Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 25, 1908, Page 15, Image 15

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Hoawkeepliir Rooms.
ruv RiiVFH 1 2r h nd Marshall sts.
newly furniJ-hed. fully equipped for house
keeping, incluatnc rane, free use
of electric lights, hcc water, bath large
reception room and laundry room; beaut i mnA vorudAi surroondlnc the
building. Furnished apartments from fl
up; a i so ! n g ie rooms ; wiui uuu i ; r wu
venlenceat. per week up. There Is
nothing In comparison in the city for the
monty. This place will bear inspection.
Bhort distance from Union Depot. Take
"8" or 16th -st- cars going north, get off
at Marshall su Phone .Main oi. -o aog.
A LARGE. well-furnished housekeeping
room, suitable for man and wife or two
ladles: electric lights, bath, phone: price
$10; also two large pleasant uniurmsneu,
hair bunmtnt rooms: llitht and bath; $10;
close In on East fiide, near car. Phone
Hell wood 1109.
yU'ELT furnished 4-room apartment: new
building, strictly modern, private phone and
bath, electric elevator. The Buell Apart
ments. 14th and Salmon.
a irs Twt hnmskfirnlnf rooms, furnished,
light, heat, phone, bath free, Main 4482.
.07 Hherman.
WHEN TOU MOVE you always) need SOME)
BUY AT NO-RKNT prices; the sav
Irv will exceed rnat of movlna.
rupv one-half: collect rent on balance.
Grand ave. and EL Stark. Phone East 2929.
FOR RENT A 7-room modern house with
good new barn and chicken-house; 5 nice
n fntef! in: olentv of shrubbery.
fnilt. roses, lawn, nice garden, plenty Jif
vegetables, potatoes, etc. ; chickens fs
a:e. Apply to O'Brien Realty Co., McKay
1,1 VnMrn imni flat. newlT nalnted and
tinted, -walking distance, 134 North 18th
St.. between Gllsan and Flanders. Apply
Dooly A Co.. 1117 -ttoara 01 .irao-e.
Phone Main 1651.
FOR RENT 9-room modem house, cor. 6th
nd Mont mmftrv tn - rent 75 Der month;
references required. Morris Bros, room
9 Chamber or commerce nmg.
FOR RENT New -room house, comer of
East lth and Stark, all modern, :.
K. Pfluger A Co., room 14 Mulkey bid..
L'a ana Jdorrison sts.
1S McFaxJand's new bungalow. Myrtle Park;
2 lots, electricity, bath. Mount Scott car.
Wells, agent, Stewart Station.
FOR RENT Good 8-room modern house.
v est wiae on otn su x. .
221 H Morrison st.
IRVINGTON For rent, 9-room modern
house, carpets for saie. do tu. ia it
Phone East 1094.
S5 rt'RTOMERS waiting for vacant unfur
nished fiata or small steam-heated apart
ments. 8 or 10 rooms. C sru, oregonian.
wAnvnv Mttari. T roomL rent 110. Wood
lawn. C N Griffith. E. 13th and Belle-
vue ave. Phone wooaiawn -t.o.
MODERN 8-room corner house, walking dis
tance. 395 11th. Inquire 427 Harrison.
Thone Main 2554.
8-ROOM house,, fireplace, good
lawn, .near schools. S 1780. 753 E. Burn
side. MODERN 6-room bouse, 893 San Rafael at.,
near Union ave. Inquire &99 Hancock.
Phones East 1885. C 1491.
$16 MODERN" 7-room house, newly tinted;
1 block from car. The Conant Realty Co.,
Room 5. 250 Alder St.
FOR RENT ft-room, house, modern, walk
ing distance, rnt 30. Phooe mornings,
Main 705.
t)E9TR ABLE cottage, with good grounds,
on Brooklyn oarllna. Inquire 115 Ablng
ton hldg.
I41NE-ROOM housv. large grounds. T15 East
Madison. See J. E. Werleln. City Treas
urer, for particulars.
X MODERN 6-rootn house, furnace, 3 fire
places, electricity, gas, rent S32.50. Apply
room 801 Dekum.
TWO J-story modern houses, Bast 8th St..
bet. Sherman and Caruthers. Apply 400
East Sherman st.
tiODERX 7-room house; good location: rent
$22.50. Inquire 12 Gaines st. S car.
Main 6818.
IX) you want to rent a. house? See us: we
mar be able to locate you. Hartman
Thompson. Chamber of Commerce.
MODERN cottage. B rooms, new,
quire 4 Tillamook.
120. In-
(ROOM cottage.
20th and Clinton. Main
6-ROOM house, bath and gas. 328 Sherman
St. John Barbey, 171 4th.
MODERN 3 -room house. Clay st., between
7th and Park; S2S. Phone Main 343L
MODERN. 0 rooms, gas. electricity.
8:. 2 Clinton st. "WL-R- car.
4-ROOM cottage for rent, S12
N. 14th sC
Inquire 106
MODERN 8-room house. block from car.
Inquire 24S Hamilton ave.
ROOMS. S27.50. 349 Market (at Park). Key
next door, or 303 Mohawk bldg.
5-ROOM modern, good yard. West Side,
walking distance. 48 Clay, near 14th at.
BRAND new strictly up-to-date cottage with
fireplace. 845 E. Pine.
N PTW modem -room house.
Couch. Phone East tt7.
East 24th and
MODERN 5-room cottage,
st. Phone East 5141.
010 E. Burn side
5-ROoM cottage, 295
quire 349 Grant at.
Sacramento st. In-
KOrsK, No. 5 OMsen will be for rent
about Oct. 1. Apply at drugstore.
COTTAOB on Commercial at.
Sellwood 3.
TOR RENT House, T rooms, Front at.
Furnished Houses.
VET J-FI"RN1PHED cottage. J20; lower flat.
or $13 and $11 unlurnteied: furnished
hnuftke-p1ng room. 2 for $H. 3 fr $15; all W Side river. Apply room 31,
S14 Washington at.
FOR RF1NT Well furnished 7-room house; re
ception hall. 4 bedrooms, piano, etc; will
lease for number of months. Inquire 788
E- Salmon. Phone B. S244.
: FRTVATB home. 10 rooms, nicely furnished;
walking distance; best residence district;
hot water heat, strictly modern: garage;
will lease six months or year. Phone C 1439.
' 6-ROOM lower flat, with fireplace and yard,
2S; references required, inquire 2t0 Stout
St., corner Madison. Phone Main 5853.
COMPLETELY furnished house. 8 rooms,
Irvlngton. $5 per month, phone, fore
noons. E. 8640.
