Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 06, 1909, Page 9, Image 9

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Pc states. Horn.
Cooatlrc-Room ....... .Mln 707 A VOS
CUT Circulation .. ....Main T070 A ftS
SlanaHn Brtlior Main TOTO A
. Runday Editor Mala TOTO A eriW
Cntnporlnc-Room .... .Main TOTO A 6"P
City Editor Main TOT9 A "
Eupt. Building Main 7070 A
HRTZ.IO TJTEATER Tourtemh and Wuh
lnaton) K. H. Sothern. This afternoon
: Lord Dundreary- Tonight 1:16. Ham
let. KtWOALOW THEATER (Twelfth and Mr-r-rlson
Baker Stock Company In The
House of a Thousand Candles." Tonight
at 8:13.
The San Francli"o Opera Company In
The Strollers." Tonight at 8:15.
CRPHEUM T H EATER Morrison, betweem
Sixth and Seventh) Advanced Yaudevllla.
Matinee at 3:18: tonight at 8:10.
GRAND THEATER (Washington, between
seventh and Park) Vaudeville de luxe.
2:30. 7:30 and P. M.
PANTAGES THEATER (Fourth and Stark)
Continuous vaudeville. 2:30. 7:30 and -30
P M. , ,
STAR THEATER Washington and Park)
Vaudeviue. 2 .JO. 3:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 0:30
P. M
East Witer Street. The extraordi
nary travel of all kinds on Cast Water
street, between Hawthorne avenue and
Bast Oak street. Including teams and
streetcars, has reduced the surface to a
lake of mud and water. ,To cross from
one aide to the other between Bast Mor
rison street and Hawthorne avenue
means a wade through the mud. An
effort will be made to have the street
paved with stone blocks, as It Is thought
than any ordinary Improvement cannot
stand the wear. Surfaced with crushed
rock last year, this soon was worn away
under the corstant grinding- of heavy
trucks and wagons. Bince Madison-street
bridge has bevn closed the Oregon City
and Cazadero cars are operated over the
Eat Water street track, adding to the
congestion. Bast Water street has be
come for East Portland what Front
street is on the Went Side. The East
Side Business Mon's Club will undertake
to Induce the property-owners to pave
the street with permanent Improvement
of some sort.
Popular Friday Topics. The Congre
gation Beth Israel has invited all men in
terested In the propagation of a senti
ment for the betterment of the condi
tion of society, to Join In its public
worship. A number of Sabbath evening
topics have been announced, the subject
of the sermon last night being, "The
Iconoclast and the Reformer." Next Frl
day'night the subject will be "Abraham
Uncoln." February 19 the topic will be
"The Religion of the Old Testament, the
Inference From the Dilemma of Nature."
On tlie following week "The American
Revolution and Its Friends" will be
taken as. a sermon subject. At t'i meet
ing of the Altar Guild, February 7, at 11
'. A. St.. the subject will be, "The Jew of
Elizabethan Drama." At 2:30 P. M. on
February 10 and 24 the Blblo study class
will meet at the 'nugogue, the sub
jects being. "Saur" and "David." Rabbi
Jonah B. Wise Is pastor of the church.
Exonerated of Attempted Kiluxo -Barney
G-aike would be in Jail for as
sault with attempt to kill had it so hap
pened that no one was looking when he
shot Clarence Hood, at Third and Burn
side street, Thursday night. The two
men were In a shooting gallery and Hood,
while not looking, was shot through the
arm by Galke. He at once accused
Galke of attempting to murder him and
the accused mr- r. as arrested. But the
Incident was witnessed by bystanders
who explained that the rifle, a target
weapon of 22 caliber, went off quite by
accident. The two men were taken be
fore Police Captain Moore, who made a
careful Investigation. He found that the
shooting was entirely accidental and so
reported to the District Attorney's office,
where the matter was dropped and Gaike
released. Hood, although shot through '
the arm, continued on his way home, not
even waiting for a doctor.
Eojlkd Discusses Park Sites. The
Ofty Park Board held a regular meet
ing yesterday morning, at which there
was general discussion of various pro
posed sites for parks. The Commissioners
will make a personal trip to Mount Tabor,
the filmlth tract In North Albina and the
Montgomery tract near the Steel bridge.
In the near future. J. P. Moffatt made a
formal tender of a strip of land one mile
long and 2"X feet wide, running along the
crest of the hill and down into Terwil
liger Park. The offer will be considered.
