Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 10, 1909, Page 18, Image 18

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French Shipowners Lose in
Stevedoring Lease.
Judge Don worth Decides That Cut
in Price of Loading a. Vessel Does
'ot Establish a Prevailing
Rate for Labor on Ships.
M-Cabe & Hamilton, stevedores, of
Seattle. Wash., have been awarded J279.62
with interest from May 3S, MOi, by Judge
Donworth. of the- United States Court.
MeCabe & Hamilton appeared as liber
ant in the caee and the French bark
EiiK'nie Kautrel as respondent. The Judg
ment was handed down yesterday and
nettles the matter of prevailing rates for
stevedoring work.
Early in 19"7 the French bark Eugenia
Fautrel arrived at Seattle with a cargo
of cement for Balfour, Guthrie & Co.
rhe was also under charter to the same
firm for outward loading of wheat for
the United Kingdom. I'nder the terms
of the charter party Balfour, Guthrie &
Co.. were to supply stevedores at the rate
prevailing at the time on Puget Sound.
MeCabe & Hamilton were handling that
work for the exporters and the master
of the French vessel was asked to sign a
contract for 3214 cents a ton for the
discharge of the cement ami for 3D cents
a ton for the loading of the wheat cargo.
A rival stevedoring firm agreed to do
the same work for 30 cents out and 24
cents in with a rebate of TVs Pr cent on
both charges.
The-captain refused to take the steve
dores designated by Balfour-Guthrie A
Co., and it was not until forced to it
that he worked the ship with MeCabe &
j Hamilton. When he settled he paid the
, bill on the basis of 30 cents and 27V4
cents, also deducting the 74 Per cent.
The matter was taken into the courts
with the result that the stevedoring firm
has been awarded the balance of the
in view of the clause In the charter
party Judge Donworth took the stand
that the only question involved was the
one of prevailing rates and that the cut
ting of price by the rival firm on the
particular ship did not constitute a
change In the rates which at that time
and had formerly prevailed at the ports
on Puget Sound.
Local Inspectors to Take Testimony
in Butterfly and Robinson Cases.
United States Inspectors of Steam
Vessels Edwards and Fuller have set
Monday, November 15, as the date for
the official investigation of- the causes
of the burning of the steamer Butterfly
at Martins Bluff on the afternoon of
November S. The following day the
Inspectors will question members of the
crew of the steamer G. K. Wentworth
regarding the drowning of John Robin
son, an oiler on the dredge Columbia,
near Slaughters on the night of Novem
ber .
The Butterfly was burned while taking
wood fuel at Martins Bluff. She was
in command of Captain Al Brazee and
at the time it was reported that the
fire was caused by an explosion of oil.
John Robinson was swept overboard
from a small boat by the towllne of the
steamer G. K. Wentworth. The steamer
had a log raft In tow and it has been
stated that she did not display the proper
lights designating a tow astern. Robin
son was a brother-in-law of John Dris
coll. of the Port of Portland Commission.
No trace has been found of the body
and Mr. DrlscoII has offered a reward
f J25 for its recovery.
Falcon Due With Bonded Goods.
With a large amount of bonded stuff
and general carjro from New York, the
steamship Falcon, of the American-Hawaiian
Company, is due to reach Port
land this evening. The vessel sailed from
San Francisco Sunday night and will
cross in at Astoria this morning. The
Falcon will leave for the South Saturday
Whaling Bark I teaches . Port.
SAX FRANCISCO. Nov. 9. After a
cruise of 11 months in Northern waters,
during which 11 whales were taken, the
whaling bark John and Winthrop arrived
' here today with 475 barrels of oil and
1000 pounds of bone.
Marine Notes.
The steamship Breakwater is scheduled
to sail for Coos Bay ports tonight at 8
With passengers and freight for Tilla
mook Bay the steamship Argo sailed at
6 o'clock last night.
The steamship Wellesley sailed yester
day for Coos Bay, where she will load
lumber for California.
The French bark La Rochejaquelin is
discharging a small quantity of coal at
the American Can Company's dock.
The steamship George W. Elder sailed
for San Pedro and way ports last night.
She carried passengers and freight.
The steam schooner Mayfair is dis
charging powder at Martins Bluff. She
will load lumber for San Francisco.
