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Tar states. Home.
Ccunt!nr-Room MUn 7070 A 6095
City circulation jtain
Managing Editor Main 7070 AM
Sunday Editor M sin 7070 A 6.105
CompoMni-rooro Mlo 7H70 A w5
City Editor Main 770 A 6o5
Supt- Buildings Main 7070 A 0095
ORPHEL'M THEATER (Morrison, between
Sixth and seventh) Advanced vaude
ville. Matinee at 2:15. Tonight at 8:15.
GRANT) THEATER (Washington, between
Seventh and Park) Vaudeville ds luxe,
2:30. 7:30 and 9 P. M.
PANTAGE3 THEATER (Fourth and Stark)
Continuous vaudeville. 2:30. 7:30 and
l:30 P. M.
LTRIC THEATER (Seventh and Alder)
Athrtn stock Company In "Doris." To
night at 8:15.
BTAR THEATEH Movlng-plcturS Ihow
every afternoon and evening. 2 to 10:30
OAKS (O W. P. earllne.) Concert bj
DonateHI's Italian band. Thla afternoon
at 2:30 and tonight at 8:15.
RECREATION PARK. (Twenty-fifth and
Vaughn) Baseball. Aberdeen va. Port
land. Thla afternoon at 3:30.
For quickest aervlee subscribe
for The Oregonlan at Summer
reaorta tbrougk the t ollowings
cent and avoid waiting; lo llo
at the poatofflee. City r a t e a.
Snharrlpilona be- mall Savartably
In adTaoce.
Ocean Park C H. Hill
Urrakrn Hotel Breakera
Long; Beach Stranhal Co.
Seovtew Strauhal A Co,
IHvaco Hnllway Co.. Sierra Agent
Columbia Beach Mis. Sannders
(ioraart Severln Harkaoa
Seaside F. Dreaaer Co.
Newport George Sylveater
Wrnnha Springe J. A. Barle
Shlpherda Sprlnga.. .Mineral Hotel
Wllholt Springs. . .F. w. Mcl.eran
Caacadla C. M. Gelaendorfer
Colllna Springe. Comna unci
Exect-ttvb Committee Mekts. The
executive committee of the Montavilla
Roe Association held a meeting Monday
night at the home of Mrs. Dodge, with
H B. Dickinson presiding, when It was
d-clded to Increase the -membership of
the committee and divide It up as fol
lows: Music, reception, refreshments, ad
dresses and new members. H. B. Dick
inson was made chairman of the whole
committee. These sub-committees will
serve during the ensniing year in arrang
ing for functions the association will hold.
It was decided to hold a public business
meeting Monday night In Warren's Hall
on East Stark street at R o'clock sharp.
Dr Ijb Fevre will preside. Important
business will come up. All citizens of
Montavilla are invited to attend. The
subject, -How to Beautify Montavilla,"
will be discussed. There will be music
and refreshments.
Teachers- Examination Arranged.
The city examination of grade teachers
will be held at the Iadd school assembly
hall, commencing Wednesday. August 25,
and will continue for three days. Sessions
will begin at 9 A. M. and 1 P. M. Fol
lowing Is the programme: Wednesday,
August 25. morning sesfdon devoted to
arithmetic and reading: afternoon session
devoted to grammar; Thursday, morning
session, geography and writing; after
noon, physiology; Friday morning, teach
ing and spelling; afternoon. United Statea
Another . East Sidb Brm,DiNO. Plans
are being drawn for a six-story reinforced
concrete building, to be erected for the
John Deere Plow Company on the block
bounded by East Morrison. East Alder,
East Second and East Third streets, re
cently purchased from the Ladd estate
for J12O.O0O. The plans for this building
are now being prepared at Moline, 111..
and when ready contract will be let and
work of construction started. It will be
the most Important building erected on
the East Side.
Free Car Tickets Received. Final ar
rangements have been made by Mayor
Sin-on with President Josselyn. of the
Portland Railway, Light & Power Com
panv. whereby city officials will be fur
nished car tickets gratis while on official
business. The first batch of books has
been received at the City Hall. Under
the Lane administration ' these tickets
were purchased, costing the city about
D a year.
