Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 27, 1910, Page 6, Image 6

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America's Largest
Popular -Priced
Washington Street
Corner of Fourth Street
Month-End Sale of
Family Remedies
Piukham's Wash, during sale at 15
Garfield Tea, offered during sale 15$
Lane's Tea, on sale at low price of 15$
Karl's Tea, selling at low price of 15$
Stuart's Charcoal Tablets, sale at 15$
Wyeth's Charcoal Tablets, sale at 15$
Carter's K. & B. Tea, on sale for 15$
Brown's Ginger Ale, on sale for 15$
De Witt's Colic Remedy, sale, for 15$
Foley's Pain Helief, during 6ale, 15$
Shoope's Pain Panacea, on sale at 15$
Liebig's Eye Lotion, during sale, 15$
Shoope's Cascara, during sale for 15$
Kopp's Baby Friend, during sale, 15$
Antikamnia Tablets, during sale at 15$
Green's Corn Remedy, during sale, 15$
London Com Cure, at low price of 15$
Woofter's Corn Remedy, on sale at 15$
Mennen Corn Remedy, on sale for 15$
Hanson Corn Remedy, on sale for 15$
Blue Jay Corn Plasters, on sale at 15$
Field's Worm Powders, on sale at 15$
Comstock's Worm Pellets, sale at 15$
Mother's Gray Sweet Powder, sale 15$
Kickapoo Worm Killer, on sale at 15$
Roman Eye Balsam, during sale' at 15$
Pettit's Eye Salve, during sale at 15$
Thompson Eye Water, during sale, 15$
Spencer Chloramine Pastilles, sale 15$
Red Gum Lozenges, during sale at 15$
Bromo Quinine, offered during sale 11$
Orangeine, offered during sale for 15c
Pheny O-Caffeine, during sale at 15$
Shoope's Headache Tablets, sale, 15
Wright's Headache Remedy, sale, 15$
Stearns' Headache Wafers, sale at 15$
Kidder's Asthmatic Pastilles, tor 23$
Month-End Sale
of Toilet Paper
$1 Woodlark,
dozen rolls on
sale for 84$
Case, $6.75
$1.20 Mount
Hood, dozen
rolls for 96$
Case, $7.75
$1 Delta, flat
package, doz.,
sale for 84$
Case on sale at
the low price
only "S6.75
$1.50 Satin Rolls, dozen at only $1.28
Satin Rolls, case, on sale for $10.00
65c Sanatas Roll.1?., dozen at only 57$
Sanatas Rolls, case on sale for $4.5Q
85c "400" Rolls, dozen on sale at G9$
"400" Rolls, case, on sale for $5.50
Holders reduced for this sale.
Cut Prices in Our
Stationery Section
50c box Stationery for little people, with
pictvire designs on paper; envelopes fo
match; offered special for, box. .33$
2oc Whist Playing Cards, sale for 19$
25c Highland Linen Bond Tablets, plain
or ruled, during this sale for only 17$
25c bottle 12-pint Riteswell blue-blaak
Fountain Pen Ink, on sale for.. 17$
90c nickel-plated Collapsible Drinking
Cups in leather cases, on sale at 67$
$1.00 fancy imported English Playing
Cardsj offered during sale for...69
A large display of American Silk Flags.
rountain Pens Cleaned and Filled Free.
Every Psiy Is
Sale Day Mere
tie IBalsiiice of Tills
We are having a regular month-end clean-up sale all over the store and it will pay you and pay you well
to study our ads, carefully. You can save money on every purchase made here the balance of the
month. Every article guaranteed; money back if goods are not- exactly as represented
argument. That policy has been in force in this store over 44 years
-no quibble no
It has made this big store a success.
