Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 13, 1908, Page 16, Image 16

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IRVINGTON room. Jut llniih
lns HOIXADAT PARK T room thor
ough. y mod": n 1otiv
HOIXADAT PARK room, very
attractive $48.,u
too. worth it $3-O0
LINCOLN PARK room. good
extra for $.;oO
NOB HILL 8 rooms, new. right
every way s0
. Toti -wit! be asked more by everyon
when present contracts expire.
If You Think of Huylng
, 714 Couch Hldg. lutt Fourth St.
Beautiful lots. Broadway. Schuyler.
Hancock sts Graded street, wmmt
rurh and walks Hull Run water, all
In and paid. $2000 building restriction
Clos to car. prto only Ji'n'1; '' cash,
halai r $! per month at 6 per cent In
terest. CALL ON I S.
T14 Couch Bldg. I'M Fourth St.
FOR SALE 7-room cottg and fractional
lot. Iu3 Evrelt at., bet. 21st and 22d:
price $47iO; tor terms, aee owner. 31$
Falling bldg.
9 RTORT cottage. Irvlngton: 7 nice larite
rooms, all modern Improvements; cement
rement and walks: lot fiUxlou; $3oo;
$looi rash. 420 Lumber Exehang
Oregon City carllne. 2 a acre all In culti
vation. C. W. Rtsley ownr. P. O. AL1-Wftuki-'
Phone oak Grow, red 12.
HOUSES for sale In all parte of the city:
acreage close In and farms In Oregon and
Washington, phone Main 44i(l. Kinney at
fllampher. 31-32 Lumber Exchange bldg.
flMiio on carllne. fine view. $1500; eay
"jTaRTI.V J. HIGLET. 1.12 Third St.
1 ACRES first-cla land on Villa ivf., Bear
Mon'aWlla. $25 per acre, rart cash. In
quire K. Foster. 35 E. Washington it
VKRVO.V Must sell at once, choice lot:
make oiler; see owner. A 2 N. 3d t.
yoR SALE Z lota and email house. 1190 E.
lsrh N.
AW BUYS S N't and large houee. See H.
Thompson. Arieta
2- c'alms In t:rant County averaging
1 rw'ww to 2.ISJO.OUO to the claim: price
$ I soi l per claim.
2o ot. tM4 feet of yellow fir in Tillamook
County; price $14.iN also a erap In tirant
County, two ciaim of l.JO'.oud each for
626-627-62.H Corbett blag.
Chicago, New Orleans. Seattle. .
829 Chamber of commerce.
TIMBER lands bought and sold, cash paid
for single claims. Have several li
tmcts lined up direct from original entry
men: guaranteed cruise, on all holdings,
c. C. Shay. 4o7 Rothchlld bide.
CHEAPER THAN Government land Have
several patented timber claims, well eltu
ted S.nOiol to ,1000U feet each, al
jhoo per o aim. Uemern .Investment Co.,
ool-V2 Corbert bldg.
A FINE proposition In timber, with saw
mill and shingle mill on the ground;
stresm for running logs to the mill: I)
logged. II down slope: must be sold.
Frary A Sellz. 132 6th et.
Rt'LINCi'MsHMENT cheap on Slletl River:
.inoooisi feet 1 timber: part good leve.
firm land: dl"ir. farm: g-sid road. Main
1919. room S- 3 Marquam bl.ig.
WE are headtiartera for timber and lum
ber of all kinds Kinney
Flimpnir. o t f-'" -
JO 000.000 FKRT or Tea ana "
ter. well located, at a bargain, .
- . a II... , tin.
tillleypie. -"I "-'''" -e-
GOOD relinquishment for sale In Slleis, Room
Ml Rtaxd of Tra.Ie.
WANTED neat estate, all kinds of cit
oropertv. Imrroved and unimproved. We
have the customers and can sell your
propertv. Give us a trial. W. C. Harding
land Co line I. 4th si . ground floor.
Board of Trade bldg. Phone Mam ,M'.
WANTED I want a 6-room. modern
bungalow lo cost from IK-O" Jn CMO
and alll psv frott $rt'l to JBOO cash and
..) per momli. Addrea O !s. Ore
gon Ian.
, V " H $T5sl to J'JO ooi. to Invest In clot-e-ln
real eeraie: prefe- humnesa pror-M-t y : mu.t
be a snap; owner only. Address X
WANTED 4 to g room house, close In on
West Slrlc; must be modern and worth
the money: will pay cash; . oung. f13
Gerlinger bldg.
wTnTED To huv an A-1 stock farm of
i-Mi cr or more; must be a bargain;
give full description, price, first letter.
R 3'J.V Orecontan.
V ANTED 5 or 10 acres near -electric line
or railroad; Improved: wllhln 10 miles
of Portland, no agenls. T 3S7. Oregonlan.
(MisM CASH to InxeM In business property
with good income: must be good 'Blue; no
apartments considered. F. O. Northrup.
HI' Couch bUlr.
TVANTPD cood lot In R City Psrk; mtu-t
be a bargain : ar-Mit down, balam-e
moniMy T sin. t-rrgonian.
WANT at nr. ' friTu oarer. K-roo-t houe.
close In ahout g:'so. small monthly p;iv
men:a Thos M. Cu'ker. -ns Com h bldg.
TA ASTK11 IimixIOo. unimproved, near O. R.
" A N shops, s'ate p--ce and location. Ad
dress R 4iX
IVNTI-TD House and lot or vacant lot
thai is a bargain, for .v flown or les.
4 4vg. Oregonlan.
JI'NKK iin:e to rent farm within 10
nil eis of city. AR .".W. Oregonlan.
FOI'R MILLION feet yellow Mr. one mile
from trari-tlalion: value H: Cheap at
ro-tm 14 Washington b;-lg.
WANT to buv good logging show. Colombia
Kiver. about IM.iVW. P oregonlan
TIMBf-Tt lands wanted- C. J- McCrackao,
l4 McKay bldg
gFVTRAL thousand arret, rtrr choice. In
fanioiia walnut and sri'.s belt amhl.l
County, 't rcarlv to plant, balance valu
able timber; s:3 per acre; easy term.
:3 Board of Trade.
Fine da tv ran. h. overlooking the Co
lumbia Hiver: .I" mll-s from Portland,
rail and steamboat; "o acres: 12.-. acre-i
meadow 2S acres upland. In clover, nr.e
orchard some timber; buildings old: small
amount of cash will handle It. balance
long tlm per cent. S 400. Oregonlan.