Man- and Patrou, Mibsino. Constable
Wagner Is looking for Y. A. Walker, a
brick-cleaning contractor, who is said to
have absconded with money intenaea as
the payroll for a large gang of laborers
employed by him. The money is said to
have been given Walker by Smith & Wat
son, owners of the old penitentiary build
ing near Harrison and Front streets,
which was being torn down by Walker.
Bri.LJCT rouowa Game. In an alterca
tion over a game of craps yesterday aft
ernoon near the east end of the Steel
Bridge, Harry Garnett shot at M. Woods
with a revolver, the bullet grazing its in
aa .fffm'a fornhpftd. Both men are
negro laborerr. Garnett was arrested by
Patrolman Leavens on a charge of at
tempting to kill. Woods later filed a com
plaint against his assailant.
Robbing Drunk Is Charge. Carl Lesh
and Ruby Wilson, known to the police,
were taken Into custody yesterday morn
ing at the Eagle House, Third and Burn
elde streets, charged with stealing J48
from the pockets of "YV. D. Bunton, of 55
West Skldmore street, while he was al
leged to be sleeping off a "jag" In the
Dewey House, opposite the Eagle resort.
Matching Cost Him . Emll Stora. a
Eugene contractor, complained yesterday
to the police that he had. been fleeced out
of fwO by two confidence men here. All
of Storx' companions appeared to be
strangers, and they finally became en
gaged In matching dollars. When .they
had finished the game all of Stora" money
was gone.
An Incomb for Ladies. To women of
refinement who are In touch with people
of standing who would be interested In
an investment of character and merit,
w offer an excellent opportunity to
secure a splendid Income' from a few
minutes occasional effort. Replies strictly
confidential. V 311. Oregonlan.
Belden's Trial Set. The preliminary
examination of Charles L. Belden, ar
rested Monday on a charge of stealing a
purse in the Oregon Hotel grillroom,
which was left there by Miss Mabel
Montague. . of La Grande, Or., has been
st for August 21.
Chaitfki-rs to Be Quizzed. At 3
o'clock tomorrow afternoon an examina
tion for licensed chauffeurs will be held
by the Board of Automobile Registry In
the City Hall. All desiring to be exam
ined muet b present at that time.
Will. Interview Ma tor. A committee
from the East Side Business Men's Club
will Interview Jlayor Simon today con
cerning the purchase of four blocks of
the Hawthorne tract, on Hawthorne ave
nue. Oddfellows to Have- Social. The
members and families of Orient Lodge
No 17 I- O. O. F.. will hold a social in
the lodge hall, corner of East Sixth and
Alder streets, tonight at 9 o'clock.
LErrERTS" pure gold seamless wedding
rings, all sises; engravir.g free; price, 15
to 111. 272 Washington street.
Agents Wanted for an old-line Are
Insurance company Just entering Oregon.
H 316. Oregonlan.
Rosenthal Sisters. Hairdressers and
manlcurera. to 7th, bet. Stark and Oak.
"Viavi Hygiene," science of health, 40)
pages, free. : Write Rotb.cb.ild bid.
T v-r rtrimnrm Contract. Plans
ard specifications for the cluonouse oi mo
S?llwood Commercial Club have been in
the hands of contractors, who have sub- j
... . CTj v,,- hi will be exam-i
L 2 conTm ttee Peter I
ined by the building committee, re
- . vr r Fixott.
(nnl.hl anil tOYYOTT"OW night will be sub
nume, v alter Auaua -
. . . . -tll YtA Ktlh-
mitted to the Board of Governors, who I
will meet In the Sellwood Bank building
for that purpose. If the bids are satis
factory. contract for the erection of j
the building will be autnonzeu u, w.s
board. According to verbal reports from
the committee of 10 appointed at the last
general meeting, encouraging progress Is
being made in placing the stock of the
club among the citizens of Sellwood. Sec
retary E. W. Edward said yesterday he
considered the success of the movement
to erect the clubhouse assured. No proj
ect started at Sellwood has called out eo
much enthusiasm as this one. It is de
sired to have the building completed and
opened this Fall with elaborate cere
monies. Playground Is Wanted. The Monta
villa, Rose Association, which is asking
for a two-acre playground In that sub
urb, will be able to submit several tracts
for consideration by the Park Commis
sioners. One is a two-acre tract near the
Base Line road, east of the Methodist
Church, which can be secured, so it Is
said, at from J17O0 to 100 an acre. An
other tract, comprising over a block situ
ated near the schoolhouse can be had for
about J3000. A tract south of the Base
Line and one In Jonesmore Addition.
