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    VOL. XLIX. XO. 15,058.
Water Traffic Rules,
Says Commission.
Present Rates and Earnings
of Roads Too High.
Unanimous Opinion of Interstate
Board Is Railroads Can Law
fully Adjust Rates to Com
petition by Ocean.
WASHINGTON. March 2. By the
unanimous decision of the Interstate
Commerce Commission the present sys
tem of lower terminal rates to Pacific
Coast points than are charged to in
terior points, though the latter may be
rearer the point of shipment, is sus
tained as Just and lawful under the
Hepburn rate law. The contention of
the Pacific Coast ports and the trans
continental railroads Is upheld in Its
Comfort is give:.' Spokane in the
shape of a general reduction of class
rates from Chicago and St. Paul and
in 29 of the specified 34 commodity
rates- against which complaint was
made. In the five other commodity
rates against which complaint is made.
Increases are made. But this does not
change the relative position of Spokane
as an interior point and the Coast cities
as points enjoying water competition.
Under the decision the railroads are
free to follow up the reduction
in the Spokane rates ordered by
the Commission by making a pro
portionate reduction in the rates to
Coast ' terminals. Should they fall to
make such a reduction, they would be
exposed to the danger of losing a larj,e
volume of their traffic to their ocean
Two Points Involved.
. The two points In the complaint filed
' by the City of Spokane against the
Northern Pacific, the Great Northern
and the Union Pacific railroads were:
First, that the rates from Eastern
points to Spokane were higher than to
Seattle, a more distant point.
Second, that the rates to Spokane were
inherently unreasonable.
On the first point defendants maintain
ed that water competition compelled them
to charge the rates In effect to Seattle
and that therefore they might, charge a
higher rate to Spokane without violating
, the long-and-short-haul provision or
x without discriminating against Spokane
under the law.
Recognizes Water Competition.
The Commission sustains the claim of
the defendants in this respect and holds
that the rates to Spokane, although hlgh
' er than to Seattle, are not unlawful.
1 On the second point the Commission
sustains the claim of the petitioner and
j holds that the rates from Eastern points
j to Spokane are unjust and unreasonable.
It reduces class rates from St. Paul to
Spokane 16 2-8 per cent, and makes sub
' stantially the same reduction from Chi
cago to Spokane. Rates east of Chicago
are not dealt with.
The decision, if applied in principle to
all commodities and to all Interior points,
must work a revolution In rates from
Eastern points of origin to all interior
transcontinental territory and in that
view It is one of the most far-reaching
decisions ever rendered by the Commis
sion. , The case has been under considera
tion for about a year and a half. For
many months the commission has been
(endeavoring to settle the intricate
points Involved, but not until a few
(days ago was an agreement possible.
.'The unanimous opinion of the commis
sion was prepared by Commissioner
i It is pointed out that nearly all com
modities to the Pacific Coast move
under commodity rates, and these were
the principal subject of complaint upon
the part of Spokane. Rates from all
points on the Missouri River to Seattle
, are the samc,while rates from the
; same points to -Spokane usually are
1 considered higher than to Seattle, and
they increase as the points of origin
lie farther east.
Cut In Spokane Rales.
As Illustrative of this condition, tho
complaint referred to 32 articles. The
decision says that the commission can
fix the rates only upon the articles
enumerated. The cut in rates ordered
Is horizontal and amounts, in some
Instances, to 90 per cent; In other cases
to only 6 or S per cent.
In the hearing the cost of reproduc
ing the properties of the Great North
ern and Northern Pacific, their finan
cial history, their present capitallza
i tion, and their earnings in recent years
were fully considered.
Coast Rates Held Legal.
The commission's findings in brief
First The system of transcontinental
rates now In force applies lower trans
nnrtallon charges.- from points of orlpln
upon the Missouri River and- east to Pa
cific Coast cities than are applied to in-
4 (Concluded, on Page
Dr. Sawyer Much Pleased With Im
provement of Distinguished Pa
tient at Paso Kobles.
March 2. (Special.) Although still a
guest of Paso Robles Hot Springs,
Governor s. G. Cosgrove, or Washing
ton, Is rapidly improving in health,
and according to Dr. Frank W. Saw
yer, the director of the hotel and
springs, the indications are that the
Governor's condition will In a few days
be as good as It was when he left for
Washington to take the oath of of
fice. The past few days he has been
able to be about the verandas and
grounds of the hotel and about the
premises in a chair; and he is able to
walk more each day.
The trip to Washington was very se
vere on him, and the many delays
caused by washouts along the l'ne of
the railroad made the trip very tire
some to him. There Is np doubt, states
Dr. Sawyer, that this improvement will
continue, and when the weather Is
warm In the state of Washington that
he will be abje to return and take up
his duties as chief executive.