FOR RENT Good 4 -room house, furnished,
$15 per month. Call 21 Mid burn St.. Kern
Park. Mount Scott cax.
FOR RENT ft-room furnished flat In best
part of city. Phone Main 8436, or oall 730
Irving st.
THREW or 4-room flat: bath and gas. 514
R. 21st et. W.-R. car.
FVRNISH '0 7-room house In Irvlngton. Ad
dress L 251, care Oregon lan.
House for Rent Furniture for Bale.
$250 Elegant mission library table, rockers,
dining set, new. complete furnishings, mod
ern 5-room flat: walking distance; rent
flat If desired. $25- 65 E. 15th.
SNAP 5 rooms: velvet carpets; west upper
flat. 409 Yamhill: $350: next Elton Court;
also furnished 5-room cottage, suburban.
FURNITURE of 6-room house. Including
steel range, hot water tank and bath;
$125. rent $t0. 09 70th st., Mt. Tabor.
FOR SALE Furniture of a 6-room fiat, close
In. $,n: call at 170 4 10th st.. or phone
Main 6237 for location and terms.
6-ROOM Tat for rent, part of furniture for
sa'e. 352 Jackson.
FURNITURES of 5 rooms, on ground floor. 290
12th at.
$27 50 RENT for 7-room house; furniture
JM. Ab'l Market.
FOR SVLE or rent, furnished rooming
house. 74 7th st. N. E. cor. Oak.
N IE furniture of 6-room f'.at: reasonable.
1 .!" ism Dfu iayior ana yamhiu.
SPOT cash paid for your furniture; prompt
1 STORE in well-located business block on
Williams ave.; iow rent. Appiy .
t'arter. 712 Williams ave. Phone East
Pl'ITABI.B 'r tn'lor or cloak house. Id
-sioor, Washington at. xront. us bwetiana.
4-STORT brick building and basement. BOX
100. with large e'ectric elevator, on 1st st,,
between Taylor and Salmon. Suitable for
wholesale or retail business. Apply to
W. E. Grace care or Commercial Club.
FOR RENT December 1. 4-atory and base
ment, brick store building, 100x165, 8. B.
corner Front and Pine sts. ; also large
dock In rear, 100x200. Apply to C A.
Dolph, Mohawk bldg.
FOR RENT Large two-story and bsseroent
building; long lease; nominal rent. Chlopeck
Fish Co.
FOR RENT October 1, storeroom. 48 1st.
Ftne location for nickel odion. Apply up
TH REE-story and basement building, good
for wholesale or warehouse, 4000 square
feet with elevator. Apply R- H. Strong,
710 Corbet t bldg.
Bet location. $10 and up.
Desk room. $5 and up.
SOS 8 wet land bldg., 5th and Washington.
GROUND floor desk room, furnished or un
furnished. Including both phones. 'Seng
stake A Lyman, 90 5th at.
ONE large front room. McAlpln. 129 7th,
bet. Washington aad Alder-
DESK room for let; reasonable. 409 Couch
THE) AUDITORIUM. 208H 3d st., large of
fices, suitable for any business.
FOR RENT A few offices In Couch bldg.
Apply room m.
LOST Pointer nun. both sides of head
and ears brown, with brown spot on top
'of head, brown spot on side and root of
tali; about 0 montns oia- r inaer return
to S. J. Carney. D. V. S., 266 Gllsan st..
and receive liberal reward.
LOST White Lewellyn setter, black on
back near tail, black ears, race mostly
brown; about 2 years old. Finder will be
rewarded by notuying si. jrieiscnner, 24
Salmon st.
LOST Sorrel horse, white spot on fore
head, weight 1200 lbs., rope burn on left
front root; scar on insiae or ieis nina
foot; $25 reward. Gustav Tucfel. R. F. L.
No, foruana.
FOUND Where hair mattresses are reno
vated, returned same day. 228 Front.
Main 474, A 1374. Portland Curled Hair
actory. xi. aietzger.
LOST A crescent brooch diamond pin. Lib
eral reward. Return to 293 Morrison St.,
Mrs. A. N. Wright.
LOST Great Dane dog, brlndle, ears cut
pointed. Return biC Market. I'hone a
4316. Reward.
iiht rn iTnion ave.. near Weidler St.. plain
gold cuff link; Initials F. S. B.; finder
please return to uregonian oince; rcwaxa.
LOST Bent em her 1ft. lady's gold cuff hut
ton; letter K on face. Phone Tabor I8O0;
LOST A Rambler wheel: taken from North
Central School Monday afternoon ; finder
please return to the school nouse; rewara.
LOST Female English setter, name Nellie
spotted black and wnite; rewara. w aar
ket st.
FOUND A bracelet. Call 82 4tb st. Mr.
Arnold ft Co.. Main 7311. 351 H Morrison at.
PARTNER Half interest !n a strictly cash
business that will pay a salary of $30 per
week ; experience not necessary. t ne
bufiines Is easily learned and satisfaction
guaranteed. For particulars call room 315
Lumber .tatcnange oiag- -a sou cmr bib.
We have the best 12 -room rooming
house In the city, residence on 12th t.,
very" best class of roomers; hot water
neat; clearing oo aoove rem; owuwr mv
lng; must sell quick. 627 Corbett bldg.
HIGH-CLASS real estate man will take
partner to look after agents and assist
in office; will guarantee business pays
41000 monthly; reference given and re
quired, for particulars can rowiu u-
Lumter .uxenange.
FOR SALE Controlling interest In an es
tabllshed Incorporated: cusiness; present
annual contract income over $0000; can
place $70OO additional; business will bear
closest investigation; a-iuuu requireu. oi
Corbett bldg.
REAL ESTATE business; owner tired of
hired helm will take steady, sober part
.ner, teach him the business and guarantee
him at least $150 a month; very little
money required. Particulars Zis a tarn
MANUFACTURER'S agent; $.V00 for a
half interest in a Portland ousjness. pay
ing from $600 to $700 per month: we
can guarantee this business as the books open for Inspection; rtferences given
and required. o7 eoroett nag.
IF you have $1000 to Invest I have a
proposition mat sncuia inmrwt jpu;
something that has never been put on
the market in this or any other city. 827
Board of Trade.
REAL estate man wants partner to show
land: can make $150 to -(X) per montn;
no experience necessary and very little
cash. Call National Land Co- 016 Board
of Trade bldg.. 4th and Oak ats.
GOOD doctor's practice in town of 1000.
vvasnington, to ne given 10 purcnaser 01
actual values In linoleum, shades, lamps,
stoves and wood: $10O cash gets it; act
quick. M 2S5, Oregonian.
