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Senators ; Meet - Waterloo
Slow Contest on Vaughn
' Street Lot.
Passes Issued by Nourse Cause Dam
age to Sacramento's Ambition and
Rapp's Home Run Hardly Aids
Visitors to Win Fight.
' Yesterday's Results.
Portland, 4; Sacramento, 3.
Ban Francisco. 6; Lob Angeles, X.
Oakland, 4: Vernon. X.
Btaadlnc of the Clubs.
-I I-
Vernon I 31 B 4 12 4 2ft .5f
San Kran.... 4 . . 7 7 S B 20 .5fl
Portlund 41 4 . . B 5 7 20 .r42
Oakland .... 41 ri 7 . . 3 7 27 .."Oil
Loa Angeles. 81 HI 2 4 . . It 2 .473
Sacramento . 2 8. .1 6 4.. 17 .S40
1 I I I I I 1 r-
Loat 22!22222B!2133J154
Walter McCredie and his team cele
brated their return to the home lot at
Vaughn street and Twenty-fourth yester
day by taking the opening game of the
lengthy series with Sacramento by the
score of 4 to' S.
The game was slow and long-drawn,,
and some ginger should have been In
jected into both clubs, for jwo hours Js
too long a time for a nine-inning .affiar.
Four Pitchers Are Used.
Both teams used two pitchers. Mc
Credie saw fit to let out Tom Seaton In
order to let Jimmy Smith do the pinch
hitting act in the fourth stanza, and
Jimmy succeeded In getting hit by the
ball, but was deprived of the advantage
because "Old Folks" Van Haltren
thought Jimmy did not make the proper
effort to avoid the wild heave. As the
bases were full at this time the rabid
ones called "Rip' several unkind things,
and he was saved from utter annihilation
because of the wildness of Mr. Nourse
(pronounced "nurse"), who succeeded in
-forcing in a run by giving Smith his base
on balls.
Aside from the home-run clout of Bill
Rapps, which put Portland one run to the
good In the second, the passes issued by
Nourse caused the greatest damage to
Sacramento's ambition of winning from
The Grahamites have not yet lowered
the colors of tlje Portland team in a
league battle this season, for McCredie's
squad trimmed Sacramento six straight
games at Sacramento recently, and yes
terday gives Mac seven straight vic
tories over this club. Strange to say, the
Sacramento club Is not a poor team by
any means, for Charley Graham has a
gingery bunch of talent. Several of the
Senators are heavy hitters, and all good
base runners.
The pitchers have been going badly,
most of them being wild and lacking in
control. This was the fault of Nourse,
who was chased in the fifth In favor
of Jack Fitzgerald.
Gregg Holds Visitors Safe.
The Senators scored in the, second on
i e. boot by Casey, Darrlnger's single and
f a fielder's choice. In Portland's half
I Fisher hiked and Bill Rapps hit for the
jf circuit, giving the Mackmen the lead,
f However, Sacramento came back strong
A In the third when errors by Olson and
I Seaton, combined with Briggs' long
I double, scored two runs. Vean Gregg
f mounted the hill in the next chapter and
held the visitors safe to the end.
Nourse forced a run across in the
fourth which tied up the proceedings,
V and in the sixth Bill Rapps. who had
alreadv laced one for Jb Mrf.nU pitnta
safely past Van Buren which earned
three-quarters of the journey, and Billy
Speas sent across for what .eventually
proved the winning point by a long fly
to "Ginger" Perry in center.
The same teams play again this after
noon, and every afternoon until Sunday,
June 5, two games being scheduled for
Decoration day, Monday. The score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. B.
hmnn. ss ,3 o o 2 1 o
Persons. If '. , 4 I 1 1 O 0
Perry, cf 4 t 12 0 O
Brlrrs. rf 4 1 1 2 o O
TarrlnRer, 3b 3 0 1 0 0 0
Van Buren, lb 4 0 0 9 0 o
Raymer. 2b 3 .0 1 3 2
Splesman. c 4 0 1 4 5 n
Xourae. r 1 0 0 - 0 2. 1
Fitzgerald, s 2 o 0 .1 o o
Boardman, 3b 1 0 0 0 O 0
Totals 33 3 6 24 10 ' 1
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Syan, If 4,0 O o 0 0
Olaon. as 2 0 0 2 1
HetlinR. 3b 1 0 0 3 1 o
McCredie, rf 41. 0 O 0 o
Fisher, c 3 1 7 3 0
Kappa, lb... 4 2 2 8 1 0
Speas, cf a 0 1 3 0' 0
Casey. 2b 2 O 2 4 3 1
Seaton, t 1 o 0 1 3 l
Smith 0 0 0 O 0 A
Oreg. p 2 O o 1 1 o
Totals 25 4 5 27 14 3
r. "Batted for Seaton In fourth.
