Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 12, 1910, Page 20, Image 20

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Portland to Do Repair Work
on Light Vessel.
Importance of This Port as Point
for Overhauling Emphasized by
Victory of Willamette Iron
& Steel Works.
Portland's importance as a shipbuilding
and repairing port -was emphasized yes
terday when the lighthouse-tender Mai)r
zanita left Astoria for Seattle, to bring
lightship Xo. 67 to this place for repairs,
notwithstanding that two bids for the
work had been submitted by Seattle
The lichtship will he repaired and over
hauled at the Willamette Iron & Steel
Works. The vessel waj formerly in
perviee off Tillamook Reef, but was re
lieved about a month ago, as she needed
repairs. She was sent directly to Seattle
to await orders for her overhauling.
At the local office of the United States
engineers it was explained yesterday that
the work done in Portland is rapidly im
proving, and for that reason contracts
are beinpr sent here. It will require about
two months to complete the repairs on
the lightship, and when these are com
pleted it is expected she will be returned
to her former station on the Oregon
rnflsi. The Manzanlta will return here
witli tire lightship in about a week.
Another lighthouse-tender to be ordered
away yesterday was the Columbine,
which sailed from Seattle to the coast of
Alaska to install an acetylene light at
Hog Rock Beacon.
Before returning the Columbine, will
rruise along the southeastern coast of
Alaska and will find suitable locations for
11 other acetylene lights, besides the one
tr be Installed at Hog Rock Beacon.
After the Columbine has determined the
location of the proposed lights she will
return to Seattle and the lights will be
Installed at a Inter date. The Columbine
Is expected to return in three weeks.
High Water on Columbia Threatens
to Suspend Traffic.
High water on the Columbia River
threatens to make the Cascade Rapids
impassable in a short time to river steam
rrs, according to the report given out
yesterday by the officers of the Dalles
city, which is taking the place of the
Bailey Gatzert while the latter is on the
drydock undergoing repairs.
Nearly every year the Columbia River
rises so high, for a few days, that river
traffic is forced to suspend, but at the
office of the Regulator Ijine yesterday it
was said that although the river is gain
ing in height rapidly it is not believed
that the boats will be forced to stop run
ning for some time.
It is understood that while the Colum
bia River is rising steadily. Snake River
is variable. The outlook is that the Co
lumbia will reach a much higher mark by
On the last trip of the Dalles City the
Pteamer experienced much difficulty in
forcing her way up over the rapids, but
she will continue on her run to The
Dalles until forced temporarily to limit
her run ro points this side of the rapids.
Dredge Columbia Put on Work by
Port of Portland.
Work of extending the lower harbor
between a half mile and a mile has been
begun by the Port of Portland, which has
et the dredge Columbia at work. This
will enlarge materially the harbor accom
modations of the port, which have proved
at times too limited to meet demands.
The Columbia will work in the lower
harbor until August, when she will be
put at work dredging the Columbia River
channel. Whether the Columbia will be
returned to work in the lower harbor this
Kali has not been announced.
The dredge Portland, owned also by
the Port of Portland, is now tied up, brit
it is expected that she will be put to
work within two months. If the Portland
Is not put to work in the lower harbor,
at the time the Columbia is withdrawn
to work in the Columbia River, she also
probably will be sent to the Columbia
Before the dredges can go to work in
the Columbia F.iver channel the season
of high water must have passed, and thus
it will be necessary to wait until August
before the work Is begun.
Steam Schooner Bowdoin Is Forced
to Go on Drydock.
In a letter received yesterday by Charles
O. Stimpson. the local agent for the Cal
ifornia & Oregon Coast Steamship Com
pany, it is said that the steam schooner
(Bowdoin has been on the drydock in San
trancisco as a result of her crank shaft
being twisted. It was believed that tha
vessel would leave the drydock Tuesday
snd depart from San FYanctsco yesterday
for this port with cement from San Pedro
and a large consignment of general
freight from San Francisco.
According to the letter the Bowdoin
was on her way from San Pedro to 6an
Francisco when she had her shaft
twisted. The necessary repairs, however,
did not delay the vessel long at the Bay
W. S. I. add, With Machinery Re
moved. Will Curry Rock.
With all her machinery removed and
having been repaired for her new work,
the old dredge W. S. Iadd. formerly
wned by the Government, will be ready
for use as a barge before the close of the
The I.add was built in Portland IS years
aso and when her period of service for
the Government wa ended she was
bought by the Columbia Contract Com
pany, which turned her over to Joseph
Supple to be converted into a barge. She
will be used for carrying rock to the Co
lumbia River jetty. The barge will have
u capacity of 100 tons.
