Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 20, 1907, Page 11, Image 11

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Counttnit-Room Main 7070
City Circulation Main 1O1O
Managing Editor Ia,n J2-2
Sunday Editor Main 70.0
Composing-Room Main 7070
City Editor ...Main 7070
Superintendent Building Main 7070
East Side Office . . .East 61
THE MARQUAM GRAND (Morrison street,
between Sixth and Seventh) "Qulncy
Adams Sawyer." Tonight at 8:15.
BAKER THEATER (Third, between Tarn
hill and Taylor) Baker Theater Company
In "The Three Musketeers." Tonight, at
EMPIRE THEATER (Twelfth and Morri
son) "A Girl of the Streets." Tonight
at 8:10.
GKAND THEATER' (Washington, between
Park and Seventh) Vaudeville. 2:30, . :30
and 8 P. M.'
TANTAGES THEATER (Fourth and Stark)
Continuous vaudeville, 2:30, 7:30, U P.M.
LTRIC THEATER (Seventh and Alder)
The Allen Stock Company In "Caught in
the- Web." Tonight at 8:15. 'Matinees
Tuesday. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
at 2:15 P. M.
STAR THEATER (Park and Washington)
The French Stock Company In " rem
Farm to Factory." Tonignt at a-0'
matinee Tuesday, Saturday and buuoay
at 2:15 P. M. '
Christmas Cantata. For next Sunday
night the choir of the Kpworth Metho
dist Church is preparing, under the direc
tion o Mrs. Charles T. McPherson, to
give a sacred cantata arranged by her
entitled "The Christmas Story. - .1 he
work is well In hand, and a very tine
programme Is promised. A cornet and
a violin will be played by air. and Mrs.
Bell, in some of the selections. lhe
heavier solos are as follows: "A Holy
Night," by Adam, sung by Mrs. L. M.
Smith, recently of Salt Lake; "At the
Manger," by K. Craven, sung by Miss A.
Crossley; baritone obligato, sung by Will
iam Bi Stratton; "Bethlehem . Guiding
Star," by Marzo, sung by Mrs. C. 1.
McPherson. Mrs. Dear, Mrs. Bell and
Miss Munger will be heard in short solos
and .duets, as also Messrs. Insley and
Williams. Other members who will as
sist in the many fine choruses are: Mrs.
A. H. Staehlcy, Mrs. S. H. Pomeroy. V.
B. Bell and Rev. C. T. McPherson.
Misses Birdie and Lulu Dozhl.- and Stev
en Smith will recite, taking the parts of
Narrator, Listener and Questioner.
Accident to Jacob Kamm. Jacob
Kamm, a capitalist and pioneer resident
of the city, was knocked down and
badly injured yesterday afternoon by a
boy riding a bicyclo at the corner of
Sixth and Salmon streets. Mr. Kamm
was thrown to the ground with such
force that he was rendered unconscious.
He was picked up and carried into the
corner grocery store, where he was re
stored to consciousness and was then
conveyed to his residence in a carriage.
Mr. Kamm is advanced in years and be
sides his physical injuries suffered a se
vere, shock, uist night it was learned
that he was in no danger but that in all
probability would be confined to his home
for a number of days. He suffered se
vere bruises about the body but no Sfcnes
were broken. The accident occurred
shortly before noon while. Mr. Kamm was
on his way to his office.- Who the boy
was has not been, ascertained.
Organize) Auxiliary Tonight. There
will be a meeting of the Oregon Branch,
National Industrial . Peaee Association,
tonight, in the Grace Methodist Church,
for the purpose of organizing a Women's
Auxiliary. Judge E. C. Bronaugh will
preside. Short addresses will be deliv
ered by Father James H. Black, of St.
Francis Church; Rev. W. H. Heppe,
D.D.; Mrs. Marian Warde Farnham, and
P. H. Scullln. Among those who indorse
the movement and who will attend to
night's meeting are: Miss Mary B. Day,
of the Y. W. C. A.; Mrs. Abigail Scott
Duniway, Mrs. Ella J. Clinton. Mrs.
Sarah A. Evans, Dr. Mae Cardwell, Mrs.
W. Wynn, Johnson, Mrs. Marian Warde
Christmas Tree for Poor. Subscrip
tion lists for a Christmas tree and Christ
mas basket dinner for poor children are
being solicited by the Volunteers of
America. It is planned to distribute bas
kets of provisions to poor families, the
size of the basket to be governed by the
size of the family receiving It. The
Christmas tree will be held in the Volun
teers" Hall at S North Fourth street, on
Christmas night. Clothing, candy and
fruit will be given to poor children. It
is proposed to raise a fund of $400 for
the purpose. The committee in charge
has already succeeded in collecting ?JM.