WANTED Sober, Industrious man as part
ner in Bona mercantile Duviness; owner
will guarantee $0 monthly, which will
be fully secured. For particulars call
room 5-3 Lumber Exchange.
CASH STORE Owner wants steady, sober
partner: little money required, as it Is the
man wanted more then his money; will
pay active man $125 a month. Call 2484
Stark st.
BARBERS Good 1 -chair shop In bfst
town in valley, cheap ir taken ny Octo
ber 1. Call room, 4o5 Buchanan bldg.,
I'SCi Washington st.
CEMENT business, working partner wanted:
pay you $3 a day salary. Also big proms:
little money required and experience aot
necessary- Call 24H4 Stark u
WANTED A partner with $Vt; will show
you where you can make sjoou on your
investment per year: experience unneces
sary. Address J 37. Oregonian.
WANTED Grocery store, small store doing
good business, tnat can be bought for
$::.M or $ MX) cash, balance on time. Ad
dress J 25G, Oregonian.
HAT and grain broker making $400 month
ly above ail expenses, win taite part
ner to help In business. Particulars call
room 523 Lumber Exchange.
IF you have s little money and a lot of
energy I can put you into a Dusiness tnat
-will earn you more than a good living.
M 283. Oregonian.
PARTNER wanted for a good solid business;
will pay active man so a montn; sjouo
required. Oall 2484 Stark st.
SPECIAL 'Partner wanted; splendid little
husine?: $150 required; pay you $4 a day.
Call 244 Stark st.
CORNER grocery, living rooms; will pay you
$150 a month and stand close Investigation.
Call 248 Stark st. .
STORE) on Peninsula. 11 rooms over store,
$54 '0 ; good trade In general merchandise.
S 2ti4. Oresonlan.
SlOOO Restaurant. lunch counter. big
money maker; see this. Pacific Business
Exchange, 303 H Washington St., room 4.
GROCERY STORE, growing suburb; sales
$90 per day; $2700 will handle It. R 255,
GROCERY, invoice $2500; sale $ dallv;
rent $-5. including living-rooms. 821
Board of Trade.
FOR PALE 12 shares of stock in Northern
0er Co. Apply Imperial Restaurant.
Astoria. Or.
SELLING OUT The entire printing office
located at 628 Everett st.; xl2 press,
type, stock, etc. Main 4574.
CORNER cash grocery clearing $190 month
ly; $1000 required. Call room 523 Lum
ber Exchange.
04 KILLINGS WORTH ave.. cigar store and
lunch counter for sale. B 400, Oregonian.
RESTAURANT, best buy In town, little
money required. Apply 386 Morrison.
CORNER saloon for $1400; lease: indepen
dent of any brewery. Call 348 Stark st.
STOCK In the Bonvllle Pub. Co, $100 a
share; terms. 415 Marquam.
In Albina, MontariUa, St.
John, Snnnyside, Sellwood,
Portland Heights, Woodlawn,
Irvington, 'wy up town or
anywhere, yon need not ooma
to the business office of Th
Oregonian to insert an ad
vertisement. Just take the
phone either one and read
the ad to the clerk. Bill will
be sent you the next day.
Convenient, isn't itt
And no matter what you want, this newspaper can satisfy yon
If you want help in your store or kitchen,
If you want to borrow money,
If you want to buy or sell a house or lot,
If you want to rent a room, a house, a flat or a farm
A few lines in The Oregonian want column will usually satisfy
the want. Try it tomorrow.
"Situation Wanted" advertisement not accepted over the telephone..
INVESTMENT payini large dividend. afe
as government bonds; it will cost you
nothing to see and investigate; corpora
tions organized, capital secured. The Na
tional Financing Co.. 413 Marquam bldg.
000 Half cash, buys 30-room hotel, in
cluding first-class restaurant averaging
monthly $1600. all cash trade; best reason
for selling, going away; look this up;
otheri, all prices; se my exclusive agents.
Pacific Business Exchange. 303 Vi IVasn-Ingtc-n,
suit 4.
ROOMING-HOUSE. 9 rooms, price 220; do
If . rnmt ntiick: rent
2B; nice, modern hoase, close in, good
neignoornooa; i. , n
oak. iron beds, etc.; clears S25 a month and
vnur rem rree: ww it. u . n. ... "
Jk Shplton. 1U1 4lh at.
V r. want k lucti v ."ww - - -
perlenoe as secretary of a new elsctrio
power company; main onico in ruiim..
only men uu '
vestment in the company considered. Ore
gon Engineering t-o.,
land. Or.
riRTNER A man who has a first-class
propoeltlom that is larger than he can han
dle alone wants a responsible man to take
an Interest with him; investigation solicited.
Call room 315 Lumber Excnange bldg., 2d
and Stark sts.
THK criAist-nj ot a iniiu. iui -
27o to buy a half interest In an uoo
. , i. it... in H i-q n.u' n
stock ot general incn;uulc. ... y
on main line oi rauMwu. .i.vt ...
rlgated district; the business Is outgrowing
present owner a capital. -
DELICATESSEN-Restaurant, positively
swell intie pine-" i o
ing line buainess and buyer can see Just
whst it Is doing mure uu.i ii...
vestlgatlon Is Invited; only tx. Call 613
cnamoer ujromtiiw.
FREE RENT and a living for someone,
Income from 8 rooms over t80 per Ptj.
German American nc.ii " . .
Washington st.
FOR SALE The stock and manufacturing
plant of the Art Furniture Mfg. Co.. lo
cated i " 1 1" - .
harness and good delivery wagon. M. L.
Beach, receiver
CASHIER for restaurant; owner does cook
ing and can't depend on Hired help; will
pay V-S0 per week: experience unnecessary ;
little money required. 230 Lumber Ex
GROCERY ."W est Side, one of the; oldest
established., businesses; : . es : per
month; win invoicw ou. - - - -
a gilt-edge proposition: retiring on ac
count oi age. -vMt.
THE BEST clftar and confectionery store for
the money In the city; main street of the
city; owner has other business: will be
sold cheap this week; 3-year lease. 2.2
Stark st.
WE pay apeclal attention to business open
ings. Before buying, call us up and see
what we can offer you. Phone Main 4486.
K'nney - Stampher. 831-32 Lumber Ex
change oiag.
35-room. 2 and 3-room suites, nice fur
niture, an attractive place- no vacancies;
pays on average over 100 proflt; price
inly 3000; terma 627 Corbet bldg.
We can give you a special price on any
mining stock or bond? F. J. Catterlin A
' Co.. room S Chamber of Commerce.
BEST paying cigar and confectionery store
in Rainier for .'-00 cash. This Is good
paving business of long standing. Fried
berg ft Borglund. Rainier. Or.
