Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 06, 1909, Image 14

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Steamship Under Charter to
American-Hawaiian Co. -for
One Year.
Vessel Will .Clear From Portland
With Cargo of Hops, Iumber and
Merchandise for Merchants
In Sew York.
With TOO tons of cargo shipped from
New York over the line of the Amertcaa
H a wall. in Steamship Company. the
steamship Riverside arrived up yester
day and la discharging at Columbia dock
Xo. 1. The Riverside received the
freight from the steamship Arlzonlan
at San Francisco. She will return South
with a full cargo of hops, dressed lum
ber and general merchandise.
The Riverside la under charter "to the
American-Hawaiian Company for a
period of one year, and during; that time
will make two round trips a month be
tween Portland and San Francisco. She
Is a new steel vessel and -was built at
the Moran yards in Seattle last year.
She Is 252 feet long. 41 feet beam and
39 feet depth of hold. She Is built on
the lines of the steamship Stanley Dollar
and was originally Intended for that
company. Before completion, however,
nhe was sold to the Charles Nelson Com
pany, of San Francisco.
No freight for San Francisco win be
handled on the outward trip of the Riv
erside. It is the intention of the com
pany to build up a freight traffic between
Portland and New York, and to this end
the agents of the company have exerted
themselves to secure a sufficient quantity
of freight to Portland and San Fran
cisco steamers out of the coastwise
Marine Men Xow Propose to Move
Bandon Light South Side River.
BANDOX. Or., Feb. 6. (Special.)
The new bulkhead to protect the light
house keepers residence on the north
side of the Coquille River at this place
. was washed out Sunday. The work
' was done by James Laughead
of Portland. and was completed
less than a week ago, and was thought
to be very solid, but owing to the
fierce rolling of the breakers It gave
way. The work was as solid as could
be made from timbers, but it is con
clusive from the result that nothing
than a cement work will suffice,
petition will be circulated to move
the lighthouse to the south side of the
river. This Idea Is supported by all
ship captains who come Into this har
bor, as they say the lighthouse cannot
be seen from the sea on account of the
rocks along the beach, which also
break the sound of the fog horn so
that It cannot be heard any distance.
Loral Aent of Steamship Alliance
Leaves Service of Gray & Holt
Fred P. Baumgartner. for the past 11
years local agent for the Gray & Holt
Steamship Company, owners of the
steamship Alliance, has tendered his res
ignation and will sever his connection
with that concern February 18. Charles
. Stimpsou, of Everett, "Wash., will
succeed Mr. Baumgartner as Portland
agent for the steamship Alliance.
Mr. Baumgartner. who is a steamship
man of many years' experience, has a
number of offers to enter the employ of
various transportation companies oper
ating in the Northwest. To date he has
not decided to accept any of them. It
Is probable that he will engage in busi
ness in Portland for himself.
llcqua KeoclvinR Machinery at Co
lumbia Dock Xo. 1.
The small steamer Requa. owned by
Fay Bros., of Oakland. CaL. and re
cently launched from the ways at Van
couver, was towed to Portland yesterday
and moored at Columbia dock No. 1. The
boiler for the vessel was brought north
by the steamship Riverside and will be
piaced In position on the Requa today.
The Requa was built for service on
the Sacramento River, and It is the In
tention of the owners to have her make
the trip south under her own steam.
She is 97 feet long. 16 feet beam and 64
feet depth of hold.
Customs Transactions for January.
Collector of Customs Malcolm has
compiled the following statement of
business transacted by the local Cus
toms House during the month of Jan
uary: Vessels entered from foreign ports. 2:
vessels cleared tor foreign ports. 8; vessels
entered from domestic ports. 65: vessels
cleared for domestic porta. 55: entries of
merchandise for duty. 115; entries of mer
chandise frf.- of duty. 24; entries for ware
house. S: entries from warehouse for con
sumption, 33: entries for immediate trans
portation without appraisement, ; total
number of entries of merchandise. 1S6; en
tries for warehouse liquidated. ltJ3: entries
for warehouse liquidated. 3; certificates of
enrollment granted. 1; license for coasting
trade granted. 1: total number of documents
to vessels issued. 2. Value of exports, do
mestic, 91M.643.