Y. M. C. A. Juniors' Exhibition. The
Junior class boys of the local Y. M. C. A.
will give their regular annual gymnastic
exhibition tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Their
parents and friends are to be the guests
and the youngsters will show off both
In the gymnasium and swimming pool.
Professor Larimore, the physical direc
tor of the boys' department, will have
charge of the programme and promises
something new in the line of class drills,
fancy stunts, etc. Parents of this city
are cordially invited to come and en
Joy the evening's fun. There will be no
admission fee. -
Columbia Lodge Election. At lhe an
nual election of officers of Columbia
Lodge of Masons, held list night in the
new Masonic Temple; corner of Yamhill
and Park streets, Paul ChamberlsSn was
elected master of the ladge for the ensu
ing year. Other officers elected were:
Senior warden, Hopkin Jenkins; Junior
warden, E. L. Ritter; secretary, F. L.
Olson, treasurer, Joseph Polivka. At the
conclusion of the session refreshments
were served.
Falls and Breaks Rib. While carry
ing a radiator weighing 300 pounds down
the Courthouse steps on the Fifth-street
side at 5:45 last night, Charles Powers,
engineer at the Courthouse, fell .and
broke a rib. Dr. H. E. Cable was sum
moned and dressed the broken bone.
Liveno Presents. Nothing is nicer for
vuiiouiina ccci ia - mail ptLUHS Df TU.T&
plants. Big shipment from Japan and
BciBiuiH- jub. in. ruruano oeea com
pany, southeast corner Front ami Yam
hill streets. .
Bibles Club Banquet. The .Alert Bible
Club, of the White Temple, will give a
banquet , for its friends tonight in the
church parlors. The club has a mem
bership of 150. The president .of the club
Is Clyde C. Byars; leader and teacher, C.
H. Lewis. -
Wards Guests of Sundat School.
The children of the Boys' and Girls' Aid
Society will be guests of the Sunday
School of the First Presbyterian Church
at their Christmas exercises tonight in
the parlors of the church on Alder street.
North' East Side Association. The
' N)rth East Side Improvement Associa
tion will meet tonight In Woodmen Hall
on RusspU street. At this meeting re
ports will be made by the bridge and
other committees.
Steamship Hanalei sails direct for San
Francisco, Friday,' evening. Cabin, $12;
steerage, $8, berth and meals included'.
C H. Thompson, agent. 128 Third street.
Imported Leather Goods.
For Ladies and Gentlemen.
Hbwtstt, Bradley & Co., 344 Wash. St.
Bath Robes Greatlt Reduced.
CommKncino December 21, 1907, there
will be a ''sllgnt change in schedule on
Vancouver line. (See printed timecard,
obtained at ticket oftices.
Arts & fiuns Shop. Japanese prints
water, colons, Teco, Grueby-Van Briggle
Neweomb pottery, hand-made baskets,
leather, metal articles. Wash., nr. 12th. '
Establishment Max, 415 Washington st.
Laces, handkerchiefs, bronzes and Pari
sian novelties suitable for Christmas.
IjOunoino Robes and House Coats, Too.
. Be Quick, Get Your Choice.
Hewktt. BRADLffV & Co., 344 Wash. St.
Wanted By man and wife, six or seven-room
furnished house, three months,
West Side.. L 451, Oregonian.
Elegant bric-a-brac, etc.. at auction,
today, 3 P. M., at Geo. Baker's Auctibn
House, Alder and Park streets, -
Warm Clothino Wanted for Prison
ers. Rev. Clarence True Wilson and the
Tenth Legion of Centenary Methodist
Church, have been collecting warm
clothing for prisoners confined at the
Kelly Butta. rockpile every Sunday, and
distributing them Sunday afternoons. At
the present time undergarments " are
needed on account of the cold weather,
and those who can do so are requested
to send such articles to the church, cor
ner East 'ine and East Ninth streets,
Saturday afternoon and night, and Bun
day morning. The pastor and committee
will leave the church with the articles
donated Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
It is desired that the donations be lib
eral. Much good has already been ac
complished for the prisoners, many of
whom are not hardened criminals. Dr.
