Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 10, 1910, Page 24, Image 24

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The 10th Annual June White Days Sale Continues in Every Section of The Meier &. Frank Store, Portland's Largest and Best Store
The Great 54th Anniversary and 54 Days of Wonder Sales Now in Progress Bargains of Desirable Kind Always to Be Found Here
Today, Greatest of AM .Friday Surprise
At The Greater Meier Frank Store Today
Secure One of Our Beautiful Sonvenir Booklets Given Free to Every Visitor" to This Store Registration Booth on First Floor. Center Aisle for Out-of-town
Visitors So That We May Send Our Catalogue and SnchOther Information That We Publish From Time to Time for Yonr Interest Don't Fail to Register 1st Floor
54 Years in
Today's Great Surprise Sale
Manufacturer's Strip Embroidery
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, a great number of odd lengths in
embroideries, edges and insertions, made of good quality swiss, nainsook and cambric ;
either eyelet, filet or blindwork designs. Comes 1 to 9 inches wide. Tht strips are
from 4!2 to 5 yards long. They are suitable for women's and children's un-QC
derwear. Values up to $2.50 the strip. On special sale at low price of, strip
$2.50 Embroidery 89c
Today's and Saturday's Surprise
Today and Saturday, for the 1062 Surprise Sale, in our first floor embroidery sec
tion, a splendid lot of embroidered Nets will be shown. Come in white, cream or ecru;
18 inches wide; large and small designs, suitable for yokes and sleeves; our best OQ
regular values up to $2.50 the yard, special price today and Saturday, the yard Jv
For Today's and Saturday's Great Surprise
$5.50 Scrim Curtains $2.79
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, third floor drapery department, 50
patterns in ecru, cream and white Scrim Curtains, made with stenciled borders, in art
nouveau, floral and Oriental designs; colors are red, green, blue, brown and rose; sten
ciled with oil colors, which insures their being absolutely fast. Regular val- 3iO 7Q
ues up to $5.50 pair; special today and Saturday at this low price, the pair ('"
Surprise m The Carpet Section
China and Japan Matting Greatly Reduced
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, third floor carpet dept., 225 rolls of
China and Japan Matting will be reduced. A large assortment of colors and designs
is included. Each roll contains 40 yards. On sale at the following special reductions:
Regular $7.25 values, special, roll, $6.15. Regular $11.00 values, special, roll, Sj8.90
Regular $i.25 values, special, roll, 95-4.95 Regular $9.00 values, special, roll, 57.50
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, a special on Smyrna d! QC
Rugs, in Oriental colorings; size 30x60 inches; regular $2.75 value, at, each P
VELVET RUGS, in Wilton designs; come 27 inches wide; regular $1.75 value, $1.25
Great Millinery Surprise Offerings
Tailored Dress Hats V4 to V2 Off
An unusual announcement that will bring thousands of purchasers to Portland's larg
est and best millinery store. Entire stock of Trimmed Millinery, sale at V and V2 off.
Today and Saturday, for the 10(52d Surprise Sale, every Tailored Hat and Dress-
Hat 111 our great second iloor millinery section will be reduced. . This sweeping reduc
tion includes our finest domestic and imported conceptions, all sizes, in all colors and
' prices. Today and Saturday, at from one-fourth to one-half of regular selling prices.
Imported Untrimmed Shapes V2 Off
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, our entire stock of imported un
trimmed shapes will be reduced. Included are burnt leghorns, tagal, y PrSr0
hemp and fine hair-braid straws; regular values up to $15.00; special ' laCC
Today's Great Surprise Sale
Women's Pretty, New Neckwear
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, a special lot of women's Neck
wear in all the newest styles; all new goods; a sample line from one of the largest
manufactures. Rabats, jabots, cascades, Dutch collars all the popular novel- 1 ?
