Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 04, 1908, Page 9, Image 9

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Pacific State:
Countlng-Room Main 7070
City Circulation Main 7070
Managing Editor Main 7070
Sunday Editor Main 7070
Composlng-Room Main 7070
City Editor .i Main 7070
Euperlntrndrfit Building ...Main 7070
Eiut 6ido Office Eait 8t
Counting-Room A 1670
Editorial Rao ma A 1309
IHB ARMORT Tenth and Crrach rtreets)
concerts by Demrosch Orehrstra and Mad
ame Kordir-a. This afternoon at 2:30 and
tonight at 6:15.
BAKER THEATER (Third and Tamhlll)
Baker Theater Company In "The llalf
Breed." Tonight, 8:15.
STAR THEATER Armstrong musical Com
edy Co. In "A Trip to Coney Island," and
Battling Nelson. Tonight. 7:30 and 9:15.
Matinees dally at 2:30 F. M.
LYRIC THEATER (Seventh and Alder)
Hlunkall-Atwoort Stock Company In "The
Bushranger." Tonight, 8:15. Matineea Tues
days, Thursday. Saturday and Sunday at
MARQUAM GRAND (Morrison. between
Sixth and Seventh) Pantages" continuous
vaudeville. 2:30. 7:30 and P. M.
GRAND THEATER (Washington, between
Park and Seventh) Vaudeville de Luis
2:1)0. 7:30 and 11 V. M.
BASEBALL. (Recreation Park, Twenty-fourth
and Vaughn streets) Portland vs. Los
Angeles, 3:30 P. M.
MULTNOMAH FIELD (Twentieth and 'Wash
ington otreets) Pain's Eruption ot Vesuvius
and Fireworks; tonight at b:15.
THE OAKS Allen Curtlo Musical Comedy
Company In "Jakey, Mlkey and Ikey," In
Airdrome at 8:30 P. M.. free; also open-air
Board ot Health to Meet. The
Btate Board of Health will hold Its
quarterly meeting today at 11 o'clock at
the offices of the secretary. Dr. R. C.
Yenney, In the Medical building. No topic
Is to be brought up of an unusual nature
as the meeting Is to bo more of a con
ference than a. formal session requiring
action of interest to the general public.
Arrangements are being made to have
the next meting of the State Medical So
ciety one of much interest to the pro-,
fesslon. The sessions will be held in
the Commercial Club during the first
week in July, and local officers of the
society express the hope that a large at
tendance will mark the occasion.
Jeweusrs Meet Today. The annual
meeting of the Oregon Retail Jewelers'
. Association will be held this afternoon at
2 o'clock in. the rooms of the Chamber of
Commerce. Officers are to be elected for
! the ensuing year and reports rendered
by secretary and treasurer. The officers
of the association are: President, L. A.
Iewls, of Klamath Falls; flirst vice-president,
C. H. Williams, of Condon; second
vice-president, I. E. Staples, of Portland;
third vice-president, L. M. Hoyt, of Hills
boro; secretary, H. X. Leffert, ot Port
land; treasurer, E. J. Jaeger, of Port
land. The visiting members will be en
tertained at a banquet tonight at 7:30
o'clock in the Nortonla Hotel.
Sermons by Rabbi Helleh. In con
nection with the Feast of Weeks, the
Jewish festival commemorative of the
revelation of the Law of God and pro
mulgation of the Ten Commandments,
Rabbi Heller of the Synagogue at Sixth
and Hall streets, -will deliver sermons,
at 6 o'clock this and tomorrow evenings.
The subject of these sermons Is "Some
Reflections on the Ten Commandments."
The sermons will be delivered In Eng
lish. Build Apartment-House. Dr. H. F.
Ong has acquired the lot 50x100 feet at
the northwest corner of Seventh and Clay
streets, from Mrs. R. 31. Rlner. The
sale was consummated yesterday, but the
figures were not authoritatively given
out. The price, however, is said to have
been about $15,000. Dr. Ong is to build
a four-story brick apartment-house on
the site, work on which will probably be
gin during the Summer.
Replies to Council President B. S.
Josselyn, of the Portland Railway, Light
& Power Company, has replied to the
City Council relative to the present
system of the company In stopping cars
on the "near" side of crossings. Ho
states that the principle reason for the
system is to minimize accidents. The
Council sought, by resolution, to ascer
tain why the change from the old style
was made.
Aster two years' active work In the
real estate business C. W. Davis has
sold his Interest In the Spanton Company
and is planning the organization of a
building company with headquarters in
this city, with a paid up capital ot $100,
000. C. L. Schieffelln, who will be as
sociated with him In the new company,
is an experienced Los Angeles builder.
