Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 24, 1910, Page 18, Image 18

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Live Crustaceans Come Out to
; . Form Colony in Ocean Off
Yaquina Bay.
I'lsh From Maine- Coast Enjoy I,ui
ury of FVee Pass Across Continent
, and Will Be Given Opportun
; ,. ; ity la Raise Families.
By the courtesy of the Harrlman
Railroads, which hauled them free of
,charge to Oregon, 2052 colonists were
; added to the population of the state
'yesterday afternoon. For convenience
'. t)f transport, they traveled in one car.
The new settlers were a promising
batch of young lobsters destined for
; Yaquina Bay, in an effort to establish
' lobsters on the Pacific Coast. They
traveled with the'superintendent of the
; Boothby Bay, Maine, hatchery, E. E.
Hahn, in charge.
In addition to the lobsters, there
were 2,000,000 lobster eggs, which
"were unloaded at Yaquina and placed
' In the care of tho superintendent of
the Clackamas Hatchery, who will
tievote his time to the hatching.
' Of the lobsters. 1200 were female
,-without eggs, 152 had eggs attached to
their tails in large quantities, and 700
'were males. At Yaquina they will be
'taken out to sea in a tender and un
loaded about the bay. It takes six
;years for a lobster to obtain a marfcet
'able age from the egg condition.
The greatest difficulty in bringing
cut the lobsters was to keep the car
-at a temperature of 40 degrees. This
."was done by packed ice, but owing to
, the extremely warm weather when the
car left the Atlantic Coast, three days
previously, the lobsters were at a
; temperature of 50 degrees till the car
ran into a blizzard in Wyoming. At
Portland the right temperature was
i The car was iced at Buffalo. Chicago,
Omaha, Focatello, Huntington and
Green River. Mr. Hahn had to visit the
car several times a day and sprinkle
sea water over the crustaceans, which
"were packed in layers, four deep, be
tween rock seaweed.
The car was entrusted to the Ameri
can Express Company, and has been
' epecially cared for the whole distance,
traveling on express schedule. It went
to Albany last night by the local, and
a. special was made up to . carry it on
o Yaquina Bay, so that the little fry
may be returned to their native
element, although 3000 miles from
home, at the earliest possible moment.
Harrlman Xiines Have No Intention
of Doubling to Tillamook, Report.
There Is no intention on the part of
the Harrlman railroads to build two
lines to Tillamook, according to a
ietatement made yesterday by E. E.
-jX.ytle, president of the Pacific Rail-a-oad
& Navigation Company. AltKcAjgh
surveys were made down the "Wilson
'Ttiver, to Tillamook, from the Nehalem
.Kiver to Astoria, and others in the
t-eame neighborhood, he declared these
'were old surveys made prior to the
construction of the Lytle road.
These results were made at the time
"3t was decided to build to TillamooE,
"and the best route was finally decided
.upon, following the final surveys in
.September, 1905.
l Mr. Lytle declared -he had received
iJio appropriation for any further work,
, and could not say when, if ever, the
; other roads would be built. It would,
of course, be a very long time, but
there was not the slightest intention
to enter into competition with . the
United Railways. Nevertheless, ' Mr.
Lytle said, there was a belt of timber
on the "Wilson River that could only
be reached by a "Wilson-river logging
road. Railroad reports for some time
have had it that a 20-mile logging:
3-oad would be constructed down part
f the length to tap this timber.
Nine Trains Dally When G. N.'s
Vancouver Traffic Begins Jane 1 9.
iNine trains each way a day will run
'between Portland and Seattle June 19,
tho day of the Inauguration of the Great
Northern "Vancouver-Portland passenger
wervice. "While it is universally agreed,
that this is as much as the traffic can
Ktand, none of the three railroads con
cerned, the Oregon & "Washington, North
ern Pacific and Great Northern, cares
to take off a train.
It 4a officially announced that in three
nonths the double tracking of the road
between Portland and Seattle will be
completed. In the meantime there are
trains scattered along every two miles
pf the track at certain times of the day.