Receipt, from All Sources.
ru;les on Imports J45.70S.88
luties on Imports, Philippine Isl
ands SO
Fines, penalties and forfeitures. . . 112.30
Miscellaneous customs receipts.... 8J?.0
Storage, labor and cartage 3.75
Official fees 60.70
Total 40.21J.43
Amount of refunds and draw
backs paid 2,132.13
Xew Storm Tower for Marshfleld.
District Forecaster E. A. Beals has
been advised by the department that the
plans for the new steel storm-warning
tower at eld had been accepted,
and that the construction work would
begin as soon as material could be se
cured from the East. The signals which
will be displayed from the new tower
will be for both day and night. Here
tofore the storm signals which have been
displayed from Marshfleld have been
visible only during the day time.
Geo. W. Elder Sails Tomorrow.
The steamship Geo. W. Elder will not
sail for San Pedro and way ports until
Sunday at midnight. The vessel was
originally scheduled to sail for the South
tonight, but the interruption of rail com
munication between Portland and San
Francisco caused the owners of the El
der to hold her over until Sunday mid
night. This change was made In order
niiirnp n
to permit theatrical people to close the
week in Portland and leave south the
same night.
British Ship Aberfoyle Takes Ballast
Ballast has been placed on board the
British ship Aberfoyle and that vessel
will be shifted to an anchorage In the
stream, at a point opposite St. John to
day. The Aberfoyle has been on the dis
engaged list since her arrival. In the
river last August. Several days ago the
owners cabled Captain Huelin to take on
board 400 tons of ballast and proceed to
the stream. The ballast was placed In
tke limbers and It is probable that the
vessel will be taken for lumber for the
West Coast.
Sheridan 6ails for the Philippines.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 6. The Army
transport Sheridan sailed for the Philip-
Due to Arrive,
Nam.- From. Date.
Nleomedla.... .Hongkong. .. .In port
Alliance Coos Bay In port
Nome City. ...San Francisco In port
a H. Elmore. .Tillamook Feb. 6
Geo. W. Elder. San Pedro... Feb. 6
Breakwater.. ..Coos Bar.... Feb.. 7
Arro Tillamook Feb. 7
Rose City. ....San Francisco. Feb. 8
Roanoke Los Anireles. Feb. 8
Benator. ...... Ban Francisco.Feb. 16
Arabia Honekons. ...Mar. I
Alesla HonKkons....Apr. 1"
Kumantla. . . . . Hongkong. ...
Scheduled to Depart.
Name. For. Date
Alliance Coos Bay. ...Feb. 6
Geo W. Elder. . San Pedro. . .Feb. 8
Arro ......Tillamook Feb. 8
Noma City.... San Francisco.Feb. 10
e. H. Elmore. ..Tillamook. ...Feb. 10
Breakwater... Coos Bay Feb. 10
Roanoke Los Angeles. Feb. 11
Nleomedla. .... Hongkong Feb. 11
Rose City Sp.n Francisco.Feb. 12
Senator. ......San Francisco Feb. 1 ft
Alesla Hongkong... Apr. 17
Entered Fridny.
Rrrerslda, American steamship
CRamsflltis). with general cargo from
New York, via Salinas Crux and San
Cleared Friday.
Northland. American steamship
(Brick son), with 830.000 feet of lum
ber for Baa Francisco.
pines today with a cargo of supplies,
manv cabin passengers and a small num
ber of troops and bluejackets. Brigadier
General Brush is the ranking officer on
board, and Colonel C. "W. Rivers, of the
Philippine constabulary, is among the
Commander Pond Goes to 'Frisco.
Commander Charles F. Pond, Inspector
of the Thirteenth Lighthouse District,
has left for Bon Francisco, where he will
take charge of the new tender Mansanita
and the light vessels 89. 92 and 93. Com
mander Pond will probably accompany
the Manzanlta north. The fleet is due
to arrive here about February 20.
Tacoma Maru Launched at Kobe.
VICTORIA. B. C. Feb. B. The steamer
Taooma Maru. built for the Trans-Pacifio
service of the Osaka Shosen Kalsha in
conjunction with the Chicago. Milwau
kee & St. Paul Railway, was launched
at Kobe yesterday. The Tacoma Maru
Is the first of the fleet of six steamers
to be built.
Marino Sotes.
