Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 11, 1908, Page 15, Image 15

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, i pt ttsn,, l BUSINESS MIltnOKV.
HKINZ APARTMENTS. 1 th. Columbia.
ks oulh of MorrlKm. 100 ft from
J.rTerann or I.V.h-a:. -arllns; my walkmj
di.i.nff, rw. h-ndsome brick building.
In 2. 3. family apartment!; private
T'tV'on hall, at--rn beat, hot aater.
vafnr. tree phor... compr.. air
c;-anir.e Janitor .rviee. muximum of
nnvrnlfnr- (tinr. tqulpmem: com
p'te;y rurnt!-"-. r1r for houteiplng;
m urfurnl: rent riaaon-t.le : ready
lor Inspection and to rent apartment
THE SHEFFIELD. 7th and Je!Teron sts.:
unfumlahed 4-ro..m apartment wmi bath;
rwv, modern ar.d fully equipped for con
venience; rent reasonable; luxation savea
carfare. Apply to janitor. Slam loos.
f-KOOM upper flat, atrlctly modern; dreseer.
a'deboard built In. furnace, n-t-piace. etc ;
r-atrl' ted ditrl"t; $;3 to deairable tenant.
Charles Adier, :EIt; Lumber ExcrmnKQ-
j,Ktv .-room, modern, lower flat. ,slep'.ne;
porch and attic; choicest locat.on. Ucat
aide. In.tulra 176 at., cwr. Yamhill;
no children.
KODER.V flata. 11 sliee, for rent. Best and
Wee: SMea Portland Tri I'umiwar of S. E. cor. ad and Oaa. Pbone
Exctani 71.
TVE-T PIPE .1-room lower flat, close In.
strictly modern. slKhtly. reaaonable. Ca.l
Kelly, owner, the Morrlaon.
j-OB RENT 5-room flat, first floor. SI
East Mh. near Burnsl.le: r-nt. t-J. Key
at D. G. Voodworth. 101 2d St.
KEW FLAT3 of rooms and bath. 731 .to
7?..t Hoyt St. Apply Harris Trunk Co,
l: 6th st.
TWO a'rlctly modern 5-room new flats,
magnificent rletr, large porche- lawns.
etc.; I Key neat ju. .....
fOH RKXT-2 new. modern 5-ro"m flats;
-J"- and 50; gas range. E. Burr-tide.
2:h rt.
linpEKN 6 and 7 -room upper 111. Mh and
r.miil. reasonable reni 10 coou. i-ii-m.
7-a:i . reasonable reni 10 cnou
CVakefleld. Fries A Co. Stark
LOWES five moms, strictly modern: yard,
j.orrb t.1 KrttU ar Slst- Sheeby
Bros. Main 3i7t.
NEW modern, '-'-room furnished fiat, 9
mintifra to P. O. 304 4 Montgomery U
2 vii'K new modern upper Ant", one ft an
me 6 room, rent SJi- Call Halse
St.. or jhon C 1-'1V '
BE tUTI FU-I-V furnished lower flat. 4
room. Lin. ih nrar t-Mty Hail.
-ROOM flat, modern in every particular, on
Ft 1-th and Taylor; rent 40 pT month.
a:'S PARK ST. Central. choice location,
j.-iod 3 -room flat, J--
X KW ft-room f:al. T.ttoS Overton, near 2od;
ffoir- neihtwrht-o;1 : porche-. yard.
THRER nw, atrlctlv modern. 5-room flata.
641 Fifth. Dear Jackaoa
Hoasrkevplnc Roomi.
TJT K BKAVKR. 12th and Marshall at..
nU furnlsned. fully equipped tor hnuw
keeping, tnt lndini: (ra rne. frM ue of
eter-trt.- lights, hf-t wftt-r. baths, larse
r'-eptlon roi.m and laundry room; beauti
ful liiwnji and veranda aurrounding the
bulldinic. Furnished a,artiiientr, from 16
Up; a!o atngle roonia; with aunUar eon
vniences, $.5- per week up. Th-r l
nothing in comparison In the cltr for the
m-"ny. Thl place will bear ln.ptrctlon.
fc-hort distance from Union leport Take
S or Irtth-at. cRrs ifoiiiB north, pet oit
at Marshall at- l'hone Main 6771. No doK.
THE ONEONTA. JK7 17th a'., nnr Timhill.
throuKhly furntuhed. Bas ratine, hoi and
cold wter In each apartment, both tele
r.honea and, batiia free; tenns reasonable;
no children.
Wash tr.a; ton, cor. 2th Nicely fumlahei
houjekt pint rooirui; saa ranges, hot water.
fre bath, free phone, bo in flttors; alca
tuitf from $12 up.
BEAt:TIFVLI..T leca-.ed bay-window, unfur
nished 2-room au't In centrally located
apartment-bousa. 334 JefTerson. cor. 6 th.
FURNISHED houaekeepirs; roorrn. amprla
roorr rent rcasonaole. West Fark.
A 2.
THE MN'JERT, Wnshlnittnn and Trinity,
t.t. l!th and ,2Uh; newly furnished
houftckeeplnir aul'tea; private ba:ha.
4M E M" RHIHOX. cop. Rth. completely
furnished liousekeeplDK rooms; modern,
rea on able.
VERY plfsnnnt unfurnished housekeeping
rooms. 324 Yamhill at.
LARnE. Jlyht hoas- keepinK autte and air.gie
r"oui. l-flu Al-ler st.
Houwekeeplnc Rooms In Private Fnmllr.
TWO furnished houn keeping moma. for 2
person-", private family; gas rnt;e. heat
tnff store, bath, phone. walVting dlMame,
;2 month. 21-4 Union ave., cor. Holladay.
T1REP TK)ARPING? Try llcht cooklnit.
modern, clean, quiet, central; couple. 4t
HOUSEKEEPING room, jiultable fr work
ing girl; modern residence. i2S Morrison
$14 50 Two furnished housekeeping rooms.
n-iMifctorv tenant, adults only. Call 5 .si
nth. or phone A 4.Vi. II to 4 V. M.
UNFUIiNISH EP $14. 4 rooms, hath. as;
adults only; .1 rooms. $7, water Included
In each. 4'.4 JeJTerson at. A M'K..
FOR PENT .1 unfurnished rooms suitable
fr housekeeping, lsi E. 33d, cor. Yam
hill. 4 I'RI'JHT conveniently furnished house
keeping room; halh roonu p;intry; 1st
floor. 1K I'orter.
THTtEE large, modern housekeeping rooms,
lirsi iloor, mil; ah le for 4 person., 1 at.
1 4 well-furnished rooms. Piedmont, block
writ Williams avv. 1212 Moore .
TW furnished connecting housekeeping
room, reason h I rent. ;!' 4th m.