Personals From Railroad Row.
R. B. Miller, traffic manager of the
Harrlman lines, returned to Portland
yesterday, after a two-weeks' trip in
the East.
C. B. Smith, assistant general freight
claim agent of the Chicago & North
western Railroad, was in Portland yes
31a ny Autos Journey to Rhododen
dron on Sunday.
Ten automobiles made a successful
run to Rhododendron Tavern Sunday,
and none experienced any difficulties
on the road, which was found in excel
lent condition. Among those who made
the trip were J A. (strowbridge, who
went out to let the contract for the
erection of a Summer home on the Zig
zag River, "Wesley Ladd, I. Lang, A.
Noble, Dr. "Walker and others
It was found that the work already
accomplished on the Mount Hood road
had removed many of the bad places.
Wclntyre's hill, which has always been
the terror of automobiles, is no more.
It having been graded down. A large
force of men are at work building the
bridge over Whisky Creek. Men have
been blasting out stumps and widening
the. road.
Sunday was the beginning of trips to
the Toll Gate.
jRoseburg 31 an , Acquitted on Evi
dence of Their Own Spotters.
ROSEBURG. Or.. May 23. (Special.)
XJou-adaa County. Anti-Saloon
League met decisive defeat at the
hands of the "wet" forces yesterday,
when a Jury In the Circuit Court ac
quitted Al North, soft-drink dealer,
accused of violating the local option
law. after a deliberation of less than
30 minutes.
The prosecution relied upon the evi
dence, of three Bpotters. Frank Plank,
ex-constable, and Thomas and O. B.
Linn, of Eugene, in securing a convic
tion, but failed, the reputation of the
so-called amateur detectives being Im
peached by a number of the most
reputable residents of Eugene and
Plank and the Linn brothers tes
tified that they purchased three bot
tles of beer at North's on May 8, and
turned It over to the professor of
chemistry at the Oregon Agricultural
College, at Corvallls, for analysis.
Flank admitted that he had been ar
rested for gambling at Eugene while
constable, but that the Indictment had
been dismissed a few days since at the
request of certain officers, who wished
to use him as a witness in this case.
He admitted that he was to receive
$50 for every conviction.
Thomas Linn admitted that he was
arrested about two years ago for
"bootlegging," and fined $200. He also
said that he was at one time propri
etor of the celebrated "Coney Island"
resort, near Eugene, generally known
as a den of crime, and vice.
O. B. Linn was shown to be generally
known as a "bootlegger," and that his
reputation for truth and veracity was
exceedingly bad.
There are still on the docket four
Zue to Arrive.
Kama. Prom. Datft.
Bus H. Elmore. Tillamook. ...In port
Geo. W. Elder. .San Pedro.... In port
Bear. ......... Ban Francisco May 23 t
Falcon San Francisco Mav i5
Roanoke San Pedro... May SS
Rose City.. ... .San Francisco May 30
Hercules. . . . .. Hongkong:. ...June 5
HenrUc Ibsen. . .Hongkong. . . .June 15
Golden Gate. . . Tillamook Indeft
Beaver San Franclscolndeft
Scheduled to Depart
Xame. For rate.
Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook.... May 21
Geo. W. Elder. .Ban Pedro. ...May 24
Breakwater. .. .Coos Bay May L'4
Bear Ban Francisco May 29
Falcon... San Pedro May 28
Roanoke. .... ..San Francisco May 81
Rose City. .... Ban Francisco June 4
Hercules . ..Hongkong. .. June 15
Henrlk Ibsen.. Hongkong.... June 25
Golden Gate.. ..Tillamook. .. -Indeft
Beaver San Francisco Indeft
Entered Monday.
W. S. Porter. American steamship
(Holmes), 40 barrels of oil from Mon
terey. Geo. W. Elder. American steam
ship (Jessen), general cargo from
San Pedro and way ports.
