Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 21, 1910, Page 18, Image 18

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Birds, Dogs, l'ft Stock.
FOR SALE Pheasant -?ggs. $2 per doz. G.
Eilers, R. F. I. No 3, box ti6, Aurora, Or.
Mince liaueuua.
rimeiiBlons Length HO feet, beam 13 ft.
6 In., depth 4 ft. 2 In., gross tons 71; 2
engines 8x8, high pressure of 70-horee-power,
speed 14 miles; fitted for burning
oil or wood; oil tanks and all machinery
6 months oid; a strong towboat or suit
able for freight and passengers. Apply
to Anderson & Crowe, 245 Ash St., Fort
10-foot counter with shelves, and
doors, top 18 inches wide. 12-foot rail
with base, posts, two gates, 6-foot rail,
20-Inch top. Address American Life A
Accld-ent Co.. 616 Beck bldg. Telephone
Main 6552. m
SEWING machines Do not fail to visit the
White fewing machine store THIS "WEEK.
SPECIAL SAL.ES 1'20 drop-head machines.
lightly marred ; all standard makes ma
chines for rent and repairing. H. D. Jones.
Prop., 420 Washington at., corner 11th.
NATIONAL ciash registers new at discount;
one electric operation, check printer, latest
design; one operated with handle, check
printer, with stub check. Phone .Richmond
71 or inaulre E. O. Magoon. Ill N. Jersey
M., St. John. Or.
WANTED Best bid on 110,000 feet of fir
lumber of following dimensions: 16 feet
long, 1 in. thick by 12 in. wide, sur
faced on one aide and grooved. A bar
gain. Amity -Light & Power Co.
LAUNCH 24 feet long. 5-ft. beam, 7-horse-power,
CuBhman engine, 12-passenger;
can be seen at Washington-street dock
Sunday morning from 10 to 12; price $375.
A I'Ol, QruKor.ian.
125-volt, 150-K. W. General Electric
generator; belt type, complete with panel
and rait base. Address Room 201. Ore
gonlan bldg.
WE do first-class upholstering, all the new
finishes put on; all kinds of furniture re
paired. Don't buy new, make over the
old. Phone East 337.
6PECIAL prices on factory rebuilt machines;
very liberal terms ; $10 to $60. .Northwest
Typewriter Co.. M. 6870. 222 Ablngtoo
VERY pretty houseboat of 4 rooms at half
the cost of the material; this is a bargain
and one of the nicest on the river. 505
Chamber of Commerce. Main 1063.
BEST dry fir and oak wood, either sawed
or 4-ft., at lowest possible prices. Kirk
Hoover, 313 Water st Phone Main 7451,
A 5445.
CITY MAP for sale; large 1102 city map
for- sale cheap. Inquire 317 Board of
'PrHrie bldg., 4th and Oak.
FOR SALE Hart-Parr traction gasoline en
gine, good as new. K. T. Cox. 250fc 3d
et., Portland. Or.
AMERICAN and English Ency. of Law and
Ency. of Pleading and Practice. AF 914,
50. Ask for catalog. Rebuilts $15 up. N
, M. Hayter Co.. 00 5th st. Main 5528.
FOR SALE Showcase, wallcases, counters,
cheap. No. 222 Grand ave. Phone East o38.
Cub bear, 2 months old, very playful.
Phone E. 6'7 or call 203 Morris st.
STRICTLY Al Edison combination Triumph
phonograph outfit ; cost $70; will sell for
$35. 564 Flanders st. Phone Main 50721
FOR SALE 4 electric power sewing ma
chines, with tabling, in good condition.
Inquire 34rt Alder, near 7th.
SAFES 11 2d-hand safes very cheap; large
stock new safes sold on easy terms; call or
write today. Portland Safe Co.. 87 5th.
JUNE soda fountain, complete with glass
i holders, spoons, etc- 33 N. 3d st.
FOR SALE CHEAP I Target handsome
Khiva rug. Phone Main US 9 5. Ifi7 16th st.
CO-POUND Ice chest and mahogany dresser
cheap. 326 First st.
SHOWCASES new and second-hand. 312
Everett cor. 6th. Also fixtures.
FINE insulated cooler for sale cheap. Alex
Friedman. 205 1st.
600 BUSINESS cards $1 if you bring this ad.
Rose City Prlntery. 192 fc 3d, near Taylor.
VIOLINS, banjos, mandolins, guitars at half
- regular prices. Uncle Myers. 71 Sixth lU
, 231 Stark St. Main 1407.
WOULD like to take care of a good 7
seated car for the Summer; state kind
. of car and rent wanted. AD 807, Ore
gonian. WANTED Men's cast-otf clothing and
shoes; we also buy household furnishings;
highest prices paid. Call at the "Fair
Deal." 47 3d at.. .North. Phone Main 8272.
WANTED Clothing, best price paid for
ladles' and gents second-hand clothing
and shoes and bicycles. Main 2080. 230 1st.
HIGHEST price paid for men's cast-off
clothing, shoes, bicycles and all second
hand goods. 71 North 3d. Marshall 699.
WANTED lO shares Telepost stock, series
A or B. Stato lowest price. G 0O3, Ore
gonian. CELL your second-hand furniture to the
Ford Auction Co. or you'll get less.
. Phones: A 2445. Main 8951.
CALL up Marshall 1920 if you have sec-ond-hand
clothes to soil.
SPOT cash paid for your furniture; prompt
attention always given. Phono East 1067.
WANTED Men's castoff clothing, shoes for
highest price. Phone Main 464o.
Wanted. A-l salesman with exoeu tive
capacity to Invest his servires and $15t0
in branch agency of mortgage and build
ing company; this is a permanent propo
sition of merit and Is meant to attract
only those of hlgh-grado abiiltj; the in
vestment, while necessary. isthe minor
consideration; a commission contract with
guaranteed salary is offered; in answering
state age and experience. AB 900, Orego-
WANTED Two live men to do business
among the best people in tho citv; salary
to start, $tS per week. Call before 9 A.
M. and between 4 and 5 P. M., 400 Ore
gonian bldg.
THREE first-class clothing and furnishing
good salesman wanted at once. Apply to
the Brownsvilk Woolen Mill Store, 3d and
Stark sts.
a competent salesman for their men's
clothing department. Apolv to SuDt..
at S A. M.
$1H TO $35 week, few months only learning;
situations guaranteed. Watchmaking-Ea-
graving School, box 183. Ashland. Or.
PHYSICIAN to work in specialist's office;
must be registered In Oregon. O 605.
WANTED A young man to learn under
taking business. Ca.ll East Thirteenth and
I'matilla ave.
HOY. reliable.- about 17 years of age, for
wrapping department. Apply to Olds
Wormian & King.
TWO tirst-class coat makers wanted ; prices
$10.90 and up. Anderson & Nettleblod
Aberdeen. Wash.
TWO men wanted at once that understand
care of horses ; no others need apply. 334
Fron t st.
WANTED Young man for delicatessen and
bakery: take cash, small Investment. Call
3t'3fc Washington, room 24.
WANTED Reliable man to check goods
etc. ; pays better than wages; $"50 re-
quired. Cnll iHXfc Stark bc.