The steamship Sue H. Elmore sailed
; for Tillamook last night. She was
'heavily loaded and 'will take -passengers
' from Astoria.
Tn command of Captain Krickson the
steamship Northland arrived up last
i night from San Francisco. She brought
a full list of passengers and general
Arrivals and Departures.
PORTLAND. Nov. 9. Arrived Steamship
Mayfair al Max tins Bluff, from S&n Krancis
r: i"ar!pn. from San Francisco; steamship
Rainier, from San Francisco; steamship
-inland, fium San Francisco. Sailed
Steamship Sue H. Elmore, for Tillamook;
Hfsmship Argo, for Tillamook: steamship
"Welll-y. for "oos Bay; steamship Geo.
W Eider, for San Pedro and way ports.
Astoria. Or.. Nov. 9. Condition at the
mouth of the river at 5 P. M., moderate:
wmd southeast 3 miles; weather, cloudy.
Arrived at 9 and left up at 9:30 A. M.
Steamer Mayfair. from San Francisco; ar
rived at 9 and left at 11 A. il- Steamer
Northland, from Sun Francisco. Sailed at
30:10 A. M. German steamer Walkure. for
St. Vincent, for orders. Arrived down at
1.' ,1ft P. M Steamer Santa Clara.
San Francisro, Nov. 9. Arrived at 5
A M Steamer Johan Fouloen. from Co
Columbia River. Sailed at 9 A. M
Hteamer Agyll, for Portland ; sailed last
night -Steamer Geo. W. Fen wick, for Co
lumbia River, and steamer Casco, for Port
land. Coos Bay, Nov. 9 Arrived Steamer Al
liance, from Portland. . .
Tatoosh Island. Nov. . Passed in Brit
ish steamer Cape Flntsterre, from Macatlan,
for Com ox and Portland.
Yokohama. Nov. 9. Arrived Nov. 8.
Norwegian steamer Selja. from Portland.
Tide t AMoria Wednesday.
High. Low.
11-17 A- M....M feet '.VI 2 A. M 2 1 feet
11 :iO P. M....7 3 fft .VT.H P. M ... .0:7 foot
Hood Kiver Improvement Downed.
HOOD RIVER, Or.. Nov. At a meet
Ins; of the Commercial Club last night
the report of the Government engineers
on the Improvement of the Columbia
River opposite Hood River was heard.
The engineers made a report unfavorable
to the Improvement, but which, it is un
derstood, is not to be regarded as a final
disposition of the matter. A eommit
ee from the club will take the matter up
with the engineers In charge in Washing
ton. The Hood River Commercial Club
has agreed to co-operate with the com
mercial club in Lewiston and other simi
lar bodies along the Columbia and Snake
Rivers to make a strong plea at the
coming rivers and harbors congress for
the improvement of these rivers.
Here It Is, in the Form of an Open
Letter to Senator La FoIIette.
GRANTS PASS. Or.. Nor. S. To Hon.
Robert 11. La, FoIIette Dear. 6Ir: Tour
peTh in the Opera-House in Grants Pass
last evening deserve to be classed among
the choice genu of political literature. No
one who heard you will call In question your
ability, your patriotism and your desire to
direct the entire people to higher and bet
ter things. But may it not be possible that
the way of vour direction is practically im
possible under present conditions?
You told the people of thiji city last night
just what I have been telling them for r
years You told us that the present system
Due to Arrire.
Name. From. Date.
Falcon San Francisco In port
KaniM City. .. San Francisco In port
Breakwater. ...Coos Bay.... In port
Eureka. -Eureka N ov. 10
Alliance Coos Bay.... Nov. li
Sue H. Elmore. Tlilamooic. .. .Nov. 13
Ariro Tillamook. ...Nov. 13
Roanoke Fan Pedro... Nov. 14
Rose City San Francisco Nv. 14
Geo. W. Elder. .San Pedro. Nov. 21
Henrik Ibsen. . .Honrkonic-... .'an. 3
Belja Hongkong. . -. lndefl t
Scheduled to Depart.
Name. For. Date.
Breakwater... Coos Bay.... Sov. 10
Eureka Eureka Nov. il
Falcon San Francisco Nov. 11
Kansas City. . . San Francisco Nov. 1-
AUIance Cnos Bay Nov. l.i
Sue H. Elmore. Tillamook... Nov. 1
Ariro Tillamook Nov. 1
Roanoke .San Pedro Nov. 10
Roe City San Francisco Nov. 1!
