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Contemplated Change in Will
Would Have Deprived -Accetta
of $25,000.'
Young Man Whom Rich Woman Kd
ncated Was Jealous When Asked
to Share Room With Tenor.
' Cousin Inherits Fortune.
CHICAGO, Juno 9. (Special.) Cor
oner, Peter Hoffman and Drs. Warren
Hunter and Joseph Springer, coroner's
physicians, held a post-mortem today
on the body of Mrs. Fannie Surdam
Steele, a wealthy widow, of New York,
who died unexpectedly Wednesday
morning at the Palmer House. The find
ing was that Mrs. Steele's death was
due to apoplexy.
The investigation was begun by the
coroner after It had been learned that
Mrs. Steele had bequeathed $25,000 to
Edgar R. Accetta, a young Italian at
torney, of New York, who was taken
Into custody last Sunday 'night as a
witness In connection with the murder
of Phillipo Catalano, of 49 West Twen
tieth street.
Xo Crime Revealed. -
"'The post-mortem examination was
held In the belief that the murder of
Catalano and the sudden death of Mrs.
Steele might in some way be connected,"
Baid Coroner Hoffman. "Our examination,
however, convinced us that Mrs. Steele's
death was due to natural causes, as given
by the house physician."
Property valued at $1,000,000 was dis
posed of In a will. One bequest of $2S,
000 made to Edgar R. Accetta interested
the authorities. Mrs. Steele had prom
ised to marry Accetta and later recon
sidered. He threatened to bring suit for
breach of promise. To avoid this she
made l will in 1906 which gave Accetta
J25.000 in lieu of all claims he might have
against the estate.
New Will Contemplated.
Mrs. Steele arrived in Chicago 10 days
ago and, according to Elmer R. Earle,
her cousin, who inherits the bulk ofthe
fortune, she came here for the purpose of
making a. new will. This will would have
cut Accetta off without a penny, accord
ing to Earle. Accetta was with the
woman within three hours of her death.
She was stricken Tuesday shortly after
Mrs. Steele Inherited a fortune at the
death of her husband. - Alexander J.
Steele, a Chicago wholesale hardware
dealer. Later she was married to Dr.
Edward Bradley, a prominent New York
physician, but subsequently divorced
him. She charged that he was jealous
of her pet spaniel, Chlko.
The will, aside from the $25,000 bequest
to Accetta, bequeaths $10,000 to Judge
Nash Rockford, of Saratoga Springs, N.
Y., who was named as one of her exec
utors, and $3000 to Mies Kate McCarmle,
a maid, who had been with her many
years. For the care of her Japanese
spaniel, Chlko. which died after the mak
ing of the will, she left $500. Bequests
of $200 each were left to many friends.
Singer Educated by Woman.
Mrs. Steele met Accetta in New York
and educated him. Later he sued her for
150.000 for breach of promise, but the
case was settled when the $25,000 provi
sion was put into the will and the couple
again became friendly.
Mrs. Steele, who was 62 years old.
asked Accetta to share his room in a
hotel at Atlantic City several months ago
with another tenor, Charles Keegan, and
Accetta became jealous. Accetta became
snraged at another time when Mrs. Steele
Invited Signor Oreste Vessella, bandmas
ter, and Marco Vessella, his brother, to
Is the request General Manager J. II
A'olta sends out.
The call for roses haa exhausted the
ordinary sources of supply from . the
Peninsula, and Manager Nolta asks
that roses be sent in from all sources,
whether the Peninsula or elBewhere.
There is abundance of roses and the
managers of the Depot booth want
to supply every arrival with a rose.
But the call has been so great that at
times the booth has nearly run out.
"We must have more roses," said
Manager Nolta, "If we are to give
every arrival a rose, and those people
who are holding back are wanting In
patriotic spirit. Saturday will be our
big day at the rose booth depot, when
people are starting for their homes.
