Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 11, 1910, Page 12, Image 12

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Steen Unable to Hold Out and
George Ort Takes His
Place on Rubber.
Visitors Enjoy Walkaway When
Portland Allows 5 Runs In Bunch.
Fatal Fourth Inning Too Much,
and Beavers Give TTp Fight.
Yesterday Results.
Job Angeles 10. Portland 2.
San Francisco 3. Oakland 1.
Vernon 6. Sacramento 15.
Standing- of Ut Club.
i? o r 2? 3
3 3 " 3 3
CLUB. 5 5"j 3 1 ' I
ps ft. O. a I p
a : . 2, - oq
" - o a
9' 61 40
7 16 37
9 7 40
22 1
Los Angeles
i . i I I i I
Lost 3o;28 32,3341 44 2081
.......... .........
The Portland balltossers "played
horse" while the Los Angeles crowd
was Indulging In real baseball yester
day afternoon, and as a result the An
gel band came out victorious by the
overwhelming score of 10 to 2.
"Big Six" Bill Steen started to do
the pitching honors for the home
guard, and opposed to him was Walter
Nagle. who was right, but Steen had
bunches of bad luck in the fourth
canto and was slammed to the several
corners for a total of five runs.
After this disaster Manager McCre
die decided to save his pitching talent
from further slaughter and served up
George Ort as a pitcher. George had
It on the Angelic herd in three of the
five innings he occupied the mound,
ut in the other two rounds he was
touched up quite lively, and the herd
from the " southland copped another
quintet of scores.
The best Portland could do with Na
gle was to chase a brace of aces over
in the eighth Inning These were due
to two two-baggers by Buddy Ryan
and Jimmy Smith, and an error by
"Pa" Dillon at first. These two runs
were all the home guard could nego
tiate, while the visitors had not the
slightest trouble in flirting with the
The first "few" Angel runs, five In
all, occurred in the fourth inning, when
Del Howard was the first man at bat,
the first man out and also the last man
out. Intervening between his trips to
the plate Dillon, Murphy and Roth sin
gled, Delmas walked and Waring hit
for two- bases This swatfest was
aided by erors by Steen and Hetling.
This ended the fourth Inning, and In
the fifth George Ort mounted the slab,
and he got away nicely until the sev
enth, when a pass to Howard and hits
by Dillon and Delmas, together with a
couple of outs, gave Los Angeles two
more runs. In the ninth George walked
Howard and hit Dillon, which work
was followed by Roths single and a
two-ply smash by Delmas, which
scooted three runs over, making the
score read 10 to 2 in favor of the visit
ing herd.
This afternoon's game will be start
ed promptly at 4 o'clock, as has been
the case all week, while tomorrow the
usual Sunday hour of 2:30 o'clock will
prevail. The Portland and Los Ange
les teams leave for the south tomor
row night, Portfand going to Los An
geles to meet the Vernon team. The
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Daley, rf 0 1 1 0
Hornard, rf ." O 0 3 0 0
Howard. 2b 3 1 1 1 6 1
Dillon, lb 3 S 3 13 1 1
Murphy. It 3 1 1 1 O 0
Roth. 3b 5 3 2 1 3 1
X)elmas. ss ......... 4 1 2 2 3 0
Waring, c 2 1 1 3 0 0
Kagle. p 4 0 - 2 1 0
Totals 32 10 12 27 15 3
AB. R. H. PO. A. B.
J. Smith, rf 5 o 1 1
Olon. es 3 O 0 1
Rapps. lb 4 O 0 10 2
Fisher, a 2 0 1 2 2
Casey. 2b 4 0 1 2 1
Hetling. 3b 4 0 0 3 4
Sprns. c . . 4 0 O 2 O
Ryan. If 4 1 3 2 O
flteen. j 1 O O O
Ort. p 2 1 O 1 3
Murray, c 2 0 0 3 5
Totals 35 2 6 27 26 1
Los Angeles 0 0 05 0O2O 3 10
1 l 1 4 1 1 2 2 12
000 0 0002 0 2
02001O02 1 6
Hits .
Struck out By Nagle 2. by Steen 1. Bases
on balls Off Nagle 1, off Steen 3. off Ort
C. Two-base hits Howard. Caaey. Waring.
Ryan. Smith. Delmas. Sacrifice hits Xatcle,
Xaley, Murphy 2. Olaon. Stolen bases -Olson.
