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Christmas Trade Not Affected
by Financial Stringency.
Fewer Automobiles and Diamonds
Than T,ast Year Will Be Dis
tributed by Santa Claus.
loor Will Be Remembered.
The really wise portion of the populace,
of course, has completed Its Christmas
shopping these many days since. People
ot mediocre wisdom are now occupied in
that absorbing work, while the neglectful.
Improvident and procrastinating will
hardly become busied before next Wed
nesday. It is barely necessary to say that the
bulk of the populace belongs to the class
of mediocre wisdom. A glance at the
shopping crowds reveals this only too
clearly. Most everyone In town is on
the streets these days, passing from
store to store. Home Is only an adjunct
of the bargain counter; a place to with
draw for a little rest preliminary to
taking up the next day's shopping campaign.-
If there has been a financial flurry it
has not sufficed to put Its stampmark on
the holiday trade. In past years trading
has never been more lively, especially in
the ordinary necessities of Christmas,
such as .toys for the children and present
able things for the older people. There
Is something of a falling away in more
expensive things. But of stint there is
little suggestion so far.
All Streets Thronged.
If threre was bne person on the street
yesterday there.were 40,000. Stores were
crowded,' especially those places dispens
ing wares suitable for Christmas presents.
The big department stores found them
selves at their wits' end to handle the
throngs and only by the cleverest kind
of management could the emergency be
met. Big crowds were looked for, to be
sure. But the rush always takes on
bigger proportions than expected and this
year is proving no exception to that
general rule.
It Is hard to tell how much Santa Claus
spent yesterday for the good little boys
and girls and men and women who have
behaved themselves this past year, and
are to be remembered by the astute old
spendthrift. His spendings must have
ranged far up into the thousands. The
trade will pass the M.000.000 mark before
the holidays are at an end, for hundreds
of people from outlying districts come
In to get their Christmas presents. The
average person, ' who has the money,
spends at least 125 for presents and there
are thousands who do not get on" that
lucky, whether they can afford it or not.
Poor to Be Remembered.
It is to be a , Christmas for all. For
six weeks past various charitable or
ganizations have been hard at work rais
ing funds to make the day one of cheer
for the poor. The Salvation Army has
been the most active of these and the
little kettles and boxes on the corners
have reaped a small harvest. Boxes of
food and necessities in the way of warm
clothing will be sent out to those in
need. Where poor families have children,
toys are to be Included in the consign
ments from this most beneficent of chari
table organizations.
The number of shoppers who have set
about making lighter the burdens of
shop workers this year is pleasant to
contemplate. Forenoon shopping has be
come quite general and there are half
as many persons, mostly women, about
the stores of a morning as during the
night. Nearly all the business houses
are keeping their doors open until 9:30
o'clock for the accommodation of those
who shop after dark through necessity
or preference.
At the Theaters
What tbe Press Agents Say.
Great Rnral Play at the Marqnam
Comedy is what the public Is seeking, es
pecially at present, and "Qulncy Adams
Sawyer." the play at the Marquam this
week, ts a, laugh from one end to tbe other.
It is a bright, humorous story of a small
: vlllaee in New England. Saturday there
will be a matinee.
Famous Dumas Play Three More
Times at Baker.
Although It is right in the midst of
Christmas shopping, every lover of Dumas
should manage to take an evening and see
the Baker Company in "The Three Mua-
fceteera," with Austin Webb as XVArtagnan.
James Oleason as Athos, Robert Homans
as Porthos and Howard Russell as Aramis.
A dainty little waiting maid Is Maribel
Seymour. The costumes and scenery are
; beautiful.
"The Girl of the Streets."
Wt would not think it possible in these
modern days for a gang of thugs to steal a
young girl and keep her in bondage right
In the midst of tie great metropolis pf
ew orK, out on second thought, it and
worse things are probably occurring all the
time right under the eyes of the police.
In "The Girl of the Streets" at the Empire
this week the plot concerns just such an
event. ,
"From Farm to Factory."
Even during the rush to buy Christmas
presents, take time to see "From Farm to
Factory," which is being played at the
Star Theater. This attraction will be re
peated until tomorrow night, with a mati
nee tomorrow. "From Farm to Factory"
Is a pastoral comedy, wtih some of the
scenes laid in a mill. It Is a play that will
not be found disappointing.
The I,yric Tonight.
Positively the finest offering that has
been presented at the Lyric this season is
"Caught In the Web," which la attracting
capacity audiences at tbe popular Alder
street theater during the present week. All
the members of the company. Including
Verna Felton. Rupert Drumm, Forrest Sea
bury, Mrs. Clara Allen and other favorites,
are distinguishing themselves in the various
Glee and Mandolin Clubs Will Give
Concert at the Heilit;.
The attraction at the Heilig Theater.