Selt-Defensb His Pijia. Hans Good
age r. slayer of Antone Moer, was formal
ly charged with murder yesterday as a
consequence of the fatal saloon brawl of
Thursday night. He will be arraigned to
day In the Municipal Court. It Is un
derstood Goodager, who is a cripple, will
contend that he acted In s?lf-defense and
that Moer, a husky logger, had a repu
tation as a North End brawler. Seneca
Fouts has been retained to defend Good
ager. Want Vote on Location. An effort
will be made on the part of the East
Side Business Men's Club to get a vote
on the location of the proposed new
Courthouse. It Is proposed to have a
hill introduced In the Legislature provid
ing to have the location submitted to a
vote, and if this fails then resort will be
had to Initiative measure. The Ilrooklyn
Club federation Indorsed this measure.
No Mail, From California. Postmaster
Minto yesterday reported no relief from
the flood conditions existing In Califor
nia. No throuKh mail is being received,
and the Postmaster predicted that there
would be no change In the non-receipt of
mall until the floods had abated and all
wash-outs and weakened portions of
track had been thoroughly repaired.
Taxes Are Comiso In. Taxpayers of
Multnomah County paid M0.S35 to the
county during the first two days of this
month. The money has been turned over
to the County Treasurer .by Chief Deputy
8. B. Martin, of the tax department of
the Sheriff's office. Thirty extra clerks
have been employed, and two night shifts
placed on duty. '
No Action on Garbage. The health
and police committee of the City Council
met yesterday morning and had before it
for consideration Councilman Cellars'
resolution as to garbage collection and
destruction. Owing to the fact that the
committee believes this a matter for the
Board of Health to settle, nothing was
done. .
Audubon Society Tonioht. There will
be a meeting of the Oregon Audubon So
ciety, at 8 o'clock tonight, at the City
Hall. President Finley will make a re
port of his recent trip East in Audubon
. Interests. There will be the election of
officers for the year. All Interested are
Savb the Discount. Send check or pay
at office on or before the Wth to save
the discount on February bills for the
Automatic Telephone. Home phone your
long-distance calls to Tacoma, Seattle and
way points. Home Telephone Company,
corner of Park and Bumside streets.
"Learning, to Be Contest" will be
Luther R. Dyott's theme in the First
Congregational Church tomorrow, at 11
A. M. Dr. Dyott's theme, at 7:45 P. M..
will be, "The Secret of Lincoln's Great
ness." Willi am Hiram Fouijces, minister
First Presbyterian Church, corner Alder
and Twelfth, preaches Sunday, 10:30 A.
M.. "The Acts of the Holy Spirit"; 7:30
r. M., "Whose Son Is Her '
Thb Orsoonian BurLDtNO has a few
choice offices for rent. Will arrange
rooms to suit permanent tenants. Pros
pective tenants are referred to room 201
for inspection of offices.
Calvary Presbyterian Church. Dr.
McGaw will preach tomorrow on "The
IJberty of the Christian" and "Their
Rock and Our Rock." Organ recital
r) P. AL
Enoouraoino History Stcdt. At the
request of Brother Andrew, president of
the christian Brothers' College, on Grand
avenue, the Ancient Order of Hibernians
appointed E. H. Deery to address the
students on Irish history. Mr. Deery
spoke to the student body In the audi
torium several days ago, picturing the
struggles of the Irish people. He also
toldthe students of tl heroic part the
Irish soldiers took on the battlefields of
this country, and mentioned the names of
many distinguished Irish generals. Pro
fessor Motrin also spoke briefly. At the
conclusion of the addresses Mr. Deery
offered a prize of $5 for the student who
should prepare the best paper on "Why
Irish History Should Be Studied." Fathers
MoDevltt. O'Hara and Thompson were
named the Judges.' A number of ex
cellent papers were submitted by stu
dents. The best paper was by Robert F.
Dtiscoll, of the ' business department.
Lester Wlllard and Emmett Douglass
furnished papers of special merit.
Rose City Pobtofficb. Rose City Park
and surroundings have been provided
with a local postofnee, which gives the
people the advantages of the central of
fice. Letters and other mall matter sent
to this office is received direct. The office
la a great gain for that district. O. F.
Cady Is In . charge.
Sunntbide Graduattno Class. The
graduating class of the Sunnyslde gram
mar school Is the largest in "the city,
having 66 pupils. Holladay Is next,
with 60.
