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Foremost People of Culture in
Europe Go Wild at Great
A. Guitry, Mine. Lebargy, Gallipaux
and Coquelin Lauded 3Iost Re
peated Calls Fail to Bring Au
thor Before the Curtain.
PARTS, Feb. 7.- Before a remarkable
&udience comprising: all the elite of the
literary, artistic and dramatic worlds
of Far.3 as well as of othr capitals,
Edmond Rostand's "Chantecler," the
most remarkable play of the age, was
griven in a dress rehearsal last night at
the Porte St. Martin Theater.
As an artistic success nothing could
have been greater. The exquisite verse
is said to be up to all traditions of
Rostand's art and skill. Even the
beautiful verse of "Cyrano de Ber
gerac," which was said to be ahead of
all previous efforts of Krencli dram
atists, is easily equalled and by many
thought to have been surpassed.
"o Human Beings in Cast.
Absolutely unique is "Chantecler," or
in English, Chanticleer." No human
character appears upon the stage. All
the pTts are taken by fowls, birds- or
animals. As the cast characters are
necessarily as large as the actors who
take the parts, everything else on the
stage ij on a corresponding scale.
The brilliancy of the first act, which
was -preceded by a charming prologue
delivered by Jean Coquelin, preparing
the audience for the atmosphere of the
piece, fairly set the theater mad with
enthusiasm. But the second and third
acts, which were somewhat tedious,
were less favorably received.
Author Does Not Appear.
In the last act, however, enthusiasm
was revived to the boiling point. There
were five calls after the curtain fell,
but M. Rostand himself did not appear.
M. Guitry, who took the part of "Chan
tecler," or the Cock, stepped before
the curtain and simply expressed his
The piece was Hvondeff ully staged
and the plot thrilling. A. Guitry, Mme.
Simone Lcbargy, the hen-pheasant,
Gallipaux, the blackbird, and Coquelin,
the dog, carried off the honors.
The secret of the many delays inci
dent to the presentation of the play is
now explained by the changes made at
the end of the play. The hen-pheasant
after vainly trying to induce . Chanti
cleer, who has boasted that the sun
awaits his summons to rise and whom
Flie has enticed to the forest, to pro
long the night 36 hours in their nup
tials, betrays him. and hereturns to
the barnyard to his faithful hens.
The critics generally consider that
the brilliancy of the verse surpasses
pven "Cyrano,' if that be possible, but
the artistic note struck is sc high that
they doubt whether the play will bo a.
popular success after curiosity has
worn off.
It is rumored that M. Rostand him
self will play the role of Chanticleer
at the "benefit to be given for the flood
, Chanticleer, the hero (Guitry) is filled
TAith illusions about his place in the
world. He imagines lie is master of the
inn; that the pun rises at the end of
night because Chanticleer has awakened,
and crowed. The play dispells this
illusion tn the heart of Chanticleer alone.
The first act opens with the sun rising
on a' barnyard. A mountainous manure
pile is on one fide of the stage. A fence,
which seems Immense, though it is in
proportion, sep.irate-s ihe yard from a
road beyond, which is a forest' back
ground. To the right a wooden shoe, for
gotten by the farmer's wife, is of the
size it would appear to the chicken, and
a chair completes the scale illusion, its
log, which alone are seen, being eight
yards high.
In the center of the stage with his com
panions of -the barnyard grouped around
him, Chanticleer hails the sun, whoso
first rays gild the scene, in a hymn full
of the poot's lyric magnificence. On the
manure pile porches the blackbird (Gal 11
paux. jealous of the cook, and breaking
into his noble tentiments with jibea and,
pirn si after the maimer of Cyrano.
The dog (Jean Coquelin) is the droll
moralizer of the piece. Ohanticleer falls
' In love with a beautiful hen pheasant
(mraonc) who is wooed by a lighting
The second not is tho scenic gem of
the piece, showing he tipper branches of
blunted pine in the heart of a forest,
the- human-birds perched in the brandies.
