Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 10, 1910, Page 20, Image 20

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.For Sale
Beautiful home with pur water, good
drainage, eplendid view, convenient, modern
10-room house, within one mile of postoffice
and electric depot in thriving college town,
an hour's ride from Portland; bathroom, with
hot and ooid water, water tower and aer
motor; barn and chicken houses, carpenter
shop and small greenhouse; nine-acre tract
with fruit of all kinds for home ue; one
acre of orchard in full tearing, three acres
of young apple, cherry and peach trees;
half acre of strawberries and bush fruits;
Ideal rural home with social, educational
and religious advantages of clean college
town and proximity to great city. Apply to
J. W. Livingston, Forest Grove, Or., or
gee place for your-eif.
Miacellan eons.
Close-in acreage, a wheat ranch or small,
well-improved farm, at low price and on
most liberal terms, see me. 1 handle my
own properties.
' 620 Corbett Bldg.
Irrigated Lands.
We sell improved irrigated land In the
"garden spot" of Central Oregon in tracts
of 10 to 640 acres at from $30 to $75
per acre. This land Is suitable for clover,
alfalfa and all kinds of diversified farm
ing ; L. W. Hill says it will become one
of the best apple countries in the North
west. Many new orchards will be put
out within the next year. Free traa s
portattion when you purchase from us.
we sell automobile tickets to all parLs
of Central Oregon.
301-302 Buchanan bldg., on Washington,
near 5th st.. Portland, Or. Local office
Laidlaw. Or.
$24.000 240-ACRE Alberta peach orchard In
famous East Texas fruit belt. 2Vi miles
from Palestine, a town of 15,000 people;
healthy climate, good soil, 6."i acres tim
ber pasture, 70 acres cotton, SOW bearing
trees, producing easily 10,000 bushels aver
age season; good buildings, ordinary farm
land adjoining valued at $loo per acre;
must sell; my price $lO0 per acre; clear
title; will trade for northern land or city
737 Henry Bldg., Seattle, Wash.'
BY OWNER For sale or exchange. 200 or
360 acres of improved lugged-off land ;
this is Ideal apple land; good soil; lots
of water; located in the Little White Sal
mon Valley, 4 y miles from station S. P.
& S. R. R. and boat landing; will ex
change for Portland property. For full
particulars, write or call on F. W. De-
hart. Hood. Wash.
0O ACRES of excellent wheat land in Sher
man County near Morrow for Portland in
come property; land well watered, with
hog-tight fences, and in high state of cul
tivation; good house and barn. Price
$25,000; equity $17,000; will trade or sell
on very easv terms. Owner now in town.
- 325 Lumber Exchange.
Store building on good business street in
Forest Grove for rent cheap or exchange for
improved Portland property; building is
suitable for restaurant, grocery or general
mercantile store and ha living rooms up
stairs. Addes Forest Grove Real Estate
Co., Forest Grove. Or.
LAUNCH 23x5 ft., canopy top, 8 h. p.
Smalley engine, electric lighted and a
boathouse; all in fine shape, value $050;
will trade for Portland property or acre
age within 40 miles of city and pay differ
ence in cash, o. A. Lyman. 00 Fifth st.
Speed of boat 10 milts per hour; 25
H. P.; will seat 10 people; boathouse as
ood as new. Will exchange for property,
'avid Lewis, room 2 Lunibcrmens Bldg.
TO trade for good unencumbered city or
acreage property, in or near Portland, one
of the best country hotels In Oregon,
clearing over $400 per month. See owner.
Value $18.000. A. B. Morton. 500 E. 23d at.
TO EXCHANGE Income Chicago (Kvanston)
store and residence property; also acreage In
Washington for farm property, Southwest
Oregon. Address owner. B. F. De Voe, 5572
30th ave., N. E., Svattle. Wash.
ERTY for land or acres in Oregon or
Washington. See classified list. Will be at
Portland Hotel during Rose Festival. A. J.
Durland. owner. 1131 31st ave.. Seattle.
40-FOOT motor boat, 00-foot boathouse; both
In fine condition; 25-H. P-: speed 10 miles
per hour; will seat 3.0 people comfortably.
Will trade both for good real estate. 63
Tith st. David Lewis.
I WILL take new modern home, C to 8
rooms, as part payment for choice tim
ber. Government patent. Give particulars.
E 50, Oregonlan.
TWO lots at Warrenton, free of incumbrance;
cost. tioO; will exchange for diamond or
horse and huggy or automobile equal value.
227 Abington bldg. George.
WILL exchange one year's rent of 6-room
modern house, corner Commercial and
Blandena ats.. for a city lot. . Apply S36
Chamber of Commerce.
SALE or exchange, 230 suburban lots to
Portland; 5c carfare; no incumbrance; for
Portland property; give or take difference.
W. H. Sullivan. No. 7 Union ave. North.
U ILL trade 1-story store building for stock
of groceries or real estate. Phone E 213.
, C 52. Oregonian.
WILL trade two-cylinder touring car. Tourist,
in excellent shape, 0 model, for city prop-
m erty and pay difference. AN 32, Oregonian.
MODERN 6-room bungalow in Seattle to
trade for Portland lots or acreage. Ad
dress W. H. Morgan. 1U3 East 51th st.
WHAT have you to exchange for complete
motion picture theater equipment? phone
... ,
WILL exchange good Oregon property for
property in New York state. Laidlaw. 603
Commercial bldg.
TOU can trade any kind of property at
room 1 0 1 S Board of Trad
gg - . . . .- p.
IF you were a baseball fan you would be
reading the sporting page. Yoa are read
ing this because you have something to
Bell. Let us do it for you. We can han
dle some East Side property to advantage.
2d and Stark.
LIST your property. Have cash customers
West and East Side homes; also income
S. W. corner 0th and Washington sts.
WANTED 35 or 40 acres of land; no build
ings; must have running water; within ra
dius of 50 miles of Portland. A G 33, Ore-
WANTED To buy land in large or small
tracts, improved or unimproved; cash for
bargains. V 30. Oregonian.
AVI UL buy 5 to 6 room house or acreage
with same; give particulars and terms.
M 64. Ore gonian .
IF you want to sell your rooming-house or
hotel, list it with u. Buyers waiting.
5t3 Couch Bldg.
WANTED A husiness location on lower
Madison st, not over $50,000. p 53, Ore
gonlan. WANTED 6 or 7 -room modern hoLse, East
Side, on small initial and monthly pay
ments. J 54. Oregonian.
WANTED Acreage overlooking river or
ocean. W 20. Oregonian.
17.000.000 FEET of yellow fir timber, for
quick sale 75c per M.; only 2 miles to
ruilroad. Will trade for some city prop
erty, balance in money.
517 Rothchild Bldg.
Ci.00O.00O feet yellow fir, $::0O0.
4.000.000 feet yellow, rir, 2tHMl.
4, OOO. OOO feet vellow fir, $15oo. '
4Q'. Gerllnger Bldg.
2S0 ACRES yellow .pine. $20 an acre; m
proposed electric line in Kllckioat Count v,
Washington: about 2S.00O.o0o ft. timber;
gnod fruit land. . Foe & Quinn. 41S Henry
bldg.. Portland. Or.