Dr. Clarence Trite Wilson will preach
on "Is Christ Our Perfect Example?"
Centenary Church, East Pine and Ninth
atreet. at 7:30 P. M.
Dressed Geesb. A choice lot 13c per
pound. Read Smith's adv., back page.
Ect. William Parsons Arrives With
Family From Beaver Falls, Fa.
Rev. William Parsons, who will sup
ply Hawthorne Park Presbyterian
Church during the absence of Rev. E.
Nelson Allen, arrived yesterday with
fs ' -
llrv, William Parsons.
his family from Beaver Falls, Pa., hav
ing been four and one-half days on
the way. The family went to the
manse adjoining the church on East
Twelfth and East Taylor streets. Dr.
Parsons will occupy the pulpit Sunday
morning and evening. He will remain
until June 1, when he returns to his
own church at Beaver Falls, which
has a membership of 65S. Dr. Parsons
said yesterday that Portland has a
remarkably clean appearance to him
compared to Beaver Falls, with Its 26
manufacturing establishments filling
the air with dust and smoke.
Dr. Parsons is an all-round minister,
and Is at home on the lecture platform,
being one of the lecturers at Wauna
Lake Chautauqua, Ind.. and at Mon
mouth, 111. It is his first trip to the
Pacific Coast, although -his father lives
in Redlands, Cal.
Paul H. Sroat has been appointed gen
eral manager for Oregon of the Colum
bian National Life Insurance Company of
Boston, Mass.
Isaac Patterson, Portland's former Col
lector of Customs, has returned from a
two years' residence in Snn Francisco to
again engage In business In Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Hogue. who
were recently married In San Francisco,
have returned home. The couple spent a
happy honeymoon visiting the resorts of
southern California.
M. J. Costello, assistant trafflc manager,
and Archibald Gray, assistant general
freight agent, for the Great Northern,
visited Portland yesterday on business for
the traffic department of their road. 1
Mrs. E. D. Barker, 139 Knott street. Is
recovering from a painful accident she
received In slipping from a Fulton car
Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Barker was
getting oh the car at Texas street, when
she fell, dislocating her ankle.
William A. Spence, of East Stark
street, has left town for North Yakima,
Wash,, to accept a position with a dry
goods Arm there. During the past four
years ho has worked In three of the
largest stores In this city and has been
an active worker In tne Third iresDy
terian Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Johnson, of Chat
tanooga Tenn., are guests at the Port
land. Mr. Johnson is a prominent ho
tel man and has been for the past
ten years manager of the Reed House
at Chattanooga. He Is very favorably
Impressed with Portland and Is Inves
tigating the hotel situation here with
a view of locating, provided he can se
cure a hotel property.
Dr. A. C. Panton is still dangerously
111 at his home on Portland Heights
from an attack of blood poisoning. He
Is In charge of several physicians and
trained nurses. Dr. J. J. Panton, his
brother, said last night that his general
condition was slightly better than It had
been, but that his condition still gave
cause for alarm. On Thursday he suf
fered a relapse, but yesterday was a lit
tle better.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6. (Special.) North
"western people registered at New York
hotels today as follows:
From Portland. Hirsh, at the Hotel
From Dayton, Wash. J. L. Dumas, at
the Broadway Central.
From Tacoma. C. McGee, at the
From Oakland Mrs. L. C Krues, T.
Castor, at the Raleigh.
From Belllngham. G. C Osgood, at the
Grand Union.
Tonseth Floral Co.. 123 6th st.
Gibraltar Lump Coal.
No smoke, no soot, little ash. Prompt
delivery, weight guaranteed. Oregon Fuel
Co., A 1665, Main 65. 532 Aider.
Plant Blnson roaaa. Phw Sellwood 959.
Baseball Evangelist to Cross
Bat's With Devil.
Kales or Diamond Will Be Applied
to Unman Life Tuesday Night
by Xoted Preacher' and
Temperance Worker.
Pound the hewag. beat the drums, t
Klzi the rockets. SUNDAY cornea.
At 6:30 P. M. iext Tuesday the re
doubtable nonpareil only dyed-in-the-wool
evangelist who accomplishes re
sults In his own way, the Honorable
William A. Sunday. erstWhile known as
"Billy" or "Bill" Sunday, will arrive In
Portland for a one-night address next
Not to know Sunday argues yourself
unknown. He graduated from "Old Cap
Arises" right-field "garden" to a theo
logical college, and thence to the minis
try and thence to fame, almost as fast
as he used to flit from home plate to first
in the baseball days of his youth.