Vessels Loading at Raymond.
RAYMOND. Wash.. May 11. (Special.)
The steam schooner Grays Harbor, Cap
tain Anfinsen, has been loading at the
Clerin-Hamilton mill for San Pedro and
sailed from there today with TOO.000 feet
of lumber. The steam schooner Wlllapa,
Captain Johnson, and the steam schooner
Helene, Captain Anderson, both from San
Francisco, arrived at the Raymond Lum
ber Company's mill yesterday. The Wil
inpa is loading for San Pedro and the
Helene for San Krancisco. The sttam
schooner Bee, from San Francisco, ar
rived at the Willapa Lumber Oompanv's
mill yesterday. She is loading for South
ern California porta. The Bee came here
from Seattle, having taken a cargo of
freight from that city. The four-masted,
topsail schooner Columbia. Captain
Hprague, is loading at the Willapa Lum
ber Company's mill for Mexico.
Launch Delayed Off Yaqulna.
NEWPORT, Or., May 11. (Special.)
The new gasoline launch Florence,
Captain Saltus and Engineer Graves, of
Portland, crossed in over the Yaquina
Bay bar after having lain at shore by
the whistling buoy for 36 hours. Owing
to heavy surf and fog. Captain Wellan
der of the United States Life-Saving
Station, growing anxious, took his crew
out to the launch, crossing a dangerous
bar. Finding everything all right, he
returned. The launch followed and
passed the lifeboat on the. tiar. The
launch was brought here for Dr. D. A.
Mclntyre, of Portland.
Beaver to Take Cargo.
Plans for sending the Beaver to San
Francisco in ballast have been changed
and she Is now loading 700 tons of grain
for the Bay City. The Beaver will sail
some time Saturday, the same day that
her sister ship, the Bear, now taking the
place of the steamer Kansas City, will
sail, but whether the voyage southward
Due to Arrive.
Name. From. Date.
RyKja Otaru Tn port
Breakwater. .. Coos Bay.... May l:i
4 Kaleon Saa Francisco May 13
4 Roanoke. .... .San Pedro. ..Mav 14
4 Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook. .. .May 14
Geo. W. Elder. .San Pedro May 21
4 Bear. ......... San Francisco May -3
I Hercules Honekong June 5
. Henrik Ibsen. . .Hongkong. .. .June 15
I Golden Gate. .. Tillamook Indeft
Scheduled to Depart.
J Name. For Date.
Rygja Hongkong. .. .May 34
- " " nan f ranctsco Mav 14
Beaver Kan Francisco May 14
raicon San Pedro. ... May 16
3 i
Jioanoke San Francisco May 17
fcue H. Elmore. Tillamook Mav
Geo. W. Elder. .San Pedro. .. .Mav 17
TV ilhelmina. . . .Sluslaw May 20
Roae City San Francisco Mav 2t
Hercules Hongkong June 15
Henrik Ibsen. . Hongkong. .. .June 25
Golden Gate Tillamook. . . .Indeft
Entered Wednesday.
British steamer Inverkip (Captain
Hand), in ballast from Seattle.
Cleared Wednesday.
Schooner J. H. Lunamann (Captain
C. Svenson). for San Francisco, with
1.212.800 feet of lumber.
4 Steam schooner Wellesiey (Captain
L-nndqulst), for San Francisco, with
750.00C feet of lumber.
will turn into a race between the two
vessels has not been determined. The
Beaver is being loaded at the Oceanic
Xew Sand Company Kquips.
One steamer and three barges have been
built .by the newly-organized Portland
Sand Company, of which Joseph Paquet
is president and S. B. Cobb secretary. The
new company, which has Its headquar
ters at the east end of the Morrison-street
bridge, will begin digging and transport
ing sand Monday. In the meantime the
steamer and barges, which were bought
from the La Center Towing Company, are
being fitted up for work.
Astoria Marine Xotes.
ASTORIA, Or., May 1L (Special.) The
steamer Geo. W. Elder sailed for San
KYanciseo today with freight and pas
sengers loaded in Portland.
The steamer Francis H. Leggett arrived
today with 1020 tons of cement for Port
land. The steamer Elmore sailed today for
Tillamook with passengers and freight
from Portland.
The schooner Wilhelmina sailed today
for Taquina with general merchandise
from Portland.
Marine Xotes.
The river continues to rise, and by Sun
day it is expected to reach a height of
13.5 feet.