t Sacramento 0 1 2 00 00 0 0 3
Hits 0 1 1 1 001 2 0 0
Portland 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 t
I Hits 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 1 3
I Struck out By Nourse 4, hy Seaton 3. -by
i Fllzserald 1. by Gregg- 4. Bases on balls
; Off Nourae 6. off Seaton 2. off FltzKerald 2.
Two-base hits Brlggs. . Casey. Three-base
bit Rappa. Home run Rapps. Touble play
Seaton to Hetllng. Sacrifice hits Nourse,
f Hetllng, Speas. Stolen bases Shinn. Speas,
Brlggs. Hit by pitched ball Speas. by
T Fitzgerald. First base on errors Sacra-
t mento 2. Portland 1. Left on bases Sacra -
mento 6, Portland 8. Innings pitched By
I Mourse 3 2-3. by Seaton 4. Base bits Off
? Nours. 2. runs 3: off Seaton 8, runs 3. Time
i , of game 1:55. Umpire Van Haltren.
I San Francisco Carries Game From
Angels in Easy Style.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 24. With a run-
ner at every station of the circuit. Out
field Melchior accepted one of Pitcher
I Brlswalter's straight-over-the-plate balls
and hoisted It over the fence in the third
f . Inning today.
5 San Francisco accumulated five runs
. and Los Angeles could send only one man
( across the plate. After the Melchior home
f run Brlsw alter was relieved.
Crlger, the new man, was put in- the
box. 'The winners played an errorless
game. Score:
San Fran 5 6 0 Los Angeles ..19 3
Batteries Miller and Berry; Briswalttr,
Criger and Orendorff and H. Smith..
Oakland 6; Vernon 1.
LOS ANGELES. May 24. Fresh from
the work of throwing Portland out of
second .place, Oakland came here today
and trimmed Vernon 6 to 1. Score:
- R H K " ' - R H E
Vernon . 1 7 5iOakland. . . . -6 10 ..2
Batteries Willetts and Brown; Live
ly and Mitze.
Taeoma . .
Seattle . . .
Spokane, for - Second Time, Takes
Tacoma Into Camp.
TACOMA. May 24. The Tigers could not
hit Jess Baker today, while Bert Hall
was found for eiglrt safe hits, Spokane
taking the second straight In the series,
! to 1. ..
Both teams played good ball In the
field. Jansen's two triples were the bat
ting, features. Score: .. .
. B H E . R H B
Tacoma .......1 4 lSpokane 3 8 1
Batteries Hall and Stevens, Byrnes;
Baker and Ostdiek.
Seattle 2; Vancouver O.
VANCOUVER, B. C, May 24. Seattle
shout out Vancouver In the morning Em
pire Day baseball game. Rain prevented
an afternoon game. Score:.
Seattle 2 6 ojvancouver 0 2 1
Batteries Thompson and Custer; Miller
and Sugden.
Won. Lo.t. P.C
Philadelphia ...20 7 .741
New York ..' 18 8 .2
Boston 16 13 .K2
Detroit 17 14 .64
Cleveland 13 15 .4t4
Washington 13 18 .419
Chicago 9 IB . .3V
St. Louis 6 21- .222
President and Other Notables
Caught in Thunderstorm.
WASHINGTON, May 24. President Taft
and many other notables saw Washing
ton defeat Detroit in a six-inning game
today. 3 to 2. They were caught in a
driving thunder storm that prevented fur
ther playing.
A -wild throw to first by Bush In the
sixth inning let In the winning run and
the storm broke a minute later. The
score: ,
R.H.E-I " R..H.E.
Washington -.3 4 0, Detroit 2 8 1
Batteries Gray and Street; Mullin and
Chicago 5; New York 5.