FURNISH El nousekeepimc rooms; hath,
has .ind phone. Ciay t.t.
NEATl.Y furnished housekeeping f-tms,
nrst floor. 2". llth at. near Taylor.
I CLEAN. Ii?ht. furnished. hotiyekrejms
rooms. It a, bath. Hi month. 632 Front.
IESI HA RLE housekeeping rooms with main
kitchen. 8 Eist th at. N.
64 SALM'tv. 3 rooms, around floor. 1 up
stair, furniahed for housekeeping.
PnOX r hotijip keeping !ulte, nlce.v fitted up;
nt'9t conveniently located. ZMl Yamhill.
T A Y L- " R S T. 2 and 3- room modert
hwtKkMtilnc mill. r-r
BUI TK furntshe housekeeping rooms, com
fortable; Union block, 911 1st. room 19.
TWO ground-floir h-usekepicc rooms; neat,
convenient, clone in. ;;i9 Tt h.
PLEASANT furnished housekeeping room,
brai. light, ate; $12.&t up. &S& 6th.
1 PUlTeS. central. 14. North IBth; gas rang e,
fumo. laundry. Main C.173.
FOR RENT Choice 7 -room apartment. 141
North 25d. near Hoyt, reasonable. J. L.
White. 531 Sherlock bldg. l'hone Main
ATTRACTIVE, modern house. 3 rooms, gns.
butt., fireplace, phone Main 3:.;u. morn
ing. NEW hou5e of 5 rooma and bath. E 19th
nar Everett. Apply Harris Trur.k Co.,
1.12 6th at.
FvR HEVT A modern 7-room house, cor
ner East 1st an-i Wasco. 1'hont Kaat
NICE 7-room house at Mount Tab-.r. one
block from caiilue; large yard. l'hone B
2i:il. mornings.
r- - - ...
MOPERN hou?e of d rcoirj and hlh. 775
Irv:ng aX. Inquire 132 Hta et. Tel. Mala
DO row want a house ? te our list, per
Tiapa we can locate you. Hart man A
Tuompa- n. C. of C.
riRJT-n.AS condition; modorn. partly
f'irnlshrd or unfurnished, i-iixira bunga
low. Fhone Ttbor
LOVELY modern t-room houe. East Hum
side, rent reasonable. East or B 1404.
3-ROOM cottare. $X HV Grand bti. Sea
ilart.-nan A Thompson. C of C.
KOVSE. large i-ocmst. full basement, ce
rr.r.t T.oor. 404 Eat Seventh t.
31 E A ST VH rt-room modern house for
rnt. Inquire 44 K. Pino
$Z' -V-ro-"Ti ol5e. cln-.e n. East 14t. Mor
rison. Fhon M-in 9-1Ti.
FtR PENT A 4-r-voTi modern house at
I .- tr nrvT I - W . . . rn I f
TTKEX TOU MOVE you alwaya need SOME
IUL-LyrAT NO-RENT prices; the saT-
lnr will exceed coat of moving.
cupy orf-hilf; collect rent on balance.
(irand ve. and E. Stark. Phone Last ,WJfl.
WET SIDE ."-room lower Rat. close in,
strictly modern, s.p-htly. reasonable. Call
Kelly, owner, the Morrison.
6- KOOM modem house, l'-'xluo. In gar
den on St. John line, $12 3u. Cameron fc
Cable. 511 BoRrd of Trade bldg.
MODERN cottaee 3 rcoms. porcelain bath,
electrii ity, farnace. lo5 Williams ave;
rent J0. Apply 3'l lekum bldg.
$'3 McFarlantTs new Toungalow. Myrtle Park;
2 Iota, electricity. b:n. Munt Scott cara.
Wells. aa-ent, Btewart Station.
FOR RENT S-room house, 31 East Sd at.,
loo feet ior-h of Eat Burnside au. $:0.
n. M. Wilbur. 11 -d at.
7- R' iOM houae 10 East Kth at. North.
A .VKOOM cottpge 23 East 1st North.
$14 per month.
Furnish ed Bous-
NEW and completely furnished, strictly
modern S-room house In desirable resi
dence neighborhood to rent very reason
ahle to reufihle prry. 'all 3i9 Swetland
bldg.. cor. and Washington.
WELL furnished it-room modern bouse on
Nob Hul: references required.
Chamber of Commerce.
COTTAGE for rent, furnished, price 110;
between Ockley Green and Greely. U
11S7 Delaware for key; take tit. John
FUIt-NTSHED flat. 3 or 4- large rooms, closet-,
bath, gaa stove. 61 E. 21 at. U.-R.
4-Ko m cottapre. nicely furnished, bath,
gas. fi'C.ii): no children. 567 Myrtle St.,
i. inland Heights.
F1V E-ROOM cottase. completely furnished.
ni'Miern, at SOS Columbia, st. Inquire Oul
Clay st.
FURNISHED house for man and wife, rea
sonable. 415 North.
ALL or part of furnished -room. steam
heated flat. ii'J A Washington. Main 4M0.
-ROOM mod-r"rn house furnished. Hayer
atlc A Galeger, 34S Washington.
5-R(KiM modern com age. furnished. $13.
ll E. Everett; take Ankeny car.
MOPKIIS furnished cottage, furnace, fcT
East 17th. mornings. Phone East 24fi3.
J30. IXf'I.rpiXG phone, newly furnished
-rooin house. Main 6447. 574 Mill.
House for Rent Furniture for talflb
FLEA SA NT S-room modern cottage, well
furnt:ied. $1.'0; terms ': Sheridan, cor.
3.1. Mam e:T.4- Walking distance.
FOR SALE reasonable, furniture of S rooma
in modern house; rent $10 per month.
Telephone Sollwood 1056.
W El A furnished 3-room cottage, f IWki ; $ 1 n
cash balance In monthly payments; or will
rent. F. T. Berry, 4 N. 6th at.
FURNITURE of 5-room flat, house for rent,
2 rooms rented almost pay rent; rent rea
sonable. 27:: Columbia st.
FURNITURES of R-room modern flat, walk
ing distance. West Mdc. A -0I4. -
FURNITURE of 8-mnm flat, reasonable rrlce,
almost new. 4'"J Jefferson st.
7-ROOM house, fnrntturp for sale, brings
good Income. V Ht., Oregonian.
SNAP Just furnished. A room, Bennington
Court, flat 5. 310 I-nton, near Steel bridge.
FURNITURE for 4-room lint, nearly new.
Call l.VKJ Oneonta at., Woodlawn.
"WANTED Renters for 3 newly furnished
room, one destined as a restaurant, one
as a drugstore, the other as a gent's fur
nishing, dry goods or clothing store. For
particulara addreaa T. H. Moore, Md
ford. Or
FfR RENT Nice store at 347 Morrison at.,
onlr $tn. also spa-'e for bootblack stand, on thorouithrare. Apply 161 Holla
day avenue, or phone. E. 342.
