Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 13, 1910, Page 3, Image 3

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You Women Who Are Accustomed to the Best Will Instantly Appreciate This Sale
1 00 Tailor-Made and. Novelty Suits-$.1 8
Suits Selling Regularly at $50.00
Greatest Friday Suit Sale in Portland s History
The amazing values you will see here in these suits will be a revelation to you. You won't believe without seeing them that
such excellence is to be found in a sale. Were these suits to be advertised at their regular price, to $50.00, we could readily
understand that you would expect to find suits such as we describe. Had we purchased these suits in the regular way, we could
never have advertised this sale. The greatest loss is made by the manufacturer, whose high-class garments used for show
purposes were sacrificed. Not only will the extraordinary merit of the different weaves appeal to you, but the smartness of
the models and the skilled needlework, used in their making.
Jane pattfrmi tuj
Butterick'a drHfnn
for embroiders- and
braiding: now on vale.
$5 Trimmed Hats
, $1.95
Many of these hats are made of braid
and smartly blocked shapes. The trim
mings are varied enough to satisfy
every purpose. They come in black
and a large assortment of pretty light
Spring shades.
Most of them go on sale Friday for
the first time, being a special lot
bought for this sale Friday. Others are
pretty hats taken from our different
tables and put into this sale to increase
the number and variety of selection.
There are none in the lot worth less
than $3.95 and many sold regularly for
Sale Untrimmed Hats
59c, Values to $1.95
The nobbiest shapes shown
this season. Styles made ex
pressly for midsummer wear.
In black and burnt only. In
medium and large shapes. Pos
itively every one a new Spring
modeL They are the best
value ever seen in this town.
Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Owl Cut Rate Sale plf
$1.00 Stearns Wine Cod Liver
Oil 73$
50c Wyeth's Vichy Salts... 26
$1.00 Sal Hepatica 69$
$1.00 Pinaud's Eau de Quinine
on sale at 66
$1.00 Thialon Effervescing Salts
on sale for only 79$
50c Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. 33$
60c Pinex 39$
$1.00 Osborn's Kidney and Liver
Cure 49$
$1.00 Kutnow's Effervescing
Powder 69$
$1.00 Wampole's Cod Liver Oil
on sale at 67$
50c Wampole's Formaloid. .34$
25c Bromo Seltzer 13
$1.00 Potter's Walnut Stain. 67
$1.00 Burnett's Cocoaine 49
25c Mentholatum 16
50c size Mentholatum .31$
25c Oregon Kidney Tea 13$
$1.00 Oregon Kidney Tea. . .64$
50c Karl's Clover Root Tea. 37$
25c Celery King 16$
$1.00 Green Mountain Asthma
Cure 59$
50c Phenolax Wafers 36$
25c New Skin 16$
50c Formaldehyde Fumigators
on sale at 26$
50c Kondon's Catarrahal Jelly
on sale at 36
25c package Borax; 18$
25c Jergen's Toilet Soap, Violet
and Buttermilk, 2 boxes for.25
15c Jergen's Toilet Soap 9$
10c cake Bon Ami 5
5c Williams' Barber Soap. . . 3$
$2.00 Shaving Brushes. . .$1.29
25c Williams Rapid Shaving
Powder ' 17$
75c 3-lb. bar Castile Soap...59
25c size Frostilla 16$
25c Sana Dermal Talcum Pow
der 16
$1.25 Oriental Toilet Water. 89
25c Roger & Gallet's Powder.16
25c 4711 Benzoin Glycerine Soap
on sale at 14
25c Sanitol Tooth Powder.. 14
25c Eversweet 16$
$1.25 Bath Tub Seat 89$
25c Towel Rods 15$
25c Tumbler Holder 19$
50c Tub Soap Dishes 39
50c Stand Soap Dishes 29$
25c Toilet Paper Holder 19
35c Wall Soap Dishes 24$
25c Tooth Brush Holders. . .19
15c Tooth Brush Holders. .. 11$
75c Tumbler and Tooth Brush
Holders 59$
Made of imported materials, such as
French and storm serges, wale diagonals,
shark skin and fancy whipcords. In black,
navy, tan, champagne, Copenhagen, violet,
rose, castor and reseda.
These are plain tailor-made suits with
shawl revers and fancy buttons. Others are
elaborately embroidered and fancy trimmed.
Every jacket is lined with finest quality self
colored Peau de Cygne silk. The skirts are
made in newest plaited and fancy models.
See display in corner window.
Friday Wash Goods Sp'l
Linen Diagonal Suiting Friday 39c
This is absolutely a new weave in
linen suitings. A decided departure
from the ordinary colored linens.
Something new and nobby, most ef
fective in appearance.
The colors are tans, blues, pink, rose,
gray, lavender, wistaria, Alice and
cream. 27 inches wide. Positively all
Imported Voiles, Friday Special 20c
This is one of the most popular fab
rics in wash materials and as the sea
son advances its popularity grows. It
comes in solid colors in a very large
variety of Spring shades. It can
be recommended especially for its
wearing and washing qualities, and its
close resemblance to materials two and
three times its cost.
Sizes 34 to 42
Made of papier mache in the very
latest form. Adopted by the best
corset manufacturers for the Spring
fashions in corsets. These forms
were just received last week Reg
ular price $1.25.
M etalography
Cheaper Here Than Any
Other Store in Portland
Outfits for working at 15c, 25c,
50c to $1.25. The work is simple
and artistic. Quickly done and
durable and is destined to meet
with the same success as its prede
cessor Pyrography.