The Columbia Digger Company has be
gun the construction of a derrick and
barge at Vancouver, Wash.
Running on her new five-day schedule,
the steamer Breakwater will arrive this
afternoon from Coos Bay.
The steam schooner Jim Butler is due
to arrive today with general freight from
San Francisco for Couch-street dock.
Hay, cement and asphalt make up the
cargo of the steam schooner Saginaw,
which was due to leave San Farncisco
yesterday for this port.
, The schooner Lunsmann will leave for
San Francisco today with 802,810 feet of
lumber from the mills of the Eastern &
Western Lumber Company.
In tow of the tug Ocklahama, the Brit
ish ship Arctic Stream sailed from Port
land yesterday for Queenstown. where
she will receive further orders. She car
ries 90.525 bushels of wheat.
Carrying 20,000 sack of cement and 500
barrels of lime from San Francisco, the
steam schooner Francis H. Leggett ar
rived last night. The vessel will dis
charge at various docks and load lum
ber for her return voyage.
Towing a barge loaded with general
merchandise for Xehalem. the tu Vos
burg left down the river yesterday morn
ing at 7 o'clock. The Vosburg, .aking
the barge In tow, makes irregular trips
between this port and Nehalem, br'nging
lumber here and taking away general
Arrivals and Departure.
PORTLAND, May 11. Arrived Steamer
F. H. Leggett. from Ban Francisco. ald
British steamer Arctic Stream, for Queens
town for orders; steamer Wellsley, for San
Francisco; tug Vosburg. with barge, for
Astoria, May 11. Condition at the mouth
of the river at 6 P. M., smooth; wind south,
18 miles; weather clear. Sailed at 7 A. M.
Kteamer Elmore, for Tillamook. Arrived at
7 and left up at S:30 A. M. SteaAier F. H.
Leggett, from San Francisco. Sailed at
9:SU A. M. Steamer George W. Elder, for
Kan Pedro and way ports. Arrived at 3:80
and left up at 6 P. M. Steamer Newport,
from Bantlon.
San Francisco. May 11. Arrived Steam
ers Northland, from Astoria; W. S. Porter,
from Astoria: l.eelanaw. from Nanalmo;
Tiverton, from 'Ludlow; schooner Sausallto,
from Coos Bay; schooner James Rolph. from
liana. Sailed Steamers Wilhelmina. for
Honolulu; Thor. for Nanalmo; Maverick, for
Yokohama. May 11. Arrived previously
China, from San Francisco; Punta Arenas.
May 11. Sailed Venture, for Victoria. B. C
Queenstown. May 11. Sailed Saxonla, for
Southampton. May 11. Sailed Kron Prln
sesstn Cecitie. for New York; Majestic, for
New York.
Hongkong. May 11. Arrived previously
Chicago Maru, from Tacoma. via Yokohama.
Falmouth. May 10. Sailed Prince
George, for Vancouver.
New York. May 11. Sailed Mauritania,
for Ijiverpool; Teutonic, for Southampton.
Los Angeles. May 11. Arrived Steamers
Captstrano. Raymond. Alcatraz, Greenwood.
Samoa. Capar. Sailed Steamers Excelsior,
Coos Bay: Hoquiam. Grays Harbor; schoon
er Commerce. Port Townsend.
Seattle. May 11. Arrived Steamer Bertha,
Valdes; steamer Heather. Sound ports;
steamer Wasp. San Francisco. Departed
V. S. S. Perry. Alaskan cruise; steamer Ol
sen ft Mahoney. Tacoma; steamer Wasp.
Sound ports; steamer Jefferson, Skagway.
Tide at Astoria Thursday.
High water. Low water.
:S A. M....S.5 feet!9:45 A. M
-1.; feet
3.S feet
4-.1J P. M....7 0 fet':J7 F. M
Eugene, Oreg-on. I "have sold Hall's
Texas Wonder for kidney bladder and
rheumatic trouble for the last five
years, and have guaranteed it in many
cases, but have never had a complaint
0 days' treatment in each bottle. O. J.
The cooking lesson this afternoon is
free. Ton are welcome 2:30 P. SI..
Christensen Hall.
No Rules and No Limit Will
Govern "Clean-Up Day."
Woman's Club Gives Assurance That
I riiiTun. All A ii-tii 1 n
mitted to Join in Making Port
land a . Spotless Town.
