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Oregon Hop Crop Estimated
at 65,000 Bales.
Kcports lrom Kngland Show Crop
in rvor Shape, but German Crop
. Is Unknown Qauntity and
May Change Market,
According to Julius Pincus. the recent
rains have added 5000 bales to the hop
crop, beside improving; the quality. Mr.
Ptnous says that while the crop will not be
o a-neat as last year. the. quality will be
While there are no changes In prices and
no deal orflolally reported there are a num
ber of rumors'eurrent about dealers' selling
contracts to on another. The dealers will
rot exhibit cables, for they are now In the
n.arsst 'or actual hops and anything tend
In to bull the Oregon prloe. such as bad
continental hop reports. Is being withheld.
"With tSie condition of the English crop
generally styled as baa. the German mar
ket Is the one doubtful feature. Bullish
catolea have been received, but New York
advices are that the crops are In good shape
and but slightly Infected.
A Sacramento grower yesterday estimated
the Oregon crop at 6 5, 000 bales: California.
eS.OOOHJ70.Ono bales, and Washington. 15.000
90.000 bales.
Liverpool advices ana that Paclflo Coast
hops are selling at IS cents a pound, which
would be equivalent to cents on the Coast.
Tho fcea-ry stocks of old hops held In Eng
land are tending to keep the market down.
The following representative reports are
taken in part, from the Kentish Observer:
Sheldwlch. Fawrsham It la only that It
Is atlll June and not July that prevents the
coming crop from being In a very critical
Teyn-ham The late rains have started the
tint growing freely, but it Is still infested
with vermin and the ground Is too wet for
.the washers to work. No mould to be seen
at present.
Worcester Heavy rains hav caused the
Plant to grow fast and In forward grounds
the vine Is over the tops of the poles and
strings, but vermin Increases seriously and
the wet state of the ground prevents wash
Ins:. Values are firm, holders being less dis
posed to sell, owing to the severe blight
Maidstone During the last few dava the
vine has Improved In appearance, but It Is
very uneven at places and backward gen
erally. Aah-Next-Sandwlch The vine continues to
make good progress In splto of low tempera
ture or lice. All growers now have the lice
under control and there Is little or no like
lihood of any "black" hops In this district.
balding The vine Is growing well, but Is
none too healthy, tho low temperature be
ing unsuitable to the plant.
North Hereford We have still a severe at-
f5 of aphis blight and are having very
cold nights.
Northlam Washing continues, the vine
being full of vermin fresh supplies keep
coming. The cold temperature and absence
plant" "0t " " fvorabks sre-wth of
Market Improve, on New Shipments Lambs
la . Good Demand.
Several ahtppera personally brought In 11
cara of cattle yesterday. Other excellent ship
ments were heavy horse, goat and sheep Mock
that arrived on the market In better condi
tion than anything of the kind has yet ar
rived at the yards.
Good quality lambs were In etrong demand
yemerday and almost outshone the hog de
mand, which was not quite so strong with the
full market. Fancy hogs were atlll rare
There were over 1000 head of cattle reported
at the yards., the actual figures for all arrivals
being: Cattle. 1090; sheep, 497; goats 245
hogs, SO, and horevs, 58.
Among the late representative sales were the
following: 50 cows averaging 1003 pounds, at
JS.23; 24 cows, averaging 938 pounds, at 2 7.V
2T steers, averaging 1185 pounds, at 4.50; 173
lambs, averaging 70 pound, at 5.25; 70 sheep
averaging 96 pound at U: 107 sheep, averaa
1ng 69 pounds, at H 60; 262 lambs, averaging
68 pounds, at 5.10; 1 cow weighing 775
pounds, at $2; 1 calf weighing 249 pounds at
5: 1 weighing 850 pounds, at 4.BO; 8
ateera averaging 1141 pound, at S4.B0; 1 bull
weighing 1450 pounds, at $2.25; s cows, aver
aging 1183 pounds, at $3.50; 8 steers averaging
1841 pounds, at $3.50; 4 steers avenging 10S1
pounds, at 4.25; 8 cowa averaging 1100
pounds, at $3: 2 steers averaging 1005 pounds
at 84.25; 2 cows averaging 1162 pounds, at
83.50; B steers averaging 1240 pounds, at 84.60
6 steers averaging 1055 pounds, at $4; 10
steers averaging 1CSO pounds, at 84.25; 3 cows
averaging 912 pounds, at 83.50.
Local prices quoted yesterday were as fol
lows: CATTLE Steers, top. 84.50; fair to good
8404-25; common, J.7S4; cows, top, $3 B0:
fair to good. S3 25; common to medium,
l.80(ff.75: calves, top, 35.SO; heavy,
$8.e04; bulls and stags. 82.750S.J5; com
mon. S.ts.60.
HOGS Best. M.25OS.B0; fair to good.
87.7898; stockers. 1638.60; China fats.
SHEEP-TOP w.thsra. 84; fair to rood. 83.50
C3.T5: ewes. u,c less n all grad,: yearlings
best. 4: fair to good. 83.508.75; Spring
lambs. 18 05.25. "
Tomatoes also to Be Had at Bargain Prloe a.
Other Fruits Fair.
With the market absolutely glutted with
watermelons, the price dropped to 1 VI cents
yesterday afternoon and was very weak.
Indications are that the price -will break
to a greater degree today. Over 6 cars of
watermelons, are on- sidings and practically
unsold, and unless some of the surplus can
be worked off In the country . or to Puget
Sound, local dealers look like being nipped.'
At the price ruling. It Is said, the dealers
are selling at bare cost.
Another bargain sale is being conducted
In tomatoes. Front street still has a quan
tity of hothouse tomatoes, and California
Is rushing up the open air variety. Prices
on hothouse were weak yesterday at 608
cents, while Callforntas went from 80075
Small berry receipts were light, logans
being away under the demand. Wild black
berries fell on a receptive market at 8
cents and heavy arrivals of apricots kept
firm at existing prices. Oregon peaches
sold at 60 cents, mainly owing to poor pack
ing. The last of the gooseberries brought
6 cents, an advance of one oent.