The owl calls the roll of the birds of
the. night, each, as- his name is called,
answering and opening two luminous
pyes. which ehine in the semi-obscurity
of the stage, groen. yellow or blood red.
Thcs birv'.s declaim the hymn of the
night and afterward conspire together
to rid themselves of their arch enemy.
Chanticleer. "With him gone, tliVy be
lieve, the sunlight will be- forever
quenched, and they will be masters for
evermoie. Tn the third act Chanticleer learns of
the conspiracy of the night birds and
fights a duel with his fnlse friend, the
gamecock, killing him, despite his steel
gaffs and redoubtable skill.
This is the beginning of the end for
Chanticleer. The treachery of his friends
poisons his optimism. The hen pheasant;
the prize of the combat, offers the con
solation of her love in a fine outburst
and then draws his head under her wing
and bids him "sleep "
Vhen the fourth and last act opens
Chanticleer, wooed by love, has Klept
so long that the sun has risen without
"And I have not crowed," he- mid.
The dream of his life, all his belief in
his wo mi reus power, crumbles. So he
wa not the ruler of the sun. All the
tenderness of the hen pheasant cannot
bring back the lost Illusion. His hens
did not know it. The birds of the night
still believe in him. He has his follow
ers and his enemies as before. The- sun
'still rises, when he. Chanticleer, crows.
If the dog doubts, he is silent. But the
Iron that has entered his soul is the
death of the glorious Chanticleer.
Kostant in an interview explains the
history of his conception of "Chantl
, cleer" :
-ln 1001." said he, "while taking a
walk in the outskirts of Cambo, 1 was
passing a humble farm, when 1 suddenly
stopped before the barnyard. It was just
an ordinary barnyard containing the
usual pigeon loft, wire nettings, manure
pile, and within, tlie animals, hens, ducks,
guinea fowl, geese-, turkeys, a cat asleep,
a dog wandering about! in brief, a com
mon spectacle.
watched with interest, when, sud
denly, in stalked the cock. He entered
proudly, boldly, like a ruler, with dis
dain in his eye and a certain rhythmic
movement of the head that produced the
irreki&Uliitt iuxessiun of a hero. He ad-
vanced like a king among his subjects.
I saw in this spectacle a play."
Mrs. Myer Infatuated With. Haynie,
Says Portland Man.
It developed in Portland yesterday
that-'Mrs. E,lecd.ra C. Myer became ac
quainted with J. B. Haynie in 1906.
Haynie was employed as a passenger
brakeman on the Southern Pacific run
ning out of El Paso. The acquaintance
became an infatuation on the part of
Mrs. Myer, and was the cause of & di
vorce obtained by Jacob Myer, her hus
band. In the Summer of 1908 Haynie came
north in search of employment and was
soon followed by Mrs. Myer. On her
arrival here she went to the Saranac
rooming-house on Sixth street, operated
by old friends of El Paso days, B. H.
Young and wife. Mrs. Myer started a
search for Haynie through private de
tectives and finally located him at Ta-
coma. She went North and Joined
Haynie, who was employed by the
passenger service of the Northern Pa
cific The next heard from Mrs. Myer was
in May, 1909, when she removed to Van
couver, Wash., and established a resi
dence. Mrs. Myer engaged Walter G.
Hayes, a Portland attorney, to repre
sent her and began a breach of promise
suit against Haynie in the Washington
courts. The woman claimed $10,000.
The suit was brought to trial and Mrs.
Myer lost the decision because it was
ascertained that Haynie had a wife and
five children at Stamps, Ark., and that
Mrs. Myer knew the facts at the
time she contracted her relations with
Mrs. Myer then went to Seattle Jid
conducted a rooming-house during the
A.-Y.-P. Exposition. She returned to
Portland on January 29 and again went
to the Saranac for rooms. Interviewed
as to the happenings after the arrival of
Airs. Myer, Mr. Young said last night:
"Mrs. Myer came here one week ago
last Saturday and remained until
Wednesday, February 2, when she left
on a hunt for Haynie. On Tuesday she
wrote out her will and called Mrs.
