Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 25, 1910, Page 22, Image 22

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See the Display and Demonstration of Dennison's Paper Novelties Large Booth on the Main Floor See Our Window Displays
See the Great Display of Portland Roses in Portland's Greatest Store Choice Varieties and the Old Fashioned Kinds in Abundance
We Are Sole Portland Agents For Kiser Hand-Colored Photos Philadelphia Lawn Mowers Women's Shoes Shined in Basement
The Greater Meier ? Frank Store's Bite Attractions For
Anniversary and 54 Wonder-Day Sales May Sales off White
a ociiay
Sale Linen Dresses and Suits
$10 to $35 Values $4.98
The values mentioned in this headline may seem too
large to be true but you'll be convinced in a moment
when you see the garments offered There are just 100
in the lot, some of them slightly soiled and mussed, but
the styles are good and the qualities of the materials
are exceptionally fine Jackets of suits are fancy or
plain tailored, with lace trimming, also trimmed in
bands of material to match, or Persian embroidery
There are also three-piece garments and Princess
dresses with lace trimmed waists, or waists trimmed
with eyelet embroidery The colors are pink, light
blue, tan, leather, rose, wistaria, grape, champagne,
black and white checks, white, green, gray, Copen
hagen and reseda Made of linen, pique and rep The
values range from $10.00 to $35.00,
your choice while they last, special at
'VudorV Porch Shades pTOCgg
Watch the Saturday Evening Post this week and note the advertisement for
Vudor Porch Shades. It .will set you thinking of the waste hours there are
when you can 't use your porch on account of the sun or the breezes. At a
small outlay for these shades you can make it a cozy place 24 hours every day
always shaded in the daytime and screened for a sleeping porch at night.
8 feet long and 4 feet wide at $3.00 8 feet long and 8 feet wide at 4.50
8 feet long and 6 feet wide at $3.75 8 feet long and 10 feet wide 6.50
Less 50c each if you hang them.
We are sole agents in Portland for Vudor Porch Shades. Don't fail to see them.
Fine Lace Allovers
$1.75 Vals. 75c Yd.
Here are pretty white imitation Baby Irish Allovers
at greatly reduced prices. Come 18 inches wide,
suitable for yokes, sleeves, eto ; a durable
lace for Summer garments; $1.75 val., sp'l DC
Child's Tennis Shoes
7 5c Vahies 39c Pr.
A lot made up of broken lines of Tennis Shoes and
Oxfords, in children's sizes, from 5 to 12. Regular
price 75c the pair; are marked special in OO
this sale at the exceptionally low price, pair OiC
Children's and Misses' Slippers, in white, pink and
blue, made with one strap and bow; hand- m
turn sole; sizes to 13; special for today OT'C
35c Silk Flags at 23c Each
50c Bimtmg Flags 35c Each
Buy Flags and Bunting and be ready to show your colors on Decoration Day.
See our Fifth-street window display of this line of goods. Prices very low.
Silk Flags, mounted on sticks, size 7x10 inches ; regular 15c vals., special 10
Silk Flags, mounted on sticks, size 12xl7V ; reg. 35c vals. ; special at 23$
Muslin Flags, on sticks, at prices ranging from, the dozen, only 2 to 30
Genuine Wool Bunting Flags are priced today at from $1.60 to $27.75
Cotton Bunting Flags, sewed stripes, guaranteed to be fast colors ; size O
2x4r feet; regular 50c values, specially priced for this sale at only, oOC
Size 3x5 feet; regular 75c values, on special sale at this low price, each 59
Size 4x6 feet ; regular $1.00 values, on special sale today at this low price 79?
Size 5x8 feet; regular $1.75 values, on special sale at this low figure $1.23
Great Carpet Sale Still On
Discontinued Patterns $ 1 .25
The selling has been lively, but there still remains quite a good selection and
every person in Portland with a room to carpet will find it to their advantage
to see the values we are offering in this closing out of discontinued designs in
carpets. We offer them at these great reductions because they are patterns
no longer made by the factory Bring us the dimensions of your rooms and
tell us what color you prefer. ; Then we will show you how to save money.
