Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 19, 1909, Page 14, Image 14

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16 acres; 12 miles from Portland; rood T
room houM, large bim and other out
buildings; fln. U. with windmill, hot and
co:d water In th nous.; TOO prune trees
and a Una 6-ton dryer ooatlnf 1400, 160
apple trees. 12 cherries; ft quince. 7 pears.
S peach, 8 ainiond, 4 walnut, 130 grape
vin-a. 3o00 strawberries, 8u0 raspberries. 60
gooseberries and an acre In vegetables;
(uod wifoo, plow, cultivator and other Im
plements, 1 cow and 1H dosen chickens';
close to school ami church and electric rail
way; good roads. R F. D.. milk route and
telcshone; complete In every way; tl'-O.
part cash.
M 4th St. Board or Trade Bid.
WE are headquarters for Clark County.
Wash., farms; our list Is too long to ad
vertise them separately; we have them
large and small, improved and partly im
proved, unimproved and stump land; wa
will take you out to see any of them; buy
now and get benefit of increased values
when electric line is built right to some of
them and close to others within 60 days.
230 Stark St.
Vancouver Office, Tilt Main St.
120 acres, all under cultivation. In the
Justly celebrated Red Hill orchard lands
of Salem, Oregon, unsurpassed for apples,
cherries, pears, prunes, walnuts or for
small fruit; entirely surrounaea Dy Dear
Inr orchards: macadam roads to Salem,
rood water. R. F. D.. telephone, church
and school; nothing better anywhere for
fruit; will sell as a wnoie or in tracts
suit. For terms call or write to ownor,
H. H. Smith, 468 East Washington St.,
Portland. Or.
All Kites farms' In the Willamette Valley,
from 10.0io down to 6-acre tracts; we have
linked them over and can give you run
c"ita as to trte nature of soli ani improve
ments, whether It la best adapted for dl-
verslfW farming or grain alone; cut this
ad out If you are looking for a farm with
tock and Improvements, grain, nay. cops,
potatoes, onion or fruit. We have what you
are wanting ana want to wh iu
Flynn. 22S Stark st.
HERE Is one of the prettiest, most com
plete and up-to-date 80-acre farms in
rurk county, xeneeu ana crow-irntcu,
hng tight; all in cultivation, oats, wheat,
potatoes, corn, onions, celery. melons,
grapes and other small fruits, fine or
chard, all kinds of trees, modern farm
buildings, wagons, hack, hordes, cows,
hogs, chicken etc.. all for JV0.
2.10 Stark St.
Vancouver Office, 712 Mala St.
so acres, all fine, level loam and; 40
acres In high state of cultivation; 20
acres now ready; good house ana Darn,
on main county road, 22 miles from Port
land; close to R. R. station, schools and
churches: on fine road the year around:
this lies In fine open country: price, 14500.
ea.'v terms'; must sell immediately; land
adjoining sells for ilo per acre.
332 Chamber of Commerce.
332 Chamber of Commerce
Phone Main 1632.
434 acres, all In cultivation, fenced, 12
a-eres apple orchard, bearing; 8-room mod
ern house, furniture, horses, stock, crop,
plnce fully equipped, all goes for $7500; 1
mile good R. R. town.
S27 Board of Trade.
Call and get our homeseeker's guide,
free. Full Information and prices on land
In different locations.
THE BEST fruit land in the State of Oregon
In 4l and 8-ere tracts. 2H miles from R.
R. and town: price. 20 per acre, one-third
cash, balance In three yearly payments with
per cent Interest. Dairy land from 112 to
I T, per scr.
Room 614-Mn Rothchlld bldg..
Portland, Or.
14 acres, all in cultivation; fi-room
house nnd outbuildings; good water: 75
fine apple trees In full b"arlng: all fenced
and cross-fenced with 5-board fence, as
good as new: on fine graveled road. lis
miles from Portland: close to R. R- sta
tion: price. "'2."0. ensv terms.
3:12 Chamber of Commerce.
ICO "acres' ali In cultivation, god fv-room
houj. big barn, chk'ken-houees, all fenced.
wtTing and well, some fruit trees, only 6
miles from Courthouse by road; this 1 a
snip: half cash, balance S years; must be
snM br next week.
618 Board of Trade Building.
OREGON for profitable homes; get in on the
ground floor; we are in a position to fur
nl!n Oregon farms. Improved, high state of
cultivation, any size tracts to suit. 1 to
20. COO acres: choice grain fruit cr dairy
land at lowest market price, easy terms;
co your own colonising. Wrlta for prices
ard reliable Information.
62 Chamber of Commerce, Portland, Or.
We have a number of large and small
tracts In this fertile section, all abund
antly supplied with water and some por
tions already In commercial orchards, at
attractive prices.
212-213 Commercial Club Bldg.
Phones. Main SHWJ. A 2603.
32 S acres.- 90 cleaned, 20 miles from
Portland, on a macadamized road; 600
Spltsenburg apple trees in bearing. 4 fine
creeks, enough trees for 12.000 cords
wood ; good l-room house, bam and
chicken-houses; will take Portland prop
erty aa part payment; only 137.50 per
acre. 827 Board of Trade bldg.
FARMS 136 acres, all fine bottom land, good
building, close to town; lots of fruit, stock
and implements, everything you need on
the place f.0: will take some trade; 40
acres fine bottom land, close to town. Im
proved, good fences1, crop, furniture, some
stock; S2600 terms. Young, 612 GerHnger
DON'T be a, "flathead;" if you have drawn
a blank In the reservation lottery take
this opportunity to pick your own prize
by joining our weekly excursion to a fine
t--act In the Valley near a thriving town
at $10 per acre; no gamble, no blanks.
Se Abraham, 25 u Washington, cor. 3d,
room B. Main 3005.
Ift acres, t? mile from R. R. station; good
house of S room, cost il.TOo; barn holds 110
tTj hav: good orcharl of l.V trees. earlng.
about 40 acree bottom land, balance rolling:
has some tine saw and piling timber, all
ktnrla of amall fruit: price for quick sale
$4o". Room 3ol. 2S6 Wash. at.
Montana, concerning &l,ooO acres of graalng
and agricultural land in the heart of Custer
County, Montana; for a vermaivent livestock
ranch It will outclass the best; price, 34.00
per arre.
1W acres. 46 cleur and In cultivation on
main county road, all fenced, good house,
b.g barn, chicken-house: If you are looking
for an Oregon farm look thlsi up.