TOR SALE PT OWNERS 40 acres at :.0
per acreT 140 In cultivation, loo In wheat;
irtxv bam. 5-room house, running water:
S-acra orchard: mils, to depot: wheat
averages v bushela. Hemingway Bros..
Dufur. Or.
St ACRES on electric line, i acres beaver
dam a good buy. $3o00. We also have 1 and ;o-acre pieces that are in..-,
call aid see our list Western Land Co .
417 Hoard of Trade bide.
2- vol went to buy a nice home in the
country for a little money write lo Forest
Oro-re Real Eartau Co, Forest, Orov Or-,
I . - otvar K-BDUB I '
Commanding view of the Columbia
P.lver and snow-capped mountains; ail
boats on the river la full view, also a 1
train on both side of the river In tun
view from the farm; the land all Ilea on
a nice slope, all cultivated, good clean
soil, about 100 choice fruit trees. ''"
lent garden, good houfe. hot and co.a
water, bath, large barn, situated on a
fine, smooth road, no hills and Uort drive
Into the city; also near electric marline
no other place like It now offered alout
Portland, and the pri-e is low.
Sll Cerl'nter riidg . Second and A.der
r.O acre clear, balance pasture, esn
cleared: :: acres bearing orchard; J-room
hou". large barn and outoulidlngs. In
,;udln fruit dryer. 2 good weli. on plan.
R', miles from ra.lroad slailon V mile
from school. This ranch is auitRt,!; for
delrvlng or fruit: 30 mile from Portland.
Price 7.oo- g4.".i"0 cah. balane terms.
o(-, stark Street. Room li.
j-;00 HO-acre form, with 3 head of
stoc:k all farm tools. 30') bu. of oat, is
ton of hav and chop feed, enough to in
ter tha stock. 1 '-I mile from town, good
aoll but owner 1 in poor health.
417 Board of Trade Bldg.
NO AG ENTS Must be sold; price JltiuO:
tock nd timber ranch of 10U acres. 15 In
crop 2 m your.g orchard and garxlen. SO
fenced and cr.-fenced : 2 barn, huuf-e. out
buildings. 5 springs and river. 24 tons hay.
17 head mock cattle, larm Implement" for
full particular call at room 2.i' .M. Charles
Hotel. Hour 9 to 12. S to S. Three million
saw Umber.
All clear and under cultivation, fenced;
barn, with shed; good well of water, fnm
ily orchard: on good gravel roud. miles
from Portland. mile from railroad sta
tion, store, school and church; lts will
handle It. balance t per cent. r or fur
ther information call on
2CS Mark Street. Room li.
FOR SALE 2:u desert entry. west side
Snake River, nenr Caldwell. Idaho; waler
right. Improvements. :"i per acre. Par
ticulars address S 4o2. Oregonlan.
1 ACRES, nice houe. good carllne. cheap.
Purse. Bl Chamber of Commerce.
FOR Willamette Valev land e Olmsjel
Land Comrar.y. Salem. re.
20 acres, all Improved, fruit land at
at H.-hmI P.lver. 7 acres young apple
I-loo orchard, plenty water on plac!.
good buildings.
40 acre at Tualatin Sta.. near Salem
at Electric line. 22 acre ck-ared,
t oiO plenty spring water, good building.
.-! acres near Reedville. 30 acres in
at crop, balance puslure. fair bullrt
;00 Ing. pl.niy g"ml waior. 4 cows
soan line horses. Ave hogs, no
chickens, wagon, hameas. all tools,
rroiw and furniture; everything
IS acre1 near Tlgardvllle. Sta.. 7 acres
at In crops, balance paature. good,
il'iOO new buildings.
1D a civs near Walla Walla. Wash.. 1-0
at acres cleared. 60 acres In crops.
13''00 10 acre limber, plenty of good.
running water. mall orchard, good
buildings. ,, -a
1-0 acres mile from The Dalles. t0
at acrV in crop, good buildings:
$6000 remmber these aro all well im
proved farm, good lull, and we
will exchange anv of Ihese and many
others that we can tell you about for
good cltv residence property; w also have
a line large list of valley and wheat
farms to exchange for good Income or
residence property: l" all kinds of acre
age on the different electric lines, both
for sale or exchange. So If you are In
tlse market vou want to see us.
605-10 Buchanan Bldg.. 2k'4 Wash. St.
We guarantee all our property and a
square deal to all.
Elegant modern 6-room house. In most
desirable location, has full concrete base
ment, china closets, halls, etc.; wood-
fiber plaster, electric lights, porcelain
bath, hot and cold water, etc.; lot .10x1 UO:
price .i.vx; will exchange for Improved
farm that has stock and Implement of
lO to .v acres, and pay difference.
Lumber Exchange. Cor. 2d and Stark.
17n ACRES good wheat, fruit or walnut
land in the famous Waldo Hill in Mar
ion County. 20 mile east of Salem, bent
of walnut land, as it Is above fi ost line.
dep aoll. 12! acres open, price J.loOO .
acre in Linn County, noar town and .
railroads. ::0 acres open pasture, good soil,
price J2750. Will trade one or the two
places for good vacant lota or house and
lots W311 located, near carllne. in Port-
26S Stark St.. Room 14 Mallory Bldg.
TO EXCHANGE Modern fl-room ho'ise and
two large lots. HIU feet from rarline. In
heart of St. John, for Improved farm In
Willamette Valley or vlclnliy; value about
.;.".oi." W. C. Hording Land Co. line. .
Ho 4th st., ground floor. Hoard of Trade
bldg. Phone .Vain MCI, A .122.
WANTED To exchange for acreage on car
llne. or city property. 50oo. a 13-room
hotel, all furnished, with restaurant and
pool table, soft-drink bar. etc.. located
in Eastern Oregon live town, on ral.road.
Making $20u month. National Realty A
Trust Co.. 3261 Wash. t., room 618.
SEVEN lots, 'wo houses and a restaurant to
exchange Tor farm; a rooming-house, and
lol or lots; Hood River apple lands for
l'ds: restaurant for lots; confectionery for
Hood River lands; planing mill for any
thing. 1010 Hoard of Trade.
WILL sell or exchange for choice realty. In
good location. up-to-date apartment
house, wilh all modern improvement, in
center of cltv; leased for $125 per month.
Correspondenr-e solicited; principals only.
T 2."0, Oregonlan.
64 ACRES of wheat land In Eastern
Washington. 4 miles from R. R. station,
s. ll at a bargain or exchange for Port
land properly or timber. Dr. A. K. lllggs,
fc22 Corbett bldg.
lo Ai'RES nil clear and In cultivation, good
houee and outbuildings; 1 mile from Ash
land: finest soil for trull; J2.-0O; will ex
elianse for Portland real estate, r.2o Lum
ber Exchange.