That is the day that we want to make
a specialty of supplying those leaving
the city with farewell oouquets of
roses. To carry out our plans tor
' Saturday we shall require thousands of
roses. We want every community to
. remember that this booth represents
the whole city and not any one section
and send us roses by the tnousands.
There Is no danger that we shall have
an over 'supply. Send In today and
then tomorrow send In more than ever
before. People of Portland would be
surprised at the gratification passen
gers of the Incoming trains express on
receiving roses from our booth. Be
sure and remember Saturday and give
us a million roses."
Governor Hay Asks Fort Union Be
Freed of Blacks.
SEATTLE, Wash., June 9. Governor
Hay. of this state, who is at Faribault,
Minn., sent a telegram today to Secre
tary of War Dickinson asking that the
negro troops be removed from Fort Law
Ion. Private Nathaniel Hedser, charged with
issaulting a white woman last Saturday
alght, will be taken into court tomorrow,
will plead guilty and be sentenced to a
lerm in the state prison. The penalty
inder the statute is imprisonment at hard
labor for from five to 10 years and the
Prosecuting Attorney says he will de
nand the severest sentence.
Thirty special policemen were sworn
In today and sent to patrol the section
f the city adjoining Fort Lawton. As
no soldiers are allowed outside the post,
the patrolmen's duties are light.
The brewery at Interhay, where un
limited quantities of beer have been
old to negro soldiers, has been noti
fied that such sales must be discontinued.
California Bandits Separate and
Deputies Pursue Closely.
BAKERSFIELD. Cel.. June 9. Sheriff
Tancey McFadden and two deputies, pur
suing Hodnutt and Robinson, alleged
murderers who escaped from the San
Luis Obispo jail, arived here this morn
ing. McFadden saya the desperadoes separ
ated for mutual safety in the Mount Di
ablo range and that Hodnutt turned back
toward the coast. Sheriff Nesbit, of
Monterey, with deputies, is on the back
track with bloodhounds. Sheepherders In
the mountains saw Robinson, although as
a rule he traveled by night. Sheriff Mc
Fadden found ashes where the . fugitive
had cooked food taken from mountain
cabins. Robinson is now nearer a rail
road than at any time since he left San
Luis Obispo and warnings have been sent
up and down the Southern Pacific and
Santa Fe lines.
McFadden expected the Monterey Sher
iff to get Hodnutt not later than this
morning and he expects to close in on
Robinson tonight.
Travelers' Booth Makes Appeal to
Every Section of City. "
"Roses, more roses! Give us more
roses for the Union Depot rose booth!"
Miller Says Better Bread Is Obtained
From Product Which Has
Not Been Treated.
KANSAS CITY. Mo., June 9 By using
the bleaching process, testified E. F.
Krite, of St. Louis. In the "bleached
flour case" here today, he was able to
utilize 15 per cent more heat in the man
ufacture of "patent" flour than he could
have used by unbleached methods. -
"We used the bleaching process until
the Government ordered it stopped,"
said Mr. Krite. He further said that the
elasticity of bleached flour was not as
good as that of unbleached flour. A cor
roded pipe exhibited by the Government's
counsel was identified by the witness as
one that had been used In the company's
mills. Mr. Krite said gas used in the
bleaching process had passed through the
pipe and caused it to corrode.
Mr. Westerman, a cracker manufac
turer of Chicago, testified to having used
both kinds of flour in the making of
crackers. He said crackers made from
bleached flour were white and those
made from unbleached showed a yellowish
blush when baked.
William Graham, a miller of Groton,
S. D., said his experiments had shown
that the unbleached product gave a bet
ter volume of bread than the bleached,
and that bread made from tho un
bleached flour retained the natural flavor
of the wheat. He said the bread made
from the bleached product' was less pa
latable. The proceedings tomorrow will open
with the cross-examination of Mr. West
erman. After he is excused it is ex
pected the Government will call some of
its expert witnesses.
Two Women, Last to See Her Alive,
Say Man Looked Into Church as
She Played With Candles.