Wilson has secured employment for a
considerable number of the discharged
Body Found in RivER.-The body of an
unknown man was discovered yesterday
morning floating in the river below St.
John. Two boys returning from a hunt
ing expedition saw the body and reported
the matter to the Chief of Police at St.
John. In the man's clothes, which were
lying on the river bank, near where the
body was first seen, were found several
letters addressed to Abraham- Gutfreund.
The dead man was about 30 years of age.
He had evidently been in the water only
a short time, as one of the employes of
the St. John lumber mill said he had
seen the man the day before walking on
the railroad tracks. Coroner Finley went
to St. John yesterday and brought the
body to Portland. An effort will be made
to get some trace of- the man's people
through letters found in his clothes.
Footpad Shoots at Ctclibt. Frank
Howerton, residing at 1528 East Seven
teenth street, bad a hold-up experience
last night Just after dark on Milwaukie
avenue near Henry street, and narrowly
escaped being shot, a bullet fired at him
by the "stick-up" man passing through
his hat but missing him entirely. How
erton was riding his bicycle, returning
home from his work, when the man
stepped out and attempted to stop him.
Howerton fell off his bicycle and drew
his revolver and returned Are, sending
two shots after the man who ran and
disappeared in the neighboring brush.
He couldn't see him because of ttie dark
ness, but says he was a big man wearing
an overcoat.
Woman's Club Department. Dr. C. H.
Chapman win lead the department of
English literature of the Woman's Club
this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the
Women of Woodcraft Hall. The subject
will be "Hedda Gabler."
A Christmas Entertainment Tonight.
The Tennessee Jubilee Singers, colored,
will sing old Southern songs at the First
Christian Church tonight, 8:15. Admis
sion 25a and 35c.
Men's Finest Haberdashery,
Hewett, Bradley & Co.r Men's Shop,
344 Washington Street.
John Cran, 618 Swetland buildtng, la
dles' and gentlemen's fine and medium
E-z Payments. W. H. Lesh, the Jew
eler, 513 Dekum bldg. Open evenings.
Mrs. Woodward Says Spouse Struck
Her AVith an Umbrella.
Mrs. Grace V. Woodward, whose hus
band, William H. Woodward, is a danc
ing teacher, room 418 Fliedner building,
and gives lessons at the Arlon Hall,
was a complainant . last night at po
lice headquarters against her husband,
charging him with abuse and striking her
with an umbrella. She desired his ar
rest, saying that she thought it would do
him good, as he had neglected her, prob
ably on account of some other woman.
According to Mrs. Woodward, the
trouble arose because she asked her hus
band for money tor the necessary house
hold expenses. This angered him and
he assaulted her with his umbrella, she
says. While striking her. the iron ferrule
of the umbrella penetrated her arm Just
above the elbow, making a nasty wound
about an inch deep. ' She had to go to
a doctor to have it dressed. Detective
Price went to the hall where Woodward
was giving his dancing lessons and took
him to the police station, where he gave
$100 bail to appear before Judge Cameron
this morning to answer to the charge of
assaulting his wife.
Jabour's Famous Rug Store Crowd
' ed at Last Night's Auction. "
No better evidence could be asked that
Portland people appreciate Jabour's rare
Oriental rugs than the fact that his big
store. Seventh and Washington streets,
was crowded by our best people last
night and the sales were large. Mr.' Ja
bour's entire stock of matchless beauties
are being knocked off to the highest
bidder, and the opportunity to buy such
elegant rugs at such remarkably low
prices will never be given again after the
auction sale closes, which certainly will
not last many days as Mr. Jabour can
not afford to let his costly selections go
at the price they are bringing.
Christmas buyers cannot afford to over
look this opportunity to buy presents,
r however, and until the auction closes no
reserve will be made and buyers can
have any rug they desire put up for
sale at the auctions every forenoon at
11 A. M. and at 2 and 7 P. M.
Delicious to Eat and Beautiful 'to
Decorate the Tree.
They'll delight the palate of every
member of the family; they're wholesome
for old and young, and will make the
tree a glory of beauty. They come in
all shapes diamonds, crosses, three-cornered
hats, horns prettily frosted, with
bright pictures, or nut ornaments. They
delight every child. Carry a bagfull
home tonight; delicious for tea. Either
Morrison or Washington branch of Royal
For the cold weather. Get your fire
places equipped with the M. J. Walsh
Company's grates, andirons, firesets and
spark guards. - It is a well-known fact
that they carry the best class of goods
in the city in their line. They wish to
call your attention to their beautiful line
of gas and electric table lamps, just
opened up and sampled. You should not
miss seeing them. Just the thing for a
nice Xmas gift. Salesrooms -311 Stark,
between fifth n(1 Sixth streets. .