North Alblna, are available also for
playgrounds. H. B. Dickinson, member
of the committee, said none of these
tracts were Improved, and that it would
be necessary to set out trees and shrub
bery. The committee having the matter
in hand is composed of Henry Freebor
ough. H. B. Dickinson. Mrs. H. B. Dick
inson. Mrs. J. D. Sullivan and Mrs. La
Follet. New - Schoolhousb v" anted. There
will be a meeting of the Seventh Ward
Auxiliary League Wednesday night at
Nashville on the Mount Scott line to con
sider the question of a new schoolhouse
between the Arleta and the Lents school
buildings. It is said that In the tracts
of Brentwood. Pomona. Woodmere, Ar
leta, Kenwood, Tremont Place, Arleta
No. i and. Diana Park there are over 200
children who are too far away from these
two schools to attend. The corner of
Klndorf and Gaston streets Is suggested
as the best place for a schoolhouse. A
committee appointed at the last meeting
of the league to bring the matter to the
attention of the Board of Education will
submit a report. Also a report of the
park committee will be submitted at this
Annual Campkeetino to Open. The
annual campmeetlng of the Seventh-Day
Adventists will open tomorrow on the
ground on the Powell Valley road and
Mount Scott line, to continue till August
2. Already many of the tents are in
place. Attendance as high as 2000 Is ex
pected during the meetings, from different
portions of Western Oregon and Wash
ington. Many of the leading ministers
of the denomination will be present and
assist in the meetings. The tents are
pitched In the grove between Powell Val
ley road and Anabel station.
Lineman Falls 35 Feet, Unhurt.
After falling 35 feet from the top of an
electric pole at Twenty-third and
Wasco streets. L. M. Ross, a lineman In
the employ of the Portland Railway,
Light & Power Company, living at Third
and Mill streets; was able to walk home.
While two of his fellow-workmen rushed
to his side when he fell, a third went
with all hasto to a nearby residence and
telephoned for the Red Cross ambulance
and Dr. Fred Ziegler. This was later
found to be unnecessary, as the lineman
was able to walk home.
Jutkje After Wife-Beaters. Munici
pal Judge Bennett announced yesterday
morning at the conclusion of the trial of
W. M. Strlplin. charged with beating his
wife, that he Intends fathering an amend
ment to the present statute governing the
passing of sentence on wife-beaters so
that a fine greater than o0 may be Im
posed. Strlplin was given the limit. Sev
eral months ago the same man. who is
being sued for divorce by his wife, was
arrested for passing worthless checks and
was released on his promise to make the
bogus paper good.
Wife- and Hoithb Captured. "A man
has stolen my wife and driven me out of
the house by the sscond-story window,"
was the telephone message received by
Deputy Constable Klernan yesterday
morning. Upon Investigation it developed
that-N. S. Downs, of 23V4 Union avenue,
had taken possession of the residence of
J. H. Reynolds, at 300 East Washington
street at the point of a revolver. Downs
was arrested and- Is locked up in the
Countv Jail on a charge of threatening
to kill.
Child-"Wife on Parole. On a promise
to return to the home of her mother in
St. John, Mrs. Isabella Biddle, the child
wife of J. E. Biddle, who was arrested
with her husband for the theft of Jewelry
and clothing valued at 400 from Viola
Du Boise In the Oak rooming-house 10
days ago, was released yesterday morn
ing by Judge Bennett in Municipal Court.
Biddle was sentenced several days ago
to one year at Kelly Butte. A suspended
sentence of six months hangs over Mrs.
Saloon Man Forfeits Bail. M. Sanko
vlch, proprietor of a saloon at 2S8 Burn
side street, arrested Monday night for
conducting a disorderly place by Patrol
man Wanlcss. failed to app?ar In Munici
pal Court yesterday morning and J25 bail
which he posted was declared forfeited.
It is understood the police will make com
plaint to the license committee of the
Executive Board regarding the place.
Sales in "Walker's Addition. R. G.