Wiltons and Axminsters, sewed, laid and lined; regular $1.80 C1 OC
values ; specially priced at this exceptionally low figure, the yard D X mO
Borders, of Axminsters, Body Brussels and Tapestry Brussels, 22 r
inches wide; regular $1.35 to $2.00 values, during this sale at, yard OC
The May Sale of White brings you the choicest
kind of undermuslins at the lowest possible prices.
Great assortments of snowy white garments, well
made, full cut, finest materials. Portland's great
est bargains in high-class muslinwear are found here.
Supply Your Needs in Small Things
4-Day Sale Starts This Morning
Look over this list and you'll see so many little things that you need, and all at such low prices that you'll save no small amount.
Sale of Men's Fine Neckwear
Regular $ 1 .00 Values at 50c
Fastidious fellows who seek the ultra smart in neckwear,
will be well pleased with this news of a special buy in men's
high-grade cravats that enables us to sell the regular dollar
ones for fifty cents They're real dollar goods too
Bought from a maker famous for his qualities and styles
bought at our price through a lucky circumstance Made
of the richest silks, in the popular styles of Four-in-Hands, ,
plain or fancy weaves in great variety French fold or.
reversible, patterns copied from the very highest priced .
neckwear in this season's most exclusive haberdashery shops.'
Plain or fancy weaves in grays, black and white stripes,
macador, grenadines, solid tints, the new browns and the
very newest Persian effects See the display in our
Morrison street window Select a few$l ties at JxJC
Ribbon Remnants Half Price
20c All Linen Handkerchiefs at 9c Each
10,000 Remnants of Ribbon, in every conceivable color and kind, lengths from
one to five yards. Taffeta, moire, satin and fancy ribbons in the wj a t
assortment. "Widths Y inch to 6 inches. All remnants today at nW
Women's All-Linen Handkerchiefs, plain sheer materials, with or 4-in. f
hem, regular 20c values, specially priced for this sale at this low figure 17 C
Women's Auto Scarfs or Head Throws, in plain or spangled chiffon; 2 yards
long and 18 inches wide ; all colors ; regular $1.75 and $2.00 J "I A Q
values, special price for today's sale at this low figure, each J) X
Boys New Blouses
Special at 3 7 c Each
Waists made of blue chambray, with soft collar at
tached; extra full cut; K. & E. make; age Q'7
5 to 16 years; on sale at this special price 3 C
Children's Rompers, made of blue and pink striped
gingham, or plain blue chambray, with or without
collar, trimmed with white or red ; belt to qq
match; ages 1 to 6 years, special, the suit OOC
Skirt Bindings, five-yard piece, reg- Q
ular 12c value, special price onlyOC
Black Darning Cotton, regular i r
20c the dozen, special at only A fciC
Instanto Collar Supporters, regular
10c values,special at this price, only C
Shell Hairpins, 6 in box, regular Q
20c values, specially priced at onlyOC
Hairpins, assorted sizes, regular r
15c dozen papers, on sale at only X UC
Ribbon Wire, regular price 3 yards o
for 5c, special during this sale at O C
Safety Pins, all sizes, regular 5c the q
dozen, marked special ' for this sale O C
10 c Hygienic Collar Supports at only 3
Darning Needles, 10 on card, regu- Q
lar 5c values, on special sale at only J C
White Basting Cotton, 200-yard - q
spools, regular 25c the dozen, at X iC
Invisible Hair Nets, large size, reg-
ular 10c value, on special sale atOC
Tapered Net Covered Hair Rolls, qa
regular 75c value, special price 0C
50c Delavan Rolls, all colors, now at 35
Misses' and Children's Warrior -
Hose Supporters, 20c values, pair 1UC
Women's Pad Belt Supporters, 1 Q 4
Diana brand; 35c values at only X C
Silver-Plated Thimbles, regular 10c
values, now selling for this low price OC
35c Fancy Hatpin Holders now only 19?