There are no rules against any resident
of Portland getting up next Saturday
morning to see the comet, and, after
watching the tail fade away in the rays
of the rising sun. start cleaning up yards
and commons. There are positively no
restrictions on the hours that may be
put in "cleaning-up day," and neither
male nor female, old nor young, is barred
from taking part in the festival of sani
tation and sightliness.
So many inquiries have been pouring
into the headquarters of the Woman's
Club, under whose auspices the annihila
tion of rubbish is to be conducted, so
many feared they might work over a
prescribed length of time, and so many
were apprehensive lest they should not
be within the age limit or not belong to
the proper sex. that Mrs. G. M. Glines.
president of the club, decided to issue
the foregoing information. Police pro
tection is assured the man who chooses
to salute, the sun with a rake or throw
a shovelful of trash into the waning day.
He may go just as far as he likes, and
the Woman's Club promises to stand
between him and the minions of the law.
Game Is Free for All.
No regulations govern the game Sat
urday. It is a free-for-all in which
every citizen of Portland may take part.
A man may work with his cuffs on or
take his shirt off. whichever suits his
fancy, so long as he accomplishes some
thing. Anything except a currycomb or
hairbrush may be used on the lawn.
Women will not be required to wear big
hats, and they make take the rats out
of their hair if they feel like it, and no
body dares comment. She. may also tie
a gingham apron oer her head, but
must not. under any circumstances, talk
over the back fence with neighbor too
long at one time,, unless her husband
keeps busy while the conversation lasts.
In short, the work has been bo simpli
fied by the Woman's Club that a child
can understand it. The modus operandi
is a continuous forward and backward
movement of the rake, so as to accum
ulate the largest pile of rubbish in the
shortest possible time. This may easily
be accomplished with two ordinary
hands. If perspiration appears on the
forehead, wipe it off in the usual way.
Trash and rubbish may be piled up in
cones or arranged , in windows, to suit
the artlstio taste, out in the street, and
if the street-cleaning department is
notified, they will be removed.
Lessons Offered Gratis.
It is all Just as easy as eating fudge.
Members of the Woman's Club wonder
that the scheme was never thought of
before. For those who do not quite un
derstand the nature of the process and
how to clean up, the club has obligingly
reserved a corps of instructors, who
guarantee to teach the art in one lesson,
refund- the money, or give a rain check.
A course may also be taken by cor
respondence or telephone. If any one is
partial to any particular kind of tools
Every one should take a tonic in the Spring ; our systems require
it. The change in the seasons produces a like change in our bodies,
and more is required of the blood, from which source we receive phys
ical nourishment and strengfh, at this, particular time than at any other.
Almost every one feels Dad in the Spring. Some have no partic
ular sickness, but are debilitated, run-down and weak, and their
systems are in a general state of disorder. This deranged condition of
the health is due to weak, anaemic blood ; the circulation is infected
with impurities which have diminished its natural nourishing powers,
and the body is suffering from deficient blood nutriment. The refuse
and impurities which naturally accumulate in our systems are not
properly expelled in Winter, because those members whose duty it is
to perform this work of drainage do not receive sufficient stimulation
from outdoor exercise, and therefore grow dull and sluggish in their
action ; nor is the skin as active in eliminating waste maters in cold
weather because the pores are not so open as in warm seasons.
These Winter accumulations pollute the blood and largely destroy
its nutritive qualities, and when Spring comes, and everything takes
on new life, and we change our method of living, the circulation is so
weakened that it is unable to supply the increased demands of the
system. Then we suffer from weakness, nervousness, loss of appetite,
lassitude, etc There is a constant worn-out feeling, sleep is not
refreshing, and we do not feel able to perform the ordinary duties of
daily life. This disordered condition demands the use of a tonic, and
it should be one which has the additional qualities of a first class blood
purifier, for to restore health and strength the blood must be pure.
The heakhful botanical Ingredients of which S. S. S. is composed,
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tonics. S. S. S. is Nature's medicine, free from strong mineral mix
tures and made entirely of the healing, cleansing juices and extracts of
roots, herbs and barks ; a safe and pleasant tonic for persons of any age.
S. S. S. is not only the best Spring tonic, but its ability and worth
as a genuine Diooa punner is
universally recognized. It builds
up the depleted system in the true
way, by purifying the blood and
supplying an increased amount of
nourishment to every portion of
the body. S. S. S. removes all
accumulations from the circula
tion, enriches and purifies the
blood and overcomes the unpleas
ant physical ailments that always
come with Spring. It rids the
body of that tired feeling, im
proves the appetite, reinvigorates
every fibre and tissue of the body,
and imparts healthful energy to
all who are run-down. The body
cannot be strong and well if the
blood is weak or impure, and no
tonic should be used which does
not thoroughly cleanse the circulation. If you select S. S. S. as your
tonic this Spring you will experience better results and more vigorous
health than ever before, because it will make your blood 44 just right. "
Insist on getting S. S.S., there is no other 44 just as good."
to work with or any special make, he
will be permitted to ride his hobby all
over the lawn without a license.