Waring. Daley. Hit byjitched ball
Illlon. by Ort. Passed ball Waring. Wild
pitches Ort- Left on bases Los Angeles 8,
Portland 8. Innings pitched By Steen 4.
Base hits Off Steen 6. runs 5. Time of
game 2 hours. Umpire Van Haltren.
In 15th Home Knn of Season San
Francisco Marvel Wins Game.
SAN FRANCISCO. June 10. Eastly
pitched a two-hit game today and the
fast-coming Oaklanders were halted on
the little end of a 3 to 1 score.
"Ping" Bodle increased his rating as a
batting marvel when in the fourth Inning
he lifted the hall over the fence. This
is his 15th home run this season. Score:
R. H. E.j R. H. B.
San Fran...." 3 7 2 Oakland 1 2 1
Batteries Kastly and Berry; Tonneson
and Pearce.
Vernon 6 ; Sacramento 5.
LOS ANGBiL.ES. Cal.. June 10. In a
ninth-inning rally, during which, they
scored two runs on two hltsv the Vernon
ltes defeated the Sacramento Senators
this afternoon. The score was 6 to 6.
Norman Brashear started the break with
a homer over the left-field fence which
tied the score. Roy Brashear walked
and when Van Buren let Coy's drive pass
him brought the winning tally. The
score :
RH.E. R.H.E.
Vernon 6 8 3, Sacramento ...5 7 3
Batteries Hunt. Baum and Splemnan;
Carson. Hensling, Brown and Hogan.
Eagle Creek W ins From Maroons.
EAGLE CBEEKt Or., June 10. tSpecIal.)
San Fran. . .
7 81 9'
4 6 4
8 7 9
5 6 7
7 4 5 8
6 4 5 3
Eagle Creek won a well-played game
from the Portland Maroons on the home
grounds Sunday by timely hitting and
good team work. Following la the score:
R- H. E. R. H. E.
Eagle Creek. .7 6 Oj Maroons 2 S 5
Batteries Eagle Creek, Bornstedt and E.
Douglass: Maroons , Donaldson and
Fisher. Struck out by Bornstedt, 8; by
Donaldson, 4. .
Xew York Giants, With Mathewson
Pitching, Are Defeated.
NEW YORK. June 10. Chicago re
tained possession of first place by de
feating New York today, 6 to 6. In the
eighth inning, with the locals leading,
5 to 2, and one out, Beaumont, batting
for Richie, bunted safely. Zimmerman,
hitting for Evers, fanned, but Sheck
ard was passed and the bases filled
when Merkle fumbled Schultz'
Chance singled to right on the first
ball pitched Mm, and when Murphy let
the ball go to the fence all the Chicago
runners scored. Chicago made four
double plays. Score:
R- H. E. R. H. E.
Chicago 6 8 2New York .5 8 2
Batteries Pfeister. Richie. Brown
and Archer; Matheyson and Myers.
Detroit Pitcher's Single Brings In
Needed Ran.
DETROIT, Mich., June la Mullin won
his own game from New York 4 to 3
in the tenth today by a long hit to deep
center bringing in the needed run.
Errors behind Ford gave Detroit the
upper hand in the early innings. The
R.H.E. R.H.E.
New York 3 5 4 Detroit 4 7 2
Batteries Ford and Sweeney; Mullin
and Schmidt.
Washington 1 ; Chicago 0.
CHICAGO, June 10. Washington
scored in the ninth today and defeated
Chicago, 1 to 0. Unglaub scored the
winning run on his single and stolen
base, McBride's single and Black
burn's error. Walker held Chicago to
one hit. Score:'
R. H. E. R.H.E
Chicago 0 1 3Washington.l 3 1
Batteries Walsh and Block; Walker
and Street. "
Cleveland 3; Boston 1.
CLEVELAND. O.. June 10. Cleveland
defeated Boston, 3 to 1, today. Falkenberg
and Collins were effective, errors being
responsible for all the runs, except the
last one by Cleveland. Score:
R.H.E. R.H.B.
Cleveland ... 3 7 lj 'Boston 1 4 3
Batteries -Falkenberg and Bemis; Col
lins and Kleinow.
With Score Tie in Ninth, Tacoma
Takes Lead but Loses.