65c Allinone Sewing Stands for only 45
10c Ironing Wax, wood handle, 3 for 5J
10c Spool Silk, 100 yards to spool, a
all colors; regular 10c values, onlyTrC
Black Lisle Hat Elastic, flat, regu- v
larly 5c the yard, now 2 yards for C
10c Snug Placket Fasteners, dozen 5
5c Hooks and Eyes, assorted, the card 3
5c Washington Pins, the paper only 2?
7c Gem Pins, all sizes, the paper only 4
Shell Hairpins, with square tops, j
regularly 15c the pair, now at only C
Jet Headed Pins, large size, large a
cube, regular 10c value, now onlyxC
$I-$25 Vals. h Off
Rabats, Jabots, Side Pleats, Yokes, Chemisettes,
Stocks and Round Collars in real Irish crochet, real
cluny or hand embroidered. Exquisitely beautiful
conceits, a great many of them are our own im
portations direct from Paris; regular $1.00 fA
to $25.00 each, special for today at 4vJII
Baby Week furnishes an opportunity for mothers
to secure everything needed for the baby at a very
low price. Every article offered in this sale is
made under the most thorough sanitary conditions
City and O'Brien Not
Agreed on Bridge.
Council May Be Asked to Discharge
Representatives or More Time May
Be Allowed Terminal Com
pany Grants Requests.
Mayor Simon last night said that it is
uncertain as to what report will be made
to the City Council this morning- by the
special committee on negotiations be
tween the city and the railroads as to
Broadway bridge concessions. It may
state what it has done since being ap
pointed and ask to be discharged, or it
may report and leave the rest to the
Council, he said.
"We did not close up negotiations with
General Manager O'Brien, of the O. R.
& N.," said Mayor Simon, "although we
had hoped to. We held a conference with
him during the morning, but we did not
finish the subject; we did not receive all
we thought we should and therefore are
not in a position to submit a final report."
Kegotiations with the Northern Pacific
Terminal Company are satisfactory to the
committee. Manager Lyons having
granted an or tne requests of the mem
bers as to the west approach for the
bridge: case to be heard
Dunhvay's Suit Against Bonds Will
Be Argued- Tomorrow. .
t City Attorney Kavanaugh filed In
the Circuit Court yesterday a motion
for judgment on the pleadings in the
Broadway bridge case. Hearing will
be had tomorrow morning, probably
before Presiding Judge Morrow.
This is the case In- which Attorney
Ralph R. Duniway filed suit for Frank
Kiernan asking that an injunction be is
sued preventing the city authorities from
selling any bonds for the new bridge
on the ground that the election was
Illegal. It is alleged that the city au
thorities did not comply with the char
ter In publishing the official notice of
the election. The numbers opposite the
title of the question as advertised were
reversed upon the ballot, and this, it is
contended, makes the election as re
gards the Broadway bridge bond issue
Mr. Duniway filed a motion last Sat
urday for judgment on the pleadings,
and this was followed by a counter
motion on the part of the City Attor
ney yesterday. Mr. Duniway believes
that the city has admitted sufficient
allegations of the complaint to bring
the case to the merits, and expects the
court to qunsh the bond issue. The
city has failed, he alleges, to deny his
assertion that the section of the city
charter under which the bonds were
Issued is illegal, and has admitted that
the agreement of the city with the
county, by which the latter Is to main
tain the bridge after completion, is
invalid. Hence he say..-, he is entitled
to judgment. '
Attorneys Fulton, Pipes, Riddell and
Munly have been employed by the
City Attorney to fight the case for the
Maus to Take Dangerous Trail From
Fairbanks to Valdez, Alaska.
