several
days of normal temperature and probability
of more moisture in the states that have been
suffering most. The close was weak at a
net decline of 2 to 2(2e. Corn finished
HBlV4c to lMjigl'Sfce and oats 1 to 1 c lower.
Lant prices in provisions were 15 to 70c be
low the quotations of 24 hours previous.
The stampede to sell th wheat bought on
the 6-cent advance, which was scored the
last two days, began with the opening bell.
It was during the final hour of trading, how
ever, that the heaviest break of alt came and
that the speculative machine was reversed
In dead earnest. There was almost as much
income on selling outholds todav as there was
In covering short wheat and getting Into the
marKet on tne buying side the two sessions
preceding. Considerable difference of opinion
existed as to the extent of the rains in the
-Northwest and regarding how radical would
be the benefit. Weight of offerings, however
Increased heavily toward the close. September
ranged between 94c and 98c. closing 2
2c down at 95Wc.
In the corn pit there was much unloading
by longs. September moved from 595i4c
to 61c and- finished 11o off at &0
.n',c. i ne casn market "was also weak.
No. 2 yellow closed at 5915a39c.
Oats were active and lower. September
price variations nad as limits 37i37c
and 39c with the close at 3737Tc, a net
loss of 1-TfeC.
Provisions fell materially, led by July pork.
Final figures showed pork down 4270c,
lard 15 to 20c and ribs 22S27e.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High.
$ .9SH $ .98
.98 .88
.98 .98
.69 .59
.61 .61
.58 .58 'i
$ .95
July. .
Sept. .
Dec. . .
Dec .
.39Vi .39 .38
.38" .39 .37
.31), .39 .38
Sept. .
Dec. . .
July. .
Sept. .
. 22. DO
July 12.25 12.35 12.25
Sept 12.32 12.40 12.30
July 12.90 12.95 12.80 12.80
Sept 12.45 12.47 12.37 12.37
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour Firm. ' -
Rye No. 2., 75 76c.
Barley Feed or mixing. 47062c: fair to
choice malting, 56 63c.
f laxseed .No. 1 Southwestern. 2.05: No. 1
Northwestern, $2.15.
J lmothy seed $4.35. 1
Clover $11.25.
Mess pork Per bbl.. $23.25 23.60.
Lard Per 100 lbs.. $12.25.
Short ribs Sides (loose), $13.12 13.50.
Sides Short clear (boxed), $14 14.25.
Grain statistics:
Total clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to 59,000 bushels. Primary receipts
were Zil.vvu Dusnels. compared with 238,000
bushels the corresponding day a year ago.
liSumaiea receipts ior tomorrow: w neat. 3
cars; corn. 207 cars; oats, 85 cars; hogs,
28.000 head.
Dally movement of produce:
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 20.000 39.400
Wheat, bu 20,400 50,600
Corn, bu 277,500 . 158,700
Oats, bu 333,700 137,400
Rye, bu 7,000
Barley, bu 99.000 23,700
Grain and Produce at New York.
NEW YORK. June 22- Flour Steady,
with demand only fair. Receipts, 16,885
barrels; shipments, 2086 barrels.
Wheat Spot weak; No. 2 red, $1.05 nomi
nal c. 1. f. to arrive; No. 1 Northern
$1.16 nominal f. o. b. to arrive. Wheat
declined sharply under heavy selling by re
cent buyers on reports of showers and
cooler weather over the Northwest, closing
22c net lower. July closed $1.02;
September closed $1.01; December closed
Hops Dull.
Hides Steady.
Petroleum Steady,
Wool Quiet.
European Grain Markets.
I, IV FR POOL. June 22. Close Wheat-
You Can Pay When CURED
What better proof or more sincere assur
ance can I offer than that I am willing; to
wait for my fee until I effect a cure?
Could I afford to make such an offer if I
was not absolutely certain of curing every
case I take?