NEW YORK, May 24. New York and
Chicago played a 12-inning tie-game to
day, 5 to 5. The visitors tied the score
in the ninth on the hits of Purtell, Block,
Smith and Zelder. Vaughn struck out 1L
Game called on account of darknesa The
R.H.E-1 R.H.H.
Chicago 5 9 3New York 5 9 3
Batteries Sm-ith. Scott and " Block;
Vaughn and Criger, Sweeney.
St. Louis 6; Philadelphia 1.
PHILADELPHIA. May 24. St. Louis
won today's game from Philadelphia. 6
to 1. the visitors knocking Morgan off the
rubber in the fifth when they made
seven hits and scored five runs. The
, R.H.E-I R.H.E.
St. Louis 6 12 lj Philadelphia .16 1
Batteries Lake and Stephens; Morgan,
Atkins, Plank and Lapp. - .
Boston 4; Cleveland 3.
BOSTON, May 24. Boston won a good
game today by timely and hard hitting.
The score:
R-H.E. R.H.E,
Cleveland ....3 4 liiBoston .4 10 3
Batteries Joss and Clark; Wood and
Won. Lost. Pet.
St. Joseph 14 U .
Denver 14 11 .jtiu
Wichita 13 12 .520
Sioux City ;...ll 11 .5uu
Omaha 12 12 .SOU
Lincoln- 11 12 .47S
Topeka i 12 .421
Dcs Moines ......10 15 A0
Des Moines Des Moines 3, Denver 1.
Omaha Wichita 6, Omaha 1. ;
Lincoln Lincoln 6, Topeka 0.
Sioux City Sioux City 10, St. Joe 16.
Won. Lost. Pet.
St. Paul 22 9 .710
Minneapolis 21- 9 .700
Toledo 17 16 .515
Indianapolis 15 16 .484
Louisville 14 19 .424
Columbus 14 19 .424
Milwaukee 12 18 .400
Kansas City ...9 18 .333
Minneapolis Milwaukee 4; Minne
apolis 3.
St. Paul Kansas City 0; St. Paul 9.
Toledo Louisville 2; Toledo 3. "
Washington Holds Championship,
Even if Beaten by Columbia.
In their annual baseball struggle the
Washington High School and Colum
bia University teams will meet this
afternoon on Multnomah Field, begin
ning at 3:30 o'clock.
The championship of the Portland
Interscholastlc League is Washington's
by virtue of Its three) wins over Port
land Academy, Jefferson and Lincoln
High Schools, and Jefferson High's de
feat of Columbia, last Friday. Had not
Jefferson beaten Columbia and should
Columbia have won this afternoon,
Washington High and Columbia teams
would then have been tied for first
place and another game would have
been necessary.
Should Columbia win this afternoon's
contest, three teams Lincoln, Jefferson
and Columbia will be tied for second
place. If Washington' wins Jefferson
and Lincoln will fight it out for the
Columbia Hardware Company cup for
the winner of second place.
Washington will probably play its
revised team of lagt week, with George
on second, Anusen at short and Cornell
at third. Houck and Wilson will be
the battery for Washington. Coach
Dolly Gray will probably use Kirk and
Floyd Perkins as the Columbia bat-
Olamabala Runs Second.
BELMONT PARK, N. Y., May 24.
OlambaJa, one of the best 3-year-olds of
last year, made his first appearance of
the year in a 1 1-8 mile race at Belmont
Park today but ran second to Dinna Ken
Jeffries' Old Manager Will Also
Act as Head Second for
Colored Fighter.
Breach Between Veteran and White
Champion Will Be Widened by
Present Arrangement He Will
Not Stay at Camp of Negro.
cial.) Billy Delaney, veteran trainer
of the country and one time manager
of James -T, Jeffries and before that
of James J. Corbett, will be looking:
across the ringside at the retired
champion and ex-champlon when the
big fight takes place on the Fourth of
July. After being closeted with De
laney at the Seal Rock House this,
afternoon for more than an hour it
was announced by Johnson that he
had come to terms with Delaney and
that the latter would assist in his
training -from now until the fight takes
place, and during the battle the Oak
lander will act as chief second to the
Eastern Friends Urge Him.
