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Foreign Hop Markets Are
Steadily Gaining.
Weather In England Is Favorable
for the - Spread of the Pest.
Damage to the New York
Crop Confirmed.
The foreign hop markets, like those on
this side, are gaining In strength. ' The
following cable was received yesterday by
Klaber, Wolf ft Netter from their Lon
don branch office:
"Market somewhat firmer. Vermin have
increased slightly.'
The weather in England yesterday was
favorable for the propagation of 'vermin,
thunder storms prevailing, according to the
dalty report of the Associated Press.
Market conditions in England up to May
28 were stated by the Kentish Observer as
"Business in hops Is almost at a stand
still, consumers only buying for actual ne
cessities. Stocks are so small that any
thing like a demand would much enhance
Quotations, but with the limited trade they
only remain fairly firm. Continental and
American markets are very slow, with un
altered prices. There is little demand for
the recent arrivals of Pacific Coast hops."
English hop factors' trade letters just
received by mail say in part:
Mangy & Henley. London A quiet and
steady demand continues for present re
quirements. The few hops left are being
gradually absorbed.
. TV. II. & h. Le May. London Since the
warm weather set in. orders from con
sumers are coming more freely. The stocks
are in the narrowest compass. The warmer
weather has caused the bine to make good
progress. Business has been hindered by
the holidays, but there is a little more
doing In last season's hops at the reduced
rates. Fine older dates sell readUy at late
prices, as they are scarce.
Telegrams from New York further con
firmed the reports of damage to the crop
of that state by frosts. The most dam
age was said to be in Franklin County.
The Waterville Times of June 3 says of
conditions In that section:
"Hops are not doing very well here just
at present. The past week has been cold
and rainy and this, with the- effects of
the late frosts, has not helped the growth
of the vine. Some report that "the con
tinued unfavorable weather is turning the
weaker vines yellow. Unless we have
better growing weather the . hop crop
here will not be up to its usual standard."
Xet imports of hops Into England from
September 1 to April 30 were:
Owt. -
1909-10 S7.36S
l!i"H-0 146.452
lU7-03 211.641
Imports of America hops Into England
from September 1 to May 10 were;
- Bales.
1900-10 45.526
- 49.113
1907-OK 98.16
England's average imports of American
hops in the past ten years have been 64,0u0
Movement Is Good for This Season of the
The movement of California deciduous
fruits is reported by the California Fruit
Distributors as follows:
Cherries There are a few cherries still
going forward from Placer County, but the
bulk are going from San Jose. The crop
at San Joso Is much lighter than last year
and probably there will not be as many
by 50 cars shipped as in 1909. Fruit con
tinues to be of excellent quality.
Apricots There has been a marked im
provement in the shipment. Cool weather
during the last two or three days has again
retarded ripening, but by the middle of, next
week the movement will be heavy and will
continue until the close of the season.
Peaches The Alexander is practically the
only variety that has been shipped in any
quantity. Triumphs have made their ap
pearance, but will not cut much figure for
several days yet. Probably they will be
coming in in fairly good shape the latter
part of the week, as will be the case also
with Hales.
Plums Shipments this last week have
been of fair volume and consisted almost
entirely of CI y mans. A few "of the better
varieties are coming in now, but will not
ha of any amount for another week or ten
drapes continue to look well, except in
some of the earlier districts; where a slight
damuKC was done by three days of very
hot weather at the beginning of the week
and in Fresno the raisin crop has been in
jured about 10 per cent.
The weather Is reasonably cool and good
for the development of fruit. Last Satur
day, Sunday and Monday, however, were
very warm, the mercury In some places
reaching 110. The result was the burning
of many Clyman plums and checking of the
growth of both this variety and apricots.
Considerable damage was done which will
certainly show in the output.
Straight Car of California Apricots Is Also
The second car of cantaloupes arrived yes
terday and with a strong demand good
progress was made in cleaning up the ship
ment. Cantaloupe prices on the street
ranged from $3 to $4.50 per crate. A
straight car of apricots was received and
they were in good condition. The fruit was
packed in picking boxes, containing about
li crates each. They were quoted at $1.25
1.50 per box. Plums were on sale at $1
per box.
The strawberry market was firm. 'Clark
seedlings sold up to $1.00 on the farmers'
market and were quoted at $1.75 on the
street. Cherries were plentiful. ' Some fine
Royal Anns were received from The Dalles
and were quoted at 121; cents a pound.
Other Oregon cherries ranged from 4 to 10
cents a pound. California cherries were held
at $1 per box.
Vegetables generally were steady. Ore
gon telephone peas were in demand at 6
cents. Red onions were firm at $2 per sack.
There was .some movement in old potatoes
at GOfjtt5 cents a sack.
Priie Show 'o Change Oat and Barley
Are Dull.
There were no changes in the local grain
situation yesterday. A little business was
passing in the wheat market at the prices
that have prevailed for several days past,
but oats and barley were still very quiet.
Local receipts in cars were reported by
the Merchants' Exchange as follows:
Wheat. Barley. Flour. Oats. Hay
Monday 15 14" 15 13
Tuesday 10 .... 4 4 4
Tear ago 1.... s 9
Season to date 9SS4 13S 2124 1422 2643
Year ago 10304 1535 1556 S54 2721
Strociar Demand for Country Produce.
The demand for country produce of all
hinds was brisk. Chickens, especially, were
active. Hons cleaned up at VJ$19H cents,
with a few sales at 20 cents. Dressed meats
were firm at Monday's price.
