Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, May 02, 1910, Page 18, Image 18

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Portland Headquarters for Nemo Corsets Don't Miss Nemo Week Demonstration Agents for Perrin's Gloves Butterick Patterns
Willamette Sewing Machines, $2.00 Down, $1.00 a Week Largest Toy Department in the Northwest Grocery Dept. in Basement
The Greater Meier Frank Stores' 54th Aimiver
First Fifty -Four Bay Woe
TWs Moraine
Storts T
Come I
honsands of Unequalled Bargains os New and Deslra
erchandise A Great Distribution of Unprecedented Values
We Celebrate 54
Years of Substantia
Growth and Development
54 Years of Improvement
54 Years Deserved Public
Confidence and Patronage
Clean, New Merchandise The
54 Bays of Wonder Bargns
30 Delivery Wagons 3 Electric
2200 Experienced Employes
7 Elevators Everything That
Goes to Make The Meier Frank
the Favorite Shopping Place
Most P
We Maintain the Rep
utation Made by 54
Years Value -Givi
This Is the First Day of
the 54 Bargains for Every
Minute for the 54 Days
ices Invariably the Lowest First Wonder
Day 'Luncheon in
7 th PL Teci Room -Portland's Largest and
Chief Cox Says Portland Is
Free From Criminals.
Drunkenness I-ouds List With 620
A rr est s During Month Pol ice
Active AVHH '"Women of Town,'
Keeping Them on Move.
Phowirc a. marked decrea?? in tlie num-
b r of rim. s committed, tlie April re
port of Chief of 1 Ml ice Cox is now being
prepared. That the City of Portland is
more free from criminals and crime than
it has been in many years is the con
tention of Chief Cox, and bo la borne
out by the records of both Police Court
and station.
Drunkenness heads tli list in the num
ber of arrests made during April. 620
Imhlbinv in the flowing bowl to- such em
extent that they had to be cared for by
the authorities. Altogether durinp the
month there were 13'J& arrests made, of
which 12S7 wero males and 38 females.
There were 603 foreigners placed in
durance vile, and 59 minors, of whom
7 were females, wore caught in the police
d ra jrnet.
While the report of the Municipal
Court for April is not yet completed, it
understood that the receipts of the
court for this, month are nearly three
times us much as they were in April,
Women of Town Must tio.
With regard to the report that dissolute
women are being allowed to operate in
the . notorious North Knd district. Chief
Cox yesterday snhl that he had given
written instructions to the department
that all such women were to be driven
from the city. The order which was
given by Chief Cox was issued on April
13. and reads a follow?:
To t'aptains of Voliee Information lias
reitt'ht'o1 this offit-o that a preat number of
niacqmToaux ami .portinsr women are drift
ing into this city from Seattle, Wash., and
other cities.
You will insirut-t the officers of your re
spective commands to ho everlastingly vigi
lant in the performance of their duty and
to keep a sharp lookout for this element and
keep thrm on the move, especially the men
pf the macquerfaux class who make their
It vine off the earnings of fallen women
and ix" 1 1 y thcivinpr. This class uf vasrant
U detestable to any community and every
effort mut be made by members of this
department to rid the city of their presence.
iKUd A. M. COX.
Chief of Police.
"We are mnklng every effort to keep
these women ind men out of the city,"
sa!d Chief Cox. "There have been nu
merous inquiries received by the depart
ment hs to whether the women would be
allowed to carry on their business, and
the answer has been emphatically 'no.' in
rvery instance. This Is a big city, and in
rvery large community there, is bound
to be a certain number of their class. But
ve are bonding1 every effort to suppress
ing them.
The following 1s the 4Lbulated report of
arrests made for the month of April:
Tabulated Keport Shown.
utcrmo1Ie exceeding- speed limit. -JLutomotoUe,
no light
Automobile, no license . 1
Allow chickens to run at large... 1
Attempt at suicide. 2
After hours &2
Adultery 2
Assault and battery ... SI
Burfclary, tools in possession 1
v unii-mpt oi coun .....................
Cruelty to animals 5
Carrying concealed weapons . 10
Conduct disorderly saloon ............... 1
Drunkenness - ........... 620
Drunk and disorderly 44
Disorderly conduct 2fi
Oambllng 2
Highway robbery 2
Indecent and Immoral act ... .......... 7
Impersonating; an officer ............ 2
Leaving team untied ............ 3
Lottery ticket in possession ............. 4
Larceny . ........ ....................... 19
Larceny in a store .......... ,n. .. 2
Larceny in a dwelling .... .........m.... K
Lost children brought to station. ... .. 8
Injured persons assisted ............... 23
Morphine in possession 1
Obstruct street 3
Obtaining money false pretenses ........ 8
Sell liquor, no license ................. 4
Sell liquor on Sunday .................