SOLICITOR for commercial photographer
salary and commission; references, p y;;l
WANTED First-class barber for Dayton
Wash. Apply Lewis-Stenger Barber Sud
ply Co.
WANTED 2 boys to work on stuffing ma
chine in ma 1 1 res eh o p . C a rman M f ir Co
IMth and Upshur.
WANTED Experienced solicitor; salary
and commission. Berlin Dye Works 3:12
Third st.
THREE steam shovel engineers. 1 craneman
chef for small resort, c. H. Hansen, 20 N
Second st. ,-
WA XTED First-class advertising solicitor
317 Henry bldg.
W A NTKD Two boys with wheels good
wages. Apply 131 loth st.. near Wash, st.
WANTED Three first-class mattressmakera
three upholsterers. Call r-.-oni 5. 2i2 Clay .it.
WANTED Boy at once. 26 Russell st. Phone
East 2502.
WANTED Two bright boys with wheels.
good wages. Apply 131 10th. near W ash.
HOY wanted for grocery help at 472 Weid
ler. near 6th st.
PATTERN-MAKER wanted. Call 222 Com
mercial Ciub bldg-
WANTED Janitor. Apply 10 o'clock, 90 5th
WANTED Bushelman tailor for men's dept.
K. M. Gray. 27K-275 Morrison st.
"YOUNG man, handy with carpenter tools.
ft4 Union ave.
SERVICES of retoucher in exchange for free
rent. P 030. Oregon tan.
W A NTED Platen prpss feeder.
firos., printers, 145fc 1st.
WANTED Waiter. 2 V N. 2d at.
2 North Second st.. Portland. Or.
424 Front ave., Spokane. Wash.
S7-t0 Fourth st., San Francisco, CaL
Established 1870.
Agents for
The Utah Construction Co.
Erickson & petterson.
Twohy Bros. Company
Pacific Contract & Con. Co.
Portland Bridge & Building Co.
O. R. & N. and S. P. R. R. Cos.
Pacific Coast Con. Co.
C. A. Smith Lumber Co.
Booth-Kelly Lumber Co.
And other large employers.
Ship dally.
Free fare.
To Eastern and Southern Oregon and
California for R. R. construction laborers.
Work guaranteed. Transportation supplied.
A general male and female employment
business transacted.
g North 2d st.
BOY 15 years of age and over to work In
fatory. Apply at once. Ames, Harris,
Neville Co.. 5th and Davis.
1000 white laborers for surfacing and
general railroad construction work. Wages
$3.85 per day. Fare from Seattle to the
work $15. Weekly shipments begin about
May 1st.
M. J. HENEY, Pier 2, Seattle Wash. "
. 1
WANTED Young men to attend to coat
room; also one bellboy. Applv Portland
Commercial Club, 5th and Oak sts. Super
intendent's office, between 10 and 11 A. M.
EVERY young- man seeking- employment or
desiring to better his condition, should
taxe advantage of the special employ
ment membership, and g-at in quick touch
with the advisory and employment sec
retary of the Y. M C. A Strangers our
specialty. Good fellowship, good advice.
good position awaits you
MEN wanted for firemen and hrakemen on
nearby railroads; a-ge 18 to 35; experience
unnecessary ; no strike, permanent employ
ment ; firemen 100 monthly; brake
men $75; promotion to engineers, con
ductors; 400 men sent to positions monthly,
state age; send stamps. Railway Asso-
elation, care Qregonian.
WANTED First-class, steady waiter. $60
per month and board; also 2 good dinner
waiters. Apply Portland Commercial Club,
5th and Oak sts. Superintendent's office.
WANTED Young man, 18 years of age or
over, who has knowledge of telegraphy and
can take at least 15 words per minute, and
wishes to advance; must be steady and will
ing to help around office and shop. Ad
dress Postal Telegraph Co., C. G. Raw-
lings, Man-ager. Albany. Oregon.
SALESMEN To handle attractive lot o
small monthly payments in cheapest, best
and easie&t-sellir.g addition in Portland.
Nam a of prospective buyers furnished.
Good commission, better than salary to live
man. 315 Coucn bldg.. 4th st.. near Wash
ington. WANTED Solicitor, salesman or organizer,
capable of selling complete creameries or
canning factories on the co-operative
plan; low prices and liberal terms to pur
chasers. For particulars write O. Preas
prich & Company, 103 Park Ave., New
10,000 POSITIONS for graduates last year;
men and women to learn barber trade in
8 weeks, help to secure promotion; gradu
ates earn from $15 to $25 weekly; expert
instructors; tools free; write for cata
logues. Mohler System of Colleges, $5
North 4th su, Portland. Or.
WANTED Salesmen who are hustlers and
can sell; no dead ones need apply. We have
good territory and proposition for the right
parties. We furnish outfit free and pay
cash weekly. Writ us. ALBANY NUB
SERIES. INC.. Albany. Oregon.
SALESMEN In Oregon, to handle attrac
tive Eraser City townslte lots; The new
metropolis of Central British Columbia,
Good terms. Easy to sell. Apply or
write at once, O. E. Franzke, 60S Perkins
WANTED A first-class salesman on a prop
osition upon which one inexperienced man
Is now making over $700 a month. Apply
between 0 and 11.
302-303 Lewis Bldg.
CAN USE several clean-cut. reliable young
men to work under my direction in real
estate business; here is where you 'can
make good if you are a willing worker,
as I will assist you in every way. tH7
Board of Trade bldg. ' -
MAN with small family wanted as team
ster and general helper In flouring mill;
house and garden plot furnished fre. Call
at Oregon Hotel. Inquire for J. E. Lo
gan, 3:30 clock Thursday a fternoon.
MAN to assist agent with freight, baggage
and clerical work; ono not afraid of work;
references required. Phone Mr. Earlv,
Imperial Hotel, city, or write ML Hood
Railway Co.. Hood River, Or.
600 MEN'S high-graae Spring suits direct
from New York; $35 to $40 values, $18.75;
$:5 to $30 values, $14.75; $18 to $22.50
values, $12.75. Jimmle Dunn, 315 Ore
gonian bldg.
DISTRICT managers for the Yeomen ;
splendid Washington territory; $100 to
$300 per month if you are willing to
work. F. A. Case. State Manager. 1813
Boren ave.. Seattle, Wash.
WANTED Bandmen. especially cornet,
clarionet and baritone players. Address
all communications to Pres. M. W. A
Band. Junction City, Or.
WE aid our members to secure employment.
Constant demand for young men of ability
and integrity. Special employment mem
bershlp. Y. M. C A.
WANTED A man to take charge of city
department in an established real estate
office. C. Hughes Land Co., Portland Or
408-400 Lewis bldg.. Phone Marshall 2o9!
Write for Portland examination schedule
preparation free. Franklin Institute. Dodl
41Q N.. Rochester. N. Y. v
PRESSER, " " "
First-class men wanted at once
IF you are not making $200 a month and
you have any ability as a salesman
at 210-220 Commercial Club bldg.. corner
."th and Oak.
FINE opening for young man to join us
in money-making enterprise; $150 to $'JO0
required. Call 32o Washington st., room
YOUNG man to make macaroni ; experi
enced man preferred; steady work Ap
ply Northwestern Macaroni Factory 109
North 6th st.