IS utter Is moving freely and there is no
surplus on the market yet. Cheese Is firm,
with local stocks light.
Beet candled eggs were quoted at 26H
27 cents, with, the supply small.
Sank Clearings.
Bank clearings of the Northwestern cities
yesterday were as follows:
Clearings. Balances.
Portland fl.62S.4l4 f 93.770
Seattle . 1U4.741 171.408
Tacomi ... 1.154.R97 118.241
Spokane 7M),S-V.i t3,&oS
Grain, Floor, Feed, Etc. -FLOTTR
Patents. $3.15 per barrel;
straights, f4.0ofc4.75; export. $3.6u 3.80;
Valley, (5.30; graham, $4.0; whole wheat.
quarters, f5.
WHEAT Track prices: Bluestem, 84 S3c;
club. SO (7 Sic; red Russian. 7&c; Valley. S4c
BARLEY Feed aad brewing, f per
CORX Whole. $32; cracked, $33 per ton.-
H AY Track prices: Timothy. Willamette
Valley, $0 21 per ton; Eastern Oregon,
22(Se25; alfalfa. f.MlO; grain hay. flT&l&.
MILLSTL'FFS Bran, $20 per ton; mid
dlings, $30; aborts., $21fe 22; rolled barley,
$24.502S.&0. - '
OATS No. 1 white. $26 27 per ton.
Dairy and Country Produce.
BUTTER City creamery, extras. 20c;
fancy outside creamery, ii$&2Qc per pound;
store, zjc. (t5utter fat prices average ic
per pound under regular butter prices.)
t-jj current receipts.
4c; ordinary
ndled. 25c: extra. 2 (ft-2 7c.
CHEESE Full cream twins, 1717e
per pound; Young America. IS-ft 18-jc.
PORK Fancy. 12 13c per pound.
VEAL Fancy, lojllc per pound.
LAMBS Fancy. 9 12c per pound.
POULTRY Hens. l20c; broilers, 2S
50c; ducks, 18v25c; geese, 12fc; turkeys,
live, 20 22c; dressed. 25c; . squabs, $3 per
Vegetables and Fruits.
FRESH FRUITS Strawberries. $1.25 $ 1.75
per crate; apples, $L50&3 per box; cherries,
California $1 per box. Oregon 4gl2fec per
lb.; gooseberries, fistic per pound; apricots,
$1.251.50; cantaloupes, $3&4.50 per crate;
loganberries, 12c per pound; blackberries,
$l.oO per crate; peaches, $1.25 per box;
plums. $1 per box.
POTATOES Old Oregon. 60&G5c per hun
dred; new California, r4&2c per pound.
VEGETABLES Artichokes. 6075c pe
dozen; asparagus. $1.25 per box; beans,
6it7c per lb.; cabbage, 2142Vsc per lb.;
cauliflower, $2 per doz.; corn, 2oJi'ltc per doz.;
cucumbers. 7Tc u$1.2 5 per doz.; head lettuce,
60 &OOc per doz.; hothouse lettuce, 50c$l
per box ; garlic, 10 12 c per lb. ; horse
radish. 8(a10c per lb.; green onlone, 15c per
dos.; peas. 46c; peppers, 30c per pound;
radishes, lofaUc per dozen; rhubarb, 23c
per pound; spinach. big, 10c per pound;
squash, 75c per crate; tomatoes, $l.GO
per box.
TROPICAL FRUITS Oranges. $2.253;
lemons, $4.-50 6; grapefruit, 3.256 per
box: bananas. 5Vc per pound; tangerinea,
$1-75 per box; pineapples, $1.503 per doz.
OXIOXS Bermuda, $1.501.75 per crate;
red, $2 per sack
SACK VEGETAKLES RutabaKis, $1.25
l-OO; carrots. S5c3$l; beets, $1.50; pars
nips, Tftc&fx. t '
Groceries, Dried Fruits, Etc.
DRIED FRUIT Apples. 10c per pound;
peaches, 7c; prunes, Italians, 4'&'5c; prunes,
French. 4 S 5c; currants, 10c; apricots, 15c;
dates, 7c per pound-; figs, fancy white, &fec;
fancy black, 7c; choice black, Bc.
SALMOX Columbia River, 1-pound talis.
$2 per dozen; 2-pound tails, $2.95; 1-pound
flats, $2.H; Alaska pink. 1-pound talis, 9c;
red, 1 -pound talis, $1.45; sockeye, 1 -pound
tails, $2.
COFFEE Mocha. 24TJ2Sc; Java, ordinary,
17h20c; Cjosta Rica, fancy, 1820c; good,
Itiifi 18c; ordinary, 12 i& 16c per pound.
NUTS Walnuts. 15c per pound; Brazil
nuts, 13 fix 15c; lilberts, 1GC; almonds, 17c;
pecans, 19c- cocoanuts, 90c $1 per dozen.
SALT Granulated, $15 per ton; haif
ground, 100s, $10.50 per ton; 30s, $11 per
BEAXS Small white. 5c; large white.
4$i,c; Lima, 5c; pink, 7c; red Mexicans,
7Vc; bayou, 7c.
