Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 22, 1910, Page 5, Image 5

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Six Principals, One of Whom
Resigns, Are Omitted From
School Rolls.
Many of instructors Xewly Engaged
Are Said to Come From Eastern
States Superintendent and
Assistant Re-elected.
"With the close of the public schools
yesterday afternoon, the Board of Ed
ucation gave out the list of general of
ficials, principals and teachers for the
Kali term of 1910 and Spring term of
1911. City Superintendent Rigler, As
sistant Superintendent Grout and the
majority of principals and teachers
were re-elected. The most noticeable
change is in the head of th School of
Trades, where Charles FYldel takes the
place of ex-Supervisor Hamilton.
Six principals were either dismissed
or sent In their resignations, and a
large number of the grade teachers will
be required to seek other positions . It
Is understood that one of them re
signed Six Principals Left Out.
The following are the principals who
will be with Portland schools no
C. L. Strong, Sellwood; N. W. Bowland,
Montavalla; F. B. Hamlin, Woodstock;
J. W. MacCormack, Davi s; G. N.
McKay, Irvington; George W. Hamilton,
u rades.
Of the newcomers among the grade
teachers it is said a large number are
from Kastern States.
Aside from the regular courses of
study In books, the schools will teach
drawing, physical training, music, sew
ing, cooking and manuel training and
the Bchool of trades, one of the most
prominent of the school features, will
be operated on amuch larger scope.
The school situation is in excellent
condition and plans forthe Fall term
are already being made. The election
of I. N. Fleischner Monday to succeed
himself as a director keeps the trained
members of the Board together, and
their policy of extending and improving
the system will be pushed so that there
will be ample room for pupils when
school ' sessions are resumed in the
Fall. Mrs. L. W. Sitton is now presi
dent of the Board and the other direc
tors are I. N. Fleischner, R. L. Sabln,
J. V. Beach and H., C. Campbell.
Changes Are Announced.
The following is a list of principals
and teachers transferred and new ones
Principals Transferred.
C. A. Rice, couch to Sellwood.
L., A. Wiley, Shaver to Montavllla.
H. B. Hough, Ainsworth to Woodstock.
New Principals Engaged.
C. E. Barker. Ainsworth School.
W. T. Fletcher, Couch School.
A. L. Clark, Davis School.
J.' C. Ryan. Irvington School.
Charles Friedel, . School of Trade
T. E. Spiers, Shaver School.
New Teachers Employed.
Alblna Homestead Maude Cook, Minnie
Slough. Orletta Kraus.
Arleta Gertrude Kishburn.
Brooklyn Edith Schley, Grace White
house. Clinton Kelly Jeanette Howatt.
Cuch Hazel Weller, lone Dunlap.
Creston Llllie Keifer, Carrie Brown,
6adis fiaum.
Eliot Pearl Montgomery.
Fultcm Park Alma Harris. '
Glencoe Mary Wetherbee, Ella P. Roberts.
Holladay Anna Pearson.
Jefferson High Barry c. Eastman, Mary
Gleason, Mrs. Ellen Miller, Maude Steward,
Edwin Tausch.
Ladd Edith Young.
Lents Ida Hurlebaus, Margaret Ferceful,
Florence Howatt.
Lincoln High Hedwig Bleeg. L. G. Dake,
1. N. Garman, Nora B. Gentry.
Llewellyn Maude Ragon.
Montavilla Joyce K. Witney, Almlra
Ockley Green Eugenia Keating.
Peninsula Elsie Hatz.
Portsmouth Isabel Balfour, Mrs. Minnie
Parsons, Frances Estes.
Richmond Ada Albert.
Sellwood Ruby Pond.
Shaver Jennie Ready, Jessamine Hamil
ton. Shattuck Josie Davis.
Runnyside Ethel Weeks.
Terwllllger Grace Jurdan.
Trade School (girls) Ruth J. Hess, Lucie
"Vernon Vanda R. Coffey, Floy Holloway,
Grace Leary.
Washington High Omar Bittner, A. IT.
Burton, Vera Darling, John C. Veatch. H.
F. Wentz.
Drawing Grace Foster. '
Full List of Teachers.
The full list of teachers follows:
Frank Rigler. city superintendent; D. A.
Grout, assistant superintendent.