Breakwater, American steamship
(Macgenn), general cargo from Coos
Nome City, American steam
schooner (Hansen), general cargo
from San Francisco.
Catania. American steamship (Can
ty). IS. 000 barrels of oil from San
Hoqulam, American steam schoon
er (Reinertsen), general cargo from
San Francisco.
similar cases, but owing to the fact
that the same witnesses appear for the
state an In thp c,A . i j ,L .
probable that they will be dismissed.
Will Bring General Cargo Here
From Limerick.
Though her arrival has not hn
ported at Queenstown. for
she sailed from Tacoma, December 21,
the irench bark Michelet, 1964 tons
register, has been chartered kv -vroo-
"Wilson & Company to load general
cargo ai wmerlclc for Portland. The
charterers have the option of loading
1000 tons or a full cargo on the vessel.
ine firm has but one craft en route
carrying cement, and u f t,
pected the Michelet will have any of
mat product below her hatches, be
cause of the condition of the market
on European cement, which is Inclined
to dullness owing to the increased
manufacture of the California brands.
Negotiations for the Mitchelet were be
gun over a week ago, at which time
she had not reported from the Sound.
Japan Oak Coming Here.
Under charter to the Pacific Lumber
& Manufacturing Company, the Jap
anese steamship Otaru No. 2 will sail
next month from Hokaido, Japan, with
a cargo of 1.250,000 feet of oak logs.
She is expected in the river about July
15, and may be re-engaged for a re
turn cargo of Oregon lumber, as it is
understood that her owners are not
willing that she should accept an en
gagement for other than .Oriental busi
ness. The Henrik Ibsen, now on the
way. Is carrying 1,000,000 feet of oak
for the same firm.
Barges "Will Haul Cement..
To inaugurate a barge line to handle
California cement into Portland and
load back -with lumber, grain or what
ever is offered, is planned by the Ocean
Barge & Tugboat Company, which will
dispatch the tug Hercules with a barge
carrying 2280 tons of cement this week
from the Bay City. Olson & Mahony
are to be local agents for the line and
they say two additional barges will
also be employed in the business If it
is found practical.'
Captain Sherman Turns-Grower
Captain Fred H. Sherman, a veteran
steamboatman. has retired from com
mand of the Bailey Gatzert to assume
the responsibilities of a fruitgrower,
having purchased an apple orchard at
Hood River. For "30 years Captain
Sherman has traversed the "Willamette
and Columbia, and for 20 years he has
been on The Dalles route, passing the
locality which will be his future ren
Y. M. C. A. Members to Make Trip
From Albany to Portland.
Ten members of the Young Men's
Christian Association's physical de
partment are planning to take a canoe
trip down the Willamette from Albany
to Portland. They will go by train
to Albany next Friday night, camping
on the river bank that night and Sat
urday morning they will start down the
river, taking their time to the trip,
and arriving in Portland some time
The river between Portland and Al
bany Is considered ideal for canoeing,
and many make the trip each Spring
and Summer. "While the water is swift
enough in places to provide exciting
sport, it is not considered, dangerous.
Many of the Y. M. C. A. members are
expert in handling a canoe, the associa
tion encouraging all branches of
aquatic sports.
Pacific OMtv. nearest Const rsm4 n
Portland. Restricted-
Subcontract to Be Given to
Willamette Iron '& Steel
Works for at Least One.
Agreements "With San Francisco and
Puget Sound Firms Changed to
Include Portfand- Two Each
Year May Be Assigned.
One of five submarine boats to be
constructed for the War Department
out of an appropriation that is being
considered by the conference committee
of the House and Senate, will be built
In Portland by the Willamette Iron &
Steel Works. If It is determined to
make a greater provision for -strengthening
that branch of the Navy by or
dering 10 vessels constructed each year,
so that 50 may be assembled in five
years, two of them will be launched
in this harbor
That information was given out yes
terday by Bert C. Ball, of the Willam
ette Iron & Steel Works, following a
meeting with H. S. Hlbbs, of Seattle,
Pacific Coast representative of the
Electric Boat Company, which will re
ceive nine-tenths of the Government
contracts and will sublet them, as has
been done with two submarines being
built at San Francisco and a Hire num
ber on the Sound. Accompanying Mr.