SUGAR Dry granulated, fruit and berry,
$ft:25; beet, Si-05; extra C, $5.75 ; golden C,
5.65; yellow D, $5.65; cubes Cbarrels),
$.Vfia; powdered, $.0O; Domino, SI 0.40
10.90 per case. Terms on remittances with
in 15 days deduct c per pound. If later
than 15 days and within 30 days, deduct y&c
per pound. Maple sugar. l5&-lSc p3r pound.
RICE No. 1 Japan, 45c; cheaper grades,
3.5t4.55c; - Southern head, 5Tc
HOXEY Choice, $3.2o& 3.30 per case;
strained, 7c per pound.
BACON Fancy. 2Sc per pound; standard,
25rc; choice, 24'Ci English, 22 23 . c-
HAMS 10 to 13 pounds, 20e; 14 to 16
pounds, 20c; 18 to 20 pounds, 19lc; hams,
skinned, 21 c; picnics, toc; cottage rolls,
none; boiled hams, 27 429c.
LARD Kettle rendered. 10a, 17c; stand
ard pure. 10s, 17s; choice, 10s, lGc.
SMOKED BEEF Beef tongues, each, 60c;
dried beef sets, 22s; dried beef outside, 20c;
dried beef lnsides, 23c; dried beef knuckles,
DRY SALT CURED Regular short clears,
Oregon exports, dry salted. 17 fee: smoked.
dry salt, 17c; smoked. lS1c; short clear
bach". heay ary salted, lbc; smoked, loc
PICKLED GOODS Barrels: Pigs feet,
$1 1 ; regular tripe, $ 10 ; honeycomb tripe,
$12; lunch tongues, $l.i.50; mess beef, ex
tra, $14; mess pork, $30.
Prices Are in Favor of Bnyers Interest in
Xrw Clip.
BOSTON, June 7. Interest in the wool
market centers in the new clip, with values
slightly below those in the est.
Old is being closed up at prices which
favor the ouyers, 1 ransactions are coil'
fined to blood fleeces and territory staple.
tne 1 amornia ana Texas wool oeing neg
lected. Quotations, scoured basis:
Texas Fine. 12 months, 00 6 file; fine,
6 to S months, 5.rf?57c; line Fall. 5254c
California Northern, 54 1. 5lc ; middle
county, 50&f oZC, Fall free, 4 8 ftf 60c.
Oresron Eastern Xo. 1 staple. 62S6Sc:
Eastern clothing, 58 4 59c; Valley Xo. 1, 54
Hi 55c.
Territory Fine staple, 63 iff 65c; fine me'
dtums staple, 62 & 63c : fine clothing. 57
rSc: half-blood, r7fr SSc; three-eighths
blood. 53 SOc; quarter-blood, combing, 52
(SB r4c
Pulled Extra, 68c; fine A, 6062c; A su
pers. 56 5Sc
Wool at St. Louis.
ST. LOI'IST June 7. Woo! Unchanged;
territory and "Western. 16H&22c; fine med
iums, 17 ? 18c; fine, 1214c
Metal Markets. !
- NEW YORK. June 7. Market for stand
ard copper on the metal exchange was quiet.
Spot closed at 12.40 12.35c. London opened
firm and closed steady at a slight advance
with spot quoted at 58 8s t)d and futures
at 57 7s. No arrivals were reported at
New York; Custom-house returns showed
exports of t00 tons, making 2792 so far this
month. Local dealers quoted lake copper
at 12.75ft 13.00c; electro, 12.62 12.75c ;
casting at 12.37 g & 12.50c.
Tin quiet, with spot and June quoted at
32.73fr33.12Hc; July, August and Septem
ber. 32.707 33.12H"- London market closed
easy with spot quoted at 149 7s Od and fu
tures at il30 15s 0d.
Lead quiet. Spot, 4.40 4.45c. New York ;
4.1 5 (!' 4.20c, East St. Louis. London market
higher at 12 12s 6d.
Spelter quiet. pot. 5.405.i5c. New
York and 4.97H J?5-0"c, East St. Louts. Lon
don higher with spot quoted at 22 2s Gd.
English iron market unchanged, 49s 4Ud
for Cleveland warrants. Locally the ma"r
kot was quiet. No. 1 foundrv. Northern
$17Pj17.75; No. 2. $ 1 6.50 'it 7.2.". ; 3,
Southern, and do sott. $10.2516.75.
Dairy Produce in the East.
CHICAGO. June 7. Butter Easy; cream
eries, 24ii27o ; dairies, 23j2oc.
Hugs Receipts, 22.527 -am; steady at mark,
cses included, 15fel6c; llrsts, ltc; prime
tirst.. lhc.
Chtese Steady; daisies, 1415c; twins,
14fcl4c; Yours- Americas, 15ri5c;
long norm?. 14il5c.
NEW YORK. June J. Butter and egga
Steady, unchanged.
Cheese Weak; state whole mflk new spe
cials. 1 4 i 1 5c ; do fancy, 1 4c ; sk i ms, i u U
to specials, lollc.
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK. June 7. Coffee futures
closed steady, net unchanged to 6 points
hiRher. Sales. 25,000 bags. June. ti.20ci.
July. fi.25c ; August, 6.35c; October and No
vemher, S.45r: December. 6.50c; January.
S.bji'; February, 6.54c; March. 6.55c; April,
6.56c : May. 6.57c. Spot stead v. Rio No.
7. Sc; Santos Xo. 4, 9 c. Mild quiet.
Cordova. " 9 fij 12 c.