LOUISVILLE. Ky., June 9. Alma
Kellner met her death at the hands of
Joseph Wendling, missing janitor of St.
John's Catholic Church, according to a
verdict returned by the Coroner's jury
late today. The jurors deliberated
more than one hour before reaching
their deplsion.
Mrs. Rosa Staeble. one of the last
persons to see Alma Kellner alive, was
one of the last witnesses.
"Another woman and myself were
late to mass that day," she said. "After
we had said our prayers I noticed a
little girl at the communion rail play
ing with the candles. As I remember,
the child worea red hat and a checked
Mrs. Anna Grahle. who was in the
church after mass, said:
"I saw the little girl at the com
munion rail, and while she was there
a man opened the sacristy door, looked
out and then closed It. I said to the
woman In the pew with me: 'Do you
think anything could happen to her?"
pointing to the little girl.
"She replied: 'My! What could hap
pen to a child In a church?' "
die bill Mil
Representative Madden Is En
thusiastic Over Outcome.
Credit for Generous Appropriations
Made This Year Is Attributed to
Work of Xational - Rivers '
and Harbors Congress.
.WASHINGTON, June i. fSpeclal.)-
Representative Martin B. Madden, of
Illinois, a member of the rivers and, har
bors committee of "the House, is an en
thusiastic believer in the future of the
waterways of the United States.
In order that he might" assist in the
work of developing the internal water
ways of the country and to bring to the
subject intelligent understanding, Mr.
Madden withdrew from the committee
on appropriations, of which he was a
member during the 60th Congress, to take
a position on the rivers and harbors com
mittee. In speaking of the generally
meritorious character of the rivers and
harbors appropriation bill now in confer
ence, Mr. Maddeti said:
"I think the country Is to' be congratu
lated upon the systematic plan outlined
for interior waterway development in the
present rivers and harbors bill.
"For the first time in the country's
history the rivers and harbors committee
has gone into the question of river im
provement on an extensive scale. This
work, followed to its logical conclusion,
will in the not far distant future lead
to results so beneficial that they cannot
be Imagined at this time.
Cheaper Rates Are Predicted.
"The necessity for river improvement
now that the Great Lake harbors have
already been provided for, becomes ap
parent to every one who understands the
situation as a regulator of railroad
freight rates.
"With the provision In the railroad "bill
which recently passed the House, to the
effect that railroads shall not in the
future, be allowed to reduce rates to
drive out water competition and then
after it is driven out raise them, makes
river Improvement more essential than
ever. t
"This provision In the law will attract
navigation to the rivers. That navigation
will be protected and there will be real
competition between rivers and railroads
that will result Hi cheaper rates, better
facilities, quicker movement and more
courteous treatment on the part of rail
road officials to the shipping public, is
Results Clearly Seen.
"The policy of annual appropriations
for rivers and harbors, inaugurated by
the rivers and harbors committee of the
present Congress, Is-a 'step In the right
direction. It Is entitled to receive the
support of . the American people. And
much of the sentiment in favor of water
way improvement is largely traceable to
the work of the National Rivers and
Harbors Congress, an organization of the
very first importance.
"The hope of the future generations
lies in the development of the rivers of
the country. There Is a limit to railroad
development. That limit has been almost
-"To carry the products of the field,
the factory, curd the mine to the people
of the Nation at the lowest cost possible,
and to enable the people of one sec
tion of the country to deal economically
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Hand Bags
Hand Bags
Hand Bags
Hand Bags
Hand Bags
with the people, of the other section, is
one of the paramount duties of the Na
tional Government." . '
TTnions Assessed for Strikers.
' SAN FRANCISCO. June 9. At a meet
ing of representatives of organized labor
here today at the offices of the State
Building Trades Council, a committee of
30 was appointed to raise funds for the
Los Angeles striking iron workers. All
the unions affiliated with the State Build
ing Trades Council, the San Francisco
Labor Council and the two councils of
Alatneda, will be assessed weekly to
provide the fund. The meeting was pre
sided over by Stewart Reld, an organ
izer for the American Federation of Labor.