Hibbs is Naval Constructor Rutin, who
will remain in the city until Thursday
to superintend the testing of steel at
the plant of the Columbia Steel Com
pany, which will be used to replace de
fective castings made at Pittsburg for
the craft.
Portland Firm Included.
Mr. Hibbs was formerly a naval con
structor for the Government and later
was connected with Moran Brothers'
plant as a marine architect. The
Electric Boat Company had contracts
with the Marine Iron Works, of San
Francisco, and Moran Brothers for the
construction of submarines on the Pa
cific Coast and recently the agree
ments have been so amended that the
Willamette Iron & Steel Works is in
cluded and its first contract will be ob
tained when the five craft under con
sideration are authorized, which is ex
pected to be soon.
As first recommended and passed by
the House, the appropriation was for
a fleet of four submarines, but as it
had been previously Intended to build
five, the Senate increased it oy one
and that necessitated the matter being
taken before the conference commit
tee. If two submarines are allotted the
Willamette Iron & Steel "Works, it will
mean an expenditure in this city of
about 1900,000 of the Government's
Plant Can Turn Out Two Yearly.
"It is not our desire - to construct
more than one of the submarines, bfe-
more than one o fthe submarines, be
cause we think better results would be
obtained if but one was under way at
a time, but if the Government holds to
the original idea oi ordering 10 each
year, we could, of course, arrange to
turn out two," said Mr. Ball. "A
small percentage of the submarine
contracts has been alloted the Lake
Submarine Company, but the Electrio
Boat Company, which is the successor
or the Holland Submarine Company,
has the bulk of the contracts and under
its agreement with the Government,
can sublet them where it sees fit."
While the subcontracts with the San
Francisco and Puget Sound firms have
been amended so as to include the
Portland plant, the laters' agreement
has not been signed. It is expected to
oe compieiea in a lew days.
Cruiser Will Come to Revive Interest
In Naval Reserves.
During the annual Summer cruise of
the California Naval Militia, the cruiser
Marblehead. commanded by - Captain
Bauer, will visit Portland, and is due
to arrive July 12, to remain three days.
The information was received yesterday
by John McNulty, of the hydrographic
office, who has been instructed by the
Navy Department to consult with Cap
tain Bauer with a view to re
establishing a naval reserve organiza
tion here.
The Marblehead played an prominent
part during the Spanish-American War
off Cuba, when she was commanded by
Captain McCalla, who had been ad
vanced to the grade of Rear Admiral
at the time of his death. Following her
stay here, the Marblehead will proceed
to Puget Sound, and then return to San
Francisco. She will be the first naval
vessel to visit Portland for nearly two
years, and because of her armament,
distinctive speed in the cruiser class
and service during the war, will prove
an object of Interest.
Joseph -Supple Will Build Craft for
Oregon Trunk.
Fearing that serious delays might
follow if the old ferry in service would
be put out of commission, the Oregon
Trunk Railroad has closed a contract
with Joseph Supple for the construc
tion of a second ferry, to cost about
$15,000, and Mr. Supple will send a
crew this week to Celilo to begin work.
The ferries are to be used about two
years, by which time the bridge over
the Columbia River at Celilo is ex
pected to be completed. While the
craft will have no power, they are to
be towed by the steamer Norma, and
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as with the first constructed, the sec
ond is to have sufficient deck space
for double tracks that will accom
modate an entire train. The length
o; both is 180 feet, with a beam of 40
Oneonta Goes on- Dry dock.
In order that her hull can toe painted
and other work completed in advance
of May 31, when her trial trip Is to be
held, the tug Oneonta, being built for
the Port of Portland Commission, was
hauled on the drydock by the Wil
lamette Iron & Steel Works yester
day afternoon. The barge Washtucna,
which is to be towed to Neah Bay
shortly, was also docked to be painted
and will not be placed in the water
until the last of the week.