On last Thursday evening, during
the visit of the Alaska-Tukon-Paclfic
excursion of 140 people, the Governor
was about the lobby meeting many of
his old-time friends.
Treasure-Seekers Fear Attack From
Robber9 on Return From Quest.
LOS ANGELES. Cal., March 2. (Spe
cial.) Tomorrow afternoon the yacht Ra
mona will clear from San Pedro with a
party of twelve persons to go in search
of burled treasure on Cocos Island. The
party Is headed by Major W. A. Desbor
ough, of this city. A wealthy Eastern
man who Is passing the Winter in Pasa
dena. Is backing the expedition, but Des
borough refuses to make his name public.
A supply of arms and ammunition has
been provided the party, as an attempt
to rob the yacht Is feared in case the
quest Is successful, and Desborough has
purchased engines and hydraulic appar
atus for washing away the forty feet of
earth which now covers the location of
the cave, caused by a landslide some
time in the century or. more since the
millions were buried, according to le
gend. Desborough owns the chart and descrip
tion of the spot where the treasure Is said
to be burled.
Jackson County Prosecutor Wants
Place llawley Fills.
SALEM, Or., March 2. (Special.)
District Attorney Mulkey, of' Jackson
and Josephine Counties, Is an avowed
candidate for Congressman from this
district to succeed Congressman W. C.
Hawley. The report of his candidacy
was circulated here today and the re
port has been confirmed.
Mulkey was for a number of years
Recorder of Polk County, served four
years as State Senator from Polk
County, held a position in the Mon
mouth Normal, was later president of
Ashland Normal, and-at the last elec
tion was elected District Attorney in
Jackson and Josephine Counties.
It is understood that he will make
an active campaign for the nomina
If Returns to Venezuela, Tried for
Plot to Kill Gomez.
CARACAS, Monday, March 1, via
Willemstad, March 2. Should Ciprla
no Castro, ex-President of this Re
public, attempt to return to this coun
try, he will face the possibility of ar
rest, he having been Indicted in the
Federal Court on the charge of con
spiracy to efTect the assassination of
Juan Vicente Gomez, the present Pres
ident. In consequence of this contingency,
the repor that Castro purposes to em
bark at Bordeaux March 28 for La
Guayra has been received here with
much Interest. It is feared that Cas
tro's presence In Venezuela would re
sult In dangerous demonstrations
against him.
Though 111 ad Weak, He Dashes
Into Burning Church to Rescue.
PHILADELPHIA, March 2While fire
men were being overcome by smoke
from the flames which destroyed the In
terior of the chapel of St. Luke's Pro
testant Episcopal Church here today, the
rectof, the Rev. David -M. Steele, who
is recovering from an attack of typhoid
fever, dashed Into the edifice and .rescued
the cross and altar ornaments. Ten
firemen were overcome. A' new pipe or
gan valued at $10,000 was destroyed.
Congregational Minister Shoots a
Liiqubr-Crazed Valet,
TEMPLE. N. H., March 2. While craz
ed with drink George L. Marcott, a valet
In the employ of Brigadier General James
Miller. U. S. A., retired, ran amuck to
day and after shooting at several vil
lagers, was shot and killed by Rev. Har
vey Eastman, pastor of the Congregation
al Church.
Plot Hung on Miner's
Debauch and Death.
Woman Used as Decoy Grows
Dangerously III.
Two Men Gain Power of Attorney
and Then Plan to Have Victim
Drink Himself to Death
With Wife of One.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 2. The in
tegrity of a physician. Dr. Joseph L.
Howard, today probably saved the life
of James Goodwin, a miner 60 years of
age, and foiled one of the most unique
murder and robbery plots In the annals
of the police of this city. As the re
sult of Dr. Howard's refusal to become
a party to the plot, even when a small
fortune had been offered him. Sydney
J. Danby, formerly of the Danby In
vestment Company; James O'Loane, his
partner, and Mrs. O'Loane, are now In
Jail, and the miner Goodwin Is on the
road to recovery.
Goodwin Is estimated to be worth at
least 125,000, most of his property con
sisting of Nevada mining stocks. The
three under arrest plotted to obtain
control of this, and to that end intro
duced the aged "miner to Mrs. O'Loane.
With him he was started on a pro
longed debauch, and while he was in a
semi-drunken condition, power of at
torney was secured from him. He was
then plied with more liquor, it being
the plan of the conspirators to allow
him literally to drink himself to death.
Decoy Taken III.