Raspberries were heavily In demand and
the price jumped to 81-50 This Is a purely
inflated price and with heavy arrivals today
will return to the normal. Strawberries 2
Heavy arrlvala of bananaa are promised,
but the banana market is kept firm by
agreement. New potatoes wobbled a little
and closed 1 lighter, final sales being
around 2 cents.
Ninety Cents Falla to Tempt Them with
Better Rate la Proepect.
Stray lota of wheat are beginning to move
Into th warehouses, according to a promi
nent local exporter, but the .farmers are
merely storing the grain, and are not pre
pared to consider any selling proposition on
ths basis of prices now current. Dealers
Intimate they are prepared to pay 90 cents
in the country for blue-stem, and 85 cents
for ejus. Thla would be equivalent at
tidewater to 21.04 for bluestem and 98 cents
for club.
Small quantities are being picked up at
these prices, but they are purely for local
use. In ttve main the farmer holds for 81
in the country, and' while the dealers ad
mit this price may be reached later In the
season, they contend the market will open
in tho course of the next two weeks at a
basis of 85 90 cents In the country.
A large grower In town yesterday made
a different contention, holding ...that the
farmers were somewhat unwise In maintain
ing the present high price. He named 95
cents as the country price at which he was
prepared to place his wheat for sale.
On some actual deals yesterday club was
quoted at 81.16.
Corn prices have dropped slightly. Corn
may be obtained around $36. although no
sales are being reported.
'The Merchants Exchange reporta the fol
lowing hay and cereal receipts:
.. Wheat Barley Flour Oats Hay
July 10-11 l 2 13 3
July 12 3 .. 5 ' 6
July 13 8 3 1
Last Week 10 8 23 6 1-4
Quantity Coming in Not Sufficient to Supply
"There is practically a hay famine in
Portland," said a leading exporter yester
day. The same gentleman Intimated that.
In his private capacity as a consumer., he
would be willing to pay almost any price
for good grade timothy, while being com
pelled to pay practically top prices for the
poorer grades.
About a car dally Is being reported by
the Merchants' Exchange, and this Is at
once taken up. No dealers have any stocks,
all holding themselves olear till the begin
ning of next week, when Valley and East
ern Oregon will commence to move. With
the number of farmers anxious at first to
sell, a rapid break Is predicted at the
commencement of the season. The price
now cvrrent Is the highest ever known.
Poultry and Eggs High.
Poultry still retains Its somewhat high
price, and with the demand being in excess
of sujply. appears likely to continue. The
chances are the present week will close
with pr)cea unchanged.
Eggs still continue at the top of the
market, a feature of the day being a heavy
shipment to Seattle that was almost exact
ly balanced by contra receipts from Elliot
Dressed meats are favored by cool weather
No carryover Is reported, and dealers ex
press themselves as satisfied with present
prices. With heavy stock arrivals, how
ever. It Is not unlikely prices may be ehad
ed a trifle today or tomorrow.
Grain, Flour, reed. Etc
WHEAT Track prices: Bluestem nom
inal club, $1.15; Valley, $1.15.
CORN Whole. 835 per ton; cracked. 36
per ton.
FLOUR Patents. $0.25 per barrel:
straights. 85.30; exports. 84.70; Valley.
85.50; graham. 85.60; whole wheat, quar
ters. 85.80.
BARLEt-New California, 83232.50 per
8f,T,S;No- n' whl,e. 8-042 per ton.
?!!?. SJ ,: ahoTta- 829 32; chop. 824 ffl 30;
rolled barley, 3485. " '
HAy Timothy, Willamette Valley. $20 ft
GRAIN BAGS 5?c each.
Vegetables and Fruits.
.,?H FRUITS Apples, new California.
2&.2o per box; pears, per box; Grav-
enstelns. $2.25 per box; strawberries, $2
per crate; cherries. S7c per pound; goose
berries. 6c per pound; peaches. 75S,1c
foe,rr,2X:.a,PCOtB- 1-l-50 P box; canta-U.f-
'?25 per crte; currants. 80 per
fri.: ? US, -S58 1.60 per box; nec
tarines. $1.60: loganberries. $1.25 per crate
raspberries. $ per crate; black caps.
8- per crate: watermelons. l4o per pound
grapes, $11.50; blackberries. $2; wild
blackberries, 6 10c per pound; artichokes.
?.Sr.3: celerT- $1-B per dozen.
POTATOES Jobhlng price, lj1.76 per
hundred: new. 22Vic per poundT
SALK VEGETABLES Turnips. $101.15
per sack; carrots. $1.6001.76 ' '
il?fViAL FMITS-OrangM, navels.
fll 1;I51lUenclas' a 3-80; lemon
A nc-7; choice. $500; grape rrW?
3 per box; bananaa. 55Vc per lb :
pineapples. $2ff4 per dozen.
ONIONS New. $1.25 I.50 per sack.
VEGETABLES Beans. 6c; cabbage. 1H
lo per pound; cauliflower. $i per dozen
wk?; "40c Per a: cucumbers. 5060c;"
White Salmon cucumbers. $1 per dozen- e
plant. 12V415c per pound; lettuce.' hoi
house. 75C&S1.00 per box; lettuce, head,
nirsPJ d"?en: onln. 12V4015C per dozen;
pars.ey. 3r.c per dozen; peas. 57o per
pound; peppers, 810c per pound; rad
ishes. 15c per dozen; spinach. 5c per pound-
l2owtoes- 7585o: hothou"
Dairy and Country produce.
BUTTER City creamery, " extras, 2So
V,ldm"i'. 2627i4c per lb.;
store, 18c. (Butter fat prices average ltto
peB.,?2!under reu, "er prices.)
EGGS Oregon rahch. candled, 28c per
POULTRY Hens. 14 15c; Springs. 19c
rooster, 8 ST 9o; ducks, young, 12013c; geese;
oung. 910c; turkeys, lSc; squabs, $202.25
per dozen. ' . J
r.H.FliSE u!.1 "earn twins, 1616Wo per
P AVJOU,nK Americas. 1617 " P '
Vi- i t V 18,11,0 Per Pound.
nrA-IE.XraS- 8il0 P pound; ordl-
' - 1 J , 1 c.