The steamship Alliance will sail for
Coos Bay this evening.
The steamship Breakwater, from
Coos Bay, Is due to arrive tomorrow
The steamship Olson A Mahony Is
discharging general cargo at the Oak
street dock.
The steamship Geo. "W. Elder, from
San Pedro, is due to arrive in Port
land at an early hour this morning.
The steamship Senator sailed for
Fan Francisco yesterday afternoon with
380 passengers and a full cargo of
Arrivals and Departures.
PORTLAND. Feb. 6. Arrived Steamships
Olson and Mahony. from Ban Frnnclsco;
steamship' Nome City, from San Francisco.
Sailed Steamship Senator, for San Fran-
"Astorla. Feb. 6. Condition of the bar
at B P. M.. rough, wind southwest 18 miles.
Weather cloudy. Arrived at 3 and left
up at 8:30 A. M. Steamer Nome City, from
San Francisco. Arrived down at 11 A. M-
Steamer Stanley Dollar. Arrived at 3:15
p. M. Steamer George W. Elder, from
San Francisco. .
San Francisco. Feb. 5. Arrived Steamers
Niagara, from Shanghai: Wellington, from
Comox; J. Marholter, from Grays Harbor;
La Perouse. from Antwerp. Sailed
Steamers Bandon. for Coquille River; Sheri
dan, for Manila; bark Mohican, for Honolulu,
in tow steamer Lurline: steamers Lurllne,
for Honolulu: City of Puebla, for Victoria;
Capastrano. for Grays Harbor; Norwood,
for Grays Harbor: Rose City, for Portland;
Charles Nelson, for Seattle; Tamalpals, for
Portland; Tallac. for Seattle.
Tides a Astoria Saturday.
High. Low.
210 A. M 7.6 feet;8:04 A. M SO feet
1:82 F. M 8.3 feet. 8:20 P M 0.1 foot
proposition; made to east
side business men.
John F. Cordray, Theatrical Man
ager, Offers to Lease Building for
Term of Tears If Pot Cp.
John F. Cordray, the well-known theat
rical manager, has submitted a propo
sition to the East Side Business Men's
Club, looking to the erection of a con
vention hall In Central East Portland. It
looks good to the members and citizens,
if it can be brought about. The propo
sition is that if the property-owners will
put up a suitable building that contains
an auditorium large enough to accommo
date 6000 people, Mr. Cordray will lease
the building for a long term of years at
good figures that will enable the Invest
ors to make substantial returns.
The building would have to be built
either on Grand avenue or not more
than one block away, as it must be cen
tral and near streetcar lines. C. A. Bige
low, president of the club, said that Mr.
Cordray showed him figures indicating
that the venture would pay well, but the
question will be to Interest property-owners
enough to put up the money. A site
at least 100x100 would probably be re
quired and the structure would of neces
sity be fireproof and conform to the re
quirements of the building ordinance.
It Is not to be a theater, but a conven
tion hall, where gatherings of all sorts
may be held. It Is argued that such a
hall is needed in Portland now, as all
gatherings of unusual magnitude must
now be held in the Armory. It now re
mains for the committee which has the
matter In hand to Interest some property
owner or owners in the enterprise. "
Washington Once Gave Up
to three doctors; was kept in bed for
five weeks. Blood poison from a spi
ders bite caused large, deep sores to
cover his leg. The doctors failed;
then "Bucklen's Arnica Salve complete
ly cured me," writes John Washington,
of Bosqueville, Tex. For eczema, boils,
burns and piles It's supreme. 26c at all
Four Wives and Two Husbands
Given Decrees.
Lottie Anderson Freed From E. W,
Anderson, Alice Spafford From C.
H. Spafford, Sarah Harlan
From Thomas Harlan.
Judge Cleland granted six divorces yes
terday morning, all of them going by de
fault. Four wives took the witness stand
to tell how their unloving, or unlovable
husbands had departed, leaving them to
sail the matrimonial bark alone, while
two husbands said their wives had grown
tired of their company.
Lottie Anderson was granted a divorce
from E. W. Anderson. She was per
mitted to resume her former name, Lottie
Lunt. Sha married Anderson July 30, 1906,
at San Francisco.