Young and myself to her room to witness
the document. It left all her property to
her former husband at El Paso. The
property of value was listed as being
mining stocks and jewelry, and the val
uation -was fixed at $1000.
"The fact that she was making a will
excited no particular attention from me.
I had (heard, her talk ahout Haynie, but
will not state what she said. That is for
her attorney to give out. I will not say
whether she did or did not make threats
against his life. I looked upon it as a
family matter tha I should not mix up
wiiii, euia so long as sue aid not start
anything around my house I was willing
to keep out of it.
"Mrs. Myer was chasing after Haynie
for a year and a half and you can use
your own judgment as to whether she
was infatuated with him or not. I met
her in El Paso, where Mr. and Mrs.
Myer ran a rooming-house. Myer is a
mighty fine man and is engaged in the
cattle and mining business down there.
The woman was writing to her former
husband and about six months ago he
asked her to return to him. She spoke
as if she might do it. and I wanted to
encourage her in that if possible.
"When Mrs. Myer came here about a
year and a half ago she had $1600 In
cash and a mortgage for $S00, which she
afterward -converted into cash. She
spent all of that sum in following Hay
nie. She was expecting a check to
reach here today for the sum of $500, and
I have reason to believe it came.
"She was a very determined woman,
smart and well educated. After she lo
cated Haynie the last time she did not
let any of us know where he was, and
in that way headed off any attempt that
we might have been inclined to make to
advise him that Mrs. Myer was going
to see him. Haynie lost his position on
the railroad through his relations with
Mrs. Myer, and he had gone . to the
grading camp to work until the affair
blew over. I have one of her trunks at
this hotel, together with some other ef
fects belonging to her. She has another
trunk at Vancouver."
Questioned as to where the property
was held, mentioned in the will Mrs.
Myer left, Young referred the inquirer
to Attorney Hayes.
Men Illegally Registered "Will Be
Watched For In Seattle.
SEATTLE, Feb. 7. More than 700 ar
rests will be made at the polls Tues
day on the charge of illegal voting if the
men whose names were placed In the
hands of grand Jury detectives and
deputy sheriffs today attempt to have a
pay in the selection of candidates for
Duplicate poll books were prepared to
day and opposite the names of the 'men
suspected of illepal registration was
placed the word "Arrest."
Detectives in the employ of the grand
jury will be stationed at the Third and
Fourth precincts of the Fifth Ward,
where it is charged illegal voters were
colonized by William Hurley, now held
at the county 5ail under a grand jury
warrant charging illegal registration.
First Organization to Be Formed in
British Columbia Province.
VANCOUVER, Wash., Feb. 7. (Spe-
cial.) Within the next few days promi
nent business men connected with the
fruit industry in this province will
gather here to form a board of con
trol for the purpose of holding in Van
couver this jiear the first Canadian
apple show. r
According to present Indications next
season's apple crop will bo unusually
good, and so it is planned to hold the
apple show here the first week in No
vember so that exhibitors will have
an opportunity of competing also in
the American National apple show to
be held in Spokane later in November.
Coroner's Inquest JJegrins on Death
of Millionaire.
KANSAS CITY, Feb. 7. Interest in the
Swope catse will turn tomorrow to the
inquest over the body of the dead mil
lionaire. At 9 o'clock Monday morning Coroner
Stewart will begin the inquest at the
Courthouse in Independence. Under
takers and assiitants who cared for the
body will be examined. But on Tuesday
it is thought members of the Swope fam
ily will be called to the witness stand.
Spokane Girl May Die Because Usual
Gun Was Loaded.
SPOKANE. Wash., - Feb. 7. (Special.)