Hops. Wool. Hides. Etc
HOPS 1909 contracts. 16c per oound
1908 crop. 11012c; i907 crop. 7cT l90B crop;
WOOL TTnjtrri f . .
pound; Valley. 23 25c '. " "We Per
S.,fVChLc,!,' 2 23c per pound.
HIDES Dry hides. 1 17c . pound drv
kip. 15016c pound: dry calfskin. 180 190
pound; salted hides. 9H10c; salted calf
skin. 14 015c pound; green, lo less.
.,PJR?" No- 1 "kins: Angora goat. $1 to
6123: badger. 25050c; bear. 86 '0- beaver
$6.6008.50; cat. wild. 75C01?5O; clvlVr
KVnS,t,Vead 310; fisher; of
$7.50011; pale. $4.9007: fox. cross. $3 to
$5; fox, gray. 6080c; fox, red. $305- fox
silver. $35 to $100; lynx. $8015? marteS
??812; m,nk- S3.505.50r muskrat"
15 0 25c; otter. 82.5004; raccoon, TO 076c
sea otter. 8 100 230. a. to size and 5,"r
IA1"- S58(c: clvet. cat, 10"?; woif'
$208: coyote. 76c$1.23; wolveVlne, dark!
$3o: wolverine, pale. $20 2 50
CASCARA BARK Per pound. 4 HO Be.
Groceries. Dried Fruits. Etc.
DRIED FRUIT Apples. 9ilo per lb
peaches, 7 08c; prunes, Italians. BVffleic1
prunes. French. 4 08c; currants, unwashed,
cases. OHc; currants, washed, "cases 10c-
7"7Whc" i,LDcy- Bu-lb- bo"
SALMON Columbia River, 1-lb tails x
Per dozen; 2-lb. talis, $2.95; 1-nounrt V.tV
$2.10H; Alaska pink. 1-pound ta?li 9(
red, 1-pound tails. $1.45; sockeyea. tl
pound tails, $2. Jceye. 1-
COFFEB Mocha, 2428c; Java. ordi
nary. 17 0 20c; Costa Rica, fancy 18 0200
good. 16018c; ordinary. 12 16c nei lh"
NUTS Walnuts. 1213c per pound bv
sack; Brazil nuts, lao; filberts, "is"" pea
nuts. 7c; almonds. 13014c; chestnuts. Iuu
,a,n "e: Peanuts, raw. 6c; oinenuts, 100
12c; hickory nuts. lOc- ,-no...- Sr.
, , pi
?J 1 o T pranulated. $5.75; extra C, $6.85;
, u.c urn, 90.10; extra c.
. w,. ..itu werry BUKar. S5 Sf
onolulu plantation. One grain. $6 26: cubes!
(barrel). $6.40; powdered (barrel) tVio-
auct He per pound; if later than 16 days
and within 30 days, deduct Ho per pound.
Maple sugar, 16 01So per pound. vuuuu.
SALT Granulated. $13 per ton. $1.90 per
bale; half ground. 100s. $7.60 per ton; ioa,
aAf7Sl?n w,hlte' 7Hc: lar wnte.
t plnk.Vc.: bayOU 814C: "d kld"'-
tfACON Fancy, 23c per pound; standard.
21c; choice, 20c; English, 18019c.
DRY SALT CURED Regular short clears,
dry salt 14c; smoked, ioc: short clear
blacks, heavy dry salted. 15c; short clear
backs, heavy dry salted. 14c; smoked. 15c:
Oregon exports dry salted. 15c; smoked.
HAMS 8 to 10 lbs.. 17c: 14 to 18 lba
17c: 18 to 20 lbs.. 17c:' hams, skinned. 17o
picnics. 12c; cottage roll, 13c; boiled hams!
JtSttfe-iic: boiled picnics. 20c
,-ilARrr-,Setti rendered. 10a Uc; 5s,
"Ho; standard pure: 10s. 15Ho; bm. line-
SMOKED BEEF Beef tongues. each.
60c: dried beef sets. 19c: dried beef out
sides, 17c: dried beef lnsldes, 21c: dried
beef knuckles. 20c. " aTlea
Speculative Movement Halted
by Future Uncertainties.
Steel Trade Satisfactory, but Cop
pers Weaken Perceptibly on
Xew York and London
NEW YORK. July 14 Operators were
confirmed In their Inclination to refrain
from dealing today by the Inconsequent
and Indecisive movement of the market for
several days past. Influences halting the
speculative movement were found In the
news from the crop regions. Basic confi
dence in the profitable outcome of the
Harvests remained strong and underlies the
determination with which stocks are held
by present owners.
Such Incidents as todays panic among the
bears In wheat are sufficient, however to
deter speculators from committing them
"elVei undu'y with a period to face during
Zul. ,Clp 8Care are not an impossibility,
ine fright of the wheat bears had as a basis
the reDorts of rain In the Winter wheat
region which might prejudice the early de
livery of the crop being harvested and
crowd the short. In July. In which option
the flurry centered.
in the corn market, however, the good
crop news served to force the price lower,
bt Louis and San Francisco stocks were
getting a belated benefit also from the plac-4?-
' bonds with a French syndicate.
Wabash preferred was conspicuously strong
again, but all the news concerning the stock
consisted in mvsterlonn Mit(nn.
able developments which remained vaguely
The steel trade advices were highly fa
vorable and an attempt was made to use
the sudden departure of J. p. Morgan from
England for New York as a presage of fa
vorable developments at the coming quar
terly meeting of the United States Steel
directors, to ' be held on the last Tuesday
of the month.
Copper news was Ii'd. n t ; -.- 1
of the metal being reduced again at the
,7. Tork metal exchange, and an early
fall In London being followed bv a recovery
without, however, rallying the copper lndus-
11 mis in me London stock market.
Atchison held firm, although the direc
tors took no action on the rilvirtorf
speculative rumors had stated they might.