Brand has Just sold to L. D. Jackson
seven lots in block 2. Walker's Addition,
between McKenna and Maegly Junc
tion, on the Peninsula, for $4700. There is
one house on the property, and others
are to be built. J. S. Eychen bought
three lots, in Walker's Addition for $2500,
Including a large house. He expects to
change the building Into a hotel.
Body of Lad Found. After remaining
In the water two days, the body of 6-year-old
Arthur DJork, who met death
In the Willamette near Rivera by falling
from the platform of the boathouse of
Charles E. Ladd. was recovered yester
day by Hugh Brady. It was removed to
the Dunning morgue. No arrangements
have been made for the funeral.
Lents Wants Commercial Club. Citi
zens of Lents, a suburb on the Mount
Scott Railway, will hold a meeting to
night In Duke's Hall to take steps to
organize a Commercial Club. One of the
questions to be considered will be the
matter of forming an incorporated town
or taking steps for annexation to Port
land. Ross City Park There will
be a regular meeting of the Rose City
Park Improvement League on Wednes
day evening, August 17. to be held at the
brick store. All owners of property in
Rose Cy Park are asked to attend this
meeting, for other Important matters will
be considered.
Business Men's Club to Meet. The
East Side Business Men's Club will hold
a meeting tomorrow night in the club
rooms of the Healy building, corner Grand
avenue and East Morrison street. The
Hawthorne Park question and other mat
ters will be considered.
"Wanted Active interest in reputable
concern by young man of ability and
good standing H 319. Oregonlan.
The Firm of H. J. Meaoher & Co. con
tinuing business at 308 New Lumbermen's
building. Patronage solicited.
Steamer Aroo sails for Tillamook with
passengers and freight today at 5 P. M.
from Oak-stree't dock.
The Oreoonian Building has a few
choice office rooms for rent. Call at
room 201.
Dr. J. Arch Stewart. Eye. Ear. Nose
Throat, returned. Macleay building.
Bhipherd's Springs Is the place for
you. . L. Shlpherd, manager,
-VAT.rt Prnvm PcT.riRicn. On advices
piiu Priii.. Oliver fit Hoaauim.
Edward Mallory. the 21-year-old youth,
who eloped from Hoqulam with 15-year-
old Edith Thorpe, aaugnter oi an vrics.
pioneer, and who was arrested with the
v . h Detectives Hyde
and Craddock when they arrived here,
was released yesterday afternoon. Mal
lory asked permission to see his pros
pective bride, which was granted him.
He went out Into the city to look for
work, announcing his Intention of later
returning to Hoqulam and claiming the
young girl as his bride. Miss Thorpe's
father will come here to take ner nome
w. Plaitde Adams. Dentist, has re
turned. Office 12214 Grand ave.
Morning and Evening Schedule tot
Opening Draws Set to
Bar Holdups.
MAvor Simon vesterdav appeared be
fore tha aneclal session of the Port of
Portland and secured the co-operation
of that organization regarums i"
regulation oi draws on ine Drmses,
l.rK.t.T.r wont tn PntintV JUdgO
Webster and also obtained his assist
ance. He will next seek the help of the
United States Engineer, and fully ex
pects to have the matter in such con
dition soon as to alleviate holding
up of crowds during the morning and
evening rush hours.
Hours agreed upon by the Mayor, the
Port of Portland and Judge Webster, it
is believed, will inconvenience none of
. v n (Hni.nni.iatlnn i.rnnnanlfl.1. It lS
proposed to keep the draws closed from
6:30 o clock to 7:16 o ciock in wo niuiu
Ing, then to open them for 15 minutes
for any boats wishing to pass through,
after which the draws will again be
kept closed until 7:45 o'clock. At night
will be closed
from 5:30 to 6:30 o'clock. The schedule
will make It possible for tnousanas oi
workingmen and women to reach their
f hi,.lnRa On time without the
present annoyance of waiting for open
draws, and to return nome wnnoui una
r.v(.i dmAn ovnresAert crreat satis
faction at the result of his efforts,
after he had appeared before the Port
of Portland and had interviewed Judge
Webster. The latter and the members
of the Port of Portland are greatly
Interested in tne sudjbci, uhu
Webster assured the Mayor he will
nssict him in everv Dossible manner in
bettering conditions.