Esther Wuest. Essie Patterson, Winella
Mr-Knight, Grace Foster, assistants.
Robert Krohn, supervisor of physical
training; Georgia Wey, assistant supervisor
of physical training.
S. E. Hunter, supervisor of music: Xettie
B. Rice, Hallie Thomas, Frelder Keller, as
sistants. Mrs. A. A. Sanborn, supervisor of sewing;
Anna Casey. Anna R. Rogers, Eleanore x.
Harris. Lora Hendershott. Mrs. Xettie Strow,
Gertrude Esser. assistants.
W. J. Standley. supervisor of manual
training; M. C Steel, H. J. Burrows, F H
Oroshong. S. J. Ennes, F. Mangold, J. R.
Bymhold, A. K. Trenholme. William Milne,
Philip P. Leche. Leon LaForge, J. H- Ma
son, V. E. Christensen, assistants.
Ainsworth School.
Twentieth . and Elm streets Portland
Heights car.
C. E. Parker, principal: Ottlla Pottner,
Amy Bauer. Stella Fording, Mrs. Agnes
Glenn, assistants.
Alblna Homestead School.
Beach and Mallory streets Union avenue
Hugh J. Boyd, principal; Laura Myers
Mary Kavanaugh. Maude Cook. Martha M
Irwin, Mollle Segal, Margaret Hughes, Ruby
Goulet, Minnie Blough. Elsie Dennis. Grace
Sanborn. Ella Phalon, Beulah Duncomb. Or
letta Kraus. Nettie Farr, Caroline Donlon,
Kellie Hill, assistants.
Arleta Schoo .
Nellie and Sauer streets Mount Scott
Sheldon F. Ball, principal; Nellie Fawcett
Emma Rueter, Ada C. McLaughlin, Edith
Forbes. Hilda J. Jorstad. Estella Hickey,
Margaret Conway. Gertrude Flshburn, Louise
1-azarus. Belle MacDonaldj Xellie G. Smith,
Florence Ooldwell. Mrs. Laura Patriquin,
Minerva Pound. Alice Peebles. Louise Jones
Ruth Lieber. Ethelwyn Hablghorst, Mary G.
bznlth, assistants.
Atkinson School..
Eleventh and Davis streets Washington
street cars.
Mrs. Mary Lemon, principal; Katherine A.
Padden, Anna G. De Lin, Mary Dolan, as
sistants. Boys' and (Iris Aid Society.
East Twenty-inlnth and East Irving
streets East Ankeny cars.
Angela Dunphy, teacher. k
Brook yn School.
Mllwaukie and Frederick streets Sell
wood cars.
Aphla Dimick. principal: Sophia A. Wil
son. Julia A. Spooner. Emily G. Forrester
Edith Schley. Ella Slayback. Blanche E.
Shahan, Grace Whitehouse, Evelyn Cornutt
Cora D. Fraine, Florence Bettlnger, Mar
garet B. West, Jessie R. Nicholson, Muriel
Crouch, assistants.
Burkman School. -
East Twelfth and Burnside streets East
Ankeny cars.
D. T. Van Tine, principal; Emma E.
Barette. Carrie E. -Hayden, Mary E. Buxton,
Cora Lehr, Araletta Cooper, Eva V. Joseph,
Frances L. . Barnes, Mrs. N. C. McAdam,
Alargarethe Cieifller, Alma Wlkander, Mar
lon L. Brodle, Verdi Monroe. Florence Mar
quis, Septima Ansley, Elvene Grenler, as
sistants. Center Addition School.
East Sixtieth and East Glisan streets
Montavilla cars.
Mella White. Minnie Elton, teachers.
V Chapman School.
Twenty-fifth and Wilson streets Sixteenth-street
L. H. Morgan, principal; Annie L Cory.
Ann Chalmers. Sarah A. Allen. Marion
Dickey. Katherine Slnnott. Mary O'Connor,
Gertrud. Greathouse, Ella McDonough, Mar
garet Champer, Mary J. Rogers, Margaret
Brehaut. Alice Dougherty. Helena Humason.
Mary Mathews, Katherine Franklin, as
sistants. Clinton Kelly School.
East Twenty-sixth and Powell streets
Woodstock cars.