The banks are making payments to the Kub
treaRury on account of the recall of Gov
ernment deposits which mature tomorrow,
the burden of these payments, which amount
?u,wiu,vw ror tomorrow, evidently fall
ing almost wholly on the New York banks.
The feature of the monev market
active demand for over the year maturities,
six months loans being done at 334 per
Bonds were IrreiruljiT- Tnt.i -iQ '
value. $ ! United States bonds' wero
unchanged on call.
Alii. -.. 1 . "'"-- "inn. Jow.
Allls Chalmers pf 40O no!, o'i 50-
A Mill rnnnw- Onw.u, t.., -..7S
Am Agricultural 4V
Am Beet Sugar... 2.2.-0 43" 'H' 42
Am Car & Foun. 1.100 f.8 57 2 67 ill
vini Louon ii l.oo 74 73 73 L,
Am Hd & Lt pf. 50O 41 41 4,2;
Am Linseed OH." 17 i' 171. ?S
Am Locomotive... :iuo 5y .5.11,. BB "
Am Smelt & Kef. 6,9ipi) 114 Z 9M3
Am Sugar Kef.:" Koo liP 27
Am Tel & Tel 1.6..0 1404 13u 330
Am T,vba?co Pf---- W0 10OH 10l4
Anaconda Min"co; ""266 ' kWi 'iis'is' 40
Atchison 20,)O 110 115 11.5
do preferred 400 104 104 l!4ti
Atl Coast Line... 2W 129 129 l-'sui
?h'i 2'000 11(Vs 118 lls
do preferred 941?
Bethlehem Steel .. 200 297 "29" "u J
Brook Rap Tran. 2.W1O 777, 77 77
Canadian Pacific. 1.000 184 184 184U
Central Leather... 2..VI0 ai 314 31 V,
CraTof"!? j" 2U U' 104'- ik?
Ches & Ohio 2,600 "77-, "77H "77
Chicago & Alton Ail?
Chicago Ot Weet. 1,100 1 U "l'lV 1 a?
Chicago N W.. ino. ir.-," jsa"4 1S2i
S: c. tsTu!:: ..6:T 15314
Colo Fuel & Iron.. l,Tm '44" "4.314 4374
do 1st preferred r R1 ' '
do 2d preferred ,,,
Consolidated Gas.. 200 13!) ' 139" i
torn Products .. 2.000 22T4 22
Rel&TJIudson SlH 12 1U2V4 l2il
D & R Grande... 2.0OO 47Vi 4K 4
do preferred ... 0o 85S 85 S S3
nistillers- Securl... 400 3S 37 37
Er' 0 3H 35 3
tio 1st preferred. 200 52 52 52U
do 2d preferred
General Electric... 400 14 io4" 163
?-l Northern pf . . . 1,500 14!l, 14S 14S
Tf. Northern Ore.. 1.4-K. 78v 75 78
Illinois Central .. 7.2i0 15ii 155H ise
Interborough Met... 1.4W 15a i?
do preferred ... 2.30O 47 4a1
Inter Harvester .. 400 8 (aZ sSti
Inter-Marine pf .. 3110 21 21 Sis?
Jnt Paper M Tv
Kr- A
K C Southern . " "44 44.V
do preferred ... 400 71 71 7T1
& sl"" 3 4&
m. st p & s s m! .";;;; ,??
Missouri Pacific... 3(h) '72" 'ii'il ?Tk
Mo. Kan & Texas 700 , 4lVs 4l4 40 S
do preferred -o
National Biscuit 1-
Natlonal Lead ... 700 " 86 " 'sU ?
Mex Nat Ry 1st pt . . .... . ..
N Y Central 6.700 132-4 13lii t'iiff
N Y, Ont & West. Aoo "2 82
Norfolk & West.. 4.7.0 5.T2 91 ti 5!
North American .. 4.1O0 82 Si'
PacfocrMana!!C". 42,K W. JWH
Pennsylvania 9,000 13SU i37 138
People's Gas 400 lisi uiC, i,2?
P. C C & St L... 100 92ii B eoii
Pressed Steel Car. 900 437 431?
Ry Steel Spring 43,4 42
Reading 39.2oo 159 js0.v .IS,,
Republic Steel ... 700 .32 81 u s?J
do preferred ... 600 104 U 104 2 1 nlv
Rock Island Co.. 6,3K) 33 H 82 3 M
do preferred ... 3.10O 71? , ?l Vll?
St L & B F 3 pf. 6.500 53 . iV kl
St Iv Southwestern 3 00' 26 26i 2
do preferred V2?
Sloss-gheftield gS
Southern Pacific .. 18.400 133H 132 13rTi
do preferred ... eoo 132 18-'iJ 13i
Southern Railway. 80O 30 3o4 30
do preferred ... 20O 68 8i2 Sai
Tenn Copper .... 200 32
To'. St L & West. 400 50 SS'iJ
do preferred ... 20O fiflt 68t2 SgT?
TJnion Pacific .... 29.300 194 1?, iot
t Cfeferred ... 1.900 103T, 1033 103S
K f Realty 1.100 H sou 80
U S Steel . 65.2iK t!3 68 &il
t tah Copper 600 47 40; 47
Va-Caro Chemical. 8.500 53 Slit 61V
TV abash 1.2i o 21 S 21 21
do preferred ... 24. 6(10 58' 66 7
Western Md 13.70O 7(4 6 iv
Weotinghouse Elec eoo 84ii 84 s-Ja
Western Union ... 100 7114 7114 S'jV
Wheel & L Erie.. 700 ft '52
TVUoonsin Central. 100 57 67 5
Total sales for the day. 393.600 shares.
NEW YORK, July 14. Closing quotations
TJ. S. ref. 2s reg.l00N. Y. C. gen 3s 92'
do coupon 101 North. Pacific 8s 745
TJ.S. 3s reg...l01 do 4s
do coupon 101!TJnlon Pac 4s,.104
U. S. new 4s reg.H7HlWI. Cent. 4a... 95
do coupon 119?i Jap. 4a ... kill
T. A R. G. 4s.. 97) "
Stocks at London.