The men concerned In the plot bargain
ed better than they had expected, how
ever, and Mrs. O'Loane soon showed that
she was in danger of dying first. Alarirf
ed at this state of affairs, the two men
called In Dr. Howard, whom they knew
slightly through his having formerly ren
dered them professional services. He
found Mrs. O'Loane In a critical condition,
but by heroic treatment brought her back
to recovery.
The plotters then told the physician
that in an adjoining room In the lodging
house where they had Mrs. O'Loane was
another victim, whom they wanted him
to see, permit to die. and then furnish a
death certificate. They offered him for
this service one-third of the proceeds of
their scheme. Dr. Howard pretended to
fall in with their plans, and made an
appointment with them at his hotel, when
final arrangements would be made.
Before meeting the men Dr. Howard
Concluded on Page 2.)
Broiled Whale, Roast Monkey and
Oilier Unusual Dainties Grace
Festive Board.
NEW YORK, March 2. Broiled Pa
cific whale, grilled blubber from Nootka,
roast Amazon monkey, baked Winnipeg
porcupine and boa constrictor cutlets
were among the more Imposing features
of the annual dinner of the Canadian
Camp at the Hotel Astor tonight. These
delicacies came at the end of the menu,
the diners appetites being whetted earlier
In the feast by ordinary viands., such as
martlndale, one-eyed trout, mountain
lamb (with horns), Newfoundland rab
bit pie, spitted Vancouver pigeons and
African sorbet a la White.
Colonel C. J. (Buffalo) Jones was the
guest of honor and the principal speaker.
His address, which the toastmaster de
scribed In advance as a "challenge to
nature fakers and mollycoddles," was
illustrated with stereoptlcon pictures. Not
the least Interesting part of the discourse
were Imitations by "Buffalo" Jones, of
the cries of the coyote, bear, mountain
lion, buffalo and other animals of the
plains, enabling any of the diners, the
speaker said, "to recognize these speci
mens easily by ear, whenever they
chanced to get within' speaking distance."
William Conley Was In Desert, Not
In IIU Grave.
IXS ANGELES, March 2. A remark
able story of wrong Identification was
revealed today when William Conley, of
Salt Luke, whose body supposedly was
identified when it was washed ashore
at Venice three weeks ago, returned here
from the desert where he had been em
ployed and effected a happy and tearful
reconciliation with his mourning "widow."
Conley had not seen a newspaper In
months until recently when he picked
up one and saw a notice of his deth
and the identification by his wife and son.
He hastened to thia city and a brief
search located Mrs. Conley.
Palo u.-e Farmer Sees Heavenly
Body Which Strikes In Barnyard.
SPOKANE. Wash., March 2. (Spe
cial.) Falling with a terrible velocity,
a meteorite, the first one ever kt!own
to have fallen In this section of the
country, struck the rim rocks on the
E. S. Kennoyer ranch, three miles east
of Dayton, last night. Only small
fragments of the meteorite have been
found, but rt. was evidently a large one.
Thirty-one Austrian Soldiers Meet
Death Near Innsbruck.
INNSBRUCK. Austria, March 2. A
detachment of six officers and 25 men
of the Austrian army was overwhelmed I
by an avalanche near La Franne today.
Troops have been sent to the scene of
the disaster. All trains have been
stopped at Brenner Pass.
MMPKSr? ,P gsfg
Majority of Three Set
tles Fate Again.
Clark Denounces Open Lobby
ing Among Members.
One Member Carried From Hospital
to Vote Thirty Republicans
Contribute to Iefeat, Four
Democrats Aid Bill.
WASHINGTON'. March 2-The ship
subsidy bill, passed previously by the
Senate, was defeated In the House today
by the narrow margin of three, the vote
being 172 to 175. The opponents of the
measure cheered wildly. The feeling In
the House was strained as the hour of
voting approached. The attendance was
probably the largest of the session. Every
one recognized that the vote would be
close. Goldfogle or New York, who was
operated on yesterday in a hospital, was
carried on the floor in a chair to vote
against the bill.
Provisions or Bill.
An understanding was reached whereby
four and a half hours would be devoted
to the bill and at the end of that time
a vote should be taken. The principal
feature of the bill Is that American mall
ships of 18 knots or over and of rot less
than 5000 gross tons shall be paid 4.60
per nautical mile outward bound on
routes of 4000 miles or upward to South
America, the Philippines, Asia and Aus
tralia. Overstreet. in charge of the bill, ex
plained It and he was followed by Landis.
who made an earnest plea for the pass
age or the bill. Moon of Tennessee led
the opposition.
Infernal Fraud, Says Moon.
"It is an Infernal fraud designed to
plunder the treasury," he- declared.