Sucar Raw, quiet and firm. Muscovado
.89 test, 3.74c ; centrif ucal .96 test, 4.24c;
molasses suirar .89 test, S.49c Rerlned
steady. Crushed, 5.S5e; granulated, 5. 75c;
powdered, 5.2ac.
New York Cotton Market.
NEW YOPK. June 7. Cotton Spot closed
quiet. Middling uplands. l.Y20c; middling
Gulf. 15.4-"c. Sale. Tv:7 hales.
Cotton futures closed steady." nine points
lower to eight points higher. Closing bids:
June. 3 5.0.c; July. 15.17c; August, 14.59c;
September. 13-Kic; 0'tter. 12.35c; Xovem-
1 ber. 1 c : December. : Jammi-v.
12.14c; March. 12.14c
Market Soars With Agreement
on Rate Dispute.
Selling to Realize Takes Away Some
of the Advance, but Toward,
the End the Best Prices
Are Realized.
NEW YORK. June 7. The stock market
greeted the hews of the agreement on the
rate dispute between the Government au
thorities and the railroad executives with
a spasmodic recovery of the declines of
several days past. The excess of specula
tive operations for a decline as a result of
the conference was demonstrated.
The demands of uncovered shorts were so
urgent and imperative as to cause on op
portunity for a jump in prices rarely
equalled for wildness and disorder.
Alter the first scramble of the Dears to
cover shorts, there ensued a more conser
vative view of the situation, and it was not
until the end of the day that prices rose
again to the best.
Difficulty of appraising the newsrew out
of the stress laid in the previous1 specula
tion ' on the immense importance to the
railroads of the Increased freight rates
which the Government was opposing. The
demoralization in stocks caused by the in
junction against some percentage of the pro
posed increases contrasted with the violent
rebound caused by the proposed postpone
ment by the railroads of all increases and
their voluntary submission to the terms of
the pending law. The explanation cam
partly from the fact of the greatly ex
tended short interest which . was forced to
buy stocks but which, hoped to do so at a
further decline.
Negotiations, it was said, for the sale of
$15,000,000 of Michigan Central bonds in
Paris, which had been suspended, would
be resumed and this assertion was of more
effect on sentiment than yesterday's news
of the sale of J25.000.000 of Southern Pa
cific bonds in Germany, in spite of the rate
The unsettled tone which intervened after
the opening Jump was much emphasized
by the natural tendency to realize profits
on so- considerable a rebound. This selling
proceeded to such lengths, especially in St.
Paul, as to arouse suspicion of renewed
liquidation on account of an important cap
italistic group.
The agreement made by the railroad exec
utives to leave the rate increases to the
operations of the new railroad law shifted
sentiment again to the progress of that
measure. "
Bonde were Irregular. Total sales, par
value. $2,768,000. United - States bonds were
unchanged on call.
Sales. Hi Kb. Low. Bid.
Aiiis Chalmers pf. loo 3 30 3014
Amal Copper 53,000 67 65 67-a
Am Agricultural .. 20 4.1 43 42,a
Am Beet Sugar ... l,it to 344 33 34
American Can 5 - 9m lH
Am Car &, F-iy .. 3.SOO 5 53 54
Am Cotton Oil ... too 61 HI 60&
Am Hd & Lt pf... SCO S4 34 34
Am Ice Securi . . . nrw 22 22 22 W
Am Llsseed Oil 0"O 13 12 13
Am Locomotive . . 3,000 44 42lA 43
Am Smelt & Ref 17,0 77 74 &
do preferred ... 60O 103 i lt2s 103
Am Steel Fdy .... 4O0 51 50 51
Am Sugar Kef . . 1.100 117 116 117
Am Tel & Tel .. 3,400 134 ttf. 1334 134
Am Tobacco pf . . 20 95 'i 1514 54
Am "Woolen 200 33 33 32
Auac-jnda Min Co. 3,K . 41 404 41
Atchison 28,5M 3 $5 Uttit. 104
do preferred JUn lol 100 101
Atl Coast Line 5 120 119 119'i
lia!t & Ohio ...... 6.700 112 111 12
liethlehem Steel 25rtfe
Brook Rap Trsn.. 3.100 78 T 77 78
Canadian Pacific .. 2,oo 197 195 197
Central Leather .. 3,5v ;7 3 . 37
do preferred .. . IOO loT 1(17 l474
Central of X J 29o'
Chea & Ohio 15,2H 8X 83
Chicago & Alton. . 200 40 40 39
Chicago Gt West.. I.00O 2H 25
do preferred ... x 48 46 47
Chicago & X W ... 2.NM 34T 144 145
C, M & St Paul .. 58. 4l 127 122 125
C. C, C & St k. 4M 79 79 79
Colo Fuel & I ron . 1 , 3 K 34 34 34
Colo & Southern-.. H"M 57 f.rt 5K
Consolidated Gas.. 14,800 135 132 134
Corn Prod ucts 2r 0 15 15 4
Dei & Hudson .. 7i'0 164 163 1K
D & R Grande ... 3,60 36 ;14 36
do preferred ... 4,0 7K 7K 78
Diatlllors' Securi .. 200 2j s" 2S 29
Er ie 6, 7 0 2 25 2 6
do 1st preferred. 600 ,44V 43 44
do 2d preferred. 3oo 33 33' 32
General Electric . . 1 , 200 144 3 42 1 43
Gt Northern r-f 8.100 131 xs, 329 1304
Gt Northern Ore .. 1.700 rfli rK 58
Illinois Centra - 4M 131 130 131 '
Interborough Met. . 0 19 1 S 1S
do preferred . . . 5.fn-0 51 .V si
imer Harvester . . 3,5oo 98 J6 07
Inter-Marine pf... 200 IS 17 " 17 '
Int Paper lO.