WANTED Good men at the E. I. DuPont
de Nemours Powder Co., DuPont. Wash -$2.25
per day with chance for advance
ment. YOUNG MEN wanted to prepare for railway
mail clerks, post off ice clerks, carriers etc.
Write or call for Book 30. it's free. Faclfla
States School, McKay Bldg., Portland Or
BOOKKEEPER and stenographer. citv
salesman, general store, country. ai-VvJ
WILL let contract to clear ,5 or H acres of
land 12 miles from Portland. Call 221
Morrison st.. room 0. "
BLACKSMITH One angle smith and one
tool man; must be Al. Apply in person
Marino Iron Works. St. John s, O r.
WANTED Salesman to handle staple. ST?e
age an d e x per i e nee. Rodge rs Paper Co.
CASH store, owner wants reliable partner
to wait on trade; will pay S:tn u-PpU
--tt it. -nH JIT TO 1 . V ,
t-.. . M.. . .... ..... -r i.i.ih.i UL rang
MAN and wife wanted, man as engineer and
w ife to take charge of boarding-house H
ftOO. Oregonian.
W ANTED First-class car-pen ter foreman
F. E. Bowman & Co., cor 22d and Hra
zfe streets.
YOUNG man. 18 to HO years, to help in fac
tory. Apply Northwestern Macaroni T?a.
tnry. Km N ort h tit h at.
WANTED Men who have had experience in
industrial life Insurance. Call at '10-20
Commercial Club bldg. cor 5th and Oak.
WANTED Machinists to stay away trom
Stockton, Cal. Strike on at Sampson Iron
WANTED Barber for Saturdays; stead v
job later on. E. Busby. Pendleton. Or.
BOY. with wheel, for delivery. ApdIv Pma
& Relst Co.. 5th and Oak.
PRFSSER wanted. 548 20th st., near Serin
Portland Heights. "
FIRST-CLASS chamois man. Apply Stude
hnker garage. Chapman and Aider sts.
WANTED Drivers for two single wagons
M Front st. "
WANTED Laborers at East 12th and Sul
livan Gulch bridge; $2.50, 9 hours.
of experience wanted, also
Apply at once, Third-st. entrance. Ask
for Mr. Fc He rman.
WANTED Able-bodied men for the U. S. Ma
rine Corps, between the ages- of 19 and 35.
Murt be native born or have first paper.
Monthly pay $15 to $66. Additional compensa
tion possible. Food, clothing, Quarters and
medical attendance free. After 30 years' serv
ice can retire with 75 per cent of pay and al
lowances. Service on board ship and ashore
In ali parts of the world. Apply at Breed en
bldg.. 3d and Washington sts.. Portland. Or.
WANTED First-class upholsterer and car
pet man ; must le able to sell goods and
give estimates; good thing for right party.
X 899, Oregonian.
WANTED Presser and bushelman or Hoff
man press operator for our dry cleaning
. department. Opera House Laundry.
WANTED Office boy in wholesale house,
good chance for promotion. Address in
. own handwriting. B IK 5, Oregonian.
WE require the services of a few bright
young men as salesmen. Apply forenoons.
Jno. P. Sharkey Co.
WANTED at once, two young men to learn
to repair and drive automobiles; posi
tions awaiting. Call 50-52 North 7th st.
50 a week sary. to handle the most at
tractive slock proposition on the market. J.
in. ornwny. j-ay Ding., ijh Angeles. Cal.
FOR SALE Grocery, doing about $000O per
month ; other business in view reason for
selling. V 90, Oregonfan.
WANTED Girls to wait on table. Apply
Rebe Confectionery, 4o4 Washington st., bet.
loth and 11th.
WILL give six months' steady work to man
with chunky,- active team of 22oo to 2500
lbs. Apply S17 Lewis bldg.
CABINET-MAKER Oregon Planing Mills.
JtHh and Vaughn.
WANTED Experienced dishwasher. Apply
4Qti-40S E. Morrison st.
YOUNG man to learn barber trade. Call
or address A. Barker, Arleta. Or.
WANTED Photograph coupon agents; new
. offer; a winner. Cutberth. Pekum bldg-FIRST-CLASS
salesman; big wages; permt-
, nent. 215 Commercial Bldg.
5 FIRST-CLAS pelesmen wanted; steady work
guaranteed. Apply 84 3d st. Parisian tailora.
DISH WASH ER, good wages. S 6th st.
WANTED Respectable girl or woman over
20 to do housework in country boarding
house, steady Job and good home for re
liable one. Write Lock Box 5S, Under
wood. Wash.
WANTED A neat young lady for clerical
work, one who has uad experience as a
stenographer preferred. Y - 900, Ore
gonian. COMPETENT girl to take charge of small
dining-room, capable of handling cash
register rapidly; must furnish references.
. Peerless Cafeteria, 104 5th st.
WA NTED Young girl, assist house-work;
small family; must sleep home. 488 Mar
ket st.
WANTED GirLs; 48 hours' work a week; half
holiday Saturdays: paye well when learned.
Mt. Hood Shirt Factory, 2d and Couch.
COLORED lady for general housework; $30
per month, board and room. Call from
2 to 5 P. M-. 207 Market St.
WANTED Immediately, experienced child's
nurse; references required. Apply 091
Hancock st.. or phone C 1306.
WANTED -Girl for general housework, Ger
man preferred;) must be plain cook. 795
Irving st., corner 24th.
COMPETENT stenographer and bookkeeper
for lumber office. Giva phone number. AD
903. Oregonian.
WANTED Stenographer, one who under
stands bookkeeping preferred. Call office
Oaks Amusement Park.
GOOD plain cook. Riverside H.otel, St".
Johns. Phone Jersey 911. S 601, Ore
gonian. YOUNG girl for housework In family of two;
good home. Phone B 2632. Call 1577
nawmorne ave., nar West.
WANTED Woman for general housework.
Must be good plain cWk ; no washing X
9U2. Oregonian.
GIRLS to work in basket- factorv. Mult
nomah Lumber & Box Co. Private Ex
ch an ge 80.
WA NTED Girl to do housework near the
city; wages $5 a week. Address 231 Rose
mount st. Phono Tabor 1339.
AN experienced pantry woman who can
make salads; good wages for a first-class
woman. Elton Court, llth and Yamhill
WANTED A young man to drive, light de
livery wagon. Apply Van Horn Transfer
GIRL for general ho work : must be good
oook; good wages, small family and mod
ern home. SoO Northrup st.. cor. 24th.
COMPETENT girl wanted, general house
work; must be first-claps cook. 1135
Thurman st.
ACC1 "R ATE typewriter for abstract work ;
steady position and advancement. AG 805
EXPERIENCED girl for cooking and gen
eral housework; small family; good wages
references required. 2D 5 West Park st.
PRIVATE- lesson in bookkeepings; day or
night; terms reasonable. N. E. corner of
15th and Belmont. East 14S4.
EXPERIENCED girl, general housekeeping
good wages. East 4790. 731 Hawthorne.'
cor. 22d.