Marine Changes Reported.
Advices received by the United States
hydrographic office are to the effect
there is six feet of water on the Kla
math River bar and that the channel
has shifted to the southward. The Eel
River entrance buoy, which was re
ported missing April 17, has been or
dered discontinued. Soundings taken
on the Columbia River bar at 10 o'clock
Saturday morning showed the south
channel had a depth of 29 feet at the
most shallow points.
Tourists Swarm to Portland.
Tourist travel from California is
about at its height and the steamer
Bear, arriving at 5 o'clock, yesterday
afternoon, had a passenger list of 347,
mostly first class. General Agent Ran
som, of the San Francisco & Portland
Steamship Company, said the south
bound travel was expected to be at its
heaviest in another month. Coos Bay
is receiving its share, as is evidenced
toy the fact the steamer Breakwater,
sailing this morning, has a full list.
DIx to Receive Engine.
Captain Byers, . owner . of the new
gasoline craft, Dlx, which was launched
last week at Supple's yards, had her
towed to Martin's dock yesterday,
where will be Installed an 80-horse-power
engine that arrived 'from San
Francisco on the Geo. W. Elder. The
Dix. which is 56 feet long and has a
beam of 12 feet, will be used to carry
powder from Portland to Celilo.
Dunsire Wants Crew.
Captain 6mith, of the British steamer
Dunsire, was in the city yesterday,
picking up a crew, as his vessel fin
ished loading 1,880,000 feet of lumber
last night at Tongue Point, which is
destined for Melbourne. Seamen are
scarce and It is not thought the Dun
sire will receive her quota until the
end of the week.
Elsa Will Be Docked.
Before the German steamer Elsa,
which arrived in yesterday from Vic
toria, begins working cargo, she will
be hauled out on the Port of Portland
drydock to be scraped and cleaned.
She is to load lumber for Manila un
der charter to Balfour, Guthrie & Com
pany " and will probably secure her
cargo at the Eastern & Western mill.
Waterfront Notes.
Joseph Supple has a force of men at
work in his yards repairing cradles on
the ways that were seriously damaged
last week, when the converted barge
Ladd, weighing 800 tons, was launched.
In order to take on additional cargo
the steamer Knight of the Garter yes
terday shifted to Linnton, where she
will begin working this morning, and
will probably return to this harbor Sat
urday. Olson & Mahony's coterie of coasters
will soon be en route from San Fran
cisco, the Wellesley having- sailed Sat
urday, while the Jim Butler is due to
leave there tomorrow and the Klamath
Following the installation of a new
boiler, being painted and having other
work done, the steamer Elkkader,
owned by Inman, Poulsen & Co., was
launched yesterday afternoon at Sup
ple's yards.
With 1500 cases of cheese and .three
tons of hides the steamer Sue H. El
more arrived up yesterday and berthed
at Couch- street, from where she will
sail a't 5 o'clock this evening on her
return to Tillamook.
Letters have been received by local
exporters from London that were but
nine and a half days on the way. They
were brought over on the last voyage
of the Lusitania, and It is believed to
be the record for mail delivery.
Though not out of commission, the
fireboat George H. Williams is under
going extensive repairs at her berth on
the East Side, most of her guard rail
having been renewed and all timber
indicating that It Is wearing is being
Arrangements have been made for
the steambr T. J. Potter to carry an ex
cursion party down the Columbia June
24, and the following day she will re
sume her regular Summer schedule,
making daily connections with the
North Beach rail line. - She is being
overhauled near the Albina shops of the
O. R. & N.
Application has been made to the
Port of Portland for a rate to tow a
barge to Neah Bay, which was recently
purchased from the Columbia Contract
Company by persons interested in a
rock contract on the Sound. Three
barges have already been towed around
and the last will be picked up by the
tug Tatoosh at the bar.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND, May 23. Arrived Steamship
Bear, from San Francisco; steamer W. S.