Geo. W. BPder. -San Pedro Nov. 23
Henrik Ibsen. . Honckonc .. .Jan. 1-
Selja Hongkong....
Entered Tuesday.
Pierre Antonlne, Fr. bark (Nedel
lec). with part cargo of coal, from
Newcastle, N. S. W.
Rainier, Am. steamship LInd
qulst), with general cargo, from San
Carlos. Am. steamship (Donald
son), with ballast, from San Fran
cisco. Kansas City, Am. steamship (Kld
ston), with general cargo, from San
Christian Michelsen, Nor. steam
ship (Bentzon), with ballast, from
Cleared Tuesday.
Rainier, Am. steamship (Lind
quist). with wheat and 320,000 feet of
lumber. Xor San Francisco.
of political corruption and Industrial op
pres?ion began about the time that the Re
publican party came into power, that prior
to the Civil War corruption at the Capital
of our Nation was practically unknown, and
that it was not until about the year 1ST0
that It became necessary to have a com
mission to prevent railroad extortion and
unlawful favoritism. I have told these same
things to the people of Oregon, with the ad
ditional Information that prior to the Civil
War the affairs of this Government were di
rected almost entirely by the disciples of
Thomas Jefferson, that the present monopoly
system which you denounce as being "in
famous" was bora in and has been nurtured
by the Republican party, and that John H.
Kearan. of Texas, an ex-conieaeraie ana.
Southern Democrat, was the member of Con
gress who introduced the interstate com
merce bill, and that we had a Republican
President and Congress in 1807, when, as
you say. this bill was killed.
you also speak of the period from 3SP7
to 1909 as the "blackest" In the history of
our country, and that more than 1000 cor
porations during that time went Into the
trust combine. I have told this also to the
people, and then I have told them that dur
ing this "blackest" period of time we had a
Republican president who claimed to be a
regular "trust buster." And I am now tell
ing the people that Aldrich, Cannon and
their crowd are planning to afflict the
American people with this same "trust
buster" another four years.
Yes. Senator, you are right In your fight
for good government, but you are simply
wasting time if you expect by your efforts to
reform the Republican party. The Aldrich
and Cannon crowd are going to control the
party in the future Just as they have done
in the past; and they will do for you just
what they did for Andrew Johnson, Horace
Greeley and othera who have undertaken
party reform. Thousands who now applaud
you will march up to the polls at the next
election, like sheep to the slaughter, and
vote for Roosevelt or some other candidate
selected by the corporations. Mr. Taft was
named by Roosevelt and elected through the
influence of Wall street money because of his
antagonism to organised labor.
Your criticism of our present banking sys
tem U timely, and deserves more attention
than it is likely to receive. When a few
men sitting In their office In New York
can command every bank cashier In the
United States to close his bank doors, we
may well conclude that these lords of
finance have a little too much power. But
why is It right for you to tell it and wrong
for Mr. Bryan to tell it? The truth la. Mr.
Bryan " was right when he opposed this
usurpation of power in 1S06, and he is right
In his opposition to it now. And more that
that, W. J. Bryan is the one man in this
country today who is able to wrest this
Government from the control of the men
whom you term "infamous" and restore it
to the people.
The present unfortunate conditions will
never be righted by the Republican party.
The fundamental principles of the Republi
can and Democratic parties are radically at
variance. The Republican party as now or
ganized is the legitimate culmination of the
doctrine that a few men have a divine right
to control all other men; while the Demo
cratic party as now organized is the ottt
growth of the divine doctrine that all men
are equal and that all governmental power
should come from the people. The Republi
can party cannot consistently remove the
tyranny of the trusts; it would be too much
like a parent disinheriting his own chil
dren. If it is ever done, it will be by the
Democratic party, and under the leadership
of W. J. Bryan or some other man of his
abilttv and sublime patriotism. Yours re
spectfully. STEPHEN JEWELL.
Leaves for Washington lo Prepare
Case Against Railway.