618 Board of Trade Bldg.
20 ACRES fine apple or walnut land, 4
miles from Xewberg; this land all under
plow, deep soil with clay subsoil ; will
take East Side lot. 1 block from car. as
part payment. C Heilborn, 431 Chamber
of Commerce.
Hones. Vehicles and Harness.
FOR SALE) or trade, fine young registered
stallion, best bred stallion in Oregon: also
fast trotting registered mare: prize winners
wherever shown; these are classy Individuals;
I have no use for them, 6ud Commercial
YOUNG horse, gentle and city broke, and
new harness and business buggy; reason
able. Main 12SI. A 121.
HOFU-'E harness and light farm wagon, price
J7.V Sunnyslde Fuel . Sut 38th and
Hawthorne ave.
FR SALE One six-year-old driving mare,
perfectly sound and gentle. C 1477. East
4V.U. 226 Russell St.
HORSES, mares, rigs and harness of all
kinds for sale. 2y4 Montgomery.
I HUBERT HALL. S0 Front, tony, sell, rent
r horses, vehlelee; low rates on business rigs.
I BP AN of homes wanted. 1W0 or 1X its, S
or 7 ream-old. Address. i24 aat-at.
ii v.hlnl. and Hil UMI I I
WHY buy a second-hand vehicle when you
can get a new one from an old established
wholesale house. 44 years In Oregon at
almost the same cost? We are located
outside the high rent district, own our
building and can make the price. Exclu
sive agents for the old reliable line of
Michigan Buggy Company fine vehicles,
delivery wagons, top bugsles, runabouts
and farm wagons. Be sure and see us
before you buy. It may save you money.
R. M. Wade t Co., 322 Hawthorne avs. be
tween E. 1st and 2d sts.
PAIR of bay geldings. 7 and 8 years of
aee. weight 240 lbs., price J110. Bay
mare 7 years old, drives single or double,
weight 1050, 75. Pair of horses (horse
and mare), ages 7 and 8, weight 12fl0
each, price J HO. Three-year-old roan,
filly. 125. Bay horse, 5 years old, drives
single or double, perfectly mannered,
price $90. Seven head of horses and mares
for farm or delivery purposes, prices from
123 up. lbii Madison st.
FOR SALE! or 'rent 3 teams witn goose
neck furniture wagons to rent by month
or year; we also rent any kind of a rig
for business purposes, day. week, or
month. Phones East 72. B 1369. Haw
thorne Stables, 420 Hawthorne ave.
WANTED Teams to haul lumber. $3 per
M. Good road, 12 to 15 miles. Phone East
77. 320 E. Yamhill st.
STT5INWAY grand piano for sale, cheap,
practically new; used but little. Milton J.
Jones. 161 Fourth St. Phone Main 722.
IF you have a good automobile having be-en
In use less than one year, in good con
dition and would like to exchange It for
good real estate on cash basis, either city
or country, write AK 31S, Oregonian.
AUTOS stored, washed and polished at
Vaughan s garage, at 54 Union ., X.:
also a full line of oils, tires and supplies
always on hand.
2-CYLINDER Reo oar, 108 model, good aa
new, fully equipped, Wed chains, storage
battery, extra tire: will sell or trade for
city lot. Call at 474 Alder St.. corner 14th.
WANTED second-hand automobile. 35 to 60
H. P.: no objection If out of order; cash
buy. Phone East 944. A 318. Oregonian.
CADILLAC runabout for sale or trade cheap.
Address fiuisooro. r., mi o.
SPECIAL OFFER We have 10P second
hand sewing machines that must be sold
this week regardless of price to make
room for carload; 40 drop-head, all makes.
White. New Home. Singer, Wheeler &
Wilson, Domestic and Standard. Do not
forget the place. White Sewing Machine
Store. 420 Washington, cor. 11th. H. D.
Jones, prop.
THREE first-class tickets, via "Frisco, to
Dallas. Houston and san Antonio; stop
over privilege; sell cheap. Address B 318.
TYPEWRITERS, all makes, 120 to 160. fully
guartnteed, easy payments; rentals, $3
per month. Pacific Stationery 4 Ptg. Co.,
203 2d at.
CHOrCE family cow. years old. Call at
real estate office, 41st and Holgate sts,
if you want a bargain. Phone Sellwood
WE have a large stock of barrels and kegs on
hand, from 5 to SO gallons, suitanie ror pa- K
ing purposes. Call or write Layton Cooperage
Co.. 327 Water St.
Films for rent, complete equipment for
theaters; teach you to operate. 144 4th st.
NEWMAN Moving Picture Exchange, rents
moving picture machines, films, supplies,
lowest price. 82614 Wash., near 17th.
FOR SALE Typewriter, Smith-Premier No.
2. for 37SO; good aj new. Address nr. w .
Fisher, 617 Washington St.
FOR SALE Best dry 4-ft. fir and oak
wood at lowest market prices. Hoover,
S13 Water It. Phone Main 74il. A 5445.
2-K. SOLITAIRE diamond ring, worth J400;
what cash oiler will you maker aj an. ore
gonian. SECOND-HAND cement machinery, block
and tile molds, mixer and sand scroen.
Address J. W. Ebner. Mount Angel, Or.
nkiv rmmllns cabin launch for sale cheap.
30x9. 7H H. P. engine, $450. Inquire at
St. Johns ferry.
FOR RENT Good duck lake, close in. Ap
ply room 22 Hamilton bldg.
22-FT. LAUNCH for sale. Ray's Gas Engine
IWpltal. Phone Sellwood 4.
J5.00. ' 290 Main St.
TWO new office desks and chairs at a sacri
fice; also nouse lurniiure. niwuiain iiw.
LvAUNCH; will exchange for motor cycle.
Phone Tabor 1430.
WANTED Men's cast-off clothing and
shoes; we also buy household furnishings;
highest prices paid. Call at the "Fair.
Deal " 62 3d at. North. Phone Main 8272.
WANTED A second-hand floor case, must
be In good condition and cheap. Phone
East 106.
FOR CASH Second-hand iron shaft flanges.
boxing ana crabs of dH"carfled nnwneel.
Address W. L. Bentley, Wright's. Wash.
SELL your second-hand furniture to the
Ford Auction Co., or you'll get less
Phones A 2445. Main 8951.
Wanted 2d-hand furniture: pay highst
price. 4 Grand ave. East 1051. B 2044.
