Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 19, 1909, Page 18, Image 18

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New Fall Styles in Men's Clothing-Third Floor-New Fall Millinery in Superb Display-New Tailored Suits for WojnenHavArriyed
" "11
C - -
TomorrowTEe Meier Franl Store's loaotn g May surprise date
TBe Great Expansion Sale BarkainsContinEe In All Departments
Women s 40c Hosiery 20c Pair
In the Toy Department, Fourth Floor,
a special lot goMen oak Tabourettes.
suitable for plants and household use;
23 inches high; nicely made and fin
ished; best regular $1 value, OQ.
un sale at this low price, each
Great special values in all lines of
Porch Furniture. Let us show you.
Surprise Sale
Bargains Galore
Reg, $2.00 Handbags 98c Each
For tomorrow's 1020th Friday Surprise the Leather Goods Department offers the sea
son's greatest bargains in high-grade Handbags. An advantageous purchase of 100C
ba"T from a leading manufacturer enables us to offer these unusual values. Made of
fine quality seal goat, nicely lined; new bioken-bottom styles and overlapping frames.
Come in three lots, marvelous values, on sale at the following unusually low prices:
Eegular $2.00 Bags, 9S Regular $2.50 Bags, $1.19 Regular $3.00 Bags, $1.49
Fee the big Fifth-street window display, and take advantage of these splendid values.
Sale of 1 5,000 Men's Shirts
$1 Vat 47c
In the Men's Fnrnjshing Goods
Section, for tomorrow's 1020th Fri-
day Surprise, another sensational
bargain in men's Golf Shirts, 15,-
000 of them, the entire reserve
stock of one of the largest and best
mannfactnrers in the country. In
plain and fancy colorings, immense
variety; madras and percales? light
and dark effects, in stripes, checks
and plaids; plain blue and tan
chambrays, all sizes; shirts sold
- i
in every store inevery city at $1.00
each; buy all you want of m
them tomorrow at, sp'L, ea. ' C
See Morrison-St. window display.
Men's 25c-35c Hosiery 1 5c Pair
Tomorrow, in the Men's Furnishing Goods Section, 5000 pairs men's fancy Half-hose,
all new patterns and colorings; stripes, figures and embroidered effects; come 1 E
in all sizes; the best regular 35c values, on tale at this special low price, the pair
Butter Sale
2-lb. Sqrs.
66c Sep.
Tomorrow, in the Basement Grocery
Store, our great weekly offering of
good creamery butter at a price fai
below the market value; full 2-pound
squares; buy all you want of it CC.
at this low price, per square vi
Xo phone orders filled; no delivery,
except with other goods. Basement.
Great Sale of
Toilet Paper
In the Drug Sundry Department, all
day tomorrow, 10,000 rolls of Leadei
Toilet Paper; fine grade of paper; the
best regular 5c values, buy all 0
you want at this low price, roll
leader Toilet Faper, doz. rolls.. 33
10,000 rolls of large size Knickerbock
er Toilet Paper, extra quality; best
10c value buy all you want of Q
it at this special price, per roll
Knickerbocker Toilet Paper, QQ
at this low price, dozen rolls Oiv
45c Embroideries 1 2c Yard
35c Figured Challies 1 5c Yd
i7 inonfi, vott fiiirrvrW rnO vards swiss. nainsook and cambric Em-
broiderv, Edges and Inserting, for infants End children's wear; widths from 1 1 O
to 5 inches; handsome designs; great variety; values up to 4oc the yard, sp 1.
Tomorrow, in the Dress Goods Section, 15C0 yards of 27-inch figured Challies, in bright
and medium colorings; a big assortment of styles for your selection; the best 1 C
regular 35c values buy all you want of them at this special low price, the yd.
