Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 18, 1910, Page 6, Image 6

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portions of Dalles Military
j tract Will Be Thrown
;.-;L. Open to Settlers.
Walter S. Martin. SaysTiines "Would
Not Agree to Provision Submit
ted by 'Eastern. Oregon Iand
Company to Protect Land.
j The breaking up of the old Dalles
! military wagon road grant, now owned
I by the Eastern Oregon Land Company,
and which has been kept practically
. Intact for 36 years, was announced yes
terday upon the arrival of Walter
.Martin rrom fcan j? rancisco. such por
' tlons of the 430,000 acres still remain
ing in the hands of the owners as are
: In demand, and have been made avail
able by railroad construction, will be
Immediately thrown on the market.
Balfour, Guthrie & Co., of Portland,
have been named by tne owners as the
agents through which the larger tracts
will be sold, and It is intended to es
tablish a system of agencies through
out the East for the purpose of secur
ing colonists. The small tracts of land
will be bandied through the Eastern
agencies and the San Francisco office
of the company.
Lands Go on Market.
The lands immediately to be. placed
' on the market are located in Sherman
County, the John Day Valley, the Cow
Valley, in Malheur County, and the
Immense yellow pine timber holdings
1 along the headwaters of the Malheur
! and the John Day rivers.
; Mr. Martin deprecated the criticism
which had been heaped upon his com
. pany by reason of the injunctions
which it sought to obtain against the
Deschutes Railroad and the Oregon
' Trunk Line to prevent their building
through the Sherear ranch in Deschutes
: Canyon and destroying much of the
power efficiency of the rushing tor
"The chief purpose of my visit to
Portland at this time is to give mo
mentum to our plans for opening the
grant to' settlement," said Mr. Martin,
"and as soon as I have made my ar
rangements with our local people I
will leave for Eastern Oregon. We
have been busily engaged out there
for some time in making a classifica
tion of the property and fixing values.
One Tract 60,000- Acres.
"The first lands to be offered em
brace three tracts. Tract No. 1 con
slsts of 60,000 acres of improved grain
farms in Sherman County. These have
been under lease for many years and
will be advertised and sold in tracts
of from 160 acres to 640 acres.
"These lessees were given first chance
at the lands last Fall, and in instances
where' the men were not the owners
.of. lands the lessees purchased from us
In most cases the lessees have been
the owners of large tracts of adjoin
Jog lands and were carrying all the
"land they could afford" to own. The'
wheat lands contain improvements,
such as, houses and barns and other
necessary buildings and fences. They
win ue on-erect at from $25 to $50 per
acre. The settlers ' over there are
served by the Columbia Southern Rail
road, running along the line of the old
wagon road from the O. R. & N. to
"With the completion of the Sumpter
Valley Railroad from Baker Citv to
Prairie City, the ' latter being on the
grant, we have decided to immediately
oner au.uuu acres in the John Dav Val
ley, 15,000 acres of it being improved
bottom land, which will be valued at
75 an acre on the average. Back
: of that lie a large quantity of bench
-fruit lands, which will sell at from
:"$40 to $50 per acre, and the grazing
lands at from $6 to $10 per acre.- The
-bottom lands are in alfalfa and other
valuable crops, while the John Day
vaney is Known as tne nrst fruit-rais
lng section to become known in East
ern Oregon.
we- believed that 150,000 horsepower
was available at the dam sites owned
by us. For that reason we wanted the
road elevated. We are not public ben
efactors, but business men, and are
trying to run our business in a man
ner to conserve It. The grant has never
been a great money-maker and there
have been many years when our ex
penses have been much larger than
our receipts.
"But we are now ready to sell all
those parts of our holdings where de
velopment seems to warrant people go
ng upon them. In undeveloped sec
tions we will probably withhold the
lands from sale until such time as otn
ers develop the districts, or we are
able to do It ourselves."
Grant Is 550,000 'Acres.