FOR RENT Fireproof building. ,"0x100. ona
floor and basement; eultable fr garage,
s'orage or machine shop. Located at 64
10th st.
FOR KENT Store on Union ave. and Free
mont at., living rooms above. Apply to
Woodard, 104 2d St.. near Stark.
STORE with living rooms above. Jtis Union
ave. See Hart man & Thompson. C. of C.
SUITABLE for tailor or cloak bmise. 2d
flooi. Washington C front. 103 Swetland.
SUITABLE store for millinery, drygoods or
tailor. $17 Williams ave.; rent 10.
$10 $:j J2fl
In heart of business district. Well lighted
and ventilated; two elevators; all night
service; hot and cold water, gaa and elec
tric lights; excellent Janlur service; auto
matic fire alarm system ; low insurance;
property protected by nightwatch.
Desk room $5 and up.
303 SWETLAND BLDG.. 5th and Wash.
NICELY furnished office rooms, suitable
for dentists or physician: best corner in
city; 0th and Wash. G 3!1. Oregonian.
SOME MOUERN OFFICES B-st location in
the city. Apply room 2ol Merchants Trust
b:dg., .1211 1, Washington rt.
FOR RENT A few offices In Couch bldg.
Apply room pns.
Money tm Loan.
ON improved city property or for build tag
purposes, for from 3 to 8 years' time with
privilege to repay all or part of loan after
two veers; loans approved from plans and
money advanced as building progresses.
Equitable aUnga A trfan Association.
240, 2i2 Stark St.
MONEY sold on Installment plan, confi
dential, no security but your salary; best
system for railroad, streetcar employes,
mechanics and others.
F. A. NEWTON. Buchanan Bldg., 2S6Vs
Washington Street.
WE loan money on diamond and jewelry
at reasonable interest for Ions: or short
time A. 4k M. Deloyage. Jewelers. IttU
Washington st.
LOANS made quickly nnd privately on
salaries, pianos and furniture, warehouse
receipts, purchase contracts. diamonds
and jewelry. E. Pierce, 211 AUsky bldg.
WF1 buy Oregon Trust A Savings Bank ac
counts, hi. L. Fraley Co., 917 Board of
trade bldg.
MONEY to loan in large and small sums
a I to pr cent on imrroved real estate.
Ct7 Commercial bidg.
IMMEDIATE lonns from $3 to $3000 on all
securities. R. I. Eckerson Co.. room $
Washington bldg. Phone Main 4ft35.
$100 000 tc loan in sums of $1000 or more
to auit. rt to 7 per cent on Improved realty.
M. 0.Grlfrin. 2(56 Stark, opp. Cham, of C
MONEY to loan at reasonable rates. In sums
from $r00 up. The Dunn-Lawrence Co..
24S Alder st
String k fo.. ti3 Concord Building.
LOANS od real, personal, chattel or collateral
security- C. W- Pallatt, 304 Fenton bldg.
A LOAN for the asking, salary or chattel.
The Loan Co.. 410 Dekum bldg.
nw rates- we loan ir.oner on diamonds
- . T f ! TA as.
and jeweirj. . " -
MONPT to loan on real estate. Harding A
Reynolds Co.. 313 Chamber of Commerce.
Mortgages. contr..ctr or real estate securities
pur hased. H. E. Noble, Commercial blk.
State funds loaned. 6 per cent. W. E. Thom
as, state agt Multnomah Co-. 400 C of C
MONEY loaned on real estate mortgages or
contracta. W. H- Nunn. 44M Sherlock b;dg.
$i;oM TO LOAN In sums to suit on real
estate, O o'Jl. Oregcnlan
1.0 A N S on city P ropert y : no com mission
charged. Call 410 Failing bldg.
LrUN?- -Ren -rMe terms. See Henry C.
Pru ihomme, Cham, of Com. Insurance.
MONEY AH you want en real estate at to
8 per cent. Frary sV Seitft.. 1Z2 l)La sU
Money to Loan.
"GET" $10 TO $iO0.
HOURS S A. M to o P M
You can get the money yon need irom
us ait you ask for in cash and repay
In small weekly or monthly payments
arranged to suit you. . M
W loan money on household urnl.tu3
and piauts without removal you
use of both money and goods also lo""
made on storage receiu and otner per
sonal property. Call for contidentlal taiit.
612 (5th floor) Dekum Bldg.
402 Itothchild bldg.. cor. 4th and WasB.
The recognized bank of tae
earner. A clerk bookkeeper, machinist,
engineer or employe can obtain money ot
us on his note without security.
$15 return to us f J J
$30 return to us - -J j
$50 return to us $13.33 a -o.
Confidential; no unplea-ant lnqulrua.
Special rates on pianos, furniture, eta
Money loaned on salary or chattel mort
gage; business contidentlal. Wlr,
Mo. Semi-Mo. WKiy.
$73 return to us ....$20.00 $1000 $o0
$30 return to us $13.35 J5
$H0 return to us .... -0 4-
$13 return to us . . . . 4 00 2 00 1.00
20i McKAY blutf.. cor. 8d and Stark sts.
SALARY and mortgage loans to salaried
employei and on Pianos, Furniture, ware
house Receipts. Horses. Jnsuiance FoUcies
and all kinds of securities.
408 Shetland bldg.
MONEY advanced salaried people and oth
ers npen their own names without se
curity; cheapest rates, easiest payment:
offices In 0G principal cities; save your
self money br getting my terms first.
. TOLMAN, 317 Lumber Exchange Bldg.
TITLE GUARANTEE. Oregon Trust accounts
and German-American certificates bousht
At the highest cash prloe; also Home TeL
oon da. Cobn Bros., lbO l l cor- YiU'
LOANS on real estate and alt kinds of
personal security. W- A. Hathaway,
ro jm 10 Washington bldg. Main 302.
Loans TVanieo.
WANTED By owner, from $2.1.000 to $.".0.
uoO f'r 1 year, secured b. ttrst mortKage
on gllt-edKed inside property; no brokers;
aipllcatlims will be treated strictly conti
dentlal. L 407. Oregonian.
WANTED To borrow $1'500 to 12 months
on gilt-edne collateral; will pay 8 per
cent; no agents or brokers. O $67, Ore
gonian. I WANT a losn of 13000 on unimproved
gilt-eilKed security; no agents. N 393,
FOR SALE $13,000 equity in Eastern Ore
gon wheat farm ; first-class security ; 8
' per cent free of taxes. L 40S, oregonian.
WANTED To borrow ?:tl50 on Irvington
property. Call East 2017.
I WANT loan of $HOo on 6-room house and
4 lots, close In. Call 410 Failing bldg.