My practice has demonstrated that no
ailment peculiar to men Is incurable. Fail
use to cure is usually due to lack of
knowledge and improper treatment. Tou
may consult me free of charge and learn
your exact condition. I will not urge my
services, nor will I accept your case unless
I am positive of my ability to cure you.
I accept no incurable cases at all, and
if I treat you, you can feel assured of a
thorough and permanent cure, and I am al
ways willing to wait for my fee until a
cure Is effected.
I offer not only FREE consultation and advice, but of every case
that comes to me I will make a careful examination and diagnosis with
out charge. No ailing man should neglect this opportunity to get ex
pert opinion about his trouble.
If you cannot call, wrlto for Diagnosis chart. My offices are open
all day from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M., and Sundays from 10 to 1.
Here Is an Opportunity for Any Man to
Be Cured Easily, Quickly and Permanently
"JO MAN should suffer the loss of that vitality which renders life worth living, or allow him
self to become less than Nature intended, when there is at hand a certain cure for his debility.
Most of the PAINS, most of the DEBILITIES of the STOMACH, HEART, BRAIN, NERVES and
AILMENTS of MEN from which men suffer are due to an early loss of Nature 's reserve power.
You need not suffer from this. You can be restored.. The very element which you have lost you
can get back, and you may be as happy as any man. You can bo cured by the right kind of treat
ment. Oome to my office; investigate my methods. v
When you are first aware of any disease or debility upon
your vitality, then you should procure the proper medical advice
and treatment without delay. You will secure to yourself that
health, success and enjoyment of life which is every man's lot,
whose bright and steady eyes, clear and healthy skin, active
brain, congenial make-up and physical development .show that
no 'contaminating influences of disease are devastating his sys
tem, that no mental, moral or physical debility is making his
life a miserable failure.
I do not treat symptoms. I treat and cure the ailment be
hind the symptoms. If the case presents even the slightest fea
ture upon which I have a doubt, or if I recognise-incurable com
plications, I positively refuse treatment. I would rather give
up my practice than indulge in either guesswork or make-believe
eures. I have devoted years of earnest and conscientious en
deavor to the unravelment of some of the most perplexing prob
lems that ever confronted the profession, and believe that I have
attained the limit of medical possibilities in my particular .branch
of practice. I have brought to light the true nature of men's
ailments and the causes of the symptoms they present. Inaddi
tion I have by the scientific blending of drugs produced remedies
that meet every condition that it seems possible to cure. There
is no cause to hesitate. Consultation costs nothing, and I will
not offer my services unless I can cure you.
My Original and Exclusive Treatment for Men's Ailments Has Been Proven in Numbers of In
stances Where Success Has Seemed Impossible Before. Information That Is of Vital
Interest to Every Sufferer Free. How They Can Be Cured Without Experi
menting'. Have You Violated the Laws of Health?
Correct Medical Methods for the Permanent Cure of Blood Ailments, Piles, and All Bladder And
Kidney Ailments.
Medicine furnished from my own laboratory for
the convenience and privacy of my patients,, from
$1.60 to (6.50 a course.
Hours 9 -A.. M. to 8 P. H. tssdsrs Croat lO to 12.
Ju!. 6s 6d; October, 6s 8?,d. Weather,
English country markets 6d dearer;
French country markets quiet.
Minneapolis Grain Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. June 22. Wheat July,
$1.03; September, $1.00; December, 98
90c. Cash No. 1 hard. $1.13: No. 1
Northern. 1. 10 1.12 ; No. 2 Northern,
$1.0S 1.10 ; No. 3 Northern, $1.05
Flax Closed at $2.15.
Corn No. 3 yellow. R4B4c.
Oats No. 3 white, 3638c.
Rye No. 2, 0872c.
Grain at San XYanclsoo.
SAN FRANCISCO. June 22. Wheat
Easy. Barlej Steady.