Business Men and visitors to the Rose
Festival can save time and money by
eating lunch at the Women's Exchange,
j 133 Tenth street. Just south of Washlng-
ton street. Good wholesome food served
hot, 11:30 until 2 o'clock. Refreshments
' served all afternoon. Home-made cakes,
' pies, bread, etc. Fresh daily and com
prise our chief attraction. Come.
Tbmplb Beth Israel Services. The
services at Temple Beth Israel in celebra
tion of the holiday of "Shebnoth" com
mence tonight at 8 o'clock and tomorrow
morning at 10:30 o'clock. Rabbi Wise
will preach on Friday morning. Subject,
"The Promise of Ruth." Strangers are
"Thb City of Roses,"
Colored Souvenir Book or
Portland Roses, Rose Gardens
and Rosa Festival Views.
Colors True to Life.
For Sale by All Dealers.
Price), $1 Bach.
BtrrLDiNO Inspector Appointed. Guy
E. Dobson has been appointed to the
position of building Inspector by Mayor
Lane. The new inspector has been serv
ing as a deputy In the office for several
months. He has already entered upon
Ills new duties.
Dctuno These- Days of Festivity do
(Not Forget the auction sale of the A.
5f. Wright estate, 293 Morrison street. A
positive closing-out sale of jewelry,
silverware, cut glass and clocks. Two
eales dally, 2:30 and 7:30 P. M.
Save the Discount. Send check or pay
at office on or before the 10th to save the
discount on June bills for the Automatic
Telephone. Home Telephone Company,
corner of Park and Burnside streets.
All Automobile-Owners are kindly
requested to attend the Woodmen parade
at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Tenth
and Morrison streets. R. D. Inman,
Steamer Bailey Gatzert for Cascade
Locks and The Dalles dally, except Fri
day. Leave Alder-3treet dock 7 A. M.
return 9 P. M. .
R. W. Wilbur has removed his law
offices to the tenth floor Board of Trade
building. Fourth and Oak streets. Phone
Main S714.
Special Sale Welsh Anthracite
Coal. $10 per ton at works; $11 delivered.
Inquire at Gas Office, Fifth and Yamhill
Automobilb Races. Pay 25 cents on
O. W. P. Base Line crossing, go to 13
mlle grandstand, 60 cents reserved seats.
Jewett Farm at White Salmon open
for guests. Can be reached by the North
Bank Railroad or steamers.
For Rent A few nice offices In The
Oregonlan building. See Superintendent,
room SOL
Launches for warships, Merrill's Boat
house, north side Morrison st. Bridge.
Business men's lunch, 11:30 to 2. All
home-cooking. Woman's Ex.. 133 10th at.
Lotus L. Lanqley, lawyer, removed,
tenth floor Board of Trade. Main S714.
Dr. Casbeday, eye, ear, nose, throat.
Glasses fitted. 617 Dekum building.
Grandstand Seats 50 cents; 12-mile
house, close and safe view.
Mace's Market, 151 Fourth street, will
close at noon today.
Dr. McCracken. dentist. Rothchlld bldg.
Dr. B. C. Walker has returned.
Twenty Autoists Go Too Fast. There
must have been something in the atmo
sphere on Tuesday affecting the automo
bile enthusiasts of this city. Patrolman
Gustafson, stationed at the Base Line
road. Sellwood, stop watch in hand, took
down the numbers of no less than 20 who
were going at the rate of from 30 to 50
miles an hour. John Doe warrants for
all 20 of these speedsters were issued yes
terday by Judge Cameron in the Muni
cipal Court and during the evening the
law-breaking motorists were arrested and
brought in as 1 lor.titied and found. Up
to a late hour the list of prisoners in
cluded: S. N. Klelser, of advertising fame;
Samuel Silverfteld, merchant, of Fourth
and Morrison streets; John A. Shepard,
of Twenty-first and Everett streets; E.
W. King, of 860 Belmont avenue; Roy
Marx, of Fourteenth and Davis streets; S.
Clirlstofferson, Hotel Oregon; H. Chitten
berg. Twelfth and Davis, and Otto Shnei
der, 420 East Twentieth. Each was re
leased on ball.
Boom Chain Thief Caught. The boom
chain thief, who has plundered various
points along the Willamette River, for
the past two months, was arrested last
night. The man gave the name of Am
brose Coyle. He was taken into ?ustody
by Detective Smith, assisted by Detective
Kay, and was found in a resort on Uma
tilla avenue, Sellwood. Some of the plun
der was found at 208 Columbia street and
recovered and more of it at a house at
Jefferson and Front streets. According
to the detectives, Coyle is a "water rat"
who has been responsible for many dep
redations along the Willamette water
front besides the chain thefts. It la said
that the Willamette Pulp & Paper Com
pany alone have suffered losses in this
manner amounting to over $200.