Propossds Invited.
ter's Office. Seattle. Wash.. Nov. 2, HviJ.
Sealed propowiTs. in triplicate, indorsed cn
cover. "Proposuls for Hay." and addreesel
to the undersigned will be received here
until 11 o'clock A. M., Pacltlc time, No
vember 10. HoS. and then opened for fur
nishing and delivering at Seattle, or Ta
coina. Wash., or other prominent railroad
points. tKMK tons Eastern Washington timo
thy hay, or equal, to conform to pec I loca
tions. Partial deliveries during December,
ims. the balance to be delivered during
January. February. March. 110. A guar
anty of 23 per cent of amount of bid mu.t
accompany proposal. Preference will be
given to articles of domestic production.
The right Is reserved to accept or reject
any or all bids or parts thereof, and to
increase or decrease- the above quantities
25 per cent. For further information and
blanks, apply to Quartermaster's A Rent,
Tacoma Wash; Dteburlng Quartermaster,
Portland. Or., or W. S. Wood, Major and
Ouartern'A-ter. U. S. Army, 322 Arcade
Annex. Seattle, Washlnnton.
Removal Not Ires,
The orlitinal Needlecraft Shop of Port
land, formerly located at Zb2 Washington
St., now on 6th, near Morrison.
ARCHITECTS, contractors, engineers, get
Pacific Builder & Engineer. 315 Ch. Corn.
Arnold A Co.. Main 7311. 331 4 Morrison st.
PRIVATE rooming-houe, 13 rooms; some
thing swell; price only $75; best part of
city; house i stri-:tly modern. large rooms,
beautiful vard. furniture Is the beat and
all new Axminster carpets, cost $3"0 alone;
furniture golden oak; If you want some
thinit g'od. ciean and cheap, see- thlp. We
have others.
H. W. GARLAND CO., 191 4th fft.
We w-ant a reiiahle man to act as foreman-
experience not necessary; will pay a
salary of 1"0 Pr month and large divi
dends on a small Investment. Call room
3U Lumber Exchange bldg., 2d and Stark
at a.
35 WELL-FURNISHED. neat. convenient
rooms In Vancouver. Wash.; rent reasona-b'e-
averaee income $330 iwr month: owner
Ttlrins; frcm buslnesw. For particula'.-s
Partlett, 12 Commerrlal bldg.. 2d and
Washington sts. Main fill 8. A SiS.
HT-INEi?S One of the bert in the city;
-til .a 1 1 nna.nn . r miflTSl. liruuin c-.r-n' it
month; this is gilt-edge.
at... i- au.-ast K7 CorhAtt
V ANTED At once, rooming-house on West
Fldfl -about 12 rooms: price not over $400;
cash deal; please phone us. A 1321 or
M.iin 13H3. H. W. Garland Co., 101 4th
One of the best locations in tho city;
rood lease and money maker. See us at
one if vou mean business. Particulars
622 Lumber Exchange bldg
ROOMIVO-HOVSB. 2H rooms, all full; nicely
furnished; clearing $130 a month: ffood lo
cation; rent $: 2-year lease; price $13o0.
420 Lumber Exchange.
WANTED Partner who desires to connect
himself with a legitimate growing busi
ness with success assured. P 393, Ore
gonian. $150 cash buys a rooming-houee clearing
good morey come early if you want this
bargain. tolay only. Morrln. 307 1st at.
PARTNER wanted: handle your own
money; $450 required. Room 3. 313 V
SPLENDID transient house for sale. 23
rooms, excellent condition. attractive,
clean, good lease. P 3&4, Oregonian.
FOR SALE Planing mill, worth $3000; no
opposition for 20 miles; close to Port
land. P 391. Oregoniam
HOTEL with 70 rooms; 5-lear lease; location
near railroad yards; 100 steady boardere;
terms. R 304. Oregonian.
A NICE, snappy little restaurant, doing a
business of $40 per day; this can be bought
below value at $l!MO. 027 Corbett bldpr.
WANTED A party with some capital to
invest in paying proposition of transient
house. P 3fr2, Oregonian.
RESTAURANT. $000; clearing $180 mo.;
nloe clean place, well lasted. Particular
101 4th st.
12 -ROOM housekeeping apartment; rooms
all full: will trade for small house and
lot 209 S 4th. Main 20S9.
OVER 143. 00O produced; Orejcon Gold Mine.
Stock salesman wanted. Liberal coramia
slon. M 4o6, Oregonian.
GROCERY Will sell cheap; $li!00 required.
Call 244 Stark st.
Co S" F rXT lONERV store?, all sizes and loca
tions. 323 Lumber Ezch&
PARTSKR. 2.vm, best lumber and lopping
proposition on Coast. O 307. Oregonian.
BARB EH SHOP outflt for sal. 64 6th, st.
10 roonn. exceptionally well arranged and
rewly furnished a few months ago, with the
te-t grade of Wilton velvet ana body Brus
sels carpets; mahogany aiwi blrdseye ma
ple furniture and everything else to corre
spona; splendid down-town location; clears
$70 per mouth over and above all ex
penses: price only $lo.V; easy term A
ff'S- Swetlaud bldg.. cor. Mh and asn.
IleT a business of about $100 per day
In a growing, prosperous bri?' T
cheap rent and long lease; itckneM ne
cessiratee sale at a mrlnro " .hlnt"
able terms; snap for some merchant.
Call for particulars.
417 and IS Corbett Bldg.
ELEGANTLY fumllied Oat 6 roms on
14th. near Morrison; mahogany r"1"1"6
Wilton carpets and rugs; 2 rooms rented
pays rent; bargain. t-
?:0 well furnished rooms, choice location-
rent 12.".; owner ill; must sell.
$t;75buys 13 new furnished rooms, choice
location; rent $:o. See quick.
ROYAL REALTY CO., 85 5ih. near Oak.
PARTNER for an established business that
has a large nd growing trade; nrat-claen
references given; will pay a salary of
per nionth on an Investment of
cash and the balance out of i the Jnesa.
W. Lawrence & Co.. .115 Lumber Exchange
bldg.. 2d and Stark st.
ONE-HALF interest in factory; no "PfJ'1
ence necessary: $200 salary and prow a
of 100 per cent; strck Invoices $4000,
If taken at once. $2.Vm: will accept part
security. Address W 3H6. Oregonian. Say
where you can be seen Best of relJ""
for selling and satisfactory wUh present
SPLENDID opportunity for party wishing
to enter mercantile business in a me.
p.osperous city of 7,000 population; .ow
rent; paved btreets. and stock and fix
tures can be had at a sacrifice if taken
at once. Cash deal. Address B 4W,
care Oregonian.