Porter, from San Francisco; Norwegian
steamer Elsa, from Victoria. Sailed
Steamer Yosem!ta. from St. Helens, for San
Francisco; steamer BowdLn. from Prescott.
for San Pedro; steamer Catania, for Ban
Francisco. Arrived Asuncion, from San
Astoria. May 23. Condition at the mouth
of the river at 5 P. M.. moderate; wind,
northwest, 36 miles; weather, cloudy. Left
up at 1 A M. Steamer w. s. Porter. Sailed
at 4 A. M. Steamer Rosecrans. for San
Francisco and steamer Yellowstone, for San
Pedro. Arrived at 6 and left up at t A.
M. Steamer Bear, from San Francisco. Ar
rived at 7:30 and left up at 11:30 A. M.
Norwegian steamer Elsa. from Victoria.
San Francisco. May 23. Arrived at 4 A.
M. Steamer Johan Poulsen. from Portland;
at 9 A M. Steamer Rose City, from Port
land. Arrived last nli?ht Steamer Jim But
ler, from Columbia Rlvor.
Eureka. May 23. Arrived Steamer Welle
sley, from San Francisco, for Portland.
Point Lobos. May 23. Passed at 8 P. M.
British steamer Coulsdon, from Guaymas.
for Oomox and Portland.
Kobe, May 23. Sailed yesterday Nor-
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weglan steamer Hercules, from Portland,
for Yokohama.
Tacoma. May 23. Arrived British steam
er English Monarch, from San Francisco;
steamer Tiverton, from San Francisco. De
parted Schooner Inca, for Honolulu; British
steamer Celtic King-, for San Francisco;
steamer Admiral Sampson, for Sound ports.
Fernando. 6,e Xoronha. May 21. Passed
Steamer Seraga, from San Francisco, for
Christiansand, May 22. Arrived United
States, from New York.
Kaples, May 22. Arrived Oceanic, from
New York.
Yokohama, May 22. Sailed Minnesota,
for Seattle.
Glasgow, May 22. Arrived California,
from New York.
Naples, May 22. Arrived Hamburg, from
New York.
Bremen. Mayy 22. Arrived Bremen, from
New York.
London, May 23. Arrived Minneapolis,
from New York.
New York. May 23. Arrived Ryndam,
from Rotterdam; Moltke. from Naples.
.Dover, May 23. 9:12 A. M. Arrived Va
deriand. from Now York.
Flume, May 21. Sailed TJllonia, for New
Genoa, May 22. Sailed Canoplc, for Bos
ton. San Francisco, May 23. Arrived Steamers
Centralla, from Aberdeen: Hyades, from
Honolulu; Johan Paulson, from Rainier; Che
halls, from Grays Harbor; Newburg, from
Grays Harbor; Daisy Mitchell, from Grays
Harbor; Rose City, from Portland; schooner
James H. Bruce, from Ludlow.
Tides at Astoria Tuesday.
High. Low.
0:33 A. M....8.B feet7:28 A. M....-9.2 foot
1:57 P. M....6.S feetl 7:25 P. M . . 3.7 feet
The average value of occupied farm land
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what you're using, fust try CAS
CARETS once you 11 See. ur
CASCARETS 10c a box tor a week's
treatment, all draesists. BtcKMt seller
in the world. Million boxes a month.
"Little Farms
in Oregon"
411 Henry Bldg., 4th and Oak.
Dr. Steagall's ASTHMA REMEDY is
PROMT. SAFE and SURE. Nothing; elsa
offered like It. Write for booklet
"Free Air" to Dept. O.
214 St. Helens Ave. Tacoma, "Waaa.
Women a Specialty
The well-known Chinese DR.