300 Women's and Misses'
Rep, Duck, Linen Suits
$12 Values at $2.98
The big second floor garment store offers for to
morrow's 1020th Friday surprise another great
bargain in women's high-grade Wash Suits in linens,
reps and ducks, in white, pink, rose, light bine,
gray and tan All new, this7seasojirsppar,hand
somely made and finished and the very latest fash
ionsThe women's jackets are 36 to 40 inches
long, semi and tight-fitting effects, plain tailored
and strap trimmed The misses' suits are in 3 piece
styles, 34 and medium-length coats, semi-fitting,
plain tailored, strap and button trimmed About
300 garments for your selection, values up lb
$12.00 a suit They will be placed Q Q
on sale at the extremely low price of JJ
Great midsummer clean-up sales of women's silk
and wash dresses, lingerie gowns, women's tailored
suits, white skirts, lingerie waists, second floor
A Great Purchase of 500
Silk-Waists in Fine Pongee
t : . . i : : : :
Messalme m& . Taffeta Silks
Regular $15 'Values at $4.98
prise A great sale of new Fall waists at a surprisingly low price A special
purchase made by our waist buyer now in the New York market-Another case
where the manufacturer was a better mechanic than a financier, overbought
himself in materials and was compelled to realize right at the beginning of the
season All new Fall waists in fancy and plain tailored effects, taffeta silks,
pongees and messaline silks Handsome styles and effects in stripes, plaids,
figures and polka dots, trimmed with broad pleats and fancy ruffles, ruffle down
the front, jet crochet and silk corded buttons, Dutch necks with fancy lace
collars, etc. Tans, reseda, rose, navy, gray, brown, lavender, Copenhagen,
black and white Beautiful waists for dress and evening wear, very large
assortment for your selection-Waists to please every individual fancy Sizes
34 to 44 Values in the lot up to $15.00 each, your choice QO
of the entire assortment at the extremely low price of, each tpT-fO
See big Fifth street window display Plan to be here early to get first choice
Big Surprise Sale
In the Picture Dept
On Fourth Floor, tomorrow take advantage.
Lot 1 1000 fancy Heads, 11x19 inches, 1-inch
gilt frames; the best regular $1.50 val- CQ.
ues, on sale at this special price, each
Lot 2 9xl2-ineh Heads, in fancy gilt CQ.
frames, 50 different subjects; $2 vals. vl
Lot 3 Colored scenes of outdoor life, 8 by 21
inch fancy gilt frames; the best ' reg- CQC
ular $2.00 values, on sale at, sp'l., e.a.
Lot 412x16 Dutch scenes and outdoor sub
jects, in fancy gilt frames; best $1.75 gOp
values, on sale at this low price, each
Motormen's Uniforms
$18 Values at $9.89
1000 Pairs Women's $3 Oxfords $1.98 Pr.
Tomorrow, 1000 pairs of women's Oxfords, stand
ard $3 footwear, in patent colt, gunmetal, brown
kid, tan Russia calf, plain or tipped toes, new
tihort vamps, Goodyear welts, high Cuban or mil
itary heels; all sizes and widths; reg- J1
ular $3.00 values, at this low price, pr.' V
Dress Trimmings 67 c Yd
Tomorrow, in the Duress Trimming Department, a
great clean-up of fancy Net Bands, all. new col
orings and effects; widths up to 4 inches; values
up to $3.50 a yard, on sale at this unusual
ly low price, yard take advantage of sale
RaCPmPtlt 10.000 thin blown Tumblers buy all you want of them at, ea..4
OaSerneni 5000 japanese Diue and white China, onion pattern, at these prices :
Rai??riins Tea ups Bnd Saucers n sale at tnis ttractive price, each.. 12
jq Q1 5in putes, on sale at, ea . . 9 Plates, on sale at, ea..l2
la the Men's Gothing Section, Third Floor, new building, a great Friday sale of Con
ductors' and Motormen's Uniforms; regulation style; made of strictly all-wool, fast
color, 18-ounce blue serge or of navy pilot cloth; made strong and durable, with rein
forced pockets and extra heavy pocket typings and extra quality coat and dQ OQ
sleeve lining; all sizes; best $18.00 valifts, at this special low price, suit
Great Expansion Sale bargains in men's three-piece Summer Suits, all grades, best U
styles, on sale at one-half the regular selling prices take advantage of the sale 1
Great Expansion Sale values in men's Outing Suits, at i2 price- Let us show you.
Great Expansion Sale values in men's Fancy "Wash Vests. Don't fail to see them.
Boys' Wash Suits
Women's $1.25 Chiffon Veils 50c
Tomorrow, a great Friday Surprise Sale of 2000 pairs women's Hosiery; plain black
gauze, cottons .and lisles, also lace boot lisles, in black, white and tan ; also fancies in
wonderful assortment; a great clean-up of women's Hosiery selling at 35c and OQ
40c a pair buy all you want of them at this sp'l. price, pairtake advantage
Tomorrow, a great special lot of chiffon Hat Drapes, 1V2 yards long, with plain and
fancy embroidered edges; splendid styles and assortment; the best regular $1 tQ
and $1.25 values buy all you want of them at the special low price of, each -''"''
$3.25 Cluny Curtains $ 1 .89
In the Curtain Section for tomorrow's
1020th Friday Surprise Sale a marvelous
offering of 1 OOP pairs of Ecru Cluny Lace
Curtains made on good French nets with
genuine linen cluny edge, 2 inches wide
and 3-inch hem backed with renaissance
braid size 2Va yards long and 40 inches
wide all new, pretty styles and wonder
ful values at the low price of tf O Q
$1.89 pair Take advantage V 0 Jr
Every housewife must be interested inN
this splendid bargain Mail orders will re
ceive our prompt and careful attention
Great Expansion Sale bargains in curtain
materials and odd lots of lace curtains
Ladies' White Canvas Oxfords 98c
Tomorrow, a great Friday Surprise Sale of 1000 pairs of women's white canvas Ox
fords, with plain or tip'd toes, welt or hand-turn soles, canvas-covered Cuban or leath
er military heels; all sizes; values up to $2.50 a pair, on sale at this price, pair. .98
Mail orders promptly and carefully filled. The best values ever offered at the price.