Speaking of the provision for the training
of American boys and answering the plea
of patriotism advanced by Landis. he
said it was but a blind to hide the giving
or the people's money to corporations or
The climax came when Clark, the
minority leader, declared that a lobby
had been carried on right on the floor
of the House In favor of the bill.
"It js an- outrage to a civilized coun
try." he declared, "this thing of coax,
lng men, of buttonholing men, and I
undertake to say that when Mr. Moon
denounced this bill as an infernal fraud
he used language that he was Justified
in using."
The debate against the bill was- closed
(Continued on lae 3.)
Attorney Declares Canadians Make
Business of Selling Girls to
Lives of Shame.
CHICAGO. March 2. (Special.) Pat
rick H. O'Donnell. attorney for Ella Gin
gles. the victim of the Wellington Hotel
mystery, today declared that he would
bring before the United States Government-
evidence of white slave plots by
which Irish girls are brought to Canada
and sold Into peonage in the Dominion
and in this country.
Mr. O'Donnell has Just returned from
Belleville. Ontario, where he was look
ing up Miss Gingies' past life, and de
clared that his Inquiries there clear up
her character and establish the truth of
many of her claims.
"I found that hundreds of girls are
taken to Canada every year by a certain
immigration agency on promU-e of em
ployment at good wages," said Mr.
O'Donnell. "They are trapped Into
white slavery and many ot them are sent
to the I'nited States. I shall lay the
evidence I have gathered In the hand.,
of District Attorney Sims. I shall also
attempt to stir up a feeeling among the
Chicago Irish on this matter. Hundreds
ot Irish girls are trapped into peonage
every year."
Dozen Walla Walla Young Men
Object lo V. M. C. A. Rules.
WALLA WALLA. Wash.. March
(Special.) Incensed at what they believe
to be a curtallim-nt or their rlehts. 12
young men who have been rooming at
the V. M. C. A. building ror the past
several months today rented a private
resldenceT furnished the house and will
live there.
The rupture came because of the pro
posed rule against smoking I nthe rooms
of the building, although some of those
wiio moved do not smoke, but left out
of sympathy with the others.
Smoking has been permissible In this
institution since (t was opened, but Sec
retary Robert Carey, in showing visitors
through the building, was not favorably
Impressed with the continual haxe that
rung In the rooms, hence his order ban
ishing this practice.
The young men have formed a club and
stated their Intention of having nothing
further to do with the Institution In the
Blaze In New York Proves Small
Slzoil Holocaust.
NEW YORK. March 3. At least nine
persons met death early today In a fire
which swept through a crowded four
story brlcta tenement at 374 Seventh ave
nue, near Thirty-ieeond street. Nine
bodies had been recovered at dawn and
It is expected the death list will grow.
8everal children are missing.
The flames were started in the base
ment and swept rapidly up the stair
way, cutting off the escape of terror
stricken tenants, all of whom were
Italians. Many or them tried to Jump
from the windows. The iHilice and fire
men made several spectacular rescues,
while a crowd, which surrounded the
burning building, cheered their efTorts.
Among the 'dead are a man and a
woman and two children, but as there
was great confusion around the scene of
the fire and a number of bodies were
badly charred, early identification was
out of the question.
Members Give Governor liensou
Pledge lo Hold to One Bill.
SALEM. Or., March 2. (Special.)
That a special session of the legisla
ture will be held looks much more
probable today than It did yesterday.
A number ot tlie members or the Legis
lature were in communicntlon with
Governor Benson today, and most of
them Informed him that It called to
gether for the purpose ot passing the
derectlve appropriation bill they will
undertake nothing else.
It is almost certain that a special
session will be called, but not until
Benson feels assured that general
legislation will. not be attempted.
Kali-kpell Executive nt legislature
Too Long for City Solons.
KALISPEI.L. Mont.. March 2. Mayor
James Herbert was officially deposed by
the city council last night and Alderman
B. Jones was elected to fill the vacancy.
The' Mayor had ben absent from office
beyond the statutory limit without leave
of absence. He Is In Helena, represent
ing Flathead county in the lower House
of the Legislature.
Reason of Pontiffs Illness Given by
Ills Physician.
CHICAGO. March 5. A special to the
Dally News from Rome says:
Dr. Petachl says that the Pope's iilness
Is the result of early rising and saying
mass In a cold private chapel. Neither
the doctor nor the Pope's attendants can
persuade him to change his habits. His
present Illness Is not serious.
Roosevelt's Guest for
Few Days.
Miss Torrey Is Inspiration to.
Incoming Executive.