CONFECTIONERY, cigars and light gro-crrl,r-
Ye.t Side; 2 rooms rent 15; re
ceipts 15 to 1: very cheap at 525. 32J
Lumber Exchange.
CONFECTIONERY, cigars and light gro
ceries, lasi nine, .i-iuiho, .
ceipfV $1B: very good location; S750. 32B
Lumber Exchange.
MODERN 60-room hotel, long lease, full of
guests, win maim si.iv.. ..... ....
4S00. half cash, balance easy terms. AD
258, Oregonian.
FOR SALE Grocery horse and wagon and
Ola esiaoiisiiea. uuu". .... . . t v-"" -
month: will Invoice about JoOOO. Retir
ing from business. AB 253. Oregonian.
A LIVE- real estate man Is In need of a
Drlgnt youim n f . .. . . .
cept half down and balance out of the
business. 272 Stark St.
POSITIVELY tha best bny; 100-room hotel.
. , ru k .11 AAA .a fiirnlahr house vnn-
mn in i if i u bx.ww .
nlnV fall; forced to sell at 4500. Call
Main StW.
ONE of the bet corner saloons In Portland:
ion im. - ...o.
12-room bouM In coniiKition; a bargain; ln-
POR SALB by owner, or will trade for honse
ana uicij -- "-
housekeeping suites, with lease. 414 6th
FOR SALE Sawmill and pianino-mill; com
bined capacity 1" a
lars address Lee Brown & Sons, St ay ton.
RESTAURANT Good location. cood busi
ness, cnea-p reut; ireni utuiu. iv ui
at.. North.
ROOM ING-HOT "PH. 16 rooms; good location.
cheap rent; ?ow, ow tmu. numuer
CONF13CTIONERY One for 400. another for
Chamber Commerce.
70o ESTAJBLISHED real estate business:
fjt. J 53s Oregonian.
A SNAP in a rooming-house, 63 rooms, alt
fi ilea; w m wtt - j
owner cannot attend to it. 272 Stark st.
FOR SAL.B A email established coffee busi
ness; see owner Biieraawii n.t i xajriur m..
Price very reasonable.
pnone ana oincr dooui uvKunaieu, Dougni
and sold. C S. Fletcher, 125 Abingtoo bldg
SPECIAL mctive man can clear from to
JUS per wetc wimoui previous experience;
must sell patent. 230 Lumber Exchange.
NEAT little confectionery; will go at & bar
gain today. iu Lumwr excnange.
ROOMING-HOUFE for sale. See my list.
Mrs. KofQ. 83 Stark. M. or A 28.
A 05.
303 Washington St. Suite 4.
$ 1600. 14 cash, for 20-room lodging
liniiin- i.vaa laasa- n 1 1 nn one floor.
' $o000 buys grocery store, established 10
$W0 buys oyster and chop house; S
years lease.
. Partner want for fruit and confection
ry business; established 20 years; must
be sober man.
$50 buya cigar stand, worth 1500, on
f ourth st.
12M buys fruit farm, close in. T
Money loaned, low interest.
Other business chances.
303 Washington St. Suite 4.
Phones, Main 8675, A 2082.
ONE of the largest cloak, suit and milli
nery houses and the best located in Port
land, doing a splendid business; will sell
at a. Hdpritire if at once: lone lease; a
cheap rent; this Is a sure money maker
ana it is one or tne d?sl pruiwii.iu c
have; $2500 to $5000 will handle it. 627
Corbett biag.
WANTED Honest. Industrious man to
take charge manufacturing plant in
town of 2500 people; must be able to
drive, look after timber and factory:
salary $125 a month; must invest $2000
for half Interest, share profits of $12 per
day. Call and see me personally. 01
Lumber Exchange bldg.
GENTS' furnishings, boots, shoes and cloth
ing. Fine stock, new, neat and clean and
well assorted. Fine store fixtures, nicely
located in town of 2000; large railroad
center, pay roll over $SO,000 a month and
Increasing every month; about $5000 will
handle it. ruil particulars, jj. v. auuu.
Fasco, Wash.
WOULD you invest $10 a month for two
years to secure fruit land that will pay
you with absolute certainty after three
years from $25 to $50 per month as long
as you live? bee or write me ior par
ticulars regarding this Investment, which
I can heartily recommend. Sweet, 204
Corbett bldg.
WILL sell controlling interest In large
shipping and manuracturing corporation,
this Is an exceptional opportunity for
someone with limited capital, good stand
ing and a surplus of push; terms to right
party; rearson for selling, going East. Ad
dress j ins., uregunmu.
R-ll nsv crHPTihrniW 32xH0. itePttl heat.
plenty of water, all up-to-date, with 10 full
lot all Improved, to exchange for small
farm, acreage or euy propenj.
509-10 Buchanan Bldg., 2S6H Washington.
The Ames Mercantile Agency (estab
lished 1895) furnishes free information on
opportunities In merchantlle or manufac
turing lines, city or country.
403-4-5 Swetland Bldg.
PARTNER Eeiablished real estate man will
take a partner to look after the office and
show property; experience not necessary
and very little money required. It is the
man he wants. Particulars room 815 Lum
ber Exchange bldg.. 2d and Strk st.
water nower electric plant and flouring
mills. lighting two growing towns: a
money-maker; i.uu casn it
might consider A-l Portland property to
the value of $7500. Good reason for sell
ing. White & Luce, John Day, Or.
WA NTED To buy lease and f urn- ture or
iuse, with privilege of buying, a 60 to
100-room modern hotel In a live town In
Oregon. Washington or Idaho; write full
particulars. Theodore Marcus, P. O. Box
9S7, Baker City. Or.
HALF interest In one of !he best real es
tate businesses. In the city; wants good
office man as proprietor; is obliged to be
out of town much of the time; good ref
erences; investigation desired. 627 Cor
bett bldg.
New stock: on Williams ave.. Central Al
bina. for ale, or will exchange for city
property, at invoice: value about $1500.
600-10 Buchanan Bldg. 2tH Washington.
Phone Main tib&O.
We have the best bargain in the city;
a-ortd lease; 2 wine rooms; full basement,
splendid business; see us at once; can
be bought at a sacrifice. 627 Corbett
A PPLENDID chanre to get In the real es
tate business; one partner obliged to
leave old-established office; money refund
ed If not satisfied. Call at 220 Lumber
One of the best in the oity. doing a
business of $75 to $100 per week; can
be had for one-half Its value; $550 takes
it. 627 Corbett bldg.
SNAP Swell furniture 6-room flat, only
$400. if sold Wednesday; fine furniture 23
housekeepings rooms, all full, swell buy.