C J. M'CRACKEN. .04 McKay Trldg.
IF you have any farm land to sell at the
right price, list It with us for quick re
turns. We have special facilities for
handling farms.
625 Henry bldg.. Portland. Or.
TIMBER wanted.
04 McKay bldg.
C. J. McCracaaa.
Horses Vehicles and Harness.
FOR SALE A young driving mare, hand
some and well bred. East Market and 31st
FOR SALE Span of heavy work horses;
good condition ; 2050 pounds. Oregon &
Washing ton Lumber Co. Main 2163.
Best accommodations for travelers; ladies
waiting-room: prices moderate. 243 Front
F1KST-CI.ASS hotel bus. used one
very cheap, or trade. 70 Garfield.
Horses Vehicles and Harness.
Why buy second-hand vehicle when you
can get a new one from an old-established
wholesale house. 44 years In Oregon, at
almost the same cost 7 We axe located
outside the high-rent district, own our
building, and can make the price. Ex
clusive agents for the old reliable line of
Michigan Buggy Co. fine vehicles, deliv
ery wagons, too buggies, runabouts and
(arm wagons. Ba sure and see us before
you buy. it may save yon money
R- M. WADE & CO..
TT2 Hawthorne Ave., bet. East 1st and 2d
i NEW single harness... $13,150
0 new double driving harness. ..... 23.50
40 new team harness ............... 31. 50
$45 new team harness . . . . 35.00
K?w guaranteed, well-known buggies with
leather trimmings, Una leather quarter tops,
for $5S.50. Big tales and small pro St. The
second largest stock of vehicle and wagon
$ln the city to select from.
C L. BOSS & CO.,
We are now located at the Portland
Lnlon Stockyards.
We have on hand a good stock of mules
vreigning from 120U to 1400 lbs, that are
f irsL-ciass in every particular; our prices
are in line with the times. Come and see
us and we will convince vou.
Woodiawn 2400.
FOR SALE Team of bay mares, 5 and 7
years old, weight T75 lbs.; have sold my
ranch, have no more use for them ; this
team is worth seeing at the price, if you
want a team; will sell together or sep
arate; guaranteed to work single or dou
ble; gentle for lady to drive. Call 753 E.
Burnside today.
FOR SALE Horses, harness and wagons.
Remember, we sell guaranteed horses and
mares. IX not as represented they can bs
returned. We also have on hand several
elivery. farm, vegetable and uiilk wagons
lor sale. Hawthorae-ave. Stables, 420
Hawthorne ave.
GENTLE! horse that a woman can ride or
drive; also buggy and harness. Inquire
Roberts Bros., 3d and Morrison.
2300-POUND team; horse and mare; -very
chunky built, 0 and 7 years old, warrant
ed to work single and double. Price $3oo.
Can be seen by calling at 14 Union ave.,"
cor. Ash. Afck for Mr. Storm.
FOR SALE One span of horses. 4 and 5
years old; mare and horse; weight 3000
pounds; kind and gentle to work to any
thing. Price $500. Address p. L. Kenady.
Woodburn. Or.
FOR SALE Fine bay mare; lady can drive
or ride; rubber-tire - buggy ; a bargain.
301 East 40th st. Phone Tabor 1T4U. O.
. W. Failing.
A THOROUGHBRED horse. 6 years old,
city broke, good, kind disposition ; has
fine action under saddle. 1350 E. 47th
and Hawthorne. Phone Tabor 1G45.
FINELY-BRED trotting mare, large-sized
and gentle, for cash, wood, grain or real
.-.tate. Inquire 12-S. 3d.
FOR SALE Top buggy, steel tire, $35; .de
livery wagon, $15: Last house west end
.Skirt more st. (No. S7.
PONY, saddle and bridle for $40. Tabor 1011.
BUCK NO. 10. 1909 model, single rumble
peat complete with glass front, top, new
- tires; thoroughly overhauled; $800. Seen
at Metropolitan Motor Car Co., Chapman
St.. or call Main 1373.
7-PASSENGER 6Q-H. P. Thomas Flyer, in
good condition; Just the car for stage
line or livery; $1500 cash; no trades nor
terms. II 975. Oregonian.
I HAVE 10.OO0 shares in an etsablished au
tomobile company; will sell all or part at
par, 1 each. A E 994. Oregonl an.
CHALMERS-DETROIT 40. 1910. pony ton
neau. as good as new; has run 25O0 miles;
fully, equi pped. A D 33. Oregonian.
4-CYLINDER Cadillac model G, in flrst-
class condition; just overhauled and paint
ed; $900. Western Auto Co.. 531 Alder st.
FOR SALE-t An auto, In perfect condition,
cheap. Call 401 Buchanan bldg.
CHILD'S automobile for sale. 331 Larrabee sC
Birds. Dogs and Pet Stock
THOROUGHBRED English bulldog pups,
from sire and dam of first prize winners
at last show, cheap on account of selling
my home. J. J. McCarthy, Abington bldg.
THOROUGHBRED English setter bird
dogs for sale, sired by handsome Dan II.
Woodiawn 2220. 9S5 Albina ave., "L" car.
FRESH Jersey cow; heavy rich milker. 95
East 30th. Sunnyside. East 5505.
UHOROL'GHBRED collie pupa for sale. Main
SOME very fine Airesdale terrier puppies.
L. V. Woodward, phone Sell wood 1015.
, M isceltaneoua.
$1700 WILL BUY.
40x10 cruising launch (Roamer) ; has
cabin, galley, toilet, foc'sle and cockpit.
9x13 feet under awning; carries tender on
davits; one man control; 10-H. P. heavy
engine; speed 8 miles; sleeps 6 people;
will carry 50. Apply
DR. FREEBURGER, 206 Shetland Bldg.
SECOND-HAND counter, coffee-mill, coun
ter scales, platform scales, showcases, tea
and coffee bins, small safe, rolltop desk,
shelving; prices cheap; can be seen at
400 Washington st.
PRIVATE sale of furniture by family leav
ing town; $22 washing machine, good as
new, $10; everything must be sold, phone
between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. Main 1752
or A 1752.
SPECIAL sale this week of damaged and
slightly-ued sewing machines. Box-top ma
chines, $5 and up. White Sewing Machine
store. 420 Washington, corner 1 1 th.
BIG SNAP I have several beautiful silk
dress patterns which I will sell for less
than half what they cost me, as I need
money. P 51. Oregonian.
SPECIAL prices on factory rebuilt machines;
very liberal terms; $10 to $ti0. Northwest
Typewriter Co- M fcSTQ. 222 Abingtoa
FOR SALE One 16-foot launch with launch
house, light and whistle. Phone E. 2t00
or call about 6:3Q evening, 421 East Ash st.
FOR SALE $8000. 2d-hand brick in North
Portland at a bargain. Inquire 204 Hamil
ton bldg. Maln1532.
$50. Ask for catalog. Rebuilt $15 up. N.
M. Hayter Co., 90 5th st. Main 552a.
FOR BALE Showcase, w-allcases, counters,
cheap. No. 222 Grand ave. Phone Blast
DRESS suit, worn only few times, will fit
young man weighing 135 pounds. Call
B 21 3S.