SEATTLE Wash.. June 10. With the
score a tie in the ninth, Tacoma took the
lead on Hartman's hit. a sacrifice and a
double by Coleman.
In the last o'f the ninth, wlth one gone,
a pass and successive hits by' Raymond
and Bennett, scored two runs and gave
Seattle a great game by a score of 6 to 5.
R.H.Et R.H.E
Seattle 6 8 0 Tacoma 5 8 2
Batteries Zackert and Shea; Annls,
Butler and Byrnes.
But Poor Support Causes Indians to
Fall Down to Vancouver.
SPOKANE, Wash., June 10. Dan
Ryan earned a shutout this afternoon,
but errors by Cooney and Netzel pre
sented Vancouver three runs and the
game and robbed the Indians of a fine
chance to step into first place.
Erickson pitched grand ball in all ex
cept the sixth Inning, when the Indians
found him for four hits and two earned
runs, which should have beaten him.
Vancouver 3 5 OlSpokane ...2 5 3
Batteries Erickson and Sugden;
Ryan and Brooks.
Pittsburg Champions' Slump Due to
Internal Disrupton, Charged.
PITTSBURG, June 10. The Pittsburg
Loader tonight charges that the slump
of the world's, champions is due to jeal
ousy among the players. President Bar
ney Dreyfus strenuously denied all the
The Leader charges that Hans Wagner
and Jack Miller have openly declared war
against Jack Flynn, the first baseman,
because Captain Fred Clarke selected
Flynn in place of Bud Sharpe for the po
Won. Lost. P.C.
Sioux City 22 IS .550
Wichita 22 19 .5;;7
Denver 23 20 .533
St. Joseph 20 IS .526
Omaha .. 20 22 .476
Dea Moines 2 23 .465
Lincoln 19 22 .4K3
Topeka 16 20 .444
At St. Joseph Wichita, 4; St. Joseph,
At Omaha Omaha. 8; Des Moines. 2.
At Sioux City Sioux City, 4; Lin
coln, 2.
At Topeka-Denver, rain.
Portland and Seattle Will Play on
East Side Grounds.
The friendly rivalry that exists be
tween Portland and Seattle is not con
fined to industrial development only, for
on the cricket field the same feeling is
in evidence and one or more matches
with men from Puget Sound are ar
ranged for by the local club each year.
The first of this season's matches will
be played this afternoon on the grounds :
erf the local club which are situated near
A strong team from Seattle arrived
here last night for the game. Among
the players on the Seattle team, which
is captained by W. H. J. Clarke, are
such well known players as Cameron,
Lawrence, Briggs, Gandy and Patulla.
Cameron and Clarke are acknowledged
to be two of the best bowlers on the
Pacific Coast. The Seattle men are
reputed to be strong batsmen.
The Portland -team will be without
the services of Greaves, who is pre
vented from playing through pressure
of business, but Coppinger, Neame,
Bailey, Fenwick and other prominent
cricketers will represent Portland, and
a hard-fought game with heavy scor
ing is expected.
The match will start promptly at
11:30 ' o'clock. The grounds can be
reached by the Montaviila carline to
East Sixty-seventh- street, and all per
sons Interested in the game are in
vited. Following is the Portland team:
E. T. Fenwick, captain: W. G. Smith,
K. A. Bailey. P. L. Neame. M. Cop
pinger. J. J. Churchley, G. Shipley, P.
C. Browne, A. Beridge, J. C. Cummlng.
G Gray. Reserves: C. E. GJedsted
ana J. diiuicu e
Road Work Is Only Training
Accomplished at Black
Champion's Camp.
One-Time Famous Ball 'Player,
Night Watchman at Quarters,
Guards Fighter's Sleeping
Place During Darkness.
SAN- FRANCISCO. June 10. With
two days of hard work ahead of him
on Saturday and Sunday, Jack Johnson
shunned the gymnasium this afternoon,
and, although Al Kaufman was plug
ging away merrily, the champion bus
ied himself with his automobiles, both
of which were in need of slight repairs.
For that reason Johnson spent several
hours In a downtown garage and did
not return to his quarters until well
into the afternoon. He was out on the
road, as usual, in the morning, and
took his 12-mile course in leisurely
fashion, completing the disatnee in
something like an hour and 35 minutes.
"The best time over the course," said
Trainer Tom Flanagan, "was 1 hour
and "21 minutes. Johnson tested him
self out on that day, but the fight "is
too far oft for him to be continually
sprinting. The last week we will be
cutting down the distance and speed
ing up. .