The original Dalles military, wagon
road grant contained 650,000 acres. It
now contains about 430,000. It was
bought in 1874 by Edward Martin, fath
er of Walter S. Martin, and after his
death a holding company was formed
by the heirs, the Eastern Oregon Land
Company. The stock is still in the
Martin family. The road runs from The
Dalles, through Sherman County, the
John Day Valley, over the Blue Moun
tains and down Willow Creek to Vale,
thence. to Nyssa, on the Snake River.
Its lands are diversified and subject
to the uses of the agriculturist, th
horticulturist, the stockman and the
i nil
Dr. Gertrude Mlnthorn.
NEWPORT, Or., June 17.--(Speclal.)
The accompanying
picture portrays Gertrude Mln
thorn, M. D., daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. H. J. Mlnthorn. of Newport,
who has recently been appointed
interne physician of the hospital
of the Woman's Medical College,
Philadelphia, Pa., on account of
her high scholarship in the Iowa
State Medical University. Dr.
Mlnthorn was born in Oregon
and attended school in Newport.
Later she went to Pacific Col
lege in Newburg, graduating in
1905. She was elected immedi
ately to the faculty and returned
to teach Latin for one year, after
which she left for Iowa Univer
sity, where she recently grad
uated with highest honors.
miner. It is an empire second only
to the Willamette Valley and Cascade
Mountain wagon road grant, recently
opened to settlement by the Oregon &
Western Colonization Company.
Pine Lands Offered.
"We Will thpn ntTAT nftrt
VellOW . rtin A lanris olnncr - H V. 1 ...
ters of the John Tinv VbIIav an
Malheur, which will average 10,000 feet
ij tne acre, or aou.uuu.uuo feet of tlm
oer. inese are situated in the Malhe
National forest nnH will -nnKai..
oneratert in rnniiAntlnn -with v.
which the Forest Service has expressed
a willingness to sell. Lying, as they
ju, in alternate sections, it would no
prove profitable for a purchaser to at
tempi, iu iok Lnem aione.
"In t h ft Cow Vnllpv. a j.nn ...... tt
Of WillOW CrAftV- WO Tifiva flAn
, - -xv,vuv a.SLKH
which can be made available wheat
lands, and we propose to either colon
ize it or sell it in a body to someone
who can do so. ,
"In Willow Creek Valley we have
9000 acres which Is suhinnt tn In-i,.
tion, together with some 10,000 acres
unaer tne tsoise-uwy nee project
Railroad Is Wanted.
"That brings me to a discussion of
the litigation now pending between
our company and the Willow Creek
Land & irrigation Company and the
charge that we are trying to prevent
the settlement of Eastern Oregon
through trying to keep out the Mal
heuf Valley Railroad. On the contrary,
the railroad is the very thing we want,
but I want It constructed so as to per
mit of our projects being carried
"I agreed with the railroad company
and the Willow Creek company that
If they would submit maps of their
proposed ditches and rights of way,
showing that our flood waters and
ditches would not be interfered with,
I would give them a right of way for
both concerns. I attached two or three
conditions, one of them being an equal
participation in distribution of the
water of Willow Creek for irrigation
purposes. Instead of complying with
any of the conditions laid down, both
co'mpanles went right ahead with their
construction and, as I regard it. the
suits are defenses of our rights over
there. We claim riparian rights along
Willow Creek, and now we have a
suit in the United States' Court in
tended to test our claims against the
Willow Creek people. The case has
been pending before Judge Wolverton
for about one year.
Protection Is Aim.
"Now as to the litigation with the
railroads in the Deschutes Canyon, I
only want to say that we were -trying
to protect the power possibilities of
that site. Oregon is without coal or fuel
oil, and the time will come when power
will be harnessed along the streams.
The Deschutes River Is one of the
treat power streams of the West, and
Regulars to Be Examined for Possi
ble Contagious Diseases Be
fore Beginning March.