WA NTED A young nurse-girl or elderly
woman to assist with children. Main 5843
33 2 North 23d st.
WANTED Middle-agod woman as com
panion. Call mornings, 930 East 17th st.
:n orin. Ainena car.
WANTED Cook and second girl. Aoolv
198 King st, yv y
WANTED Girl for general housework by el
derly lady alone. 547 7th st.
COMPETENT girl general housework; small
. g ' wm ,a.feco. v. ,i . , pi uverton.
A , , iiitm b necKwear.
Columbia Neckwear Mfg. Co., 291 .4 Stark.
WANTED Girl to work in fruit stand 33
North 4th. A 5029.
LESSON'S In Shorthand and Typewriting by
expert. $5 a month. 209 14th. Main 3993
WANTED 3 experienced girls for dipping
chocolates; good wages. 3S3 Burnside st.
GIRL to work in restaurajit.
-2S0i Yamhill
W ANTED Err perienced operators on evr
a 1 i g a I i ea m erg. 75 1st st.
WANTED Girl for general
snifui family. Phone B 2185.
WANTED Good experienced hand ironers.
Yale Laundry Co.. 50Q E. Morrison st.
LADY under 35. assist gentleman on the
road advertising. AF 902. OreKonian.
WANTED Girl for general housework 1054
Qulmby st. Main 4782.
GIRL wanted. Coffman's Chocolate Shon
330 Wash. st.
WANTED A girl far second work at 103
12th and Morrison Bts.
W A N T E D Gi rl for ho use wo rk. 6 9 E ver
ett st.
WANTED Girl to take care of baby 696
Everett Rt.
WANTED Girl for cooking and general
housework. 5QQ Taylor st. Alain 3 04ti.
WANTED Experienced general housework
girl. Call 194 N. 19th. Tel. Main 8473
WANTED Girl to assist with care of babv
595 Marshall st.
WANTED Neat woman housekeeper. St.
Louis Agency. 303 Wash. Main 20S9.
WANTED Waist and skirt hand for dress
maki n g. 4 N. 8th st.
WANTED Woman to do housework; out
of city. S 902. Oregonian.
COMPETENT girl for general housework and
cooking. $30 to $35. 354 10th, cor. Mill.
GIRL to assist with housework. 82S John-
WANTED Girl for cooking and general
hmise work. 251 N. 24th st.
YOUNG woman for light housework in small
family- Phone B 121.
WANTED A girl for general housework- no
children. Apply 3S1 Tenth st
APPRENTICE at the Elite hairdresslng par
lors. 109 7th st. Main 233 4.
WANTED Young girl for light houseworkl
r.oS Clinton. Sellwood 285.
GIRLS WANTED Apply Standard Factory
No. 2. Grand ave. and East Taylor.
WANTED Girl for light housework. 620
Third st .
WANTED A girl for general housework.
5M Oilman.
WANTED Drawer-ln. Apply Multnomah
Mohair Mills. I'matilla ave., Sellw pod.
WANTED Japanese girl for general house
work : one in family. Phone B 215.
WANTED Girl for general housework, small
family. Apply at once. 7f9 Kearney st.
WANTED Girl for cooking and general
housekeeping; 3 In family. 775 Schuyler st.
AN AMBITIOUS, energetic woman of good
address wanted to represent high-grado
corset, awarded gold medal by the fa
mous Paris and London dress exhibition;
state age, experience. If any, and com
pensation desired; rapid advancement if
competent; this is an exceptional oppor
tunity for the right woman, to obtain a
most desirable position with a high-grade
Paris and New York corset house, but do
not apply unless you. mean business and
are not afraid of work. Addrers To-Kalon
Corset Company. uito 1021 B, 28 West
35th st.. New York.
of experience wanted, also
Apply at once, Third-st. entrance. Ask
for Mr. Fellerman.
WANTED Waitress for Boise, Idaho;
wages $35; fare paid.
Two waitresses for country hotel, $25.
Large list of other places.
Main Office. 12 N. 2d St.
WANTED Lady, married or single, to col
lect on monthly accounts; commission
paid and expenses; give references. Ad-
dress P. Q. Box 544. Oakland. Cal.
SOCIETY editor for weekly publication;
social stam?9 :g and some financial back
ing required. Address Hotel Topics, 508
Pioneer Mdg.. Seattle. Wrash.
WANTED Experienced girl or young wom
an for general housework and cooking,
family of 2; references required. Call B
GIRLS over la to work in bag factory.
Apply Ames, Harris. Neville Co., 5th and
THOROUGHLY reliable domestic wanted;
good wages. AppJy Juston restaurant, 7th.
and Aldor sts.
.826 Washington St.. Room 307.
Main SS30hr A 8266.
S48fe Washington St., Cor. 7th. Upstairs.
Phone Main 2692.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for r
sponsible position. Viavi Co.. 609 Rotn
child bldg.. 4th and Washington,
WANTED Experienced girl for housework
and cooking; good wages. 741 Irving. Main
WANTED Neat colored woman to work 3
hours forenoon every day; general house.
Addresst P'92fi, Oregonian.
WOMAN wanted for plain country house
work ; none but steady need apply ; Ger-
man preierrea. Box 33, Cathiamet. wash.
FOUR girls for shooting galleries, between
20 and 30 years; good wages. Apply to
25Q First st.
WANTED Ladles, we bleach, sew, dye and
remodel hats, dye plumes at price. Model
Millinery. 387 Yamhill.
GIRL for cafeteria. S8 6th st.
MAN or woman with $150 can make $6 to
$10 day; full Investigation desired. Suite
506 Goodnough bldg.
positions to A-l instructors. 611 Swetland.
srrrjATiox wanted male.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
EXPERIENCED accountant, rapid ledger
man, now employed, but desires change,
wants permanent position; highest creden
tials. Q 876. Oregonian.
WANTED By capable young man, position
as assiittant bookkeeper, collector or any
thing with a future. Best references, D
91, Oregonian.
POSITION as bookkeeper or cashier, city
or country; experience grocery store; city
references. S 900, Oregonian.
AN experienced stenographer wishes po
sition. Phone before 10:30 or after 3:30.
M. 4732: will leave town.
YOUNG man bookkeeper-stenographer wants
position; best of references.- J 902, Ore-
EXPERIENCED meatcutter wants a po
sitlon in or out of city. Y 001. Oregonian.
POSITION WANTED Young nwn, already
employed, denireg an office position for part
time. Good education. Speaks German and
English. Experienced In dealing with the
public. Phone Main 7285.
CONSTRUCTION foreman. 6 years one
company, desires to locate In Portland;
best of references. Address C 901 Orego
nian. YOUNG Norwegian wants work within city
limits; light outside work preferred; will
tay 5 months If good place. Write O. B.
Eggen, General Delivery.
YOUNG man, 10 years' practical experience,
good technical knowledge, wishes position
as inspector for architect or others. AG
-89 6. Oregonian.
YOUNG married man wishes position as
fireman for oil burner; thoroughly ex
perienced ; References. H. Frenna, 378
Ross st.
I LIKE Portland, but I must work; what
have you to offer to exchange for hustle
and ability? C Oregonian.