An Exceptional Sale
Good Garden Hose
$5.50 Coin mbia
V2-inch three-ply,
best quality Rub
ber Garden Hose,
with nozzle, dur
ing sale, $3.98
$1.25 Rev olving
Sprinkler, during
sale at, ea., 89$
$1.25 high - grade'
Weather Ther
mometer at 94$
25c can Sapoline
E n amels, assort-l
ed colors at 16$
35c Whisk Brooms, long or short,
during sale at low price of 19$
70c Feather Dusters, sale at 48$
50c Towel Bar, 9 inches, heavy
nickel, during sale at, ea., 33$
25c Furniture Polish, sale at 16$
75c Rubberset Shaving Brush, of
fered during sale for, ea., 48$
Free samples varnishes, enamels.
Very Low Prices on
Best Toilet Articles
25c Lyon's Tooth Powder at 10
50c Java Ris Powder, sale at 25$
50c La Blache Powder, sale, 29$
$1.25 Oriental Cream, sale at 97$
50c Dickey's Creme de Lis at 29$
50c Sanitol Face Powder at 29$
50c Pozzoni's Face Powder, 29$
25c Sozodont, during sale at 15$
50c Hind's Honey and Almond
Cream, during this sale at 31$
50c Capillaris, during sale at 29$
50c Pebeco Tooth Paste at 29$
50c Camelline, during sale at 270
A Great Hair Sale
$12.00 Switches on sale at $7.00
$10.00 Switches on sale at $6.00
$ 7.00 Switches on sale at $4.00
$ 8.00 Switches on sale at $5.00
$ 4.00 Switches on sale at $2.00
25e,"50c, 75c and $1.00 Turbans,
during sale at ONE-HALF PRICE
Rhinestone Braid Pins at V OFF
We also carry a fine line of im
ported Jewelry and Hat Pins.
Great Reductions
Bags and Suitcases
Surprise sale of ladies' Hand Parses in pig,
calf, seal and morocco, all leather lined, fitted
with back strap; Friday, Saturday, Vg PRICE
$5.00 ladies' Handbags, in genuine pigskin,
with tan and red calf linings, double strap
handles, two inside pockets and inside coin
purse. A real bargain, on sale for $3.69
50c Coin Purses, for men, in calf, pig and seal,
your choice during sale for only, each, 29$
$2.50 Collar Bags, with drawstring, each moire
lined; all shades, ottered during sale, 79$
$4.50 Pegmoid Suitcases,
24 and 26 inches long,
steel frame, shirtfold,
leather riveted corners
and sole-leather straps;
brass locks and snaps;
during sale for $3.27
$6.75 Suitcase, with steel
frame, 24 and 26 inches
long, sole-leather, rivet
ed corners, large shirt
fold, brass snaps and
lock, and solid leather
strans. sal for JRS.'yS
$7.75 Suitcase, sole leather, extra light weight,
24 and 26 inches long; extra strong leather
braced corners, hand-riveted steel frame,
large shirtfold, double brass fasteners and
patent lock; offered during sale at $6.75
$12.00 Bamboo Suitcase, hand-sewed leather
corners, sole-leather straps, linen-lined, in
side pockets, brass snaps and lock; one of
the best'made; during the sale for $8.85
$3.50 Koto Woven Suitcase, leather-braced cor
ners and body, with or without straps, full
linen-lined; practically dustproof; good lock
and snaps; offered during sale, ea., $2.85
$6.75 Split Bamboo Suitcase, 24 and 26 inches
long, riveted frame, linen-lined, inside pock
ets, leather corners, brass lock and snaps;
offered during this sale at only, ea., $5.78
$8.00 Ladies' Handbags, of genuine black seal,
all leather-lined; two inside pockets, with
coin purse; trimmings of brass or gu'nmetal:
good strap handles; during sale at $5.98
189 Framed Pictures, Values to $4.QO
Pastels, Carbons, Etchings, Etc, for 95c
189 Assorted Framed
Pictures, values to $4,
include genuine pas
tels, carbons, photo
colors, genuine etch
ings, all suitably
framed, some finished