B. D. Townsend, special assistant to
th Attorney-General, left last night for
Washington for a conference with United
States Attorney-General Wickersham.
preliminary to tiling his brief for the
Government In the celebrated suit brought
a year ago by the United- States against
the Oregon & California Railroad and
others to cancel the railroad company's
grant to nearly 2.W,000 acres of valuable
timber land in this state. Under the
direction of ex-Attorney-General Bona
parte Mr. Townsend instituted and is
prosecuting this suit.
Mr. Townsend explained yesterday that
the purpose of his visit to Washington
at this time is not only to confer with
the Attorney-General, but to have a gen
eral conference with the Government's
chief prosecutor touching every phase of
the litigation and the Interests of the
Government therein. This suit was
brought before the present Attorney-General
assumed his office. Mr. Townsend
expects to be gone about a month.
Now's the time to supply your Winter
needs and pay less. 9?e our big Morrison-street
window. McA ten-McDonnell.
Third and Morrison.
Judge Tells Loafers to Leave
City or Go to Work.
Charles Adams Sentenced for Annoy
ing Girls on Street Two Chinese
Lottery Men Plead Gnilty
and Pay Fines.
"I want you loafers to understand that
when you are ordered out of town you
will have to leave town." said Judge
Bennett yesterday morning to Jim Lyons,
who. a week before had pleaded guilty
to the charge of vagrancy and begged
to be allowed to leave town to escape
a rockpile sentence.
"Your failure to obey the orders of
this court will cost you SO days on the
rockpile. and if you are found in the
city after serving that I will increase
the dose to 90 days."
In numerous cases where the absence
from Portland of male parasites and
other low-down characters has been re
garded by the court as of more benefit
to the community than their serving -a
sentence on the rockpile only to be re
leased again on the community, Judge
Bennett has allowed this class of offend
ers he privilege of leaving rather than
receive the rockpile penalty. Lyons had
failed to leave and was brought into
court again.
"I want this class of people to under
stand that I am in earnest," said the
Judge, "and that I want to rid the city
of their undesirable presence."
Masher Goes to Rockpile.
Charles Adams, a clerk living in Lower
Albina, was sentenced to 15 days on the
rockpile yesterday morning by Judge
Bennett in the Municipal Court for mo
lesting women, Adams had been arrested
the night before by Patrolman Barzee
at Front and Morrison streets, where,
somewhat under the influence of liquor,
he took up his stand and attempted to
ogle the young women who passed.
Finding that his flirtations were not re
turned, Adams then resorted to accosting
them. He spoke to two young women
and was insisting upon accompanying
them, much to their alarm, when the
officer was called and placed him under
arrest. Adams did not deny the charge
when brought before the Judge.
Lottery Dealers Ffned.
Sam Wing and Sin Sing, two Chinese
accused of violating the lottery law, were
fined by Judge Bennett yesterday morn
ing In the Municipal Court. Sam Wing
paid $50 into the city treasury and Sin
Sing was assessed 15. The former plead
ed guilty to conducting a lottery game
and the latter guilty of visiting one.
The Celestials had been taken into
custody by Detectives Tichenor and
Howell on Monday afternoon "at 313
Flanders street, where Sam Wing was
in charge of a branch lottery. The offi
cers seized a quantity of tickets and
other proof of the existence of the game.
Albert Marbetti Says Officers Mis
treated Him While Making Arrest.
As the result of the arrest of Perry
Tomlinson, an expressman, and Albert
Marbetti, a vegetable peddler, by Patrol
man Galbraith at Sixth and Stark streets
on Monday afternoon charges will be
brought against the officer before the
Police Commission. Marbetti accuses
Galbraith of assaulting him at the time
of the arrest. Both cases were tried out
yesterday morning in the Municipal Court
before Judge Bennett.
The officer placed Tomlinson under ar
rest for having an unbroken and vicious
horse In use. Marbetti, whose stand is
close to the stand of Tomlinson, en
deavored to interfere with Galbraith, who
was trying to arrest Tomlinson. After
two warnings which Marbetti failed to
obey, the officer demanding that he move
on. Galbraith kicked Marbetti to hurry
him. Judge Bennett fined Marbetti to.
"Fake" Label on Apples.
HOOD RIVER, Or.. Nov. 9. The mem
bers of the Hood River Apple-Growers'
Union, which comprises 90 per cent of
the orchardists, are up in arms over the
report from New York that quantities of
apples were on the market there bear
ing the wrappers of the union which were
not up to the high standard of quality
maintained by that organization.