Income $40 per week; $1700, terms. Mrs.
Koontx. 243 Stark at.
A CONFECTIONERY business, first-class lo
cation; g-izuu; anotner on uoing j.w
monthly, $000; also anotner one of the
best stands In the city, $3600. 627 Ccr
bett bldg.
office and I will submit for your approval
a strictly first-class chance for investment
with quick return. 417 Rothchild bldg.,
287 Vi Waeh. st.
WANTED Young, Industrious man to sell
butter cnurn in ijuuj, expenses-
must know how to drive team,
also invest $500 as security; references.
Call 531 Lumber Exchange bldg.
RELIABLE real estate dealer will take
bright young man as partner to show
land and pay him $150 per month; little
money required. German American Realty
Co.. 343 Washington st.
WILL give one-fourth interest to party that
will Install 5-stamp and concentrating mill
on our mining property; thi Is a bonaflde
offer; you ahould investigate it. B 246, Ore
gonian. ' '
WANTED To buy moving-picture ehow ;
gOOQ location; must v.... nuUiK
Mr. Ruby, The Colonial, 10th and Morrison.
WANTED Money-making country atores
for quick sale.
F FL'CHS. 221"4 Morrison 6t.
FOR RALE Transfer and boarding stable;
fine location, gooa dusihtoo. wu iiuriM cuiu
wagons. D 272. Oregonian.
RESTAURANT and lunch counter on North
Bank road for sale. E. J. Boyle, 391 Sac
ramento st., Portland.
A RARE opportunity of making soma money
by party witn ume cmau uo imuu. -rv .j
Oregonian. '
FOR SALE Complete Turkish baths, rooms
Dr. Lambert.
SALOON for sale, rent reasonable. Inquire
at 691 Thurman at.
BARBER SHOP for sale: three chairs, 2 bath-
IUD9. inn
PA RTNER Lady or gentleman for restau
rant to act aa cashier and look after the
frost; owner Is cook and needs reliable part
ner. Particulars room 315 Lumber Ex
change bldg., 2d and Stark sts. -
Money to Loan.
$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$;;
$$$$$$$$$$$$$! $
402 Rothchild bldg., cor. 4th and Wash.
The recognised bank of the wage
earner. A clerk, bookkeeper, machinist,
engineer or employe can obtain money of
us on his note without security.
$15 return to us $4 a Mo.
$30 return to us $ a Mo.
$50 return to us $18 35 a Mo.
Confidential; no impleeeant inquiries.
Special rates on pianos, furniture, etc.
Money loaned on salary or chattel mort
gage; business confidential. ,
Mo. Semi-Mo. Wkly.
$75 return to us $20.00 $10.00 $ 5 00
$50 return to us $13.35 6.65 8.2.1
$30 return to us .... 800 4.0O 2.00
$15 return to us 4 00 2.00 1.00
209 McKAY bldg.. cor. 3d and Stark sts.
SALARY and mortgage loans to salaried
employes and on Pianos, Furniture, Ware
house Receipts, Horses. Insurance Policies
and all kinds of securities.
403 Swetland bldg.
WILL sell controlling Interest in large
shipping and manufacturing corporation;
this la an exceptional opportunity for
someone with limited capital, good stand
ing and a surplus of push; terms to right
--party, reason for selling, going East. Ad
dress J 2o3, Oregonian.
WE PAY you spot cash for your German-American
certificates and Title Guar
antee acounta. We also buy Oregon Trust
and telephone bonds for 30 days only.
Cohn Bros., ISO 1st St. TeL Main 4773,
A 3819.
MONEY advanced salaried people and oth
ers upon their own names without se
curity ; cheapest rates, easiest payments;
office In 60 principal cities; save your
self money by getting my terms first.
TOLMAN, 317 Lumber Exchange Bldg.
MONEY loaned on salaries; no other security;
my system is best for railroad men, clerks,
bookkeepers, streetcar employes and others;
business confidential. F. A. Newton, 611
Buchanan bldg., 2S6H Washington st.
$40,000 to loan. In one or two lots, on flrst
class real estate security at 6 per cent; no
commlHlon. for 3 to 5 years. Inquire room
32 LabJbe bldg., corner 2d and Washington
sts., cftty.
LOANS made quickly and privately on
salaries, pianos and furniture, warehouse
receipts, purchase contracts, diamonda
and Jewelry. E. Pierce, 612 Geriinger bldg.
WE loan money on diamonds 'and Jewelry
at reasonable interest for long or short
time. A. & M. Delovage, Jewelers. 260
Washington st.
WE will "buy your German-American cer
tificates and pay the. highest cash pTice
for Oregon Trust accounts. The E. L.
Fraley Co., 418 Chamber of Commerce.
PLENTY of 7 per cent money on good se
curity. FRARY & SEITZ.
133 6th St., Ground Floor.
I BUY" Oregon Trust, Title Guarantee, Mer
chants Gexan an -American, telephone bonds,
etc. Thos. McCusker, 205 Couch bldg. Main
ANY part of, $50,000 to loan on approved se
curity, 6 or 7 per cent Interest. 305 Ger
iinger bldg., Portland. Or.
WANTED Dwelling house mortgages, $500
to $li500; easy terms; owners only apply.
W. 8. Wardv 210 Altoky. M 7326.
$100,000 to laan in sums of $1000 or more
to suit, 6 to 7 per cent on improved realty.
M. G. Griff IV. 266 Stark opp. Cham, of C
MONEY to loan on real estate, anywhere
and any sunn; $100 and ud: see us.
Vaughn A Burt. 402 Corbett bldg.
WANT a few Omaha Telephone bond cer
tificates at olice to complete bond. Thos.
McCusker, 2HV Couch bldg. Main 7646.
I WILL make a .few small loans on city real
estate. B. R room 40, Washington bids.
MONEY loaned on real estate mortgages or
contracts. W. H- Nunn, 449 Sherlock bldg.
A LOAN for the asking, salary or chattel.
The Loan Co., 410 Dekum bldg.
MONEY to loan on improved real eatate. O.
F. Cady. 322 Mohawk bldg.
$10 000 to loan o a first mortgage. West Side
property. Starr ;Bros., 428 Worcester bldg
LOANS on real, personal, chattel or collateral
security. C w . raueii, 00 r en ion uiug.
State funds loaned, 6 per cent. W. E. Thorn-
r. ,rt Mtiltnnmah Po C nf f
LOW rates; we loan money on diamonds
and Jewelry. Mairx & Bloch. 74 3d st.
Loaa Wan tea.
I PAY 8 per cent .for money on realtv se
curity, small amounts wanted from $500
to $800. National Land Cc 919. Board
of Trade bldg.. 4th and Oak sts.