L. A. Read, principal T"Della Wlthey. Elsa
Ohle. Nina Johnson. Neva Patterson. Emma
Klenow. Jeannette Howatt. Hulda Schneider,
Winifred Abbott, Elizabeth Keber, Helen
Llghtner. Emily Spear, Laura Thompson,
Winifred Wilson. Helen Petsch. Olive Misa
more, Crilla Shonkwller, assistants.
Couch - School.
Seventh and Kearney streets Sixteenth
street cars.
W. T. Fletcher, principal; Viola Ortschild.
Mrs. J. Burnham. Florence Kreblow. Julia
K. Bohan, Mrs. N. D. Singleton. Estelle J.
Mclntyre. Grace Kent. Mrs. Dorothy Bing
ham. Ella Vanlandigham. lone Dunlap,
Frances Harris. Katherina Bock, Hazel Wel
ler, Bertha Reed. Mrs. J. Lisher, Mrs. aKte
G. Lighter, assistants.
' CreHton Schoo .
East Forty-eighth and Powell Valley road
Mount Scott cars.
W. A. Dickson, principal; Lillie Keifer.
Essie Shinn, Lena Ayres. Emma Blandford,
Edith Karr. Carrie Brown. Sadie Baum.
Anna M. James, Faythe Lawrence, Editn
Alderson, Hazel Hardie, assistants.
Davit School.
Twenty-first and Raleigh streets Twenty-third-street
cars.' .
A. L. Clark, principal; Gertrude Orth.
Helen Klernan. Abramine Thatcher. Mrs. E.
L. Williams, Mrs. L. Marshall. Florence
Fryer. Lelah Nelson, Maud Heggle, Belle
Joseph, assistants.
Deaf School.'
East Twelfth and Burnside streets East
Ankney cars.
Anna Sullivan, Mrs. F. C. Metcalf, teach
ers. .
Detention Home.
Rosemont avenue and Halsey street Mon
tavilla cars. .
Nellie Nesvold, teacher.
Eliot School.
Rodney avenue and Knott street Wil
liams avenue cars. .
S. U. Downs, principal; Alice Munro,
Emma Whitney, Meta Brown. Jessica B.
Park. Mrs. Esther Kane. Mabel Hurley.
Pearl Montgomery. Lettie D. Holbrook,
Edith Wright. Leone Kabat, Ottelle Fet
ting. May Robertson, Agnes Dowd. Myrtle
Wheelessfl 'Stella Van Vleet. Maud fcmart,
Mrs. Elizabeth Klose, assistants.
Failing School.
Front and Porter streets South Third
street cars.
Fannie G. Porter, principal: Anna V. Case
beer. Laura A. Peterson, Helen K. Crane,
Carol Jefters, Pearl Lewis, Madge Hill. Car
oline Copple. Winifred Chance. Margaret
Bade, Etta O. Bailey. Madge Cramer. Alice
Higglns. Edith Campbell, Madge O'Connor,
Eva S. Rice, May Kelly, assistants,
t Eernwood School.
Hancock and East Thirty-third streets
Rose City Park cars.
Mildred Fitzpatrlck, teacher.
Eulton Park School.
Second and Logan streets Fulton cars.
E. T. Falting. principal; Alma Harris,
Sada Brown, Ella Ehmsen, assistants.
Glencoe School.
East Forty-ninth and Belmont streets
Mount Tabor cars.
C. M. StafTord. principal; Martha Stureh
ler, Mary Wetherbee, Mary Powell. Vera
Redman, Ella P. Roberts. Laura Hablghorst,
Florence Williamson, assistants.
Hawthorne School.
East Fourteenth and Alder streets Sun
nyside cara
E. J. Hadley, principal: Mary Hamilton,
Anna Gray, Hortense GrerToz, Hattie Mon
roe. Hattie Billings, Vanne McLaughlin.
Mattle Train, Metta Allen, Myrtle Shonk
wiler, Vivian Mikle. Nettie H. Rankin,
Rachel Halllngby. Marie Bruce, Ella Ansley,
Letiitia McKinnon, E. Cora Felt, Blanche
Catlln, assistants.
Highland School.
East Sixth and Wygant streets Union
avenue cars.