A JAPANESE, man desired as janitor in
business house. Address Frank H., 107
Park st., city.
COOK wishes position in hotel or boarding
house, city or country; experienced dinner
and baking. Newman. 2S North 3d st.
LAWYER. 25, 2 years' business office work,
desires position in abstracting or insurance
office, to learn business. E 902, Oregonian.
BUTCHER, good beef dresser and bologna
maker, wants position. Address C. Nleder
quell. Hotel Rhelnpfal2. Front st.
CHAUFFEUR Experienced Japanese wants
position in Vancouver; good references.
, 121 15th north.
WA NTED Position housework and garden by
good experienced Japanese; recommendations.
AF 913, Oregonian.
YOUNG man attending school wants work
night and morning for board and room.
V 8 9 9 , Oregonian.
PROFESSIONAL chauffeur wants position;
can keep car out of shop; references. 1023
E. 14th st. N.
ELDERLY man wishes job as night watch
man; city references. phone Main 347S.
CARPENTER foreman wants situation; can
get results. I'll one Wood lawn 2033-
GRADUATE male nurse wishes employment,
as such; sober. J 901, Oregonian.
JAPANESE Employment Co. will furnish all
help. Main 4659. A 4073. 2C3 Everett.
YOL'XG man, grocery ckirk. wishes any
kind of heavy work. X 905. Oregonian.
Bookkeepers and Stenographers.
COMPETENT stenographer; 4 years ex
perience. lumber, real estato and general
office work. Excellent references. Phone
Main S26, or address T 903. Oregonla n
POSITION wanted by a flrwt-class bookkeep
er and stenographer; best of references. D
902, Oregonian.
STENOGRAPHER High School graduate,
best reference, desires permanent situa
tion. ' E 94. Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED stenographer with buMne
ability would like position In hotel at sea
whore for the season. AK, 910. Oregon 1 a n.
EX PERIENCED young lady stenographer
would like permanen t position or substi
tute work. Main 4204.
YOUNG woman wants position in office
while leaning stenography; will work for
$5 a week. Al) 902. Oregonian.
COMPETENT .stenographer desires position.
Phone Main 090.
ANGELSS Dressmaking parlors, 326 H Wash!
lngton gL. suite 216. Main 9S3. A 5381.
STYLISH oresses. $5 up; waiets, $1 up; fine
work; refrenc-s. 529 B. Mill st. Eaat 5256.
PRACTICAL NURSE, can give massage
treatments. No maternity cases. Rates
yery reasonable. Call East 3372.
MIDDLE-AGED,- experienced, practical
nurse; doctors' references. A 2618.
REFINED Englishwoman wants a situation
as housekeeper; good cook, and references.
Address F. Stanton. 1275 Hawthorne ave.
YOUNG lady wouldt like position as house
keeper for old couple. F 903, Orego
nian. POSITION as housekeeper or chamber work
in lodging-house. G 9o5, Oregonian.
LADY wants place sweeping or cleaning by
day or hour. C 903. Oregonian.
YOUNG lady would like position in small
store. F 0O2. Oregonian.
WOMAN wants day work or chamber work.
332 First st.. near Market.
DAY'S work wanted by Mrs. Go in 3. ' Main
IF YOU have any washing or scrubbing to
do, phone Tabor 469.
M iscellan eons.
LADY going East desireo to chaperone young
or old person, or care for invalid, for ex
penses. F 877. Oregonian.
CAPABLE woman desires washing, ironing,
cleaning. Invalid nursing; cooks. St. Louis
Agency. 303 Wash. Main 2039. A 4775.
FIRST-CLASS lady cook wishes position in
or out of city. Call East 0913, room 9.
WANTED Reliable men who can sell trees
fur largest nursery In the West. For
further particulars address Oregon Nur-
sery Co., Qrenco, Or.
OUR new patent device for window, wall
cleaning and many other things; a seller
for agents, demonstrate and the outfit
1s sold; gents or ladies. HQ Union ave.
SALESMEN WANTED to take our cash
weekly selling choice nursery stock; out
fit free. Capital City Nursery Company.
Salem. Oregon.
SALESMAN making Eastern Oregon to
carry sideline men's neckwear on commis
sion. Columbia Neckwear Mfg. Co., 291
Stark st.
WE positively have the fastest selling house
hold patent on the market. Woolverlne
Co., Pittsburg, pa.
LADIES and - gentlemen for staple article,
sells like wildfire; big commissions. North
west J3lBtributlng Co.. 4Q8 Main at.
AGENTS wanted, every county in the state,
to selt the best household article ever
manufactured. 41 Union ave. East 654.
About May 1, modern 7 or 8-room- house,
with furnace, good-size yard. East Side
preferred. Like Rose City Park. State
location, and rent, unfurnished. References
given. Address AD 898. Oregonian.
We furnish the renter, collect the rent,
pay taxes. Insurance and keep up repairs,
the same for you as though the property
was our own ; references, any bank In
245V& Stark St.
Phones A 85Q0, Main 35.
WANTED To rent by responsible family of
3 adults, modern house, first-class neigh
borhood. Nob Hill or Portland Heights.
Address P. O. box 438.
WANTED A furnished house; West Side
preferred ; garage desirable. C P. Miller.
A 5631.
WANTED A seven or eight-room house on
West Side; furnished or unfurnished. AK
907, Oregonian.
MODERN unfurnished house by reliable
party; West Side. A 900. Oregonian.
8 OR 9-room modern house, on West Side;
desirable neighborhood. E 894. Oregonl a n.
COMMENCING about May S. couple of cosy
housekeeping rooms, suitable for bachelor
not over $16 per month. Wst Side.
N 9Q2, Oregonian.
GENTLEMAN wants clean, quint room, rea
sonable, close in. AD 904. Oregonian.
Rooms With Hoard.
BY gentleman, room and board In private
family in residence district; must be on
car line, with phones; state price. V 905,
WANTED By an elderly lady, sunny room
with board, on East Side, preferably In Irv
Ington. H 902, Oregonian.
BOARD Young man wants room and hoard
in congenial private family; references
given. Address T 904, Oregonian.
Furnished Rooms.
268 Third St.. Cor. J ef f erson St.
New fireproof building and furnishings
throughout; desirable neighborhood; four
minutes' walk to business center; rooms
and suites; large, light and airy; hot and
cold water; steam heat; gas and electric
lights; call bells; free baths; clean porce
lain tubs; lavatories convenient. Take "S"
car at depot to Ohird and Jefferson sts.
We aim to satisfy; that is why we please
TRONS. Rates $3. $5. $6, $7 per week.
A 7731 PHONES Main 8639.
140 ROOMS.
New, modern, fireproof building, steam
heated, hot and cold running water-in all
rooms, richly furnished, finest beds that
money can buy, and It doesn't cost any
more than some cheap lodging-house; nice
large office on ground floor; everything
first-class; rates, C0c, 75c and $1 por
day; $3.50 and up per week. Call and
see us. 12S 6th su North.
Homelike. Homelike Homelike.
7th and Ankeny sts.
Free was their oepot carriage
I took It on the spot;
There may be other houses just as good
A yulet home for quiet people.