ties are represented. Regular 25c and 50c values, special for this sale, each OC
For Today's Surprise Sale
$7.50 Handsome Parasols $4.47
1000 Parasols, in all the newest shades and combinations ; black and white are also in
cluded; come with plain directoire handles or fancy bird and animal handles, with eight,
ten or twelve brass ribs, and Tokio frames. These parasols are regularly A 4
priced at $5.00, $5.50, $6.00, $6.50, $7.00 and $7.50. Our special toddy, ea. Pr.'l-
Surprise Sale Women's Hose 39c
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, a fresh, clean lot of. 500 dozen
women's imported lisle Hose, with extra wide double garter tops; a splendid OQ
assortment of staple and popular shades. Reg. 50c and 60c vals., spc'l, per pairOC
20c Children's and Misses' Hose lie
CHILDREN'S AND MISSES' HOSE in blacks and tans, made in extra long 1 1
niaco yarn, seamless, fast dye. Regular 20c value, special today and Saturday 1 1 C
Today's Great Surprise Sale
Women's Fine Undermuslins
Women's Drawers, made of fine quality cambric and nainsook, trimmed in very fine
laces and embroidery, insertions, tucks, beading and ribbons; best regular CI QQ
$4.50 values. Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, at, pair S,
Italian Silk Vests, in white only. A special lot for Surprise Sale, $2.50 value, $1.95
Women's Underskirts, made with wide flounces of embroidery and lawn, with clusters
of lace insertion and tucks; trimmed with lace edgings, separate dust nif- CQ Q&
fles; regular $5.50 and $6.50 values, on special sale at low price of, each P' -
Women's Combination Garments, consisting of corset cover and drawers, made of the
finest quality cambric and lawn; come in yoke effect of embroidery and 1 1 Q
lace ; drawers are daintily trimmed ; regular $1.75 and $2.00 values, at, ea. P A
Women's Nightgowns, made of the best quality cambric, nainsook and Masonville mus
lin, and trimmed in the finest quality of embroidery, laces, tucks and insertion; made
high and low neck, long and short-sleeve styles, our best regular $1.50 and $1.75 QQ.
values; for today's and Saturday's 1062d Surprise Sale, special price, each 'ot
Surprises in the Suit Section
Women's $7.50 Suits $2.98
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, 500 women's and misses' strictly
tailored Tub Suits; made of good quality Indian Head duck; come in white and navy
only. Made with 40-inch semi-fitted packet; plain tailored skirt, trimmed CO QO
in cloth buttons; exceptionally well made; regular $7.50 values, special at p0
Surprises in Children's Dept.
$3.50 Wash Dresses .$ 1 .65
Today and Saturday, for the l062d Surprise Sale, special lot of children's Dresses,
made of fine quality gingham, chambray, poplin and percale. Colors are blue, pink,
tan and all combinations in checks and stripes; in jumper, Russian or long-waisted
styles, trim 'd with braids and fancy buttons; made with full-pleated skirt. fZtZ
Ages from 6 to 14 years. Our regular values up to $3.50; special for, each P VJ
Waist Surprises for Economists
Reg. $1.75 Values, Special 92c
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, a special lot of dainty new white
Lingerie Waists, made of good quality mull and lawn. Eight distinct styles represented.
They are trimmed in allover embroidery, tucks and laces. A very pretty plain tailored
shirt effect is made with pin tucks down the front and inch tucks on the shoulder, giv
ing the popular Gibson effect. Some have fancy yokes and soft cuffs and col-QO
lar, finished with dainty Val. lace; in all sizes; values up to $1.75; special for 7C
Great House Gowns Surprise
Reg. $2.00 Kimonos Special 89c
Today and Saturday, for the 10C2d Surprise Sale, in our second floor house gown de
partment, a splendid assortment of long Kimonos, made of good quality lawn, percale
and flannelette, will be reduced. Made with square, rolling or embroidered shawl col
lar, trimmed with satin and long band buttonhole stitching down the front. Come in
light, medium and dark colors. Also in stripes, checks, dots, Persian and Dres- QQ
den effects. Regular values $2.00 each; special for today and Saturday, each OJG
Today's Great Surprise Sale
Seasonable Traveling Goods
Reg. $4.50 Traveling Bags, Special $3,55
TRAVELIGHT BAG, made of Scotch plaid rubber cloth, weight 2 pounds; d0 CC
sizes 15x10x8 inches ; regular $4.50 values, today and Saturday, for, each pO00
Reg. $6.00 Cowhide Suit Cases for $4.95
SUITCASES, of genuine cowhide, smooth finish, linen-lined, with shirtf old; tA QC
our best regular $6.00 values, on special sale today and Saturday, at, each
Reg. $3.50 Keratol Suit Cases for $2.75
KERATOL SUITCASES, linen-lined, with shirtf old; $3.50 values, special, ea., $2.75
$15.00 Duck Covered Trunks for $12.65
DUCK-COVERED TRUNKS, 34-inch size, brass-trimmed, steel-edged top and bottom;
come with two leather straps from top to bottom ; full linen-lined ; made ffl O f J?
with two trays; our best regular $15.00 values, on special sale at, each
$ 1 1 .50 Duck Covered Trunks for $9.25
DUCK-COVERED TRUNKS, 32-inch size, made with brassed trimmings and leather
strap over top; has two trays; our regular $11.50 values, on special sale, ea., $9.25
Today's Great Surprise Sale
Popular High Grade Corsets
For today and Saturday we have placed on sale a remarkable 'selection of the
newest models in all lengths and styles. It has been our extreme good fortune to
have secured a complete range of sizes in this array. .These corsets are the output of
a well known manufacturer but we are compelled to withhold the name. A glance at
the description and prices will give you a scant idea of the exceptional values offered.