The Ames Mercantile Agency (estab
lished 1S8S) furnishes free Information on
opportunities In mercnantUe or manufac
turing lines, city or country.
403-4-3 Swetiand Bldg.
$10,000 PARTNER to take half Interest in
one of the best known and profitable
businesses in Portland. This Is a genu
ine snap for the right man wltlt the ca-th-This
business will :ay you $10,000 an
nually. Spencer A Co., 103 Second st.
HOTEL PARTNER Owner of over 130-room
steam-heated hotel will sell one-half inter
est to reliable party who will manage
same; 111 health forces owner out of the
city; price and terms to suit. W7 tor
bett bldg. .
P A KTN B R wan t-ed for rest au ran t ; owner
does the cooking and wants steady man to
look after the help, be cashier, etc.; will
pav you -!5 week; experience unnecessary,
little money required. Call 24SU, Stark st.
PROMINENT real estate dealer has ftne
opening for young man with little money
to keen office and show prrorty. German-American
Realty Co-, 343 Wash
ington st. Room 3.
ONE of the best real estate offices in the
citv: central location: doing a tine busi
ness: man can make from $300 to 3R0 per references given and required, b-i
Corbett bldg. -
ESTABLISHED employment office, doing
over $'-' monthly, will sell half interest
to youn man for ?!7',. German-Amer-lrn
Realty Co.. 343 Washington st.
Room 3. .
FOR SALE Lease and furniture new hotel,
rood country town; furniture new;
rooms, bath, electric lights; cheap rent;
house full. $350 cash, balance $-0 per
month. B 4S, oregonian.
FOR SALE Partly cash, a 5-roomed house,
with suitable attic for 2 rooms; wired and
fixtures lor electric liRhts, and 3 lots In
fruit 2 blocks sou t h f rom M t . Scott
cariiiie. Gray's Crossing. O. Benson.
AN opportunity of merit paying ove.r. JW,?2.
cent on an investment of f43oO. with $1310
accumulated dividends, for pat lo months;
will seil at discount. Room 3. S43 Wash
ington st.
80 ROOMS, ft-year lease, modern, elevator
service and steam heat; a money maker
and a snap. . .
J 7 rooms, well located, and a bargain
for cash. J 377. OroRonian.
PARTNER wanted to work in store; owner
will guarantee active man a good salary,
also profits; very little money required.
Call 248- Stark st.
BOOTBLACK stand for sale. long lease;
will make fine location for cigar stand;
this opportunity won't last long. Par
ticulars 523 Lumber Exchange bldg.
WE can locate you In paying business, be
fore buying be sure and aee us. Kinney A
Stampher. 531-32 Lumber Exchange bldg.
Main 44Stl
OWNER will sell best paying drugstore in
Seattle at invoice; located at transfer
corner that is right for the A. Y. P
Falr. $4000. B 403. Oregonian.
MANUFACTURING Working partner want
ed; pay you $3 day wages, also big profits;
experience unnecessary; little money re
quired. Call 248 Stark st.
RESTAURANT lunch counter, owner leav
ing city and will sacrifice for $500;
cash: will trade for balance. Call o3
Lumber Exchange bldg.
A BARGAIN If taken at once; flrrt-class meat
market, complete fixtures; doing good cash
business; wishing to change climate, poor
health in family. M 408. Oregonian.
FOR SALE First-claps transient roomlng clearing over $400 per month; price
$4lur cash $2230. balance $130 per month.
FRARY & FEITZ. 132 &th at.
LRGE, private boarding and roomlng
'house, large dining-room and 2Ji rooms
fully occupied; rent reasonable, witn z
year lease. Sigel A Co., 33-. Morrison st.
$100 CASH and services will put oung
man Into business making $4 to $ a
dav. German-American Realty Co., 343'
Washington st. Room 3-
ANex7eptlnnnI business opening for a
capable man; established business; $2500
required; substantial salary. N at .
Oregonian. .
PARTY with $1000 and services can secure
permanent position with corporation that
will pay good Salary and dividends; in
vebtigate. YV 3S3. Oregonian. -
A GOOD rooming-house to trade for a good
lot or lots, and pay difference; also one
to sell on terms to right party. 272
Stark St.
FOR SALE Corner grocery, long lease,
low rent, doing business of from $3000 to
$:;500 monthly; see owner. Address N
3. Oregonian.
A CONFECTIONERY In the heart of the
city that ia doing a big business, will be
sold 2U'er cent below invoice. 1172 Stark
FURNISHED 6-room cottage. West Side,
cost $500; will take $300 If sold this week;
$18 rent. 20' 4th st. Main 2039.
AMERICAN Bank A Trust Co. stock for
sale or exchange. Apply A. K. Bent
ley. 517 Chamber of Commerce.
RESTAURANT, Invoice $1000, good down
town location, cheap rent; will sacriilce
for $330. Young, 512 Gerllnger bldg.
WANTED A good paying restaurant In
a good location ; must have lease. O
386, Oregonian.
A GOOD lunch counter and restaurant for
sale on North Bank Road. Address E.
Boyle, Camas. Wash.
Telephone and other bonds bought and
sold. The Fletcher Co., 125 Abington.
WANTED Restaurant, good location; trial
required; give lowest cash price. L 404,
FOR SALE Candy factory doing nice busi
ness. Apply 1 Saoi L. Beary. 323 Mor
rison st.
PRINTING plant for sale cheap; presses
and type in good condition. Address H
403, Oregonian.
SALOON Rent and license paid to Jan. 1;
good location and $500 takes It. 821 Board
' of Trade. '
POTATOES, applee-. eggs, etc. ; old-estan-Ilshedi
store; opening for active man with
$.130. Call 24SL. S.ark st.
FOR SLE A good paying tailor store, not
far from city. Call at 202 Yamhill st.
A GROCERY snap to trade for good lots or
any good property. 272 Stark st.
GROCERY STORE, cheap for cash; sick
ness, and must Bell. M 404. Oregonian.
FOR best printing cheap, see Dixon. 215
Oregonian bldg. Phone A 3702.
AN EXCEPTIONAL proposition on a good
res au rant. 1019 Board of Trade.
6J6-ti:7-ta Corbett blcig.
Ma'n 3517. A 27-72.
Business Investments. .Roomlng-hou-e-.
Real Estate and Timber.
Investore If you are looking for a first
class business, we have a number that will
bear the closest Investigation; call and sea
our list of hotels, rooming-hou?es, genet al
stores, bakerie. butcher shops, barber
shops, drugstores, wholesale and commis
sion businesses, confectionery and cwrar
stores, groceries, ealoons and almost any
business you may desire.
62A-627-0-& Corbett bldpr.
If so, see us. We can offer you some
of the bt opportunities on the market
for large or small amounts. Call and
get our list before Investing.