Spot Quotations Wheat Shipping-. $1.40
Barley Feed, 97c3$l; brewing;, $1.07
1.10. 4
Oats Red.. $1.17 1. 27; white, $1.42
1.47; black, nominal.
Call board sales: Wheat, no trading-.
Barley December, $1.02 bid. $1.03
Corn Large yellow. $1.51 1.63.
Grain Markets of the Northwest.
TACOMA. June 22. Wheat Bluestem.
80c: club, 77c; red Russian, 75c.
SEATTLE. June 22.- Wheat Milling quo
tations Bluestem, S5c; forty-fold, 83c: club,
82c; fife. 82c; red Russian, 80c. Export
wheat Bluestem. 82c; forty-fold, 80c; club,
70c; fife, 7c; red Russian. 77c. Yesterday's
car receipts Wheat, 5 cars; oats, 13 cars;
barley. 1 car.'
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK, June 22. Coffee Steady,
net to 5 points lower. Sales were reported
of 40.205 bags. Closing bids follow: June
and July. .40c; August. 6.50c: September,
6.55c; October, 6.C0c; November and De
cember. 6.65c; January. 6.68c; February,
6.70c; March, 6.72c; April, 6.73c; May, 6.74c
Spot steady; Rio No. 7, 8'85-16c: Santos
No. 4, 8c; mild quiet. Cordova. 912c.
Raw sugar Firm: Muscovado. .89 test.
3.74c; centrifugal, .96 test. 4.24c; molasses
sugar. .89 test. 3.49c. Refined steady;
crushed, 6.85c; granulated, 5.15c; powdered,
. Dried Fruit at Mew Tork.
NEW YORK. June 22. Evaporated apples
quiet. On the spot fancy Is quoted at 10J
10c: choice. 88c; prime, 77c; com
mon to fair, 66c.
Prunes Inactive and prices are unchanged.
The Leading Specialist.
quotations ranging from 39c for Cali
fornia up to 30-40s and 40c for Oregon.
Apricots offered more freely and prices
easy; choice, 10lOc; extra choice, 10 &
11c: fancy, 10 11 He.
Peaches are quiet, and steady, with prices
mostly nominal; choice, 66c; extra
choice, 77c; fancy, 77c.
Raisins quiet and somewhat unsettled;
loose muscatels quoted 3 0c; choice to
fancy seeded. 4i0c; seedless, 34c;
London layers, $1.201.2b.
Dairy Produce in the ast.
NEW YORK. June 22. Butter, easy.
Creamery specials. 28c; extras, 27c; pro
cess. 22 25c.
Cheese Firm, unchanged.
Ekks Firmer. Pennsylvania and nearby
hennery white. 25(Jf29c: do Kathered white,
2326c: fresh feathered extra first. 20
21c; first, 19 20c
CHICAGO, June 22. ' Butter Steady;
creameries. 24g2'c; dairies, 2326c.
Ekk Receipts, 19.158; steady at mark,
cases Included, l&'ldc; firsts, 18c; prims
flrsta, 19c.
Cheese Firm: daisies. 15i?T15c: twins.
15c: Young America. 15(.13c; long horns,
Duluth Flax Market.
DUIX'TH. June 22. Flax On track and
to arrive, $2.1&; July, (2.15; September,
$2.02; October. 11.82 hi.
Water Veers Elect Officers.
KLAMATH FALLS, Or., June 22.
(Special.) At a meeting of the Klam
ath Water Users' Association yesterday
Abel Ady was elected president, and
John Irwin vice-president of the board.
Albert E. Elder was retained as sec
retary and his salary raised from $100
a month to $125. He was also instruct
ed to hire any help he might need.
Is the watohword for health and vigor,
comfort and beauty. Mankind Is learn
ing not only the necessity but the lux
ury of cleanliness. SAPOLIO, which)
baa wrought emch changes In the home,
announces her slater triumph
A special "soap, which energises th
whole body, starts the circulation and
leaves an exhilarating glow. All
ears and druggists.