Alice A. Spafford was granted a de
cree and given the custody of her S-year-old
daughter. 'because Charles H. Spaf
ford threatened to kill her. He also de
serted his home in September, 1907. She
married him July i, 1904.
Cruelty and desertion were the charges
mads by Sarah C. Harlan against Thomas
Harlan. They were married at Oregon
City June 23, 1903. The decree was
Marie McWilllams obtained a divorce
from Thomas McWilliams. because he de
serted her In November, 1907. They were
married November 16, 1905.
George H. Loveland secured a divorce
from Diana J. Loveland, whom he mar
ried at Wdndom, Minn., July '7, 1904. He
said she left him December 3, 1907.
Cyrus Henton obtained & divorce from
Solinda Henton, whom he married at
Carlton, Or., June 19, 1S8-L He said she
left him in June, 1887.
Alleging cruel and Inhuman treatment,
Mrs. Amelia Anna Berndt. of 461 East
Twentieth street. North, has filed a di
vorce suit against F. J. Berndt in the
Circuit Court. They were married at Mil
waukee, Wis., March 5, 1893, and have a
14-yaar-old son. Attorney William P.
Richardson appears for Mrs. Berndt.
Lillian Bennett Is Wanted to Testify
Against Dr. Courtney.
Lillian Bennett, star witness In the
case of Dr. Joseph Courtney, charged
in the Circuit Court with manslaugh
ter. Is not to be found. As a result
the case did not go to trial In Judge
Cleland's department yesterday, as ex
pected. The case was originally set
down for trial last Wednesday, and
Miss Bennett was present at that time.
But owing to the Noyes-Sollers'-allena-tlon-of-wife's-affections-sult,
it was
continued until yesterday morning.
Miss Bennett, sister of Stella Ben
nett, upon whom Dr. Courtney Is said
to have performed a series of criminal
operations, resulting In septic poison
ing, from which she died. Is said to have
handled money paid by Louis Bowen to
the physician. Stella Bennett died
last June. IJlIian Bennett's parents say
they do not know where she Is, that
she has not been at home for three
Glenn on Trial for Forgery.
W. B. Glenn, who Is charged with
forging the Indorsement of E. Bennett
on a pay-check of the O. R. & N. Co.. Is
on trial before 12 Jurymen in Judge
Bronaugh's department of the Circuit
Court. Alexander G. Brown, paymaster
of the O. R. & N. Co., In Portland, was
called as a witness for the state yes
terday afternoon. The check counter
signed by Brown, bears date of June
30, last year, and is payable to the or
der of E. Bennett. Brown said yes
terday that Bennett was an engineer
In charge of a derrick car, used In
building steel bridges. The amount of
the check is 1100.40.
Ex-Rockpile Prisoner Nonsuited.
I The case of Thomas Wallace against
the County Court and A. S. Briggs,
superintendent at Kelly Butte, was
nonsuited by Judge Morrow yester
day morning. He held that the County
Court is only the representative of the
county, a corporation, and is not re
sponsible for the welfare of county
prisoners; that if damages are sought
because of neglect or abuse It must be
from the corporation, not from the
members of the County Court as Indi
viduals. Wallace alleged that he was
mistreated while a prisoner at the
Sues to Foreclose Mortgage.
B. M. Lombard has brought suit in
the Circuit Court against the Suburb
an Lumber Company to foreclose a
mortgage for J4050, alleging that only
$1000 of It has been paid. He also
demands $250 attorneys' fees. The
note was signed in August, 1907, and
the mortgage is on block 12, Hancock
street Addition. The Marshall-Wells
Hardware Company is made a party
defendant to the suit, as it has a lien
on the property. Lombard asks that
It be made subordinate to his claim.
Estate Appraised at $15,00.
The estate of Annie Kimbel has been
appraised at $15,020. The real estate
In Sherlock's Addition, Wilson and
Twenty-first Btreets, is valued at $15,
000. The appraisers are: L. H. Hum
phry. Mathew Ryberg and D. B.
Circuit Court Notes.
Osborne Edwards, charged with murder
in the first degree for the shooting of
Five Minutes After Taking Some
Diapepsin All Your Stomach
Misery Will Vanish. ,
The question as to how long you are
going to continue a sufferer from Indi
gestion and Stomach trouble is merely
a matter of how soon you begin taking
If your Stomach Is lacking in diges
tive power, why not help the stomach
to do Its work, not with drastic drugs,
but a re-enforcement of . digestive
agents, such as are naturally at work
in the stomach.