8 D. H. SMITH & CO..
523 Lumber Exchange Bldg.
For sale by owner, 33 elegant furnished
rooms. brick building. all on second
floor, two entrances, no better location for
transient trade, clears $400 over expenses
a month; rooms always full; low rent,
long lease; vou run no chances on tnis.
$nO cash, balance long time. We owner
at once; good reason for gelling, tnfr ia.
22 rooms, elegantly furnished with Bige
low Axminster carpets and finest kind of
furniture; all exceptionally large outside
rooms; fneam heat, hot and cold water; A
porcelain baths, excellent location and a big
money-maker; $S5o will handle this.
608-9 Swetland bldg., cor. 5th and W aan.
We have some of the choicest rooming
houses in. the city, all sizes and prices,
now to the time to buy. See Chapman,
417 Board of Trade bldg.
One of the best on Washington st
good trade and low rent; good money
maker; other business compels the owner
to sell; prico JfiOO.
417 and 18 Corbett Bldg.
Invest with us and get results: don t
howl your head off about the rich get
ting richer and the poor Pr"
lar a week will get you an Income. Ask
the man." Butterworth Stephenson Co.,
Inc.. 33 Lafayette bldg., 6th and Wash.
M. 8320. ,
D general store i.i suburb, carries a
aple stock of about $3000 ard does a
lSmess. of $40,000 to $.V,ooo per year
steadily increasing good opportunity for
a business man to acquire a n".8"
business. The Ames j.rtni.o -.- .
40,1 Swetland bldg. '
y, interest in gocd manufacturing busi
ness; will pay you ?200 per month above
all expenses and getting better all the
tinte; price $2000.
417 and IS Corbett Bldg.
WANTED Middle-aged man for suburban
home; one who understands care of gar
den and cows; state whether single or
married, ar.d give phone number; must
furnish references. Address T JS5, Ore
gonian. REAL ESTATE office doing good business
which we can show to the right party;
want a partner; cannot attend to office
ami outside alone; the right man can
make good money with me. Call &-3
Lumber Exchange bldg.
GROCERY We have grocery store at in
voice in good location, doing big business.
Western Land Co., 417 Board of Trade
FAMILY HOTEL 33 bedroom". 20 bath
rooms; be?t location In Tacima. in course
of construction; ready February to lease
to an exp. party with means to elegnntiy
furnish .the same. Guy Syford. Tacon.a.
WANTED Capable man with from $1000 to
$3000, good salary, in manufacturing con
cern, just started. Articles needed In
every home, patent applied for. Large
profits. Address M .100. Oregonian.
ROOMING-HOUSE. 22 rooms. $1100: brick.
West Side. central: business section;
cheap rent; no indebtedness; no other
business Investment produces equal monay.
V 377, Oregonian.
We can give you a special prioe on any
mining stock or bond? F. J. Catterlia A
Co room 3 Chamber of Commerce.
SACRIFICE First -class restaurant; w ill
invoice $000. Owner leaving. Will take
$400 cash. German-American Realty
Co.. 843 W Washington Jt. Room 3.
A FINE, opportunity for a young man to
get into a feed store business on 2 much
traveled streets in suburb; investigate. P
3i, Oregonian.
PHYSICIAN of 15 years' experience wants
location in Oregon or partnership, not
afraid of drives or night work. R S-',
CIGAR STORE, doing nice business, clearing
over $100 per mo.; will sell cheap on ac
count of sickness in family. Particulars
417 Board of Trade bldg.
FOR SALE One-half Interest In a first
class legitimate manufacturing business;
$330 cash. Immense profits. 231 Mar
ket st.
HERE Is a good chance to get a half inter
est in one of the most popular dyeing and
cleaning houses in the city; $430 will buy
it. B 404. Oregonian.
STRICTLY legitimate proposition to offer
party with $1300 to invest. This pays
high rate o interest and salary. Call
room 626-7 Lumber Exchange
ELEGANT furnishings of small boarding
house In swell district fr sate at big sac
rifice. See this. Young, 512 Gerlmger
PARTY to take cash and assist will pay
ing lunch counter and restaurant, clearing
$130 monthly: small amount required. ts5
5th. near Oak.
FURNITUE business doing good business
for sale cheap; long lease; cheap rent;
best location. The Dollar, 232 lat, near
WANTED A good rooming-house of 10 to
20 rooms; must be well located and a
paying proposition and cheap foij cash.
Geo. W. Turner, Rothchild bldg.
WANT a man with $2O00 to have control
of a money-making, new business. R 3S4,
A GOOD paying restaurant in a good loca
tion, will be sold below invoice if taken
eoon. 272 Stark st. -
BAKERY One of the bert in the city; run
ning 10 wagons; will sell all or part; this is
a cracker-jack.. 627 Corbett bldg.
MOVING-PICTURE theater for sale or
trade: a ftioe place and a money maker,
call evenings. S. R., 388 7th st.
OVER $43.O00 produced; Oregon Gold Mine
Stock salesman wanted. Liberal commis
sion. M 406. Oregonian.
H 4RXESS SHOP for sale; good locality;
will sell stock alone, or building. Address
J B. GiUam, Silver Lake. Or.
WANTED A partner for a half interest in
a good real estate business; will stand the
closest investigation. 272 Stark st.
NICE business for lady. $375. grocery, etc..
rent $10. Angeles Trust Company. .326
Washington st.. room 417.
SUBURBAN grocery and feed store; $100
daily salea. Call 248 Stark et.
WANTED A good real estate salesman; no
money required. M 403. Oregonian.
BAKERY for sale, good store trade, no
wagon. 340 Front St.
GERMAN, French, Bpanish and other for
eign textbook and literature a specialty.
A. W. Echmale Co., 229 lat st.
LADIES, for a good skin-cleanser and facial
treatment, cail at 2454 Washington st
room 21.
MRS SOPHIA B. SEIP, mental scientist.
Jiui AHsky bldg.. hours 10 to 8- Public lec
tures Wednesday, 8 P. M. Main 28S3.
flO PRINTED business cards, $1; 100 vtslt
lnc cards. 60c. Scbmale. 220 1st.
A PERMANENT cure for piles. "Hemlock
Salve." Woodard. Clarke A Co.
BALM OF FIGS for all fema.e dlseasea 660
Glisan at. Main 8215.
PACIFIC Introducing Club for jonely single
people; circular loc. 22-t 1st st.
M0LE6. wrinkles, superfluous hair removed.
Mrs. M. D. Hill. $30 F.'iedner bldg. -M. 473.