It is seldom that the citizens of a great
city have such an opportunity to go on
a veritable cleaning orgy without hav
ing their neighbors talk about them, at
least, but the Woman's Club has it all
arranged whereby not one disparaging
word will be said, no matter how clean
the lawns look when the day is done. No
matter how hard the men work, the
women promise to stand at their back
and see that they are not disturbed. All
the club asks is to have every lawn in
Portland clean by Saturday night.
Police Will Aid Campaign.
The campaign will be heartily aided by
the police force, acting in accordance
with an order issued by Chief of Police
Cox. As especial nuisances to be
watched by the officers the chief men
tions the throwing of rubbish, not j only
upon streets, but upon private grounds
as well; the packing of etraw left where
pressed brick are unloaded, littering the
streets and clogging the catch-basins;
allowing trash to remain where pi'es of
wood are removed; sweeping rubbish
from stores into the streets, and the
throwing of fruit skins in the street
around the wagons of hawkers.
All these things, the order says, are
clear violations of the law and must be
stopped! Officers will notify property
owners at once upon observing a viola
tion of the order, and will not wait to
report to the health officer. Horses and
cows must not be staked out on vacant
lots, so that they may reach the side
Baker Man Thinks Forestry Of
ficials Lnfair to Him.
BAKER CITY, May 11. (.Special.)
Alleging that a forestry official made the
statement, "I believe I can drive you
fellows out of there," A. A. Crouse is
making a determined fight to obtain title
to a homestead that he took up in the
forest reserve near Granite, 40 miles
west of here.
"I took up a claim of 160 acres near
Granite In 1899 when the land had been
placed in the temporary reserve." said
Mr. Orouse. "I took it up first as a
placer claim hut found there was no
mineral on the land and so decided to
homestead it. In 1900 I grubbed 20 acres
of sagebrush and planted the ground to
"I continued to live on the place and
have made it my home ever since. There
was a house already there, and I built a
barn. I fenced the whole 160 acres. All
the timber on the place is about 40 acres
of black pine, which is of no use for
commercial purposes.
"I have complied with all the require
ments to file in the forest reserve, but
I first have to get a permit from the for
estry officials to file and they won't give
me this permit."
Will Entertain.
The Commercial Club of Mosier ex
tends a cordial Invitation to all non
residents who are interested in that
district to visit that town on Saturday
next, 14th inst- The club will enter
tain in the evening, and for the occa
sion the Oregon Railroad & Navigation
Company will sell special round-trip
tickets from Portland for $3.30, good
for the going trip on The Dalles looal,
leaving the Union Depot at 4 P. M.,
and good on any train returning Sun
day following.
Diarrhoea should be cured without
loss of time and by a medicine which
like Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy not only cures
promptly but produces no unpleasant
after effects. It never fails and is
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I have used S. S. S. and found it to
be an excellent blood purifier and
tonic My blood was weak and
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bilitated. I lost twenty or more
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was in bad shape. Seeing S. S. S. ad
vertised I began its use, and am well
pleased with the results after using it
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pounds to 165 is pretty good evidence
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system and general health have been
wonderfully built up, and I do not
hesitate to give S. S. S. the credit for
it. H. MARTIN.
50 Second St., W arren., O.
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self to become less than Nature intended, when there is at hand a certain cure for his debility.
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tem, that no mental, moral or physical debility is making his
life a miserable failure.
I do not treat symptoms. I treat and cure the ailment be
hind the symptoms. If the case present feven the slightest fea
ture upon w hich I have a doubt, or if I recognize incurable com
plications, I positively refuse treatment. ' I would, rather give
up my practice than indulge in either guesswork or make-believe
cures. I have devoted years of earnest and conscientious en
deavor to the unravelment of some of the most perplexing prob
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No class of human ailments
Is so little understood among
the profession today as the ail
ments peculiar to men. As a
result the methods commonly
employed In treating- them are
but relics of earlier periods in
medical science. I have depart
ed from every form of treat
ment that my own experience
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fective and unscientific. I have
replaced them with original
and thoroughly modern methods
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fective. Every detail of my
procedure in each individual
case is based upon accurate
knowledge as to conditions and
requirements, and my cures are
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ly painless treatment that cures I
completely in one week. Inves- I
tlerate mv method. Tt i t.h nnlvJ
thoroughly scientific treatment for this ailment being employed.