3-IlOOM modem house and 4 lots, well Im
proved southern Portland. 1 block lo car.
f )mv,i; will exchange for farm wilh sto.-k
and Implements up to $:i.100. 23 Lumber
EyriTY ll:2"0: 2 fine lots on Coos Hay and
1 :o acres limber land: will trade for lots
or acreage on the Peninsula. V 37. Orc
gomait. OF COCRSE! CERTA1NLT! If yon want to
fctv. eell or trada business or property fol
low the crowd to Stevenson A Taylor,
room 310 and 311 Buchanan bldg.
REM, ESTATE and eHle contract In Che
halls. Wash., for land or I'orti.-.nd prop
erty: take trade. $liis up to tlo.oou. Owner,
N 4o3. oreg.iirian.
gvooo Equity In :i modern houses worth
bIimiOm. to exchange for Improved toca
ranch, wilh "stock and implements. :;2-"
Lumber Exchange.
8-ROOM residence. lnoxloo comer, pretty.
modern: snruobery. fruit; for' farm or room--Ing-house
In best district. 24.1 Stark.
WILL trade 2i acres of land, 2 miles from
Oregon City for house and lot or auto
nioDile worth S20oo. 411 Couch bldg.
FOR SsF.E 24 acres, ail Improved. 5
blocks from MllwauKle car bains. Call
Browning's baths, lid First.
GOOD Portland home for farm. Will take
farm to value not exceeding JCOoO. Frank
Lucas. 2Id chamner-of commerce.
CHOICE lot. Improvements in, east front,
for piano or furniture. M 411. Oregonlan.
ONE team Borrel man- f-T Portland prop
erty or lot. N em. Oregonlan.
A $:t.1i STANDARD piano for suburban lot.
Phone Tabor iHnl.
lots beautiful grove, close in; take farm
or residence. 243 Sla-k.
WILL trad for wai you nav. Gua Smlta. T
4U rfucnanan um.
Uonn, Vehicle and Haraeaa.
LARGE horse. ui table tor farm work. O,
W. Urn Co,
HORSES, n-.area. ar.i "names of all
kinds f.r sale. 2U4 Montgomery.
LI l.Ki'.T HALL. Xcv Front, buy. r:i. rent
h- :.-.-. vr.i- t i. 'ow rate- on hi-leos rics.
yoit SALE one young cVaft horse and
double harnesa Apply 30S Davis t.
FIRST-CLASS horse at the MadlsoOrStrectJ
x,a I help xIf.,.M,, J help I nation wantkialk.
Horace, Vehicle and Harness.
PA'R of big. sourd. true horses, weigh
2fOO lbs.; extra heavy harnets; to a day
Job g with team; also pair of horses,
weighing Ins.. nearly new set or
harness, line general purpose pair. vve
head or good, first-class, 1150-lb. deliv
ery horses; three nice. gentie family
horse; all kind of single and double
harness, saddles and bridle, rubber-tire
buggies; one speeding bike. Call -0 N.
loth .
WE re opening boarding, sale and tran
ient stable and are ready to do busi
neu: 40 talli ready for horaa. plenty
of wagon room and good accommoda
tions. Willis and Chamber. 3.3 ater
t., cor. Montgomery. Phone Main 3nSl.
T " '
'EVERGREEN FARM" wants a few horses
to take good care of during the Winter;
well fed and nabled; charges. 39 per
month. Address V SIM. Oregonian.
4. TAKES horse and express wagon, also
good 2-horse express wagon and good
12i0-1b. horse, very cheap. SltS East ssth
si. Woodstock car to Gladstone ave. j
WANTED To buy 3 or S's-lnch farm
wagon, also one light truck, two deliv
ery wagons; must be a snap. Phone
Main H2."i.
ONE span honses weighing 22oO; one ft-year-old
driving more, one driving horse, gen
.tle for ladies. Phone East 4SM. 0 147i.
FOK SALE or hire, horses, buggies and har
ness; also 3 fine Shetland pome. 182 East
34th .it. Phone Tabor 1112.
STYLISH, gentle driver. 1 cheap horse,
buggy and harness, 1 cart. 780 Eaatatark
St.. Montavllla.
WANTED To trade light team for horse
weighing 12SO or 100 pounds. Grand
I'nion Tea Co., 473 Washington gt.
BARGAIN $100 buy pair of good farm or
brood mare. Cull thl week only. 2 N.
1st st
IF YOL are looking for bargain In new
and slightly used autoiwobiles call on
Portland Auto Commission House. 334-30
Alder, cor. 17th, both phone. A and
Main 44.-..-..
AUTOMOBILE. 4-cvlinder. 6-paaenger ma
chine. In A-1 running order; a bargain
for cash: will consider peal estate ex
change. Owner. 140 2d St. Phone Main 6&a.
AUTOMOBILES 1150 and up for sale or
trad4. Hartman. 49 2d t
A BETTER piano fo- less than we are
gelling cannot be obtained. Our I a
general music business so we are not do
pendent upon th profit or our piano de
partment. Sew (he nice new piano we
ei for 3200. Pay $6 a month..- Piano
for rent; ued pianos. 385 and up, at 111
4th st. Hallet A Davl Agency, aecond
oldest and bfct make In America.
FOR SALE Base drum. 18x28. scarcely
used, cheap. 7 West Park.
t 3
St. CO heater, 22-lnch cast front dooc
$4 60.
sm OO box airtight, 22-Inch cast front door.
f 2 .no airtight, lower nickel draft, $1.60.
Galx.inized wash boiler, C5c. 1
Copper teakettle, nickeled. No. 8 Rome.
"Vo.f.O enameled bed. blue, green, cream
232 1st and Main.
These are a few of our many bargain.
t f $ttt
MOV icic rii-iumi"
Ellison's and Power's motion picture
machines: dissolving Mereoptlcons: cal
cium and gas outlit; new films. 3000
sul.lects. guaranteed no repeaters; largest
b"ve7s of new Mini In United State;
Bil'le to order and stocked. IV teach
you to operate.
214-218 Wells-Fargo bldg.. Portland.
GREATEST sewing machine aale of the year.
Just received carload of machine, a few
damaged; will sell at a hargaln; slightly
used drop-head machines for less than
cost; box top for ." and $10, with all at
tachments: every machine In perfect or
der; crating for out-of-town sales free.
