Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 26, 1910, Page 15, Image 15

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Merchandise Purchased on Credit Today and Balance of the Month Will Be Charged on June Account TaReT Advantage
Closed All Day Monday (May 3Qth) "Decoration Day," Demonstration Royal Worcester and Bon Ton Corsets by Miss Gale
sfe iim All
irnce "Juainie Whit
Women's Neckwear
25c Values at Only lOc
5Qc Values at Only 29c
2500 pieces of ladies' novelty Neckwear,
embroidered linen collars, stock collars,
lawn Dutch collars, jabots, rabats, etc
Our regular stock values to 25c, "1 fif
"June White Days" Price, each AVJL.
2000 PIECES of ladies' Summer Neck
wear, such as fine lawn, Dutch collars,
fine lawn jabots, stock collars, novelty
neckwear designs, in values toOQ
50c. "June White Days" Price
Men's $3.5Q-$5
Low.Shoes $22
It's men's day in the shoe store, and this
item will bring all thrifty fellows in on a
tour of inspection. You can choose from
our best line of low shoes, any style we
have, button or lace, patents, gnnmetals,
wax colt and vici kid leathers, any shape
toe, any weight sole. Take your choice of
values up to $5.00 for this
exceptionally low price, pair
All Women's Suits, Coats
Dresses, Etc., at Reduced Prices
$40.00 Coats for Only $14-95
The Garment Section adds more goodness to this line of Coats. A most varied
and beautiful showing. Coats, elaborately trimmed. Some with long shawl
collars, faced with foulard silk; some satin lined throughout; some foulard
lined ; some plain tailored styles which are very rich creations in workmanship-.
There's every .wanted color in every good weave of goods. (U f rr
Values to $40.00. During this Removal Sale the price is, each H 1 tt.c 5
Infants' Wear
One FoirtH Off
This very liberal offering, prompted by
the advance announcement of our "June
White Days" sale, is a boon to mothers who
have not fully supplied their Summer needs
for baby. All -infants' slips, all short
dresses, all long and short skirts, flannel
skirts, wrappers, outing gowns, pique
buggy robes, bonnets and .
li.nor pent Vil
coats. Reduced
All Our U racier mvislixs Reduced
For the Great "June White Day"
$1.Q5 Gowns at 98c $1.5Q Chemise 98c $2.25 Drawers $1.Q9
Women's Night Gowns, made of A line of hand-embroidered A good quality of nainsook or
long cloth or nainsook, Hubbard chemise in. a good variety of st3'les, long cloth drawers, made full with
or chemise styles, nicely trimmed all cut very full, made of good circular or plain flounce, nicely
in lace or embroidery; our regular quality cambric, trimmed in em- trimmed in lace or embroidery.
$1.65 values. Special Re- QO broidery. Our reg. $1.50 QQr Our regular values to J" nn
moval Sale Price, each.70 values, White Days price UOC $2.25, Removal Sale.? VJJ
$1-$1.25-$1.50 Fancy SilKs to 59c Ifrd
ij0ma&4rr& 2 ; 1
A Great Special
Purchase of 12,000
yards Shown for
the first time today
at less than half
A great assortment of Fancy Silks,
comprising 12,000 yards. A delayed
shipment .which should have been here
some time ago has just reached us. A
shrewd pick up by bur silk buyer, who
backed by the great cash purchasing
power of this establishment was in a
position to take the entire lot which a
New York importer was unable to sell
on account of the backward season in
the East. . Because of their late arrival
we will cut the price lower than ever
to hurry the sale. All new, up-to-date
patterns, suitable for any purpose, such
as suits, dresses .waists, petticoats, lin
ings, trimming, fancy work, etc. Val
ues which no woman can well afford
frto miss. Take advantage of our lucky
buy, and our anxiety to sell. Actual
$1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 values,
Removal Sale price, the yard 3C
Mail Orders Filled at
Sale Prices During THis
Sale Write Ms Today-
Baby Blankets
3QOO Yards Ribbons
35c Values at Only 19c
4-3c Values at Only 29c
3000 yards of plain and fancy ribbon,
32 to 5 inches wide, plain' taffeta in all
colors, satin taffeta aad fancy -weaves.
Our regular, stock values to 35c. "1
For this great Removal sale, yd.
EXTRA QUALITY of 5-inch hair bow
taffeta Ribbon, also warp prints and
dresden ribbons, all staple shades. Our
regular stock values to 45c a OQ
yard. Removal Sale Price, yd.."''