FOR SALE Parlor suite, carpet, cook
stove and. other furniture, cheap. Call be
forrt June 13. 224 Cherry st.
FOR SALE OR RENT Logging and hoist
ing engines. Railway Equipment Co., 74
1st st. Both phones.
SEWING machine; one drop-head Singer
$15; attachments, etc, complete. 350 Mor
rison st.
WHEELER & WILSON drop-head sewing
machine $15; all attachments. 350 Morri
son st.
NOIE8 and mortgages bought and sold. Na
tional Credit Ass n. 001 Worcester bl d g.
600 BUSINESS CARDS $1 if you bring this ai
Rose City Printery. 1924 3d. near Taylor.
VIOLINS, banjoc, mandolins, guitars at halt
a. regular prices. Uncle Myers. 71 ttth at.
231 Stark St. Main 1407.
FINE launch for sale, $130. Phone Main
1S34. Ask for Walter Finke.
DENSMORE typewriter; Al condition; $2X
Call B 213S.
GASOLINE wood eaw; will be shown in op
eration. Inquire 75 Fifth st.
FIND insulated cooler for sale cheap. Alex
Friedman. 25 1st-
A-l ROLLTOP desk and chair at & bargain.
S22 Corbett bldg.
SHOWCASES, new and second-hand, 811
Everett, cor 6th. Also fixtures.
Highest price paid for men's cast-off
clothing and shoes. The Globe Second
hand stcre. 90 First. Main 20S0. We also
buy ladies clothing.
WANTED Men's cast-off clothing and
shoes; we also buy household furnishings;
highest prices paid. Call at the "Fair
Deal." 02 N- 3d st. Main 6272.
WANTED Second-hand gasoline engine, not
more than 3 horsepower,, one fitted for
- pumping preferred; must he in good order
and cheap; state price. E 51 . Oregonian.
CELL your second-hand furniture to the
Ford Auction Co. or you'U get lesa
Phones: A 2445: Main 85L
CAN use 50 to 100 shares German-American
Coffee stock at $11 per share. H 53, Ore
gonian. WANTED A small house in the vicinity of
Sunnyside to move house away; state price.
AM 32. Oregonian.
6POT cash paid for your furniture; prompt
attention always given. Phc ne East 10H7.
HIGHEST price paid for second-hand shoes
and clothes. Phone Marshall 1929.
WANTED4 Al saddle maker and a harness
maker. Henry L. Kuck. The DaTles. Or.
MIDDLE-AGED men at A. D. T. Co., 7fi
3d st. .
BARBER wanted at Mirror barber shop, 2d
and Washington ats.; steady Job.
WANTED A married German gardener and
farmer to work on farm lO miles from
Portland; bard work and good pay; Inex
perienced men Dot wanted; wife must
know cooking. Apply 772 Marshall St..
between 9 and 10 A. Saturday, the
11th Inst.
EXCEPTIONAL opportunity for energetic,
bright and capable young men to learn
the piano business; good wages to start;
must have best of references. See Mr.
Hale at Eilers Music House before 10
A. M.
THE Meier & Frank stores require several
corrpetent iloormen, also salesmen for the
linens and domestics, and 25 bright boys.
10 years of age or over, to learn the busi
ness. Apply to employment bureau, S to
10 A. M. ,
WANTED City salesman who has one or
two good lines to accept another well
known line to work in connection with his
present lines; salary or commission. B 50,
. Oregonian.
Al SALESMAN, of good address, sell great
est thing ever discovered for the bath;
spray, shower, massage all in one: quar
ter million in use. 10 Cambridge bldg.. 3d
and Morrison.
WANTED Carpenters experienced In con
crete work; $3.50 per day for good active
men; none others need apply; steady
work; good camp; free transportation to
. Estacada. Apply 009 Electric bldg.
WANTED Man to take charge of boys in an
institution ; must understand gardening
and care of stock and be competent to
teach boys that work; steady position for
right man. A J 34. Oregonian.
WANTED Young man, single, 25 to 30,
travel and collect for. publishing concern;
must be good hustler, with good refer
ences; bond required; salary $3.50 per day
and transportation. J 53. Oregon i an.
WANTED Live hustling men to sell Canadian
farm and acre tracts, also city lots, in a
new B. C. city; easy sellers. 304, 305, 306
Le w is bid g., city.
SALESMAN wanted to sell treasury stock
in well-established manufacturing con
cern; good commission to first-class man.
F 50. Oregonian.
ASSISTANT bookkeeper; position with op
portunity for advancement; young man;
must be good penman ; state age, expert
ence and salary. AL 34. Oregonian.
WANTED Machinist, first class; capable of
holding down foremanship : investment In
business preferred; references required.
Commercial block.
IOUNG MEN wanted to prepare for railway
mall clerks, postoffice clerks, carriers, etc.
Write or call for Book 30. it's free. Paciho
States School. McKay bldg.. Portland, Or
FIFST-CLASS accountant with credit expe
rience; wholesale house; unusual opportu
nity; state age. experience, references.
D 52. Oregonian.
WANTED A competent, experienced cloak
and euit man for a large store in a Puget
- Sound City. Address G. Know Hon, box 134,
Taxma. Wash.
PRIVATE resident has money to loan on
jewelry, diamonds and other collateral
security, on short time ; strictly conf iden
tial. Phone C 2403.
STRANGER, attention! Fine opening, ex
perience unnecessary; small capital re
quired. Ca.ll. 10 to 12, 326 3 Washington
st.. room 417.
WANTED Three blacksmiths.
North Second st- '
Inquire 12
RAILWAY mail clerks, city carriers, clerks,
Portland, examinations announced July 15.
Preparation free. Franklin Institute, Depu
271 P. Rochester, N. Y. .
WANTED A man experienced in soliciting,
collection business; state experience and
references ; salary and commission. AJ
3-1. Oregonian.
WANTED Man as salesman who thoroughly
understands flour; capable of earning $18oo
per year; state experience and If speak
German. AK 32, Oregonian.
WANTED First-clas3 salesman to handle
exclusively or as aide line a complete line
of high-grade chocolates: give reference
and telephone number. AC 35, Oregonian.
WANTED Second gardener, unmarried, for
gentleman's country place; must he able
to milk; good wages and board. A K 30.
WANTED First-clats telegraph operators;
good opportunities for advancement; men
with electrical knowledge preferred. AK
33. Oregonian.
WANTED Dependable drug clerk for East
ern Oregon; live town; must be a hustler
and heip some with soda trade. Address
K, 3 S, Qregonian. '
WANTED First-class blacksmith to do gen
eral blacksmithing; good wages for right
man. Apply W. F. Scrivner. Heppner. Or.
MACHINISTS and machinists' helpers. Ap
ply superintendent Smith & Watson Iron
Works. Front and Hall sts.
BREAD baker; must be good bench hand.
Call between 11 and 12 A- M., Royal Bak
ery, llth and Everett.
WANTED Young man to learn barber
trade; terms reasonable; union shop. Call
832 Miss:ssippiave.
ADVERTISING solicitors; experienced only;
$25. $35 weekly; references. Benedictine
P ress. Good nough bldg.
