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Dpen River Company Patron
izes Railroad Lines.
Easiness to River Territory Has
3oubled and Another Steamer
Could Be Operated Profitably,
but None Can Be Had.
Thousrh primarily organized to pro
tide an opposition that would reduce
rail to Colia-nbia. and Snake River
points and compel the Harriman in
terests to grant to the interior terri
tory reduced tariffs on commodities
that originated locally, the Open River
'Transportation Company is facing- the
Hilemma of having1 to patronize the rail
lines in order to accommodate shippers.
A carload of sugar was dispatched
JMonday evening and three more were
tent last night, while one night last
week a car of salt was forwarded, all
by rail so that they could be unloaded
at Celilo and be handled above there
by steamer. The steamer J. N. Teal
has more freight offered than she can
handle, and, regardless of the state of
.water, it is impossible to secure space
on her for vehicles or cattle unless
reservations are made from three to
four trips in advance.
"We could easily fill another eteamer
Sf one were available," said Captain
(Buchanan, superintendent of the com
pany, yesterday. "The business has in
creased beyond all expectations and
it is really remarkable that during the
time the service has been in existence
the trade has been added to until it
Is impossible for us to handle it as
we wish."
The same story is told by executives
of the Columbia River & Northern,
steamers of which line are carrying
heavy cargoes and find no space for
tock, autos and camp wagons unless
they are provided for in advance.
The situation confronting the Open
River Transportation Company means
that its business has actually doubled,
for it is asserted by Superintendent
Buchanan that he could provide ton
nage for a steamer each day, instead
of one every other day. But there ap
pears no immediate relief in sight, as a
steamer for emergencies is not avail
Total of 1,365,295 Feet Sent
.Coastwise and to Foreign Ports.
Lumber assumed precedence in point of
volume in Portland's shipments for May,
the coastwise bujUness leading with a
total of 14,207,S00 feet. 21 vessels having
been dispatched and of that fleet six were
cleared for San Pedro with 4.2SO.00O feet
end the others went to the Bay City.
Three vessels cleared foreign with lum
ber, having an aggregate of 7,157,495 feet,
valued at $96,394.3$.'
While no flour was dispatched during
April and but little had been done in
-that line this year, May's business was
represented by an exportation of 11,667
barrels, valued at $52,501.
The only wheat cargo was that of the
German steamship Augustus, which
cleared May 24 for St. Vincent for orders,
with 44,5S9 bushels worth $220,130, but the
tRygja. had a part cargo of S333 bushels,
valued at $8125. that brought the total ex
port to 252.922 bushels valued at $228,255.
The Norwegian steamship Selja, sailing
for Hong Kong May 7, had 2,2o,366 feet of
lumber, worth $2:V?:t6.R8 and 1000 barrels of
flour, valued at $4000. On May 14 the Nor
wegian steamship Rygja cleared for Yoko
hama with 1.253,561 feet of lumber, billed
t $24,854: 10.667 barrels of flour, worth
$43,001 and 8333 bushels of wheat at $S125.
The British steamship Inverkip, for Ma
nila and way ports, had the only individ
ual offshore lumber load, it measuring1
6.638.568 feet and was valued at $47,804.
The prospects for June are much
brighter as regards the lumber market
and there is sufficient tonnage loading or
lliat will be working before June 15 to
double May's total.
German Ship Will Take First Part
of Cargo on Sound.
Changes have . been announced re
carding the German steamship Wo tan,
which is to load here with lumber for
Panama, through which she will sail
from San Francisco for either Royal
3 loads or Tacoma to take on part cargo
end then enter the Columbia River, ar
riving June 6.
The vessel will take on 1.130,000 feet
here, starting at the Portland Lumber
Company's mill and finishing at the
.North Pacific Lumber Company. She is
under charter to W. R. Grace & Com
pany. The British steamer Strathtay
began working four gangs at St. Helens
yesterday; the Knight of the Garter
)iad as large a force at the Kastern &
Vestern mill, and the Ley land Broth
ers had one gang at Inman-Poulsen s.
New-Crop Snips Are Few.