' White. Sewing Machine store. 420 Wash
ington, cor.. 11th. II. D. Jones, prop.
GET our price and av money on all klndf
Yea, we sell to all.
Plumbing goods Installed If deaired
110 N. Id at., near Gllsan.
Now ready for business, pacific Film
Co.. .103-7 Rothchlld bldg.. Portland. Or.
We Install new theaters 'and furnish
everything. Phone Main 80S3.
tures after vour competitor. We guaran
tee no repeaters. We buy fourteen reel
of new association films every week.
Phone Main W29. Edison Display Co,
1634 4th t
WB have received a shipment of lotio brand
new emery wheel, all size, shape and
dimension, which we will ell below manu
facturer's cost. M. Barde & Sons, slh
and GLisun Btsi. Portland. Or.
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard
and pool table: easy payments; w rent
tables with privilege of buying: modern
bar fixture; cheap price. Brunwlc
Balk-CoIlender. 4 Third St.
RESTAURANT MEN, attention! Cuffoe urn.
,fne idx-gaiion and one four-gallon, practi
cally new. very cheap. Great American
imp. Tea Co.. 40G Wash. st.
TYPEWRITERS, all make. $20 to $00.
fully guaranteed, easy payments; rentals
$:l per n.onih. Pacific Stationery A Ptg.
Co., 2o3 Second st.
1000 NAPKINS, also 125 yds. tablecloth: thl
Is pure linen, and will be old cheap.
Young. &12 Gerlinger bldg.
NEW Pope 1J1S bicycle, coaster brake,
never heon used, cost $45; If sold today
will take $25 cash. P 359, Oregonlan.
FOR SALE Horse and cow manure, phone
.Vain 7442 after a P. M. R. Pragg. 3811
lllth t. North.
ELGIN and Waltham full Jeweled watchea,
warranted. only $5 each, at Unci
livers, 143 3d. near Alder.
FOR SALE Best ary 4-fl. fir and ok wood
at lowest market price. Hoover. 313 ffBUl
st. Phone Main 7431.
FOR SALE 1.1.1 opera chairs: good bargain.
Call Nickelodeon. 130 tilh at.
supplies, elide, film for rent, lo&to 4th ac
FOR SALE 1 fresh Jersey cow at 728
Insley ave. TaJte Sellwood car.
MONTHS pedigreed Scotch collie, house
trained; fine dog; cheap. 182 E. 1411
FREE transportation to Alaska next eeason,
f.1 and board; $100 required. T 3U2. Ore
gonian. WANTED Good sewer bricklayer on
Brooklvn sewer: East lth and Center
sis. and Eat 7th and Taggart ats.
WANTED Solicitors and deliver-r wanted
at the Parisian Steam Dyeing A Cleaning
Works. Call 127 I.ownsdale st.
EXPERIENCED house man for dining-room
and second work In private family; ref
erence required. A 2528. Main 2-2s.
WANTED A good ollcltor, by bualne
college; good field; liberal commission. A
281, Oregonian,
For Mn 260 BurnslJ Street.
Phone Main 68S4,
li North 2d st. Both phonea.
I AW CLA.SSES. beginning and senior work,
'now being organized. Portliui.l I.jw
School. 0.10 Worcester blk. I'hone M4o04.
SOLICITORS fZt to S20 tier day: no capital
required. Call 212 MorrUion at.
WANTED First-class bushelman. Samuel
Rosenblatt & Co.. cor. 3d and Morrlfun.
YOUNG man to work mornings In confec
tionery and fruit store. I 413. Oregonian.
A PORTER, also a pantryman. lor restau
rant. 305 Wahlngton t.
WANTED A good solicitor, room 3$, Ham
ilton bldg.
ASSISTANT bookkeeper, state age and ref-
,n""S.. Address S 4"t, Oreconiaa.
V.'tNTKI Kirst-class contmakors. Nlcoll,
the Tailor. 141 Sixth st.
WANTED Solicitor, salary paid wekly.
taUl aMW. aw J-liimifl t. J.
SUNSET MAGAZINE want a good general
agent to handle biggest magazine combi
nation offer of the seaaon In the Puget
Sound territory. To a man who is a good
personal producer and capable of handling
agent a big income 1 assured A-1 refer
ence or bond necessary, bee K. H. iiaa
dan. .102 Swetland bldg.
10.000 POSITIONS fot graduate last year;
men and women to learn barner tradu in
eight week; help to ,r P0'.'"":
graduate earn from $16 to $26 weeatly.
expert instructor: tool free;; write for
catalogue. Mohler Sytem of College. 36
K. 4lh L, Portland, Or.
PARTY with some capital and slight knowl
edge of plumbing wanted by manufacturer
to superintend installing household ne
cessity; profit, on investment unusually
large; good .alary. Addreaa lor Inter
view X 3S1. Oregonlan
WANTED By San Francisco millinery
house 2 flrst-clas traveling salesmen for
Washington and Oregon; only those hav
ing trade need address or apply 'A-V
Zemanfky. Portland Hotel, on Sunda.
Nov. 15. .
100 MEN wanted, all classes, from f'y!"
to common laborers. Our mill will run
double shift, beginning November -u.
Employment will be permanent for com
petent help. Apply to C. A. Smith Lum
ber A Mfg. Co., Marshfleld. Or.
$10 to $100 made daily In the movlng
plcture theater business; experience un
necessary; a small Investment will roajse
you rich; open evenings. Newman Moving
Picture Exchange. 2i3 Burnslde.
Employment Office Men's Department.
2U ortn beouna ei.
Phones Main and A 1626.
Kelp Free to employers.
WANTED Combination clerical man and
stenographer: must be gcod at figures and
write legible hand. Apply In own Hand
writing, stating salary expected. Good
chanca for promotion. F 28l, Oregonlan.
MEN to learn electricity, plumbing, brick
laying, plastering, day and night classes,
no booki. positions secured, free cata
logue. Coyne National Trade School. 2iiu
240 8th st- San Francisco.
TWO smart solicitor for biggest magazine
combination offer of the season; $18
weekly and free transportation; A-1 ref
erences necessary. Call before lo A. M.
R. H. Maddan. 502 Swetland bldg.
cWANTED Railway mail clerks, commence
ment salary $sixi: no "layoffs": examina
tions soon : preparation free. Write lmme-
dlately. Franklin Institute, Rochester,
N X.