Come and hear Sunday Tuesday at
the White Temple. Twelfth and Taylor
streets, at 8 P. M. Admission free, gos
pel ditto. The Rlddell lecture slated for
that night at the same plye has kindly
consented to change to the First Presby
terian Church. Twelfch and Alder, In or
der to permit the noted exhorter to have
the White Temple.
Portland Gets One Night.
Mr. Sunday only comes where there Is
what Is called union service, the request
of all denominations that he appear. He
has dates ten years ahead, and any city
Is fortunate Indeed to get him for a
night, nowadays. i
Sunday takes in sinners "right off the
bat." just as .he used to do In right
field, and he never drops one. As a
doughty opponent of the demon rum, he
yields the palm to no preacher on earth.
When Sunday shakes his theological bat
at J. Barleycorn, that hoary sinner
knows there is a home run due, and he
weakens and wilts to the Jeers and cat
calls of the spectators. J. B. doesn't get
any strikes "called on "BUIy ' Sunday.
Not one.
Mr. Sunday's subject has not yet been
announced, but it will be all right, any
way. He comes here direct from Spo
kane, where he has been burning up the
adjacent territory with his disciplining
of the devil's "nines," and his tight for
the abolition of the whisky traffic.
When Sunday gets to "coaching" along
spiritual "lines" the "bleachers" rise to
their feet and the occupants of the
"irrandstands'' know that tnt-re is some
thing popping good and plenty: If there
Is Anything that will save a sinner
perched on third base it will be "Billy
Sunday's admonitions and encouraging
shouts of come on, come on, get away,
get away, watch your base, make It
now, make It now, come along, come
along, Safe," Just as he used to in
the bygone days, and old Mr. devil is
fooled again.
Evangelist Sunday will be met at the
depot by a committee which will include,
among others. Dr. Brougher, Assistant
Secretary Wonacott, of the Y. M. C. A.,
Dr. Foulkes, Dr. Dyott, Dr. Young and
others. Dr. Brougher. by the way, was
a corking good football player In his stu
dent days and ought to have a sort of
fellow-feeling for his friend. Dr. Sunday.
One and Only Opportunity.
But don't forget the day and date.
Hear Sunday. It's your first chance,
and there will be no "rain checks,"
either. Bring the scorecard and you'll
And "Billy" Sunday will cover his "po
sition" without an error. He will neither
drop a fly, have a passed ball, make a
fumble, have a strike called on him, get
caught napping on bases or fall to make
a hit every time he comes to bat. Come
and hear the man who plays all the po
sitions in the theological field and on the
spiritual diamond and who has the big
gest percentage in the records.
Hear Sunday. Williafn A. Sunday,
"Bill" Sunday, "BlllyV Sunday. There
will be doings, and Sunday himself will
act as umpire. And there won't be any
fault found with his decisions. And
he's got his batting eye with him all the
time. Just like old "eagle-eye Jake" Beck
ley had when he played with the Louls
vllles. Hear Sunday If you want to
know how he can apply the rules of
baseball to human life and show you that
you've got to keep "straight" In both If
you want to win games.
What the Preea Agents Bay.
linker Matinee and Tonight.
Only two more performance of The Ban
Francisco Opera. Company will be aivn
and this afternoon and tonight will close
fhelr highly successful -week at Baker
Theater. "The Strollers." In which Teddy
Webb and the other favorite comedians have
been entertaining the lartte audiences In, la
one of the most successful of all the big
musical comedies.
Baker Stock Company's Great riays.
"The House of a Thousand Candles,"
which the Baker Stock Company is closing
the week with this afternoon and tonight.
1st but one of a whole line of big new plays
Manager Baker haa been offering hia Bun
galow patrons thia season. It Is a seriea
of the most remnrkable stock productions
ever seen in the West.
VHtlng Bill at Orpheum.
The bill at the Orpheum this week has
been a big hit, and the headllner, "At the
Sound of the Gong." has created quite a
sensation. The boxing contest between Tom
"Soldier" Wilson, Fltzslmmons former spar
ring partner, and BUI Russell, Is Immense.
Children's Matinee at Pantages Today.
There is a rare treat in store for the
little ones that will be lucky enough to sea
Barnolrt'a doc; and monkey actors, at Pan
tages Theater this afternoon. This Is with
out fear of contradiction the funniest ani
mal act In the world. Doors open at 2
o'clock performance at 2:30.