.154 Montgomery st. AU mental and nerv
ous disease treated; the whisky, morphine,
opium and cocaine habits cured in 4S!
bours; we guarantee nu pain or suffering;
no money u.itil cured and thoroughly sat
isfied. Call and investigate our met nod
of treatment, the- fundamental principle
of which is the destruction of that crav
ing wnich prompts the desire for tne drug
or stimulant. Phone A 3tl'2:.
maternity hospital, where ladies can have
the bee. care at reasonable and auy
physician they choowe. L-tfice 3.-b Merchants
Trust bldg., ii2tj WasrUg-on st. Phone
Mam 77 w- JJr. Isabel. e Mackte.
SWEDISH trained nurse, Heinngfoi. gradu
ate, cures rheumaLLism. stomach troubles
ani nervous disorders by baud rubbing;
steam awetU and tub baths; both exes.
7 East llih St., one door Irom Est Aa
keny car. Phones Ea-t 2t-D. Home B 18u3.
SWEDISH hospital, 435 Market, cor. lth
general hospital for all nervous and
enronic diseases and maternity cases;
Swedish massage, hydropathic and -slee-
trie treatment, all modern appliances. N.
A. Nisbeth, Supt. Mam 7o3J. A 1...
kirk, electrical institute, cure ail curable
diseases; even the dea and dumb are cur-
able with the Fowler system of applying
electricity. No cure, no .,5w ilor"
ibon St., room So. Phone M. JUL
SUITS pressed: whl.e you wait, 50c. To vis
itors of Purtlap.- hotels and to public at
large. Suits press-d a: -0c at Gilbert, the
tailor's 00 6Ui .. next to Oxford Hotel.
Ladies' akirts pressed. 50c. Feathers and
boa-i cleaned and curled. Pbone Main Jt.
AS A HOLMES RIBBECKE. reliable skin
specialist; blemishes, wrinkles and small
pox pits removed; hairdressing, manicur
ing and dermatology taught; largest stock
of hair goods in the West at cut prices.
Parlors. Grand Loader.
YOU can't work when you don't siesp
well; Palmo Tablets make you sleep and
give you steady nerves; Soc a box.
boxes $2.50. AU drusiists, or addr. ttw
J A Clemenson Drug Co., Portland.
LADIES Ask your druggist for Chichesters
Diamond Brand Pills. For 2- years known
Si the best, safest. Reliable. Take no other.
Chichefters Diamond Brand Pli- are soid
by druggists everywhere.
YOUR eyes may need attention for diseased
conditions or glasses; we tit glasses right
and treat eyes, ears or catarra in any
form. Impondero-Therapy Co., 508 Mer
chants Trust bldg.. $20 Wash, et.
Treated and cured of all acute and
chronic diseases, lady physician assistant.
Columbia Sanitarium. Raleign bldg., cor.
Gth aud Washington sts.
MFX whatever your disease or lnnrrnliiei
iliay be our specialist for men will give
vou the pioper treatment. Impondero
Therapy Co.. 3-8 Merchants Trust bias-
S26Vj Waeh. sL
DRESS suits for rent, all sizes; $1.50 month
keeps your clothes cleaned, pressed, but.on
sewed on. rips sewed. Prompt calls and de
Tvrie: Unique Tailoring Co., 309 Stark.
MIDDLE-AGED lady with her own home,
wishes to correspond with elderly man
with means, object matrimony. Address
Mrs. Minnie Riley, Arleta. Oregon.
LADIES no difference what your ailments
may be. see cur lady physician. Piailt
for women. lmpondero-'I herapy Co.. 5iS
Merchants Trust bSdg.. 3204
DR SANDERSON CO. Savin and Cotton
t," . nrfl rained v for delayed po-
riods. $2 per box or S boxes for $5
Pierce, 211 Alisky bldg.. 20o Morri
T. J.
DK-IRABLE company found for lonely
ueOLle. cither sex; &00 to select from;
photos on file; register 10c. Portland
Introducing Bureau. 211 Alisky bldg.
Mme Court wright. akin and scalp treat
merts facial deformities corrected; plastic
surgery. 225 Fllcdner bidg. M. 5042, A 2u6Q.
LOST powers restored by Dr. Lorens' Nerve
Tonic Tablets. 23c box. Eyssell's phar
macy, 2Sa Morrison st.. and 5th.
LADIES Whatever ycux ailment, call on
Dr. Ketchum. graduate; advice free.
170i 3d st. Main 8770.
JUST opened, ladles' barber shop. 6S 4th
St., bet. Oak and Plne
IUKT Large white English setter dog,
round black spot on head and two on
bodv; last seen Saturday night; llrensa
number 02. Return to Mrs, Herbert
Augur. 603 Northrup St. Phone Main 7jU0,
and receive reward.
IF the gold purse and diamond locket found
at Portland Hotel parlors Saturday after
noon are returned to Oregonian office im
mediately, no question will be a?ked,
otherwise party will be prosecuted.
LOST Black silk-lined overcoat, kid gloves
In pocket, either on Montgomery, Park,
Jefferson or 12th st.; reward for return
to owner at U2l Montgomery st. Phone
,v 4isa.
TAKEN from 3KI East Pine st. October
31, St. Bernard dog, 6 months old; an
swers to name 'Barney." License No.
43;j. Reward return to above addres.
LOST Gold fraternity pin, pet with pearls,
turquoise and diamond, lost Saturday
afternoon. Liberal reward 1 returned to
410 Chamber of Commerce.
FOUND Where hair mattresses are reno
vated, returned same day. 228 Front.
. Main 474, A 1.174. Portland Curled Hair
Factory. H. uletzger.
$5 FOR return of dog stolen or coaxed
away from vacant lot, 14th st. North;
collie and shepard; color white and light
brown. 42 14th N-
LOST In :ity Park. Lewis & Clark gold
dollar brooch; reward. Room 3, Chamber
of Commerce.
LOST Lady's gold watch, initials J. C in
leather case; also jade belt buckle. Return
the Jeffersonian, apartment 22; reward.
LOST Black and white Lewellyn setter
dog; lame in left, hind foot; reward. Main
2Ttl. 2-"V0 tark st.
LOST Saturday afternoont horseshoe pin
set with pearls. Return- H. M. Kapus,
Gas Co., ; reward.
LOST Friday afternoon, coin purse con
taining $15 in gold. Phone Main 644,7
L(j9T Small gold locket, with initials E.
W. H. on front. O KVl. Oregonian.
Accoiud rants.
Commercial, County and Municipal.
Auditing, Investigating and Systematizing.
324 Worcester Block. Phone Main 6307.
ADOLF SCHULZ. public accountant. 302
Commercial bliig id and Washington sta.
Phones, Main 1S13, A 4345.
Accordion Plaiting.
MISS O. GOULD, 335 Morrison, cor. 7th. Ac
cordion and knife pleating and pinking.
Architects and Builders.
H. C. MORRIS, architect. Plans, speelfica
cations and guaranteed estimates furnished.