Sick and destitute ... ..
Soliciting money for prostitution. 2
Saloon open after hours ................... X
Trespass ....... J2
Cse profane language .w. IS
Vacrar-cy . . 1S2
Violating city ordinance 38
Vicious dog at large 1
Violate traffic ordinance ............... 14
Wife desertion 1
Kxpectorate on sidewalk ................ 1
Disturbance bj" fighting ................ 33
Fewer Vicious Criminals Here Xow.
"There are fewer vicious criminals in
the city at the present time than has
been the case la years" said Captain of
Detectives Moore yesterday. "All of the
crimes reported have been of the petty
type, showing, that the worst element of
thups, hold-up men. etc, have been
cleaned out."
Captain Moore's monthly report to
Chief Cox is follows:
Larcenies reported . ............... .....102
Larcenies cleaned up ...... 60
burglaries reported ................. 1
Burglaries cleaned up .................. 0
Bad checks reported 2t
Bad checks cleaned up 23
Holdups reported 5
Holdups cleared up 4
Pickpockets reported 4
Pickpockets cleaned up ................. 1
Ratvberies reported 1
Robteries cleaned up .................. 1
Buncoes reported ...................... 1
Buncoes cleaned up .................... 0
Assaults reported 2
Assaults cleaned up 1
Pessimistic Policeman Sorry Event
Was Few Hours Ijate.
"Ifs just another case of mlx-up In
dates, and I don't know who Is to blame
for it- Either the census man or the
stork grot mixed up. and each of th-m
ought to have known belter. It Is cer
lainiy a s'.i-ime, with Portland making
such an effort to count all lier citizens,
that an important one should havs been
left out."
Police Officer F. W. Pete. son. who re
sides at S64 Vancouver avenue, so an
nounced an addition to the population of
Portland yesterday when he went on
duty. It is a bouncing baby girl, and
mother and daughter are getting along in
fine shape. ,
Officer Peterson was showered with
congratulations by his brother policemen
yesterday, but he refused to be consoled
because the little one was not enumer
ated in the census. The girl was born
shortly after midnight.
Prompt relief In all cases of throat
and lung trouble if you use Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. Pleasant to take
soothing and- healing; in effect. Sold
by all dealers. .
Going Street Addition is within th
three-mil. lino. ..
Biuecoats Drill for Annual In
spection Soon.
Medals for Bravery Will Be Given
Probably at This Time Several
in Line for Rewards for Faith
ful Service the Past Vear.
Agog with enthusiastic preparation for
the coming event, officers and men of the
Portland Police Department have com
menced drilling for the annual inspection
by the Police Commissioners, to be held
the latter part of this month, the exact
date of which has not yet been set.
The members, of the Police Band gath
ered - yesterday for practice in the Ar
mory, end, if reports are true, the music
makers of the biuecoats are in a class
by themselves. Captain of Detectives
Moore was Instrumental In getting the
men to form a band, and he is working
with them with a view of making a
splendid showing this year.
"Boys" Prepare for Festival.
Portland's "finest" are also getting in for the Rose Festival, and it is
believed that they will make an appear
ance then such as would be hard to excel
in any city in the country.
Five companies consisting of 28 men
each, will parade before the Mayor, the
Police Commissioners and the public on
inspection day, and ,in addition to these,
there will be a company of mounted men
and the Police Band.
Captain of Police Bailey Is senior cap
tain, and will command one company,
while Captains Baty and Slover each will
take charge of other companies. Ser
geants Robertson and Endicott are in
line, it is believed, for command of the
remaining foot companies. The mounted
battalion will be under the charge of
Sergeant Parker. Chief of Police Cox, of
course, will be commander-in-chief.
SergeanJ Riley will act as adjutant,
while Sergeant Klingel will take the
rank of sergeant-major for the day. Ser
geant Cole will carry the colors, with
Sergeants Klenlan and Patton as color
guards. Officer H. C. Wilson will act as
drum-major of the band. Captain of
Detectives Moore, who has trained the
men, will de drill-master, and will have
charge of an important part of the ce
remonies. All Patrolmen to Be Mustered.
During the Inspection, all of the special
policemen of the city will be mustered
into service to take care of the various
police "beats." There are about a score
of special men in Portland, and. with the
regulars assisting them, they will have
little trouble in taking charge of the wel
fare of the city for a snort time.
Medals for bravery will be given, prob
ably, on the occasion. Officers Stahl and
George Croxford are in line for these
honors, both men having shot and killed
dangerous criminals during the past year.
Albany to Vote on Bond Issue.