in antique, brown and
blacks, frame alone
worth double. Special
for only . 95 $
Household Necessities
From Drug Section
Bedbug Banisher, Woodlark brand
(it kills), the bottle, 35$ and 60
Plant Food, Woodlark brand,- a nat
ural fertilizer, the package, 25$
Sea Salt, Woodlark brand (why go to
the beseh for baths?) 10c-25c-4O
Squirrel Poison, Woodlark brand, just
the thing; sale, can, 10 and 35$
Rose Spray, Woodlark brand, for all
kinds of vines, bot., 25$ and 0J
Chloro-Bromine, Woodlark brand, dis
infectant and germicide, bot..45
Pure Olive Oil, Woodlark brand, none
better, bottle, sale, 50$ and 85$
Liquid Green Soap, Woodlark brand,
for bath and toilet, bottle, $X.50
Razors at
Bi Reductions
$2.50 Brandt No. 100
Razor, for, each, 97$
$3.00 . Brandt. No. Ill
Razor, at, ea., $1.47
$3.50 Brandt . No. 11 j
Razor, at. ea., $1.77
$4.00 Brandt No. 112
Razor, at, ea., $1.97
$4.50 Brandt No. 110
Razor, at, ea., $2.47
$5.00 Brandt No. 119
Razor, at, ea., $2.97
$2.00 Brandt fine Ra
zor Strop, sale at 97$
Feather Duster Sale
Turkey, Ostrich, Wool,
Down and Other Kinds
at " Woodlark" Prices
35c to 40c
Dusters, on
sale 22$
50c to 60c
Dusters, on
sale 33$
70c Turkey
Dusters, on
sale 48$
$1.23 Tur
key Dust
ers, during
sale 88
$1.25 Soft Ostrich'Dusters, for pictures, pianos,
etc., offered during the rale at, each, 94$
$1.00 La Flat Wool Dusters, for walls and
floors, offered during sale for, each, 77 $
f2.25 fine-Down Dusters, on sale for $1.33
$1.50 to $3.00 Janitors' Turkey Dusters of
fered during the sale at ONE-THIRD OFF
$3.00 to $4.50 large Ostrich Dusters for auto
mobiles and janitors, ONE-FOURTH OFF
We have a special Duster for every use.
Savings on Fine Bath
room Fixtures, Etc
40c 18-inch
Towel Bar,
sale 29$
65c Double
Twl. Rings,
sale 4S$
50c Necktie
Holder, for
sale 37$
65c Bathtub
Soap Holdr,
sale 48$
$1.05 kitch
en sink soap
holdr. 79$
95c Basin Soap Holder, during this sale 77$
fiOe Tumbler and Tooth Thrush Holder at 48$
25c Tooth Brush Holder, during sale at 19$
60c Toilet Paper Holder, during sale at 48$
$1.40 Brush and Comb Tray, during sale, 98$
$1.30 Match Holder, during this sale at 97
$2.00 Sponge Holder, during the sale, $1.55
$2.25 Bath Tub Mat, to prevent slipping, of
fered during sale at low price of $1.77
$1.50 Webb Bath Tub Seat, sale price $1.10
$2.00 Enamel Bathroom Stool, sale at $1.48
$3.75 to $4.25 Combination Glass Shelves, of
fered during sale at low price of $2.98
$2.25 Shelf Rails, offered during sale $1.77
$9.60 Medicine Cabinets, oak finish, $7.58
' Woodlark' Prices
on Rubber Goods
$2.00 3-quart Canteen Water Bottle, best ma
roon rubber,-of fered during sale for $1.53
$1.50 2-quart Combination Water Bottle and
. Fountain Syrrfige; three hard-rubber tubes,
. during this sale at low rrice, each, $1.19
$2.50 ladies' Spray Syringe, best red rubber,
during this sale at low price of, ea., $1.93
25c Glass Nasal Douche, on sale for, ea., 9$
Prices on Knickerbocker Bath Sprays have ad
vanced, but we have a stock bought at the old
jjrices, and offer them at special reductions:
Old price New price Our price
$1.25 Spray $2.00 73$
$2.00 Spray $3.00 $1.49
$3.00 Spray $4.00 $1.98
50c small Shampoo Sprays, for this sale, 39$
Regular $1.00 Bath Spray, on sale for 73$
75c English Bath Towel, bleached, sale at 49$
10c Crash Wash Cloth, during sale for 7$
Get Our Cut-Rate Price
Card on Photo Printing, De
veloping and Enlarging.