WANTED Steady, reliable man with $150
cash; can make $5 to $6 day. 410 Wash
ington st., room 10.
tlb TO 135 week, few months only learning;
situations guaranteed. Watchmaking-Ka
graving School. Box 182. Ashland. Or.
WANTED Barber to lease shop already fur
nished ; long lease; married man preferred.
B.-x 155. Haines. Or.
WANTED Young man to work on small
ranch, milk 5 cows and make himself gen
erally useful. AK 34, Oregonian.
BOY wanted over 16 years, with wheel; wages
$10 per week. Apply after 6 P. M., 131 loth
gtreet. .
WANTED Man and wife to do farm and
housework- Call or address 409 East 12th
st- Portland.
WANTED An all-around machine man for
sash and door factory. Apply Acme Plan
lng Mill Co., cor. East Water and Oak.
WANTED Crew for small sawmill; 6
months contract; $2.50 per day; ratchet
setter $3. PhoneEaat415S for particulars.
1 BOOKKEEPER. 1 stenographer. 1 dry
goods salesman. 1 bookkeeper and stenog
rapher. 313 '4 Wash. St.. room 18.
WANTED Good, reliable linotype operator.
Apply at once to Morning Astorian, As
torla. Or.
WANTED 2 brick wheelers, short distance;
contract work; 35c per M. Standard Brick
& Tile Co.. 40S Mohawk bl d g.
RELIABLE man bath attendant, some ex
perience with steam boiler. Baths, 167
4,th st.
WANTED An all-around country printer,
stead v situation for right man; state wages.
Address Mail, Myrtle Creek. Or.
YOUNG men to pack boxes and be generallj'
useful on packing floor. Apply North
western Macaroni Factory. Iu9 N. 6 1 hst.
WANTED Four young men stenographers for
first-class positions. Remington Typewriter
DO you want to may In Portland? $2500 cash
Investment and services will pay you $1500
yearly. " Address K 53. Oregonian.
WANT a first-class bookkeeper who can
take full charge; state experience and ref-
erences. A F 17. Oregonian.
WANTED Man presser on ladles' jackets;
must be thoroughly experienced. East
Portland DyeWorks, 14S Grand ave.
WANTED First-class prescription clerk.
Powers & Estes, Oregonian bldg. No oth
er need apply.
STENOGRAPHER with some bookkeeping
experience for Shaniko. Or.; wages, $7o
per month. F 26. Oregonian.
WANTED 1 logging foreman and 10 log
gers to drive logs on river. Call Hansen
Em p 1 o yme nt Agenc y.
WANTED Energetic young man to work on
new survey; $5 per day. Apply in person,
521 Board of Trade bids'-
BARBER wanted; steady job. lSOi Mor
ri so n st.
WANTED First-class bookkeeper and ste-
n o g r a p her. C all Pr. R ay. P o rtl and Hotel.
WANTED Coat maker or wkly. man Aber-
deen mil. Kaco. rirasey. bima. Wash.
Moving-picture operators earn $25 weekly; easy
work ; lessons1 reasonable. 526j Washington.
WANTED Singer for Illustrated songs; give
HIGH-CLASS commercial salesman wanted.
215 Commercial bldg.
FIRST-CLASS solicitor and grocery clerk -must
be Al. Call Y. M. C. A.
EXPERIENCED cutter for harness factory p
J. Cronin Co.. 129 1st.
WANTED Good, strong boy at Bailey &
FIRST-CLASS ironworker wanted. Call at 303
Front st.
BOY wanted.
d. Portland Linotyping Co 64
block. 227 S Stark st.
6u Union
DISHWASHER for boarding-house. 733
Hoyt st.
NEAT, quick dishwasher wanted Stein's
restaurant. 12- 14th st.
WANTED First-claas barber; steady Job. 304
Bumaide st.
WANTED Experienced glaziers. Apply W.
P. Fuller & Co.. I2th and Davis.
HIGH-GRADE salesman to call on trade.
Houghton. 72 Selling Hirsch bldg.
UNION barber wanted for Saturday; $5
guarantee. 160 2d st.
BOYS at Western Union Telegraph Co. $S
per week.
AT C. R. HANSEN & CO.. 26 North 2d St.
Phone Main 1526 or A 1526. Offices at
San Francisco 87 4th st.
Portland 26 North 2d st.
Spokane 424 Frcnt ave.
Los Angeles 136 S, Los Angeles su
We ship dally to Klamath Falls. Eu
gene, Natron. Shaniko, Grass Valley and
other points laborers, teamsters, drillers,
roc km en, etc. Good wages.
10 rivet drivers; $3.50 and hoard.
4 laborers for La Grande; $2.50; 9
hours: free fare.
Wagon teamster, citv; $2.50.
Wheelwright; $75 and hoard; free fare.
Rock foreman: $3.50; free fare. . .
Gardener and lawn man; $35 and found;
private place.
All kinds of kitchen help: $10 week up.
Headquarters for coola. dishwashers and
waiters. New jobs coming in all the time.
BOYS 16 years of age and over, to work
in bag factory. Apply at once. Ames Har
ris Neville Co.. 5th and Da via sts.
W. R. R..
1000 white laborers for surfacing and
general railroad construction work; wages
$3.85 per day. Fare from Seattle to the
work $15. Xfxt shipment Juno 16.
M. J. MEXET, Pier 2. Seattle, Wash,
WANTED One or two A-l experienced
stock salesmen to handle agency force In
Oregon to sell capital stock for Great Re
public Life Insurance Company now being
organized la Los Angeles. Cal. The great
est opportunity ever ofxered to stock sales
men in toe West. Nona but above-described
310-311 p. T. Johnon bldg.. Los Angeles.
WANTED Able bodied men for the U. S.
Marine Corps, between tne ages of. 19 and
35; must be native born or have flret pa
pers. Monthly pay $16 to $69. Additional
compensation possible. Food, clothing,
quarters and medical attendance free.
Alter 30 years' service caa retire with 75
per cent of pay and allowances. - Service
on board ship and ashore in all parts of
the world. Apply at Breeden bldg.. Port-
lan d. Qr.
Y. M. C. A- The friend of the young mn
and stranger. Hearty welcome and good
counsel are your, without cost. Constant
call for men who can do something well.
Special Employment Membership assures
employment. After you have seen the
other fellow, - see us before you invest
WANTED Experienced general merchandise
man to take charge of country store; good
surroundings; musf be posted on prices;
man of family and good references re
quired ; state " age, experience and salary
expected in reply. Address P 52. Ore
gonlan. 10.000 POSITIONS tor graduates last year;
men and women to learn barber trade In
6 weeks, help to secure promotion; gradu
ates earn from $15 to $25 weekly; expert
Instructors; tools free; write for cata
loguea Mohler System. o Colleges, a$
North 4th t., Portland. Or.
AGENTS wanted to sell lots in our new ad
dition to Spokane; inside the 4,-mile circle;
prices $10o to $250 per lot; ternuj $1 cash, $1
per week; no interest, no taxuj; good com
mission to live agents.
14 Bernard St. Spokane, Wash.
WANTED Man and wife, cooks, for snIl
hotel in country town; good wages; fare
Main Office. 12 North Second St.