WANTED Solicitor, accident, fire, burg
lary and liability insurance. Seeley &
Co., general agents. Fidelity fc Casualty
Co., .nil Board of Trade bldg-
MEN experienced In selling books or In
surance to handle a new proposition hav
ing special features. Call 9 to 10. 148 5th
St.; take elevator, ask for Mr. White
WANTED Office boy, age 18 to 18, neat
handwriting Indispensable, good opening
for bright, willing boy. Apply bet. 10 and
1, suite 420-427 Corbett bids.
WANTED Live young men for railway mall
clerks' examination; we prepare you; $TO
a month and up; beginners. Call today, or
wrile Pacific State Schools. McKay bldg.
AN experienced Monographer on public
work. $So; an experienced construction
timekeeper. $S0.
C. R. HANSEN. JR.. 2G X. 2d t.
OFFICE manager capable of running office
in Portland fur large corporation; must ln-
' vest $;loo0; salary $150 monthly. O 402,
LEARN watchmaking, engraving and op
tics easv terms: positions secured: money
earned while learning. Watchmaking. En
graving School, cor. 4th and Pike, Seattle.
CANDY MAKER wanted at Grants Pass.
Or.; steady job for right man. Inquire
of Frank Brown, Dolly Varden Confec
tionery store, Morrison St., Portland, Or.
WANTED A first-class candy maker to
take charge of retail shop; must have
references. Address W. W. P. & S. Co.,
Walla Walla. Wash.
WANTED A live man to demonstrate a
high-class proposition or merit; small
capital required; fully secured. N 378,
FIRST-CLASS experienced clothing sales
man wanted; good opening for man who
knows the business. Apply to Brownsville
Woolen Mill Store, city.
EXPERT fitter on ladles' cloaks and suits:
only those with first-class city experience
nesd apply to manager Grand Leader, 5tn
and Alder sts.
WANTED Woolen spinner; steady Job.
Come prepared to commence work at
once, stayton Woolen Mills. Stayton, Or.
WANTED Japanese or Chinese boy to do
general nousewora; lainuy oi jvp.
ply 427 Main.
$160 PER MONTH for special fire Insur
ance worg; gooa man can nsi permaoeu-
place. Address x 3u. oregonian.
EXPERIENCED advertising solicitors, spe
cial edition, out-of-town work. 603 Good-
nough bldg.
WANTED Bolter for large lath mill: wages
$:. 2,1; band repawyer, $2.50. Inquire 12 N.
2d at.
SALESMAN wanted for up-to-date novelty
something new; hurry. Rooml, 282 Tay
lor st. '
WANTED -Man and wife ,on farm; only
work for man. u First St. Phone Main
PARTNER wanted, good money-making
proposition; nothing better. 178 Madison
WANTED Office boy. 1$ years old. salary
15 per week. Apply Remington Type
writer Co.
WANTED 2 first-class coatmakers, no oth
ers need apply. Call at the Wilis Tailor
ing Co.. 201 Stark st.
WANTED Young man with small capital aa
partner in a cash business; experience not
necessary. Room 320, Swetland bldg.
WANTED Salesmen, all lines, bookkeepers
and stenographers. Commercial Abstract
Co.. suite 408 Commercial Club bldg.
GOOD, steady man as partner In a good
paying business; $000 required. 102 Sec
ond st.
Hesdquarters cooks, helpers. California Win
Depot. P. Lorati. 148 4th. Main 6500.
$4314 Washington t.. cor. 7th. uptalra.
Phoa Main 2802.
GIRL or middle-aged lady for general
housework. Call at 631 Milwaukie St.;
take Sellwood car.
WANTED Young lady. 18 to 22. to learn;
bright and neat; no wages to start. Cut
berth. Dekum bldg.
WOMAN for cooking and housework part of
day. "47 East Madison st; Hawthorne or
Morrison car.
Ladle' Department. 2uo Morrison st.
Phone Main 1062. A 2081.
MILLINERY lesson given at 170 12th St.:
leesons 60c; hats trimmed and remodeled,
FITTER and all-round hand, alteration de
partment women's garments. 171 Third
st reet.
EXPERIENCED cook for general house
work and cooking, small family. Apply
llll 14th St., cor. Morrison.
326 Washington St., room 307.
Main SS36 or A 3818-
COMPETENT girl for genera! housework,
small family of adults. Phon mornings
and evenings. East 3234.
WANTED A competent seamstrees to help
on ladies' 'coats. Mrs. Zeitfuchs, 386
IVas-htngton st.
BOOKKEEPING Private lessons, 4 nights
in week: $4 per month. A 4PI8. Main 7S62.
TAIIORESS wanted to help on coats. Co
lumbia Woolen Mills, 7th and Stark St.
WANTED An apprentice at once. Call 49
North 20th st.
WANTED 60 first chocolate dippers. Apply
at once, Russell A Gilbert.
CHAMBERMAID. Ill North 7th .; $20,
room and board. Call early, ready to work-
A GIRL for general housework, family of
three. 394 Salmon St.
GIR1, for general w irk by elderly lady
alone. 547 7th.
GTP.I. to work for bard and room. 328
Sixth. Phone A 3i22.
TOADIES to make pillow; tops at home; good.
li y, instruction. Xnw CU 4& WaaU,
TWO smart solicitors for biggest magazine
comDination oner i , , - - -
weekly and free transporation; A-1 ref
erences necessary. Call before 10 A. M.
R. H. Maddan. 502 Swetland bldg.
A BRIGHT. Intellectual lady of good ap
pearance and a liuent taiaer hp -"
business men: best of references required:
mate experience, salary and commission.
O 4tl3, Oregonian.
143 Wash. St.. cor. 7th, upstair.
Phones Main and A 2t2.
Help Enpplied Fre to Employer.
WANTED An experienced lady stenographer
and DOOKKeeper; must bhu- " " j ,
Scandinavian. Apply between 2 and 4 l .
M. Overlook Land. Co., 207 Burnslde t.
WANTED Party to care for and board in
valid iaay tor ue ii iu....-- -----with
wood and water provided. Mrs.
tiray, Arcner rmw. ul"
HATS remodeled like now. half rlc' We
aye, clean, cuii, i"""" -
2H4. Model Millinery. Entrance 82IJVi
Washington st.
WANTED Girl to assist In general house-
worg. smati imuii?. B ,
home. middle-aged woman preferred
Phone Tabor 1235.
WANTED Good canvassers, neatly dressed
women, city anci otaie. syw .
room 508 Merchant Trust bldg.. But and
w asningcon bl.
EXPERT fitters on ladies' cloak and suits;
. only those with first-class city experience
need apply to manager Grand Leader, 5tn
and Alder sts.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position, Vlavl Co.. 600 Roth
chlld bldg.. -4th and Washington.
DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL, bookkeeping,
shorthand. grammar "'"i"'"".
Business University. 68 Third, st. Phone
Main 4..04.
WANTED Competent teacher of Italian
(FlorenUne) for small class. Phone A
FISK. Teachers' Agency. Register ow. $1.
202 Swetland bldg. Phone Main 2410.
Bookkeeper and Clerk.
RESPECTABLE young married man of
good habits, character and ability la anx
ious to do letter-writing, bookkeeping and
office work part of the day and evenings
for small consideration. Employed wltn
large corporation In a position of respon
sibility, but want to Increase Income
Am competent office manager and shall
be pleased to give best of references to
your respectful satisfaction. Sincerely,
YOUNG man with three years' office exper
ience In wholesale house and three years as
specialty salesman, well acquainted with
Oregon and Idaho, desires position with
wholesale house. M 413, Oregonlan.
PLACE as bookkeeper by man past 43
years of age, experienced especially In
jobbing-house work; recommendations
and city reference. Address O 39. Ore
gonian. WANTED Position, experienced as book
keeper cashier, telegraph operator, sten
ographer and general business duties;
moderate salary expected. V 381. Orego
nlan. WANTED Bv bank bookkeeper, small set
of books to keep: can give time after
hanking hours; rates reasonable. Phone
Tabor 1177.
EXPERIENCED stenographer and former
newspaper man, desires position; married
and steady; references furnished. Address
R 398. Oregonlan.
WANTED A position, clerical work pre
ferred, by a young man with 5 years ex
perience In office work; references. L 412,
YOUNG man. bookkeeper and stenographer,
wishes position In any office, phone wood
lawn 2106 or address R 402, Oregonian.
YOUNG man wishes acquaintance of an In
telligent hypnotist. L 863. Oregonian
WANTED A position as hotel manager,
steward and storekeeper by gentleman
lust from East; finest of references; sal
ary no object; country preferred. R 401.
YOUNG man. 28. good education, appear
ance and business ability, desires position:
chance to make good considered more
than salary to. commence. R 885, Ore
gonian. STRONG, willing and educated young man
.wishes employment, experienced In grocery
business; also on a delivery wagon. O 400.
TWO men want employment, engineer and
fireman, both locomotive and stationary
work; have good references, in or out of
city. Phone Woodlawn 676. Wm. Handle.
MAN with up-to-date stump-puller wants
contracts on large or small tracts; can
save vou tim and money. See 416 Roth
child bldg., Portland, Or.
YOUNG man 21 years of age wants position
in hotel or restaurant as helper: good ex
perience as fry cook. Address 361 Wash
ington St.
GERMAN American, 40. strictly temperate
habits, at present In own business, would
like a change as traveling salesman. N
3P4. Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED dishwasher would like
work In restaurant. American, middle
aged: don't drink or use tobacco; reference-
If desired. X 371). Oregonlan.
COOK Sober, reliable: a steady place more
of an object than large wages. Address
George W. Noble, Jefferson. Or.
YOUNG German, honest and sober, wishes
position as janitor, night watchman or
night ciera. Auure vr ow ,evu....
SITUATION wanted, stationary steam en
gineer: can do repairing and keep ma
chinery In order. 329 Front st.
EXPERT ad writer wants to prepare copy
during evenings; can get results; ref
erences. X 387, Oregonian.
BULGARIAN, 18 years of age. good presser.
wishes to do that kind of work; speak a
little English. See Martin, 35 N. 2d st.
POSITION In shipping department In whole
sale house by energetic young man not
afraid of work. O .".98. Oregonian.
ENERGETIC young man. age 24. steady
and reliable, desirep employment, anything.
Address Grant Rollins, 431 Sixth St.. city.
ALL-AROUND millwright and carpenter
wanU steady Job. Address R 396, Orego
nlan. SITUATION wanted, ma!, an round Job
printer and adman. Phone Main 370. or
address 482 Hall st
20 YEARS' experience as practical mining
man' can run engine, machine drill, tim
ber and handle men. L 375, Oregonian.
SITUATION wanted by man and wife, cook
ing: no objections to country. T 398,
YOUNG man, age 27. want Inside Job,
wholesale house preferred; make good
anywhere. P 396. Oregonian.
JAPANESE wants to do cooking or house
work at any place. A 5032-
JAPANESE wants situation a a rachoolboy.
R 92. Oregonian.
CARPENTER wishes to get a Job. H.
Blake, phone Main 6154.
PARTY wants to clear land on contract
G. Erickson. Phone Main 5154.
erett t- Main 4659. A 4073,
BOY 16 vears old, would like family work.
Cail at' 227 Alder st.
WINDOW-CLEANING, dwellings and flata a
specialty. Main 6573 evening. to 10.
ALL-AROUND inside laundry man want
steady position. Address 289 Burnslde.
JAPANESE employment office. 249 Couch
st. Main 8521. A 4358
JAPANESE and Chinese employment agency.
810 Davl. st. Main 8309. A 2097.
MAN and wife wish to clear land or work
by month. R 401. Oregonlan.
BY JAPANESE, .good cook, hotel, boarding
house or family. K. George. 273 Burnside.
JVXfl.-'E bny. honest, wishes position
'schoolbo;. . T .194. Oregonian.
EXPERiraNCED watchman wants situation:
"beat 'references. C 391, Oregonian.
. . , ... a 1 1
POSITION bv married man. 35 year of
age: good writer and good at figures, not
afraid of work; wages no object it
chance for promotion on merit are good.
Address R 38C Oregonlan.
YOUNG man with 6 years' experience in
wholesale house as salesman desires posi
tion; good references. R 383. Oregonlan.
Trtookkeeperc and Stenographer.
FOR AN EXPERIENCED bookkeeper or
stenographer phone Business University.
Main 45U4. They take special drul work
with us.
WANTED Good position by experienced
stenographer and bookkeeper; slate sal
ary. Address P. O. box 2116.
YOUNG lady, experienced railroad sten
ographer, desires position. Phone Wood
lawn 1611.
STENOGRAPHER desires permanent posi
tion; experienced; references. East 3816.
THE famous Kelster'a Ladles' Tailoring
College Ladles, save dressmakers' bills,
make your own gowns here. W teach
Kelster's drafting system. 306 Stearns big.
WANTED -Plain sewing, for store pre
ferred; work guaranteed. T 399. Ore
gonian. FIRST-CLASS dressmaking at lowet price
Mr Angeles. 242 6th and Main.
PLAIN sewing; prices reasonable: Phone
A 1724.