Quick, Accurate Service
Montb-Erad Sale
Purest of Drugs
10e Epsom Salts, extra quality, at 4$
10c Sassafras Bark, i'resh package, 4$
10c Prepared Chalk, during sale at 4$
10c Oxalic Acid, for cleaning, pkg., 4$
10c Pumice Powder, for teeth, pkir., 4?
10c Sewing Machine Oil, bottle only 5
10c Powdered Orris Root, package at 5$
10c Woodlark Pure Spices, Sage, eau 7c
10c Woodlark Pure Spices, Ginger, 7q
10c Woodlark Pure Spices, Mustard, 7$
15c Compound Licorice Powder, pkg. 9?
15c Soapstone, package, during sale 9$
15c Insect Powder, California, can 11$
2oc Pure Olive Ojl, bottle, on sale 16?
25c Rose Water, bottle, during sale 14
25c Bay Rum, bottle, during sale 16
25c Cascara, Aromatic, bottle only 19
25c Sea Salt, Pacific, box on sale, 19j
25c Witch Hazel, Dickenson's Best, pint,
offered during this sale at only 1G
25c Lemon Extract, very best, bot. 20
50c Pure Cream Tartarlb., sale at 35
50c Floor Wax, Imperial, can, sale 40
25c Peroxide Hydrogen, pint, sale, 19
$1 Earthquake Carpet Cleaner, pkg 69
Medicinal Wines
and Fine Liquors
at Cut Rate Prices
$1.25 Fisher's Rye Whiskey, sale 69
$1.00 Cream Rye, full quarts, sale S9
$1.25 Green River Bourbon, bonded, of
fered during sale at low price, $1.04
$1.25 Clarke's Sour Mash, bonded, dur
ing sale offered at this price, 79
75c Brice Malt Whisky, sale onlv 59
$1.25 Dewar's Scotch Whiskey, $1.05
$1.50 Imported XXX Cognac Brandy, of
fered during the sale at only $1.17
$1.00 Gordon Dry Gin, on sale for Fri
day and Saturday, special. for 89
$1.35 100-proof Holland Gin, sale 79
85c Rock and Rye, Friday and Saturday,
on sale at this very low price, 64
$1.00 Apricot, Peach and Blackberry
Cordials, during this sale for 69
50c bot. fine Port or Sherry Wine 34 $
Combs and Brushes
at Bottom Prices
65c to 85c Celluloid Dressing
Combs, white, amber or
shell, sale for only. .59
$1 heavy French ivory Dress
ing Comb, sale price Q9$
35c hard rubber and celluloid
Combs, on sale for 23$
65c hard rubber Dressing
Combs, on sale for 39
75c "The Revelation" coarse
teeth rubber Dressing
Combs, with handle, G3
35c hard rubber Fine Combs,
during sale at, each, 27$
25c men 's Barber Combs, this
week selling at only 19
50c Transparent Tooth Brush, bristles
warranted; each in sealed sanitary
glass case, during the sale for 39J
35c assorted colors Celluloid Tooth Brush
Holder, offered during sale for 1.9$
25c French hand-drawn Tooth Brushes,
assorted, offered during sale at 16
40c Dr. Chance 's Tooth Brushes at 29
35c Pro-phy-lac-tic Tooth Brushes, in all
sizes, on sale here at, each, only 25
35c Kleanwell Tooth Brush, ten styles,
each in sealed box, on sale for 25$
25a Cloth Brush, on sale this week 11
50c Cloth Brush, on sale this .week 39
$1.00 Cloth Brush, sale this week, 84$
$1.00 Hat Brush, assorted backs, at 69
35c Infants' Hair Brushes, sale at 23
75c to $1.00 Hair Brushes, solid back,
hand-drawn, and are products of the
best brush factories; this week. 59
$2 to $3 Hair Brushes, assorted, $1.75
35c to 40c Hand and Nail Brushes, 2L$
50c to 75c Hand and Nail Brushes, 41
Big reduction on all Ideal or Cushion
Back Hair Brushes
No. 1 Ideal. 69c; No. 2. 98c; No. 3. $1.18
We have just received a large factory
shipment of Adams & Kent Brushes.