Accidentally shot In the internal or
gans by a 22-calibre revolver in the
hands of her brother, aged 10, while
playing, Sophia Young, aged 12, is in
a dying condition.
The doctors thought if they operated
on her. the shock would kill her. The
gun had been around the house for a
long time and wan thought not to be
Reports of Government Victory
- at Santo Tomas Still
General A'asquez, Still Pursuing
' Fleeing Kebels, Attributes Suc
cess to Well-Executed Ambush.
Canards Are Alleged.
t MANAGUA, Feb. 7. Reports of, a ffov
merit victory at San Tomas continue
to be received here. According to offi
cial dispatches from General Vasquez,
every eixth man among the insurgents
was killed or wounded.
Among those in the casualty list on
the government eida are Captain Pari
nilli. killed, and Colonel Miguel and Cap
tain Navarro wounded. Navarro formerly
was governor of Managua penitentiary,
and it was he who executed Zelaya'a or
ders for shooting and torturing political
General Mena was in command of the
Insurgents at the battle and toward the
close of the fight was reinforced by
Colonel Zeledon with 300 men. This pre
vented the insurgents from being en-
tirely cut off.
General Vasquez in his advices says
be is still pursuing the enemy. He attrib
uted the victory to a well-executed am
bush. The report that Nicaragua and Hon
duras are preparing a revolution against
Guatemala is declared here to be an in
surgent invention, doubtless to discredit
the Madriz government.
ladrlz Gives Plans of Chief Little
Bison Temporary Setback.
BOSTON, Feb. 7. Because President
Madriz of Nicaragua feared the ex
pected transplanting of 800 Sioux In
dians from North Dakota to the terri
tory was a ruse to give Btrength to
the insurgent army under General Es
trada, the plans of Chief Little Bison
of the Sioux tribe, have received at
least a temporary setback.
Chef Ldttle Bision who went to
Nicaragua to prepare the way for the
immigration of his brothers, arrived to
day on the steamer Esparta from Port
Limon, Costa Rica, accompanied by
Mrs. Little Bison, a white woman.
Little Bison said that, when he
reached Costa Rica, President Madriz
was suspicious of his intentions and
appealed to the Costa Rlcan govern
ment to prevent the entry of the In
dians into Nicaragua. The chief then
was submitted to constant surveillance.
.He managed, however, to elude his
watchers and slipped into Bluefields on
.Jiuary 27. There he had a conference
with- General Kstrada. The Insurgent
leader was sanguine that the war would
end favorably for. the insurgents within
six weeks.
Politics at Bottom of Anxiety of Con
gress to Determine Cause of
Exorbitant Prices.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 7. Whether the
Senate and- House will conduct rival in
vestigations into the cause of the high
cost, of living Is a question that concerns
Republican political leaders more deeply
than any other problem now before Con
gress. If both bodies conduct such an exami
nation, the leaders fear that different
conclusions may be reached, and that
such different reports on the eve of the
Congressional elections will prove em
barrassing to the Republican majority.
Nevertheless, Republicans of the Senate
apparently are determined to make such
an Inquiry and to conduct it with the
most dispatch, regardless of the views
of the House leaders.
The lodgQ resolution reported from
the Senate committee has been amended
s to provide for a committee of seven
Senators and it probably will be reported
tomorrow from the committee on con
tingent expenses. That the object of the
investigation is political is generally ad
Especially, it seems, do the Republicans
want to refute charges that the tariff is
responsible for the increases. They will
try to show that there is a wide differ
ence between wholesale and retail prices.
and that the tariff is not responsible for
these differences.
It is reported that President Taft de
sires the effect of the tariff upon neces
saries of life to be determined by the
inquiry, and that he will not tolerate
any effort to gloss over any ill effects.
Twice Also Shipman's Shoulder
Bights Itself, Unexpectedly.