Special 47 c Each
Today and tomorrow the Baby Store, sec
ond floor, will sell bunny blankets of very
soft material in pink and white and blue
and white colors. Very special for A7 g
this great Removal sale, eachr
JuneWhite Days
In Art Store
HANDBAGS, stamped on crash, finished
with cord and tassel. Our regular 50c val
ues, priced very special for this
exceptional Removal sale, each JC
LINEN SCARFS Brown linen hem
stitched scarfs, stamped in any design, free
of chaige. Our regular $1.50 val- CQ
ues, . Removal Sale price, each "fC
CUSHION TOPS Our entire stock of 50c
and 60c stamped cushion tops, including
all new arrivals. Very special QC1
for this great Removal 'Sale, each OS?C
SCARFS Stamped " on tan' linen, Our
regular $1.25 values for 96 and CQ
$1.00 values for the low price of"
DUSTER BAGS Of good quality linen,
also laundry bags, hand made, cross stitch.
Regular $1.50 values for 84j and
50c values for the low price of ""C
PIN CUSHIONS Nicely trimmed in new
designs, 75c to $3.00 values, priced J
very special - to close out at just.
Sale Flas for
Decoration Day
Be patriotic ; show
your appreciation
of what the old sol
diers have done for
you by decorating
your homes and
places of business
on Decoration day.
It is the day of all
days when the stars and stripes should be
unfurled to the winds. We offer our entire
stock of American Flags at extra special
Removal Prices, to give all an opportunity
to own one. Don't fail to take advantage.
5Qc Camp Stools 35c Ea.
75c Camp Chairs at 4-9 c
If you go out to the cemetery on Decoration
day you should take a camp stool with you.
Or have one to sit on while waiting for the
parade. Campstools, hard wood, finished
in white, heavy brown duck seat, OC
a regular 50c value, low-priced at.C
Camp Chair, of hard wood, good high back,
brown 'duck seat. Our regular 75c
value, for this Removal Sale, each C
Advance "June White Days" Sale
of 0ir Laces and Embroideries
$1.75 Allovers 93c
1000 yards of allover Venise
laces, black, white and ecru colors,
all-over Oriental laces and 45-inch
lace nets, a varied and beautiful
assortment of. patterns. Our reg
ular values to $1.75, special QO
Removal Sale price, vard wC
e price, yard '
200 Dozen
$1.25 Emb'rd'ies 4c
Skirt embroidery, corset cover em
broidery, embroidered bands, em
broidery galloons, skirting embroid
ery, edges, insertions in swiss, nain
sook, batiste and cambric. Regular
values to $1.25. "June A
White Days" price, yardr-"
$1.75 Emb'rd'ies 69c
Swiss, nainsook, batiste and cam
bric embroideries in a varied as
sortment of good patterns, edges
and insertions, skirting emb'd'y
galoons, embroidery bands, corset
cover embroideries, etc. !Q.
Regular values to $1.75, at vI7C
Days" price,
Men's Underwear
Values "U'p to $1.50
ff.W iii, " HiiiilllHll
3 .A. Garment
if or
The great response brought out by our last
Underwear announcement forced us to send
our buyer bargain hunting. With the aid of
telegraph and express service we have suc-
ceeded in getting this lot just in the nick
of time. 200 dozen garments in the lot.
Blue, salmon, pink, white, plain and fancy
weaves, mercerized lisle; shirts and draw-
ers; all sizes. Suits to match if you come
before the lines are broken. It's a great op
portunity to supply your Summer needs'
Don't delay; be among the first to choose
from this lot of values up to $1.50. jf
Removal Sale price, the garment OC
Mail Orders Filled at Sale
Prices Write Us Today
5Qc and 75c Underwear at 37V2C
Men's $L5Q Colored SHirts, at Only 89c
$L5Q-$2 Gloves 93c Pair
65c SilK Gloves 43c
A general Removal clean-up in the glove store is now going on. All kid gloves -which
are slightly mussed. Our best makes, such as Derby, Monarch, Alexandre; all perfect
in every way except being mussed by fitting or showing. Our regular $1.50 QOr
and $2.00 values, specially priced for this great Removal Clean-up at, the pairC
SILK AND CHAMOISETTE GLOVES Ladies' 2-clasp silk gloves in all sizes, black,
white and colors, also chamoisettes, in white or natural colors; full line ot yf Q.
sizes. Values to 65c a pair. Specially priced for this Removal Sale, the pair"
"June White Days" Sale
lOOOPrXace Ciart'ras
$8 Values $3.25
$20 Vals. $10.75
One of the most attractive bargain - of ferings for
today, tomorrow and Saturday, from a beauty as
pect, as well as splendid value, is this great .collec
tion of Irish Point lace curtains. A special pur
chase by our Mr. Lilburn, who just returned from
New York. There are 1000 pairs in the lot. Rich,
beautifully appliqued, floral and scroll designs, on
high-grade French net. The best showing of Irish
point Lace Curtains ever brought out in Portland.