ALBANY, Or, May 1. (Special.) A
special election will be held in this city
tomorrow on the question of issuing $40,
000 bonds to build a City Hall. In the
last regular election, iu December, the
people voted In favor of the erection of
a City Hall, but a special election on the
question of issuing bonds must be held
to make the proposed bond issue legal.
Will Take Stand In Case Against
Millionaire C. A. Smith.
Stephen A. D. Puter will arrive in
Portland over the O. R. & N. during
the forenoon but will not today be
placed on the witness stand in the
Charles A. Smith trial.
Puter is charged with having Joined
Horace G. McKlnley in the origination
of the scheme to acquire land and to
have Induced the Minnesota millionaire
to furnish the money whereby the en
trymen were enabled to "prove up."
Puter was not served with a summons
to appear on the witness stand and
took a trip East.
The Government representatives be
lieve that Puter will be able to con
nect Charles A. Smith with knowledge
of the fraudulent means which were
employed by the conspirators. Smith
and the Llnn-Iane Timber Company,
of which he is president, deny that they
knew that the title to the lands was
tainted at the time they acquired it.
It has been charged that Puter was
remaining away In order to force the
Governnifent to give him immunity
from two Indictments -which are said
to be hanging over him.
When Puter heard that his motives
were being assailed, he was a patient
In a hospital at Scranton, Pa., where
he had undergone an operation for ab
scess of the ear. A United States
Marshal of Pennsylvania carried the
news to the sick witness, and Puter
immediately Insisted on being allowed
to begin the Journey Westward. It
was finally arranged that he might
undertake the trip by agreeing- to stop
over In Chicago for treatment.
The delay in Chicago is accountable
for the fact that Puter did not arrive
in time to take the stand today. Puter
has kept the office of District Attorney
McCourt fully advised as to his where
abouts since leaving Scranton. He
telegraphed from Cheyenne, Wyo., and
from Pocatello, Idaho.
A large number of entrymen who
have not heretofore appeared on the
witness stand arrived in the city last
night and will be held in reserve pend
ing the Puter testimony.
California. Governor and Mr. Russell
AgTee on Fight Publicity.
"I see," said W. M. Russell, of Russell
& Drew, managers of the Portland the
ater, yesterday, "that Governor Gillette
of California has taken my thunder. The
Governor Indorses what I said a week
ago in Seattle about the attitude of the
newspapers toward prizefighting. Even
though the Governor may not have seen
what I wrote about it, there Is an im
plied compliment you know what sort of
minds they are which are. said to 'run
in the same channel. "
Governor Gillette was talking of the
fatal outcome of a prizefight In San
Francisco on Saturday, when he said:
"The great dailies of the country give
columns and pages and extra editions to
prizefighting. The subject overshadows
other topics In the news. If the big
papers would not advertise the fights,
there would not be any of them."
In almost the same words, Mr. Russell
called attention to the situation the week
before "In Seattle. To th sxillmnt ex
pressed by the Governor of California,
Mr. Russell had added:
"If this space was bought and paid
for, it would cost such an enormous sum
that the writer confesses his Inability
to compute It. Surely the public must
demand this kind of literature, or the
publishers of newspapersfwould not dole
It out to them in the manner they do."
Oil Company Organized.
HOOD . RTVER, Or.. May 1. (Spe
cial.) The Hood River Oil Company
has been organized with a capital
stock of $500,000 by the-election of J.
H. Hibbard. H. F. Davidson, F. M. Loy,
A. A. Jayne and C. Ij. Morse directors.
Smith Wants
We want dressed veal and pork
and live chickens. We do not
charge commission. We will pay
you promptly. Ship any quantity
and ship any day. We will pay as
follows for good fat stuff:
Dressed Veal, 9 to lO.
Dressed Pork, 12.
Live Hens, 18.
Eggs, 23.
Address all shipments
"Fighting the Beef Trust,"
Portland, Oregon.
Norway Creamery Butter
I'll tell, you the only place you
get it is at a Smith market. It's the
best butter in this town or any
other town absolutely sweet, fresh
Oregon Cream from Jersey cows
and it's cheap, cheap, cheap. The
best and cheapest butter on earth.
Full 2 lbs, only 60.
The company has obtained large hold
ings riear Vale, Or., at present the cen
ter of an oil excitement. The officers
are J. H. Hibbard, president; H. F.
Davidson, vice-president, and A. A.
Jayne, secretary and treasurer.
Beers Guilty Fourth Time.
VANCOUVER, Wash., May 1.
(Special.) For selling whisky on Sun
day, Charles Beers, of the La Topka
saloon, was found guilty by a jury yes
terday. The offense was committed April
10. This is the fourth time Beers has
pleaded guilty.
A Healthful Hint.