8. K. CHAN, with, their Chi
nese remedy of herbs and
roots, cure wonderfully. It has
cured many sufferers when
all other remedies have
failed. Sura cure for male
and female, chronic, orlvate
diseases, nervousness, bloodMuc 0 V PuAtl
poison, rheumatism, asthma, IIIIW.(lwl'HH
Dneumonia- throat, lnrcr t ni . .nniiimn.
tion, stomach, bladder, kidney and diseases
of all kinds. Remedies harmless. No oper
ation.. Honest treatment. Examination for
ladles by MRS. 8 K CHAN. Call or write S.
Morrison St.. Tfet. 1st and Portland. Or.
MIT Ufa Habits Positively
Cored. Only anthorired Keeley In
stitute in Oregon. Write for illus-
circular. Kesley Institute.
71 K. Utb K Portland. Oresoa
I demonstrate my ability in. the treatment vof the ailments in my
specialty, first, by giTing immediate benefits; secondly, by the rapid
progress my patients make from the beginning-, and each and every
patient knows that he is going; to get well from the fact that there ia
no standstill about the -ailment, no weary weeks and manths of wait
ing, hoping and watching for benefits the trouble most yield if I tell
you in toe Degmmng x can perma
nently cure you, and it is .beoaoee I
am a scientific specialist and know
how to CUBE.
By the latest -and best methods I
care, to rem ain- cored, Blood and Skill
Ailments, Varicose Venue, Piles,
Kidney and Bladder Ailments.
If afflicted men in Portland and
"vicinity knew of the permanent cures
I . accomplish, of the patients I dis
miss who -dont have to continue seek
ing and paying for treatment, some
of t&em. having 'been treated a dosea
times befors, they would surely lose
bo ums m seeing me. 1 prove my
saocese-over other specialists. I don't
ask yoi to believe me. I dont ask
you to tak i my word for what I say
visit and treatment will tell and
11. gmu any OXniOtS. IM . rXrUar Nms Be J11
Unless Cured.
Jf"",r Y?xl to prove that I can cure you. I have spent
thous&ods to develop mr traatme at, and I know what it will do. Don't
experiment elsewhere. Try my treatment free, and be convinced that I
can care you.
MY ARB ALW1TJ THB LOWEST, no" matter where you
go. Thfre la a reason my practice is the largest, my offices are the
largest, I am prepared to treat the largest numbers. 'EJieretore I can
yo-u the cheapest. Having' the most experienced and best scien
ce treatment to le had. I. can care you the Quickest. If you have any
trouble whatever, come to me.
at office or by mail. One personal visit Is preferred, but if this is im
practicable, write us a. fall and unreserved history of your case and iret
0P'nl0IV free Many cases cored at home. Medicines fresh from our
own laboratory. $1.60 to S6.69 per course.
A -M te 8 r.
When I have accepted your case for treat
ment you may look forward to a complete
and permanent cure, and with the first treat
ment the curing will begin. This is pretty
definite talk upon what is commonly re
garded as an uncertain and speculative mat
ter. But I am in a position to speak
definitely and positively. With me the cure
of men's ailments is not uncertain or specu
lative at all.
I have treated so many cases that I know
what I can do and what I cannot do. and I
never promise or attempt too much. I accept
no case in- which I have doubts as to my
ability to cure, and results are always equal
to the claims I make. Following- are some
of the ailments I cure and reasons why my
cures are certain.
Contracted Ailments
In no other ailment peculiar to men is a
prompt and thorough cure so essential. Con
tracted aliments tend to work backward until
TjJnwStVii,Vnierv centers become involved in the inflammation. Then
rJ)27 LT3,ai1 Sta.Be that stubbornly resists all ordinary treatment.
mtyu fw,ii,treVrent '" earliest possible moment. My treat
, tho,rou83?-, The remedies employed have a more positive action
iMhf.s e?1- before been attained, and so perfect is my method of
application that even chronic cases yield completely. 1
P0tlo"nTtVTn,On'' V"ri Velaa, Specific Blood
You Can Pay When Cured
-r. 1 !jato pothlnsr in my announcements but the straight, square truth.
It will cost you nothing to call and talk over your case. You can find
out all about your trouble, and you can later arrange to begin
treatment any time you like. My offices, comprising 12 rooms, are the
largest, most elegant and best equipped In the West.