DRESSMAKING, moderate price. A 4323,
Main 3070.
WIDOW, one child, wants position as house
keeper or manager rooming-houae. 209 Vx
4th St. Main 2039, A 2S24.
GOOD housekeeper wants position, widower's
family, no email children, or elderly couple.
774 Missouri ave. Phone Woodlawn 189u.
MOTHER and on (32) want situation pri
vate family, hotel or boarding-house, city
or country, mother chamberwork. thor
oughly experienced, years last place; son
as butler or waiter, etc.; very best of ref
erences; $30 a month for nice place. Han
sen's Ladles' Agency. 343ii Washington
GOOD Japanese woman wants situation to
do cooking and housework; speaks Eng
lish well. P 3S9. Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED Japanese girl desire posi
tion as cook or second work. 313 Flan
ders st.
WOMAN wants position as chambermaid In
rooming-house. Phone Woodlawn 4S3.
NURSE Like confinement nursing; will do
work. Phone Tabor 1045.
MIDDLE-AGED practical nurse; extensive
experience; references. Main 3202.
MILLINERY, drawn and fancy work to or
der, shopping of all kinds done for cus
timers and promptly attended to. 148 E.
1.1th st. south. East 2808.
LACE curtains washed and stretched, 40
cents per pair. Phones Main 6598 and A
4387. Blankets a specialty.
THE St. Louis Ladies' Agency has list of
several good situations; must have today
some good help for them. 2094 4th. Main
20.19. A 2824.
EXPERIENCED head waitress wishes posi
tion in hotel. Grace Weemer. R 400. Ore
gonian. POSITION wanted by middle-aged widow;
no children: good references; small wash,
etc.; good home. Main 7727.
CHILDREN to take caro of by week or
month. 419 East 44th st.
LADY, good worker, wants work by the day:
good cook. Phone E- 4296.
FIRST-CLASS laundress go out by the
day. Phone B1222. -
Fl'RS repaired and remodeled by Eastern
ladles, prices reasonable. 2fi6 21st st. N.
SITUATION wanted, general hoiu-'ework : per
manent place. Call 466 E. Stark st.
YOUNG ladr wishes position In dentist's or
doctor's office; best reference.-. M 6996.
WOMAN wants work by day; references.
Phone Woodlawn 1611.
TAILORS buttonholes and pockets of su
perior workmanship. Phone A 1.103.
WANTED Lady canvassers, house to house
big pay. 289 1st St., Portland. Or.
WANTED Bv refined, elderly lady, one
large, neatly furnished, light housekeep
ing room; private family preferred; good
neighborhood, on or near carllne; distance
no object; references exchanged. Address
at once, W 3u, oregonian.
A YOUNG married woman wants board and
room at a reasonable price with an elder
ly couple In the suburbs; good references.
Address Mrs. James A. Wheeler. General
Delivery, city.
WANTED To rent hqusee. cottages, flats.
Stores, OIIicus. roomiue-uounc. .
lords will do well to call on Portland
Trust company oi oicguii, o. . -- -and
Oak. Phone Exchange 72.
WANTED By Nov. 16. by family of four,
three clean furnished housekeeping rooms.
West Side. Phone Main 6425.
WANTED 5-room furnished apartments in
, i .ii.n v uofi Oregonian.
WANTED Unfurnishs4 3 or 4-room apart
ment or flat. M 414, Oregonlan.
HOUSE. 7 rooms or more, central location.
West side preierreo. f-none jiam ooo..
WANTEJD Men's cast-off clothing and
.,nH. tr also buv household furnishings. nricea naid. Call at the "Fair
Deal," 2 3d st. North. Phone Main 9272.,
And anything else you have to aelL
Main 56.15. A 41gl
WANTED A-1 fix timber, near R. R., short
haul prererrea; not iuui iw hiuca
from Portland; slate price, etc.; no agents.
Address P. F., 2S014 First St., Portland,
wiVTT-n to buv 2000 feet 4 or 6-lnch sec
ond-handed wrought . Iron pipe. Address
308 Davis St.
Pay the price" for second-band furni
ture. Eat 988. B 281L -
WANTED Pool, billlari or combination
table. Phone Eat 1187
WANTED Laudry machinery, new or sec
ond hand. P. O. box 03. Houlton. Or.
WANTED Fixtures for small meat market
at a bargain. Ij 410. Oregonian.
SPOT cash paid for your furniture; prompt
attention aiwaya given. Phone East 10'iT.
WANT location to establish country news
paper. Address R S99. Oregonian.
W ANTED Good second-hand typewriter and
desk. Call 207 Burnside.
DRIVING harness for shotgun. M 410, Ore
gonlan. CLOTHING Phone M. 1851 83 N. 8d.
Highest price paid: prompt attention.
Furnished Rooms.
181 A First cor. Yamhill, nicely furnished
rooms, reasonable; bath; permanent or
BEAUTIFUL furnished rooms with hot and
cold water in all rooms, free phone. The
Westminster, 6th and Madison.
HOTEL MASON Free batha, phone; room
$1.60 and up. 247 V, 5th.
THB WILLAMETTE Well-furnished room.
$2.60 and up. 8224 Stark, cor. 6th.
PLE ASANT furnished rooms In new. ir.od
' er'ii house. 188 X. -1Jt
THE ELWOOD Newly furnished; $2 to $S
wk.; also tranoient rooms. 38 K Morrison.
B BANDOWH- 8d and Columbia, -roomaj
.jMiai V lii Hu J" - - ss
Cor. 10th and Washington Sts.
Elegantly furnished rooms, single of
en suite: steam heat, hot anil cold water
in all rooms; private baths: special rates
to permanent people. Rooms by the day.
week or month, phone Mam 2333.
THE BARTON, Kltii and Aider; new man
agement; newly renovated throughout; 70
outside rooms: steam heat, electric lights,
etc.; rooms $10 month up; suites with run
ning water. $22.5o to Sol); elegant
parlor; phones and bath free.
293 10TH ST.
Newly furnished roorut-; furnace heat,
hot and cold water In rooms; plenty of
hot water all the time: free phon ana
b-ith: popular prices; very homelike and
. H K NEW SCO i T.
Seventh. Ankony and Burnslde: In tn
heart of the city; everything brand iiw.
finest rooms In town; an Ideal M inter
home: rates reasonable: free bu to a"
Nicely furnished rooms. $2 per week up
steam heat, hot and cold water, free bath
and phone; transient 5oc, 75c and $1 per
day open all night; office and reading
room ground floor. 488-492 Washington st.