Is often distressed by Gray or
Bleached Hair
Imperial Hair Regenerator
Is the only sure and absolute
ly harmless remedy for either;
easily applied; any natural shade
produced; leaves the hair soft
and glossy. It is unequaled for
Beard or Mustache. Sample of
hair colored free. Privacy as
sured correspondence. Imperial
Chemical Mfg. Co.. 135 W. 83d Bt. N. Y.
Inflammations, Irritations
or ulcerations of all mu
cous membranes, unnatu-
ClgM nuoiKDftilBa lima ouw.
Hay Fever - ureal or urinary organs.
e Efin OMsniCs. gold hr Druggists
'or In plain wrapper, ex
press prepaid, on receipt
of II. or three bottles, $S.7S
Booklet on request.
QWAMP I" no recommended for
JITAIUI everything: but if you
DnflT have kidney, liver or
S.JKJ I bladder trouble It will
be found Just the remedy you need. At
druggists in fifty cent and dollar sizes.
Tou may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful new discovery by mall free,
also pamphlet telling all about It.
Address. Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Blnghamton. K. T.
HfcUUnUt, Hablta Positively
Cured. Only authorized Eeeley Is
atl trite In Oregon. Write for 111ns
trated circular. Keoley Institute,
JIE.J U i Portland. Oragoa
Cure Rheumatism
because they draw
the pain and poison out of the body. Thou
sands cured. Big Hotel open all year. For
book that tells about the treatment write
to R. B. KRAMER, Pres., Kramer. Ind.
Th. rcoadr for I
l-r tnf Catsrrn.
Consultation and examlnaJ'On. If
you cannot call, write free
self-examination blanfc anu book.
Many cases cured at home.
23012 Yamhill St.
I am an expert specialist, have had
30 years'-practice in the treatment of.
ailments of men. My offices are tho
best equipped In Portland. My meth
ods are modern and up to date. My
cures are quick and positive. I do not
treat symptoms and patch up. I thor
oughly examine each case, find the
cause, remove it and thus cure the ail
ment. I CURE Varicose Veins, Contracted
Ailments, Piles and Specific Illood Poi
son and all Ailments of Men.
CURE OR NO PAY I am the only
Specialist In Portland who makes no
charge unless the patient Is entirely
satisfied with the results accomplished,
and who gives a written guarantee to
refund every- dollar paid for services)
If a complete and permanent cure Is not
tracted and chronic cases cured. All
burning, itching and inflammation
stopped in 24 hours. Cures effected la
seven days. Consultation free. If un
able, to call write for list of questions.
Office hours 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Sun
days. 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
ISSVs Second St., Corner of Alder.
Portland, Or.
yields to scientific treatment. No pow
ders, no (moke, no douches. This ia
"different." Send for booklet, "Fro
Air," to Dept. O.
214 St. Helens Ave, '1'scoms, Wash.
Yonng Ming Chines
Medicine Co. Wonderful
remedies from herbs and
roots cures all diseases of
men and women. Consulta
tion and pulse diagnosis
free. If you live out oC
town and cannot call,
write for symptom blank.
247 Taylor u. bet. 2d and
1 T. YEE "
Tee A Son's Medicine Co. spent
lifetime study of nerbs and re
search In China; was granted
diploma by the Emperor; won
derful cure of all ailments of
men and women when others
failed. If you suffer, call or
write to YEE SC SON'S MEDI
CINE CO., 142 Klrst. Cor.
Alder. Portland. Or.
L. X. Yes.
Cures Seasickness.
Mothers!. Remedy quickly cures sea or train
sickness. Guaranteed safe and harmless. 50c and
91.00 a box. All dmsnrlsU or direct from Mother
sill Remedy Co., 819 C lei and Bid?., Detroit, Miotw
W II nil.iTsr Nllsll 1 lllWlllsBsssfl
" 1 t
t -v. 4