June 17. (Special.) For the estab
lishment of a camp of instruction at
American Lake in August, the gen
eral order concerning what soldiers
shall take part and other Instructions
were Issued today by General Marion
P. Maus, Department Commander.
To insure that no contagious dis
eases shall be carried to the maneu
ver camp, all troops will be examined
two or three days before the soldiers
start for American - Lake. Any such
cases will be taken to the post hospi
tals. AH troops are ordered to be on
the grounds on or before July 81. An
officer will be sent over the route by
which each detachment ot battalion Is
to march to select camp sites and make
arrangements for forage,' water and
food. , This will , facilitate the march
and he will act with a view to econ
omy as well, as the comfort of the
All whose terms of enlistment will
expire . within a few weeks and who
will not re-enlist, will be left at their
posts. The railroad station of the
camp is Cosgrove, formerly Murray, on
the Northern ' Pacific. The troops of
tne department or . tne Columbia will
proceed as follows:
- Company F, Second Battalion of Engi
neers, from Vancouver Barracks, by
rail June 20, to make a map of the
camp and assist in pitching camp and
ouiiaing tne waterworks.
Second Battalion, Twenty-fifth In
fantry. Fort George Wright, by rail
and arrive July 5, and assist engineers
in matting tne camp.
Headquarters from Fort Law ton,
Wash., by rail. Companies K and M
from Fort George Wright, by rail as
far as North Yakima and march from
there to the camp. The band and
Companies A. B. C and I, and the
machine-gun platoon, will march over
irom lacoma to the camp, after com
pletlng the military tournament
Headauarters and nomnflni., -cr tp n
H, I, L and M, First Infantrv.' fr'nm
this post, will march the 200 miles to
the camp. The band and companies
A. B, C and D, and the machine-gun
piaiuun wiii marun irom toe tourna
ment at Tacoma.
Headquarters, First Battalion, Second
Field Artillery and Battery B, from
this post, will march with the First
Infantry. Battery A will march from
.1 auunttt.
Headquarters. Troops E. V tr
First Cavalry, Walla Walla, will march
iu mis post ana go Dy rail from here.
xroop tx win marcn irom Tacoma.
Albany School Election Monday.
ALBANY,., Or., June 17. (Special.) Al
bany's annual school election will take
place. Monday afternoon and from pres
ent Indications there will be two candi
dates for the position of director for a
term of five years. E. W. Langdon Is the
retiring member of the school board, and
his friends have asked him to try for re
election and friends of P. D. Gilbert have
urged him to become a candidate. The
holdover members of the school board,
in the order in which their terms expire.
I T XT Waathaiv. TXr 1 C t 1
John M. Ralston and Dr. W. H. Davis.
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Judge Galloway Awards Tide-
- lands to People.
Contention, of State That Xo Vested
Right Exists la Upheld Legis
lature of 1874 Exceeded
Authority, Is Declared.
SALEM. Or., June 17. (SpeiialO The
State of Oregon, won. a victory over the
Corvallls & Eastern Railway Company
In the Circuit .Court today when Judge
Galloway decided, the case of the rail
road against the State Land Board in
favor of the Board. This was an lnjunc
tion action to restrain the Land Board
from aellingi a small quantity of tideland
in Alsea Bay, and In Itself was unim
portant, but involving as it does title
to thousands of acres of tide and sub
merged lands In Alsea, Taqulna. and
Bileta bays, the outcome has been awaited
with interest.
The company set up that the Legisla
ture of 1874 had ceded to the predeces
sors in Interest of the Corvallis & East
ern Railway Company all the tidelands in
the three bays named; that the railroad
company's right had become a vested one
and that "no subsequent session of the
Legislature had the power to revoke the
action of the session of 1874.
The state's attorneys contended that
the Legislature had no right to dispose
of the tidelands, that the property be
longed to the people of the state and
that the Legislature was only the trustee
of the state It was contended also that
the land could be disposed of only in
small parcels or tracts lor the purposes,
uses and benefits of the people, for fish
ing, navigation and harbor purposes. The
state also introduced evidence to show
that the railroad company had been
guilty of lapses in the payment of taxes
on the land and otherwise had failed to
fulfill its agreement and that in con
sequence the land must revert to the
Judge Galloway found the weight of
authority in favor of the position that
the" company could not have acquired a
vested right, that if the company had not
paid its taxes regularly the Legislature had
the right to pass the law of 190! revoking
the former act. The court also declared
that the Legislature of 1&74 exceeded its
authority, that the Constitution of the
United States does not vest in the Legis
lature "power to dispose of all these valu
able holdings in a bunch."