But four vessels have been positively
fixed for new-crop loading, while a fifth
lias been taken for either San Francisco
or Portland. The French bark Montcalm,
jailing April 6, from Antwerp, will ioad
wheat for Balfour & Guthrie and the
2"reneh bark Bid art, which left Antwerp
.Maxell 27, is under charter for the round
trip to Hind, ltolph & Company. The
British bark Andromeda, from Newcastle
with coal, and the French bark Hoche,
eiIho from there with coal, have been
taken likewise. The French bark St.
Rogatien, from Sydney, is engaged for
either Portland or Bay City loading. It
is expected several charters will be an
nounced this month.
Wellesiley Strikes Burnsidc Bridge.
While the steam schooner Wellesley,
from San Francisco, was entering her
berth at Couch-street dock yesterday, a
spring line that had been made fast
ashore parted because the craft bad
Kuined considerable headway, and she
crashed into the Burnside-street bridge,
springing the railing of the latter about
one foot, tearing up planking on the north
sidewalk and doing other slight damage.
The vessel suffered no greater injury
than scratching her stem.
Spokane Hauls Old Crop Wheat.
About 30,000 sacks of wheat remain
to be transported from the Snake River
country, and the O. R. & X. has again
placed the steamer Spokane in service.
She left Riparia, Sunday for Judkins
nd will continue in commission until
the cereal is started toward tidewater.
Reports from Riparia yesterday were
to the effect the river had reached a
: state of 10.6 feet and was expected to
ralso with continued warm weather.
Xortlt Pacific Makes New Deal.
As a further aftiliation between the
i North, Pacific Steamship Company with
I the Hill rail lines and to cement more
thoroughly the traffic agreement en
I tere jpX 5ej?eraJxnootlL4 agor U?0-.
ti at ions are about to be closed through
which tickets will be sold on the North
ern Pacific and Great Northern for
southern ports; via the North Pacific
fleet. That will result in a system
such as is in vogue on the Harriman
lines, and which is largely responsible
for the crowds which are carried be
tween Portland and the California
ports each Summer.
Astoria Marine Notes.
ASTORIA, Or., May 31. (Special.)
The steam tug Vosburg arrived from
the Nehalem this morning with pas
sengers and freight for Astoria-
The American schooner Alert arrived
from Honolulu last evening to load lum
ber at Prescott for San Pedro.
The British ship Dunsyre crossed out
last evening for Melbourne, Australia,
with 1,863.042 feet of lumber, loaded
at the Hammond Company mill at
Tongue Point.
The four-masted schooner Sehome ax
rived from San Pedro this evening to
load lumber at up-river points for a
The steam schooner Johan Poulsen
arrived today from San Francisco to
load lumber at up-river points for a
Motor-Boats Damage Nets.
Complaint has been made to the
Customs House officials of damage to
fishing nets by operators of motor
boats between this harbor and points
near Oregon City. Under the pilot rules
fishing vessels of less than ten gross
Tue to Arrive.
Kim. From. Data,
Golden Gat. Tillamook. - - .In port
Rose City ..... .San Francisccln port
Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook. ... In port
Breakwiter. Coog Bay.... June 1
Geo. W. Elder. .San Pedro. ...June 4
Hercules...... Hongkong. ...June 0
Bear. .......... San Francisco June 6
Falcon. ....... San Francisco June 6
Beaver San Francisco June 11
Roanoke San Pedro. .. June 11
Henrik Ibsen. ..Hongkong. ...June IS
Scheduled to Depart.
Name. For Data,
Breakwater. . . .Coos Bay. ... .June 3
Sue id. Elmore. Tillamook. . . .June 1
Rose City. .... San Francisco J une 4
Falcon . San Pedro. .. .June 9
Geo. W. Elder. .San Pedro June 7
Bear San Francisco June 11
Roanoke. . ... ..San Franclaco June 13
Hercules Hongkong. . . .June IS
Henrik Ibsen. . Hongkong. .. .June i5
Golden Gate.. . .Tillamook. . . -Indefc
Besver. ....... San Francisco IndeX't
tons are obliged to show lights when
anchored and must have a light to dis
play in emergencies when under way,
and when using dragnets or lines, must
show two lights. It is said damage to
nets has come from the fact the fish
ermen are not following the pilot rules
and have set nets withous using lights.