Fourteenth and Washington streets, tomor
row Saturday) night, will be the Glee and
Mandolin Clubs of the University of Ore
gon In their annual concert and entertain
ment. The advance sale of seats opened
yesterday morning, and Judging front the
demand this popular form of amusement
is enjoyed by many, theatergoers who have
never attended college, hut know a "good
how" and are looking forward to the same
high-class performance that has heretofore
been given by the University of Oregon.
""' iiuds are under the direction of rjp
feasor I. M. Glen, which la a guarantee K
foruana music-lovers of
nlng'a entertainment:
Advance Seat Sale Opens for Max
Figman at Heilig Box Office.
This morning at 1 o'clock at the box
office of the Heilig Theater, Fourteenth and
Washington streets, the advance scat sale
will open for the distinguished comedian.
Max Figman, and his excellent supporting
company, who -come to the above theater
for four nights, .beginning - next 6unday
night, December 22, with a special price
matinee 'Christmas, in the delightful com
edy, "The Man on the' Box.". Seats are
now selling for Christmas matinee and
night at the .theater.
"The Toymaker."
All Christmas week there will be an ex
travaganza at the Marquam, the kind of
entertainment best suited for the holiday
season. "The Toymaker'" is the title of
the attraction to be given by the San
Francisco Opera Company. Toys come from
a little town in Germany, and this is the
place where the scenes are laid. There will
he a matinee Christmas day.
Christmas Week at the Baker.
One bf the bright and cheerful scenes
which gladdens the heart in "A Midnight
Bell" at the Baker next week la the one
showing the school kids coastinc down a
steep Incline near the schoolhouse. The
youngsters enjoy this act so thoroughly that
It is no effort for them to play It naturally.
"A Midnight Bell" is a story of village
life in Northern New England.
Totoea, acrobatic comedy ladder act; Fred 1
Bauer, tenor, and the motion pictures pre- '
sentlng "The C!ockmaker"s Dream," con
clude the ahow. "
Sirs. J. G. Carson Lays Bare Secrets
of Married Life.
His revolver, not his personality, was
what attracted Mrs. Joseph G. Carson
toward her husband. When the Carson
domestic tangle was presented in the
Municipal Court yesterday Mrs. Carson
had some very unpleasant things to say
about the man who wants J2S.O0O from
Leroy Hadley as compensation for al
leged alienation of the woman's affec
tions. Mrs. Carson took the stand readily to
testify against her husband on the charge
of threatening to kill her. ' It was . on
December 4 that he made the threat, em
phasizing his remarks with a meaning
flourish of a revolver. ..So she left him.
J fearing for her life, so she said. As to
her marriage with the man it Had not
been a love affair at all, but the result
of fear of him. Her married life had
been lived practically at the muzzle of a.
revolver, she said.
The case was not concluded, continu
ance being taken until today when Car
son will give his version of their domes-
tic shortcomings. Other witnesses have
been called for today.
"Why Girls Leave Home."
Next week's attraction at the Empire,
starting with the Matinee Sunday afternoon,
will be E. J. Carpenter's emotional melo
drama, "Why Girls Leave Home." for the
first time here. Fred Summerfleld, the au
thor, is said to have shown great skill in
developing the plot- and keeping its tono
wholesome, particular emphasla resting on
Its love story.
"Queen or the White Slaves."
"Queen of the. White Slaves," most sen
sational of the comedy-dramaa which the
French atock company has produced, will
be the attraction Christmas week at the
Star Theater. The first performance will
be Sunday afternoon. It will be a spectac
ular production, which Manager French
nays is the biggest the stage of the Star
has offered. Seata for this attraction are
now on sale.
From the Hippodrome.
Henog'a horses, four in number, which
created auch a sensation at the New York
Hippodrome, will be the special added at
traction the coming week at the Grand.
The headllner will be Harry Crandall, for'
merly with Joe Weber's all-star company
on Broadway. Crandall has an act calling
for a support of seven-people.
Lyric Christmas Week.
During Christmas week the Lyric will
offer a distinct novelty -in the shape of a
double bill and dally matinees, beginning
Monday afternoon. At the .matinees "Cin
derella," the greatest Christmas extrava
ganza ever written, will be presented, In
which Verna Felton will take the title
part. At night there will be a revival of
Willie Collier's famous farce. "The Man
From' Mexico." in which Forrest Seabury
will be featured.
- Grand's Big Show.
Better vaudeville than that found on the
bill at the Grand this week cannot be
found at the prices anywhere else In the
country. This week there Is an all-feature
programme. The Eddy Family, which per
forms on -the tight wire, la a marvelous ex
hibition of daring and skill. The act alone
is worth the price of admission. Felix Ad
ler is a dialect entertainer who uses several
dialects and every song and joke he sings
and tella is new to Portland, which ia a
Unexcelled Vaudeville.
The best 'prevails at Pantages Theater
this week, the bill being one of uniform ex
cellence. The American Newsboys' Quartet
Is a hit, their comedy alnging wipning them
many encorea. The Georgea In novel comedy
act are the best things of the kind ever
seen in Portland. Johnston and Cook, In
"After the Ball"; the Vaughners, ragtime
BingerB and dancers of the first water; the
J. W. ' Belcher, Tenor, and S. J.
Story, Violinist at Eilers Hall.