Car Injures Gunner Gary. Gunner
Gary, of the Yorktown, was knocked
down and severely Injured last night at
First and Sheridan streets, shortly after
7:30 o'clock, by a southbound "S" ear.
According to eyewitnesses Gary had
alighted from a car going in the opposite
direction and did not see the other car
approaching when he attempted to cross
tho tracks. The front end of the car
struck Gary and he was knocked to the
ground and it Is believed that several
bones were broken. He refused to go
to a hospital and was taken aboard ship
for treatment.
Hobo Carries Gun. Irving Gray, a
17-year-old hobo, arrested at the east
end of the Steel Bridge last night, was
found to have a loaded revolver in his
possession. He offered no resistance
to arrest, but said that he carried the
loaded weapon to enforce free rides
from crews of freight trains, as also
to prevent the return experience of be
ing ejected from his boxcar Pullman
while the train was en route.
Death of Miss Timms Miss Emma C.
Tlmms, 20 years old, a popular young
lady who resided in Mllwaukie, died at
the Good Samaritan Hospital at 7
o'clock yesterday morning, after an ill
ness of two months' duration. Miss
Timms was well known among the
society set of Mllwaukie and had many
friends in this city and Sellwood.
Fail to Report Smallpox. Because of
failure to report to tho proper authori
ties regarding smallpox cases alleged
to exist in their homes, S. Kretshevsky,
a resident of Sellwood; W. E. Douglas
and G. K. Haveland, of 694, Giles ave
nue, were arrested last night. The ar
rests were made on complaint of City
Health Officer Esther C. Pohl.
Chimney Fire Excites. A chimney
fire causing but slight damage to the
roof of the residence at 792 Kearney
street occurred at 8 o'clock last night,
calling out Engine No. 3, Hose No. 6
and Truck No. 3 of the fire department
and causing some little excitement In
the neighborhood.
Open All Day. Palace Market, 260
Yamhill street. Main 1807. L. Penne.
Tschaikowsky'a "Symphony Pathet
lque" by Request and Mme. Jior
dica at the Matinee.
This afternoon at the Armory Walter
Damrosch will again arouse the musi
cal enthusiasm to a degree never before
reached here. Last night's concert was
a rare delight, and the afternoon will
not only present Madame Nordlca in a
group of songs, but will also offer the
much-requested Symphony Pathetique
of Tschaikowsky.
Damrosch found as many requests
for that beloved symphony awaiting
him as Madame Nordica had for Wag
ner numbers. The afternoon programme
will also contain the "Mignon" over
ture, and the violin concerto In D minor
of Vieuxtemps, which will be finely
played by Alexander Saslavsky.
The evening programme is all Wag
ner, with the exception of Madame Nor
dica's group of songs, and will present
the Lohengrin prelude and "Bridal
Chorus," numbers from "Die Meister
singer," and "Tannhauser," with Mad
ame Nordlca In "Elizabeth's Air," and
a number sure to arouse the most In
tense Interest, the "Liebeslod," from
Isolde. The matinee begins at half
past 2, and the evening programme at a
quarter past 8. Seats now selling at
Sherman, Clay & Co.'s. Direction Lois
Steers-Wynn Coman.
The Wagner programme for Thurs
day evening. June 4, is as follows:
Lohengrin (a) Prelude, (b) Elsa's song on
the balcony, (c) Prelude and bridal chorus
"Die Melsterslnger" (a) Prelude, (b) Prize
"Die TValkuere" The ride of the Valkyriea.
"Siegfried" The sounds of the forest.
Study from "Tristan and Isolde" Dreams.
Alexander Saalavsky.
"Tannhauser" (a) March, Act n. fb) Son
to the Evening Star, Act III. S. Tilkln.
Steinway Piano Used.
All the delicacies of the season at the
Portland Restaurant; fine private apart
ments for ladles, 305 Wash., near 6th.
Little Hungary Restaurant, corner
Seventh and Ankeny, Hotel Scott build
ing. Unique and up to date; popular
prices, best meals.
Fifteen thousand square feet warehouse
space, with trackage facilities; brick
building; 13th and Kearney; low Insur
ance rate; electrlo elevator. Inquire Tull
& Glbbs.
Phone Main 234. A 3245. A 329L
Columbia bldg. Phones Main and A 1635
House now open, sea food a specialty.
Keep Headquarters at Cleveland.