CUSTOM-MADE CORSETS AT $2.98 Made of imported stripe materials and Ger
man coutil, beautifully trimmed with lace and ribbon; six hose supporters attached.
Come in medium and extreme lengths, high or low bust; suitable for all CJO QO
figures; on special sale this week for the great Surprise Sale for, pair tyiJO
CUSTOM-MADE CORSETS AT $5.45 Made of beautiful brocaded grenadines,
striped and mercerized batiste and German coutil; handsomely trimmed with dainty
lace and ribbon. These corsets retail ordinarily as high as $15.00. All flJC
the newest models are included; special for the Surprise Sale at only P0.r0
Every pair of the above Corsets are fitted by expert corsetieres. Take advantage.
Surprise in Women's Oxlords
Regular $5 Values Pair 98c
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, 1000 pairs women's white Ox
fords, made of Sea Island duck; come in three or four-eyelet, blucher or lace cut,
welt or hand-turned soles; made with either white covered or leather Cuban QQ
heels and plain or tipped toes. Regular values up to $3.00 pair; special for OC
Interesting Surprise m Men's Dept.
Sample Line Gotham Pajamas V2 off
Today and Saturday, the entire sample line on sale of the Gotham Pajamas, of
fered at half price. There are all sizes and styles, from the cheapest to the most ex
pensive qualities. All this season's newest ideas in madras, soisette, fancy mercer
ized and fancy pongee silk; many other styles and different colors. Men and women
who know of our annual sale of Gotham Pajamas will take advantage y
of this sale, as this is the finest lot of 100 dozen we have ever offered vJ
Surprising Reductions Men's Shirts
$1.50 Coat Shirts 89c each
Today and Saturday, these Shirts, from one of Troy's best makers, whose prod
uct we control for this vicinity, will be on sale. They are not only handsome shirts,
but they fit particularly well. We sell thousands of dozens every season. There are
many different styles to select from, in plain and pleated bosoms, black and OQ
white stripes, figures and spot effects are some of the styles; $1.50 values atJC
Attractive Surprise Men's Clothes
High Grade $30 Suits at $17.65
For today and Saturday, for the 10 62d Surprise" Sale, in our big third floor men's
clothing section, we will place on sale a great special purchase made by our clothing
buyer, now in the Eastern market, from one of the leading wholesale tailors. All the
latest styles and patterns are represented. The suits are all hand-tailored and made
with the finest quality mohair lining. Materials are fancy worsteds, tweeds and
cassimeres. The colors are light and dark gray, tan, brown and black and white
stripes and silk-mixed worsteds. All sizes, for the stout man, the aver- CI 7 fit
age-sized man and the slim man. Regular values up to $30.00; special
Boys Also Share in Surprise Sale
$ 1 .25 K. &. E. Blouse Waists 58c
Today and Saturday, for the 1062d Surprise Sale, a special lot of the famous K. &
E. Boys' Blouse Waists, made of good quality madras and percale; come in medium
and dark shades, in neat stripes and checks. Made with soft or starched col- CQ
lar and cuffs attached Ages from 5 to 16 years. Our regular $1.00 and $1.25'0
Great Surprise Sale Today
of Young Men's Suits at $13.85
Another great Surprise Sale A special lot of young men's Suits, purchased by our
New York buyer. Included are college cuts, made single-breasted, with full peg top
trousers and more conservative cuts; made of all-wool cheviots, tweeds and velour
cassimere cloth. Colors are gray, tan and olive green. The tailoring is such as to
suit' the most particular. The materials will please the most economical. $1 O QC
Ages 14 to 20 years. Regular values to $22.50; special for Surprise Sale P J.OJ
Surprise Sale Creamery Butter at 63c
ORANGES Extra fancy, large, sweet and juicy, regularly 50c a dozen, special 2A f
in the grocery department for today and Saturday, at the low price of only
FRENCH SARDINES The celebrated "Albert Roche" brand, sp'L, 2 cans for 25
Thousands of Additional Bargains Here for the Throngs of Visitors We Invite You to Visit the Greater Meier & Frank Store
Fictitious lurliases Will Not Pro
tect Men From Law.