An exceptionally fine programme has
been prepared for the special recital to
be given tonight. at Birers large recital
hall. J. W. Belcher, tenor, and S. J.
Story, violinist, will be the soloists of the
occasion. Admission to the musicale is
free, and reserved tickets may be se
cured without charge, by calling at the
Eilers store today. In order to avoid
overcrowding no more tickets than the
seating capacity of the hall will be Is
sued. To avoid being disappointed all
are asked to apply for tickets es early
In the day as possible.
The magnificent specially designed
Louis XIV. Weber piano, which has at
tracted much favorable comment and
words of praise from every one who has
seen it in the corner show window of
Eilers Piano House was purchased yes
terday by H. Schulderman, for his beau
tiful new home on Glisan street, near
This is the second costly Weber piano
to be sold in. the Schulderman family.
Mr. Schulderman, Sr., having recently
purchased one of the famous $1050 Weber
Metrostyle Pianola Pianos. In spite of
the fact that extraordinary, yes frantic,
inducements were offered in other quar
ters, the final decision was made in favor
of the Weber, in spite of its higher cost.
; In spite of the unfavorable weather, 11
other fine pianos (three of them Pianola
pianos) and two organs were sold, the
day's sales amounting to $4663.50, but as
many of the purchases are intended as
Christmas surprises, the names of the
purchasers are withheld.
We show a large variety. Sig. Sichel &
Co., distributors Garcia, Lord Baltimore,
Mi Hogar fine Havana cigars.
Tacoma Theater Boiler Explodes.
TACOMA, Wash., Dec. 19. The boil
er in the Tacoma theater was rent by
an explosion this morning. Mrs. Will
lams, formerly with the "Woodland"
company, is suffering from nervous
shock. The property damage is slight.
The stage was badly torn up. A few
were In the thea.r at the time. Mrs.
Williams was in the dressingroom on
the stage.
Purchase an order for a pair of
Hanan Shoes for your friend at Rosen
thal's, 7 th and Washington Sts.
"Pfeffer Kuchen." Royal Bakery.
"Old enough to
Own a Watch!"
"Never too old to
Value a Watch!"
That's the Human Family's Estimate
The heart of a boy or .girl swells with pride over the first
real watch one that will "go"; and the most honored gift
to age is the handsome gold timepiece. '"We have watches
suitable to all, with the best of works, cases of choice ele
gance, hand-engraved, jeweled and plain, with splendid
monograms. Every size; every make of excellence.
Lockets, Watches all Jewelry. Old Jewelry accepted in part
payment for new. Order by mail. Most moderate prices in town.
HEITKEMPER'S Jewelry Store
286 Morrison St. Next to. New Corbett Building
" Lowest Priced Jewelry House for Fine Goods "
LennonY Kids Bringing Happiness
to the People of. Portland
Gloves and Umbrellas for men, women and children. Styles and
quality offered hera are the result of twenty years' study of the Glove
and Umbrella business. " x
morrison JLennans opposite
iliT1r',"l'-M" -'--'--'-
HOME A6 171 A6172
Setter Alligator Leather Goods
The last few days of Christmas buying ar
Leather Stock of all kinds is still complet
Alligator Handbags, hand polished horn
back, 9-inch leather lined, fitted with
coin purse, etc., each .$8.25
Horn Back Alligator Club Bag, 15-inch
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Handbags, new Vienna shape, hand pol
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suitcases aim raveling ags jf or la
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Jewel Boxes, Flasks and Cases, Photo
Frames, all the latest shades and
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Blocks, Vienna Coin Purses, Button
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Everything Engraved in Gold
Free of Charge.
Let Us Do Your Picture Framing and Do It Right
Art Goods
Consisting of many and all kinds
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Fancy" Dishes, Vases, Fern
Dishes, Jardinieres, Plates, Can
dlesticks, etc. This is our first
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thing is new, and to introduce
these goods to you we are offer
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Special .values on tables at 25c,
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Kouchi Ware Vases, values to
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Cups and Saucers, Salad Dishes,
Coffee and Chocolate Cups, and
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Don't Delay Your
Perfume Purchases
For people of fashion this is the perfume store, for they know we
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Waters, Sachet Powders and theatrical goods in fact, everything for the
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Powder Puffs in fancy silver,
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very pretty and handy; reg
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tle in fancy gilt-trimmed
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Atomizers, of bohemian, cut
glass and china, a very large
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down to 50
First Floor
Xmas Wines
For jour Christmas dinner.
Woodlark Sauterne, Burgundy,
Claret or Riesling, per bottle,
regular 50c, special 39$
Duroy non-sparkling Chum
pagne Wine, regular 60c pint,
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"Golden Star" Champagne,
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First Floor.
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