J. H. Stanley, principal: Addie Clark, Le
nore McMorrow, Spza Jones, Edna Collins,
Cordelia Murphy, Morgiana Runham, Anne
Davies, Virlena Ambrose. Flora Gibson. Anna
Gately. Clara M. Eastman. Olga Gunderson,
Teresa Baccrich, Margaret McDonald, Laura
Halllnan, Alma Niehelson, Mary Billings,
Winifred Hawley, Marie Maddsn, Ida M.
Pike, assistants.
Holladay School.
East Sixth and Clackamas streets Union
aveune cars.
F. E. Harrlgan, aCtherine Lambereon.
Gertrude . Nefzger. Alice Hutchins. Myrtle
Reed. Josephine Roche, Ada Holmes. Alice
Shannon, Martha Bartell. Frances Martin.
Anna Pearson, Emelie Schairer, Lilah Rog
ers, nfee Bennett, Mary Armltstead, Louise
Strout, -Louise Morse. Mrs. Ada Beard, Grace
Lemterson, assistants.
Holman School.
Corbett and Bancroft streets South
Third street cars.
H. M. Sherwood, principal: Blanche A.
Bradley. Belle Chance, Grace D. Reeves,
Annie Frazier, Mrs. J. M. Potter, Mrs. Helen
Workman, Mabel Finn, Bessie Hammond,
Sara aBtes, Edith J. Ogden, assistants.
Irvington SchooL
East Fourteenth and Thompson Btreeta
Irvington cars.
J. c. Ryan, principal: Beatrice Anderson.
Eva Catching, Emma L. Lane, Lillian In
stalls, Florence Beane, Sarah M. Rogers.
Jean Burrell, Flora Dunham, Mrs. J. Bush
nell, M. Irene Higgins, Eva Jenkins, as
sistants. " Jefferson High School.
Kirby and Emerson streets Missippl ave
nue cars. ,
Hopkin Jenkins, principal.
Heads of Departments.
Herbert Augur, history; A. F. Bittner,
mathematics; Robert J. Smith, English;
Agnes Beach, Anna Brannan. S. D. Briggs,
Barry C. Eastham, A. May Gay. Mary Glea
son. Calla Hand, Caroline Holman, Mrs.
Norva Howard, Estelle M. Ingalls. Charles
Lazenby, I. A. Melendy, Mrs. Ellen R. Mil
ler. Lena eNalond, Sjah Ruby, Marlon
Schneider. A. May Sechler, Maud H. Stew
ard. Cora Thomson, Edwin Tausch, assist
ants. Kerns School.
East Twenty-eighth and Couch streets
East Ankeny cars.
Mrs. A. E. Watson, principal; Mary E.
Frazier, Carrie E. Moreland. Christine
Bergsvik, Grace MacKenzie, Marlon Bolln.
Annie Donovan, Kathleen eLonard, Irene
Wuest, Delphla Hammond, Estelle Marias,
Delia Sharpiess, assistants.
Ladd SchooL
West Park and Jefferson streets Jef
ferson street cars.
C. M. Ktggins, principal: Kate Kingsley,
Grace De Graff. Elphe Smith, Kate Cahalln,
Jennie Limbocker, Ivy Robinson, Henrietta
Baum. Nora B. Green, Kate Brotzman,
Anne E. Rogers, Eva Mulkey, Lulu M. Pratt,
ojella Johnson, Ella Ross, Louise Boulan,
Christine Chalmers, Emily Hoecker, Amy
Holt, Jo Hanna Crammer, Lillian Somer
ville. Hazel Graham. Edith Young, Mabel
Stout, Mary O'Donnell, assistants.
Lents SchooL
Gilbert avenue and Main street Mount
Scott cars.
A. F. Hershner, principal; Frances Smith,
Lillian Blason. Mrs. Jennie Richardson,
Gladys Riches, Elsa Koerber, Ida M. Hurle
baus. Fannie Zlegler, Edna Lockwood, Mrs.
L. W. Ausmus, Mrs. Pearl Davis. Margaret
'Perceful. Leona A. Howatt, Stella Smith,
Eva L. Wood, Maude Zimmerman. Mrs.
Maude Darnell, Ethel Evarts, assistants.
Lincoln High School. '
Fourteenth and Morrison streets "W"
cars. West Morrison stheet.
T. T. Davis, principal. ,
Heads of Departments.