BLOOD AILMENTS No dangerous dosing to drive the virus to the
Interior, but harmless blood-cleansing remedies that remove the last
taint. ,
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My treatment for obstructions re
moves the necessity for surgical opera
tions, even in severe cases of long
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cause others have failed. I will cure
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stores good health and tone to all
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Office Hour
M. to
234V2 Morrison Street, Corner Second, Portland, Or.
HUlUnUli Habit. Po.idvelj
CurtxL Only Hxthorird ey In
stitute in Oregon. Writs tor illtu
trmtwd circular. KmIct Intltnta.
1 E. txttx 3i Fonlaod. Own
Cures Seasickness
Motto erauT Remedy quickly cores ms or train
sickness. Guaranteed safe and harmless. 50c and
1 .00 a box. All drufrfrtsts or direct from Mother
sill Remedy Co., &1 Cleland Bids., Detroit, Mich
I The Leading Specialist.
In the treament of ailments
I Oiier a service such as no
other physician can render.
The remedies I employ have a
most thorough and positive
action in cleansing the mem
branes and subduing all in
flammation. My manner of
application Insures absolute
thoroughness. and removes
every posisbillty of a relapse
or a chronic stage. My cures
are not only thorough, but are
accomplished in the briefest
time possible.
S I. M. Sunday.. 10 to 1 Only.
It Insures an enjoyable, lnvla
oratlngr bath; makes every port
respond; removes dead skin.
starts the circulation. and
leaves clow equal to a Turk
ish bath.
MUDLAV1A Treatment Draws Out Pain
and Poison with the famous) Mud Baths.
Thousands hav been cured. Bis Hotel
open all yar. Send for book. Addresa R.
B. KRAMER, Pres., Kramer, Ind.
PAY Pjfc
YOU i!Si JM?
cured JSwy
I 1
Consultation and examination. If
you cannot call, write free
Belf-examlnation blank ana book.
Many cases cured at home.
23012 Yamhill St.
-weak, Ner
vous AND
I am an expert specialist, have hart
SO years" practice in the treatment of
ailments of men. My offices are the
best equipped in Portland. My meth
ods are modern and up - to - date. My
cures are quick and positive. I do not
treat symptoms and patch up. I thor
oughly examine each case, find tha
cause, remove It and thus cure the ail
ment. I CURE Varicose Veins. Contracted
Ailments, Pile, and Specific Blood Pol-,
on and all Ailments of Men.
CURE OR NO PAY I am the only
Spednllst In Portland -who makes no
cbarse unless the patient In entirely
satisfied with the results accomplished,
and vrho srlves a written gruarantee to
refund every dollar paid for services
If a complete and permanent cure Is not
tracted and chronic cases cured. All
burning, Itching and inflammation
stopped in 24 hours. Cures effected in
seven days. Consultation free. If un
able to call -write for list of questions.
Office hours 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Sun
days, 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
128 Second St., Corner of Alder,
Portland. Or.
For. Indigestion
Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach. "Weak Stomaon.
pr in fact ANY Stomach Trouble eaused by
Indigestion. Get a bottle today and try 1U
Kodol is guaranteed to relieve you and if i fails
your money will at once be refunded by the
dealer from whom you purchased it. Kvery tab
laspoonf ul of Kofol diests 214 pounds of food.
Tonns Minx Chine '
Medicine Co. Wonderful
remedies from, herbs ud
roots cure all diseases of
men and women. Consulta
tion and pulse diagnosis1
free. It you live out of
town and cannot call
write for symptom blank.
147 Taylor uU. bet. 2d and
Inflammations, Irritations
or ulcerations of all mo
cons membranes, unnatu
ral discharges from nose
Hay Fever turoat or urinary orjans.
LTbtETOeio!ft. gold hj Druggists :
or In plain wrapper, ex
press prepaia, on receipt
of SI. or three bottles, $7-7&
Booklet on request.
Tea St 8on's Medicine Co. spent
lifetime study of herbs and re
search tn China; was granted
diploma by the Emperor; won
derful cure of all ailments of
men and women when others
failed. If you suffer, call or
write to YEE A SON'S MEDI
CINE CO.. 142V2 First;. Cor
Alder, Portland. Or.
r Catarrh. Cold"