Hot and cold water, and phones in all
rooms, right in heart of city, where your
friends can visit you; modern fireproof
building; rent from $4.50 week up; free
phones, free baths, and all-night elevator
service. 246 Vi Yamhill st. near Third.
Drexel Hotel.
8S North 5th St., S. E. Cor. Flanders.
New brick building, steam heated, por
celain baths, fine large office on ground
floor, elegant beds, everything absolutely
new and clean ; rates only $2t50 and up
per week; 50c and 75c per day. 3 blocks
from Union Depot.
181 Eleventh Street.
NEW, modern brick building; STEAM
HEATED, private baths, running water
in all rooms; TELEPHONES IN EACH
ROOM; special rates by the week and
month; TRANSIENT TRADE solicited.
710 Washington, near King; bath, hot
and cold water; phone, steam heat in
every room; strictly modern; fine large
office, ground floor; by far the best in the
city for tne money; rooms 25 per montb
and up. Call and inspect.
THE BARTON. 13th and Alder. Is now
undergoing a thorough renovation; 70
steam heated, electric-lighted rooms, all
outside. Rates 75c day; $10 month up.
Suites with running water $20 month up.
Phones and bath free.
422H Washington, cor. llth.
Steam heat, hot and cold water, baths
njcely furnished rooms. $3 par ws: unj
transient rates. 76o up.
Fifth St., opposite City Hall.
New, beautifully furnished; steam heat;
hot, cold water In every room; public
and private baths. Permanent; transient.
THE GLEN DORA, 19th and Couch, fur
nished rooms, $2.50 per week and up; par
lor and piano; billiard and pool free to
guests; large shady lawn and veranda;
best location In city.
Washington ana 17th, nrst-clasa furnished
rooms, single or en suite; all modern oon
venlencea; $3 weekly up. A 2647, M. 0647.
6th and Oak; large, handsomely furnished;
running hot and cold water; steam heat;
reasonable ; permanent and transient.
THREE elegantly furnished rooms in mod
ern flat; electric lights, gas and bath,
every modern convenience. Main 40"9
1SS 15th st.
FINE furnished outside room in brick build
ing, suitable for 1 or 2; steam heat, hot and
cold water. tid of bath. $5 weekly. 422 U
W-ashington st.
NICELY furnished suite of 2 rooms, suitable
for 2 to 4 people; hot and cold water, steam
heat, bath ; brick building. $7 per week.
422 Washington st.
HOTEL LENOX, cor. 3d and Main sts.,
furnished rooms, single or en suite, at rea
sonable prices, modern conveniences. Op
posite the Plaza.
THE VALLAMONT, cor. Yamhill and West
Park ; steam heat; all outside rooms; fine
furniture; table board if desired; free
bath, phone, parlor.
LARRABEE HOTEL, 227 Larrabee, near
Holladay ave. New brick bldg.; every con
venience; reasonable; permanent and tran
Bhsnt . s
THE ESTES Good rooms, reasonable; new
furniture, telephone and baths free. 327
Stark, corner 6th. Mrs. Maud J. Estea
THE KING. 309 Jefferson Nicely furnished
rooms, modern conveniences, central. $2.50
per w eek and up. includi ng bath.
THE MERCEDES. 20-th and Washington; ele
gantly furnished rooms ; hot and cold run
ning water, modern conveniences; $12 up.
NICELY furnished rooms. 490 Burnside st.;
$2 per week and up. Phone Main 6fal3.
FURNISHED rooms. Elm Place, formerly
, Elton Court Annex. 414 Yamhill and llth,
THS REX Modern rooms, $2.50 to $5 par
week. 548fc Washington at.
181 SIXTH, opposite Portland Hotetl; transient
roomers solicited; doors open all night.
Furnished Rooms.
Furnished Rooms in Privat o Family.
VERY desirable rooms in. fine neighbor
hood ; quiet, fresh air; hot and cold water;
suitable for one or two gentlemen. 725
Prospect Drive, Portland Heights. Phone
Main 1057.
TWO swell furnished front rooms en suite,
with bath, hot and cold water, electric
lights, phone, furnace heat, very close in.
18S 15th st.
VERY pleasant. light. newly furnished
rooms, with all conveniences; walking
distance or 3-minute car service ; reaoa
able; at 590 1st st. Phone A 732Q.
FOR. RENT Furnished front room, suitable
for lady, with or without board ; walk
ing distance and terms reasonable. 210 fc
14th st.
VERY nicely furnished large room, largo
closet, 3 window s, fine surroundings, 10
minutes walk; reasonable. Phone Main
SEVERAL nicely furnished rooms; gas, bath,
phone; $2.0O, $2.50, $3.00 a week. 109
East 14 th st.
BEAUTIFUL bright parlor room ; choice
neighborhood, central; smaller room. $2. 292
TWO nice, clean, well-furnished rooms, all
con venlencea Close Multnomah Club. 547 fc
Yamhill st. Call for Miss Becker.
LARGE, well furnished room, suitable for
1 or 2 persons, all conveniences. 223
West Park st.
LARGS, cheerful front rooms, with every
convenience, in privats family. 69 North
21st st.
$2.25 PER week, newly furnished room,
walking distance; bath, telephone. 294
Eleventh st.
NICELY furnished bedroom, $9 per month.
266 12th st.
TWO good rooms, new, modern house. West
Side, reasonable, central. Main 2219.
NEATLY furnished room for rent, $6 a month.
618 Qulmby at., near 19th st.
6TE AM heated room, close in. West Side ;
rent $l-'.o0 per month. Phone M ain 409 8 .
NICELY furnished front room for young
couple or two gentlemen. 9 North llth.
NICELY new furnished room, suitable for 2.
Phone East 2401. 24 East 17th st.
COSY new room, modern, 30 North 16th St..
near Washington. Marshall 1240.
NICELY furnished rooms, walking distance,
private family, phone A 2993.
Rooms With Hoard.
Ideal Summer home, beautiful grounds,
finest rooms, with best home cooking In
city; rooms, with private bath, all mod-
ern conveniences; moderate rates.
PORTLAND Women's Union. 22d year, room
with board, use of sewing-room and 11
brary, 510 Flanders st. Miss Frances N.
Heath. Supt. Woman's Exchange. 186 5th
st. Mrs. M. E. Bretherton. Supt.
33 17TH ST. N. One block off Washington;
fine neighborhood; walking distance; well
fumlshed corner suites also single rooms;
board optional.
33 17TH ST. NORTH, one block off Wash
ington; well frnished corner suite; also
single rooms; board optional.
THE COLONIAL. 165 and 167 10th at., cor
ner Morrison, Select family hotel; reason
able rates.
654 COUCH Outside rooms, single and double,
Good home cooking; clean and convenient.
THE CALVARD Suites or single. 452 Mor
rlson. cor. 13th. Choice accommodations.
Rooms With Hoard in Private Family.
NICELY furnished room, every modern con
venience, beautiful grounds, sleeping porch
if desired- ideal place for Summer; hoard
optional. 90 Last Mh street, corner Wash
lngton. SOMEONE can find refined home for baby
un der 8 fc y ears ; $ 15 per mon t h ; own m y
own home; no other children; recommenda
tions asked and given ; mother can have
room. A D 9oO, Oregonian.