Int Pump 44
Iowa Central .... 700 1 H 18 1 8
K C Southern . . . I.80O 32 32 32
do preferred .... 400 65 65 65 V
Laclede Gas 4.600 lol 14.1 101
Louisville & Nash 2.10O 143 1414 142
linn & St Louis. 400 32 32 30 '
M. St P & S S M . 60O IMS 137 136
Mo. Kan & Texas. 2.2i;0 39 3S 39
do preferred 66 Ti
Missouri Pacific .. 1,500 68 66 66
Xatknal Biscuit 105
National Lead ... 2,500 74 73 74
Mex Nat Ry 2d pf IvO 26 26 26"
N Y Central 11. Sort jib 114 115"
N Y. Ont & West.. 2fH"0 4S 44 44
Norfolk & West.. 70O 100 99 300
North American .. 1.100 6S - 67 G8
.-sol t nei 11 ruuinu . . o, J "f xn J4i X JfttL
Pacific Mail OOO 24 24 24
Pennsylvania 34. 3041 131 1-'W 131
People's Gas l.lOO T"C 104 loiu,
P. C C & St L. . . 400 9S 7:,4 97
Pittsburg Coal loO 17 . 17 18
Pressed Steel Car. SO0 34 ' 33 34
Pullman Pal Car. l.ftoo 160 360 360
Rv Steel Spring. . . 800 35 34 34
Reading 167.900 153 150 153
Republic Steel .. 1,900 3o 29 30
do preferred ... 5o0 93 fi3 92
Rock Island Co .. 12.SO0 41 39 41
do preferred 1.MK 85 " sru.-. wiu
St L & S F 2 pf. 200 41 39 40
St L Southwestern 5X 30 30 29
do preferred
coo 6iM.;
Southern Pacific .. 62.2im 121 110 121
Southern Railway. 1,300 25 24 25
do preferred 1, loo Vt 5914
Tenn Copper Sno 26 25 25
Texas & Pacific. . 8im i0 2S Ott
Tol. St L & We.. l.1o ;MV 2H 3d
do preferred 40t 61 i u. nv.
Union Pacific 157, Wm 171 15R 171
do preferred 70 92 92 n
1' Realty 300 71 70. 70
T S Rubber 70 38 3.S 384
TJ S Steel .... K 78 77 7S
do preferred ... 3.4)0 117 J15ti 116 '
Utah Copper 4.70O 45 43 . 44 1
Va-Caro Chemical. 4.700 r.U 58
Wabash "0 l!i 18 J91?
dr. preferred S.3tiO 43 u, 42 43 1?
Wtjitern Md l.lOO 45 " 44 44t
Westintrhouse Elec 8'M ,62 '61 ii i,
Wcrtern Union 1.400 65 62 64
Wheel & L Erie 31 J
Total eales for the day. 1,044.400 snares.
XEW YORK. June 7- Closing quotations:
U- S. ref. 2s reg.lonT. & R. G. 4s... 94
do coupon ...I0OiX. Y. gn. 3s 8S
V. S. 3s reg 102 jXo. Pacific 3s... 71B
do coupon a . . -102, .No. pacific 4s. . ,lon
U- S. new 4s reg.ll4ll'nion Pacific 4s.l00
do coupon 114, Wis. Central 4s BOB
Ially Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON, June 2. The condition of
the Treasury at the beginning of business
today was as follows :
Trust funds
Gold coin $857,721,809
Silver dollars 43.782,0o
Silver dollars of 18f0 3.7O2.O00
Silver certificates outstanding... 459,762,000
General fund
Standard silver dollars in gen
eral fund 2.309, 32
Current liabilities 93.Sl5.SWl
Working balance In Treasury of
fices - 33.742,214
In banks to credit of Treasurer
of tne United States r,5,S36.72-
Sutsidiary silver coin 21. 247, S:-
Minor coin 1.1&2.,"20
lota! balance In general fund... 83,441,061
v Money Exchange, Etc.
NEW YORK. June 7. Prime mercantile
paper closed at 4 (a v per cent.
Sterling exchange steady at a decline, with
actual business in bankers bills at $4.K:t5C,a)
J.83H5 for r0-day bills and at $4. 650 for
Commercial bills. $4.83 4.83.
Bar- silver. r3c
Mexican dollars. 44c.
Government bonds, tsteady; railroad bonds,
Money on call eay. 2 2 per cent; rul
ing rate. U per cent; closing bid. 2 per
cent; offered at 2 per cnt. Ttme loans
and dull; GO days, 33 per cent;
90 days,
per cent.
3Vi per cent; six months, 444
LONDON. June 7. Bar silver Quiet.
24 13-16d per ounce.
Money, 33 per cent.
The rate of discount in the onen market
for short bills is 3H per cent; do three
months is 34 per cent.
Consols for money, SI 13-1 6c; do account,
82 13-l$c.-
SAX FRAXCISCO. June 7. Sterling on
London, 60 days. $4.83; do sight, $4-63i.
Silver bars, 534c.
Mexican dollars. 45c.