"I have no doubt at all,' saia mayor
Clmnn "thar tha HrAWS Will be regU-
lated soon in such a manner that the
many thousands or worKing people anu
others who have to cross the river sev
. i haiiv win not bA subiected
to the present great inconvenience ot
being held up lor every muo ui
passes up or down the stream. I feel
much pleased with the hearty manner
in which the members of the Port of
Portland and Judge Webster entered
into co-operation, . and feel certain we
will also have the assistance of the
Federal authorities In the effort to
make conditions better In this respect."
German Societies Leave for Seattle
to Engage in Festivities.
Over 1000 Germans, representative of
28 German-speaking societies in Port
land and surrounding towns, left yes
terday for Seattle to participate in the
festivities of German day at the A-Y-P
Fair today. For the past month execu
tive committees, augmented by the Ger
man press, have been bending every
effort toward making the affair a bril
liant success.
Of the 28 societies whose representa
tives will affiliate with similar organi
zations from Oregon and Washington
in a parade this morning through the
streets of Seattle, 22 are from Portland.
The scattering half dozen are from
Albany, Medford, Salem and other
towns !n the state.
This afternoon the events will be
held in connection with the appointed
day at the exposition grounds. Music
a ..M..... uiii h heard at the
auuitorlum. A score of athletic stunts
will take place In tne staaium. im
evening a gorgeous fireworks display
will be, given after a musical concert
at the music pavilion, where melodies
of the fatherland will be rendered by
the German singing societies and Wag
ner's A-Y-P Band.
The following selections will be given
b the singing society: German and
American National hymns, "The Watch
on the Rhine," "Pot Pourri," and "Der
Bettelbub." Solos will be rendered as
follows- Robert Velten. concerto;
"Wieniawskl"; Mrs. Llonberger-Scott,
"Waldgespraech." Mr. Thomas will
give a recitation entitled "Nadescha,"
and two tableaux will be given, "Ger
mania and Columbia' and "Hermann
the Chorister.'-
Druggist and Old Resident of City
Passes Suddenly Aged 69.
Frederick Real, aged 69 years, a resi
dent of Portland lor tne pasi m ye.
died yesterday afternoon in his drugstore
at Seventeenth and Savier streets, of
heart failure. He was sitting In a chair
in the back end of the drugstore when
death came, which was unexpeuieu
to himself and members of his family.
The dead man lived at 549 Lovejoy street.
Four children survive Mr. Beal. One
of these. Harry Beal. is a gunsmith on
Third street. Tne otner inreo a
,i q ..a tyittfo Th latter Is in
num. i . u 1 "-1 . . -. . -
Seattle. The funeral arrangements have ;
not been made.
All the delicacies of the season at the
Portland restaurant; fine private apart
ments for ladies. 305 Wash., near Fifth.
.Vhen at he A.-Y.-P. Exposition, Se
attle, dine at Oregon restaurant. In Ore
gon building. W. F. Watson. Prop.
Nortonla Hotel, Eleventh street, off
"Washington. Dinner parties arranged
for. Phone Home A 6021. Main 7161.
Mr. and Mrs. W. McMillan and family,
of Beaverton, Oregon, desire to thank
friends and acquaintances for sympathy
and kindness shown them In their re
cent bereavement.
t -ih tn thank the Arteslans. Lady
Macabees and my neighbors and friends
for their kindness and assistance in my
recent bereavement. r cahoox
Save money. Buy shoes now at Rosen
thal's house-cleaning sale.
For trunks go to tbe Harris Trunk Co,
is gained by exercise
Financial success is gained
by saving some part
of your income
Invites you to deposit your
money with it and you will
receive interest on the same
at from
2 to 4
Call for our Statement and Book of
Portland Trust Company
ot Oregon
BTNJ. X, COHEN President
m n. mj- riin-n
DR. A S. NICHOLS... id Vtce-Pres.
5 B. LEE PAGET.... Secretary
5 W. J. GILL Assistant Secretary
I c. W. DEGRAFF Cashier
Oldest and Most Reliable Cash
Grocery House in the City.
Apples, per gallon can 25J
Apricots, per gallon can. .30
Pears, per gallon can 3o
Peaches, per gallon can. . .35c4
Condensed Milk, 4 cans...25
Table Salt, 4 pkgs. for...25
Table Syrup, per gallon. . .50
Royal Soap, 12 cakes for. .25
Pints, per dozen 55
Quarts, per dozen 65
Half -gallons, per dozen... 85
Extra Covers, per dozen.. 25
Jelly Glasses, per dozen... 35 1
Best Jar Rubbers, 3 dozen
for 25
Ponnd Paraffin Cakes, 2
for 25
Ply Paper, per box 35
349-351 OAK STREET
348-350 ANKENY ST.