Prejildeiit-eleet Tries Out New Auto
and Ijraves Secret Service Men
Far Behind on tho
Muddy Itoad.
WASHINGTON. March I. As the
guests or President and Mrs. Roose
velt, President-elect and Mrs. Taft will
begin their occupancy of the While
House tomorrow night, going there for
dinner and remaining.
After the inauguration there will be
a reunion ot the various members of
the Taft family at the White House.
Miss Helen, Robert and Charlie, the
three children or the President-elect,
arrived tonight. Miss Itelia Torrey, 82
years old. of Mllliury. Mass.. the only
representative of the Taft family ot the
last generation, is here. She is a sister
ot Mr. Taft's niotler. and has lived
with his parents since boyhood. There
is a strong affection between the In
coming President and Ms maiden aunt.
Aunt an I upiratKn.
Her life has been an inspiration to
him in a number of speeches he has
delivered lo young women students,
particularly In his advice to them not
to consider marriage the only object to -be
attained. Mr. Taft has stated that
the lovea bleness ot character developed
by se-ir-sacrlllcing unmarried women
has shown that there mfcv be much in
a single life.
Mr. Taft enjoyed a golf game on the
Chevy Chase course today. He defeat
ed hundily his opponent. General Clar
ence It. Kd wards, and remarked with
some regret that he believed he would
be unable to get away fur a (anie to
morrow. Dodges Secret Service Men.
Returning from the course In his new
automobile, Mr. Taft somewhat en
Joyed the experience of leaving behind
in tlie mud a member of his secret serv
ice guard, who had undertaken to make
the trip on a motor cycle.
, The Oregon delegation in Congress
called on Mr. Tart today with refer
ence to a Kederul judgeship.
Atter dinner today Mr. Taft called at
the residence of Thomas K. Wahli, who
is entertaining a large public parly for
the Inauguration.
He was proudly wearing tlie watch
and chain presented him last night by
V.ntinued on Puge 4
The Weather.
TEPTKUDA VP Maximum temperature. 33
(ifKre'S; minimum, -i
TOL)AVS-aln, Southeasterly winds.
J'ort ign.
Sensational evidence in SackvlUe contest at
Madrid. Page 4. .
Interstate rummlspinn d-t -ides Spokane rat
tasc in favor of Coast cities, but reduces
Spotjt ne rat es. l'ase 1.
Taft mo es inti Wnito Houo Roos
elfs guest, rase I.
Ship subtddy bill defeated In House, rage 1.
Southern Senator nliluu-r against penal
code. Page 3.
Fulton at;ain foil effort to have Young con
firmed. Page 5.
Sparry resign as Admiral and ?chroeder
succeeds him. Page .V
IHjoicM ic.
pre k men win fight in court for eight-hour
da v. I'npp t.
Ex-SupervtRor Coffey sentenced for receiv
ing hnhe. Page X
Long wort h ha quarrel with Jerome Rona
1 arte abort his w lie's bridge playing
ln Ke 5.
Cofcrove fast recovering at Paso Robles.
Pa g e 1 .
Iefene eltute In Cooper trial. Page 2.
plot to K-t f from miner lolled by
doctor, who betrays it. Paie I.
port la ml doe tor vict imixed by gang of
prize-fight swindler, page 7.
Ella ;:n;;le said to be one of many Irish
;lrl an lil into slavery. I'age 1.
Expedition start to find CWos Island treas
ure, i'age 1.
Lnfq-Je banquet of Canadian Club in New
York. Page I.
Wrestlers aciiised of "fakinp can make--den
la la before grand Jury. Pag 7.
White Sox begin praetiee in Califorria.
Pane 7.
PaUc Northwest.
Wets win gnal victory in House at Olyna-
pla. completely r-'uung lry. Page .
Harriman vt :ns ontcM with Hill to eontrol
liarihaldi Phps. south of Antorla. i'ave O.
NordMrom conf to brutal murder at
Til'.amu.ok. Page .
Commercial nnd Marine.
ranker proposes to sell tanned goods di
rect to retailer. Page l.V ,
Two-cent advance in w heat at Chicago.
I'age 10.
profexsional operations in stovk market.
Page 13.
Over n.'MMMioo feet of lumber cleared for
California ports. Page 14.
Portland and Vicinity.
Construction of Oechute mad held up for
time by Government, rap 11.
W. D. Kenton concludes eloquent plea for
railroad in ' land-grant care. Page 10.
Two girls refuse to marry after license Is
bouKht. rage 8.
John Carlisle shoots divorced ife and
kills himself. Pago 14.
Streetesr company proposes to build its ova
bridge. I'age 10.
patrolman Newell charged with heating
man up after stealing his wife. Page 4.