Drafts, sight, 04c; do telegraph, 07c
CHICAGO, June 7. New York exchange,
5 per ecu t discoun t.
Eastern Mining Stocks.
" BOSTON, June 7. Closing quotations:
Allouex 90 iMohawk 50
Amalg. Copper.. 675Nevada Con 19
A. t, Lt. A Km.-. 24 IXlplssini; Mines., ll',
Arizona Com ltfIXorth Butte 32
Atlantic 6 North Lake 11
B & C C & S M. 12i01 Dominion... 35
Butte Coalition.. 18 Osceola 135
Cal. & Arizona. 60 Parrott (S & C) 14B
Cal. & Hecla...350 JQutncy 74
Centennial 161 'Shannon 1
Cop. Ran. C Co. 64 Superior 42
E. Butte Cp. M. 8iSuo& Bos Mln.. 10
Franklin 12 jSup & Pitts Cop. 11
Glroux Con 7 Tamarack 50A
Granby Con. ... 40 U. S. Coal- & Oil 3.1
Greene Cananea. 7U. S. S- R. & M. 414
I. Royale Cop. lfl do preferred .. 49
Kerr Lake 8 Utah Con. 21 u.
Lake Copper ... 51'Winona . . 7
La Salle Copper. 12 (Wolverine 112
Miami Copper . . 28;
Ideal Crop Conditions Reported
From the Spring Grain Country,
Milling- Demand Is Light.
CHICAGO. June 7- Twice today the
wheat market broke badly because the short
interest had been squeezed out In rapid ad
vances. July was more flighty than the
deferred months, fear being shown as to
the possibility of a trap in that future. The
close, however, was fairly steady at a net
loss of c to tgc Corn was a heavy
affair, even when wheat was strong, and
finished c to lc off. Oats at the end of
the session had become c to c cheaper
ana provisions were also down Rc to l'JVtC.
So sudden was the latest collapse in wheat
than ten minutes made a difference of lc
a bushel. The Immediate cause, as In a
parallel condition earlier, was that the pit
had become bare of buying -orders. More
fundamental was the fact that forecasts for
the Spring wheat district were for showers
and warmer weather, an ideal outlook. In
crease of I'd per cent in acreage seeded was
reported from three Xorth western Canadian
provinces. Crop prospects there were de
clared excellent. Demand here for cash
wheat to be milled was light. Fluctuations
In the September option were between 91c
and 92c, with the close at 91lc, a
net decline of f c
' Corn opened weak and dragged all day
September ranged from 59 c to OOc, clos
in? c lower at 594 tf59c. The cash
market was easy. Xo. 2 yellow closed at
59 & 59 C.
Country selling and fine crop prospects
were against the price of oats. Limits in
variations for the September delivery were
35&35c and 36c, with the last sales at
35 c. i.
Provisions most of the time were higher."
Pork finished &fffl2c net lower, lard 5c off
and ribs unchanged to 5gc down.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High. Low. Close.
July .94 .55 $ .3 $ .94
Sept 92 .92 .91 .91
Dec 1 . .91 .90 .90
July .9 .9 .58 .58
Sept 60 .60 .59 .59
Dec 57 . .57 .57 .57
July 37 .37 .37 .37
Sept 36 ,3 -35 .35
Dec. ..... .3 .36 .36 .36
July 22.00 22.12 21.90 21.97
Sept 21.75 21.75 21.45 21.50'
July 12.37 12.3 7 12.25 12.25.
Sept 12.27 12.30 12.15 12.15
Julv. ..... 12.57 12.70 12.55 12.57
Sept 12.30 12.32 12.20 12.20
Cash quotations were as follows;
Flour Firmer.
Rve Xo. 2, 72 77c.
Barley Feed or mixing, 4664c; fair to
choice malting. 59 (.6 6c.
Flax seed No. 1 Southwestern, 59c; Xo.
1 Northwestern. 20c.
Timothy seed $2.35.
Clover $11.25.
Pork Mess, per barrel, $2222.25.
jRrd Per 100 pounds, $12.20.
Short ribs Sides (loose). $12.62. (3 13.
tildes Short, clear (boxed). $13.25 & 13.50.
Grain statistics :
Total clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to 15.000 bushels. Primary receipts
were 239,000 bushels, compared with 4 36.
000 bushels the corresponding day a year
ago. The world's visible supply, as shown
by Bradstreet's, decreased 746.200 bushels.
Estimated receipts for tomorrow; Wheat.
53 cars; corn, 42 cars; hogs, 24,000 head.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels 19.50 16,100
Wheat, bushels 19,200 126,900
Corn, bushels 410,000 19S.0OO
Oats, bushels 291,600 179.200
Rye. bushels 3.000
Barley, bushels 51.000 1S.50O
. Grain and Produce at New York.
XEW YORK. June 7. Flour Steady.
Receipts. 25.65H; shipments. 387.
Wheat Steady. No. 2, $1.05 nominal c.i.f.;
Xo. 1, Northern. $3.12 , nominal f.o.b.
Wheat was quiet and prices were unsettled
but generally lower on favorable crop
weather news and under selling In expec
tation of a bearish Government report, clos
ing nervous at to c net declines. July,
SI-01 ; September, 95 ; December, Sc.
Receipts, 1200.
Hops Steady. s
Hides Easy. Central America, 22c; Bo
gota, 22c.
Petroleum Steady.
Wool Quiet.