People with weak Stomachs should
eat IJiapepsin after meals, and there
will be no more Indigestion, no feel
ing like a lump of lead in -the stom
Thomas J. McGalllard, on January 5. is
to be tried in the Circuit Court. March 3.
Ernest Warren, who is charged In the
Circuit Court with having unlawfully sold
liquor In Precinct 74, voted dry at the
election in June, 1906, was arraigned be
fore Presiding Judge Gantenbein yester
day afternoon, and allowed until Monday
to plead. He is accused by William Mil
ler, who appears as private prosecutor.
W. B. Douglas, charged with embez
zlement from the Theil Detective Agency,
pleaded not guilty yesterday afternoon,
and is. to be tried April 6.
H. C. Gelse is to be tried April 5. .He la
charged with attempted arson. Fire was
discovered In the factory of James I.
Marshall. January 20, and upon investi
gation it was found that kerosene had
been poured over a pile of shavings, and
fire set to it
On April 6, Oscar Johnson, Harry Ben
son and Chris Bunes, accused of having
assaulted and robc-ed A. M. Hyatt, De
cember 18, will be tried. They obtained
$23, It Is said.
Owen Seiple will be tried April 7. He
Is accused of having obtained money from
Owen Eppley under false pretenses, by
selling him a half interest in 11,126 pounds
of chittim bark at $252.50 with the state
ment tht he had purchased it from S.
Llmback, when In reality he had not
done so. The deal was made. It Is said,
in July, 1904.
Wong Ah Cow is to be tried April 5
for having stolen $200 from Wong Chong,
January 5. He said yesterday that he Isn't
Miss N. L. Slocum was arraigned yester
day for maintaining a disreputable house.
She will plead Monday.
Sea Water as Cure for
Ills of Flesli
'SJoe" Penny, Young Man of Over
Fifty, Says Pacific Ocean la Good
for One's Insldes. -
AM 60-ah-er-well, I'm over B0 years
I of age, and I haven't had a pain In
my stomach for 20 years," said "Joe"
Penny yesterday.
Now that statement makes necessary
a bit of history concerning the wonder
ful curative, or at least preventive, qual
ities of Pacific Ocean waters. Every
Sunday morning soon after the arrival
of the train from Portland at Seaside a
young fellow about 60-ah-er-thereabouts
Is to be seen seated at the end of the
pier apparently casting for blueflsh, sal
mon or whales, until at intervals he
draws In his line and pulls up at the end
of It a pop bottle with a cork out and
consequently filled with fresh brine from
Nature's storehouse.
An observer will' see the young fellow
take the bottle from the surf and empty
the contents Into his "midst." He re
peats the operation two or three times
and then repairs to the seclusion of his
room let us say and during the after
noon the water-fisherman Is to be seen
taking a constitutional on the boardwalk,
as fresh as a yoiAigster of 20.
Mr. Penny says he takes no medicine
concocted by medical men, and that he
needs nothing In the world except sea
water to keep his system in order. When
asked if he would prescribe the dose for
others, he says, "Well, all I've got to say
is that If other young - fellows would
Ocean they'd feel better" only he didn't
say Bull Run.
Business Men's Club Demands Im
provement of East Stark.
C. A. Blgelow, president of the East
Side Business Men's Club, declares
that this club will insist on the Im
mediate Improvement of East Stark
street from East Twentieth street to
the city limits.
"It Is a great outrage," he declared,
"that a single property of 50-feet
frontage should stop an improvement
of 20 blocks. Over $100,000 has been
expended in the filling and Improve
ment of East Stark out to East Twen
tieth street, and the City Council has
appropriated enough money to pay for
the part fronting on Lone Fir Ceme
tery. The Council has provided for the
Improvement, but the Executive Board
held the improvement up because one
property-owner objected to the grade.
That is ridiculous. Too many people
are interested to allow such an ob
stacle to stop this Improvement.
"For four years, obstruction of every
sort have been thrown In the way of
the improvement of East Stark street,
and every foot of the street up to East
Twentieth has been gained only by
hard fighting. I regard East Stark
as the most Important thoroughfare
east of Grand avenue, connecting as
it does with the Base Line road and
all roads of the county."