They are absolutely warranted in every
respect or your money refunded. The
prices are reasonable and will bear com
parison with any store in United States.
A Full Line of Fresh
bound and gagged him and hanged him
to the celling.
A. R. McSwann. manager of the com
pany, had full confidence In Gass. and
believes the work to have been done by
enemies of the firm.
Cummin's Amendment Badly
Beaten, Only 12 Insurgents
Holding Out.
Ttegnlars Accept Provision Extend
ing Suspension Period as Meas-
' ure to Gain Votes Refund
of Charges Provided.
"WASHINGTON, May 26. Through
the defeat in the Senate today of sev
eral amendments offered by insurgent
Republicans and Democrats, the way
"was paved for an early vote on the
Administration railroad bill. It Is be
lieved this will come tomorrow and the
Senate then will adjourn until Monday,
when the statehood bill probably will
be made the unfinished business.
The regular Republicans maintained
a firm hold upon the situation in sev
eral votes on important features, not
withstanding the insurgents and Dem
ocrats united their votes on several oc
casions. More was accomplished dur
ing the closing hours of the session
today than in any other week of the
three months the bill has been pending
Voting Brings Results.
Not until 3 o'clock was anything done
beyond listening to discussion of the
measure, but when at that time La
Follette concluded his two-days' speech
In opposition to the bill the voting pro
ceeded rapidly with the following re
sults: The Cummins amendment, requiring
the approval by the Interstate Com
merce Commission of all Increases in
railroad rates before they become ef
fective, was voted down. 29. to 43.
The Martin amendment, requiring
the commission to reach a final de
cision on increases within six months,
was defeated, 18 to 54.
An amendment by Clark of Arkansas
to defer increases in rates until passed
upon by the commission but putting them
into effect after six months pending a
final decision was rejected, 35 to 40.
Rate Suspension Agreed On.
An amendment composed of provisions
by Jones and Painter was accepted. This
provides for the extension for a period of
six months of the 120-day suspension of
new rates and regulations during the
hearing as to their reasonableness, if not
concluded within that time, and for the
refunding of the difference between
rates if the new rate is found to be un
reasonable. This amendment was adopted
An amendment by Hughes striking out
the capitalization provisions of thd bill
was adopted. Burton casting the only
negative vote.
Of all the votes of the day, the one on
the Cummins amendment was by far the
most important. The vote was by no
means so close as had been predicted
by its friends and feared by its opponents.
Three days ago the advocates of the bill
suggested by the Administration had been
apprehensive of the success of the Cum
mins provision, but during that time they
had been extremely active, so that, while
they made important concessions, they
secured, the defeat of the provision. .
Twelve Insurgents Obdurate.
Of the 29 votes favorable to the amend
ment, 12 were cast by insurgent Repub
licans as follows:
Beveridge, Borah, Bourne, Bristow,
Burkett, Clapp, Crawford, Cummins, Dix
on, Dolliver, Gamble and La Follette.
Only four Democrats, Bailey, McEnery,
Smith (Maryland), and Taylor, voted for
the provision.
The pairs on the vote were an
nounced as follows: Root with Talia
ferro, Flint with Culberson, Lorlmer
with Davis, Dillingham with Tillman,
McCumber with Foster, and Richardson
with Ravner. . Bankhead, Bulkelejv
Daniel, .Hugnes, Money, Newlands, Pen
rose and Percy were absent and un
paired. Explanations were made in
behalf of most of the absentees.