403 Corbett bldg. Main 342U. . A 3420.
SEE Johnson about bungalows. 204 Mo
hawk bldg. A 4321.
Assayers and Analysts.
622 Worcester bldg., 3d and Oak. M 5980.
Wells A Proebstel, mining engineers, chem
ists and assayers. 24 Washington st.
PAUl'baUMELa arsayer and analyst. Gold
dust bought. 207 Aider BL
and ore-testing work. 186 Morrison iL
DR. E. O. SMITH, mining engineer, 40 years'
experience. 266 Stark st.
DAVE M. DONOUGH. 2S-29 Washington
bldg., 4tn ana asningiun. Aiiiin in
LEROY LOMAX, attorney at law, 615-16
Swetland bldg. Phone Main ilkH.
EMMONS A EMMONS have removed taw
offices to 909-913 Board of Trade bldg.
Bicycle and Electrical Repairing.
EL AM SHAW Bicycle, gasoline, engine and
electrical repairing. 320 Stark t,
Commission Merchant a.
TAYLOR, YOUNG & CO., chip brokers, com
mission merchant. Sherlock bldg.. Portland.
Carpet Cleaning.
THE IONE Steam Carpet-Cleaning Works;
carpets cleaned, refitted and laid. R. F.
Shepard. manager. B 2230. Eaat 360.
wi-ns . art from old carpet: alo colonial
rues woven. Northwest Rt?g Works. 153
Union ave. East 35SO. B I2.SO.
CARPETS refitted, sewed and laid, first
class work guaranteed. Phone Tabor 123.
DR. T. P. WISE, removed to 326H Wash. St.
cor. 6th. Main M'tiO.
WM DEVENY and Estellt, Deveny. th
only ssoientitic chlronoQisia In the city. Par
lori 302 Geiltnger bids-. S. W. cor. 2d anj
Alder. Phoue Main 130L
GRADUATE chiropodist, manicurist, scajp
specialist; superiluous hair removed bj
young lady. S and 0 Raleigh bldg.
Chiropody and Pedfcurlng -Mrs. M D- H!IU
room S30 Flledner bid,;. Phone Main 34.3,
CHIROPODY, manicuring. Mrs. F. K- Duni
ton. room 1, Ins Apartments. $62 3d st.
Detective Agencies.
THE Tfciel Detective Service Co. We ar
especially equipped witn experiencea rosii.
2cu Chamber of Commerce bidg. M. 836. A.
243. D. L. Clouee, manager.
pt. Phone Main HHil. v. e get esui..
Eye, Kar, Nose and Throat Specialist.
DR. F. F. CASSEDAY, glasses fitted. lun4
treated. Main 5sl3. 313 Dekum bldg.
YOU are a stenogranher. It will pay you
to investigate tins advantages of civil
service training under a civil service ex
aminer. Cull r telephone the Holme
Bune-s College. Washington and loth.
PRIVATE tutoring, either preparatory o
college work. 2i Tenth st. Main 4614.
PRIVATE pupils wanted; grammar and
mary grades. 211 Park sL
Hurness and Saddlery.
THE George Lawrence Co., wholesale iad
aie ami uuiucm iuuhb. -- - -
St. Phone Main H4U2-
Junk, Hides and Pelts.
L. SHANK A CO.. purchasers of hides, pelts,
wool, luis, tullow, old rubbers, uieuiis au4
sacks. 312 Front st.
Leather and 1-tndings.
tablished 1S5S. Learner cud tindlttfia;
Stockton sole leather and cut stock; fuil
line Eu-iteiu Jumbos. 18U Front st.
CHAS. L. MA STICK & CO.. 74 Front. loathf
of evry description, tap. lufrs' iludlnua.
Mngazine Agencies.
GAGE'S MAGAZINE Agency for the best
clubbing offers. 2 ItaU-igh bldg.
.Mechanical Draughtsmen.
HAVE an Idea? A. Straub develop! In
ventions and makes moo els; consult him.
Phoned: A So J6 and Main bJ4U. Rod
6.0 Powell si.
A GRADUATE in music from Europe will
give music lessons, residence. .iu6 North
2od. l'hone A 2-15.
LADY pianist at parties; lessons at pupils'
homes, 1. 02 S E. Couch, l'hone B 12.6.
EMU. TlilELHOttN. violin teacher, pupil ofl
Sevcik. A 41bO. Pine &-14. Main S045.
M. C. SMITH, teacher of piano. 402 SalmoV
st. Main 1MJ. Beginners a specialty.
BAND instruments, room 204 Tourney bid.
2d and Taylor. U .Seiberiing
GUITAR, banjo, mandolin school; violin and
piano. 4- Columbia st.
Osteopatlilo Physicians.
415-16-17 Dekum Bldg.,
Third and Washington Sta
Phone, office. Main 340. res., E. 102SL
Paints. Oils and Glass.
RASMUSSEN & CO.. JobDers. paints, oils,
glass, saah and doors Cor. 2d and Taylor,
Portland office. 402-3-4 Worcester block.
WARREN Construction Co.. street paving,
sidewalks aud crossings. 314 Lumber
Patent and Pension Attorneys.
R. c WRIGHT, domestic and foreign pat
ents; infringement cases. 604 Dekum.
J. J. HIRSH HEIMER. pension and patenO
attorney, rooms 20-21 Lab be bldg.
Photo Engravers.
PERFECT printing plates. Hicks-Chatted
Engraving Co., corner 2d and Alder sta
public Stenographers.
H C. EDWARDS, 615 Swetland. Main 87S.
Rapiu, accurate, K-gal, medical, mining,
engineering, commercial stenographic woi
DOCIA V. WILLI TS, oUO Swetland bldg.
5th and Wash. Phone Main ai4.
. t
MISS IDA CON ANT,- room 602 Lumber Ex
change bldg. Phone Main 4077.
AGNES PARSUNS, 0L2 Couch bldg., 4th.
between Wash, and Stark. Main 7355.
Koiding, Cornices and Sky lights.
6th. P. J. MJtiuh-n, E. M. Sharkey. M 5243
Rubber Stamps.
at trade checks and all office goods. P
D. C. Co.. 2-1 Stark st. Both phunes 1407,
San Fruncisco Hotels.
when in San Francisco, stop at the WIN
CHESTER HOTEL. 3d st.. near Market.
5,0 -ooms. Free 'bus. free baths. Single
?oSme EE day; family. 1 up. Rolkin A
Sharp, proprietors-
DAVIS SAFE & LOCK CO.. Dlebold safe
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Storage and Transfer.
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phone M- 7514.
Front st- Phono Main 62. A 1162.
KADDERLY Transfer & Storage Co., Ill N4
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STANDARD Wood Co., H47 East Stark
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Wholesale Jobbers.
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Portland, Oregon.
No interest paid on accounts