Local Guardsmen Will Give Annual
Hop on Lincoln's Birthday.
The largest military ball ever held In
Oregon Is set down for the night of Lin
coln's birthday, February 12. when the
officers and men of the Third Oregon
Infantry. Battery A, and the Ambulance
Company, Oregon National Guard, will
be hosts at the Armory. The ball will
be In the nature of a benefit and there
will be no special invitations.
Five hundred couples can be readily
accommodated In the big Armory ball
room, and It is assured that no fewer
than that number will be present. Since
Its reconstruction this ballroom is the
finest on the Coast Decorations for the
occasion will be In military effects.
All preliminary work Is being handled
by a general committee made up of Cap
tain R. O. Scott, Lieutenant E. A. Clark
and Lieutenant R. W. Holman. This
committee is receiving the assistance of
subcommittees appointed from the non
commissioned officers of the various or
ganizations. Perfect organization has
been effected and the most successful of
these annual balls ever held seems as
sured. Six hundred couples were on the
floor at the regimental ball of last year.
Taks LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablet
Druggists refund money If it fails to cure.
E W GROVE'S signature Is on each box. 23 a
ach, no heartburn. Sour risings, Gas
on Stomach or Belching of undigested
food. Headaches, Dizziness or Vomit
ing, and, besides, what you eat will
not ferment' and poison your breath
with nauseous odors. All these symp
toms resulting from a ouri stomach
and dyspepsia are generally' relieved
five minutes after eating one Triangula
of Diapepsin.
Go to your druggist and get a 60-'
cent case of Pape's Diapepsin now,
and you will always go to the table
with a hearty appetite, and what you
eat will taste good, because your stom
ach and Intestines will be clean and
fresh, and you wiil know there are not
going to bo any more bad nights and
miserable days for you. They freshen
you and make you feel liko life Is
worth living.
Your doctor will tell you why Ayer's
Hair Vigor so promptly checks fall
ing hair. Ask him all about it.
r y
Good books arc all right, but do not let them cheat
you out of your good' looks. Drop your books;
take up your mirror ! Is your hair exactly to your
liking? Remember, Ayer's Hair Vigor is a hair
medicine, promptly stops falling hair, destroys dan
druff. Does not color the hair.
We have no secrets I We publish
the formulas of all our medicines.
I C. AYER CO., Manufacturing Chemists. Lowell. Mast.
Committee Appointed to Entertain
Visitors, Who Will Be Shown
Sights In and About Portland.
Business and professional men and
women from Spokane and the country
contiguous thereto, extending Into the
provinces of Canada to the north, are
due to arrive in Portland this morning
at 9 o'clock. The excursion Is given
under the auspices of the Spokane Cham
ber of Commerce and ver 200 people are
coming. The day Is to be spent In Port
land and a committee of business men
has been appointed by the Commercial
Club to meet the visitors and escort
them about the city.
Breakfast is to be served on the train
before its arrival and the visitors will be
taken at once to waiting trolley cars for
a tour over the lines of the company, in
cluding Council Crest. At 12:30 lunch
will be served at the Portland Hotel, and
In the afternoon the visitors will emi
ploy the time until evening to suit their
own inclinations.
At 6:30 dinner will be served at the
Commercial Club, after which a recep
tion will take place in the parlors of the
club. The special train will be ready to
receive the visitors at the Union Depot
and will leave for the South at 10:30.
The Itinerary Includes all prominent re
sorts in California as far south as Los
Angeles, where the party will be enter
tained by the Chamber of Commerce
Friday. February 13. The return limit
to fie fcso
Catarrh is a blood disease which causes a general inflammation of tlie
inner linings or mucous membranes of the body. The diseasing of these
delicate surfaces and tissues produces all the well known symptoms of the
trouble, such as ringing noises in the head and ears, tight, stuffy feeling in
the nose, pains above the eyes, irritation of the .throat, sometimes slight
fever, and a general feeling of weakness and ill health. Even the lungs
become affected by the continual passage of impure blood through them, and
there is danger of consumption if the disease is allowed to remain in the
system. S. S. S. cures Catarrh because it purifies the blood. It goes into
the circulation and removes every particle of the catarrhal matter, making
this vital fluid pure, rich and healthy. Then the inflamed membranes begin
to heal, every symptom disappears, the constitution is built up and health
restored. S. S. S. rids the system of catarrh by attacking the trouble at its
head arid entirely removing the cause from the blood, thus making a perma
nent and lasting cure. S. S. S. is made entirely from health-giving roots,
herbs and barks, and for this reason is an especially safe and desirable medicine.