Wire's Suit Still Pending.
OREGON CITY. Or., June 9. (Special.)
The divorce suit of Eva C. Rosebrook
against the Portland bandmaster. Shed
rick Rosebrook, has not been dismissed,
but Is pending in the Clackamas County
Court. The report of its dlsmlsfial was
due to the fact that In January. 1909, Rose
brook sued his wife for a. divorce, and
had 'the case dismissed. M. J. McMahon,
attorney for Mrs. Rosebrook, again se
cured the dismissal of the same case, and
not the suit of Mrs. Rosebrook against
her husband.
Off leers' Wives' Save Rags.
June 9. (Special.) Wives of Army of
ficers in the post, tp save their rugs
and carpets from being destroyed by
oil, with which the three miles of
pretty driveways of the barracks have
been soaked, have taken them up for
the time being. Now, when the men
go to their homes, after tracking
across the oil. they do not spoil the
carpets and rugs, but oil the floors.
Gale Grange Plans Big Picnic.
FOREST GROVE, Or., June 9. (Spe
cial.) Gale Grange, Patrons of Husband,
ry. of this city, has decided to hold a big
picnic and fair this Fall. A committee
consisting of H. W. Scott, J. N. Baker.
Mrs. Clara Hughes and Mrs. A. T. Bux
ton has been appointed to confer with the
officials of the Washington County Agri
cultural and Livestock Assoociatlon re
garding holding the affair on their new
Receiver Devlin on Stand.
Receiver Thomas C. Devlin was on the
witness stand In Judge Gaten's depart
ment of the Circuit Court yesterday
morning in the Reddy case. C. W. Fulton
conducted a rigid cross-examination, in
which he compelled the witness, as far
as he could remember, to explain many
minor details of the Pacific at Eastern
Railway deal after he took charge of the
Oregon Trust & Savings Bank.
500 "Middies" Sail.
NORFOLK. Va., June 9. Rear-Admiral
Clark's squadron from Annapolis,
having on board 500 midshipmen from
the United States Naval Academy on
their regular Summer practice cruise,
sailed from Hampton Roads today for
Plymouth, England. The squadron In
cludes the battleships Indiana (flag--ihip),
Massachusetts' and Iowa.
Rich In Extract
by Physicians
as a Tissue
Made From
Selected Malt
and Saazar
An Ideal
Called for by
People Who Like
a Heavy
Beer Excels in Every
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Peer of All Beers
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PEOPLE are not leaving so much to chance in these days of '
universal telephone service. Instead of risking disap
pointment, they telephone and get the facts.
"Will school be held on a stormy morning, will your friend be
in if you call, what does the weather man predict and when does
the train leave are samples of myriads of questions constant
ly passing over the wire, and being answered by the proper
There are also questions to be asked about the telephone
service, how somebody can be reached over the Bell Long Dis
tance Telephone, and what it will cost, and similar questions,
which are being answered by the information operators.
The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
Every Hell Telephone is the Center of
the System
.50 Round
June 2, 17 and 24 ; July 5 and 22
August 3; Sept. 8, 1910
This low rate is via the Great Northern Railway from Seattle, Tacoma,
Portland, Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster,
Wenatchee, Spokane and many other points in Washington, Oregon and
British Columbia to
$ 60.00 to St. Paul,. Minneapolis, Duluth, Superior, and Kansas City. Pro
portionate fares to New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C, and other
eastern points. Stop-over anywhere on the Great Northern Railway.
t . - II .1 1 . . . 1 s - . I T
INamc your xram icu inc agent you want to go on tnc uriemai
tted. Fast Matt or Great Northern Express. Better still write me lor
full information and our "East Over the Mountain", folder.
Describes the routes past the new Glacier National Park to St.
Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and
points east.
fei and P. A..
SSw 122 Third Street,