First and Morrison; steam heat, electrlo
lights, hot and cold water, baths free; $3
per week up; transient solicited. Phon
A 4408. Main 4861.
THB GOODNOUGH. cor. 5th and Yamhill.
opp. P. O.; room ny uay, wee or iuch.b,
levator service, steam heat, etc.; singles
and suites; $3 weekly up. Mr. Alusoa
A Snydr. .
HOTEL FRANKLIN, cor 13th and Wash
ington st Newly furnished throughout:
new buildings, suite with bath, hot td
cold water in every room. Phon Main
7193 Long-dlBtanca phones In all rooms.
THE BUCKINGHAM. Yamhill St. opp. Port
land Hotel Fireproof building: all mod
ern conveniences; downtown location; spe
cial rates to permanent guests. A. H.
Pracht, proprietor.
HOTEL KENYON, 18th and Washington
Modern rooms, single and en suite: also
housekeeping: running water, private and
fre baths; rate reaaonable. Paciflo 496.
THE LUXOR, corner 13th and Clay, fur
nished rooms; steam heat, electric light,
both phones, plenty of hot water; $10 per
giO BEAUTIFUL, warm, newly furnished
room, modern flat: hot and cold water,
electric lights, gas. porcelain bath. Jal
llth st. Phones. Main 9334. A 3702.
THE DORMER, 283 13th, cor. Jefferson,
clean, light, cozy rooms, single or en
suite, steam heat, hot water, rent rea
Washington and 17th. first-class furnished
t rooms, single or en suite; all modern con
veniences; $3 weekly up. A 2647, Main 6647.
THE ESTES Good room, reasonable; new
furniture, telephone and bath free. 82, V
Stark, corner 6th. Mrs. Maud J. Et.
VERY attractive transient rooms, 334 Yam
hill, opposite Hotel Portland
NICELY furnished outside rooms, bath, .free
phones. $1.75 and $2. 209 4th st-
Hotel Royal. 1084 4th, steam heated rooms,
$1.50 to $5 per week, 50c to $1 per nlght.
Furnished Rooms, Private Famine.
THE DORMER. 283 13th. cor. Jefferson,
clean, light, cozy room-, single or en
euite; steam heat, hot water; rent reason
able. ROOMS private family, with1 use bath and
phone; would board two who could room
together. 560 Glisan St., cor. 17th. Phon
NICELY furnished front room for one or
two gentlemen; everything modern. 3.0 i
13th st.
LARGE, bright, sunny, bay-window, alcova
room, well heated, residence district.
Main 3312. 361 10th.
FURNISHED rooms in modern flat, all
conveniences. $8 and $12. 402 is Clay
st. Main S277.
MODERN residence. lx minutes' walk post
office: rooms $6 month, bath, heat included.
292 loth t-t.. near Jefferson.
16.1 NORTH 17TH, nicely fumlphed room, $8;
gas. bath, phone, furnace heat, use parlor,
LARGE corner room, furnace heat, hot ami
cold water, gas; also smaller room. 542
NICELY furnished room for gentleman;
easy walking distance; no other roomers.
101 East loth st.
1S8 13TH Nicely furnished rooms, home
like place; walking distance. A 2-146.
FURNISHED room in private home, all mod
ern conveniences. Phone E 1380.
2 ROOMS, ground floor, 2 ouuside doors; rea
eonahle rent. 202 E. 45th St., B 1182.
'585 3TH Nicely furnished rooms; private
family, new house, every convenience: gents.
FURNISHED rooms, 301 Holladay ave.,
hoard if desired.
PLEASANT room for two persons; modern;
two meals if desired. 471 East Ash
Boom With BoaroL
Board and room only $30 per month.
Investigation will bo a mutua advantage.
The Vallaniont. West Park and Yamhill.
Steam heat and all modern i con
veniences: elegantly furnished; table d
bote dinners a specialty. Cor. Grand and
PORTLAND Women' Union. 20th year;
rooms with board, use of sewing-room
and library; Women s Exchange. Mis.
Ella . Rawllngs, Supt.. 510 Flander st.
THB MORRISON, 633 Morrison at., family
hotel modern, new management. . board
optional; best table board; price moderate.
THE MARLYN, Washington and 17th, wall
furnished room, hot and cold watar,
home cooking, permanent or tranlent.
LARGE, handsome second-floor front room,
private bath, both phones, electric Ilgnl,
gas, fireplace; good board. 664 Flanders.
LARGE front room for two with hoard,
modern home cooking. Phone East 722.
89 East Sth North.
LARGE, comfortable room, modern conveni
ences, with board. 452 Morrtoon, cor. 13th.
NICELY furnished room, suitable for two,
board. 653 Washington; $50 per month.
THE COLONIAL, 10th and Morrison. Good
board, pleasant rooms, low ratea
FURNISHED rooms, with board. Th Ozark.
225 llth -rt.
Room with Board. Private Famllle.
NICELY furnished room with board in
strictly private family for two gentlemen.
6 minuteo' walk Portland Hotel; term rea
sonable. 222 7th et.
NEW private residence, good plain cooking:
pleasant rooms. modern conveniences;
also two nice housekeeping room. 682 East
6th st. Phone Sellwood 133.
BOARD and room. $24 per- month, hath,
phone, heat, home cooking. 328 Cla.
Phone Main .196.1.
FRONT room with board: walking distance.
41 Ella, bet. 20th and 21st, near Washing
ton. GOOD table board for gentlemen, rooms In
the neighborhood if desired. 574 Gllsan.
Fl'RNISHED rooms with board. 355 llth
st. A1036.
TWO nice front rooms; table board. 393 Sal
mon st. M-ln 5937.
-n Large front room, 2 meals, home cook
ing, for two. 16.1 East 17th. East .1043.
mon Three and four rooms furnished and
unfurnished, modern conveniences; private
phone, elevator; no children.
FURNISHED heated 4-rooni apartment for
rent. Apply to Janitor. Apartment F. 18th
and Everett.
THE DAYTON, 660, Flandem: beautiful lower
3 and 4-room apartments; every convenience
furnished; $20. $25 per month.
COLUMBIAN and Victorian. 8 and 4-room
modern apartments, llth and Columbia.
THE EI MS Furnished 3 and 3-room apart-
minis: heat; phones, bath. 191 14th st.
BE AUTII-'UL 7-room corner apartment; mod
ern conveniences. 715 Johnson. A 1678.
xiii. 'omished A-room modern apartmeontl
janitoc srvics, edS Fiaooar -t rof-aca,
Aisua talania. lua, au vuv