Long kid gloves, $2.38 a pair; $5.00 silk
umbrellas, at $2.47; $3.00 silk hosiery, at
$2.39 a pair; $5.00 coque boas, at $3.39;
$4.00 silk waist patterns, at $2.98; boys'
75c shirts, at 25c; all furs reduced: all
tailored suits reduced. McAllen & Mc
Donnell, the store noted for best goods
at lowest prices.. " .
To buy your tailor-made suits for ladies
Is at Le Palais Royal and get the best at
the lowest prices. Try it. and be con
vinced. 375 Washington St.
Sues Streetcar Company for $3465.
Alleging that on July 25 the motor-
man of a streetcar at First and Arthur
1 v w
9 Complete with Case,
Bow, Strings, Etc.,
. ., , -J"' , w.,
f With a Six Months
Course of Lessons
W P-
Our force la so organized that we can
So your entire crown, bridge and plate work
in a day if necessary. This will be appre
ciated by people from out of town. You
may have your teeth extracted in the morn
Ins and go home at night with new ones.
We remove the most sensitive teeth and
roots without causing pain. No students,
no uncertainty, no bungling; only the most
scientific and careful treatment. Our
Bridge and Plate Work Is perfect; 20 years'
continuous practice has made this possible.
When desired you can have T. P. Wise
or my personal service.
W. A. WISE, Dentist
Falling- bldg-., 8d end Washington. sts.
8 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays, 9 to 13.
Painless Extraction. 50c; Plates, $3.00.
Barbers' Supply Co.
Morrison and 10th Streets.
Fin. Cutlery and Toilet Articles. Repair
ins; of all kind, of Sharp
dred Tools.
streets was violating the city ordi
nance by not ring-ins the bell when 10
feet from the crossing, ' I Swerdliks
has brought suit against the Portland.
Railway Company to recover $3465
damages, which he says he sustained
by being struck by the car while driv
ing along First street. He estimates
his personal injuries at $1500, and the
damage to the wagon, harness and
horse at $1965.
To aocommodate those who cannot pur
chase their holiday gifts during the day,
the J. K. Gill Company will remain open
All the delicacies of the season at the
Portland Restaurant; fine private apart
ments for ladies, 305 Wash., near 5th.
Of English composition Is a most sen
sible holiday gift Gill's. .
Magazine subscriptions are admirable
Christmas gifts. . Gill's takes subscrip
tions at lowest rates.
Pianos, Piano-Players
Phonographs Records
If you are intending anything of this nature for a Christmas pres
ent, it will pay you to visit our store. As a special inducement to
Santa Clans, we will offer until Christmas Eve a strictly new, well
made, handsomely cased upright piano for 3190.
We have many others 12 different makes and at prices lower
than ever sold for before. - '
You can make a selection here from such well-known makes as the
Fischer, established in 1840; Gabler, established in 1854; Behning,
established 1861; Kurtzmann, established in 1848; Bradbury (over 20
years in the White House), besides "many of more recent date.
Beware of a piano you know nothing of.
We can arrange time payments to suit your convenience. , "
Edison, Columbia; Star
Open every evening until Christmas, and wd will guarantee to
give you more for your money than any other house in the city.
Cor. Morrison' and West Park Sts.
Ik - - Sxf'
In Umbrellas at the Umbrella Factory.
Unless you come to us you don't get the
hest goods at the lowest prices. We are
the largest exclusive Umbrella' house on
the Coast, and this, together with the
fact that we are manufacturers, enables
us to undersell all competitors. Call and
see our stock. You'll buy, all right. We
have the swellest line of $3.50, $4.00 and
J5.00 Umbrellas ever shown here don't fail
to see them. If you want something fine,
something elegant, call and 6ee us. We
have all the latest New York ideas In
gold, sliver, pearl, ivory and other ma
terials, with a specially fine line of gold
and silver deposited on pearl and ivory
the very latest. No old styles In our
stores all new and up to date. Estab
lished 20 years.
Two Stores .
Seittfdje Settling
The Big German Weekly
Sample Copia Free
Our Readers say:
We get the News
Our Advertisers say:
"We get Results"
A. E. KERN & CO., Publishers
Second and Salmon Sts, Portland, Ore.