The wrappers of the union are regarded
IX. X! ar-A- JA-stTdLA.
that she looks forward to the critical hour with apprehension and
dread. Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing properties,"
allays nausea, nervousness, and all unpleasant feelings,, and so
prepares the system for the ordeal that she passes through the event
safely and with but little suffering, as numbers have testified and said,
" it is worth its weight in gold. "
$1.00 per bottle
druggists. Book contain
ins valuable information
mailed free.
Allan fa, Oa.
A Little Diapepsin Makes Your Out-of-Order
Stomach Feel Fine .
in Five Minutes. .
The question as to how long you are
going to continue a sufferer from Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia or out-of-order
stomach is merely a matter of how soon
you begin taking some Diapepsin.
If your Stomach is lacking in diges
tive power, why not help the stomach
to do its work, not with drastic drugs,
but a re-tnforcement of digestive
agents, such as are naturally at work
in the stomach.
People with weak Stomachs should
take a little Diapepsin occasionally, and
there will be no more Indigestion, no
ft f
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? We can
furnish positive proof that it has made many remarkable
cures after all other means had failed.
Women who are suffering with some form of female
illness should consider this.
As such evidence read these two unsolicited testimonial
letters. We guarantee they are genuine and honest state
ments of facts.
Gardiner, Maine. "I was a gfreat sufferer from a female
disease and weakness. The doctor said I would have to. go to
the hospital for an operation but I could not bear to think of it.
" Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound completely cured
me in three months." Mrs. S. A. Williams, K.F.D. No. 14, Box
39, Gardiner, Me. ,
So. "West Harbor, Me. "I suffered for years with painful
periods, backache, headaches, nervousness, irregularities and
inflammation. I consulted two physicians and one advised me
to have an operation.
" I was completely discouraged when I decided to try Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and it has made me a well
woman. I advise all suffering; women to take Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. Mrs. Lillian Bobbins, South
West Harbor, Me.
Evidence like the above is abundant showing that the
derangements of the female organism which breed all kinds
of miserable feelings and which ordinary practice does not
cure, are the very disorders that give way to Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Women who are afflicted with similar troubles, after
reading two such letters as the above, should be encouraged
to try this wonderfully helpful remedy.
For 30 years Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has been the standard remedy for
female Ills. No sick woman does justice to
herself who will not try this famous medicine. .
Made exclusively from roots and herbs, and
has thousands of cures to its credit. .
i " Mrs. Pink ham Invites all sick women
Wr to write her for advice. She has
guided thousands to health free of charge.
Address Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass.
as an absolute guarantee of high quality
in the East and when these apples were
found to be inferior in selection and
pack many complaints poured in upon
Steinhardt and Kelly, who bought the
entire output of the union this year.
Proceedings Planned to Open Street
Through Midway.
Councilman Rushlight will start new
proceedings for the opening of East
Seventeenth street through Midway.
Bast Seventeenth street has been ex
tended and improved to Ainsley avenue
to the north Bide of Midway, and the
street has been opened south through
According to the report of the first
viewers, the cost of the opening of Bast
Seventeenth street through Midway was
placed on the property-owners of Mid
way and holders of sites north and south,
who received ' equal benefits, were not
assessed. Midway property-owners ob
jected and had the proposed opening set
The new proceedings wllP extend the
territory to be assessed to the south end
of Bast Seventeenth street through to
Sellwood. This method will distribute
the cost. To get Bast Seventeenth street
opened through Midway will necessitate
the appropriation of about six lots be
sides a large section of a greenhouse
and a small cottage. L. W. Darling, who
has been working to get the street
opened, says the people in Westmoreland
on East Seventeenth street will not ob
ject to the new proceedings. ,
for the signature of E. W. GROVE. Used the
World over to Cure a Cold in One Day. 25c.
mtr happy without them, yet
me oraeai uirougn wmcn
the expectant mother must
pass usually is so full of
suffering, danger and fear
feeling like a lump of lead in the stom
ach, no heartburn. Sour risings. Gas on
Stomach or Belching of undigested
food. Headaches, Dizziness or Sick
Stomach, and besides, what you eat
will not ferment and poison your breath
with nauseous odors. All these symp
toms resulting from ' a sour, out-of-order
stomach and dyspepsia aje gen
erally relieved five minutes after tak
ing a little Diapepsin.