Rates Asked for Ocean Barges.
More towage arrangements are to be
made by the Ocean Barge & Tugboat
Company for handling their seagoing
barges from Astoria to Portland, and
General Manager Wood side has written
the Port of Portland Commission ask
ing for rates. Until It is known what
draft the barges have, their condition
when loaded, and other details, no
answer will be given. The barges will
have to be towed to this harbor and
back to Astoria, where they will be
taken to sea by the tug Dauntless.
Marine Notes.
With general cargo the gas schooner
Wilhelmina will leave tonight for
During the month of May a total of
64 coastwise vessels were cleared at the
Custom House.
Members of the Royal Arcanum have
engaged the steamer Jessie Harkins
for an excursion Sunday t Govern
ment Island.
After discharging cargo here yester
day the steam schooner Wellesley went
to Knappton to load lumber, the Daisy
Mitchell went to Tongue Point and
St. Helens.
When opposite Warrior Rock Mon
day the steamer Stanley Dollar, en
route from San Francisco, struck a
launch that cut across her bow, and
the craft was overturned, spilling the
occupants into the stream. They were
Steamers of the Oregon City Trans
portation Company are unable to pro
ceed beyond Salem because of the con
dition of the upper river channel, and
it was announced yesterday that the
service beyond the capital had been
One item on the manifest of the
steam schooner Daisy Mitchell, which
arrived at Oak-street dock yesterday
from the Bay City, was a number of
bales of kopak, a floss which is used
in upholstering, which is secured in
the West Indies.
Following funeral services today at
Holman's undertaking rooms, the body
of Captain Victor Davis, who died Sun
day, will be taken to La Center aboard
the steamer Mascot. The deceased was
the son of Pilot W. A. Davis, of th
steamer Beaver.
As passengers on the steamer Ro
anoke, sailing last night for San Pedro
and way ports, were eight members of
a theatrical troupe who are oeing
counted on by the skipper to provide
entertainment en route to the Bay City.
The steamer has a list of 125 persons.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND, May SI. Sailed Steamer
Roanoke, for San Pedro and way ports
steam schooner Wellesley, lor San Fran
ctrsco. via Knappton ; steam schooner Daisy
Mitchell, for San Francisco, via St. Helens.
Arrived Gasoline schooner W ilhelmina,
from Yaquina: steam schooner Daisy Mit
chell, from San Francisco.
Astoria. Or.. May 31. Cape line down; no
bar report. Arrived and left up during the
ntpht Gasoline schooner Wilhelmina, from
Yaquina; arrived last night. gasoline
schooner Oshkosh, from Nehalem. Sailed
at 4 A. M. Steamer Claremont, for Aber
deen. Arrived at 4:20 A. M. Schooner
Alert, from Honolulu; arrived at 4 P. M. and
left up. steamer Johan Poulsen. from San
Krancisro: arrived at 1 P. M., schooner Se
home, from San Pedro.
San Francisco, May 31. Arrived at 1 and
sailed at lO A. M. Steamer Nome City,
from Portland, for San Pedro. Sailed at
11:20 A- M. Steamer Argj'll. for Portland.
"Westport, May 31. Arrived Steamer
Claremont. from Portland.
San Francisco. May 31. Arrived Steamer
Norwood, frrnn Grays Harbor; steamer Wil
helmina, from Honolulu; steamer Doris,
from tirays Harbor; steamer Mayfalr, from,
Willapa. Sailed Steamers Queen, for Vic
toria; Tenyo Maru, fVr. Hongkong.
Boston, May Ul. Sailed Iceland, for Liv
erpool. New York, May 31. Arrived Mesaba,
from London. Sailed Steamer Kroonland,
for Antwerp; Ryndam. for Rotterdam; Kron
Prlnr Wilhelm, for Moltke, Naples; Mendiza,
Hamburg. May 30. Arrived Graf Wal
dersee, from New York ; Kalserin Auguste
Victoria, from New York.