Grand's Great Show.
There is a great vaudeville entertain
ment at she Grand this week. It will be
repeated today and tomorrow. The chil
dren of Portland should not miss seeing
LuKen'a ' trained pony circus, positively the
greatest act of the kind in vaudeville. "The
Man's the Thing," la a romantic playlet.
See tbe Star.
This week's vaudeville show at the Star
Theater Is composed of hits. There are the
Leondors. in classic poses: Redwood .and
Gordon, In a lively comedy sketch; Alice
Lewis, the dainty soubrette; Pryor and fa
vllle, comedians, and the Smlletta sisters,
contortionists. 1
"The Jap" Tomorrow.
"The Jap" will be .with us In earnest to
morrow, for the much-taiked-about play
written by Howard Russell will be present
ed -for the first time on any stage by the
Baker -Stork Company at the Bungalow all
week starting with tomorrow's matinee. It
deals with the relations between America
and Japan, and is a strong play.
"The Burgomaster."
Clever Harry Hermsen wfll be welcomed
at the Baker Theater tomorrow matinee
and all week In the Plxley and Luderi
comic opera, 'The Burgomaster," accom
panied by another Portland favorite, dainty
Ruth White. Hermsen will be seen aa the
jolly old Governor of New Amsterdam.
"Thirty Dollars" Coming to Orpheum.
"Thirty Dollars" la the name of the
clever little sketch that Frank Nelson and
company will present next week. Mr. Nel
son plays the part o "Philip," a young,
wayward chap, who is a ractrack devotee.
Mr. Nelson Is one of the most versatile
comedians In vaudeville or. In fact, on the
American stage.
'JDncle David," Rural Sketch Next Week.
""waiter H. Beddell and his company will
present "Uncle David," a one-act comedy
sketch, at the Pantages Theater, next week.
Uncle David" is a complete rural play,
condensed at 20 minutes. Mr. Bedell appears
In the title roll, and has surrounded him
self with an excellent company.
Uona Are Next.
The monnrchs of the Jungle have been
captured and these lions will be presented
at the Grand next week as the extraord
inary feature of the new programme. They
will be exhibited in a steel cage 20 feet
high. There Is no other lion act to com
pare with thla one. Other strong turns on
bill. .
Walcker's Great RedtaL
With the single exception of his reoltal
given recently at Carnegie Hall the first
appearance in
Walcker. the eminent -jasso-profundo. will
be at the Masonic Temple on Wednesday
nlcht. February 17. Musically Inclined peo
nle are very anxious to hear this eminent
soloist in concert recital. Mr. Walcker
comes nere airecs xruiii uw 1 J t ,i
Berlin, and has aung but once In thia
. - l tl.M n.'k..A h n (1 It AS-
couniry, at uicuirio - .
slsted by Maud Powell, the violinist, and
Clarence Eddy, the pipe-organist. The pro
gramme which Mr. Walcker haa selected la
a notable one and la certain to appeal very
strongly to music lovers. v
Arguments Given Supporting Beals
Bill Sow Before House.
TILLAMOOK. Or. Feb. 3. (To the Edi
tor.) There was a great deal of disap
pointment in this county two years ago,
when the Beals timber crulfing bill was
defeated In the Senate, for it had the In
dorsement of the people of this county, ana
would have saved the county over 40.WO
Billy Sundny, Erangellat, Who
Comes to Portland Next Weelc.
which it cost to cruise the timber in the
county last year had the bill passed at that
time but which was defeated by the efforts
of the timber owners.
It is not true that the people here are
opposed to the Beals bill, for there Is no
opposition whatever to it. Wha-.ever oppo
sition there Is, emanates amcnust the tim
ber owners or their representatives In Part
land. The bill is regarded by a number of
persons here as a solution of the timber
taxation problem, as the measure requires
that the owner of timber lands be com
pelled to furnish the county assessor with
a cruise of the timber, if he haa one, and
prescribes a penalty if he fails to do so.
Assessor A. M. Hare, one of the most
conscientious and careful Assessors in the
state, was heartily in favor of the said
bill when it was before the state Legisla
ture two years air. and it was a great dis
appointment to him when it was defeated.