FOR SALE cheap. 3T)C0 shares stock in Cas
cadla Mining & Developing Co. K 268, Ore
gonian. WANTED $3000 from private party, 8 or
5 years, on cnoicet improveu property, a.
243, Oregonian.
WANTED $3500 on good Improved sub
urban property; wiJI pay S per cent; se
curity A-l. AD 252, Oregonian.
WANTED $300 for two years at 8 per
cent; real esiaie .aa .evui nj. auuibm
D 268. Oregonian.
WANTED To borrow $600 on a 6-room
house and 2 lots in Sellwood at 7 per
cent interest. AD 2Vt Oregonian.
DRESS suits for rent, sill sizes; $1.50 month
sewed on. rips sewed. .Prompt calls and de
liveries. Unique Tailoring Co., 309 Stark.
LADIES, ne difference -what your ailments
may d, eee uur imjj
for women. Impondeiro-Therapy Co., 6U8
1 ST" klJ. "fH! L TVsaaik sat
MBrUiaiUI AiUBL "'UK.. "-"JJ saw.
WANTED Lady for wane quiet detective
n,.r - mil at h n irft imoeirdnce. between
ok J a. it a nnl v R 204. oar Oresronian.
MRS. OBROCK Masseusa, baths, salt glow,
aiCODOl ruo, cretun iiniwic , iciuuiun,
282H Park. Main 2403. A 2734.
MRS. SOPHIA B. SEIP, mental scientist, 802
uu. ft.,,..- 1A - O Pti hiln lui.
AllOtt UiUg,., uuiub w w
tures Wednesday, 8 P. V- Main 2835.
LOST powers restored by Xr. Lorena Nerve
jOn 1C i auieis, sj u. "sou m r uai-
macy, 289 Morrison st., bet. 4th and 6th.
DR. PAUL CROMWELL'S former wife. Dr.
Cromwell-fcimtn, win sen xnaia neros
at 28814 Harrison st, ,
GERMAN, French, Spanish and other for
eign WXJT i.ia a w ..amw.M.ik.j.
A. W. Schmale Co., 229 1st St.
Mme. Courtwrlght, skin and scalp treat-
merts facial aeiormmes tijrreciea; piastic
surgery. 225 Fliedner bldg. M. 6042, A 2069.
ACQUAINTANCE wanted oC young lady,
. -rm 1 a Tfnri nld. bv American XIV
object, matrimony. H 274, Oregonian'
LADIES Whatever your a&ment, call on
170 3d st. Main 8770.
areas, whm , -
PACIFIC Introducing Club for lonely single
Mrculsx IOC 2291-4 list st.
PILES cured without operation by '-a well-
establishea pnysiciun. uu uv, city.
MOLES, wrinkles, superfluous hair removed.
Mrs. M.. U. Mill, cow r ;jcniier 010s. -a. sHid.
DR9. ATWOOD; private hospital; maternity
A PERMANENT cure for piles. "Hemlock
Baive. ' W OOUB-i vi. auua as
JU8T opened, ladles barber shop. 68 4tb
st., net. uk n-iii it iw.
Capt. Patrick Bruin's Detective Agency and
Collection Jjcpi.. t-o xaaini4w oiur.
BALM OF FIGS for all female dhaeasea. 66$)
Giiaan st. aam viv.
250 PRINTED business cards, $1; 100 visit
ing cards, ouc bcnmaie, zzw Jet
334 Montgomery st. All mental and,
nervous diseases treated; the whisky,
morphine, opium and cocaine habits cured
in 48 hours; we guarantee no pain or suf
fering; no money until cured and thor
oughly satisfied. Call and Investigate our
method of treatment, the fundamental
principle of which Is the destruction of
that craving which prompts the desire for
the drug or stimulant, phone A 3629.
and all Imperfections of the scalp, hair
and face removed, busts developed, sup
erfluous hair removed by the latest
French method; all the rage in Paris; no
electricity; faces bleached; booklet free
Facial Institute,
146 11th st., bet. Aider and Morrison.
DESIRABLE company found for lonely peo
ple or strangers, either sex ; 600 to select
fiom; photos on file; meetings promptly ar
ranged by phone, with vee of parlors; pri
vate place to mall or receive letters; mem
bership $2; register of members loc. Port
land Introducing Bureau, 613 Geriinger
bldg., cor. 2d and Alder.
hospital. Just completed, in South Mount
Tabor, beautiful location, where patients
can have the best care at reasonable rates
and any physician they choose. Office 608
Merchants Trust Bids, 32liMi Washington.
Main 7743 and A 6755. .
SWEDISH trained nurse, Helsingfons gradu
ate, cures rheumatism, stomach troubles
and nervous disorders by band rubbing;
sieam sweat and tub baths; both eexes.
7 East 11th at., one door from East An
keny car. Phones East 260, Home B 18u3.
SUITS pressed while you wait, 50c To vis
itors of Portland hotel and to public at
large. Suits pressed at 60c at Gilbert, the
tailor's 66 6th et., next to Oxford Hotel.
Ladles'' skirts pressed. 60c. Feathers and
bcas cleaned and curled. Phone Main 4964.
1 1ULK eyes may neea attention iw fcw
condition or glasees; we fit glasses right
--.I .Br. sif rflinrrh in any
form. Impond'ero-Therapy Co., 608 Mar
chant Trust bldg.. 326 Waeh. St.
YOU can't work when you don't sleep
well; Palmo Tablets make you sleep and
give you steady nerve; 50c a box, 8
boxes $2.50. All druggists, or addrese the
J. a. Clemenson Drug Co.. Portland.
LADIES Ask your druggist for Chichesters
Diamond Brand Pills. For 25 years known
as the best, safest. Reliable, Take no other.
Chichesters Diamond Brand Pill are sold
by druggists everywhere.
DR. SANDERSON'S CO. Cavln and Cotton
Root Pills, sure remedy for delayed
periods. $2 per box or 3 boxes for $5. T.
J. pierce. 512 Geriinger bldg., cor. 2d
ana Aiuer.
MEN. whatever your disease or infirmities
may be, our specialist for men will give
you the proper treatment. Impondero
Therapy Co., 608 Merchant Trust bldg.,
82614 Wash. st.
Fycho-magnetlc and suggestive thera
peutics; a full line ot electrical appliances,
. wtA mnar lmnmv,l! electrical
blanket. All diseases successfully treated.
KOOm 3U, BOUft .Morrison yi. jnaui
Proposals Invited.