Perim. May 30. Passed Teucer, from Se
attle and Tacoma, via Yokohama, for Liver
pool. Yokohama, May 31. Sailed Oanfa, for
Los Angeles, May 31. Arrived Steamer
Governor, from Seattle; steamer Admiral
Sampson, .from Seattle; steamer Santa Mon
ica, from Aberdeen. Sailed Steamer George
W. Elder, for Portland; jiteamer Carlos, for
Grays Tarbor; steamer Brooklyn, far Del
mar. Sleattle, Wash. May 31. Arrived Steamer
Forties, from Sound ports; steamer City of
Puebla. from Sound port.; steamer Santa Ana,
from Skagway. Departed Steamer president,
for Everett; British steamer Aymerie. for Aus
tralia via San Francifro; steamer Jefferson, for
Skafcway; steamer City of Puebla, for San
Victoria. B. C. May 31. Departed Nor
wegian i earner Thor, for San Francisco.
Tuioma. Wash., May 31. Arrived Barken
tlne John Smith, from Port Townsend; German
steamer Sals, from Sound ports.
Tides at Astoria Wednesday.
HtKh. Low.
0:43 A. M C feet'l :17 M 3.4 feet
LJiST P. ii..,,7. feetl:13 P. M.... I
The Hof Brau
The Quelle
The Oregon Hotel Grill
The Imperial Hotel Grill
Edelweis 3afe, 149 Seventh
The Perkins Hotel Grill
Butter in Demand and Quoted
Firmer All Grain Markets
Are Weak.
SEATTLE. Wash., May 31. (Special.) -Under
the stress of heavy receipts of thor
oughly ripened berries, the market broke to
day and good stock sold lower than at any
time this season. The best berries did not
sell above $2.50 and much good stock sold
as low as $1.50. The week's receipts are
expected to be very heavy, following the hot
weather of yesterday and today. If berries
begin to accumulate, shipments will com
mence to Montana and the Dakotas.
Cherries were also lower at $1.50. Cali
fornia peaches and apricots were quoted at
$1.75 but the demand was not very brisk.
Attention centered in most quarters in
the shipping trade. Firms with Alaska or
ders will work all night getting goods ready
for shipment Thursday. The flood of big
orders for produce that has reached hero
at the last moment has almost demoralized
Increasing firmness was noticed in the
butter market today, and while no attempt
was made to lift the price, dealers will not
let packers get surplus stocks of butter
away from them. There is a brisk demand
for butter for the Xorthern trade, although
Eastern butter will be used largely for this
business. There was greater strength In the
cheese market. Eggs were steady.
Grain markets were weak and a wide
range of prices was quoted with the top
on bluestem R3 cents. From that the of
fers ranged down to as low as 78 cents.
Barlev sold as low as $18. Oats were
quoted at $24.50(26.50
Produce Prices Current In the Bar CUj
SAM FRANCISCO. May 31. The follow
ing prices were currem In the produce
market today:
.Butter Fancy creamery, 27c; creamery
seconds, 26 c ; fancy dairy, 25c
Cheese New. 13H4fl4cI young America,
Utf 16c.
Eggs Store, 24c; fancy ranch, 2Gc
Pouitry Roosters, old, $5 5.50 ; roosters,
young, $8 10; broilers, small. $2.60 3.60 1
broilers, large. $3.504; fryers, $67.50;
hens, $8.60 duck, old, 67; ducks,
young, $S10.
Vegetables Hothouse cucumbers, $1.25
2.25; garlic, 3$ 4c; green peas, 7oc(g $1.25;
string beans. 1 ? 3 c ; asparagus, $1.25(5
1.55; tomatoes, $lf&1.76; eggplant, S10c.
Fruit Apples, choice, new, 76c: com
mon, 60c; bananas, 75c6r$3; Mexican
limes, nominal; California lemons. $1.25(5,4;
oranges, navels, $1.50 jz 3.25; pineapples, $2.50
jj 3.50.
Potatoes Salinas Bur banks, 75c$l;
sweets, 33'3yc; Oregon Burbanks, 65&75o.