W. Shipman. of 27H Front street.
walked two miles with a dislocated shoul
der to police headquarters shortly before
midnight last night and on reaching the
door of the station bumped against the
door-casing and threw the shoulder back
into place. He then called for a doctor
to see if the shoulder really had reset
itself and Patrolman J. G. Montgomery
proffered his services.
Shipman threw his arm up over his
head, declared it felt as usual and then
Officer Montgomery took hold of the
man, when instantly the shoulder went
out again and all of Montgomery's efforts
to reset it failed. A little later the shoul
der unexpectedly shot back into place
again and Shipman departed rejoicing.
The man's shoulder was thrown out
of place originally in a friendly wrestling
Shipwrecked Sailors "Will Land To-
x day at Kej- West.
KEY WEST. Kla., Feb. 7. The Alamo,
with the crew of the steamship Ken
tucky, which foundered off the Caro
lina coast Friday, arrived at midnight
s - i1
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-I r . -x sr 1
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Hart Scbaifoer & Marx -
Buffalo Fisherman. Is Found Froien
to Death in His Sled on Ice
of Lake Erie.
. NBW YORK. Feb. 7,--Intense cold,
driven to the bone of man and beast by
a cutting' wind, gripped the Eat last
night. Iu New York City the mercury
stood at one degree above zero at
midnight, equaling the low record for
the season.
A 40-mile gale swept New York end
vicinity throughout the day and night,
driving pedestrians indoors and causing
great suffering to those who are exposed.
Streets were practically deserted last
An unidentified man was frozen to
death in Boston; a fisherman met a sim
ilar fate in Buffalo, while off Atlantic
City a tramp steamer- was forced (to an
chor because of the gale. Up-state tn
New York, a driving snow made condi
tions worse. At Utica the mercury was
14 below. The extreme cold drove hun
dreds of homeless men and women to the
municipal lodging-house and dock for
At Buffalo three degrees below zero was
registered at 8 o'clock last night, the
lowest in several' years. There was
a slight fall of snow. Herman Snyder,
a fisherman, was found dead in his sled
with his dogs two miles out on Iakt
At Boston the mercury tumbled last
night at the rate of two degrees an
hour until at midnight the thermome
ters registered zero. The wind blew 26
miles an hour. One man was found
Philadelphia reported the thermometer
seven degrees above zero last night, the
coldest of the "Winter. In "Western Penn
sylvania the temperature was two to
10 below zero.
Final Draft Differs Materially From
Original and Represents Months
of Study by Cabinet.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 7. The long
looked for Federal Incorporation bill to
embody the recommendations made in
the special message by President Taft
will be Introduced in Congress tomor
row, probably by Senator Clark of
"Wyoming and Representative Parker of
New Jersey, chairman, respectively, of
the Senate and House committees on
The final draft. In outline, differs ma
terially from the earlier drafts and
represents several months of study by
the President and his Cabinet.
No corporation, formed under the
terms of the proposed act, will be per
mitted to purchase, acquire or hold
stock in any other corporation; ifor
could any corporation organized under
the act or the laws of any state or
'foreign country for the purpose of any
like business, acquire or hold the stock
of a corporation formed under this act;
and no such corporation would be per
mitted to have banking powers.
Forfeiture of character may result if
any corporation organized under the act
enters into any contract or combina
tion, or engages in any conspiracy
against interstate or "foreign trade or
commerce or shall monopolize or at
tempt to monopolize any part thereof
contrary to the Sherman act, or shall
otherwise violate the laws of the United
States. The characters of all corpora
tions are made -subject to alteration,
suspension or repeal by Congress.
American Conductor May Get Term
In Mexican Penitentiary.
MEXICO CITY, Feb. 7. A telegram
from Quadalajara says that the prose
cuting attorney in the case of Conductor
James Cook has recommended to the
judge that the prisoner be sentenced to a
term in the penitentiary.
The prosecutor charges that the Amer
ican was guilty of criminal negligence.
If not actually implicated, in the robbery
of a freight train in his charge.
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