According to Johnson, Delaney will
not be installed at the Seal Rock
House as a permanent member of the
training camp, but will instead con
tinue at his residence in Oakland and
will make the daily trip across the
bay. Delaney will superintend all of
the training of the Galveston man. He
is doing this partially because of his
own inclination to continue in the
game with which he has been associ
ated so many years, and also because
a number of Eastern friends who ex
pect to make bets on the outcome of
the battle, have urged him to take
While Johnson has always been a
fighter who has handled himself, it
is thought that in the present contest
he realizes the value of having in con
trol of the situation a man who knows
the ropes as thoroughly as does the
veteran he has engaged for the post.
Feeling Made More Bitter.
This angle of the affair at the John
son camp will not 'tend to make less
bitter the feelings that are existing
betweesj Delaney on the one hand, and
his old charge, Jeffries, on the other.
After the defeat of Corbett, Delaney
took up Jeffries and developed him
Into a champion, continuing In charge
until after the speedy defeat of Mon
roe and the subsequent retirement of
the California champion.
Their relations after that appeared
to be friendly until Bill Squires, of
Australia, showed on the horizon. There
was talk it will be remembered, of
matching Jeffries with' Squires. -Nevada,
then in the pugilistic- eye. offered
a big purse and Delaney who had been
in Los Angeles returned to San Fran
cisco with the announcement that Jef
fries had consented to the match. Jef
fries subsequently repudiated this
match, and the two were never on
speaking terms thereafter.
One source of gossip has It that the
trouble between his trainer and fighter
was brought about by Mrs. Jeffries.
Now Yhat Delaney is to be publicly
affiliated with Johnson the breach will
be wider than ever.
Spectators at Training Camp See
Some Lively Mixing.
BEN LOMOND, Cal., May 24. Eleven
rounds of lively boxing were served
up to visitors at the training camp
today, the best show they have enjoyed
in a week. Jeffries was in good humor
and felt like working. He wanted to
go a round or twp more, but Sam
Berger was not in a condition to ac
commodate the fighter after two
rounds of fast milling.
Bob Armstrong was used for three
rounds. This bout was -not exciting,
as the negro Is extremely clever In
defensive work and Jeffries always
finds It difficult to reach him. The
work with Armstrong is considered
splendid practice for Jeffries because
of the - similarity between the tactics
of the sparring partner and the black'
The bouts with Brother Jack Jeffries,
Berger and Joe Choynski were of the
rip and tear order. The Choynski af
fair was particularly interesting for
the spectators. Jeffries handled the
veteran In any but a gentle manner,
and Choynski came out of the ring
wieh a broken tooth, a bad ear and
a damaged nose.
Rope skipping and handball followed
the boxing and in the afternoon Jef
ries put in another hour in the gym
nasium. He was happy and whistled
and sang all through his work.
Jeffries will leave the camp Friday
afternoon for San Francisco, where he
appears in a sparring exhibition that
evening. He will return in n auto
mobile which he has Just purchased.
Johnson Does 14 Miles of Road
Work in Afternoon.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 24. Jack John
pon switched the usual course of events
today and instead or doing his road work
in the morning, was in his running
clothes In the afternoon, when he' did
something like 14 miles. The change, it
was explained at the camp, was due to
some personal business that Johnson had
to attend to, which prevented the usual
forenoon exercising on the road.
Tom Flanagan, the well-known hammer-thrower.-
who hails from Toronto,
Canada, arrived today at the camp.
Flanagan met Johnson while he was In
Canada touring that country, and the
pair struck up quite a friendship. Flana
gan will not do any boxing, but as the
champion believes in plenty of rough
work, it is likely that Flanagan will
wrestle around pn the mat with the
Another arrival was Frank Sutton, pro
prietor of a hotel in Pittsburg. A story
precded Sutton that he was coming to
San Francisco to assume charge of the
culinary department of the camp, but
Sutton denied this. Sutton is a betting
man . and It is understood he will act as
Johnson's betting commissioner.
"The present odds of 10 to 7 look good
to me." paid Sutton. "I look to see the
betting even before it goes very far, but
even that price will suit up."
Johnson's mid-week boxing will be done
at the beach tomorrow afternoon.
Motor-Boat Men Enjoy Outing.