Caroline A. Barnes, mathematics; Jessie
Goddard. English; H. W. Herron, commer
cial; Christine MacConnell, .chemistry : A. P.
McKlnlay, aLtin; L. D. Roberts, physics;
Ruth E. Rounds, history: E. O. Allen, Mrs.
Eupgonna Altman, Elizabeth Bain, Hedwig
Blceg. Gertrude Bomgardner, Mary Buck
ley, Gertrude Camp,' Marion A. Culver, L.
G. Dake, Ella Doble, Mabel Downs. I. N.
Carman. Nora B. Gentry, Emma Grlebel.
T. A. Hayes. Bertha Holdsworth. Leona L.
Larra-bee, Mary B. Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth
Mundt, Laura H. Northrup. Margaret Pom
eroy. Burton O'Meally. Samuel Scott. F. P.
Stauffer, E. O. Tabor, Stlth Thompson, as
sistants. '
Llewellyn School.
East Fourteenth and Henry streets Sell
wood cars.
I. M. Allhands, principal; Irene Smith,
Anita Turlay. Estelle O'Bauch, Grace Ran
kin, Maude Ragon, assistants.
Marauam School.
Thirteenth and Gaines streets South
Third streets South Third street cars.
Fannie Landen, teacher.
Montavilla School.
East Seventy-sixth and East Pine streets
Montavilla cars.
L. A. Wiley, principal; Kellie Beckett,
Ola Deniston, Agnes Matlock. Vlda Ham
mond, Edith-- Olsen, Joyce R. Wlthey, Fan
nie Kippey, Almlra Brewer, Lydia Robert
son, Loretta Sc&ggan, May Hamlin, Nora
Lambert. Merel Jones, Ella Nicholson.
Mabel Peterson. Jemima Bell, Harriet
Thayer, assistants.
Mt. Tabor SchooL
East 60th and Base Line road Mount Ta
bor cars.
W. M. Miller, principal: Frances Vail,
Emma Sturchler. Emma Doble, Mary C.
Peery. Ella Carpenter, Elsie Tifft, Ruby
Shearer, Myrtle Davis, assistants.
Ockley Green SchooL
Ainsworth and Patten avenues (River
side) St. John cars.
CH W. Henderson, principal: Mary Ritner.
Marie Falb. Helen Clark, Jessie Sands. Eu
genia Keating. Medora Whitfield. Almsna
Bach. Ethel Slusser. Lucy Humpnreys.
Edith Leiper. Henrietta Ehrke. Gertrude
Phillips, Blanche Mickey. Emma L. Blrcher,
Mrs. Anna Read, assistants.
Peninsula School.
Drummond and Russett streets St. John
E. H. Whitney, principal; Mrs. Laura
Black. Elsie Hatz. Lenore Powell. Eliza
beth McRae. Florence Callwell. Marguerite
Miller, Florence Bollam. Georgiana Bell,
Portsmouth School.
B. E. Hughson, principal; jgsabel Balfour.
Blanche A. Comstock. Marie K. Luders. Jes
sie D. McGregor, Ethel P. Bllnn. Margaret
Monks, Mrs. Minnie Parsons, Eva Mae
Blayney, Maude C. Steele. Liilian N. Yeo.
Daisy L. Larson. Freda Gieger. Evangeline
Roche, Frances Estes. assistants.
Richmond School.
East Forty-second and Grant b'.reets
Richmond or Hawthorne cars.
O. R. Dinwiddle, principal; Mathilda
Ahrens. Myrtle Hanson. Ada Albert. Lucile
McQuinn. Kate Hicklln, Cora Sullivan,
Paula Schmalz, assistants.
Rose City Park SchooL
Rose City Park Addition Rose City Park
Alverta Kraeft, lone Wilson, teachers.
Sellwood School.
East Fifteenth street and Umatilla ave
nue Sellwood cars.
C. A. Rice, principal; Estelle A. Hell, Car
rie E.- Hunt, Kate I. Porter, Delia C". yole.
Mrs. H. B. M. Rynearson, Alice Ormandy,
Clementina' D. Bradford, Irene D. Kay,
Ruby Pond, Celeste Albln, Roberta Rlp'iey,
Henrietta Holum, Lucile Beard, CharH tte
Lucas. Grace Downing, Estella,
Mabel Taubenhelmer, Mrs. A. J. Farm r,
Shaver School.