ADDING MACHINE operator. Comptometer
or Rurroughs; must tie speedy. Apply aio
Chamber of Commerce.
WHAT will you take for your Gillette Safety
Razor? 3i en. or commerce oiag.
PARTIES wishing figures on cottage con
struction address AH 818, Oregonian.
8POT cash paid for your furniture; prompt
attention always given. Phone East 1007.
NOTICE Will pay highest prices for gentle
men s c&stoff clothing, call Main M,4.
WANTED TO BUY A second-hand range.
Address 085 s. Ash St.
HIGHEST prices paid for rubbers and met
als. J. Leve. ls coiumoia St. M. biyg.
STENOGRAPHER having $200. permanent
position, good salary and security. AJ SOU,
DELIVERY boy, about 16, to clean up 'in
store and deliver. Call after A. M. at
1M 3d st.
BOYS WANTED Permanent employment.
good wages. Apply to manager American
1 istrlct Telegraph Company, 76 Third st.
WANTED Licensed physician to work In
advertising oiTlce; good sulnry and per
manent position. 234 Morrison st.
CARRIERS, two nice routes open. Apply
at ones to city circulator, oregonian
WE seenre positions for our members.
Special membership. Y. M. C. A-
PHOTOGRAPH coupon agents, best winning
oner; gooa money, cutbertn. Doxum bldg.
MATTRESS makers and upholsterers. Call
18th and Upshur ata.
FURNITURE salesman to take road position
in tnis state, ask xor mt. Leonard, Hotel
Seward. 6:30 to 7:30 P. M.
ADVERTISING solicitors, experienced, no
beginners, commission paid dally. Bene
dictine Press, Goodnough bldg.
WANTED Donkey logging foreman -with
wide experience In logging steep moustalne.
Apply Mundy Lor. Co., Three Valley, B. C
DON'T search for work: a dime brings our
plan of Immediately securing profitable em
ployment. Phillips Specialty Co.. city. .
DELIVERY boy with wheeL Jones' Book
, . oat i : . ,
COOKS and kitchen helpers headquarters.
California Wine Depot. l4 2Q- Main S500
BREAD and cake baker; good. Apply 663
3d at.
MAX and wife wanted for fruit farm. B 319,
FIRST-CLASS coatmalter; call or write to
J. Knopf, Wlnlook, v asnington.
GOOD salesman wanted; young man preferred.
l't" w - " " - - '
CKM KNT-FI N'TSHER wanted. Apply i Lum-
brmens oiag.
FOREMAN for planing mill, night no, In-
Main Office. . 12 N. 2d St.
Wanted Camn blacksmith. 13.25 tip;
grade foreman, $3.25 up; 2 rough carpen
ters, city. s;; 4 rougn carpenters, ia.jv,
6 house carpenters, city, $3.50; 4 cabinet
makers, Kd.50.
Four millwrights, 3.80 up; 2 stlcker-
ynen. S.AFtO: ft ninnnr feeders. $2.50 to
$2.75: 2 ratchet setters, $2.75 snd $3; a
AarrinvA hh,m 9-i0- ran r edfterman.
$3.50; 8 lumber graders. $2.50 and $3; 2
men to grade flooring, city. Jiw; a o""
for box factory. $1.50; 3 rip sawyers for
t, Ox laciory, - -. ' ; Xo milinanaa,
50 yardmen, $2.25 to $2.50. (
Wanted Mill crew for mill at the
coast; wages $2.50 up; free fare.
To California Tonight.
Free Fare.
Lumber pliers and box factory men,
wages $2.25 to $3. .
Free Fare. Free Fare.
tnnM list nf worir everv day for saw-
mill hands, lumber-pliers, loggers, farm
hands, teamsters, laborers, cooks, flun
keys, dishwashers, porters, etc., etc
Main Office. 12 N. Second St.
MAN and wife, camp cook and helper, 25
men. $75; man and wife, farm, $45 and
Steam shovel locomotive engineer, $3.25;
fireman, S2.7&; watchman, $75.
Tie mill stationary engineer, $90.
Wagon tallyman. $40 and board.
Station gangs, new work.
Employment Agents.
20 N. Second St. Established 1878.
Portland. San Francisco. Spokane.
SALESMAN' wanted for Roeeburg home or
chard tracts; fruit lands that meet the pop
ular demand and are selling. We can use
experienced real estate salesmen, salesmen
who have worked In any line and men of
energy, not afraid of work, who want to
learn salesmanship.
Call In forenoons.
Department B.
Board of Trade Bldg:.
PANTRY work, young man. Apply Commer
cial Club. 5th and Oak, superintendent's of
fice, between 10 and 11 A. II.
10.000 POSITIONS for graduate!! last year;
men and women to learn barber trade In
eight weeks; help to secure positions;
graduates earn from $16 to $25 weekly;
expert instructor; tool free; write for
catalogue. Mohler System of Colleges. 35
North 4th St.. Portland. Or.
REAL ESTATE man wants partner; excel
lent chance for young man to get in real
estate business: no experieno necessary
and very little money required. Par
ticulars National Realty & Trust Co..
3S Washington st., room 516.
SALESMEN of character and energy and men
wishing to learn salesmanship; an excep
tional opportunity is now open to you; give
details, how long In cliy. experience (if any),
references, phone num'ber, etc. Address E
310, Oregonian.
WANTED Teamsters and wheeler holders on
railroad work; teamsters $40 a montn ana
board; wheelerholders $3 a day, board $5.25
a week; good stock and good board. Hayden
Bros.. Little Rock, Wash., 12 miles south
of Olympla.
ADVERTISING solicitors for soliciting ad
vertisements for telephone directory; good
commissions paid; only first-class solicitors
reed applv. Inquire of C. K. Hickman.
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., Beck
WANTED Bright, energetic young man; du
ties easy ; either office or outdoor work: ex
perience not necessary; most have small
capital and be satisfied with $20 per week
for ottart. Gee manager, 326H Wash. St.,
room 417.
WHY pay employment agencies large fees for
position? Join Employes' Co-operative As
sociation: ray 25c month and receive free
doctor, lawyer and assistance in securing
employment. Suite 020, Swotland bldg.
IF YOU want a Government position we can
show you how to secure the same and will
prepare you at small cost. Call or write
C. C. S. S., 425-42H Lumber Exchange, Port
land. Or.
MEN for railway mall clerks, postofflce
clerks, carriers, internal revenue, etc;
good salary and promotion witli each po
sition; we prepare you; examinations soon.