EXCEPTIONAL opportunity offered young
men between ages of 17 and 21 years to
learn machinists 'trade in a modern shop.
Apply superintendent Smith Ac WTat.son
Iron Works. Front and Hall sts.
BARBER wanted: steady job. 266 1st st.
BOYS after school. W. U. Telg. Co.
BARBER wanted. 129 Russell st., Albina.
REPRESENTATIVES in every county Ore
gon. Wash., Idaho, Montana; teachers or
nurses; no house canvassing or books;
money-maker. K 52. oregonian.
GIRL or middle-aged woman to go to Hood
River for Summer or longer; new. modern.
hJUe, two in family, light housework. 621
Kearney st.
GIRLS to lay macaroni on trays; also pack
ers; work light and clean; steady employ
ment; good pay. Apply Northwestern
Macaroni Factory. 109 N. 6th st
A FIRST-CLASS operator on custom pants,
also girl to help on vests. Room 6o2, S3
Fifth st.
WANTED Girl to learn hat-trimming. Pay
while learning. Apply Hat Works, 223
... 1st St.
IMMEDIATELY, ladles to travel, $73 per
month, city ,or country towns, $2.50 day.
C a 1 1 r o o m 0, 249 Hollada y a v e.
WANTED Experienced hat trimmers; good
wages. Apply at once. Royal Hat Works,
2i:3 1st st.
WANTED Cook; some housework required;
Scandinavian preferred. 787 Madison st.
Phones Marshall Itfol; Home 572B.
WANTED Good girl for general housework
in family of four, no children; must be
good cook. 305 Gerlinger bidg.
WANTED Salesladies in our hosiery, un
derwear and corset department. Apply at
Pilverflelds. 4th and Morrison sts.
EXPERIENCED coat and skirt hands for
alteration room. Silverf ields, 4th and
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position. Viavl Co.. 609 Roth-
child bldg.. 4th and Washington.
WANTED Steady man, able to check goods,
etc. ; pas' $25 week ; small investment re
quired. Particulars 24-S1, Stark st.
GIRL for housework and cooking, small
family ; grown persons; good wages. 570
Hoyt st.
WANTED Woman or girl to do genera!
housework. " Apply 694 Pattoc road or
phone Main 7931.
GIRL for light housework; German pre
ferred. Apply 10S3 Tillamook st. Phuns
C 2435.
ONE dining-room girl for hotel In Eastern
Oregon. Phone or write Balch House, Du
fur. Or. .
GIRL for general housework, plain cooking;
family going to beach for Summer. Phone
East 1103.
WANTED 6 steady ladles, married pre
ferred, for shooting galleries; good wages.
Call at The Oaks galle r j
WANTED-Bookkeeper with $3500 to take 1-3
interest in factory established nine years;
good references required. AL 27, Oregonian.
H8tt Washington St.. Cor. 7th, U pet a Ira
WANTED 6 ladies to learn beauty culture.
Sanitary Hairdresslng and Beauty Parlors,
400 Dekum, 3d and Washington. Gome,
WANTED Young capable girl for general
housework. Apply mornings at 275 Williams
12C Washington St.. Room 07.
Main 8836 or A 3266.
WAN TED G i rls for mark ing and sort I n g,
hand ironing and machine operators. Yale
laundry, Zlast loth and Morrison.
GIRL to make buttonholes. 213 Washing
ton st.
EXPERIENCED second cook for boarding
house; also pantry girl. 735 Hoyt st.
GIRL or woman to help in a small hoarding
house at 2 24 Arthur, st.
GIRL to assist with housework; small fam
ily. 733 E. Couch. Phon e E 401 9.
WANT ED G i rl to wo rk In c i gar s tore. 1 34
North 6th, cor.. Hoyt.
WANTED Cashier for Model Theater. 69
N orth3d st. i
HELP wanted for small boarding-house.
Phone Marshall 125S.
GOOD, steady girl for dining-room work.
Stein's restaurant. 122. 14th st.
EXPERIENCED girl, general housework, to
gn to coast: wages $40. 770 Flanders.
GIRL to assist in housework ; family of 3.
4S3 East 25th, near Thompson.
WANTED Cook and second girl in family
of three. 202 King st.
WANTED Girl for general housework. Call
at 91 6th su
WOMAN To assist and care for invalid gen
tleman ; moderate wages. 15Q N. 22d st.
MAKERS and apprentices wanted. Apply
Lowengart & Co.
WANTED Experienced girl for general house
work. Apply room 201 Oregonian bldg.
WANTED A second Kirl for small family;
good wages; references. 434 Park st.
HELP wanted.
Union Laundry Co., 2d and
WANTED Experienced housemaid; small
family. Apply 335 llth St., cor. Market.
WANTED Woman for general house wo rkl
Apply 829 Kearney sL
GIRL for general housework; three adults,
Sul Hancock st. phone Home C 1018.
GIRL for general housework and cooking;
good wages. Call Main 4152.
GIRLS. 16 years of age and over, to work
in bag factory. Apply at once. Ames
Harris Neville Co.. 5th and Davis sts.
EXPERIENCED shirt operators and girts to
learn shirt making. Good wattes. Begin
ner paid while learning. Neustadter Bros.,
Standard Factory No. 2. Grand ava, and
E Taylor.
THE Meier & Frank stores require addi
tional salespeople for house furnishings.
Jewelry, drugs, stationery, gloves, ribbons,
hosiery, knit underwear. pictures, white
goods, notions, veilings, etc Also 25 girls.
16 years of age or over, to learn the busi
ness. Apply to employment bureau. 6th
floor annex.
WANTED Women and girls to make shirts
and overalls. Mt. Hood: Factory, 233
Couch. Inexperienced girls paid while
HOTEL cook. $50; 2 camp cooks. $35;
chambermaids (resort), 30, routn and
hoard; waitress. S10 week; second girjs,
$3ii ; hotel cook (man and wife). $73.
Hansen's Ladies Agency, 345i Washlng
ton at. , room 7. .
A-l POLISHER. $15; three H.-P. mangle
girls, $; one A-l- ladies' clothes ironer.
12 or better.
Dunsmuir. Cal.
CHOCOLATE-DIPPER wanted for out of
town work; steady job for the right girl.
Inquire at Dolly Varden Confectionery
Store, Morrison st., or Gray, McLean &
WANTED Experienced girl for general
housework. Apply mornings at 772 Ever
ett at., near 23d.
CAPABLE girl or woman wanted for general
housework; must be good cook; $35. with
washing, $30 without: bed linen sent out.
Phone Main 5671 or call 699 Flanders.
CAPABLE girl for general housework; good
cook, good wages and good treatment to
right one. Phone C 1808. 1034 Williams
GIRL to help with housework ; good wage
994 East 2lgt st. North. C 2695.
GIRL for housework. 702 Northrup st.
20O LOGANBERRY pickers wanted; will pay
1c per pound; will commence picking
about June 16; good water and camping
j ground. Aspinwall Bros.. Brooks, Or.
WANTED At Idaho Steam Laundry. Boise.
Idaho, a first-class shirt-finisher. Apply at
once. j. Ki. uray. prop.