Suit Does Not Bother.
The suit that has been commenced
by George Little, In which the pro
moters, Mrs. Mulrhead, who conducts
the tra'nlng quarters, and all others
Interested are warned against paying
over to Johnson any money before the
25 per cent claim is adjusted, does not
bother Johnson In the least.
"I am not .worrying about that," he
said "George Little knows that he
hasn't a chance to beat me in that
flffht .11,4 itnlae. I. n 1 .-. . j T 1 1 1
. v. . ' i ' oil' v. a uuwil X Will
do some talking and then he will be
ourry aoout It.
Sparring Matches Planned.
Saturday, and Sunday afternoons
Johnson announces that he will box
four rounds with Kaufman In addition
to going five rounds with his regular
sparring partners.
At Johnson's camp Is a night watch
man, Cal McVey, one time famous as a
catcher for the old Cincinnati Reds,
and he patrols the beach from dark
until the sun rises His beaten path is
directly under the rooms occupied by
Johnson. There was an effort in the
camp to keep this a secret, but, now
that It has leaked out. It is admitted
that Jack does not want to take any
"The best ball ever
used by American
President of the great American League
wires the A. J. Reach Co :
' "New ball with cork centre you are
furnishing American League this year is most
durable and absolutely keeps its shape. j7 is
the best ball ever used by American League."
New iiCaCtV Ball
with cork centre
is the greatest improvement ever known in
base balls. Adds greatly to durability, rigid-
ness, resiliency. IN o increase in price $1.25. '
Old style Para rubber centre now
furnished in balls of $1.00 grade.
A. J. REACH CO.. 1773 Tulip St.. Philadelphia.
Columbia Hardware Co,
104-106 Fourth Street, Portland, Oregon
Ouch! That game hurt yesterday.
But not half as badly as the fellows who
miss the Summer Underwear sale at 39c
or the Necktie sale at 35c.
Dandy bargains.
to the Fans
chances with strangers strolling around
unbeknown to hfm.
Corbett Practices With Him on
Johnson's Famous Jabs.
BEN LOMOND. Cal.. June 10. The ver
dict of the Jeffries camp followers, after
watching the bout this morning between
the boilermaker and Corbett, is that the
former champion has worked up an im
pregnable defense against Johnson's
famous uppercut. Ever since coming to
the camp. Corbett has been studying and
practicing the black man's murderous Jab.
which has done so much in bringing
victory to the negro. and today he
showered a battery of hot ones at Jef
fries, duplicating as nearly as possible
Johnson's blow. The big fighter hooked
them all before they landed, outboxing
his lightning-fast opponent at every turn.
Eddie Smith, of Oakland, one-time can
didate for the position of tile referee of
the big fight, said: "No one can better
realize than Sam Berger and myself the
remarkable improvement in Jeffries'
fighting trim. Sam was Jeffries' spar
ring partner and I- was a mimic referee
when the big fellow made his first public
appearance in a San Francisco theater
after a lay-ofT of nearly six years.
"At that time, Jeffries was so high in
flesh and in such poor shape that he1
could not "stand three-minute rounds and
the rounds wjere cut to 30 seconds. At
that time, he was badly winded and could
scarcely speak after each. show. It was
hard to believe him the same man when
I saw him work this morning. In my
opinion, he is nt to fight the toughest sort
of a contest right now. Personally, how
ever, I would like to see a little more
flesh on him." "
Several Eastern newspapermen, recent
arrivals, watched the workout and said
many kind things about Jeffries.
Instead of boxing again, Jeffries went
on the road this afternoon, making a
speedy trip to Boulder Creek. On the
run back, he covered four miles over
the mountain roads in 26 minutes. There
will be no more boxing tomorrow with
either Corbett or Choyniski, both of
whom left for San Francisco shortly be
fore noon. They will appear in a three
bout boxing exhibition tomorrow' after
noon for a fraternal organization.
Drivers of Crack Local Horses Will
Compete at Track of Fair and
Livestock Association.
The Rose Festival harness meet of
the Riverside Driving Club will be held
at the track of the Portland Fair and
Livestock Association this afternoon.