LONDON. July 14. Consols for
84: for account. 84.
. .135
.. 93
.. 90
.. 53
70 !4
.. 10
'- 81
. . 71
. .136
. . 107
.. 71
.. 59
.. 97
AmaL Conner R1
M.. K. A T
Anaconda ..... 9
Atchison 119
do pfd 107
Bait. & Ohio... 121
Canad. Pacific. 188
N. Y. Cent. ..
Nor. A West..
do pfd
Ont. gr Wet
ijnes. it Ohio
9 Rand Mines ..
Chi. Gt. West
C., M. & St. P. 157 Vi South. Ry.
re Beers
14l do nfrt
D. & R. a
do pfd
do 1st pfd. .
do 2d pfd . .
Grand Trunk.
48 South. Pacific'
37 U
Union Pacific
do nfd .
. 52
. 43
- 23
U- S. Steel.
do pfd ...
Wabash ....
do pfd . . .
Spanish 4s. .
Illinois Cent
Louis. & Nash!ll45
Money, Excbana-e, Etc.
NEW YORK. July 14. Prime mercantile
paper, closed at 34 per cent. rcan"'
. Starling exchange, flraa, wkNfc actual busl-
ness in bankers' bills at $4.8580 4.8590 for
60-day bills and at $4.8725 for demand.
Commercial bills, 4.85 S 4.85ii.-
Rar silver, 50 c.
Mexican dollars. 44c.
Government bonds, steady; railroad bonds.
Money on call. easy. 12 per cent; rul
ing rate and closing bid. 1 per cent: of
fered at 2 per cent.
Time loans strong for over the vear ma-'ritlM-
Sixty days. 2 per cent; 90 days.
- per cent; six months. 3 VI 3hi per cent.
,1,?f,ION' Ju'y 14 Bar sliver, steady at
-o 7-16d per ounce.
Money. 1 per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market
for short bills is 1 1 .-,-16 per cent; do
for three months' frills, 1 5-l0l per cent.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 14. Sterling on
London. 60 days. $4.80; do sight. $4.87 Vi.
Silver bars 51c.
Mexican dollars. 45c.
Drafts, sight. 3c; telegraph, 6c.
Bank Clearings.
Clearings of the Northwestern cities yes
terday were as follows:
Portland ...
Tacoma . . .
Spokane ' . .
Clearines. nnlanpA,
$1,531,820 $18.-.!.s.i
2.343.055 327.930
91i,8!IO l::-J.7lS
1.190.079 ll;i,!Kl3
Watermelons Drop, Soft Fruits
Drop, and Oregon Potatoes
Crowd IxK-al Goods Out.
SEATTLE. July 14. (Special.) Eggs
were quoted a cent higher here today, owing
to limited receipts, and a brisk demand par
ticularly for the best local ranch stock.
Consumers still use fresh locals In preference
to Eastern. In spite of the recent price ad
vances. Today s highest quotation was 33
The best cantaloupes sold here today as
nigh as $3.25. Dealers report difficully in
getting shipments through from the south.
Reports received from Eastern Washington
ay.are to the efrect that the cantaloupe
cr"p,tnere w, be normal this season.
,fru,lB ,moved slowly today at prices
generally below those quoted yesterday.
excessive receipts of watermelons
prices have declined to 2 cents on the street.
Tents ' ' the fanclet selling at 3
Heavy shipments of local potatoes are
weakening the market very perceptibly.
Oregon growers are crowding potatoes to
this market.
,hfBj Was "old a p'nt higher all around
here today, with $1.05 bid on milling blue
stem and $1.01 on club, red and fife
win ,Tin. " blpehed "our question
will probably not he madf In this state until
In'vlV ZSe. brUKht by Federal officials
lv.: . Hka ,S se,Ued- This announcement
i-ooH ' yesterday by State Dairy and
tood Commissioner L. navies. Mr. Davies
ml W of making a ruling in this
state, but has about changed his mind.
Trices Paid for Produce In the Bay Cits
SAN FRANCISCO. July 14. The follow
ing prices were quoted in the produce mar
ket today: ,
rtrT.O B rS " ' S28-5030: middlings.
Vegetables Hothouse cucumbers. 50lfl60c;
garlic, -i'rooc: green peas. 7rc$; string
beans. 3f,e; tomatoes. 3.Vr$1.5T; eKBplant.
5H'6c; asparagus, ice1.2i; onions. 2540c.
ier"Fancy creamery. 28c; creamery,
seconds. 2!c: fancy dalrv, 25".c
Poultry Roosters, old! $4.5o"r5: young. $7
B10; broilers small.. $2.75rg,3.-)(: broilers.
la. Ke.- 4,fl4i,): fyers, $.srg7; hens. $4.00
10; dunks, old. $5fIB; young. $0frf8
Esgs Store. 29c; fancy ranch. 30c.
l'S0-,Tfr0Utl,. .Plains and San Joaquin.
12l.c; Mountain. 6(S)12c; Nevada. 1320c.
i"rayTW.heat' 12-' 18: wheat and oats
?eye,nVaalfa' 1014: sto. $7ai0; ba
ley $10&'14; straw, per bale, fl075r
o kS 'Apple?' choice. $1.75: common.
30c; bananas, 75cg$3.O0: limes, $5.50S6:
ei!5u"A. Ch0'Ce' 8; commons. $2; oranges!
Mops Contracts. 15c; 190g Js.
Receipts Flour. 353S quarter sacks; wheat
1-5 centals; barley. 4030 centals; oats, liwo
centals- potatoes. 5480 sacks; hav, 641 tons
f,"' .S cental: middlings. 225 sacks; bran,
hid "ooo1 beans- 60 sacks; wool. 26 bales;
Eastern Livestock Markets.
nnn8 8 ,CITT' July Cattle Receipts
14.000. Market, steady to 10c higher. Native
Vf"j- J;?7-16: native cows and .heifers.