Millstuffs Bran, $23 24; middlings, $2 7
(3 30.
Hay Wheat. $12 16.50; wheat and oats,
$913; alfalfa, $S&11; stock. $G9; straw,
por bale, 4 0 6 5 c
Hops California crop, 12 15c
Receipts Flour. PR 7 sacks: wheat, 1400
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of apprehension and fear, if Mother's Friend is used
by the expectant mother in preparation of the event.
This is not a medicine to be taken internally, but a liniment to be
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the ligaments supple and elastic, aids in expanding the skin and flesh
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pain and danger at the crisis, and assures future health to the mother.
Mother's Friend is sold at drug stores. Write for our free book con
taining valuable information for expectant mothers.
Stutt & Howland, 6th and Wash.
Lumbermen Buffet, 5th & Stark
National Wine Co., 5th Ss Stark
Doyle's Cafe, 4th and Wash.
Pantheon Saloon, 130 Third
John E. Kelly, Park & Morrison
of Trade Buffet, F ourth and
centals; barley. 19,420 centals; oats, 40 cen
tals: beans. 695 sacks: corn, 1700 centals;
potatoes, 6555 sacks; bran, 15 sacks; mid
dlings, 97 sacks: hay, 1719 tons; wool, 312
bales; hides, 1415.
Metal Markets.
NEW YORK. May 31. The market for
standard copper was quiet today, with spot
and forward deliveries to the end of August
quoted at 12.5012.60c The Ivondon mar
ket closed quiet, with spot quoted at 36 15
and futures at 57 13s ltd. Arrivals reported
at New York were 540 tons. Custom-house
returns showed exports of 500 tons, making
20,232 tons so far this month. Local deal
ers quote lake copper at 12.7S(g 13c. elec
trolytic at 1 2.62 12.75c casting at
12.37 M 9 12.50c
Tin steady, with spot and May quoted at
S3.12 33.30c, June and July at 3333.05c
and August at 33(& 33.15r. Sales included 5
tons of June at 33c. The Bnglish market
closed strong, with spot quoted at 149 17s
6d and futures at 151 2s Gd.
Lead quiet, with spot quoted at 4.404.50c
New York and at 4.17W: (&4.22H East St.
Isouls. The London market was lower at
12 10s.
Spelter quiet. Spot, 5.50 6.00c New York
and 5&'5.12ic East St. Louis. London high
er at 22 7s 3d.
Iron lower at 40s 7d for Cleveland war
rants In London. No change reported In lo
cal market; No. 1 foundry Northern, $17
17.75; No. 2 do. fl6.6017.25: No. 1 South
ern and No. 1 Southern soft, $16.2516.75.
Dairy Produce in the East.
NEW YORK, May 81. Butter Firm;
Creamery specials. 29c; extras, 28 c; third
to firsts. 2('g2S; state dairy finest. 28c; com
mon to prime, 2327c; process specials, 26c;
seconds to extra. 23f5"25Vo: factory seconds
to fli-erts. 22g"23V6c; imitation creamery, 24
Cheese Firm; Mate whole milk new spe
cials, 1531 5 c; fancy white, 14c; fancy col
ored, 14fa l4c; average prime, 14 (g)1414c;
fair to good. 13fi14c; common, 30 11c ; state
skim specials, lltc; fine, 10giilc; fair to
good. 7&u44c; common, 5H7c.
Eggs Weak; eta.te, Pennsylvania and near
by hennery white 24-S26c: gathered white.
23925c; hennery brown, 23-23c; gathered
brown, 21V224c; fresh gathered storage
packed selections, 2122c; regular packed ex
tra flrsur, 21S214c; firsts, 19320c.
CHICAGO, May 81. Butter Steady.
Creameries, 25g27l&c: dairies. 2326c.
KBgs Receipts, 16,967 cases ; steady at
mark, cases included, lSVslSc; first.
17 Ujc ; prime firsts, 3 8 c.
Cheese Steady. Daisies. 143t15c; twin,
14 S 14 Vic; Young Americas, 15 q 15 c; long
horns, 14 lc.
Road Answers People's Petition.