Go to your druggist and get a 50
cent case of Pape's Diapepsin now, and
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intestines will be clean and fresh, and
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be any more bad nights and miserable
davs for you. They freshen you and
make you feel like life is worth living.
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I hire no substitute and have no medi
cal company.
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equipped in Portland. My methods are
modern .and up-to-date. My cures are
quick and positive. I do not treat symp
toms and patch up, I thoroughly examine
each case, find the cause, remove It and
thus cure the disease.
I tTRE Varicose Veins, Contracted
Ailment, Plies and Specific Blood Pot.
on and All Ailments of Men.
CUKE! OR NO PAY I am the only
specialist in Portland who makes no
charge unless the patient la entirely
satisfied with the results accomplished,
and who srivee a written guarantee to
refund every dollar paid for aervices
if a complete and permanent cure la
not effected.
rVfp-M Visit Dr. Lindsay's private
mtill Museum of Anatomy and
know thyself, in health and disease. Ad
mission free. Consultation free. If un
able to cail, write for list of questions.
Office hours 9 A. M. to 9 P. M.: Sun
days 10 A. M. to 1 P. M.
1S8H Second St., Cor. of Alder.
Portland. Oregon.
Thli great ChtnM
doctor la welt knows
throflfho.t the
Northwest becaoe
of his wonderful
amd marvelous cures.
and Is today hsr-
patients mm u
createst of his kind. Ha treats any
and all diseases with powerful Chinese
roots, herbs and harks that are entirely
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Ions; troubles, rheumatism, nervousness,
etomacb. liver and kidney tronbles. also
private diseases of men and women.
Patients outside of elty write for
blanks and circulars. Inclose 4c stamp.
' The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
16ZM First St.. Near Morrison,
Portland, Or.
Bins C h o o n g
M e d 1 c i ne Co.,
133tt First St.,
Portland Or.
Gen tlemen . I
take pleasure In
statins that
your treatments
for throat, liver
and lungs have
griven a speedy
cure, and heart
ily recomm end
your treatments.
4' ..
1 Core Mesi
1 claim to know a great deal
about a few ailments, rather
than a little of all human ills"
Different doctors have different ideas in
regard to cures. Some call a suppression of
symptoms a cufe. They dose, for drug ef
fects and claim that nothing; more can be
done. But the real ailment remains and will
bring- the real symptoms back again, per
haps the same as before, but very likely
leave the patient In a much worse condi
tion. I claim that nothing less than com
plete eradication of the ailment can be a real
oure. I treat to remove the aliment, and
not merely the symptoms. I search out
every root and fiber of the ailment, and I
cure to stay cured.
I not only cure all nervous conditions
promptly, but I employ the only treatment
that can possibly cure such ailment perma
nently. It is a system of local treatment
entirely original with me, and it is Just as
substantial aa it Is broad.
I Care the Gases That
Others Cannot Cure
A bold statement, but Just urn true as it
ie bold. Not all cases that others fall to
cure are curable by my methods, but fully
SO per cent of them are. Tlie way to learn
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me. I know exactly what can be done in
every Instance. I ought to know this, for I
have done nothing else other than treat
men's diseases for twenty-five yearn. If
your case Is curable I will treat you. If it
isn't I will not. If I treat you, and If you
so desire.
You Can Pay When Cared
Others dose the system with
mineral poisons scarcely less dan
gerous than the ailment itself. The
best they hope to do by this treat
ment is to keep the ailment from
manifesting its presence upon the
surface of the body. Under my
treatment the entire system is
cleantied. The last taint vanishes
to appear no more. I employ
harmless blood-cleansing remedies.
They are remedies heretofore un
known In the treatment -of thin
ailment. They cure by neutralis
ing and absolutely destroying the
poison in the system. Sach cure
cannot be other than complete aod
Free Museum
Our 110,900 Museum ot Anatomy is now open to male viettfiw. The
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give helpful suggestion to men who are ailing. If you cannot come to
Portland, write for particulars of my system of home treatment. In
teresting literature and colored charta It you will call.