COLTTMBTJS. O., June 3. In a vote of
2 to 1, the international convention of the
Brotherhood of LoeomotH-e Engineers
voted to retain the general headquarters
at Cleveland for the next decennial period
beginning 1!10. Detroit was selected as the
place for the next biennial convention. W.
H. Kent, of Detroit, was elected third as
sistant grand engineer.
The Oldest Trust Company In Oregon
2 on check accounts.
2'. on ten days' call.
3 on savings accounts and
on six months' certificates.
3V2 oil thirty days' call. ,
4 on ninety days' call, on j
twelve months' certificates and j
on coupon certificates. j
And offers every convenience of j
J modern banking.
1 I
$ Call for our book of i
f j
I of
I Okegoh
I S. E. Cor. Third and Oat Sta.
II. L. MTTOCK Vlce-Pr.ldent
DR. A. 8. NICHOLS, id Vice-Pres-!
B. LKE PAGET Secretary
W. ,1. G1I.I. Assistant Secretary
C. W. UEbBAFF Cashier
Trentleth and Washington SIm
WO can do your entire Crown, Bridge and
Plate Work In a day If necessary. Positively
Painless Extracting; Free when plates or
bridges are ordered. Sensitive teeth and
roots removed without the least pain. Ten
chairs. Only the most scientific and care
ful work.
I'liJ" Pninleaa Demtlals.
Falling Bids;.,
Third and Washing-ton Streets.
8 A.' M. to 8 P. M. ; Sundays. 8 to IX
Painless Extraction, 50c; Plates, $5.00.
Both Phones, A and Main 2029.
The . Fidelity Copper Company are
getting everything ready for shipments of
ore from their mine in the Seven Devils
Country, and will be In shape for large
shipments on completion of the Hunting
ton North Western Railroad, which Is
now laying steel from Huntington down
the Snake River. This line passes under
the ore bins of the company and will
make the delivery of ore the cheapest of
any. mine in the country. .
We are pleased to see such develop
ment, as this company is owned by Port
land people, and have offices at 607 Couch
building. e
Bee today's ad on page 9 for our great
8 -day specials. Hundreds of other bar
gains througheut all departments. Mc
Allen & McDonnell, Third and Morrison
123 6th St. Flowers and plants. Phones
Main 5102; A 1102.
Adopts Son of Victims.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 3. Bringing
with him a little year-old Yaqui Indian,
whose father and possibly whose mother
he killed in a recent uprising In the
Sonoras. William J. Partridge, a wealthy
The Store Noted for Best Goods at Lowest Prices
3-Day Spe
CI Sill
On sale Friday and Saturday
only two-button French Lisle
Gloves in black, white and col
ors; regular 50c grade, OEZ,,
on sale, special, a pair..
Long Lisle Gloves, in black,
white and colors ; standard ,$1.25
quality, on special Bale today,
Friday, Saturday, at, IQ,,
your choice, a pair Oe)C
Long Silk Gloves, extra heavy
and all pure Bilk; double-tipped
fingers ; a complete line of popu
lar colors; regular (PI OO
$1.75 to $2.25 grade . . O
Closing Out the Stock
The chance of a lifetime to buy high-grade merchandise at and below
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18c -20c Organdies
1500 yards fine French Organ
dies in dainty floral and dot
patterns; very fine and sheer
and our best 18c and 20c quali
ties. Take advantage of sale.
Dress Goods Remn'ts
Price Today, Friday and Saturday
Choose any Dress Goods or Silk Remnant in the house today, Friday
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cludes colors and blacks. All sales are for cash only. Take advantage.
Closing-out sale of our entire
stock of high-grade Hose at
just cost. Women's regular 60c
and 75c fancy Hose, on A.T n
sale at, special, pair..-C
Women's white-foot Hose, with
double heel and toe, warranted
fast black and a standard 25c
grade. For two days, r,
on sale' at, special, pair...-tlC
Women's fine black Ilose, in
lace boot and allover lace de
signs; also fancy embroidered;
the best regular 35c and O C
50c grades, special at...'"t'C
Boys' Blouse Waists
Boys ' regular 50c Blouse Waists
in a good variety of light and
dark colors. Ages 2 to 12 year.
A great bargain at above price.
75c Taffeta Silk at
19-inch Taffeta Silk in a full
line of pppular shades ; warrant
ed pure silk and our best 75c
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15c Linen 'Kerchiefs
Women's fine sheer Handker
chiefs, warranted all pure linen
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sale for today, Friday and Sat
urday only at the above price.