SALEM, Or., May 31. An answer to
the petition of the citizens of Gates,
asking for a special passenger service
on the CorvalUs & Eastern Railroad,
was filed today with the Railroad Com
mission, and the railroad company re
fuses to errant the petition, on account
of a constant danger which the Gates
citizens cTalm exists, caused ry the
company's hauling logs and rock In the
passenger trains. The Railroad Com
mission was petitioned to secure a spe
cial passenger service. As reasons for
refusing to install the service, the rail
road company says there has never been
an accident heretofore and that the
business over this branch line won't
support a special passenger system.
Main 72
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There Is no necessity for surgi
cal operations In the treatment of
varicose veins. This aliment yields
completely to my mild and pain
less method, and results are far
better than were ever attained by
the harsh and dangerous practice
of cutting. But one week Is re
quired, and seldom is it ever
necessary to detain the patient
from his business.
I do not oh arj?e for Advice, examination or dlajEnoftlau If you call for
a private talk with me, you will not be urjeed to beftln treatment. If
Impoaalble to call write. Houra, 9 A. M. to 9 P. M.j Snndaya. lO to t
Btrowbrlda; bid-
138 H First St
room 11. and 225 tt
AJder St. Chine
Root and Herb
Medicine. Cnre
Cancer, Rheuma
tism. Consumption.
Dropsy. Catarrh,
etomach. tunc,
Liver and Kidney
Troubles. All
Chronic ailments
of xnn and worn
en. Examination
tree- Drut-stora,
85 Flanders St.
Women a Specialty
The well-known Chinese DR
S. K CHAN, with their Chi
nese remedy of herbs and
root, cure wonderfully. It has
cured many sufferers when
all other remedies have
failed. Sure cure for male
Ann la Mhrnnlii nr(rnt.
d I .ease nerroufneaa. bloodMiic B If THAU
poison, rheumatlam. asthma.
nn.nmnnlA. throat, lunr trouble, consump
tion, stomach, bladder, kidney and dlseasea
of all klnda. Reroedlea harm 1ms. No oper
ation.. Honest treatment. Examination for
ladle bv MRS- S K CHAN. Call or write 3.
Morrison St.. Bet- 1st and 2d. Portland. Or.
and lastlas ee&tort
suaraucaed bj uslas j
It redqeos swelling, stops
frtcu on aad 1 rr 1 ta u on aad
aes ps th. shoes 1 a shape.
0sr no.eoo mi flrar ben-
enwed. raiBTaiu. v
wui send uus svrs
tfslls. S.nd.lM "dara trial. IsasjIC
of shoasaodlf tor rls-hs or left foot.
Ltwb nscasB are. Co.. ata i si.. n.wrJOT. wrg,
GWs Prompt aad Zflectoal Relief
without tncotiveasettcaa is tha
afaamrrwL .'., tsassssflBB
Cor. 2nd and Yamhill
The Leading Specialist.
Tou can depend upon a quick
and thorough cure by my treat
ment. A quick cure is desirable
because a slow cure is apt to be no
cure at all, and a chronic develop
ment will come later. I cure you
beyond the possibility of a relapse
and in half the usual time required.
I tun an expert specialist, have had
0 years practice in the treatment ol
ailments of men. My offices are tha
best .Quipped in Portland. My meth
ods are modern an up - to - date. My
cures are quick: and positive. 1 do not
treat symptoms ana paten up. I thor
oughly examine eacn case, find th
cause, remove it and thus cure the all
I CURE Varicose Veins. Contracted
Ailments. Pllea and Specific Blood Pol
.os and all Ailments of Men.
CURE OR ISO PAY I am the only
Specialist In Portland who makes no
chars; unless the patient la entirely
satisfied with the results accomplished,
and who c i rn. a written caaraates to
refund every dollar paid Cor serriees
if a complete and permanent cure is net
tracted and chronic cases cured. All
burnlnsj. Itching; and Inflammation
stopped In 24 hours. Cures effected in
seven days. Consultation free. If un
able to call write for list of questions.
Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sun
days, 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
2SM Second .. Corner of Alders
Portland, Or.