For Eruptions of Every Kind There Ia
Only One Thins; to Be Used.
At various times during the year
nearly all the members of the house
hold are annoyed by skin affections,
such as rjlmnles. hemes. rash. in
flamed skin, itchingr spots, scaly scalp,
dandruff, etc. A little nnslam reftdv at
hand whenever these troubles appear
win eriectup.iiy put an end to tnem and
prevent any mental or physical discom
fort which they might bring. Should
any of the more serious skin diseases,
eczema, acne, tetter, scabies, psoriasis,
etc., affect either infant or adult, or
any part of the body, poslam may be
depended upon for immediate relief and
a rapid and permanent cure.
How Quickly and thoroughly poslam
does Its work may be noted by any one
who will send to the Emergency Lab
oratories, No. 33 West Twenty-fifth
street. New York City, for a free sam
ple, and use it on a small affected
eczema surface, or for clearing the
complexion and causing pimples to dis
appear. Poslam Is now on sale by all good
druggists, particularly the Pkldmore
Drug Co. and the Woodard. Clarke &
Co. Two sizes, BO cents and $2. Drug
gists who appreciate Just what poslam
does, know that they cannot, with sat
isfaction to their customers, substitute
anything else.
Sour Stomach
by c impletely and promptly digesting; all the
fooi". 7" cat. stops Dyspepsia, and Indigestion
and -nokes the stomach sweet. It is guaran
teed, tn relieve you. and if it tails, your money
will z,- once be refunded by your dealer from
whom yoT purchased it. Every tablespoonful
of Kodol durrsts 2 14 pounds of food. Trv it
Young Ming Chinese
Uedlctne Co. Wonderful
remedies from herbs and
roots cures all diseases of
men and women. Consulta
tion and pulse diagnosis
free. If you live out of
town and cannot call,
write for symptom blank.
2T Taylor su, bet. 2d and
& " -
4 3f
mudlavia assw. xru
"Serve Troubles with its famous Mud Baths.
riK Hotel, open alt year. Thousands made
well natural treatment draws out pain and
poison. Hook Free. It. 3. Kramer, Pres..
Kramer. Ind. -
Stops Seasickness
Motherslira Remedy quickly cares ses or train
sickness. Guaranteed safe sad harmless, 50c and
si .00 a box. All drufrfrlsts or direct from Mother
sill Remedy Co., 819 Cleiand Bid.. Detroit, AlicH.
M. Sundays, lv IX
Leading: Specialist
T am an expert specialist, have had
SO years practice in the treatment of
ailments of men. My offices are the
best equipped in Portland. My meth
ods are modern and up - to - date. My
cures are quick and positive. I do not
treat symptoms anu patch up. I thor
oughly examine each case, find the
cause, remove it ana thus cure the ail
ment. I CURE Varicose Veins, Contracted
Ailments, Pile,, and Specific Blood Pol.
aea and all Aliments of Slen.
CURB OR NO PAY I am the only
Specialist In Portland who makes no
ebarge unless the patient is entirely
satisfied with the results accomplished,
and who gives a vrrltten guarantee to
refund every dollar paid for services
If a complete and permanent cure ia not
tracted and chronic cases cured. All
burning, itching and inflammation
stopped in 24 hours. Cures effected in
seven days. ' Consultation free. If un
able to call -write for list of questions.
Office hours 9 A. M. to 9 F. M. Sun
days, 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
128 V, Second St., Corner of Alder,
Portland. Or.
Inflammations, Irritations
or ulcerations of all mu
cous membranes, unnatu
ral discharges from nose,
throat or urinary organs.
! lbTT lc,i SoId by Drussi8ta i
or in plain wrapper, ex
press prepaid, on receipt
of Si. or three bottles, $9LS
Booklet oa rcqneeu .
f fTtom iiiudy for I
ArtrCstsrrh. CaldaU
Mil rsvsr
v u. s. a. 7. r