Both Phones, 2596.
Try this!
It is a recipe for clean
ing straw hats.
Make a stiff suds of
Ivory Soap and luke
warmwater. Applywith
a brush. Rinse with a
sponge and clean water.
Dry with a towel.
Now, look at your hat
it is as good as new!
Ivory Soap
994ioo Per Cent. Pure.
Only $6 Pay " Py
sage" from Seattle to Land of MidniRht Sun,
Totem Poles. Ice Floes. Glaciers, Mirages.
Fjords. Mountains. Islands and Forests.
Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
E. F. DeGkakdfrx. P. & F. Agt.
249 Washington Strt Portland
Madison St.
CBtV Boren Ave.
United Wirclesi
The Bifineat Grade Brery Slodarn ConTenlec
Centrally located and commanding a view of th
Olympic. Cascade Mountains. Mt. Raimerand
Fua-at Sound. Auto-'Bua meeta trains and boata
on direct carline to the A.-Y.-P Exposing'
j. a llcTERNAN, Maoag.r.
Advance Display New
Fall Suits and Overcoats
Glass & Prudiiomms Co.
When a
gives you Burnett'
Vanilla voluntarily,
te& assured he is a high
class grocer who is look
ing out for your interest
Burnett's Va
nilla is as superior to
ordinary vanilla as rich
cream is superior to
skimmed milk.
Remember to ask for
it and see for yourself.
Burnett's Vanilla
Taking the past Eleven Years the
Terace Dally Sales of tannine lands
made by the
Hunter Land Co.
of Minneapolis, Minn.,
exceed one thousand acres per day
for the entire period, the purchasers
of which all made money.
Is it your Idea of happiness for
yourself and your children to pay
tribute to a landlord all your life? Of
course, the landlord Isn't to blame.
Fourth Floor Lumbermen's Bldg.
Write for catalogue and Prc ?
ewer pipe, chimney pipe, drain tile,
water, will and culvert pipe, pipe for
aeptlc tanks, etc
41 N. Front St. .
Of every description by
mail. Amber, brier and
meerschaum. Artificial
coloring. Sig Sich'I &
Co.. 83 Sd at.. Portland.
ctWhhk"'ii""mi""1"""" miin. imiw.
ing an early display of. Some
stunning weaves and models
for you when you're ready
Week-end Tickets, $3.00;
8:00 A. M. DAILY 6:00 P. M.
Ticket Offices: 255 Morrison St, Corner Third;
122 Third Street, near Washington; Grand Central Station.
Nothing is too dainty for us to handle.
The costliest lace is as safe here while being
cleaned as if you were superintending it
PHONES, Main 429 and A 5773
A 2281 Main 6201
Women of Woodcraft Building
188 Taylor Street, corner Tenth
Guaranteed to Stand
600 Pounds Pressure.
Goodyear Rubber Co.
Cl-eS-eS-OT Fourth St. Cor. Pine.
112.00 Foil Set
Teeth. 18.00.
Crowns and Brldee
work, WOO.
Koom 105. Utkua.
Open JircnlBsa 'Xiil T.
of rzT .j i . ,
OU ought not to neglect a
look at the new rail Dims
and Overcoats we're mak
Season Tickets, $4.00
Call for Tree Uricsol
Booklet on Treatment
and Diet, at Woodard,
Clarke & Co., Portland,
or write to Uricsol
Chemical Co., Los 'An
geles, Cal.
It makes the toilet something: to b
enjoyed. It removes all stains and
rourhneas. prevents prickly heat and
chafing, and leaves the skin white,
soft, healthy. In the bith It brings a
plow and exhilaration which no com
mon soap can equal, imparting; the
vigor and life .sensation of a mild
Turkish bath. All grocers and drug
nan Rafael, Cal. Fully accredited U. S
Army Ofllcer. Only Western School Witt
Cavalry and Mounted Artillery. Open-alt
Gym and Swimming Pool. Opens Augmt Is.
Arthur Crosby. A. M.. I. Headmaster.