LARGE sunny room with board, home
cooking; all conveniences; reasonable. 107
16th st., rtv-ar Flanders. Main 5513.
NICELY furnished room, all modern, no
other roomers, good car service ; break
fast if desired. 1105 East Yamhill st.
VERY desirable room and board. East Side.
newly furnished, home cooking. B 2952.
WELL-FURNISHED room for two men,
with breakfast and dinners. Main 2071.
ROOM and board in private home for 2
gentlemen. 591 fc Davis st.
ROOM and board, one or two gentlemen, in
private family. Call 333 Market st.
2-ROOM suite; also single room; choice
board. 713 Hoyt st.
COZY room, with good home cooking, for
two. Nob Hill district. Main 5480.
NICELY furnished rooms, with or without
board; modern aparrtrlent. 547 Yamhill.
SINGLE room with board in modern private
home; references required. 284 fc Park,
DESIRABLE room and board, homo cook
lng. East Side. 644 East Alder. B. 2031.
between 19th and 20th sts., near Wash
ington ; 2 3 or 4-room apartments, new
pressed brick building just completed;
every modern convenience including tele
phone exchange and elevator; close to
business centers ; very reasonable prices
and excellent service.
HEINZ APARTMENTS, 14th and Columbia,
4 blocks from Morrison st. new brick
building, completely first-class, furnished
In 2, 3 and 4 -room family apartments, pri
vate oath, reception hall, steam heat, hot
water, elevator, free phone; some unf ur
nlshed ; janitor servic; rent reasonable.
82 Grand Ave.. S. E. cor. E. Stark.
Beautifully turnished 3-room apart
ments; modern; no objection to children;
$28 to $35 per month. East 300.
HANOVER Apartments, corner King and
Washington sts., 3-room apartments, have
every modern convenience. Including steam
heat, hot water, private bath, 'free phones
and Janitor service; rent very reasonable.
2, 3 OR 4-room apartments, up to date
In every respect, walking distance from
business center; furnished and unfurnished.
15th and Everett sts. Phone Main 1245.
AN elegantly furnished apartment of three
rooms, alcove and bath, in new residence ;
magnificent view with no climb. Rent $35.
West Side; very close in. AD 9ol, Ore
gonlan. , .
STEAM-HEATED 6-roora apartment, mod
ern and desirable; 525 Everett st. Apply
Morgan, Fleidner &. Boyce, C03 Ablngton
FOR RENT Modern 4-room apartment.
King's Heights Apartment House, cor.
King and Wayne sts.; furnished, $65; un
furnished, $40. Apply Janitor.
THE SHEFIELD, 7th" and Jefferson sta ;
unfurnished apartment with bath, every
convenience; desirable location; reason
able rent. Main 2506,. A 3149.
THREE and 4-room unfurnished apartments;
telephone, heat, hot and hold, water. Jani
tor service. Madison Park Apts., park
and Madison.
FIVE-ROOM, steamheated, modern apart
ment with janitor service (.partial base
ment), finest in city for the money. Ap
ply to Janitor, 21st and Kearney.
THREE-ROOM modern apartment (two),
with bath, heat, telephone, etc. ; 23d and
Thurman sts. A. H. Birrell Co., 202 Mc
Kay bldg.. 3d and Stark. Main 232.
THE MERCEDES Elegantly furnished 2
room apartments, hot and cold running
water and ail modern conveniences; $1S
to 30. Corner 20th and Washington sts.
JEFFERSON IAN Apartments, loth and Jef
fersun; furnished 2 or 3-room ttpartments;
clean and modern: rent $2o or $ 25 .
ST. CROIX Apartments. 170 St. Clair st.
Modern unfurnished 3-room apartments;
fine residence location and reasonable rent.
5-ROOM corner apartment, every conveni
ence. Braintree Apartments, 295 12ih st.
Main 7741
THE LANDORE, 2S8 10th, near Jefferson;
perfectly new 3-room suite, completely fur
nished for housekeeping: sleeping porch.
3-ROOM furnished apartment, sleeping porch,
2 large closets. Phone and heat. 551 E.
Yamhill. East 1710.
21st and Flanders. One beautifully fur
nished front 3-room apartment.
One front apartment for rent; every
thing modern. 695 Lovejoy st. W car.
IRIS APARTMENTS. 3d and Mill. lsc of
April, 4 rooms. 32.
FOR RENT Completely furnished apartment,
to 2 adults. Pho ne A 439s, morn 1 n ga.
MORTON. 697 Washington st. One unfur
nlfhed 3-room apartment; best location.
6-ROOM, steam heated apartments. See
janitor 325 llth st. Main 5495.
NICELY furnished corner flaTt, walking dis
tance Call before 7 P. M. 400 fc Clay.
MODERN flat. 6 rooms and bath. 731 fc Hoyt
st. Inquire 132 6th st. Main 627S.
FLAT of 8 rooms and bath; hot-air fur
nace. 598 fc Salmon st. Key 60o Salmon st.
328 PARK ST. Furnished fiat for couple.
FOR RENT New and strictly modern 6
room flats on 20th and Laurel at.. Port
land Heights, rent $40. Apply
So Fourth st-
WHEN moving call up Van Horn Transfer
Co. Main 1018, A 19S4. All covered wag-
OD3. all experienced men.
VERY desirable furnished 5-room fiat,
.West Side ; modern ; porch, fireplace, etc
Address AF 912. Oregonian.
MODERN furnished 4-room Hat, steam heat.
walking distance, reasonable rent. Cottel
Drug Co.
ONE new 6-room modern flst: "S" and 'Fr
' carline. Inquire at drugstore. Front, and
Glbbs sts.
VERY desirable flats; 6-room upper, 4-room
lower; No. 26 Easrt lilth near .East Ash.
FJa.t Ankeny car.
Grand ave. and Oregon: house new; va
cant May 7; adults. Phone East 4071.
STRICTLY modern 6-room upptr "at on
Johnson st-. near 24th. Phone Main 1644.
250 Alder' st.
4-ROOM lower flat, newly furnished, papered
and cleaned. 273 Montgomery st. Phone
A 53S9.
MODERN lower 5 -room flat, sleeping porch.
604 E. Alder. Phone Main 60 3 5.
5-ROOM strictly modern flat; gooU location.
209 Cherry st. Phone East 1415.
MODERN 5-room,, downstairs flat, with
small yard. Apply at SO 4 Front st.
NOB HILL flat, 5 rooms, modern: furnace,
fireplace. H. A. Webber. Main 20SS.
MODERN lower fiat. 6 rooms, walking dis
tance; adults. Ssfc Mill. East 230J.
MODERN 4-room flat, 310 Larrabee St., near
stel bridge. phone Main 4S01.
739 OVERTON; modern flat. 6 sunny rooms;
references. Main S59. "
FLAT of 5 rooms; bath, hot-air furnace. 593
Salmon st. Key OOP Salmon st.
Housekeeping Rooms.
THE BEAVER. 12th and Marshall sts.