Among the articles shown are:
Book Ends, trays, fern dishes, tie
racks, frames, scrap baskets, jardi
nieres, plaques, candle-sticks, card
cases, thermometers, shaving pads,
broom holders, panels, jewel, hand
kerchief and glove boxes.
Prices from 21$ to S1.25.
The Undesirable Governess
by Crawford
Maggioni Gloves $2.00
Consuelo Gloves $1. 75
Carlyle Gloves $1.50
Rigo Gloves $1.25
Notion Specials for Friday Sale
Majestic Skirt Supporters 4$
Large Cube Black Pins. 5$
Tooth Picks, 2 boxes for . . , 5$
Safety Pins, 2 cards . 5$
Velvet Pin Cushion '5$
60c Double Strength Tarine Moth
Sheets, per roll, 12 sheets ..43$
15c Stove Pipe Enamel 11$
20c Sanitary Belts, all sizes 16
25c Perfection Skirt Supporters. .19$
35c Fancy Frilled Silk Elastic 27$
Gas Mantles, fit any burner, 3 for. 25$
Gas Mantles, guaranteed 100 day 5.25 c1
10c Lulu Scouring Powder 7$
5c Monkey Brand Scouring Soap, 3
cakes for 10$
75c Inverted Gas Lights, complete with
globe, mantle and burner 4S$
5c package Hair Pins. 2 for. ..... 5$
50c Horn Side Combs, all sizes, shell
or amber 33$.
House Dresses $1.59
Regular $2.00 Values
Ladies House Dresses made of
figured Lawn, striped and figured
Percales, Ginghams, and Chambray.
Dutch neck. and elbow sleeves, or
high neck with turnover collars and
long sleeves. Some with embroidery
trimmings, others with pipings and
bandings. Pleated waists. Light and
dark colorings.
Victor Talking Machines
$1.00 Down, $1.00 a Week
Rube Step; College Yell; Jack in the Box; Heart Fan
cies; Dream Girl Waltz; Pride of the Regiment; Carrie,
Marry Harry; Bye Bye My Caroline; I'm Happy All the
Time; Bamboo Baby; Sunburnt Salome; My Dusky Rose;
Play Dat Rag; Goodbye, Mr. Ragtime; Poverty; My Car
amel Gal; My Little Rose of Killarney.
Confirmation and Graduation Dresses
We have never shown a prettier, daintier or smarter lot of confirmation and grad
uation dresses. There is a simplicity and quaintness about them that is particularly
girlish and youthful. Made of fine white mull, lawn and lingerie in the new tunic
styles. Trimmed with lace, insertions and net. Also some with Irish crochet, rib
bons and pretty flowers. We call particular attention to one style that sells usually
at $20.00, but marked for Friday at, special, $14.75.
For little girls up to 12 years of age we are showing many pretty styles in white
lawn and linen dresses. With trimmings of deep embroidery and insertion or dainty
laces, insertions and tucks with high or square necks, long or elbow sleeves. Panel
fronts and waisted styles. Prices $1.75 to 7.75.
Portland Agents for the Best Trade Butterick Patterns, Nemo Corsets, Royal Society Art Packets, Dr. Jaeger's Underwear, Forsythe Waists, Pellard Suits, De Miracle
Crex Grass Rugs, Sale Prices
$1.59 Grass Rugs, 30x60, Sale 98c
$2 Grass Rugs, 36x72, Sale $1.39
$3.50 Grass Rugs, 4x7, Sale $2.45
$6.50 Grass Rugs, 6x9, Sale $4.45
$10 Grass Rugs, 8x10, Sale $6.95
$ 1 2.50 Grass Rugs, 9x1 2, Sale $9.45
Grass Fiber Rugs, the ideal floor covering,
being very closely and solidly woven. ' It lies
compactly on the floor without curling. It
does not hold germs or dust and is absolutely
sanitary especially adapted for Summer
homes, sleeping-porches and bedrooms. Comes
in plain or fancy stenciled borders.
Colonial Rag Rugs
$5.00 Colonial Rugs, 4x7, $3.45
$9.00 Colonial Rugs, 6x9, $6.45
$12.50 Colonial, 8x10, $9.95
$17.50 Colonial, 9x12, $12.95
Made in hit and. miss designs, in
blue and white, pink and white,
green and white and tan and white,
with pretty borders, especially
adapted for bedrooms and Summer
Sale of Switches
We carry none but the best wavy Switches,
made of the finest quality German hair. We
attribute the success of this department to the
superiority of our merchandise. There is no
denying the fact that our prices are always un
der exclusive hair goods stores. For Friday
we offer the following fine wavy Switches:
$3.00 Switches at . . $2.09
$5.00 Switches at . . $2.95
$ 1 0.00 Switches at . . $7.89
$15.00 Switches at . . $9.89
$22.50 Switches at . . $14.50
May Undermuslin Specials
$1.50 Nainsook Drawers $1.10
Ladies' cambric or nainsook
Drawers, the regulation umbrella or
Isabella styles. Ruffles of dainty
fine embroidery or lace insertion,
and cluster of tucks. Open or closed.
$1.50 Longcloth Gowns at 98c
Ladies cambric or longcloth
Gowns. Square or round neck, pret
tily trimmed with lace, insertion,
embroidery beading and ribbon.
Regular 35c Corset Covers 29c
Ladies cambric Corset Covers,
circular neck, trimmed with deep
yoke of lace, insertion, edging, bead
ing and ribbon. Or embroidery
edges with the beading.
Regular 5Qc Corset Covers 39c
Ladies' fine cambric Corset Cov
ers. Round neck with trimmings of
embroidery and insertion or lace
and insertion. Beading and ribbon.
10 different styles for selection.