A bottle of the Hood Brewing Com
pany's famous Bock Beer to ward off
that tired feeling. Phone B. 139, B 1319.
lt and Johnson, adjoining: Krake's Grorery.
lOth and Itevttt, adjoining Ryan's tirwry.
11th and Montgomery, adjoining Burns'
3d and Jefferson (Meat and Groceries).
1K8 Gibhs Street.
641 Flrnt Street.
t4 Sheridan Street ( Konhrr Market).
236 Alder Street.
58 Taylor Street Un1ontown).
576 t'ommwrlal St rent -SEASIOK.
iBriflsre Street.
517-514 Williams Avenue,
Union Avenue and. Tillamook Street.
35S Kt Burnside St reet.
664 Alberta Street.
791 Mississipiri Avcn:ie.
Grand Ave., er Hawthorne Avp.
Cor. Grand Ave. and TCat Morrison Street
Adjoining Kellahr.
33d and Belmont Streets.
Mflwaukie Ave. and Krankfort Street.
13th Street and Tenino Avenue (Sell
wood ) .
Jersey Street (St. Johns).
Dropping, dropping, dropping is the price of meat at all of Smith's Mar
kets. Nearly all markets in the City of Portland but Smith's are getting
their meat from the Beef Trust, and the Trust is fighting tooth and nail lo
hold up prices. Pass up all other markets and come to Smith's. "When you
come to Alder street, be sure to come to Smith's pass up the Beef Trust's
market on Alder street. That market was put there to hurt Smith, but it
has been a terrible, fearful, costly drag to the Trust. No man connected
with it has had a dollar's worth of luck from it.
Beef, Beef, wonderfully good,
choice, fresh Beef is dropping at all
of Smith's markets.
Beef Shanks 5
Necks of Beef. 8 and 10
Brisket Beef .8 and 9
Plate Beef 8 and 10
Rump Roast Beef. .12V2 and 15
Pot Roast Beef 12V2
Prime Rib Roast Beef . .12y2-15
Shoulder Steak 12V,
Round Steak 12y2 and 15
Sirloin Steak 15i
Tenderloin Steak 15
Porterhouse Steak 18 and 20
The price of Lamb is dropping' at
all of Smith's markets. It is full
arrown young lamb; it is not old sheep
like the Beef Trust sells; it is full
grown young lamb.
Lamb Stew 8
Lamb Liver 10
Shoulder of Lamb X2Vo
Good Roasts of Lamb 15
Shoulder Lamb Chops 15
Legs of Lamb 15c
The price of Veal is dropping at
all of Smith's markets.
Veal Sausage lf
Whole Legs of Veal 15
Shoulder Roast Veal 12' i' and 15c
Breasts of Veal 12l2 and 15d
Veal Stew 10 and 12V2
Loin and Rib Veal Cutlets. . . . . .18
Shoulder Veal Cutlets 15
The prices of the good things of life
are dropping at all of Smith's mar
kets. Smith's Norway Creamery Butter
the only place you get the genuine
is at a Smith market, per sq. 60
Fresh Oregon Eggs.....
Pork Sausage 15
Bacon by the piece 221-;
Whole Hams or Half Hams, eitlipr
end ...20c
Smith's Pure Lard 20c
Smith's Pure Lard Substitute. .13?
All the above meats and the following groceries at Third and Jefferson
A 4418. A free basket with everv
street. Phone Main 87ol, Automatic
good-sized order you carry home.
10-lb. pali Syrup 50
4 cans Milk 25S
Eagle Milk, per can 15J
2 cans Lemon Cling Peaches 35
8 cans Tomatoes 25
3 cans Corn 25
3 cans String Beans........ 25
6 loaves Bread 25
8 lbs. Rolled Oats 25
Soda Crackers, per lb IOC
Soda Crackers, per box, per lb Sti
3 lbs. Dried Figs 25
3 lbs. Persian Dates 25c
6 lbs. Italian Prunes 25!
Comb Honey, per square 15
2 large cakes Ivory Soap...
2 cakes Sapolio 15c
2 lbs. English Walnuts 25
1 lb. Almonds 17:C
1 package Corn Starch ..5c
2 pkgs. OIoss Starch 15
-Ib. pkg. Ceylon Tea.... 20
3 pkgs. Gelatine ...25
7 cans American Sardines .25
Evaporated Horseradish, 15c bot.. 2
bots. for ...25
Celery Salt, 15c bot.. 2 bot. 2o
Chestershire Sauce, 15c bot., 2 bots.
for 25c
Eagle Chela, Powder, per can 15
Boneless Codfish Strips, per lb....lO
1 quart Olives .25
1 pint Sweet Plcfclcs ..lO