It is a well-known fact that every prudent
person who- Invests in timber land Is aa
much concerned In procuring a reliable
cruise of the timber upon his purchase, as
he la In having an abstract showing a clear
title. And it is contended that the timber
owner should be composed to give the As
sessor the amount of timber on his lands,
la the same way in which the farmer has
to give the Assessor the amount of im
provements and the number of stock on
his land. T. C. DOE.
what more annroDrlate valentine can
be desired than Hazelwood candy,
packed In an appropriate box? We
have beautiful, red satin heart-shaped
hAvaa aicn ft lln nt hand-oalnted val
entine boxes prepared especially for us.
The Cream Store, 3ss-su wasn., u
All thn A1lnar.ff Ftf iltA RPflSOn St thft
All HIO uwn..w.
Portland Restaurant; fine private apart
ments for ladies,305 Wash., near Fifth.
Sargent at Louvre Sunday.
Mr. Sargent will serve one of his fa
mous Table d'Hote dinners on Sunday,
& to 8 P. M. Seafoods and other deli
cacies daily; best cuisine and service
in the city.
Rock Springs Coal.
ti.- Vimisn coal. Liberty Coal &
Ice Co. agents. 25 North Fourteenth
street. Main 16G2 A3136. .
341 Wash. St. The duality Shop.
Last Day of Our
In all departments
About the size of your shoes, it's some sat
isfaction to know that many people can
wear shoes a size smaller by sprinkling
Allen's Foot-Ease into them. Just the thing
for Dancing Parties, Patent Leather Shoes,
and for breaking in New Shoes. When rub
bers or overshoes become necessary and your
shoes pinch. Alien' Foot-Ease gives Instant
relief. Sold Everywhere. 25c Sample FREE
Address. Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy. N. Y.
Don't accept any substitute.
FredPrehn,D.DJL -
giz.oe inn te
Teeth, W.0.
Crowns and Bridge
work. MM
Bcem 405, Uekom,
Ohm JCsosUjmw atU 1.
l ; ' ' X ::
j ' 'v -' v .:
r ;- ' J;
h " f '
I J "
i v . i
VV kvl;:
"-!; ICC III
JF- - ' J Without PlafflS.
a. 'V . n" .sBsw -sw V
We will give you a good 22k gold j.
or porcelain crown for f ?
22k bridge teeth
Gold or enamel fillings
Silver fillings '"
Inlay fillings of all kinds Z.5
Good rubber plates o.m
The best red rubber plates .i'JJ
Gold plates, upper or lower iJ'SJ!
Gold lined plates l-jjo
Celluloid plates... 10.00
Painless extractions, with local.. ,30
PainleBS extractions, with Somno-
form l.oo
Painless extractions free when plates
or bridge work Is ordered.
All work guaranteed for 15 years.
Dr. H. A. Huffman is now located
permanently with us. .
President and Manager.
The Wise DentalCo.
The Falling BldK 3d and Wik. Sts.
Office Honrs K A. M. to 8 R B.
' Sun day a to 1.
Phones A and Main 2029.
H ' T L
Scenic Hotel of the World
Overlooks San Francisco Bay and City
Five Minutes Ride from Ferries -
600 rooms. Every room has bath
Rates single room and bath $20, $3.00, $4.50, $5.00, $7.00, $10.00.
Suites$10.00. $120, $15.00, $00.00 and np.
Piilace Hotel Company
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invite your
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Catalog free
Sprlna-er Bros. V. C. Campbell
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Washington Coals
Cut Any Length
Willamette Fuel Co.
X 1225
Phones ;
"Gold Seal" Oiled Clothing
61, 63, 65, 67 Fourth St, at Pine St.
Yin Rin Lum
Chinese Restaurant
Chop suev and noodles. Chinese and
American cook. Merchant's lunch Ho.
Opeu day and night.
Carver Kvexctt. Horn If home, A 2733
Office and Store Fixtures. House Re
modeling and Cabinet Work.
Job Work a Specialty.
Shop 386 Kat WastlnKton St.
Phonea East 409, B 1131
gchwab Printing Co..
ntr 1 t tz ir - r: i A n R
H. SINSHEIMEB, 72 Third Street.
Gives twice
the Light for the
same price
you are now
145 Seventh Street
"The Big Paint Store"
Manufacturers and Jobbers Everything In Paints
10 and 110 Fourth Street.
Sole Distributors for Oregon and Washington
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Without a Rival
Morrison Street
Seventh and Park
Beginning Today,
Saturday, Feb. 6tFi
At 2 P. M. and 7 P. M.