TO1i"Elv N0T SICK' BUT glo.omy'
From Dissipation and Excesses, Overwork, Brace Up
and Come to Me. My New System Will Restore
Health, Strength, Vigor. This Is the Way You Feel:
There is usually a pain across the
small of your back; blue rings under
your eyes; specks before your eyes; your
sleep does not rest you; you get up in
the morning feeling tired; your mind at
times wanders; your memory is poor;
you are losing flesh, hollow eyed;
whites of youf eyes are yellow; you are
fearful always expecting the worst to
happen; very nervous, you start in your
sleep, and awake out of a dream very
much frightened; stinging pain in the
breast; no appetite. Do you know
what causes you to feel like this: This
condition will not improve of its own
accord, but instead, you will grow
gradually worse, and eventually end in
nervous debility or neurasthenia. If
vou have ever taken treatment and
failed to get cured, perhaps it is be
cause you never took treatment from
me, for I cure when others falL Con
sult me (Ireej.
Don't Suffer Longer
Don't Hesitate Call Today
Examination and Advice FREE
Tou who have searched In vain for a restoration of your lost health,
you who have hesitated and delayed and done nothing for yourselves
while you were conscious all the time that your strength and vitality
were1 slowly but surelv slipping away from you; you who have become
diseased and are suffering with nervous or blood troubles and would like
to be cured, but do not know how to set about it or where to go I want
vou and every man with these afflictions to come to me. I hold out to
you a helping hand and bid you take courage. There Is a cure. My Electro-Medical
Treatment combines the forces of medicine and electricity,
and searches out and removes the diseased conditions as nothing else
ever can or ever could. My medical offices are the longest established
and the oldest and est equipped in Portland. There is none better or
more favorably known anywhere. With me you are sure of honest deal
ing, skillful and successful treatment and your health and vigor will be
restored for life.
Free Museum for Education of Men
Call if you can. Write today for self-examination blank If you can
not call No business address or street number on our envelopes or
packages. Medicines from 1.50 to 6.50 a course from our own labora
tory. Hours from 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays from 10 to 12.
Oregon Medical
For Indigestion
Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach. Weak Stomach,
or In fact ANY Stomach Trouble caused by
Indigestion. Get a bottle today and try it,
Kodol is guaranteed to relieve you and if it fails
your money will at once be refunded by the
dealer f nn whom you purchased it. Every tab
lespoon! ul of Kodol digests 2 14 pounds of food.
. Giro Prompc mad Effectual Relief
without inconvenience, in the
No obr treatment required.
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WsgrlTfa'llfhl n II i ifl
The Lending- .Specialist
My Cures- Are
In all my work I am
t h o rough, painstaking
and careful to give Just
the right treatment re
quired in each individu
al case. For 26 years I
have been proving niy
ability and my business
methods have always
been strictly reliable.
My unqualified success
is due to a thorough
medical education, sup
plemented by years of
experience in men's spe
cial ailments only. My
treatment is as correct
as modern science can
make it. Others may
offer Inducements such
as cheap treatment or
quick treatment, but my
foremost claim is for
thoroughness, which in
the long run in EVERY
CASE means the
cheapest and .the best.
A thorough cure without pain or
cutting. Every case of Varicose
Veins I treat proves the superior
ity of my mild and harmless meth
od, and the folly of resorting to
surgery. In moat Instances it is
even nnneceesary to detain the pa
tient a single day from his busi
ness. The treatment I employ la
distinctly my own, and can be
had at my office only. Do not
submit to the knife and hospital
expenses, when a complete and
permanent oure can be had with
out the loss of time, and without
pain or outtlng.
My Fees Are Within the
Reach of the Working-man.
Het. Fourth and Fifth,
Women a Specialty
The well known S. K. Chan
Chines Medicine Company,
with wonderful herba and
roots, has cured many suffer-
rhen all oiher remedies
failed. Sure cure for
i,TTi female.
MRS S K flHANeaaes, nervousness, blood poi
.nftO.O.I.UnHllson rheumatism. asthma,
throat, lung trouble, consumption, stomach,
bladder, kidney and diseases of all kinds.
Remedies harmless. No operation. Honst
treatment. Examination for ladles by Mrs,
8. K. Chan.
226M Morrison Ht., Bet. First and Second.
Fortland, Oregon.
yean known as Beet, Safest, Alwan Reliable
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M-ckM-ler Dlanond BrandAl
rills In Jte4 and irold n euIliAvA
boxes, seated with Blue Ribbon. SA
Take other. Buy fronF " J
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