Salem, Oregon, September 14, 1903.
n KnurI nf TVuKfep.s of the State In'
stltution for Feeble-Minded hereby Invites
sealed proposals for furnishing me 101
lowing supplies for the institution:
ior. ttihniar i-mn hodstnads. wire mat
tress attached, single; 125 institution hair
mattresses, light weignt, ior single ucu,
200 pairs gray blankets. 60x80. weight AVg
ih rmihmit rritidIa) : fiO oairs K ray wool
blankets. 72x84. weight 6 lbs. (submit
sample ) ; two yas. 0-4 pequot inwuufii
half hionh- 9rt vds. ft -4 neauot sheet
ing, bleached; 500 yds. 42-in. pequot tub
ing half ht,aiAd ion vdi. 4i -In. neouot
tubing, bleached; 150 yds. half linen table,
damask, 64 in. wide (submit sample); 60
vds, all linen table damasK. 72 in. wmw
(submit sample); 8 do, all linen damask
napkins. 20x20 In. (submit sample); 3 dor.
all linen damask napkins. 24x24 in. (sub
mit sample); 300 yds. half linen checked
toweling, n in. viae isuomu
300 yds. half linen crash toweling, 17 In.
wide (submit sample) ; 200 yds. linen
crash toweling. 17 in. wide (submit sam-
Tilst- 11 Hn rnm Turkish hath towels.
19x36 (submit sample); 4 doz. bleached
turkish bath towels, 19x46 (submit sam
ple) ; 4 doz. linen damask towels,
bleached, 21x50 (submit sample): 10 dox.
cotton huck towels. 20x38 (submit sam
ple); 50 yds. bleached muslin, light
weight, 36 in. wide (submit sample); 100
yas. unoieacnea musun inuiau umu 1 u"
mit sample): 150 Institution bedspreads,
nwcT rauhmit RA.mnie't r fiO Marseilles bed
spreads, 80x90 (submit sample) ; 125
feather pillows, isxzti, weignt a yt
feather-proof ticking; 24 feather pillows,
21x26, weight 5 lbs., feather-proof tick
ini - 10 HnT Tiawhi bottom chairs: Os
wego opaque shades, mounted on vigilant
Tollers, with orass puus ana Dramcw,
complete (measurements between brack
ets) viz: 10 doz. 54 in. 1 90 in.; doz.
64 In. x 78 in.; doz. 54 in. x 60 in.;
1-6 doz. 56 In. x 42 In.; doz. 48 in. x
90 In.; 1 1-3 doz. 48 In. x 48 in.; 3 doz.
48 In. x 42 in.; 1-3 doz. 42 in. x 36 in.;
1-12 doz. 40 in. x 00 In.; 1-3 dox. 40 in.
x 78 in.; 1-6 doz. 38 in. x 60 in.; 1-12 doz.
36 In. x 76 in.; doz. 34 in, x 54 in.
Cutlerv: 1847 Roger Bros., satin finish.
1 91 r w T. viz : 4 doz. knives. 4 doz.
forks, 8 doz. teaspoons. 4 doz. dessert
spoons, 3 doz. tablespoons, v ooz. sugar-,
spoons. doz. butter-knives. 12 doz.
an Hrt vrhftA metal knives. 12 doz. solid
white metal forks, 24 doz. solid white
metal teaspoons. 12 doz. solid white
metal dessert spoons, 10 dox. solid white
metal tablespoons.
Lists of groceries and mill feed will be
furnished by the clerk, upon application.
All goods must be in strict accordance
with sample submitted, and delivered f.
o. b. at the State Institution for Feeble
Mfnded on demand after October 15,
108. Each bid must be accompanied by
certified check equal to 10 per cent of the
amount of the bid. Checks of unsuccess
ful bidders will be returned Immediately,
and those of accepted bidders when the
contract is completed. Bid must be in
closed in'sealed envelopes and directed to
the Clerk of the Board, plainly marked,
"Bids for supplies for State Institution
for Feeble-Minded. and the class of
goods bid on should also be inscribed on
the envelope. Price, fitness and quality
being equal, preference will be given to
articles manufactured, grown or pro
duced in this state. When a particular
article is specifically called for. bids on
other kind, manufacture or brand equally
good will be entertained, but to Insure
recognition of such bids, samples of Vhe
articles it is proposed to supply must ac
company them.
The board reserves the right to reject
anv or all bids, or to accept or reject any
part of a bid. Bids will be opened at
the Capitol at Salem, at 10 A, M. Tues
flav. October 6. 1908.
Bv order of the Board of Trustees of
the State Institution for Feeble-Minded.
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids
will be received until 4 o'clock P. M..
October 1, 1908. by the Oregon Railroad A
Navigation Company for the salvage of the
wrecked vessel Minnie E. Kelton. Bids for
the hull and cargo should be made sep
arat e 1 y
Said "wrecked vesxl la now lying at the
east end ot the Oregon Railroad & Navi
gation Company, dock In said City of As
toria, where it can be viewed by pros
pective bidders upon application to the
agent. George W. Roberts.
Cargo and veesel will be sold to the
liighest bidder, cash In hand: cargo con
sisting of lumber and shingles: hull con
slating of wrecked vessel, machinery and
appurtenances thereto. Bidders are request
ed to name price, cash In hand, at which
they will purchase said property. A rea
sonable amount of tune will be allowed for
the unloading of the cargo of aald wrecked
ressel in case cargo and hull are sold to
separate bidders.
All bids roust be sealed and all com
munications addressed to George W. Rob
erts agent of the Oregon Railroad &. Navi
gation Company. Astoria. Or., who hereby
reserves the light to reject any and all
bids that may be received by him.
Dated this 24th day ot September. 1908.
SEALED bids will be received by the un
dersigned, until noon on Wednesday. Oct.
21, 1908, for the sale by Multnomah County,
of 48 acre, of land situated In section e,
township 1 south, range S east, Multnomah
County, Oregon, to be sold a. a whole or
in 5-acre tracts; plat of this land can be
seen at the office of the County Clerk in the
Courthouse. If sold in tract 20 feet will
be reserved off the west side for a roadway.
The county reserves the right to reject any
and all bids. F. 8. Fields, County Clerk.
SEALED BIDS will be received at the of
fice of the School Clerk. City Hall, up to
4 P M-. on Monday, September 28. 1908,
for plumbing, etc., in the Shattuck School.
Flans and specification, for sam. will be
seen at the architect's office. 334 East Sd
St. Each bid must be accompanied by a
ee'rtlfW check for 10 per cent of the
amount of proposal. The School Board re
serves the right to reject any and all bids.
T. J. JONES, Architect.
WHOM It may concern I hereby warn all
persons to trust no one In my name. B.
H. Thompson. Jr.
ARCHITECTS, contractors. engineers, get
Faclnc Builder c Engineer, 315 .Ch. Com.