WANTED Telephone operator for exchange
board from 3 P. M. to lO P. M. Apply
tne Jim, 74t asr.ington at.
FIRST-CLASS cooks, man and w ife, for
lunch counter, phone Woodiawn 2400.
positions to A-l instructors. 611 Swetland.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
LAWYER Aged 28, desires position with
title company or corporation where legal
training wi'.l be appreciated. Iu Portland
in July. A. W. BLendrickson. Jr., Ossining.
K. Y.
EXPERIENCED solicitor and salesman mar
ried wantb work with reliable firm (no real
estate), city or country; wages reasonable.
AN o3, Oregonian.
SUCCESSFUL specialty salesman, contem
plating change this Summer or Fall,
wants to correspond regarding openings.
J 28, Oregonian.
LAWYER, 23 years old, sober, ambitious, de
sires position in law office as assistant, or
where there Is a chance to succeed. A C 36,
, Oregonian.
Al SALESMAN, stranger, city, or will cover
Washington, Oregon or California; salary
and commission; must be good proposition.
Al 53. Oregonian.
CLERICAL work. LJ years experience,
lumber, mercantile and transportation;
references furnished. G 54. Oregonian.
OUT-OF-TOWN position by experienced
stenographer, railroad, steamship, lumber,
real estate. T 34. Oregonian.
ACCOUNTANT of ability desires position,
1 to 3 months; bank references. H 54,
Oregon lan.
POSITION as bookkeeper, typewriter and
office man; experienced. K 51. Oregonian.
11 lrelianeuna.
SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, married, has family
of five children; good penman; has had con
siderable business experience, can keep
books, has developed two paying orchards,
some lumber and store experience; a hustler;
not out of a position, but want to change
vocation ; references. Address W 31, Ore
gonian. UNIVERSITY graduate, age 29, desires a po
sition with 'a newspaper in some growing
city; Inexperienced, but has a good com
mand of English; has superintended schools
th e past three years. AM 33, Oregonian .
SCANDINAVIAN boy 21 years, good education,
wishes a' position with chance for advance
ment In a wholesale house. AF 25, Ore-
MIDDLE-AGED man. sober and industrious,
with 15 years' experience, would like a
job as bar tender or hotel clerk. J 50,
SAVE money and install your electric plant
with your own man. I am open for posi
tion ; 14 years' experience ; best of ref er
ences. A 5Q, Oregonian.
A MIDDLE-AGED American wants position
on stock farm doing chores, milking cows,
etc. ; not a drinking man ; handy with
carpenter'stools. F 54, Oregonian.
ELDERLY married man, handy with tools
and at running machinery, willing to work
at anything. X 30, Oregonian.
ELECTRICIAN " (inside man), wantswork";
will go anywhere; wages $4. AF 33. Ore
gonian. POSITION Clerking In grocery or other
store, hotel clerk or short order cook;
reference furnished. Phone Home B 2615.
YOUNG man. age 25, German, modeler, de
sirous of improving his ability, is looking
for position at once. G 50. Oregonian.
AT liberty, male p'ianist; experienced In all
lines. Q 51. Oregonian.
BUTCHER wants position, shop or slaugh-
ter-house. A K 31. Oregonian..
CHAUFFEUR wishes position In private
family or driving truck. A 54, Oregonian,
Bookkeepers and Stenographers,
L STENOGRAPHER with experience desires a
position; rererences. Address 2040 E.
POSITION wanted by experienced lady book
keeper. Phone, between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M.,
Woodiawn 1070.
AN expert stenographer desires to substitute,
li 52. Oregonian.
D ressmakera.
THE .VIENNA Ladies Tailors will make
your suits at low rates to introduce work.
Call the Westminster, corner 6th and
Madison sts. Main 55S2.
A SEAMSTRESS wishes to do sewing In
homes. phone Main .433S.
ANOELBS Dressmaking pariors. V Wasa
lngtcn t.. suite 316. Main 983. A &SL
LADIES tailoring: alterations, coats re lined.
Mrs. Muckler. 430 Columbia St. A 4709.
EXPERIENCED lady living in suburbs de
sires the care of 1 or 2 children; city rof-
erences. P. Q. Box 2074, city.
TRAINED nurse would like position In doc
tor's office or taking care of invalid. G
52. Oregonian.
Ho use k eepers,
POSITION as housekeeper for bachelor or
widower by widow, middle-aged, with 11-year-old
lad; fruit ranch preferred; refer-
ences. Address X 34. Oregonian.
WIDOW lady with little girl 8 years would
like position at keeping houso for a Catho
lic priest; have had experience. V 32. Ore
gonlan. REFINED woman. 35. with 2 girls, desires
housekeeping, widower's family. St. Louis
Agency. 303 '. Washington. Main 2039.
WISH position as housekeeper for rooming
house or widower. Call 1185 Milwaukee
ave. Phone Sell wood 359.
WIDOW lady with girl 8 years wants house
V keeping, widower's family. V 33, Oregonian.
sm'4Tioy WAvrrn fema le.
COMPANION or governess, by well-ducated
middle-aged French person, with best ref
erences. AE 21. Oregonian.
KIND, motherly lady wishes care of small
children. 426 East Market st.
SALESMAN of good appearance wanted, one
who is capable of meeting the best people;
If you are energetic, reliable, conscientious
and will appreciate an opportunity which
offers attractive Inducement, write tor in-
terview F 21. Oregonian.
AGENTS wanted Our excellent home-grown
nursery stock is in demand; sales this
season will bs Immense; a flattering op
portunity; cash paid weekly ; outht free.
fcaleru Nursery Co.. Salem. Or.
AGENTS wanted to aid us supply .ths de
mand for choice nursery stock; outfit
free; cash weekly. Address Capital City
Nursery Co., Salem. Or.
GOOD, hustling agents to sell new article ;
big money; 9 A. M. to 11 A. M. 4o7 Al-
der st.
LIVE agents to sell photo coupons; something
new. Davts, 342H Washington st.
ABOUT 5 rooms, fully furnished, prefer
ably modern; must have good yard and
shade; not over one hour out; family of
man, wife and three little girls; re
sponsible; references. Phone M. 840S from
1 to 2 Saturday or write 215 Couch bldg.
F. O. B.
WANTED To rent for Summer, cottage at
Gearhart; must be nar the ocean, phone
Main 2363 or A 2363.
ON East Side, a modern 4 or 5-room house.
AF 3, Oregonian.
Rooms With. Hoard.
YOUNG man desires a well furrlshed room
in private family west of 20th st.. West
Side, electric lighted; state price per
month. 11 01.Oiegonian.
ROOM and board, private family, wanted by
young man 17 years old; am working
printer's trade. O 29, Oregonian.
THE LANDORE, 288 lOth U. near Jeffer
son; choice rooms, newly furnished, with
In walking distance of business center.
Furnished Rooms.
ANGELA HOTEL 625 Washington street,
between 19th and 20th. Just completed,
the cosiest, completes and up-to-datest
residence hotel in the city. The ground
floor office is finished In real mahogany,
marble and tile, is spacious and handsome;
elevator . service, prix ate telephone ex
change, steam heat, hot and cold water
In all rooms, many with baths and wall-
I beds, and is splendidly furnished. Tho
rent Is very moderate, rrooms from $15 per
month up. Why not get the best for your
money? Now open, rooms by the day, week
- or month. Phone Marshall 195Q.