.-About 150 people -enjoyed the second
picnic of the season held by the Port
land Motor-Boat Club, which took
place Sunday at Cedar Island. The
scheduled fat 'man's race between Ray
King, George Klnnear and C. W. Boost
was ndt held, owing to the absence of
one of the participants. The following
boats were entered: Lollipop, Augusta,
Dixie, Ellen, Sunny Jim II, Teaser,
Auto Marine, Lorna, Kitri"-, II, Coxie,
Pacer II, White Arrow, HyvV, Potato
Bug, Red Arrow, Amona, Jug, Car
malee, . Sylph, Snark and the Happy
Programme of Clackamas League to
Be Given in Two Divisions.
OREGON CITY, Or.. May 24. (Spe
cial.) The annual field and track
meeting of the Clackamas School
League will be held next Saturday at
Gladstone Park.' There will be divi
sions for grammar and high schools,
and those taking part in one class will
not be' permitted to participate In the
other division.
The following programme has been
arranged: Shotput, 440-yard run, high
jump, 220-yard dash, broad Jump, 50
yard dash, 100-yard dash, pole vault,
120-yard high hurdles, 220-yard low
hurdles, one-mile relay, four entries to
a steam; 2 H -mile relay, ten men to a
Victory Decides Second Place for
Championship and Title to Co
lumbia Trophy.
Hawthorne school boys proved the
better players yesterday afternoon on
Multnomah Field and scored a victory
over the Eliot school nine, which en
titles them to the Columbia Hardware
Company trophy for the winner of sec
ond place in he Gramar School League.
The score was 7 to 6.
The Hawthorne players, while much
larger than the Eliot boys, did not
play rings around the little fellows, as
expected by their supporters. The
class of ball displayed by the two
gramar school teams equaled that
played by the High School teams in a
number of games. The little fellows
knew all the tricks of the game and
played inside baseball that would put
a good many older teams to shame.
The' Eliot team was composed of
many players apparently not yet in
their teens. McKenna at short, A.
Riepl, who caught. Shay in the field
and E. Burke on second, are little
midgets, but they played the game like
veterans. The Hawthorne boys out
fielded their opponents and their win
was due largely to that cause.
Hawthorne, got two runs in the first
inning. Richardson hit to centerfield. Mo
Cumsey sacrificed him to third, after he
had stolen second, and he scored on a nit
to center 'by. Booster. Booster scored on
an over-throw of third base. Two more
runs were also made in the third Inning.
McCumsey. got a hit and went to second
on an error and scored . on another mis
cue. Booster, who was safe at first on an
error, scored from second on a two-bagger
to center field by Commack. In the
fourth Inning Hawthorne scored two
In the third inning Eliot annexed four
tallies. McKenna got a pass and went to
second on a balk and to third on an in
field hit by A. Reipl. Riepl stole second.
E. Burke hit to center field scoring Mc
Kenna, and A. Riepl scored from third on
a long fly to left by Nelson.
The other tallies were made in the
eighth Inning on a fielder's choice and
Scroeder's three-bagger, which scored W.
RiepL Schroeder scored on a hit by Shay.
.The game to decide the first place
championship will be played Friday aft
ernoon on Multnomah Field. This game
will be between Buckman and Chapman.
Hugh J. Boyd umpired yesterday's game.
The players:
Hawthorne. Position. Eliot.
McCumsey p Nelson
Richardson ,.c X Riepl
Ostrander lb w. Riepl
rlska'l 2b E. Burke
"yt 3b T. Burke
Booster ss McKenna
Commack If.. Legler
Jennings cf Schroeder
lrw,t rf Shay
Hardware Team Defeated.
The Columbia Hardware boys went
to Russellvllle Sunday without their
regular pitcher and catcher, and had a
good old game of town ball. The score
wasl5 to 10 In favor of Russellvllle.
Fandom at Random
MOST of the bugs think Portland
ought to jump into the lead at the
expense of the Senators, but if they do
they will have to hustle all the time,
for Sacramento is not a weak club, by
any means.
McCredie used good judgment In taking
Seaton out and putting in Gregg yester
day, for Tom either had too much or too
little, for his curves failed him in the
Al Carson Is expected to reach Port
land today, and if he is in shape Mc
Credie will send him against Sacramento
tomorrow. Judge Graham ordered Hap
picus Hogan to send Carson to Portland
immediately on the pitcher's arrival at
Los Angeles.