The case undoubtedly will go to the
State Supreme Court and probably to
the United States Supreme Court, as the
lands at stake are . now extremely valuable.
Eugene Boy's Body Receives Weight
of Car Without Injury.
EUGENE, Or., June 17. (Special.)
Ethan Calloway was run over by a large
automobile this morning, but escaped
with only a few cuts and bruises. The
machine passed over his body.
Young Calloway was holding a horse
owned by "William Love, standing in front
of the Sturtevant livery stable. As the
automobile came along the horse reared
and plunged, throwing the young man
prone on the pavement. Before Mr. Ben
nett could stop his machine he had run
over the young man, who was rendered
unconscious for a time, but soon recov-
Republican State Committeeman
Will Act if County Organization
Ioe3 Not Favor Plan.
OREGON CITT, June 17. (Special.) A
meeting of the Clackamas County Repub
lican Central Committee has been called
for tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. It Is
believed that the question whether a coun
ty assembly is to be held will be taken
up, though this is not mentioned in the
"If the members of the committee wish
to take up the question at this time, all
right," said Chairman Livy Stlpp. "If
not, all right. The report that there is
a movement on foot to keep away those
known to oppose an assembly is false.
Every effort has been made to get a full
representation of the committee together.
"Personally I am in favor of an as
sembly and believe the majority of the
Committeemen are for it."
Clyde G. Huntley, State Central Com
mitteeman for Clackamas County, says
that if the County Central Committee
does not decide to hold an assembly he
will take the question of sending a dele
gation from that county to the state as
sembly into his own hands. This will be
done in accordance with the call issued
by Chairman M. C. George, of the State
Central Committee, several weeks ago.
The interview with George C. Brown
ell and other anti-assembly men in an
evening paper do not necessarily repre
sent the views of a majority of the
Clackamas County Republicans. The men
who have been stalwart Republicans for
many years and who have always voted
the ticket for the most part are earnest
advocates of an assembly in this county,
and they believe it would be better for
the party to die fighting for the right to
assemble and recommend candidates for
the primary election than to let the
whole thing go toy default and have a
repetition of the factional struggles that
already have resulted in placing in office
three Democrats In a county where there
is an overwhelming Republican majority.
Clyde G. Huntley, Clackamas County's
member-of the State Central Committee;
Chauncey E. Ramsby, County Recorder;
J. C. Paddock, County Treasurer; Enos
Cahill, ex-County Treasurer; J. T. Ap
person, ex-State Senator; W. "W. Smith,
of Parkplace; Frank Jaggar, "of Beaver
Creek, and many other prominent Re
publicans favor the assembly.
Death From Lye Long Delayed.
SEATTLE, Wash., June 17. Mrs.
Harry Germond, SO years old, died at a
hospital yesterday as a result of lye
poisoning. In a fit of despondency last
April Mrs. Germond swallowed a quan
tity of concentrated lye --ith. suicidal
intent. She was taken to a hospital
where she lingered two months before
death resulted. A sister resides at
White Plains, Mont.
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Platinum and Porce
lain 50 to SI
Gold Crowns and Bridge
work. S3. S-i and S5
Hours S:30 to 6t00j Sundays 8:30 to 20O.
I Am Making a Special
ty of Porcelain Bridge
work. This is without doubt
the most beautiful and
lasting work known to
dental science. Spaces
where one or more teeth
have been lost we re
place to look so natural
that detection is Impos
sible. v Ask to see sim
ples Of this beautiful
work. All dentists here
are graduates of from 12
to 20 vears' experience.
148 Fifth St., Opposite
Meier & Frank's Flttn
Street Entrance.
Lady Assistants Al-nraya In Attendance