Write Pacific States School, McKay bldg.
WANTED 500 men to attend my clearance
sale; $22.50 suits on sale for $10; $35
suits on sale for $15. Come early.
TRULY WARREN, the Sample Suit Man.
Room- 315, Oregonian Bldg.
MEN WANTED to learn telegraphy, wireless
telegraphy and engineering. R. R. and sta
tion work; practical instruction; largest pri
vate station in the world. Send stamp for
circulars. Wireless Institute, San Francisco.
WANTED First-class groom to substitute;
chance for permanent situation to right
man. Von Gilmann School for Riding &
Driving. 17th and Thurman. Apply before
noon at office. f
WANTED Reliable man to check goods,
etc, as partner; pay $25 week now; can
Increase with interested help; $300 re
quired. Particulars 417 Board of Trade
EXPERIENCED man for stock keeping and
general work In general merchandise
store. Commercial Abstract Co.. 408 Com
mercial Club.
WANTED A competent drug label and pill
box salesman for -a -Pacific Coast con
cern: either exclusive or as a side line.
AH 308. Oregonian.
WANTED Carrier for good-paying mounted
route in ML Tabor district. Apply at once
to City Circulator. Room 203, Oregonian
WANTED Railway mail clerks. postofTtce
clerks, carriers: examinations in Portland
November 17; preparation free. Franklin
Institute, Dept. 413 E., Rochester. N. Y.
SHOEMAKER Must have experience In re
pairing; also new work; no drunks need ap
plv. Klamath ctioe Store, P. O. Box 146,
Klamath Falls. Or.
WANTED Neat, sober young man with lit
tle money, to show property and work in
office; am alone and tired of hired help.
225 5th st.
SALESMEN Good, familiar with city, to
sell property. Best selling proposition in
Portland. Agents easily make $50 per
week. 423 Lumber Exchange.
MEN to study wireless telegraphy; railway
and commercial telegraphy easily learned;
big opportunities; day and evening classes.
Oregon College Telegraphy, 83 6th st.
EXPERIENCED bill clerk, wholesale gro
cery house; preference one who uses type
writer. Inquire Lang A Co., corner 1st
and Ankeny sts.
ABSTRACT man wanted. general poster
and searcher; references required. Address
Douglas County Abstract Co., Roseburg.
DENTISTS One good plate workman and
one all-around operator at once. Eleotro
Dental Parlors. Tacoma. Wash.
SOLICITORS Salary or commission: expe
rience not necessary; money maker. 267
2d st.
STENOGRAPHER High-grade young man.
Commercial Abstract Co., 408 Commercial
WANTED Experienced young man in gro
cery business: references required. Call
after noon. 733 Patton road. A 2290.
DISHWASHER Neat. quick, wanted.
Stein's Restaurant, 2664 Stark. No Sun
day work.
SALESMEN, all lines, bookkeepers, stenog
raphers, city and country. Commercial
Abstract Co., 408 Commercial Club bldg.
A GOOD live salesman can make $300 per
' month selling 5-acre fruit tracts. Ad
dress AK 316. Oregonian.
TWO salesmen to sell vacuum cleaners; mnst
be well acquainted In city. Apply morn
ings. 334 Mohawk bldg.
SALESMAN for rapid-selling article; good
money to right party; small deposit re
quired. Room 537 Worcester bldg.
WANTED Al canvasser, best proposition out.
Call 814 Dekum bldg., lnursday, V to 10
A. M.
WE want more energetic, successful nursery
salesmen: free outnt: cash weekly. Al
bany Nurseries, Albany, Or. '
WANTED Tinsmith who can Install hot air
fumaceo and can do plumbing. Address
A. C. Freeman. Corvallis. Or.
MAN to work In bathhouse. 695 Front st.
GIRLS WANTED Apply Standard Faotorj
.vu, i, unuui skrw ii 'I. m wjrnirfc
GIRLS, 16 years of age and over, to work In
bag ractory. Apply at once.
6th and Davis Sta
OFFICE- WORK Ambitious young man for
wholesale house: must write a good nana
and -be good at flgures; one with some ex
perience preferred. Address In own .hand
writing, AJ 316, oregonian.
U YOU want a Government position we can
h ,-iw inn how to secure the same, and will
prepare you at small cost. Call or write
C C H. to., -D Lumner uciiauiv, rwfc-
land, or.
HOUSEWORK Experienced girl for general
housework; must ibe good cook; smaii iam
ily; good wages. 395 E. 16th st. N. Phone
mast lttn or c l46f, ariernoono niy.
GOVERNESS to teaoh three children music
and grammar grades; wages ?-o montn,
room and board. J. Mclntlra, steamer
COOK for small family at Gearhart Park
ror x montn ana permanent piacts in r i
hind afterwards; wages. $30 to $35; refer
ences. Apply 145 N. 18th st.
LADIES at home day or evenings, applying
transfers on porcelain, I.oo aoz. upward,
steady, reliable work. Call 224 Marquam
nmTRR-Tn-Horsli! demonstrators on
liiirh-vT.iiljk vnamniAeil woman's article:
splendid opportunity for beginners. Call
lo-ll. 2-4. room 2U4. weiis-jf argo.
FIVE ladles of good address, convincing
talkers: I have a rllf-edge offer that will
make you good money. 833 Chamber
WANTED Young ladles to enter training
school for nurses. V illapa naroor nospuaie,
South Bend and Raymond. Address Mary C.
Drain. Raymond, Wash.
WOMAN Bright, to sell city property. One
familiar with locations, our agents easily
make $50 per week. 42.! Lumber hiX
WANTED A woman wtth brains and $600
cash, satisfied with $200 per month clear;
can handle her own money. D 317, Ore
WANTED Girl. German and Scandinavian,
for general housework; wages $20. Tabor
1320. 941 rlawtnorne ave.
HOUSRWORK trlrl wanted, general house
work, small family; no washing. inquire
899 Mellnda ave. Main
ELDERLY woman. keeD house for widower;
3 children; German preferred; good home
for good woman. AJ Jio, uregonian.
WANTED A competent girl for cooking and
downstairs work; good wages. Apply mora-
ings, 10 to 12. 226 10th St.
PANTRY woman; first-class, with exper-
l n-- U V Tl I V AlAV-
ander Court, 53 Ella st.
843 Washington St.. cor. 7th. upstalra
Phone Main 2692.
WAIN TED ExpeDlenced girl for genell
housework; no children. 260 Grand ave.