75c Bureau Scarfs
A great three days' sale of Bureau Scarfs in
openwork and blind embroidery designs; 15
patterns to select from and regular 75c values.
1 Sc Sleeveless Vests
50 dozen women's Swiss-ribbed Sleeve
less Vests, suitable for corset covers;
taped neck and arms and best regular
15c values. Limit, three to a customer.
75c Corset Covers
Fine cambric Corset Covers, one srtyle, 2 rows
heavy lace insertion, set with fine tucks, rib
bon and beading; another with deep lace yoke.
75c Lisle Underwe'r
Genuine French Lisle Vests, Pants and Union
Suits for women ; several styles ; finely finished
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50cHose Sup'orters
Crescent Pad, four-strap style; fancy
frilled elastic and security rubber button
clasp; come in all colors and best regu
lar 50c grade. ' On sale for three days.
Mt. Hood Shirts
A special lot of Mt. Hood Dress Shirts for men
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Boys' 5Qc Dress Shirts at
17c Each
Boys' Dress Shirts in neat patterns, made from best quality Eng
lish percales. The identical grade sold at other stores at 50c apiece.
On sale today, Friday and Saturday at the above special low price.
Regular 1 5c India Linon at
9c Yard
500 yards fine Sheer India Linon on sale Friday and Saturday at
exact cost. Comes full 32 inches wide; very fine, even thread and
our best regular 15c grade. On sale for two days only at above price.
Bathing Suits
Corner Third and Morrison Streets
Bathing Suits
miner, has arrived In this city. He has
Just returned from the Yaqui country,
whither he was summoned by the Gov
ernment to explain the shooting of the
Indian. His explanation of self-defense
was fully accepted.
F. W. Baltes
and Company
invite your
inquiries for
Slain 165
Home A1165
First and Oak
.Will find this jewelry store a most con
venient place to trade. Every line is com
plete in detail, offering great advantages
for selecting and most interesting prices
as welL
Manufacturing Jewelers, Opticians, Diamond Importers.
Corner Third and Washington Streets.
Slightly Used, High Grade
For Sale Regardless of Cost.
One mahogany Steinway, one ebon
ized Steinway, one rosewood Chicker
ing, one walnut Haines Bros., one ma
hogany Lindeman; also new high
grade pianos and player. Others for
, H. Sinsheimer,
312 Pine Street.
Phones: Main 1662, A 3136.
"The Proof of the pudding is In the
eating thereof, and not in chewing the
string." Hislop's Vanila and Lemon
Extracts are real. Don't buy colored
Imperial Hair Regenerator
is everywhere recognized as the
for Gray or Bleached Hair. Its ap
plication is not affected by baths;
f rants curiingr; isaosoiuteiy narm
ess; any natural shade produced;
invaluable (or Beard and Mustaohew
Sample of your hair colored free.
Imperial Cben. Mf. Co.. lih W. Ui SLN.Y.
Fourth Floor iCorbett Bldg-.
(12.00 Full Set
Teeth. 6.00
Crowns and Brldge-
work. 3.0U.
Room 405, Deknm.
Open Evenings Till 7.
A Paris Ineurance company refuses -risks
on xnea who dye their hair.
America 's
Without a Rival
108 and 110 Fourth 6treet.
Sole Distributors for Oregon and Washington
A Certified Cfiect
is equivalent to the actual cash. As soon as a
check is certified the amount is charged to the
drawer's account and becomes the bank's lia
bility. For this reason such a check should
never be destroyed. 12 lost, the bank should be promptly notified.
The Security Savings & Trust Company very cordially invites your
account, subject to your check.
Corbett Building, Portland, Or.
CAPITAL $500,000. SURPLUS $250,000.
A Skin of Beauty is a Joy Forever
Removes Tan, Flmplea,
Freckle. Moth Patched,
Btab, mud Skin Difea?a,
tin: every Diemim
on beauty. nd de
fies detection. It
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Is ao harmless we
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Accept no counter
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Oooda Dealers In the United Stale, Canada and Europe.
FERD.T.HOPIIXS, Prop., 37 Gnat Jones Street New Tori
51 ?a ter-K
jgchwab Printing Co.
Opening, Hotel Savoy
Additional four stories, containing
78 room3, each with bath.
Twelve rooms with bath, specially
constructed for commercial dis
play, size 16x28.
A greater part of all these rooms have
an unobstructed marine view.
The entire maneuvers of Atlantic
fleet can be seen in any ;rt of
harbor at once glance.
Just a reminder that we have a few
rooms left in our "12 Stories of
Solid Comfort."
Rates S1.00 Up
Rndway's Pills cure Indigestion, btllouav
neat, piles and all stomach troubles.