Accountant a.
JC. H. COLLIS. 824 Worcester block. lAibllo;
accountant and estate agent. Auditing.:
Investigating, systematizing: permanent,
keeping of books and rbcorda a specialty.'
Assayers and Analysts.
Wells Proebstel. mining engineers, ehem.
lsts and assayers. 24 li Washington st.
PAUL BAUMEL. assayer and analyst. Gold
dust Dougni, 2vi Awer i.
ajid ore-testing work. ISO MorrUon st. i
EMMiONS A EMMONS have removed law!
ofticea to 808-913 Board of Trade bldg. 1
Architect, and Builders.
SEE Johnson about bungalows. 204 Mo-:
hawk bldg. A 432L
I BUILD fireplaces that work, city or coun
try. Masks. E 3S04. 874 E. 8th St.
Blcyola and Electrical Repairing.
SHAW A MITCHELL Bicycle, gasoline, en
gine and electrical repairing. 326 Stark at.(
Carpet Cleaning.
THE3 lone Steam Carpet-Cleaning Works;
carpets cleaned, refitted and laid. B, F.
Shepard. manager. Phone. 2 2236, East;
. t
WM. DEVK.N'Y and Estelle Deveny. th.
only scientific chiropodist, in the city. Par-i
lore 302 Geriinger bldg.. S. W. cor. 2d andi
Alder. Phone Main 130L
Chiropody and Pedicuring Mrs. M. D. Hill,!
room 330 FUedner bldg. Phone Main 3473.!
Commission Merchants.
TAYLOR, YOUNG A CO.. ship brokers, com-1
mission, merchants. Sherlock bldg.. Portland. :
' Uanclng.
Lessons 20c; now opening classes for begin-.
ners this evening at 7 o'clock; private les-j
sons every morning, afternoon and even-:
lng. Prof. Wal Wlllson School, 386 V. F
Washington, bet. West Park and 10th sts. j
RINGLER'S schools, dancing, physical culture,;
New Masonic Temple and Rlngler hall; prl-,
vate or class instruction daily and Tues., ,
Wed.. Thura.. eat. eve. Phones, East fxKO, !
B 1003. I
FIRST-CLASS dressmaking at lowest prices.
Mrs. Angeles, 242 Sth and Main.
Feed Stores.
B. L. COOPER A Co.. wholesale hay and
grain. 181 Washington st. Phone Main
7718. A 3718.
HarneM and Saddlery.
THE George Lawrence Co., wholesale sad
dls and harness mofrs. 80-86 1st. Main 223
Hotel Brokers.
If you want to buy. sell your hotel,
rooming-house or restaurant, see the only
hotel broker In Oregon. I have a line list
of properties for sale, lease or exchange.
Offices 2 and 3. Benson bldg., 6th and Mor
rison. Phone A 2145. Branch offices Seattle.
Spokane and San Francisco.
Junk. Hide, and Pelts.
L. SHANK A CO.. purchasers of hides, pelts,
wool, lurs. tallow, old rubbers, metals and
sacks. 312 Front st.
Leather and Findings.
tablished 1858. Leather and flndings;
Stockton sole leather and cut stock; full
line Eastern Jumbos. 189 Front st.
CHAS. L. MASTICK A CO., 74 Front, leather
of every description, tat', mfrs' findings.
SMIL THIELHORN. violin teacher, pnpll ol
Sevclk. A 4160. Pine 834. Main 8045.
PIANO STUDIO, 269 14th South; principle!
thoroughly taught. Phone Main S893.
M C. SMITH, teacher of piano. 452 Salmon
at. Main 7340.
Osteopathic Physicians.
415-16-17 Dekum Bldg..
Third and Washington Sts.
Phone, office. Main 349. rea, E. 1028.
THE EAGLE PRINTING CO.. not in trust;
close figures, good work. 38 Russell bldg.,
corner 4th and Morrison.
.Faints, Oils and Glass.
RASMUSSEN A CO.. jobbers, paints, oils,
glass, sash and doors. Cor. 2d and Taylor.
Patent and Pension Attorneys.
B C WRIGHT, domestic and foreign pat
enta; infringement cases. 604 Dekum.
PATENTS, trademarks. Smith A Buchanan,
J. J. HIRSHHEIMER. pension and patent
attorney, rooms 20-21 Labbe bldg.
Photo Engraven.
PERFECT printing plates. Hicks-Chatten
Engraving Co., corner 2d and Alder sta
Rubber Stamps.
ALSO trade checks and all office goods. P.
D. C. Co., 231 Stark st. Both phones 140i.
San Francisco Hotels.
When In San Francisco, stop at th. WIN
CHESTER HOTEL. 3d St.. near Market.
600 rooms. Free 'bus. free baths. Single
rooms 60c a day; family. 1 up. Kolkla
Sharp, proprietora
.... ta ha at. nureain. in 2d-hand safe.
THE MOSLER SAFE CO.. 108 2d st. Sales
. a ,.trv nrlces. . Second-hand safes.
The largest sign-makers in the North
west. Sth and Everett sts. Phone Private
Exchange 55, Home A 1155.
Showcase, Bank and Stor. Fixture..
THE James 1. Marshall Mfg. Co., showcases.
cabineis, ewro uu w..v -
t. Main 2703.
Storage and Transfer.
C O PICK Transfer and Storage Co., orflce
j .r,n,4tmia fnur-Itorv brick ware
house with separate iron rooms and flre
nroof vaults for valuables. N. W. corner
of 2d and Pine sts. Pianos and furniture
moved and packed for shipping. Main 696,
A 1996.
General trasferrlng and .torage, safes,
nlanos and furniture moved and packed
lor shipment 209 Oak St.. bet. Front and
1st- Telephone Main 647 or A 2247.
Street Paving.
WARREN Construction Co.. street 'pavir.g.
sldewaiKs mm " -....
Portland u.ic. , j.l.-j.. i u.uvat.
NEW and second-hand typewriters, all
makes, repaired, n.j.u muu iwheu, .mu
state agents the Visible Fox. The Type
writer Exchange. 84 3d st. Main 606.
RPRrlAL prices, alt makes rented, soid, re
paired. P. D. C. Co., 231 Stark. Main 1407.
Wholesale Jobbers.
WADHAMS & CO., wholesale grocers, man-
. . . AAmml..lnn m.nll,nl, Att
UiaClurei. ... . . -
and Oak.
ALBINA Fuel Co., green and dry cord
wood. Albina ave., R. R. St.
Portland, Oregon.
Ka Interest paid on account,
l53 ioo.o;
1 1 r-
U. 1 ,"l U ""