You i
X L ::
so many
if you're
Tell you what to do. Look around; come
here first or last. Whenever you come here
will be the right time for us and you.
Holiday Display of
Overcoats, Suits, Cravenettes
Representing America's premium clothes-makers,
richest foreign and domestic fabrics, finest linings, per
fection m fit
If convenient do your trading in the forenoon and avoid the afternoon crowds
Special Sale
Xmas Sweets
Every Christmas wit
nesses hundreds 'of
disappointed people
who are unable to get
served at our count
ers. To relieve this
pressure and induce
early buying we will
1 lb.
Bright and crisp. Just
the thing for filling
the stockings.
1 lb.
American Mixed
The old-fashioned
kind. A favorite with
the children.
1 lb. :
Xmas Creams
A special mixture of
chocolate and bon
bons in large variety.
The 3 Lbs.
For SOc
- This makes a nice as-
sortment of strictly
fresh,pure candy J
made in our own fac-
tory. But 3 pounds .
sold to. one person, I
and put up in paper
bags only.
Have yon aeen the Portland
Girl Packager
A "Nifty" Gift.
Woman aSpedalty-Mrs.S.K.Chan
The only Chinese woman
medical doctor la this
city. She has cured many
afflicted sufferers. Cures
private and female dis
eases, also asthma, throat
and lung: troubles; stom
ach, bladder and kidney
and diseases of all kinds
that human flesh Is heir
to. Cured by Chinese
herbs and roots. Remedies
harmless. No operations.
Honest treatment. Exam
fnations free. 262 Clay
Street. Corner Third.
Coal! Coal! Coal!
Keystone Lom, ...$.) ton
Keystone No 8.00 ton
Good turnsca and stovs cost
S12 Pins Street.
Main 1863. J
f 'J I
A, h
offers of superlative
it s no wonder
confused or amazed
and distinctive in style.
Bankers and Lumbermens Bank
Corner Second and Stark Streets,
Capital Stock $250,000.09
G. K. WENTWORTH . .' President
F. H. ROTHCHILD First Vice-President
JOHN A. KEATING Second Vice-President and Cashier
H. D. STORY Assistant Cashier
PLATT & PLATT ... .General Counsel
G. K. WtatnoMh, President, Lloyd J. Wmtwortb,
. President Portland Lumber Co. Vice-President Portland Lam-
Charles S. Russell, ber Co.
Dant & Russell, Lumber. J. E. Wheeler.
Secretary Whoeler Timber Co.
Agent Blodgett Co., Ltd. VtkA H. Rothchild, First Vice
Director Booth-Kelly Lumber President.
Co. . President Rothchild Bros.
Dr. K. A. J. Mackenzie. Jrohn Keatlnc, Second Vice
Chief Surgeon the Oregon Rail- President and Cashier,
road & Navigation Co. Robert T. Piatt,
George G. Bingham. Platt & Piatt,' Attorneys.'
Attorney, Salem, Oregon. H. D. Story, Assistant Cashier.
A durable sh
saves the purchaser
U1UIC VJ iiiculc 11 mail
looking. ' This is why
able. If you want to be sure of getting
durability as well as style, buy the Packard lf
1 ri 11
Shoe, it looks well, nts well, wears well. - i ry a pair.
M. A. PACKARD CO., Makers, - Brockton, Mass. Sold ty
in me mint;
A Am fctn, la die woodt r
fa ftw worfcsbosw rirousactfl of
' ynrken CTcrrwfacr win
Levi Strauss & Co's
Copper Riveted Overalls
sot stpndaM
It insures an enjoyable, invig
orating bath; makes every pore
respond, removes dead skin.
starts the circulation and leaves
a glow equal to a Turkish bath.
Priced from
money. It costs
uuicis luai as siyusii '
many shoes are not dur-
11 "T M-
r 109 Sixth Street,
Portland, Or.
$4.00 and $5.00
Instinct Points the Way
It teaches men and
women to think of wool
ens when cold approaches.
Jaeprer woolens are un
rivaled tor durability.
They are. therefore, a
money-saver In the end
as well as a health pro
moter all the time.
Write for samples and
Booklet of Particulars.
For Snle In Portland by
rSED PEEffil,
(11.00 Foil Set of
Teeth. ..
Crowns an! Bride
work S.m.
smd 405. Dehao)
chwab Printing Co.l
7 H ST A.R.K