The closest vote was 35 to 40 on
the amendment, offered by Clarke of
Arkansas, regulating the extensions of
time allowed for hearing on rate
changes. -
The . presentation of the Martin
amendment requiring the interstate
Commerce Commission to reach Its de
cision on Increased rates within six
months, and the doubt as to the effect
of that provision after the expiration
of that period in case of the failure
of the Commission to comply with this
demand were responsible in large
measure for the fate of that provision.
Compromise Is Reached.
The Jones amendment presented a
similar solution and, with the Cummins
provision disposed of, it was accept
able to all parties to the opponents of
the bill because it was the best they
could get, and to its friends because
it was found necessary to go that far
to get votes enough to defeat the Cum
mins provision.
Pending the vote on the Jones
Paynter amendment there was much
confusion as to the parliamentary
status of the two amendments as sepa
rately presented.
The original suggestion of Jones
merely provided for an extension of the
suspension of the 120-dav period, al
ready allowed by the bill for investiga
tion of new rates by the Interstate
Commerce Commission. It goes into
the bill as a proviso and reads as fol
lows: "That if any such hearing cannot be
concluded within the period of suspen
sion, the Interstate Commeree Commis
sion may in its discretion, end the time
of suspension for a further period not
exceeding six months."
Refund Provided For.
The addition made at the suggestion
of Mr. Paynter provides that "if the in
creased rate is found to he unreason
able the carrier shall refund to the
party paying it the difference between
that and the rate as it existed before
the increase, ' arid, shall do so on the '
presentation of it lie bill of lading re
ceipt or expense bill at the office "where
the freight charges were made."
The Paynter provision also directs
the issuance of waybills and receipts,
showing the points of origin and des
tination of freight, giving the names of
consignor .and consignee, sTnd the total
amount of charges, all to be used as a
basis for settlement.
Notwithstanding that it was evident
from the time an agreement was
reached for the acceptance of the Payn
ter amendment that the point pro
vision would meet with general favor,
a roll call vote was ordered.
Aldrich's name was the first called
and in a loud voice he responded in the
affirmative. Coming immediately after
him was Bacon and he cast his vote
in the negative. All others voted for
the provision, and Bacon then changed
his vote, rendering the verdict unanim
ous. He took occasion to state, how
ever, that he had originally voted "no"
because he did not favor the Jones'
portion of the amendment.
Capital Provisions Omitted.
Presenting his amendment striking
out sections 13, 14, 15 and 17. which are
broadly described as the capitalization
provisions of the bill, Hughes pressed
tor an immediate vote and the amend
ment was accepted without much dis
cussion. Again the rnllcall developed a
unanimous vote, with one exception.
The negative vote was by Burton of
In the course o'f the discussion the
fact developed that practically all the
Senators were opposed to the capitali
zation provisions.
The "insurgent" Republicans based
their opposition on the ground that suf
ficient care was not taken to prevent
the watering of stocks and issuance of
both stocks and bonds in any way that
would be injurious to the general pub
lic. Early Vote Expected. -
They were, however, desirous of leg
islation prohibiting what they believed
to be abuses in railroad capitalization.
Whfle, therefore, they were willing to
have the original provisions eliminated,
they would not consent to allow the bill
to go to a vote without some effort in
the direction of regulation, and Dolli
ver's amendment was offered with this
end in view.
When the Senate meets tomorrow the
Dolliver amendment, the La Foiiette
amendment, providing for the physi
cal valuation of railroad property, and
the Newlands amendment, providing for
the National incorporation of railroads,
will be the only subjects left for con
sideration. ,
If the long speeches can be elimi
nated, there is no reason why a final
vote on the bill should not be reached
before the end of the day, as It is re
garded as certain that all these feat
ures will be rejected.
Albany and Oregon Electric Offi
cials Hold Conference.