Book on Catarrh and any medical advice free to all who write.
What Ails Your
Do yon feel weak, tired, despondent, have frequent head
aches, coated tongue, bitter or bad taste in morning,
"heart-burn," belching of gas, acid risings in throat after
eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy spells,
poor or variable appetite, nausea at times and kindred
symptoms ?
If you have any considerable namber of the
above symptoms you are suffering from bilious
ness, torpid liver with indigestion, or dyspepsia.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is made
up of the most valuable medicinal principles
known to medical science for the permanent
cure of such abnormal conditions. It is a most
efficient liver invigorator, stomach tonic, bowel
regulator and nerve strcogthener.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" is not a patent medicine or secret nostrum,
a full list of its ingredients being printed on its bottle-wrapper and attested
under oath. A glance at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or harm
ful habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-refined
glycerine, of proper strength, from the roots of native American medical,
forest plants. 'World's Dispensary Medical Association, Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
- Weakness or any contracted disease POSITIVELY
CURED by the oldest specialist In Portland.
Consultation at our offices free. Offices are sep
arate from the Museum and strictly private to those
wishing to consult us, and there Is not a penny's
cost for consultation or to visit the Museum. We
cure all
Diseases of Men
NET, bladder and all contracted diseases.
Write for self-examination blank if yon cannot
call. Hours 9 A. M. to 8 P.M. Sundays. 10 to 12.
291V2 Morrison St., Between Fourth and Fifth, Portland, Or.
air v laor
on excursion tickets expires May 4.
Many of the excursionists wiH stop In
Portland for a longer stay on their re
turn, as the one day in this city will not
afford them all the time desired:
The reception committee Is composed
of the following:
Roger B. Slnnott, chairman; TV. J. Ilof
man. Big Slchel. T. W. B. London, H. Bock
witta, C. W. Hodson. Jay Smith, J. W. Vo
gan, C. C. Chapman, O. M. Brown. F. I.
G-bbs. W. D. Glafke. T. D. Honeyman, I. X.
Fleischner, H. Wittenberg, C. M. Gunn, A. H.
Devers, H. W. Mitchell. F. A. Nitchy, E.
Ehrman, I. Lang. George Lawrence. Jr., A.
C Callan, B. Neustadter. F. A. Jacobs, A.
M. Smith. Otto Breyman, Colonel John Mc
Craken. S. M. Luders, W. W. Cotton. C. C.
Craig. J. H. Thatcher. Dr. K. C. Coffey, H.
M. Adams. John M. Scott, William F. Wood
ward, W. F. Flledner.
Pastor Celebrates 74th Birthday.
More than usual interest attached to
the midweek prayer meeting in Calvary
Presbyterian Church Thursday night.
The occasion was the 74th birthday of
Rev. J. A. P. McGaw, D. D., who Is
at present supplying the pulpit. In
his address Dr. McGaw gave a brief
summary of public characters and
events coming under his notice during
his lifetime, which has already ex
ceeded the allotted span, closing with
a touching testimony to the good prov
idence of God as experienced by him
self. At the close of the meeting Rev.
J. R. Wilson, D. D.. on behalf of the
congregation, presented Dr. McGaw
with a check as a small evidence of
the appreciation In which his services
are held, and of the good which the
people have derived from his minis
trations, founded, as these are. on the
rich experience of his long life. Dr.
and Mrs. McGaw were entertained at
dinner by the Sunday school teachers
before the meeting, and his birthday
cake was furnished by the Sunday
school cooking class.
Webfoot Oil Blacking keeps feet dry.
Makes shoes last. All dealers.