Minneapolis Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn., June 7. Close;
Wheat July, $1.04; September. 02c; December,-
00 09 fee. Cash: Xo. l hard.
$1.09; Xo 1 Northern, $1.06 1.08; Xo. 2
Northern. $1.041.06; No. 3 Northern, $1.01
er 103.
Flax closed. $2.04.
Com, No. 3 yellow, 52 55c.
Oats, Xo. 3 white, 3536c.
Rye, Xo. 2. 65 0 69c.
Bran, In 100-pbund sacks, $18918.25.
Grain at San Francisco.
SAX FRAXCISCO, June 7. Wheat, Bteady.
Barley, easy.
Spot quotation
Barley Feed,
Wheat, shipping. $1.42
$1.0731.0S ; brewing.
Oats Red. $1.17 (g 1.30; white, $L47
1.52 ; black, nominal.
Call board sales Wheat, none.
Barley December. SI. 02 i 1.02.
Corn Large, yellow. $ 1 .70 1.75.
European Grain Markets.
LIVERPOOL. June 7. Wheat. July,
8 63d: October. 6s 7d: December, nnmi.
nal. Weatber In England today, thunderstorms
ingiisn country maraets siow ; French
country markets quiet.
Grain Markets of the Northwest.
TACOMA. June 7. Wheat, bluestem, S2c;
club, 79c; red Russian. 77c.
3BATTLE. June 7. Milling quotations:
P.liMutem. 85c: forty-fold. 83c: club. Sor if
82c; red Russian 8O0. Export wheat: Blue-
stem. S2c ; forty-toia tsor; ciud. Tc: Fife. 79c
red Russian.-. 77c. Yesterday's car receipts:
vv ilea. 1. ciire, wiw o wiia, uMivr a cars.
Changes in Available Supplies.
NEW YORK. June 7. Special cable and
telegraphic communications received by
Brad streets show the- following changes in
available supplies as compared with pre
vious account:
Wheat, United States east of
Rockies, decreased .1,947,000
Canada, decreased 521,000
Total United States and Canada
decreased 2,463,009
Anoat xor ana in r.urope, "un
changed. Y
Total American and European sup
ply decreased 2,468,000
Com. United States and Canada,
increesed 1 12. 000
Oats. United States " and Caiada,
decreased 414,000
A statement of the Compania Mexican de
Kavagarion shows that in 1 909 its oroflta
were $253,000, gold, on a capital of Sl,-
California Apricots Condemned by
Inspector Cantaloupe Prices
Are Cut Butter Quoted Weak.
SEATTLE, June 7. (Special.) Seattle
produce men expect to ship at least 40 car
loads of strawberries to Eastern points be
fore the end of the season. Two more cars
were dispatched today. Berry receipts were
very heavy. 4027 cases being reported. This
breaks the record for local receipts.
The Fruit Inspector today condemned sev
eral lots of California apricots. Cots
sold at $1.73 with the supply heavy. Peaches
were in fair demand. Cantaloupes were slow
and there was a disposition to cut prices,
inasmuch as another straight carload, ar
rived, making two this week.
There is a pronounced scarcity of good
tomatoes. Hothouse stock easily commands
20 cents per pound. Celery is practlcally
off the market. cauliflower has dropped
to $1-25 a dozen. - -
Butter was easy. The 30-cent quotation
is now general on eggs. Veal receipts wen
a little heavier, but not equal to require
ments. The Iamb market is much easier and
sales of dressed stock were made as low as
14 cents.
Bluestem wheat was slack at 81 cents the
top. Barley stiffened up at 41 a ton, selling
at siw.
Produce Prices Current in the Bay City
SAN FRANCISCO. June T. The follow
ing prices wars current In tli produce
market today
Butter Fancy creamery, 27c;
seconds. 27c; fancy dairy. 26c
Cheese New. 13l4c; youn
Eggs Store. 25 c; fancy ranch, 27c.
Poultry Roosters, old. $5 & 3.50; roostvrs,
young. 18 '3 10; broilers, small. $2-25 Q 3;
broilers. large. S3. 50 & 4 : fryers. S6 G 7.50 ;
hens. $5 ii 10; ducks, old, 967; ducks.
young. IO.
Vegetables Cucumbers. 75c fir $2.25; gar
lic, 3 4c ; green peas, SI g 1.50 ; string
beans, 2&6c; asparagus, 75c&-$1.50; toma-
tqes, 7rc5 i; egg plant, case
Fruit Apples, choice, 60 c; apples com
mon, 40c; bananas, 75c$3; Mexican limes,
S6.00fi7'7: California lemons, choice, 1L253
4; oranges, navels, $1.50&3.25; pineapples.
S2.50 4r3.oO.
Millstuffs Bran. $23 24; middlings, 27
6 30.
.Hay Wheat. .S1216.50; wheat and oats.
$9Sal5; alfalfa. $7.50(11; stock $637;
straw, per Dale, 40'ffoac.
Hops California crop, 1214c.
Recelptsi Flour. 3443 qr. sacks; wheat.
80 centals; barley, 6930 centals; oats. 5
centals ; corn. 695 centals ; potatoes, 189C
sacks ; bran, 323 sacks ; m iddlings, 200
sacks ; hay. Hi tons ; wool, tfi Dales ; hides.
Dried Fruits at New York.
NEW TORK, June 7. Evaporated apples
are mooerateiy active, nrm. spot, iancy,
10fel0c; choice. 8f⪼ prime, 77c;
common to fair, 66c.