Mississippi and Morris street Mississippi
avenue cars.
T. E. Spiers, principal; Jennie Ready. Ade
line Hammond, Esther Segal, Pearl Prince,
Olga Hallingby. Pearl McKey. Olga JohnBon,
Bessie Rawson. Rozella Shea. Margaret
Gleeson. Jessamine Hamilton. Vernon Gra
don. Mrs. B. E. Kennedy, Willma Munro,
Shattock School.
Fifth and Harrison streets Slxteenth
r.treet cars, south on Fifth street.
A. R. Draper, principal; Mary Millard,
Phebe White. Nellie M. Donohoe. Nellie M.
Washburne, Pauline Voelpel. Lizzie Miller.
Clara Haettlnger, Ella Crawford. Ethel
Richmond, Emily Young. Paulina Rossner,
Kate Colburn, Norma Reld, Nellie Dickinson.
Thera Yocum, Mabel Strahan, Winifred
Mosher, Frances Myers, Jessie Murch, Lutie
Cake, josie Davis, assistants.
Stephens School.
East Eighth and Harrison streets Wa
verly cara
R. R. Steele, principal: Mrs. L. D.
Thomas, Mary Fryer. Flora Blough, Lois E.
Williams. Grace Bridges. Josephine Lytel,
Merle Wooddy, ' Maysle Foster. Luella
Schauer. Jessie J. Harkins, Luella Knapp,
Alice Banfield, Augusta Andresen, Char
lotte Reed, Bertha Peaper, assistant.
South Mount Tabor School. ,
Section Line Road and East Sixty-fifth
street 'Hawthorne-avenue cars.
A. J. Prideaux, principal; Eula Strange.
Hannah MacLeod, Dorothy Prosser, Minnie
Worrell, assistant
Sunnyside School.
East Thirty-fifth and Yanhlll streets
fiunnyslde cars.
E. D. Curtis, principal; Syra Kuhn, May
I. Rathbun, Edith Darling, Mrs. J. Chaney,
Lucretia Allen, Abble Wright. Viola Thayer,
Mary C Heslin, Olive S.' Hodlun, Elizabeth
Eastman, Nancy E. Drew, Katheryn Cort
wright, Ethel Weeks, Male V. Peel, Jessie
L. Peterson. Edna Swlney. Anna M. Soren
non, Lena M. Dranga, Annie Neicken, as
sistants. Terwllllger School.
Macadam Road and Thompson avenue
Fulton car.
F. C. Hunt, principal; Bessie Segal. Anna
G. Moore, Grace Jurdan, Ethel Sherwood,
Thompson School.
Borthwick and Shaver streets Williams
avenue cars.
G. E. Jamison, principal: Clara t C. GUI,
Addie S. Naylor. Erma Hall, Ida Foott,
31rdlne Merrill, Minnie Foott, Mrs. L. H.
Lamberson, Elene M- Cichell. Mabel Nixon,
Lena E. Spinney. Grace Burnett. Olive Hal
lingby, Bessie Dupee. Mae Zlegler, Tillie C.
Amos, Itha Cheadle. Mrs. Carrie M. Ogle,
Mrs. Alevia Alexander, Hazel Henrys,
Trade School (Boys and Girls).
Eleventh and Davis streets Washington
street cars.
Charles Friedel. principal: Clara Wick
strom. Ruth J. Hess, Lucie Schmlt, as
sistants. Vernon SchooL
East Twenty-third and Wygant streets
Alberta cars.,
William Parker, principal; Caroline Red
ding, Florence Reynolds, Katheryn Cowan,
Inette . Nordeen, Vanda R. Coffey, Helen
Bennett, Laura Klewe. Floy Holloway, Lola
Holloway, Mary McKinnon, Florence Allen,
Grace Leary, Clara Thompson, Elizabeth
Davies, Rosa E. Smith, assistants.
Washington High School.
East Fourteenth and Stark streets Sun
nyside cars.
H. H. Herdman, Jr., principal.
Heads of departments Edw. Anders, his
tory; J. E. Bonebright, physics; W. A.