North, corner Multnomah st-
AGENTS WANTED For best non-frlctlon
snoe poiisn Bier mauv. wo viuwimwi v.
820i Washington St.. Room 307.
Main SS36 or A 3266.
WAITRESSES, city, mineral springs;
kitchen, pantry, chamber; other help.
"Drake's," 204 Washington.
SLEEVE IRONERS. experienced, and ma
chine starchers. Apply Star Laundry- co
Union ave. and East Ankeny.-
RESPONSIBLE nursemaid for 3 children, in
famllv. out of city. Inquire Y. W. C. A.,
bet. 10 and 11 A. M.
GIRL wanted for shooting gallery, wages
$2 per day. Apply bet. 11 ana 12 A. M
42H 4th st. North.
HIGH school or college girl to assist night
and mornings for her room ana ooara, car
fare paid. Phone, Main ttittt.
BUTTONHOLE makers and finishers want
ed, also nmsnera on pants; gins to leara
trade. Apply 83 5th St., room 401.
wiKTRn Refined, canable wom.m for re
sponsible position. Vlavl Co.. 609 Roth
chlld bldg., 4tn ana wasaington.
EXPERIENCED chocolate dippers. The Ideal
Oandy Co., llO N. 4tn st. i-none ji. dou.
mm. for frenernl housework in small fam
lly. 440 E. 8th North. Telephone E. 594.
COMPETENT cook and second girl. Inquire
forenoons. 751 Flanders, cor. JJa.
HAIRDRESSERS, experienced, also appren
tices. Grand Leader, 0th st.
WAITRESSES, experienced. $35. Becker's
Grill, 10th and Alder sts.
SKIRT helpers, sleevemakers, stock girl and
making bills. ow jaarquam oiag.
WAITRESS wanted. Apply Crystal Cafe,
282 Russell St. Phone tast 4S33.
COOKING and general housework girl. 146
N. lTtn.
COOK Swedish woman, family: wages $40.
St. Louis, 245ft wash. Main 2U3.
THOROUGH course of millinery taught In
a 1. - ..m,. nanalila AIR tM,,
HOUSEWORK girl for general housework. 485
Alnswortn ave. ivnone nuoaiann iwio.
MANGLE GIRLS, experienced, at East Side
Laundry. ,ast un auu olii.
DRESSMAKERS and tailor-esses. 441 Mult-
noman su
MIDDLE-AGED woman for light house
work. Inquire 450 nm.
GIRL, about 18, to assist in office. Apply af
ter 10 A. M. swetiana oiag.. room too.
GIRL for dining-room, at Baumann Hotel.
412 N. 19th Bt,
HOUSEWORK; good, reliable girl; 4 In fam
ily; good wages. 620 East Ankeny st.
HOUSEWORK, girl or middle-aged woman
for light. 645 6th st.
GIRL for general housework, small family
adults. 651 Hoyt. near 20Ui.
SALESLADY, one that understands some
alterations preferred. Apply to 215 First st.
WAITRESS wanted. Great Northern Hotel,
610 21st st. S car north. Main 7658.
GIRL to do housework and cooking. Apply
215 North 20th st-
EXPERIENCED waitress. Palace Restaurant,
129 4th St.
HOUSEWORK Girl wanted for general. 692
Hancock St.. Irvlngton.
TWO experienced dining-room girla 46 N.
21st at.
Clear Conscience I
in addition to 'an earthly
reward is a fine combi
nation. If you find anything
of value, advertise it
under Lost and Found
in The Oresonian. .You
will have a clear con-
science and the owner
will undoubtedly re- J
ward you liberally, J
"WANTED Two cooki, 40 and $45; cook
and helper for 18 men, camp, $75; cham
bermaids, $20 to $25; waitresses, country
and city, $25 to $35 ; girls for general
housework, $55 to $35; ..housekeepers, sec
ond girls, etc, etc.
W have a, large number of new places
every day. Call early and get your pick.
Ladles' Dept. 205 Vi Morrison. s
CAMP cooks, $7o; kitchen helper, .$35; 2
waitresses, $35; 2 chambermaids, $20;
cooks, boarding-house. $40.
343 Vi Washington St.
WAITRESSES wanted immediately, short
hours; also steady girls, high-class con
fectionery and lunch room. Apply Em
ployes', Co-operative Association 620
Swetland bldg.
WANT girl or boy dishwashr, country
town, restaurant ; wages $ 2 2 per month,
room and board; also want waitress,
same wages; free fare. Call rbom 301,
286 Washington st. No fee for the Job.
CHAMBERMAID wanted at 832 Glisan st.
1000 KOPPICKBRS to pick 6X acres of hops;
big crop, fine accommodations; bakery,
butcher shop, grocery tore, restaurant, free
dancing pavilion, beautiful camping grounds,
delightful bathing, low excursion rates. We
pay $1.00 per 1X Ibo. Register now at
Krebs Bros. Office rooms 618 Worcester
bldg.. Third and Oak sts. No charges for
Job. Office hours- t:00 to 8:00 P. M., Sun
day 9:00 to 1:00 P. M. Home A 4335.
WANTED Hoppickers for our yards at
ReeaVville; fare, 50c; only 4-0 minutes'
ride ; fine grounds, long employment. A.
J. Ray & Son, 334 Sherlock bldg. Phone
Main 842.
WAINTED A typesetter to work for p. few
hours per day ; permanent position. Apply
to the Bradtreet Co., Worcester block.
Phone Main 905.
HOP-PICKERS wanted; 180 acres good
hops; good accommodations. Call at
Belvedere Hotel today and ask for Cor
- nell.
WANTED Good comedy sketch and vaude
ville acts of all kinds. Apply 5266
Washington st.
STUDIO Music, German, French. English
literature. 452 Morrison. Main 2097.
SOLICITORS for good paying proposition;
grand renovating parlors. No. 4 Grand ave.
MARKER wanted at the Independent Laun
dery, 3d and Glisan.
FISK Teachers Agency helps good teachers
to better positions. 514 Swetland bldg.
Bookkepers and Clerks
JAPANESE, a graduate of business college,
desires situation as bookkeeper or any office
work. C 3o5, Oregonian.
DRUGGIST, experienced, d-esirea relief work,
capable of taking charge. Phone Main
POSITION" wanted by thoroughly capable cash
ier and bookkeeper; beat of references. AG
312, Oregonran.