Newly furnished for housekeeping. Includ
ing gas range, electric lights, hot water,
bath, laundry, reception-room, all free;
furnished apartments $15 per month up;
single housekeeping rooms. $2.50 week up;
best In city for money; short distance from
Union Depot. "S" or 10th-st. cars north
get oft at Marshall st. No dogs allowed.
"ON EONT A" APARTMENTS, 1S7 17th. near
Yamhill (W car at depot). 2 3 and 4-room
furnished suites; hot and cold, phones and
baths free ; $20 per month, $5 per week
and up. Main 4697. A 4739.
N l "E 3-room suite, unfurnished, with pri
vate bath, very reasonable. Stephenson
Court. 515 Mill. Main 5 H.
$1.25 TO $2.00 week, clean, furnished house
keeping rooms; laundry, bath, phone, gas,
f urhace heat. 406 Vancouver ave.
CAMBRIDGE BLDG. 3d and Morrison St..
furnished rooms for housekeeping. Apply
room 36.
SUNNY, ciean housekeeping, single or en
suite; $2.50 per week and up. Call 5o8 AI
.der st. Phone A 422.
UNFURNISHED housekeeping rooma for
rent; electric lights, running water. 41
Union ave. East 654.
NICELY furnished front housekeeping suite;
close in. 49 fc Wash.
THE MILXER. 350 fc Morrison, cor. Park.
Home apartments, all conveniences.
THE ELMS 2 and 3-room apartments; fur
nished. 191 14th st. .
S1NGLH and house keeping rooms, strictly
modrrt: reasonable. 490 Morrison si.
NICE furnished housekeeping rooms, $14.
631 fc Washington St.. cor. 20th.
$1.25 week, clean fur. housekeeping rooms,
heat, laundry, bath. 2Q3 Stanton. "U" cap
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms ; walking
distance. 431 Salmon, near llth.
$1.50 week, large, clean furn. housekeeping
rooms; laundry, bath, gas. 184 Sherman.
THE COLLINS 503 fc Alder st., furnish e d
housekeeping rooms, with all conveniences.
Housekeeping Rooms In Private Family.
2 FURNISHED rooms for housekeeping;
furniture for sale cheap ; a snap; leaving
city; rent. $5 per month. 1-S5 fc Morrison
1 room 7-
TWO front housekeeping rooms, clean, fine
ly furnished, cheap to reliable party. 353
12th st. Main Mt43.
2 ROOMS, young or middle-aged couple, no
children. 440 East 26th st., near Tilla
mook. Broadway car.
2 NICELY furnished front housekeeping
rooms, desirable location; no children. 2i2
14th st. v
THREE bright, neatly furni.-hed rooms, bath,
gis. telephone, porch and yard. Rent rea
nable to responsible couple. 4iiS Hall yt.
NICELY furnished housekeeping rooms,
$J.50 and tip; tree gas. bath and phone.
IPS l'Jth st.. near Wash st. '
TWO swell suites housekeeping rooms, steam
heat, walking distance, beautiful location,
from $22. Main S075.
Fl RNISH ED housekeeping rooms en suite;
3 earlines; walking distance; reasonable.
117 N. 18ih st. phone A 5"22.
CLOSE-1 N connect ing suit e. delightful sur
roundings, private entrance, running wa
ter. 261 141 h st.
TWO to fivo unfurnished rooms: ground
floor, garden, nice yard ; reatjnahle. R
car to 17th. block south. 659 Eig a r .
DESI It A RLE housekeeping rooms. reatonabie ;
walking distance; pleasant location. 371 12th
$ lo TWi ) bright nicely f urnished house
keeping rooms, largo front room, sewing
machine. l'9 Porter st.
THREE clean, light, furnished housekeep
ing moms; gns. bat h ; $ 15 monthly. 692
CLEAN suit e housekeeping rooms ; also one
single Fifth Ht.. near Harrison.
3-It OO M suite in private home ; heat, light
and water. fiin East Hurnside.
FLAT of-3 rooms, completely furnished, first
floor, yard, phone. 450 Yamhill.
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms. 2S7 Hol-
laday ave.
$2.5" WEEK, large, convenient' housekeeping
room; walking distance. 307 Harrlyo n s t .
50i FLANDERS, bet. 14 th and 15th, f ur-
nished housekeeping rooms. -
SUITE nicelv furnished housekeeping rooms.
340fc Front st.
THREE furnished housekeeping rooms. 31
E. 13th N.
NICELY furnished housekeeping rooms for
, rent. 5SS East Sin.
ROOM completely furnished. JtO; gas range,
walking distance. 14H N. 10th. Main 5173.
N ICE LY furnished housekeeping rooms, also
sleep in g rooms. 1 4 9 park st. Main 50S7.
2 OR 3 housekeeping rooms, well furnished ;
all c o n vvn i e ti cts. 347 Hall St.
WHEN you move you'll need new furniture.
Buy It judiciously and the savings will ex
ceed your moving expenses. -
Our NO-RENT PRICES mads us one ot
the largest furniture, houses In the city t
two ft
Lookers shown same courtesy as huyera.
D&-75 Grand Ave.. Cor. Bast Stark St. "
East Ankeny and Russell -Shaver earlines
pass our door.
FOR RENT A 13-room modern apartment
house, on 20th and Glisan sta; rent $00
per month ; good location, long lease,
strictly up to date. Apply to L Oevurtz &
Sor.s., 173-5 KJrst st.
WHEN moving call up Van Horn Transfer
Co. Main ItiiS. A 1984. All covered wag
ons, all experienced men.
2'V 14rh. near Jfffrson.
MODERN' cottage and garden. $1500; Waver-ly-Woodstock
car; get off on 3Sth St.; go
block north to 1128 Francis ave.
6-ROOM 97 Everett st., between 21 st and
22d. A pply to Sheeny Bros., l."0 3 3th st.,
near Washington st. Main 3o72. A 24 lo.
TWO modern 5-room flats just completed; 4
blocks from carlme; rents $ltl and $15. ln
gulre 4HH Mason st.
MODERN S-room corner house, 395 llth at.
Phone Main 2550; rent $4Q.
COTTAGE of 6 rooms and bath. 232 Stout
st. Key 600 Salmon st.
FI KST-CLASS shirt and waist helpers
wanted. 403 ;Jeffersitn st.
FOR RENT 2 new 4-rom cottage.". E. lOih
and rtindy Road. Phone East 23ol .
$1H.5) 5-ROOM cottage. 63 Kearney, ln
quire 205 NV 21st st.
1 R VINGTON 6-room modern house. Eaat
7-ROOM house, hath, gas, 127.50 month.
50 Flanders.
FOR RENT 6-rom cottage. 548 7th st.
Furnished Houses.
NEW 6-room bungaiow, completely fur
nished. Call 2 to 5 P. M-. 26S E. 23d.
Phone B 1540.
FOR RENT Furnished house for S months;
Nob Hill district. Phones Main 399" -and
A 4K21.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished S-room house,
all modern conveniences. Call 224 East
53d St.. Mount Tabor.
COM PLETELY furnished modern flat in
Irvtngton. $ 40: references. East -1302.
COMPLETELY furnished modern S-room
home. East Side. $50. C. 1x28.
NICE 5-room apartment, homelike, porch
and lawn; walking distance. Main 221U.