Fenstermacher. latin; W. V. Greene, chem
istry; J. W. Huff, mathematics: Gertrude
Yager. English; Annie L. Adams, Estelle
Armitage, Olive Baltimore, Fanny L. Bar
ber. Carolyn Bateson, Frau Margaretta Bek
ker. Omar Bittner. A. H. Burton. Laura de
land, Luella Crain. Vera Darling, Virgil
Earl, Winifred Hays, E. E. Jackson, Mrs. C.
M. Krumbein, Emma K. Lammers. E. Pearl
Luckey. Ella S. Mason, Eleanor MacDonald,
Agnes Murdock. Cora Pattee. Lilian Sabln,
Anna Sanborn, Hannah Schloth, C. E. Scott,
Cora Shaver, Zelma Shaver. Jean Slauson,
Jane Stearns, Lilian Tingle. John C. Veatch,
Ethel Wakeman, H. F. Wentz, Marie Will
iams. Cora J. R. Wold, Winifred Yager, A.
E. Yoder, assistant; ,
Woodlawn School.
Union avenue and Bryant street Wood
lawn cars.
T. J. Newbill, principal: Frances Parker,
Adda ' M. Bristow, Elizabeth Oates, Mary
Mahony. Margaret Barbare, Jeanette Doble,
Margaret McMorrow, Alice Rademacher,
Hulda Scheel, Mrs. Marie Wilson. Margaret
Bolln, Emma Klrkpatrick, Sara Beattle,
Woodstock School.
Woodstock Woodstock cars.
H. B. Blough. principal: Emily K. McEl
roy, Carrie McCabe, Jessie McLaughlin,
Julia M." Sears. Ethel M. Smith, Mary JS.
Ward, assistants. 1
Vice-President Sherman Speaks at
Unveiling of Monument.
SYRACUSE, N. T., June 21. The orator
of the day at the unveiling here today
of the monument to the soldiers of the
Civil War was Vice-President James, S.
As he looked upon- the fresh granite
and newly molded bronze of the im
pressive monument just unveiling, the
Vice-President pronounced it to be a fit
ting recognition of the passionate patriot
ism which held jtogether the states of the
"This is but one form of testimonial
to the Boys In Blue," said the Vice
President, "and Its value and meaning
are multiplied and intensified because
there are not lacking other forms of
expression of the people's gratitude to
the Nation's preserves."
"Neither the monuments we dedi
cate," said he, "nor the soldier homes
and pensions the Nation provides is a
charity. All are acknowledgments of
Just debts, the payment of sacred obli
gations. L- They are decorations, badges
of heroism, more nobly earned than the
ribbon of the French Legion of Honor,
or the Garter of British Knighthood.
"The greatest, the most beautiful,
the most perfect monument that could
be raised to our soldiers," he said,
"they themselves builded in the Union
they saved."
mmmmm 11 iiimiiiii mum ' wn m. urn mimm
I IJianlliWrf1MJl.--'j f 1 II J- Mil
rrIK. &ti4?L- -Z&tiftt ie&Mf
Never have you
heard in any musical
instrument a tone so
wonderfully sweet,
clear and mellow.
Hearing is believing.
Come in any timi
Wholesale and Retail
Sixth and Morrison Opp. Postoffice
at the Post Graduate Hospital upon a
man provided with a jaw of pure gold
to replace a Jawbone destroyed by dis
ease. The operation is said to be the
first of the kind ever performed in a
New York hospital. Michael Wood, 54
years old, of Greenwich, Conn., is 'the
Chicago Finds Many High School
Pupils Pressed for Time.
CHICAGO, June 21. For the first
time in the history of the Chicago pub
lic schools, a two-year-course is to be
offered in the high schools, beginning
September 1.
Announcement of the innovation will
be made by Mrs. Ella Flagg Young,
Superintendent of Schools, In a bulle
tin to all principals and to Durils who
will graduate from the elementary
schools this month.
The purpose of the abbreviated
course Is to check the tendency of
school children to leave school upon
graduation from the elementary schools
or eighth grades. Fewer than 1 per
cent of Chicago's school children are
graduating from the high schools, "the
chief reason assigned being the inabil
ity to complete the four-year course.
$20,000,000 FOR IRRIGATION
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not a majority of that body will stand
with him to add J10.000.00Q to the House
bill. If he finds that this movement is
not utterly hopeless, he will propose an
amendment of this character, for he is
convinced from the action of the House
to night that that body will accept such
an amendment if the Senate adopts it.