BRIGHT young man, 19 years of age, de
sires position as bank messenger, good
penman; references. G 318, Oregonian.
BY experienced bookkeeper and all around
office man; sober, reliable, energetic; best
city references, AL 317. Oregonian.
CIVIL ENGINEER, from first-class tech
nical school ; employed in the City Engi
neering Department, would like position
In evenings ; drafting or computing. L 316,
ELDERLY man wants position as Janitor or
caretaker of houses or apartments; is
handy with tools and can do all kinds of
repair work. Address C. Christensen, 124
Knott st.
RESPECTABLE young man wishes position
In private home to work part of day for
board and room. Address H 315, Orego
nian. WANTED By stationary engineer, place in
city; can do his own repairs; best of ref
erences. A 316, Oregonian.
ALL-around repair man, used to gas and
steam fitting; wnuld like place in city; ref
erences. AM 319, Cregunlan.,,
EXPERIENCED machinist desires position
Willi gUUU IttUlUi Ul v. u 1 1 1 jju i jr m i-nj , tA-
cellent references. AL 315, Oregonian.
BY young man, position driving light de-
livery wagon; experienced. James, East
PLUMBER wants Job with nonunion plumb
er. Anderson, 637 Montgomery st. Main
GOOD girl wants to care for children.
. Catholic Women's League, 2-10 Columbia
bldg. M. 2451.
POSITION by Japanese driving auto and
machinery of any kind; good experience.
Address 327 Everett st.
JAPANESE by-hour workers, houeec leaning.
cooking. Sellwood HZZ. Close Madison
DISHWASHER wants position as dlsnwaaher
or putting in wood. Call 184 Sherman st.
iPhone Main 6427.
EXPERIENCED painter and paperhanger
wants work. H. E. Chapman, Qutmby
Hotel, Fourth and Burnslde sts.
OLD experienced high-class Chinaman wants
place, cook in restaurant, notei or ooara id g
house. AK 809, Oregonian.
GARDENER, experienced, wants situation.
Apply Gardener, lias MUwauKie st.
Phone Hen. ua.
STENOGRAPHER and office man, thorough
ly efneient, experienced, reliable, would
to go out of town. G 319, Oregonian.
HOUSE and window cleaning, new bouses a
specialty; or janitor work, ioy -.
Thompson. Phone Main 3030.
BARTENDER, young man. stranger in city,
df-rlree situation; best reierences. ah avi,
BOY, 18, living with parents, wants to
learn traae. o iio, oregonian.
YOUNG man from East would like steady
work. L 312, Oregon ian .
JAPANESE, talk good English, wants work
before 2 P. M. AG sua, oregonian.
GOOD outside man, no objections to going
out of city. Address 12 N 2d st.
MAN wants work by day or hour; handy
at anything. L 317, Oregonian.
Bookkeepers and Stenographers.
REFINED, capable woman solicitor, best of
references will con3iaer cjty or roaa po
sition with reliable firm; salary or com
mission; be explicit. Address AH 319, Ore
gonian. EXPERIENCED stenographer wants position.
commercial lines preferred; references. j
3u7, Oregonian.
LAW stenographer, well educated; moderate
salary. N Bit, oregonian.
FOR good stenographer, experienced or be
ginners, phone oiearicai oince, a Da.
SITUATION -wanted by experienced office girl
with chance for advancement- tia&i 66w.
SITUATION wanted as bookkeeper; good
city references, phone wooaiawn lwzu.
FASHIONABLE dressmaking and ladles
tailoring. Mrs. Anaerson, od Montgomery
st. Main 1018.
'IRST-CLASS dressmaking at home or by
the day. B 1307.
EXPERIENCED dressmaker wants engage
ments, 91.00 and rare, .rnone be u wood i.
FIRST-CLASS dressmaking at lowest prices.
Mrs., uzo wasn. st.. room 210.
INFANTS nurse, experienced and reliable.
WlSReS position ; icicix:uu. M. oxo, Vii-
House keepers.
POSITION as housekeeper In rooming-house;
City reierene, 1 nuno jatun
GIRL for general housework In amall fam
ily. Main e6J-
LACE curtains washed, stretched, called for
ana aeuTersa; uo juv isoar .wt.
MIDDLE-AGED woman, plain housework,
practical nurse, housekeeper. St. Louis,
245 H Wash. Main 203d. A 4775.
LACE curtains beautifully laundered; fine
sun-drying, grass-bleaching facilities. Ta
bor 1530.
EXPERIENCED woman wants work by the
day, washing or ho usee leaning. Main
YOUNG, capable, well educated woman
wishes managing of small hotel or rooming-house.
Call A 3721.
WELL educated young woman wishes po
sition as demonstrator. Call A 3721.
WOMAN desires housework by the week. Call
Woodlawn 1515.
HAND laundry, sun dried, prices reasonable.
594 2d st. Main 1815.
AGENTS wanted by Columbia Life & Trust
Company; high-class men to sell life insur
ance In Portland and In other cities and
towns of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho;
former experience not necessary ; splendid
opportunities; first-class references as to
character required. Address the company's
home office. Lumber Exchange bldg., Port
land. Or.
WANTED Successful nursery salesmen;
choice territory, big commission; good repu
tation behind our goods makes sales easy.
Address Oregon Nursery Company. Salem.
- Oregon.
AGENTS WANTED Chicago N. Y. Electric
Air Line Railroad Co., 629 Lumbermen's
bldg., 5th street.
WB POSITIVBLY have the fastest selling
household patent on the market. Woolverine
Co. , Pittsburg, Pa.
AGENT Every county, Vaco-Hook, great
seller; $10 per day. Desk A, 325 1st Nat l
Bank, Oakland, Cal.
AGENTS Splendid opportunity to make money
selling nursery stock; outnt free; cash week
ly. Salem Nursery Co., Salem, Or.
A YOUNG widower, aged 29, with 2 little
girls, aged 5 and 2. wishes a place to
board in private family with no children,
or place with respectable widow. Call in
person or address Mr. Berry Turner, 632
Union ave. North., city, after 6 o'clock.
WE have several applications for ft and
6-room houses, either furnished or unfur
nished. If you want to rent yours quick,
list with us. G. T. Moore. 512 Ablngton
bldg. Phone Main S02.
To lease for a term of years, 50x100, close
to Great Northern depot. Hartman &
SMALL furnished flat, apartment or bun
galow to responsible couple with child
for the Winter. Address Box 209, Esta
cada. EDUCATED young man desires a well-furnished
side room, electric lighted. In pri
vate home. West Side preferable; state
price. C 309, Oregonian.