Mendel Dorfman and Israel Pschurra,
junk dealers, were held to the gTand Jury
by Judge Bennett yesterday, on a charge
of stealing over worth of sawmill
machinery from H. Goodwin. In
holding the men. Judge Bennett took
occasion to warn junk dealers In general
that no excuse of purchasing stolen stuff
from persons not the real owners would
be accepted In such cases. The court
eaid that it was a too common practice
of these men to buy junk at ridiculously
low figures from anyone who said he
was the owner, without reasonable in
vestigation. Goodwin shipped the sawmill machinery
to this city, en route to Battle G-round.
Wash., and it was stored In a vacant
lot on the Bast Side. Saying he had pur
chased the property from a man named.
Straw, Dorfman and Pschurra sent a
man with a sledgehammer to break up
the cast iron. He destroyed several gear
wheels valued at $20 and then hauled the
stuff away.
Third Day's Record Drops " Below
That of 1908.
Yesterday's registration of voters at
the Courthouse numbered 229, while
the registration on the third day In
1908 totaled 311. But the registration
booth was open only half a day yes
terday, accounting for the shortage.
Of the 229, 182 were Republicans, 26
were Democrats and 21 were classed
as miscellaneous. On the third day in
1908. 244 were Republicans, 64 Demo
crats and 13 declined to state their
Father in Jail, Slother Indifferent,
They Go to "Home."
VANCOUVER. Wash., June 9. (Spe
cial.) With-their father, possibly, on the
rockpile at Kelly Butte, in Portland,
their mother with no means and not
much desire to support them, three lit
tle children were taken to the County
Poor Farm a month ago. and now the
County Commissioners have ordered them
sent to the Children's Home in Seattle.
The little ones are Orole, aged 7 years;
Irene, 4 years, and Ora Mobley, 2 years
old. Their parents are Mr. and Mrs.
Ora Mobley. The mother did work in a
Chinese restaurant here, and the last
heard of the father he was in jail in
Portland. The Commissioners were In
formed of the pitiable condition of the
little children, and they were ordered
taken to the County Poor Farm.
When George Johnson, Deputy Sheriff,
went to the 'place where they were kept,
to take them from their mother, little
Ora was sobbing and crying as though
his little heart would break, and mur
mured: "I don't wonta go, mama, I don't
wanta go."
"Shut up. you've got to go," ' snapped
the angry woman, so the Deputy Sheriff
put the three unfortunate children in the
carriage and started for the Poor Farm.
Finest imported mint,
pared to fill all orders.
Co., three stores.
We are pre
Sig Sichel &
Strike Affects Two Companies.
ASTORIA. Or., June' 9. The ma
chinists" strike has affected the Pacific
Iron Works, as well as the Astoria
Iron Works, in its demand for shorter
hours and more pay. ' There were but
two men to walk out.
Exodus From Vancouver Barracks
to Rose Festival Is General.
June 9. (Special.) General Marion P.
Maus, . commanding officer of ' the De
partment of the Columbia, who is absent
on a tour of the six posts in Alaska, has
completed the trip to the territory and is
now going overland to Dawson. Advices
of his progress were received here to
day. The sum of 125,000 will be disbursed to
the soldiers here today and tomorrow.
The soldiers in the post were paid today
and those at the target range will receive
what is due them tomorrow. Major' James
Canby, of Portland, Is the paymaster.
Hundreds of officers and soldiers went
to Portland today to see the magnificent
parades this afternoon and tonight. The
post will be almost deserted, except the
guard, tonight. Uncle Sam's men are
taking great interest in the festivities in
Portland this week.
Albany City Council Also Prohibits
TTse of Feather Ticklers.
ALBANY, Or., June 9. (Special.) Confetti-throwing
is a thing of the past in
Albany and the pleasant practice of
thrusting a feather duster in the face of
a fellow-being has also been abolished. A
ban was placed on both of these pastimes
by the City Council of Albany last even
ing. The ordinance passed last evening
makes it a misdemeanor to throw confetti
in thi city or thrust a feather duster in
another person's face. A tine of from $3
to $oO or imprisonment in. the City Jail
from two "to 25 days are punishments pro
vided for violation of the ordinance.
Note From Eugene, Or., Gives Clew
to Missing Tacoma Man.
TACOMA, June 9.' "Dear Vi: Going
to Albany to see Lizzie and the chil
dren. My head aches and I'm awful
hungry. Goodby."
This note was received this morning
y Mrs. H. T. Bona, wife of the manu
facturer who disappeared Monday. The
letter had been mailed at Eugene. Or.,
yesterday, and was in Bona's handwrit
ing. The family is unable to account
for his being in Eugene if he is on his
way to his daughter Lizzie, whose home
is in Albany, N. Y-, except on the theory
that in his confusion he bought a
ticket for Albany, Or., 14 miles from
The aged man is believed to be suf
fering from temporary mental derange
ment due to business worry.