Senator Heyburn and Senator Jones
agree with Borah that the bill should
be raised to $30,000,000, and they will
support any move in that direction, as
probably will most of the other Western
Senators. Whether or not the House bill
ic increased depends upon the number of
Eastern and Southern votes that can be
Senator Borah said tonight that he
would also fight that provision of the
House bill which stipulates that no part
of the money set aside shall be expended
on any project until the project shall
have been examined and approved by the
board of five army engineer officers. He
declares that this provision is "assinine
and utterly indefensible," and was put
into tne Din tor tne purpose of impair
ing lteflphances. Other Western Senators
agree with Borah that this provision
should be eliminated, and it probably will
be voted down by the Senate.
Old Men, Aged 70on Long Trip.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 21. John Scul
lin, Festus J. Wade, James Gay Butler
and W. F. Carter, bankers and capital
ists, will start on an automobile trip
to New York Thursday. They expect
to arrive at their destination June 30.
and XjIRLS at
The style and character of WASH GOODS
we are showing this season are so superior
to those carried in any other store in
Portland that we would like the
privilege of showing them to you.
Gold Jawbone Made for Patient.
NEW YORK, June 21. A remark
able operation has just been performed
Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes
(I fear the Greeks even when they
bring gifts.)
As the quality of our work becomes
known patients who need dentistry
flock to our radiance (offices) like
gulls to a lighthouse. We caution you
to beware of bargains in dentistry. If
a grocer sells you sugar 20 per cent be
low market, look out for sand, short
weight, a catchpenny scheme or some
other latent chicanery. There is an
ulterior motive. When a dentist offers
you work at half price, you'll do well,
if no other way out of it, to give him
half the price he asks and run out with
the other half in your pocket. You'll be
driving a better bargain at that than
to accept the class of work you are
sure to get. In dentistry, we promise
you the real article (unadulterated),
and full weight.
Alveolar Teeth Where Brldgevrork Is
- Impossible.
If only your front teeth are left, gay
three or four or more, we can replace
all those that have been lost on both
sides, clear back, with perfect Alveolar
teeth, whilst bridgework would be im
possible even if you had eight or ten
front teeth to. tie to. If vou have nnlv
two back teeth on each side, say molars,
we can supply all the front teeth that
are missing with beautiful, s -viceable,
life-like Alveolar teeth. This ould not
possibly be done by the bridge route.
And where bridgework is possible there
is no comparison between the two. A
very large percentage of our work is
taking out bridgework put in by sup
posedly high-class dentists, and replac
ing, it with the beautiful and artistic
Alveolar teeth. And, unlike bridge
work in another respect, it Is practical
ly" painless. No boring or cutting into
the gums, nothing to be dreaded. Now,
then, prices being equal, which would
you choose?
Cnrlng Pyorrbfa (loose teeth), a disease-given
up by other dentists as in
curable, is another of our specialties.
We cure it absolutely. It's a boastful
Btatement to make, but we can do any
thing that is possible in dentistry, and
what we do is always of the very high
est class. Our booklets. Alveolar Den
tistry, are free. Write for one if you
cannot call. We have samples of our
work to show at all times, and the
very best of references, an army of
them, in this city and state.
311 to 314 Abington BIdg, 10 3d St.
' Terms to Reliable People. ,
When added to their excellence-the cut in prices
should bring every woman who appreciates
good tailoring and style to our store at once.
The entire 3d. floor devqted to this department.
Interest in the forthcoming trip arises
from the fact that two of the party
are more than 70 years old. Mr. Scullln
is 74 year old and Cojonel Butler was
70 years old last January.
BERLIN, June 31. It is decided tlfat
Emperor William will leave for Ham
burg tomorrow. He will board the im
perial yacht Hohenzollern at Altoona
and proceed thence to Kiel to be pres
ent at the regatta. His Majesty had
all but abandoned his purpose of see
ing this year's races, but the inflam
mation of his right knee yielded so
readily to the treatment that the phy
sicians were willing that he should
make the trip.
Transatlantic wireless la to be re-stab
This is the only true test
and will prove to your sat
isfaction that our brew is
superior to all other beers
Jig II
enry Weinhar d Brewery
A 1172 Thirteenth and Burnside Main 72