SioOSJoO; stockers and feeders, $4.00fi
cows. wSSeSS."""' 4-8-:
Hogs Receipts, 3000. Market. 5c to 10c
in'fi r?rulk ' sales' T.80fr8.O0; heavy,
a rm 1 25 ! Pa.okers and butchers. $7.85
8.(K): light $1 704JI7.BO; pigs. $6.25 7.50.
Sheep Receipts. 1000. Market strong
Muttons $4.00 ft 5.00; lambs. $0.758 5?:
&4.50We t3-533 s: range ewes. $3.23
CHICAGO July 14. Cattle Estimated re--Pif.'.
100- Market. steady. Beeves. 4 70
H.,sa Estimated receipts. 20,000 Market
7.4;8.1u; heavy. S7.55&S.2U; rough 7 ."3
fe ..70; good to choice heavy $7 7iffl 'HJ
Pigs. $6.457 25: bulk of sales $770 to 8.00
Sheep Estimated receipts. 16.000. Market
4 faV,ur- H11H' V.0: Western. $"00 W
$u.008.10; Western. $3.00 S. 75 ? native.
OMAHA, July 14. Cattle Rec-lrt i 7on
6?O.i0c h'.Bhe-r- Western e"rsD. VoO
h.1?;rar,5!VBS!l,S-: ts3tocrer5s00andCOYeSedaer,ai
etc.f25-75C!5VeS- ": nsffa:
TZ5aZ??S2tSk.42'P- "K' Be higher.
x.. L "c7"eceipis. h.imio. Market. lOc to 15c
,5hr- Yearlings. $5.006.00; wethers. 4 "?
(S 5.00; ewes. $3 50 toO; lambs. $7 5 OlS 8 75
Eastern Mlnln. stn..w.
BOSTON, July 14. Closing quotations:
0VIM. C -and r-
Alloues . . . . .
. 40 JXevada "
. 79H Old Dominion
.. 23Vi
.. 50Vs
Ariz. Coml. . :. . 3S
Osceola .....
Parrot . .
Atljinf le c lz
.... 14
.... Bit
Lutte Coalition. 2314
Cal. & Arls.-. . . . 1001,
Cal. & Hecla. . .630
Centennial . . ... 30
Copper Range.. 79i
Daly West i
Franklin 35
Granby . . .- 99
Greene Cananea. H
Isle Royals 23
Mass. Mining... 7 Vi
Michigan 10
Mohawk 57
iL'nited Copper.".
'TJ. s. Mlnm.
. 11
. 48V4
31 4
, 49'
ITT. 55. nil
Winona . . .
North Butte
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW TORK, July 14. Evaporated apple,
quiet; fancy, 8i94c; choice. 8i4c: prime
MiVsc; common to fair, 56V4c
Prunes unchanged; California. 2i(ailiAet
Oregon. 639c. ' ' '"'cl
Apricots quiet, there being an absence of
export demand, which offset the prospective
shortage In the crop for the time being!
Spot prices unchanged; choice, looiouc
extra choice. 10 Vi 10 c; fancy. lii3c
Peaches are neglected, but prices are
maintained in the absence of selling pres
sure. Choice. 5V46c; extra choice, a u o
6c; fancy. 78c. "
Raisins quiet; loose .muscatels SHfMHc-
5t0 f,anCi' sedea- 8c: seedless:
3145Hc; London layers. $1.15L20.
Daily Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON. July 14.; The condition
of the Treasury at the beginning of busi
ness today was as follows:
Trust fund Gold coin. $850,676,869: silver
dollars, $486,631,000: sliver dollars of 1800
$4,205,000: silver certificates outstanding'
$484,631,000. '
General fund Standard silver dollars In
general fund. $5,386,104; current -liabilities
$93,409,304: working balance in Treasury
offices. $20,183,197; In banks to credit of
Treasurer of United States. $60,534 163- sub
sidiary silver coin. $20,597,845; minor' coin.
$2,518,923. -
Total balance In general fund, $114,743,341
Cotton at New York. ,
NEW YORK. July 14. Cotton futures
closed very steady: July. 12.65c: August
12.56c; September, 12.57c; October. 12 62c
November. 12.61c; December and January.
12.05c; March. 12.6c; May, 12.67c
Spot closed IO points lower. Middling tin
lands. 13.05c; middling Gulf. 13.30c. Sales.
1000 bales. .
JULY 15, 1909.
July Quoted at $1.27, Making!
New High Record.
Adverse Weather Reports Send
Prices Bounding Upward hnd
Bullish Sentiment Is
Xoted In Pit.
CHICAGO. July 14. Wheat, for July de
livery, advanced today to $1.27, a new high
record for the sea sort, and a gain of 7c
over the previous close. The sensational
advance kept the wheat pit in a flurry of
excitement throughout the session, although
the actual amount of trading in July was
not large.
Shorts were' exoeedlngly urgent In their
demand for July wheat, but offerings at
no time were liberal.
The demand was based on weather con
ditions In this country- Rains wero re
ported In Kansas and Nebraska, which will
cause additional delay In harvesting, and the
official forecast predicted showers and thun
derstorms generally over a large section of
the wheat-growing states for tonight and
tomorrow. This will ' further retard the
movement of the new crop.
At the same time many reports were re
ceived from Illinois. Kentucky and Ten
nessee claiming that wheat In shocks was
sprouting as a result of the wet weather.
The market opened strong with prices
lower to lV4c higher. July being at 1.20T4
to $l.:ii.4. Within the first half hour the
price had been forced up to $1.25 Vt by leaps
of Vc to lc between sales.
At this point some of the leading longs
seemed to have wheat for sale and as a
result the price receded about 1 cent. Sen
timent In th pit was extremely bullish all
day and in the final half hour the price
shot upward and failed to atop until it had
touched $1.27. The market closed excited
and strong, with prices almost at the top.
July being at $1.261 4 1.24.
An advance of more than lc in tho price
of the July delivery was the feature of
trading in corn. At the close prices were
4c higher to V4c lower, compared with the
previous close.