VANCOUVER, Wash., May 24. Briga
dier-General Marlon P. Maus, Command
er of the Department of the Columbia,
who will sail from Seattle Thursday to
inspect the Army posts in Alaska, will
make the trip from Fairbanks to Valdez
over the dangerous trail, the first trip
of the kind ever attempted by an Army
General Maus will go first to Skaswav.
Egbert, Gibbon end Fairbanks, then over
land to Valdez, returning to Seattle by
steamer. As he Is to be present at the
military maneuvers at American Lake In
July, he will cover the territory desig
nated as rapidly as possible, completing
his Inspection in time to arrive at home
by July 15.
The splendid work of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets is daily
coming to light. No such grand remedy
for liver and bowel troubles was ever
known before. Thousands bless them
for curing constipation, sick headache,
biliousness, jaundlco and indigestion.
Gold by all dealers. .
Council Probably Will Sustain
Action on Dock Bonds.
Road Not Expected to Contest Rev
ocation, but Will Apply for Xew
PermitsCouncil Crest Dance
hall Will Be Closed.
Mayor Simon's veto of the dock bonds
ordinance will be sustained by the City
Council this morning. It is believed In
official circles. At the last meeting the
council passed the measure by a vote of
eight to six, with one absent. It Is be
lieved the vote will be the same on the
veto, although some of those voting for
the ordinance last session may change
and support the Mayor in his stand
against It.
The ordinance authorizes the sale of
$500,000 bonds, for the construction of
public docks and thereby commits the
city to municipal ownersoip of a sys
tem of wharves, and Mayor Simon has
assigned several reasons for his veto.
He declares that it will be impossible
to do anything adequate with so small
an amount, and that it will require at
least 15,000,000 to carry out the pro
posed scheme, If the people want to en
gage in this line of business. He also
cites the sluggish bond market and de
clares the people have not made a
sufficiently careful study of the situa
tion to warrant immediate action; he
would prefer to see the issue voted on
again- In the light of the facts as at
present known.
Councilman Ellis will introduce an
ordinance to revoke the license of the
Council Crest dancehall. He will try to
have It passed on first introduction
into the Council, but it will probably
be sent to the license committee, if it
survives the session this morning; it
might be "killed" on the spot.
Revocation of the franchises of the
United .Railways Company on Seventh.
Sixth. Hall and Sheridan streets and
on Taylor, from Front to Seventh
streets, will come up this morning. An
ordinance to revoke these grants will
be considered, having been recommend
ed for passage by the street committee.
There was no resistance by the officials
of the United Railways Company or
their representatives at the committee
meeting, and it is believed they Intend
to seek a new franchise.
Pupil f Teacher Fights Bravely
Against Man With Hammer.
Brutal assault with a shoe hammer was
made Monday night upon Blanche Lewis,
a pupil teacher of Montavilla, by an un
known man who escaped and has not
been caught.
Miss Lewis, who is 18 years old, was
returning home from a dance at Wash
ington High School, accompanied by Miss
Helen Sullivan. They left a Montavilla
car at Miss Sullivan's home on- the Base
Line road, and Miss Lewis proceeded
from there alone. When about three
blocks from her home she saw a man
cross the road from the opposite side.
Coming close, he commanded her to
throw up her hands.
"I won't," she said.
"Have you any money?" he asked.
Miss Lewis replied that she had not
and began to scream. Then the man
struck her several times about the head
with the hammer. She grasped his arm
and held him, continuing to scream for
help. Her cries were heard by her
brother, who came running, and the foot
pad fled.
The assailant is described by Miss
Lewis as about 5 feet 7 inches tall,
smooth faced, ruddy and well-dressed.
He had his hat over his eyes to conceal
his face. He used good language.
Mount Angel Wins Twice.
24. (Special.) By defeating the Columbia
University lads Saturday, by a score of
9 to 6, and taking the Hubbard aggrega
tion into camp the following day, 6 to 1,
Mount Angel kept up its winning streak.