Many fine horses have been entered and
a great deal of enthusiasm has been
worked up because of the rivalry ex
isting between local owners and dri
vers. Several of the entries in the five har
ness events have made records on the
turf, and the owners "of these horses
are backing their entries strongly.
Some of the local horses have per
formed on Eastern tracks and have
been imported by Portland enthusiasts
who believe in owning the best ani
mals they can secure.
Much speculation Is being indulged
Ban Johnson
to the Fans
The N
Campbell Lakin Segar Co.
In over the possibilities of the first race,
a pacing- event in which several thor
oughbreds are entered. Dr. True Jones
has entered his roan mare Alexander
Queen, and D- C. Anderson's Chico is
expected to show some class. O. J.
Brown's bay mare, Georgia Rose, is an
other fine stepper in this event, as is C.
W. Todd's sorrel gelding, Deputy. This
race ought to prove one of thebest of the
J. J. Kadderly's Bessie Lovelace, and
T. R. Howitt's IorVe Dimple are expect
ed to show form in the trotting event, the
second race on the card.
The entries for the race are as follows:
Race No. 1. class A pac, mile heat, beat
two In three D. C. Anderson b. g. Chlco; O.
J. Brown, b. m. Georgia Rose; Dr. True
Jones, r. m. Alexander Queen; C. W. Todd,
s. g. Deputy.
Race No. 2. class B trot I. T. Howltt. b.
g. Hunkey Dory; A. C. Lohmire, c g. Red
Skin ; T. R. Howltt, b. m. Dottle Dimple ;
McCrum & Hoy, b K- Mobile; J. J. Kadder
ly, b. m. Bessie Lovelace.
Race No. 3, class C trot C. W. Flanders,
b. m. Cantatrice; A. O. Hall, b. m. Alice
Jones; Ed Ails worth, b s;. Sargo; Johnson
Porter, b. m. Lady Guy.
Race No. 4. class D trot C. A. Akerson;
b. g. Planter; L. W. Watts, 2-year-old Hallie
B. ; McCrum & Hoy, b. m. Mlstle ; M. J.
Myers, b. m. Effle M. ; J. M. Rets;, b. h.
Fifth event T. W. Murphy's b. g;. to beat
2:20 for. a cup presented by the race com
mittee. Plxth event Half mile match running
ff - "P
1 When we first II
m started to make
Obak Cigarettes,
we thought they
would prove a
good smoke.
Now we know it.
Public approval
has demon
strated their su
perior quality.
We have exer
cised the great
est careinblend-
m mg "UbAKb"
in mais paper,
with cooling
mouthpiece at
Sea Francisco
S3 1
e w Havana Cigar
Made in Tampa, Florida
- - - Distributor - - -
Try A Quality Smoke
nee. $100 a side, between C. Smith's Asn.w
and C. W. Todd's Cregl.y.
Round the World Makes Good.
GRAVESEND, 3ST. V., June 10. The feat
A car with speed, hill-climbing .qualltiea. , Large wheels for easy
riding and road clearance on rough, muddy roads. A famous motor.
Simplicity In construction throughout. Graceful lines.
Cars Delivered Fully Equipped Toll lines of Parts in Stock.
Extra Large Tonneau on Five-Passenger Car.
Carry 6 or 7 Passengers.
You Need One for the Rose Festival
Iadlea Handle Them Easily.
Baby Tonneau Is Ideal for Doctor's Use. Phone for Demonstration.
Auburn Motor Car Co.
SOS 507 Burnside St. Phones Main 2674, A 7339
Not For The Careless Smoker
Van Dyck "Quality" Cigars are not made for the man
who buys cigars haphazard.
Their appeal is to the lover of good Havana tobacco to
the man who appreciates the best.
All that is possible in fineness of flavor and aroma all
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be had in
"Quality" Cigars
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the cigsrs.
This economy is your gain, and
27 Different Shapes 3 - for - 25c and Upward
M. A. GUN ST Be CO. "The House of Staples" Distributor
23li 21?5,.bSEAUDB0XS!
ure of today's raclnsr was the brillrarit
performance of the Western filly. Round
the World. She came East with a re
markable reputation, and more than
made good when she easily won the five
furlong handicap for 8-year-ollg.
yon lose uuthiut; that the "Itaporfe
ed" maj offer.
We even go go far as to employ
CnHm c-aoerte in the mmkimg of
Van Dyck "Quality" Cigasa.
And "Van Dycka come ht 27
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