500 Umbrellas
$5 Values $2.98
Tomorrow, the season's first great special of
fering of women's 26-inch umbrellas, all-silk
covering, tight roller; silk cord and tassel; bulb
rnnner; made on the best paragon frame and
a large assortment of Directoire handles ; black
and olors. A great purchase from a well
known manufacturer permits us to ffO QQ
offer $5.00 values at this price, ea. y"70
A Great Sale of
200 9x12 Foot
Room-Size Rugs
Tomorrow in Carpet Store a timely
sale of 200 room-size Rugs in body
Brussels, Axminsters, Wiltons and
tapestry Brussels All new patterns
r 1 i m a
in the most desirable colorings and
effects All 9x12 feet, full measure
mentWe guarantee them the best
rug value ever offered Third floor
Bxl2-f t. Empire Brussels Rugs, 01 9 QC
9xl2-foot Body 'Brussels Rugs, I0 1
9 by 12-foot Axminster Rugs, dJO 1 (if
0x1 2-foot Wilton Velvet Rugs, d?0 0 ff
Values to $6 V2 Price
In the Boys Clothing section, 3d floor annex, a final
clearance of high-grade Wash suits in all the newest
and prettiest styles and materials Buster Brown
wash suits and sailor wash suits, Russian blouse
wash suits, for boys of all; ages Large variety for
your selection Values ranging from $1.50 up to
$6.00 each On sale tomorrow while jhey last 1
at exactly one-half the regular selling prices A
Great Expansion Sale bargains in boys' and youths' "Wool Suits,
boys' "Waists and Blouses, boys' Khaki Suits, boys' Play Suits, etc.
The best bareaius in town. See them. On sale on the Third Floor.
Big Special
Glove Clean-
np at 49c pr
In the Glove Store tomorrow, 1000
pairs of women's 16-button length
English Lisle Gloves, also two-clasp
short Lisle Gloves; best makes; black
and white, sizes 52 to 7; best regular
$1.00 and $1.25 values, on sale AQf
at this special price, the pair"
35c Ribbons
1 9c per yard
Tomorrow, 10,000 yards fancy "Warp
Print Ribbons, 4Ya inches wide; all.
new, fancy ribbons, in the best de
signs and colorings; values up to 35o
the yard uy all you want oflQ.
them at this special price, yd.
25c Collars 16c
Tomorrow, in the "Women's Neckwear
Department, 1000 dozen women's em
broidered Linen Collars, 1 to 2 ilia,
high ; sizes 12 to 14 ; best 25 values,
on sale at this exceptionally "1
low price, ea. take advantage
Women's Fine
40c Values 23c
200 dozen women's extra fine sheer
crossbar Pineapple Linen Handker
chiefs, 1-8 and 1-4-inch hemstitching;
best 35c and 40c values, at OO
this unusually low price, each
White Ribbon
Soap 4c Cake
Tomorrow, in the Drug Sundry De
partment, 5000 cakes of "White Rib
bon Toilet and Bath Soap, two ounces
heavier than Fairy Soap, and "It
Floats." Buy all you want of A'if,
it at 4c a cake or, the dozen
65c UiMler vests 2 7 c Ea.
50c Drawers 27c
Tomorrow, a great Friday Surprise Sale of 1000 women 's
lisle-thread Undervests; low neck and no sleeves; fancy
embroidered medallions and lace yokes; all sizes; 27f"
the best 65c values, on sale at this special price, ea.
Tomorrow, 1000 pairs of women's swiss-ribbed Drawers,
wide lace trimming; made extra full; all sizes; best 27c
regular 50c values, at this special low price, pair "
35c Box Paper at 21c
Tomorrow, in the Stationery Department, a new line of
fancy Box Stationery of a fine grade of linen; 25 sheets
of paper and 25 envelopes ; the best regular 35c O 1
value buy all you want of it at this low price, box