ALBANY. Or.. May 26. (Special.)
Although petitions have been circulated
to invoke the referendum on the fran
chise. of the Oregon Electric Company
providing an entrance to the city on
Fifth street, it was said after a confer
ence with John F. Stevens, general
manager, and G. M. McDowell, right-of-way
man of the road, that affairs would
be adjusted satisfactorily soon without
invoking the referendum.
The road has said if this course were
taken it would pass by Albany alto
gether, but those circulating the peti
tions say if it appears that this threat
Is to be carried out the petitions will
not be presented. They say they only
want to force the road oft Fifth street.
Sufe Rifled, Papers Torn Add to
Mystery of Robert Gass's
Strange Predicament.
SACRAMENTO, Cal., May 26. (Spe
cial.) Robert C. Gass. until recently in
the office of State Engineer Ellery, was
found at 7 o'clock this morning hang
ing by a rope fastened about his arm
pits, from the ceiling of the Sacramento
Builders' Supply Company, for which
he was bookkeeper and cashier.
The safe had been rifled and $50
stolen, in addition to hundreds of the
firm's accounts, blueprints and valuable
papers being torn to bits.
It is generally admitted that robbery
was not the motive for the crime, and
Chief of Police Ahern openly states
that the entire affair looks false to him,
adding that Gass is a faker.
The Chief believes that Gass knows
more about the affair than he admits
when he tells officers that he was work
ing shortly after midnight, getting out
campaign literature for his frienC, H. S.
Morrow. Secretary -of the State Engi
neering Department, who is seeking the
Republican nomination for Secretary'of
State, when two men came into the
office, and, switching out the lights,
stuck a gun in his face while they
First Division Conies to Portland to
Attend Festival.
SAN DIEGO, Cal., May 26. All the
little vessels of the Pacific torpedo
fleet, now in port, have completed coal
ing in preparation for the cruise north
to San Francisco and Portland, Or.,
which will begin tomorrow. The first
division goes to Portland and the sec
ond and third divisions to Mare Island
Navy Yard for repairs.
Ashland Prepares Carnival.
ASHLAND, Or., ' May 26. (Special.)
The women of the Civic Improvement
Club of Ashland are busy these days
furthering the plans for the forthcoming
rose and strawberry carnival, to be given
on Thursday and Friday of next week,
June 2 and 3. Reduced rates to Ashland
have been announced by the Southern
Pacific. One of the great features of
the carnival will be the floral parade.
Medford Limits Extended.
MED FORD. Or.. May 25. (Special.)
By the overwhelming vote of 78 to 1.
the City of Medford voted in a tract of
land 60 acres in extent, southwest of
the present boundary line of the city as
a part of the city. The election took place
last Tuesday.
Though She Is Fined for Taking
Possession of Land liilawf ull ,
She Shows Legal Skill.
DAYTON, Wash.. May 26. (Special.)
The spectacle of a young woman de
fending her own case before the bar
of Justice inspired admiration in a
crowded court room here yesterday.
Althotigh she tried and Io-st. Mrs. Mag
gie Krlbs proved herself a brilliant
attorney when she pitted her wits and
knowledge of technical law against
those of Prosecuting Attorney Rob
ert M. Sturdevant in one of the hardest
fought cases tried here for several
The woman also was her own star
witness, although the testimony of El
mer Shirley, her hired man, went a
long way toward winning leniency
from the court. Found g-uilty, Mrs.
Kribs was fined Jl and costs, amount
ing to $20.
It developed that Mrs. Kribbs had
made a deal with John Broyles. the
plaintiff, for a farm, agreeing to take
possession after . she had paid a de
ferred installment. Ignoring her prom
ise she took up her residence on the
land and Broyles- tried to drive her off,
but she could not be dislodged. N. O.
Baldwin, of Pomeroy, testified that he
held the deed in escrow.
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represent years of experience In
the purchasing and blending of
tobacco. They're beyond the
"promise" stage a cigarette for
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