WANTED iBy responsible couple, well-fur-nLshed
5 or 6-room house, lower flat or bun
galow; desirable location. West Side. K 315,
Ore go ian.
TWO cottages, four or five rooms, modem,
with bath, close together. A 319, Ore
gonian. WANTED Well-furnished 7-room house by
September 8, West Side. Dr. Baar and
his sister. Phone Main 6507.
WANTED Room with breakfast, private
home, business man and wife. L 314,
HARTMAN & THOMPSON, at the Chamber
of Commerce, want houses and flats.
WANTED -Three furnished or unfurnished
rooms; no children. B 316. Oregonian.
GENTLEMAN desires unfurnished back
room; must be quiet. T 275, Oregonian-
4-ROOM cottage, rent cheap, gas, water.
587 Overton st.
ABOUT 6-room cottage or flat In two-mile
circle, reasonable. Apply A 317, Oregonian.
ROOMING-HOUSE, unfurnished, from 15 to 20
rooms, close in. 248 N. 17th, city.
Furnished Rooms.
3d and Jefferson Sts.
Awnv for the noise: 5 minutes' walk,
Washington and 3d; just completed; new
furnishings, hot and cold water, steam
heat, electric lights, call bells, bath, lava
tnrv. convenient, rooms large, linht. airy;
single rooms or suites; permanent and
transient, 43, 54 and per week. Phone
A 7731, M. 3639.
Pomsr 10th and Washington Sts.
New management; THOROUGHLY
kathS : sinirle or en suite: bfBUiAi.
LOW SUMMER RATES by the week or
month; tourist trade solicited.
Seventh, Ankeny and Burnslde.
Everything brand new, homelike and
comfortable; rates reasouaoie. tree cus.
THE BARTON, 13th and Alder, new man
agement; newly renovated throughout; 70
outside rooms, steam heat, electric -lights,
etc: rooms $10 month up; suites with
running water, $22.50 to $30;, elegant
puo. lc parior; pnones ana cams irec.
Washington and 17th, tirst-class furnished
rooms, single or en suite; all modern con
veniences; $3 weekly up. A 2G47, M. 5fa4T.
THE MERTARPER. 126 13th. cor. Wash
ineton. brand new handsomely furnished;
every modern convenience; hot water In
all rooms; very reasonable terms.
Washington and 17th, new building, newly
furnished, every room light and sunny ; hot
water, steam heat, reasonaDie prices.
HOTEL LENOX, cor. 3d and Main sts., fur
nished rooms, single or en suite, at reason
able prices, modern conveniences. Opposite
the piaza.
Just opened; new and eiegantiy fur-
nisnea; all conveniences. raie reaaonituia.
214 Columbia St.: Summer rates; run
ning water in all rooms; transients 6O0 to
31 day; one call means anomor.
THE ESTES Good rooms, reasonable; new
furniture, telephone and baths free.
Stark, corner 6th. Mrs. Maud J. Estea.
NICELY furnished rooms, suitable for 2; $2
to $4 per week; nice yard and surroundings.
Aler House, 7th and Madison.
THE HANOVER, 165 King, near Washington
Large unfurnished front room, wun
wall bed, private bath; something swell.
THE MERCEDES 20th and Washington sts;
elegantly furnished single rooms, with ail
modern conveniences; only $10 and up.
THE BRAE-SIDE. 420 Alder Modern, cen
tral, $3, $4, $5 per week; transient.
HOTEL MONARCH Modern conveniences;
transient solicited. 365 Stark, cor. Park.
THE RANDOLPH. 3d and Columbia, rooms;
bath, phone; 50c to $1 day. 2 to $4 week.
Furnished Rooms In Private Family.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished suite, hot and
cold water, suitable for three or four gen
tlemen; breakfast If desired, also several
other desirable rooms; beautiful lawn;
central location. 181 11th St., cor. Yam
hill. A 3580.
A couple large, cheerful front rooms In
a beautiful private home with every con
venience; one block Washington; one block
Alexander Court; walking distance. Call 69
N. 21st st.
FURNISHED room for gentleman; bath; 5
minutes' walk of Portland Hotel; no
other roomers; references. Main 7329.
LARGE front alcove room, choice location.
house modern, euitaoie xor gentleman. os
Salmon, bet. West Park and 10th.
SWELL front parlor, also other fine rooms;
no objection to woman. 455 6th st. Phone
Tabor 1762.
WANTED Three furnished or unfurnished
rooms; no children. B 3L6, Oregonian,
FURNISHED front rooms, reasonable. 30
N. 16th. A 2J4U.
FURNISHED rooms, all modern conveniences;
flat A, 4 wasningion su mono a r.o.
ONE modern furnished room, $2 a week, with
private family. dv seconq sr.
NICELY furnished rooms. 67 North 14th.
between xav4J ana a.vereu.
Furnished Rooms In Private Family.
110 Furnished front room, modern, steam
heated second floor apartments. Flat D,
4fi9 Jefferson st.
Unfurnished Rooms. '
Modern unfurnished rooms; single or en
suite : reasonable ; no housekeeping. The
Drexel, 248 Yamhill. Main 2U65.
. Rooms With Board.
Modern In every respect; steam heat,
electric lights, hot and cold water la
every room, elevator and bellboy service,
with excellent meals a specialty. Cor.
Grand and Hawthorne aves.
710 Washington st., near King, brand new,
elegantly furnished; every room has a
private bath, telephone; the maximum of
convenience and excellence, the minimum
of expense. If you want the best In the
city for the money, call and Inspect;
dining-room" in connection.
PORTLAND Women's Union. 22d year, room
wtth board, use of sewing room and li
brary, 510 Flanders St.. Miss Frances N.
Heath, supt. Woman's Exchange, 133 10th
st. Mrs. M. E. Bretherton, supt. x
THE COLONIAL. 165 and 167 10th st cor.
ner Morrison. Select family hotel: reason,
able rates for transient guests W car to
and from depot passes the door.
THE WALDORF One large front room,
running water; also single rooms. 147
13th. Phone Main 211S.
THE MANSION, central, beautiful grounds,
elegant furnished rooms. conservatory,
dining-room. Fifth and Jefferson.
THE LIN DELL, 269 Market Nicely fur
nished front rooms, first-class board; mod
ern, reasonable; fine walking distance.