JUST OPENED ; uew. MODERN brick,
uulldlng; tine large ground-noor office; hot
and cold runninir water in all rooms :
steam heated; private baths; very richly
lurnisnea. Jttates onty td.ou ana up pr
week ; 50c up per day. Call and see us.
Northeast corner Fifth and Glisan sts.
Homelike, Homelike. Homelike.
7th and Ankeny eta.
Free was their depot carriage,
I took it on the spot;
There may be other houses Just, as goo4
A quiet home for quiet people.
124 14th. Cor. Washington st.
Everything new; large, airy rooms, sin
gle and with bath ; telephone in every
room, service free; rates by the day, week
or month; also unfurnished rooms.
THE BARTON, 13th and Alder, is now un
dergoing a thorough renovation ; 70 steam
seated, electric-lighted rooni, all outside.
Kates 75c day; $10 month up. Suites with
run nin g water 420 month up. Phones and
. bath free.
HOTEL SARGENT, Cor. Grand ave. and
Hawthorne Phone East
291. connecting every room. Private baths.
elevator, first-class grill. Special rates by
week or month. American or European.
Transients solicited.
Fifth St., opposite City Hall.
New, beautifully furnished; steam heat;
hot, cold water in every room ; public and
private baths. Permanent, transient.
Modern furnished or unfurnUhed apart
ments, single or en suite; reasonable rental.
M1LNER BLDG.. 35Q Morrison St.
Washington and 17th, first-clan furnished
rooms, single or en suite; all modern con
yenlences; $3 weekly up. A 2647. M. 6647.
THE BEAVER, 12th and Marshall sts. , well
furnished sleeping rooms $2.50 per week
electrlc lights, hot batha free. '
THE MANSION Elegantly furnished rooms
modern, beautiful grounds, suitable for
gemleiran, walking distance. 6th-Jefferson.
THE ESTES Good rooms, reasonable- new
furniture, telephone and baths free. 327
Stark, corner 6th. Mrs. Maud J. Estes.
EOSfc) Festival visitors will- And nicely furnished-
modern rooms, 50c up, at the Rex.
584 H Wash, st., opp loth.
THE REX Modern rooms, $2.50 to $5Dae
week. 648 Washington st.
FURNISHE D rooms. Elm Place formerly
Elton Court Annex. 414 Yamhill and llth.
FURNISHED rooms for rent. $2 un ner
week. 87 Russell street.
Furnished Rooms In Private Family,
BEAUTIFULLY furnished front room, all
modern conveniences, use of phone, strictly
private home; In Irving ton; good car serv
ice; references required. Inquire 408 East
15th st. X.
FOR RENT Large neatly furnished front
room; free bath and phone; two gentlemen
preferred. 429 Third st.
NEWLY furnished rooms, with all rood
ern conveniences. 564 Flanders st.
TWO pleasant front rooms, 10 minutes' walk
front Postoffice. 613 5th St.
LARGE, finely furnished front room, modern
home; nice location. 549 Johnson.
FURNISHED rooms, free phone and bath,
walking distance. 327 West Park s t.
NICELY furnished room, suitable for two.
312 Cherry st. Phone East 2683.
NICE newly furnished rooms, private resi
dence. 192 13th st.
LARGE. . comfortable room, suitable one or
two gentlemen, nice yard. 632 Flanders.
NEWLY furnished rooms. Phone
Rooms Witn Board.
PORTLAND Women's Union. 23d year, room
with board, use of sewing-room and library.
610 Flanders st. Miss Frances N. Heath.
THE HAZEL, 3S5 3d st. Rooms, with
hoard, hot and cold water in each room;
10 minutes walk from Postoffice; rates
ROOMS and board at the Sterling. 533
Couch st. All outside rooms.
ROOMS and board ; moderate rates. Phone
Main 2118. WALDORF. 147 13th st.
Rooms With Board In Private Family.
ROOMS, with board, at E. 73d and Harrison
southeast slope Mt. Tabor; large rooms
large porch end large orchard treea.- city
water: just the place for anyone wishing
a quiet, restful home with old man and
daughter. Apply at or address Mlas Anderson
Eaet 73d and Harrison. Montavilla station'
NICELY furnished front room, with board,
for 2 gentlemen ; Scandinavian preferred.
11 N. 10th st.. bet. Stark and Burnside.
LARGE room, 2 single beds, running water.
strictly private family; best home cooking
291 West Park. Main 6937.
LARGE furnished rooms, with board, home
cooking, phones, bath, all conveniences.
107 16th St.. near Flanders.
VERY desirable rooms, nicely furnished,
open grates; fine residence district. Hoard
if desired. A 1509. 754 Hoyt.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room, with or
. without board, good location, two carllnes-
pnuemen yrcieirea. a-U JaJ. 51st St.
FURNISHED rooms and board, private
boarding-house ; all conveniences. 294 N"
NEWLY furnished rooms with board. 095
East Oak, corner 15th. B 2 619.
DESIRABLE room and board suitable for
two. 644 East Alder st. B 2031.
PLEASANT rooms, choice board;
people preferred. 712 Hoyt.
REASONABLE rates, home cooking, phone
Main 7016. -
ROOM with board. 655 Irving st.
- $18. Inquire 2:
3-room apartment;
5 Market St.
FOR RENT Minerva Apartments. 843 Nel
son st. Phone H 2139.
Apartment s.
89 Clay st.. second house from 14th.
the only modern completely furnished 2
room apartment-house la the city; house
and elegant furniture, brand new: just
opened for business; steam heat, electrto
light, hot and cold water in every apart
ment; private phone, bath; walking dis
tance. $18-$23, including light. See thera
now before they are gone and take your
choice, Marshall 2074,
Cor. Grand ava and Stark St
New fireproof brick building, beautiful
ly furnished two and three-room apart
ments, private baths, wall beds. ltu-f
clothes closets; plenty ot hot water: Sun-
mer rates. Phone E 30O,
H?l:?? APARTMENTS. 14th and Columbia.
4 blocks from Morrison st. New brick
building, completely first-class, furnished
In 2, 3 and 4-room family apartments; pri-
. vate bath, reception hall, si earn heat, hot
water, elevator, free phone; some unfur-
nmhed; janitor service; rent reasonable.
Place, bet. 18th and oth. near Washing
ton; newly opened; modern; electric eie-vato-,
phones, janitor service, outsid-a
porchea These apartments are elegantly
furnished in 2, and, 4 rooms: Summer
Beautiful 4-room apartments for rent on
the ground floor, all furnished, with pri
vate bath and Janitor service, in walking
distance from business district. Including
steam heat. Phone Main 1245.
Finest in the city; electric elevator; ves
tibule in each apartment; private tele
phones; private bath, porcelain-lined re
xrigerators; Garianu stoves; 4U to ioo ne
month. Call this week.