The team will meet the Mount Angel
town aggregation Thursday and on Sat
urday will meet Willamette University on
the home ground. The team on Sunday
will meet St. Paul, the only team that has
the distinction of having defeated Mount
Angel this season..
Firemen Are Hurt in Hard Fight
Against Stubborn Blaze on Partly
. Fillbd-in Tide Lands.
BELLENGHAM, Wash., May 24. Two
Japanese sleeping in a lodging-house
were cremated this morning when fire
destroyed a solid block of two and three
story frame buildings, bounded by Weet
Holly and Fourteenth, and C and D
The Are started in a bakery and spread
beneath the buildings, which were built
on piling over partly filled-ln tide lands.
Little could be done toward saving the
property, .only the filled-in streets pre
venting the fire from spreading through
out "old town."
The block burned contained cheap eating-houses,
barber shops, 'Japanese curio
shops, saloons and Japanese lodging
houses. The loss is placed at $45,000,
with small insurance.
The Japanese who lost their lives were
sleeping in one of the lodging-houses.
The corpses have not been recovered.
Two firemen were seriously injured by
falling timbers.
Hnsnm to Get Xew Livery Stable.
HUSUM, Wash., May 24. (Special.)
Harry Hynman, who recently became
owner and manager of the Carter Hotel,
will erect livery and feed stables, south
of his buildings, on River Front street.
Smith Wants Veal
We will pay as follows for first
class produce. Ship by express.
Veal. . IOC
Pork. . 12 Hd
Live Hen. 186
Live Spring; Chicken.
lb... 206 to 22V46
Egmm 23 6
"Kisbtlns; the Beef Trust,"
Portland, Oregon.
Frank L. S
mith Meat Co.
22 Markets and 1 Grocery.
Go to any Smith market for the following good, cheap meats. Avoid
the Beef Trust's markets, but especially the markets they have put on
Alder street. See that Smith's name and "Fighting the Beef Trust"
are over the door and then you'll know you are in the right place.
Smith's Norway Creamery Butter, the best on earth. .60
Beef Shanks . ..... . . . . .5
Young Mutton Stew 8
Breasts of Mutton... 8
Boiling Beef .... ... .r..-.-. .8
Stewing Beef .... .. . .r. .8
Necks of Beef .8?
Plate Beef . . .T. Wr.T. .T.:. . .S
Brisket Beef . .. 8
Soup Meat Beef ....... .8
Corned Beef 8, 10
Shoulders of Mutton. . .10?
Shoulders of Beef. . . . . .lO
Lamb Liver . . . . 10
Beef Liver .. . . . .r. . . . . .10
Tripe 10
Pot Roast Beef .;.'.:...:.,.r.lO;
Shoulder Steak ,. . . . .1214
Hamburg Steak . . . . .12y2&
Round Steak.-.,. 1214, 15
Sirloin Steak. . .12, 15
Tenderloin Steak ....... 15
Legs of Mutton. . . . ... . .15
Rib Mutton Chops. . .15
Loin Mutton Chops 15
Shoulder Mutton Chops 15
Picnic Hams . . . . .15c
Pickled Pork .... ,.20
Smith's Hams . ... ... 20
Smith's Bacon 22
B0 lbs. Hard Wheat Flour. SI. 325
100 lbs. Potatoes 70
25 lbs. Rice Sl.OO
1 gal. Salad OH Sl.OO
Brazilian Coffee, lb 25
6 lbs. Rolled Oats ......25
7 cakes Smith's Best Soap. ...... .25d
3 pkgs. Rioe or Corn Flakes 256
2 quarts Kraut 15J
1 gal. White Wine Pickling Vine
gar 25
7 lbs. Italian Prunes. ............ .256
4 cans Milk 256
Cornstarch, package 56
10 lbs. Sal Soda . .2 06