THE) CALVARD Take W. car at depot to
door. 452 Morrison, cor. 13th. Main 2o97.
Rooms With Board in Private Family.
ONE large front room suitable for man1 and
wife, or fine for 3 gentlemen, with table
board; also table board given; terms rea
sonable. 173 16th st. South.
LARGE furnished room, with board; home
cooking, all conveniences. 107 16th St., near
Flanders. Phone M. 5513.
PLEASANT front room with board for two;
modern. 93 17th St. North. Main 4230.
ROOM with board. 149 15th st., between
Morrison and Alder. Phone Main 8412.
624 Marshall Street.
The most EXCLUSIVE furnished apart
ments In the city; 3 -room suites, PRI
VATE BATHS and reception halls; both
phones FREE In each apartment; eleotrlo
elevator; nice large verandas both front
and back; large lawn and beautiful shade
trees; low Summer rates. Take W car
to Marshall, go 1 block east.
HEINZ APARTMENTS, 14th and Columbia,
4 blocks from Morrison st., new brick
building, completely flrst-class, furnished
In 2. 3 and 4-room family apartments;
private bath, reception ball, steam heat,
hot water, elevator, free phone, com'
pressed-air cleaning, janitor service, ' from
$2o up month; some unfurnished; come
look and be surprised.
LAURETTE Apartments, 8 rooms each;
choice neighborhood, brick and cement
building, high-class; fireless cooker, steam
heat, hot water cabinet, gas range, ice
chest, telephone, private halls, and bath,
janitor service ; open August 15; 5 min
utes from Portland Hotel. 11th St.. near
Salmon. Open for reservation.
S, E. Cor. 13th and Clay Sts.
Elegant 3 and 4-room suites, nyidern In
every way. newly furnished, complete and
ready for occupancy; also line single
rooms for bachelors; reasonable rates.
Both phones.
THE BERYL Just opened: three rooms,
large and well ventilated, three large
closets and two folding beds in every
apartment; choice location and low rates.
695 Lovejoy st. Take W car.
MADISON PARK apartments. Park and
Madison Unfurnished apartments; hot
and cold water, electric elevator and
janitor service; 5 minutes' walk from
Portland Hotel. Phone Main 6556.
Northeast cor. Itjth and Mill sta., 2. 3, 4
and 5-room unfurnished apartments; hot
water, bath, gas; reasonable. Main fllO.
THE NORDICA. Phone East 3418. Newly
furnished apartments; every modern con
venience ; $20 and up. Grand ave. and
TUP: RI'KI.L. 14th and Salmon Furnished
apartments; now bldg., steam heat, ele
vators. THE MARLBOROUGH 5 and 6-rootn apart
ments; 21st and Flanders. Nob Hill dis
trict; every convenience. Main 7616.
NEW 5-room. steam-heated flat, modern
conveniences; reasonable rent. W. 1. Mor
gan, 503 Abington bldg.
Modern 4-room unfurnished apartments.
NEW 3-ROOM modern flat with gas ranffp.
linoleum on kitchen floor and water fur
nished, only $16 per month. O. A. Hatton,
411 Corbett bldg.
NEW flat for rent, cor. 6th and Wasco, .1
blocks north of Holladay ave. Call Maln
l&tb. W. Reldt, 401 Rothchlld bklg.
NICE flat of four rooms, fine location : fur
nace heat. $2H. Phone East 3034, after 1
P. M.
MODERN 6-room lower flat, near West Side
High School, lame attic and sleeplm?
pun-'hes. Inquire 175 Wth, corner Yamhill.
FOR RENT 7-room flat with gas. bath,
etc. ; good location. Apply 794 1st st.,
corner Gibbs. .
MODERN 6-room flat. 778H Kearney: tinted
to suit tenant. Key 712 Kearney t.
FLAT of 6 rooms and bath. Hoyt st-
Inquire 132 6th st. Main 6278.
6-ROOM strictly modern flat, corner 25th
and East Belmont. Phone East 2S79.
TWO new modern flats, near Washington
High School. G. C. Hatt. A 2213.
5-ROOM upper flat, modern. Phone East
MODERN 5-room flat, nice yard. 175 E
15th st., corner Yamhill.
MODERN 5-room flat; porch and yard. 8
East 12th st. North., near Ankeny.
SEE those new flats on East 24th and
Burnslde; rent reasonable C 2258.
FIVE light rooms, modern flat. Inquire 401
12 th atreet, near Montgomery.
UP-TO-DATE flat, close to Portland
Academy; free phone. Main 7112.
FOR RENT New flats. 12th and Belmont.
B. H. Bowman.
PLEASANT small flnt, modern, easy walking
distance; reasonable rent. 235 4 Hall st.
Housekeeping: Rooms.
THE BEAVER, 12th and Marshall sts
Newly furnished for housekeeping. In
cluding gas ranges, electric lights, ho
water, baths, laundry, reception-room, all
free; furnished apartments $15 per month
up- singla housekeeping rooms $250 week
up; best in city for money; short dis
tance from Union Depot. Take "S" or
lath-el- cars north, get oft at Marshall st.
ONEONTA, 3 87 17th. near Yamhill; take
W car at depot; furnished 2. 8 and 4
room housekeeping suites, by week $5 50,
by month $20 and up; hot and cold water,
baths and phones free. Main 4697. A 4739.
Washington, cor. 20th Nicely furnished
housekeeping rooms; gas ranges, hot
water, free bath, free phone, both floors;
nice suites from $12 up.
WELL-FURNISHED housekeeping rooms.
west sine river; . rooms $1 month; 3 ror
$12 ; cottage $20 ; flat 4 rooms, $16. Ap
ply 364 North 26th; W car to 26th, block
THE MERCEpES. corner of 20th and Wash
ington sts., l niceiy lurr.isnea i-rwin
housekeeping apartment; all modern con
veniences, only $20.
461 EAST MORRISON, cor. East 8th, com
pletely furnished housekeeping rooms; rea
sonable. $1.25 week, clean, furn. housekeeping rooms.
laundry, bath. 203 Stanton st., u. car.
THE MILNER, 3504 Morrison, cor. Park.
home apartments, ail conveniences
SWELL housekeeping rooms in new concrete
building. Phone- u uia.
$1.50 week, large, clean, furn. housekeeping
rooms, laundry, Datn, parior. b ner man.
THE ELMS 2 and 3-room apartments, com
pletely xuxnisheo. Dun pnoc. xvi Ata at.