Elaborately furnished 3-room apartments,
all modern conveniences, large shady lawn
cool verandas, janitor; rents reasonable,
walking distance. 624 Marshall u; tak
"W" car. Main 003L' or A 3101.
Strictly modern, large rooms and three
closets to every apartment; cool and airy
for Summer. 6U5 Lovejoy su Take W
"O N EONTA" APARTMENTS. 1S7 17th, near
Yamhill iV car at depot). 2, 3 and 4-room
furnished suites; hot and cold, phones and
bath& free. $2o per month, $5 per week;
and up. Main 46t7. A 4739.
Washington sts., 3-room apartments, have
every modern convenience, including steam
heat, hot water, private bath, free phones
and janitor service; rent very reasonable.
THE Kentucky Apartments; nicely furnished
4-room apartment ; northeast corner; rent
very reasaable; all outside rooms; tako
Ka-M Ankeny car. East 28th and Glisan St.
B 2516. East 6387.
ST. CROIX Apartments. 170 St. Cialr, near
Washington; new brick building, two and
three-room apartments, all modern con
veuiencei; fine residence location; reason
abU rent.
THE LAURETTE Apartments, 229 llth su
-New brick building, 1 choice 3-room apart
ment, furnished or unfurnished, modern; S
minutes walk Postoffice. Both phones.
For housekeeping in suites. $ia and up;
hot water, free baths, hrst-class. 631
Washington, cor. 2uth.
STEAM-HEATED 6-room apartment, mod
ern and desirable; 525 Everett st. Apply
Morgan, Fleldner & Boyce, 603 Abingtoa
VERY desirable unfurnished apartments or
suites in Madison Park Apartments;
strictly modern ; automatic elevator serv
Ice. Corner Park a nd M ad 1 son sts.
ALMIRA Apartments, furnished or unfur
nished, 3 or 4 rooms, strictly modern, cor
ner 14th and Salmon.
NEW housekeeping apartments, partly fur
nished, for 2 aaults; permanent tenants
preferred ; fine location. E ast 5Q43.
MORTON. 697- Washington st. 3 -room
apartments for rent. Best location in
city. All conveniences.
2-room apartment; all modern conven
iences; $20. 2uth and Washington.
THE MORTON. Washington and King sis.,
lurnishedapartments. including piano.
FOR RENT New and strictly modern 0
rvam flats on 20th and Laurel sta Port
land Heights, rent $40. Apply
85 Fourth St.
Five rooms, modern, corner; large attic;
cor. 22d and Kearney. Phone Main 56u9.
Owner, 319 Commercial block, 2d and Wash
jngton. 3-ROOM modern flat; gas range, linoleum on
kitchen floor, shades, gaa and electric fix
tures; rent only $16. M. E. Lee, 411 Cor-
bett bldg.
$16 Modern 4-room flat, with porches and
basement; airy and sunny; adults. 780
Williams ave. phone Woodiawn 426.
Modern 6-room upper flat; adults. 16
E. 15th. near Belmont.
MODERN flat,- good location for physician.
East 28th and Burnside sts., near new
street-car barns. Apply 26S Alder st.
MODERN 4-room fiat, near 23d and Wash
ington St., reasonable. Call mornings and
evenings. Main 8988-
SWELL new apartments. 8 rooms and sleep
ing porch 663 Ladd ave., near 12th and
WHEN moving call up Van Horn Transte
Co. Main 1618. A 184. All cowered wag
oca. all experienced men.
ONE large new flat for rent. Call st 401
Rothchild bldg.
5-ROOM flat. Fifth, near Jackson; easy walk;
West Side. Main or A 1223.
MODERN 5-room flat, good attic and base-
ment. 473 7th st.
739 Vz OVERTON ST. Modern flat. 6 sunny
rooms ; choice location. Main 859.
Housekeeping Rooms.
THE BEAVER. 12th and Marshall. Fur
nished for housekeeping, gas ranges, elec
tric lights, hot water, bath, laundry, all
free; $15 per month up; a clean place; best
In the city for money; short distance from
Union Deyot. Take "S" or 16th st. cars
north, get off at Marshall st. No dogs.
WELL furnished housekeeping rooms. 2 $8
mo.. 3 for $12; cottage. 5 large rooms. $2;
7 rooms. $27.50. 364 26th North (west side
river). W car from depot, th or Morri-
son to 26th. block north. m
Modern furn. or unfurn, apartments;
single or en suite; reasonable; central.
TWO larga finely furnished housekeeping
rooms, all conveniences, with water and
large vard. Price reasonable. Main 8643.
353 12th st.
$2 WEEK Clean, furnished housekeeping
rooms; laundry, hath, phone, gas. heat
yard, clean linen. 406 Vancouver ave.
DESIRABLE two and three-room unfur
nished suites. Fifth st., 305 & Jefferson,
Beautiful central location.
COLLINS. C03 Alder St.. fine furnished
rooms. $10 month up. All convenience!.
L26 week, clean fur. housekeeping rooms.
heat, laundry, bath. 2Q3 Stanton. "U" car,
$L50 week, large, clean turn, housekeeping
rooms ; laundry, bath, gaa 184 Sherman.
THE ELMS 2 and 3-room apartments, fur
nished. 191 14th st. ; transient solicited.
Housekeeping Jtoomain Private Family.
LARGE front unfurnished housekeeping
room; gas plate furnished; $1.50 per week.
480 Belmont st.
$5.00 WEEK Housekeeping suite; nicely
furnished ; water, gas range, hath. 241
urn at. i.N. 1
TWO good-sized furnished housekeeping
rooms, private house, large yard, $3.5u per
week. 235 Jefferson St. Phone A 4434.
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms, close In.
214 13th. cor. Salmon.
TWO nice suites, light, phono bath, $4 and
$4.50 week. 373 7th St.
LIGHT housekeeping rooms, $15 month. 39tn
and Belmont- Tab. 8t'5.
4 VERY fine unfurnished rooms, with fire
place, in private family; nice yard. 145
East 14th st. Phone East 03S1.
HAWTHORNE PARK, modern residence. 9
rooms, fine lawn, vacant. 570 East Madi
son st. Apply Q. B. McBride, 148 5th st.
TO RENT Modern house. 6 rooms, first
class condition. 171 East 7 th st North,
near Oregon. Rent. $30.
ENTIRE floor, 5 rooms, bath, separate en
trances, barn privilege; $14. 5th st.. South
Port land, near Arthur. Main 867; A 2564.
FOR RENT New 4-room modern cottage.
cor. East 19th and Sandy boulevard. Phone
East 2303. m
6-ROOM modern house. 506 East Ash st.
Rent $27.50. W. L. Page, lo7 Sherlock
FOR RENT 6-room house 593 East Ash,
near 15th. Apply H. J. Mclrwin, 694 East
Ankeny st.
WE build homes on a smaller cash payment
than any firm in the city. We have the
lots to build on. J 52. Oregonian.
MODERN 7-room house, nice yard. 704 E.
Ankeny. Phone East 1019.
MODERN 6-room house, flowers and lawn;
$22. Phone Woodiawn 1799.
FOR RENT A 5-room cottage. 7th and E.
. Davis t.ts.
$22.50 A MODERN 6-room house. 955 Wil
liams ave.