Perle Casey got back into the game
yesterday, and while he limped pain
fully, he acquitted himself most credit
ably, despite the gift of the first run to
Sacramento. Casey clouted the ball hard
as well.
Bill Rapps "hogged" most of the glory
attached to yesterday's game, for Bill
hit a home run, and any player who does
that basks in the limelight the entire
afternoon. To make it good. Bill also
got a triple.
Too many bases on balls spoiled most
of the interest in yesterday's game, for
the eight walks Issued by the Sacramento
pitchers, six by Nourse arid two by Fitz
gerald, consumed time, and Van Haltren
should hustle the game more.
With second and third occupied in the
eighth and two out, Olson saved the
game by a pretty stop and throw of Van
Buren's slow bounder, retiring the run
ner and ending the inning. A second
later and the score would have been
Gregg fanned Perry and Parsons, the
first two Senators to face -him when he
went to the slab. Both are left-handed
batsmen, and Gregg put something on the
ball which fooled tbem. He pitched In
fine style.
Hal Danzig, the ex-Portlander now
with Sacramento, is out of the game be
cause of illness. Hal Is with the team,
however, and expects to play before the
series is concluded. He Is delighted to
get back to Portland once more, for he
has many friends here.
"Deacon" Van Buren, looking 70 years
younger than- he really Is, was greeted
warmly yesterday. Van always was a
prime favorite here, for he Is always
a gentleman both on and off the ball
I Nourse, the tall . twlrler who started
, - -
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of which they
are made is
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experts then
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in mais paper
and equip
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that makes
the smoke
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San Francisco
for Sacramento yesterday, is a college
lad, having been the star twirler of
Brown University while he attended that
Institution. He was signed by the Bos
ton Americans, which club "farmed" him
to Sacramento for seasoning.
Chnrch Federation Protests Against
Granting of Privilege.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 24. The po
lice committee of the Board of Super
visors today recommended that a per
mit be granted the Broadway Athletic
Club to hold a boxing contest in this
city on July 4. Representatives of the
Church Federation were present and
protested against the recommendation.
The Jeffries-Johnson fight will be
held under the auspices of the Broad
way Athletic Club.
Players, Angered by Umpire's De
cisions, to Surrender Uniforms.
SPRINGFIELD, Or., May 24. (Special.)
After a series of difficulties between
the Springfield baseball team and the
management of the Willamette Valley
League, consisting of Springfield. Albany
If.' wV'i'V
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Motor Car Co.
Immediate Deliveries.
The World's Best
Lease sold to J. Cof fman, the Washington-st. candy
man. xWe must vacate by the 1st of June.
293 Morrison St.
Between Fourth and Fifth
We have sold all our Ladies' Shoes to Sample Shoe
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building, who will close them out at ...
a vnne eve ten ,-.
HriT-: T.
p., . ..,lulaCJ1
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OrcUr a Jozm tottJts from
your local druggist.
Insist uon it htiryg Patst,
and Eugene, the management of which is
the same an of the Eugene team, the
Springfield team will disband and drop
out of the league.
The other teams have been notified to
this effect and the merchants who paid
for the Initial expenses of the team have
ordered the players to give up their uni
forms, which will be done tomorrow. The
trouble was brought to a head by the
disputed decisions of Umpire Wood In
last Sunday's game with Eugene. Albany
walked off the field the Sunday before
and there was a protest against him Sun
day that was not heeded by Eugene.
Wrhen the game was given to Eugene
Sunday the Springfield fans were furious.
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try a
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1 , to
tonic qualities of . the A
. iSwf-M
Docues. 'eWJt V-
N -t
Springfield had stood at the head and
Eugene at the foot until this game.
Manager Jewett. of. the Springfield
team, said tonight that the team probably
would be reorganized under a different
name and that the league would not be
broken up. Lemly, catcher, and Sherman,
pitcher, say that they will not re-enter
the league under the present arrange
ment. Pittsburg Gets Kirb White.
-NEW YORK. May 24. President Lynch
of the National League tonight announced
the following contract: With Pittsburg
Kirb White (assigned by Bostonl.
a good tire is until you
Micbelin properly inflated.
In Stock by
Graham Motor Car Co.
15th and Washington Streets
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