"June White Days" prices are as follows:
$ 5.00 TO $ 8.00 VALUES, PRICE 3.25
Shirts that show reality are sought out by all thrifty fellows because the shirt part of the wardrobe is of
supreme importance. An unbecoming pattern or a faded-out shirt kills all possible chance of appearing
well dressed, no matter how fine a suit you may put on. In this assortment of 2400 shirts there's every
wanted pattern in plain or plaited golf shirts or coat styles with cuffs attached or detached; all the QQ
very best fabrics are used in their get-up. Our regular values to $1.50, Removal Sale price, each OlC
UNDERWEAR for men who want good, serviceable garments at a ery moderate price. Close plain knit
and ribbed knit shirts and. drawers, nicely finished, reinforced seams at the seat; colors are white, cream
pinK, oiue, eic. line is lasen irom our regular stock of 50c and 75c values. The Price 071
,- f Vi
$ 8.50 TO $ 9.50 VALUES, PRICE $ 5.5Q
$11.00 TO $13.00 VALUES, PRICE $ 7.5Q
$16.50 TO $20.00 VALUES, PRICE $10.75
H&tiiral flair Goods
$9 SwitcH $4-5Q $3Q SwitcH $15
Closing out all human hair Goods, guaranteed natural wavy switches: The more they
are washed the better they wave. The three separate strand switch can be dressed
in many ways. Two strands can be used for the braid around the head, with the third
puffed for the center. Another effect is to make each strand in figure 8 and group them.
$25 three separate strand Switch $12.50 $15 three separate strand Switch $7.50
$12 three separate strand Switch $ 6.00 $ 9 three separate strand Switch $4.50
.bxtra Heavy guaranteed natural wavy German Switch in the rare shades, 1 O Cfl
for this great Removal sale has been placed excepttionally low at, each.
3000 "Women's Vests
pS combs Sg 35c
reas ana Dionas, ju. values at 3lo and tne $Si values are priced at'
Hair Barettes 19c
Sidel 7
Combs JL
HAIRPINS 500 cards of bone Hairpins, 4 inches long,
crimped or straight, shell or amber color, put up 12
pins on a card. Our regular 50c values, OQ
special Removal Sale Price at low price of tJC
BARRETTES Plain or carved, shell or amber; all
have the best hold safety catch, finest finish- 1Q
ing, extra quality, values to 75c. Sale price
HAIRPINS 1,000 boxes of bone Hairpins, put up 6 in
a box, crimped or straight, shell or amber. C,
Our regular 15c values, special Removal Sale 3C
BACK COMBS A lot of 500 fancy mounted, jeweled
and gold inlaid Back Combs, extra tine tinish
and quality; values to $2.00, special price, ea.
BR ADD PINS In the finest quality shell or
amber; extra finish. Reg. 50c values, now
SIDE COMBS Of fine quality, shell or amber
color, several styles, value to 35c, special at
BACK COMBS Fancy carved, extra long teeth, high
back, new designs, shell color; our regular stock OQ.
values up to 65c each, on special sale for, eachC
17c Values' for -lie
25c Values for Wc
5Qc fog 27c
A special purchase of 3000 Women's Summer
Vests at half the regular wholesale price. Our
stock of 25c to 50c vests was getting low ;
didn't want to run out entirely, so wired our
buyer to skirmish for some bargains to stimu-
late our Removal Sale in this department. This
lot arrived last night. They are all the low
neck, sleeveless, ribbed vests; very elastic; lace
trimmed, plain or fancy edged yokes. All reg
ular sizes, 4-5-6. This lot is so far ahead of
any of our previous offerings that there is no
comparison. Positively the best values of the
season. These vests have been priced as follows:
Regular 17s Vests now marked at only 11
Regular 25c Vests now marked at only 14
Regular 50c Vests now marked at only S7
Mail Orders Will Be Promptly and Carefully
Filled at "June White Days" Removal Prices