Tho 7c-Jump In July wheat detracted from
activity In the oats market, trading being
dull nearly all day. Prices closed Vic lower
to ViffjMic higher than the final figures yes
terday. Provisions were strong all dav. At the
close prices, were 7V4flOc to 17V.(gi20c
hlglior than yesterday.
The leading futures' ranged as follows:
ul l.2Q $1.27 $1.20 $1.6
Jl"""1 111 112-4 1.11-J ll;
J;ec I.0914 1.0!). l.OS't, 1.0
Ma' 1-13 1.12 V. 1.11H 1.12
Ju'y-"- 726 .73- .71V. 71
' 57 -14 .57 '4 .67 U .5714
-49'4 -4S4 .48
43 .43i- .42 -43Vi
43H .43 .42 .43
' ! .45- .45 2
JU,V 50.75 20.82H 10.75 20.S2V4
Sept. .
.. ....v 20. SO 20.95
Ju,y 11-75 H.77'4 11.75 11 77V4
SeP' 11-75 11.80 11.75 ilso
" H.47..i 11.45 11.4714
P-V" H,35 H-5 11.35 11.45
t ash quotations were as follows
Flour H)(W 20c higher.-
Barley Feed or mixing. 6567c- fair to
choice malting. 6771c. i"e'"c' ralr to
1 F-'a?,. seed 1 Southwestern. $1.44- No
1 -Northwestern. $1.64 -". --o.
Timothy seed $3.80.
Clover $10.85.
fork Mess, per barrel. $20.80 0 S U
Lard Per 100 pounds. 111. 75 "
llSTl" ribs Sldes loose). $11.47Vj
llSS7V?.Sh0rt" C!ear (boit'- $11-75 i
Grain statistics:
Total clearances of wheat arid flour ,.r.
equal to 143.U0O bushels. Primary receints
were 183.000 bushels, compared "Tth 6? 00"
bushels the corresponding dav a "ar "iZ
Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat '
it.oioS.208 Ca"; 0at' " rs;heSoW.:
Flour. barrels.' R9?ftSn Shipm,?n'";
W heat rii,i,i. - :
Corn, bushels. 143,000
Oats, bushels 144 firtn
435, 100
Rye. bushels
Barlej-, bushel's. .".". .".". '. 67
Grain and Produce at New York
8-tnoT T,ORK- JU'y U '""'"'-Receipt,.
83110 barrels; exports. 6189 barrels. Market
unsettled with a fair Inquiry. Minnesota pit-KV'-c-.i-25'S810:
M,nn',' bakers. $5,350.
V ij-, B,'r patents- SO: Winter straights
Winter extras. $4.755.40: Winter
MSI"1"' 4-659fl'30: Kana straights. $5.35
Wheat Receipts. 24O0 bushels. Spot
strong. No. 2 red. old. $1.43 nominal elevator
and f. o. b. afloat: No. 2 red. new. $1 2asi
and Auugst f. o. b. afloat: No. 1 Northern
Duluth. $1.41 nominal f. o. b. afloat- Vo
hard Winter. $1.39 f. o. b. nominal afloat"
Pronounced strength In July and new high
records all around were the features In wheat
today, reflecting rains in the Southwest and
fears of a delayed movement. Cables were
stronger. w!:h receipts light and cash whea
higher. July here closed at 3V4c net advance
and other months T4 to lic higher. July
closed at $1.31. September at $ and D
cember at $1.17.
Hops, wool and petroleum Steady.
Hides Firm.
European Grain Markets.
LONrrON. July 14 Csrgoes In strong de
mand Walla Walla, on passage, nominal;
do for shipments 42s 6d to 42s 9S
English country markets, steady
French country markets, quiet, but steady.
TrVERPOOV. July 14 Close Wheat
8Ur September. s 9Sd; December
8s 5:4d. Weather, cloudy.
Grain at Ran Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. July 14. Barley De
cember. 1-4T,. Spot quotations unchanged.
Wheat Steady.
Barley Firm.
' Metal Markets.
NEW YORK. July 14 The London tin
market was higher with spot quoted at
181 12s $d and futures at 183. The local
market was quiet but a shade higher at
28.87V, 29.12V4.
Copper was higher at 58 Is Sd for spot
In tho London market, but lower at 58 15s
for futures.
The local market was weak and unsettled
with lake unchanged at 13.25 0 18.87 V4 and
other grades a shade lower. Electrolytic
12.62V4 013.87V4C. and casting at 12 50O
12.76c. "
Lead was unchanged In both markets.
Spelter was unchanged at 22 in London
but the local market was firmer at 5.35
Iron was unchanged at home and abroad.
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW TORK. July 14. Coffee futures
closed barely steady, net unchanged to 10
points lower. Sales. 80.750 bags. Including
July at 7.05c; September. 5.76c; October
5.45c; December. 5.405.45c; March. 5.40c:
May. 5.455.50c. Spot quiet; No T Rio"
5S5Tc: No. 4 Santos. 9c. Mild oulet
Cordova. 9V412Vic. iniet,
s"5" ?awi Bteady; fair refining. 3 4"c
centnfugal. 96 test, 3.92c; molasses sulrar'
3.17c. Reflned. steady. sutar.
Flax at Minneapolis.
MINNEAPOLIS. July 14. Flax, $1.J4
Wooi at St Louis.
ST. LOUIS, July 14 Wool, steady; me
dium grades, combing and clothing. 229
CAPITAL $1,000,000
SURPLUS 'and PROFITS $500,000
W. M. LADD. President.
EDW. COOKING HAM, V.-Presldent
W. H. DUNCKLET. Cashier.
R. S. HOWARD, JR.. Ass't Cashier.
L. W. LADD. Ass't. Cashier.
WALTER M. COOK, Ass t. Cashier.
Interest Paid on Savings Accounts and Certificates of Deposit
We Issue Letters of Credit, Foreign Drafts, and Travelers Checks
National Bank
It insures against dust, mud and street noises.
lt insures against slipperiness and falling horses.
It insures against cracks, disintegration and costly repairs.
lt assures a sanitary and durable street.
It assures conscientious workmanship and best materials.
It assures perfect satisfaction.