Prunes, firm : Brood demand for Orecrona.
Quotations range from 3 G 8 c for Cali-
Urnias up to iio-us to 4c tor Oregons.
Apricots, quiet, steady. . Choice, 105
loc; extra choice, 10llc; fancy, 11
!& 3 2 c.
Peaches, quiet. steady. Choice, 6
6c; extra choice, 7fif7c; fancy, 7
Raisins, quiet, but steady on small offer
ings. Lioose muscatel quoted 3qf5c;
choice to fancy, seeded, 4&6c; seedless.
o e-tc; iionaon layers. 1.20.
Duluth Flax Market.
DULUTH. June 7. Flax on track and to ar
rive. $2.04; July. $2.04 asked; September. $1.71
bid Oototier. ?1 V titd.
Timber Lands
McGrath & Nenhanseq, Co.
- 701-2444 Lewis 611 g.
Many property, owners
many will learn, that
Pavement has more sta
bility, more real value
than any other hard-srxr-face
pavement laid.
Will be prevented and relieved by using
TOMQI E MAL DE MEB, a safe and relia
ble remedy.. Take a bottle with you and In
sure yourself all pleasures of an ocean voy
age. Sold by leading druggists. Price 50
cents, or mailed, postpaid, by
Sol Manufacturers.
Phone Main 2307; A 5512. Portland. Or.
All Modern Safety Devices (Wireless, Etc)
tPennsylvania June 15!Bleucher June 2
Cleveland June 18!Deutchland July 2
Graf Waldersee.Ju. 23iPres. Lincoln. .July 6
tKais. An. Vic. June i5(-Amerika July
tUnex ceiled Ritx-Carlton a la Carte Res
taurant. New.
KArLKS and
S. 8. Hilt .via ............... .......June 14
S. 6. HAMBURG .- Jim. 1
S. S. MOLTKE July lit
Hamburg-American I.lri.
160 I'owcil at-, baa Francisco, Cnl.
and Local K. R. Agent. In Portland.
Steamer Breakwater leaves Portland 9 A.
M., June &. la, IS, 23. 28 and every five
days from Ainsworth Dock, for North Bend,
Marsh field and Coos Bay points. Freight
received until 5 P. M. dally. Passenger fare,
first-class. S10; second-class, $7. Including
I erth and meals. Inquire City Ticket Office,
3d and Washington ats., or Ainsworth Dock.
Main 266w
Capital - - - $1,000,000.00
Surplus ami Profits. $725,000.00
M. C AINSWORTH, President. R. W. SCHMEER, Caaalsr.
. R. LEA BARNES, Vlce-Prvsldent. "
A. M. WRIGHT, Asalatant Cashier. W. A. HOLT, Auiataat Caahler.
CAPITAL $1,000,000
SURPLUS and PROFITS $600,000
W. M. LADD, Praaldent.
IDW. COOKINOHAM. Vlea-Prcaldrat
W. H. DUXCKLKT. Caanlar.
R. 8. HOWARD. JR.. Aaxt Caanlar.
1 W. LADD. A.Bist&nt cashier.
- WALTER M- OOOK. Aaat Caantor.
v Interest Paid on Savings Accounts and Certificates of Deposit -We
Issue Letters of Credit, Foreign Drafts, and Travelers Cfiects
National Bank
G. K. Wentrrortk. .. President
John A. Keatina; tTlee-Prealdent
Ceo. L. McPheraon. . . Vice-President
B. D. Story. ............... .Cashier
F. A. Freeman Assistant Cashier
Graham Dulcehart..Aaslstant Cashier
Bank Notice
Security Savings and Trust Company
Corbett Building, Fifth and Morrison Streets
Capital and Surplus $900,000
Invites Accounts of
Merchants, . Individuals and Savings
First National Bank
Capital $1,500,000
Surplus 750,000
Oldest National Bank West of the
Rocky Mountains
SAMUEL CONN F.I J, President C U MacGIBEON. Cnahiar
CAPITAL, $150,000
Does a rreneral banking business. Opens checking; accounts wlthont
limitation as to amount. Pays interest on time and savings deposits.
Issues travelers checks and foreign drafts available everywhere.
Only direct steamers and dayUsht salllnoa.
rrom AlntworUi doclc PorUau4. s A. i-Z
SS. BEAR, JTTXE 11, 15. ETC.
BEAVEK, JlSk 18.
From Pier 4u. San Francisco. 11 A. M. :
EAXRT O. SMITH. O. T. A.. Ht Third St.
Main 402. A 1402.
J. W. RANSOM. Dock Ares.
. Ainswortn Sock. Mala 2dS. A 1334.
O. K. Wnatworth
('has. 6. Russell
P. 8. Brumby
ltr. K. A. J. Mackenzla
(ieorse O. Binsham
I.loy.l J. Wentworth
J. K. Wneeler
Geo. I- McPheraon
John A. Keatlng
Kobert Treat I'latt
IL. r. story
Columbia River, Port
land and Astoria Route
Steamer Haasalo leaves Portland dally
from Ash-atret dock, except Sunday, at S
P. M. Saturday at 10 P. M.) ; returning,
leave Astoria dally, except Sunday, at 7
a, M. Tickets interchanKsbla with ateajn
er Iorl i ne." which leaves Astoria lal 1 y,.
except Sunday. aX 7'P K.