Talks to Men
The Leading Specialist
In my an
nouncements I
state that I
cure varicocele
without an op
e r a t ion, and
one of my cor
r e s p o n dents
writes that
"Another spe
cialist" says
it cannot be
done. I w i 1 1
nit. TAYLOR,
The Leadlim Spe
cialist. freely admit that I do not believe
there is another physician in the
West who can cure varicocele with
out the necessity of an operation,
but I am quite as certain THAT I
DO! I do not perform miracles,
yet I do make day in and day out
kiipIi ouvn thnr. nthprs whn nt.tnmnt
I to treat varicocele sav in wonder
what IS Dr. Taylor's system?
And I say to you, my friend, if
you are a 6ufferer come and let
me show you. I shall be glad to
have you call. If my office hours
are not convenient, if you are
afraid that you will be embar
rassed at all, I will mako a special
appointment for you out of my
regular office hours if vou will
prove to me THAT YOU ARE IN
Don't throw this announcement
away. Cut it out; put it where
you can find it, and if what I have
to say to you today is not of
GREAT interest, watch for anoth
er talk. Shall I send you a treat
ise on Spermatorrhoea? I will if
you live out of the city; and if you
can call I will give you in addition
a beautifully engraved chart of
the generative organs.
I Treat and Cure All
Common to Men
Gold Medal
Haarlem Oil
(Illicitly and nurely relieve all forma of
i-; J Bgrln taking these Gold
rVlCiney, Medal Haaxlom Oil
rl JJ Capsules today. Tou
DldUUer, wM, fln(1 rellc( tomor.
Stomach nM n ,hB r,oii
J I Medal Brand. No other
dllU 1-.1V CI Haarlem OU is genuine.
TVmiKIoa Capsule 3.1a per box.
1 I UUU1C9. bottles 15o and 25c.
holt,a-i srenirrvB CO.,
Sole Importer, Srruliton, JM.
Delioete enough for the softest
kin, and yet efficacious in removing
any stain. Keeps the skin In perfect
condition. In the bath gives all the
desirable after-effects of a Turkish
bath. It should be on every wash
The kidneys are very much like the liver
and other organs of the body. Fretiuently
when they get out of order all they need Is
the proper exercise to strengthen them, tone
them up to the proper performance o their
duties, and assist In getting rid of the
Impurities which are clogging them. Lane's
Kidney and Buchache Medicine is the one
best medicine tor this work, it acts direct
ly on the kidneys and restores them to
health In the proper way. You should buy
a bottle of Lane's Kidney and Backache
Medicine today If you have any of the fol
lowing symptoms: Dull pains In the calves
of the leg, loss of appetite, nwelling In the
lower limbs, dizziness, blurred eyesight or
sallow complexion. Mode by Chaa. K. Lane
& Co , Chemists, Bt. Louis. Mo.
Sold In Portland by the Laue-Davis Drug
Co. at their 4 stores Third and Yamhill.
342 Washington Pt., 24th and Thurmao and;
Et E. 2Sth and IS. Glisan.
Diseases of Men
Varicocele. Hydrocele
Jiervou Debility. JJloo4
Fctson, Stricture, Uieet.
Trostatlo trouble ao
all other private dis
eases are successful!
treated and cured by
me. Call and see me
tout your case Li
you want reliable
treatment with prompt
and permanent resulta.
and invited All trsnsac
and confidential. Office
I p H. Sundays 10 to 1.
Consultation fre
tlona satisfactory
hours 9 A. M to
call en or add:
181 Fir.t SL Cor. Yamhill, Portland. Or
Women a Specialty
The weh-knewn B. K. Chaa
Chinese Medical Company,
with wonderful herbs and
roots, has cured many suffer
ers when all other remedies
have failed. Sure cure female,
chronic, private diseases, nerv
ousness, blood poison, rneuma
tlm, asthma, throat, luns.
troubles, consumption. stomach, bladder,
kidney and diseases of all kinds. Romedtea
harmless. No operation. Honest treatment
Examination for ladles hy Mrs. 8. K. Chan,
126 Morrison St.. bet. lirst and Second.
lAdlrnl aak your wniK'U l aV
CM-cIim-ict's IMomond Ti-andAVT(
Fills ia Kt-d &nd Uo)d n rtailicW
bow, scaled with Biuo Ribbon. VJ
Take ne other. I!y of your 3
Imr.T!t. AskfrvCllMTlfchuTER'll
11A(0.NT BRAND FILLS, for 85)
years koown as Best, Safest, Al-vs Reliable
U. sT