2Sc: light line. 202rVtc: heavy fine, 13j
Oic: tub washed, 24l,iSuc.
Dairy Produce In the East.
CHICAGO. July 14. Butter Steady.
Creameries. 22l4jt2o: dairies. 2ff23Vjc.
Eggs steady at mark, cases Included,
lSc; firsts, 20c; prime firsts. 21c.
Cheese Strong. Daisies. lliiOIRr; twins,
14ii)14Vc: young America, 1 4 Si 9 1 5c ; long
horns, 14Viloc.
NEW YORK. . July 14. Butter Firm;
Cheese and eggs Steady, unchanged.
AVas Civil War Veteran and Re
markably AVoII Preserved.
KALAMA. Wash., July 14. (Spe
cial.) Hiram Imus, agred 86 years and
8 months, died at the home of his son.
L. I- Imus, at Kalama," yesterday
morning at 3 o'clock. Mr. Imus was
born in Genesee County, New Tork.
He moved to Iowa and was the first
Sheriff of Ringgold County. From
Iowa Mr. Imus moved to Kansas, and
then to Kalama In 1890, where he had
since resided.
Mr. Imus served for three years and
three months in the Third Iowa Cav
alry In the Civil War. He had always
taken an active part in Republican
politics. He was exceptionally, stronjr
and hearty for a man of his years, and
up to a week ago would not hesitate
to wrestle with one 50 years his Junior.
His wife died a number of years afro.
His surviving children are: A. H. Imus,
W. II. Imus. Herbert Imus, I.. K. Imus
D. D. Imus and O. C. Imus, all of whom
reside at Kalama.
Wallowa Fruit Inspector Xamed.
WALLOWA. Or., July 14. (Special.)
Ford C. Potter has been appointed
fruit Inspector for- this county by the
County Court. Mr. Potter has had
wide experience In fruit and berry cul
ture and Is thoroughly conversant with
the various fruit pests. His services
will be of great value to the fruit
raisers of this valley. -
Brick Annex for Hotel.
CHEHALIS, Wash., July 14. Opecial )
W. F. West, of the St. Helens Hotel,
has toegun construction of a 20-room an
nex of brick, to be built to the rear of
the present annex. The improvement
will cost approximately .$20,000.
Broken Knee Spoils Outing-.
WALLOWA. Or.. .Tnlv n c i-ix
Mrs. Belle Chlarson, of Baker City,
-a.iiio iu ivuuuwa last Friday to meet
her son, who recently sold his ranch
invite attention of
new residents to
their efficient and
methods of a gen
eral, up-to-date
banking business.
DhKm-tted PtnrttmoX IAdbtlitf
at Howard Meadows. It was to be an
outing for her. and she was to take
the trip overland to Baker City, camp
ing by the way and enjoying the holi
day. But her pleasure was cut. short
by a fall from the wagon at their camp
on the river here.
In attempting to climb from the vehi
cle by stepping on the tongue, which
had become slippery from the rains
during the night, her knee was broken,
and. after having the fracture reduced
she was forced to return home on the
Kxtension or Line Begun.
VANCOUVER, Wash., July 14. (Spe
cial.) Three preliminary surveys have
been made for the extension of the
Vancouver electric line to Orchards, a
distance of six miles. The surveyors
are now running the levels and set
ting in the permanent grade stakes.
Construction work on the grade will
begin in a short time and, it is expect
ed, the line wil be completed and in
operation In 90 days.
Ostrandcr Postofflce Robbed.
CASTLE ROCK, Wash.. July 14
(Special.) The postoffice at Ostrander
an important little milling town about
six miles south of this city, was bur
glarized last night and about $150 in
money and checks was taken. No trace
of the perpetrator has been discovered
and b.cktl 10, First Class
Beat Them All
for sailing,
. name:. seabathing
swimming and aquatic sports: fishing, base
ball, tennis, golf, automobiling. Most at
Vf' spot on entire round the world tour
iV2 days from San Francisco
by S.S. Alameda (wireless), sailing June S
2c. july 17th. Aug. 7. etc. BOOK NOW and
secure the best berths.
fr0" f Tahiti. New Zealand and Australia
?: ?lanposa sailing July l. Aug. 6 etc
O. S. S. Co.. 673 Market St.. San Francisco
All Modern Safety Devices (Wireless. Etc)
London Paris Hamburg;.
P Llncoln(new)Julyl4!P.Grant(new)..Au- 4
Cinc nati tnew)Julyl7,.Kalerln. . . ' ?
Amerlka July24!Pennylvanla Au 11
cl:'anXnrwJuly31' P--Lincoln?n'WAu ll
TUtz Carlton a la Carte Restaurant
ITAI V via Cilbraltur,
X X tuples and un.
S. S. MOLTKE, Auk. 14, Sept. .10
" HAMBURG, July 22. Sept. n '
Tourist Dept. for Trips Everywhere.
Ham bur--American Line, 16 I'owrll St
Ban KrancUco, nd Local Agents. I-ortland!
For Eureka, San Francisco and Los
Angeles direct. The steamships Roa
noke and Elder sail every Tuesday at
3 P. M. Ticket office 132 Third, near
Aider. Phones M. 1314 and A 1314
H. YOUNG, Agent.
SnlL di"ct "earner and aa'lUnr"
rom Alnsworth Uock. Portland, a A u
8.8. Rm City July 17. si.
8.8 8tate of California July 14
From Lombard St., San Francisco. 11 i. u
8.S. Mate of California July 17
8.8. Kose City July 24, Aug. 7. '
J. W. Ransom. Uoclc A rent.
Main 288 Alnsworth Bock
V,"5' c,t Ticket Aeent, 142 3d St.
Phono Main 402. A 146: "
worth dock, for N.rU. . MaSEisfaa
Coo. Bay points, frelani r.c.lvod till 4 p
M. on day ot sallln,. Ptnunr i.n i
clasa, ,10; .scond-cW t t?'ulTZZ
J52 Inqulr. city ticket oScif TWrJ
L. Mala" 'si "r " '"worwi