Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 19, 1907, Page 16, Image 16

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Seattle Man Declares the Pang3 of
Hunger Tempted Him.
SEATTLE, "Wash., Dec. IS. (Special.)
Thirty days In the County Jail was the
sentence meted out today to Albert Blt
tle as puninhment for stealing a bottle
of milk worth 7 cents. Blttle declares
that he was starving- and that he has
had nothing but a few crusts of bread to
eat for two days. This 'morning he saw
the milk In the doorway of a restaurant
and could not overcome the demands of
his hunger and took it intending to drink
it as he ate a crust of bread he had In
his pocket. Just as he was about to take
a drink from the bottle he was hailed by
a policeman and In his fright dropped
the bottle.
Prices: TONIGHT 8:30
75c $1 00 HBILiIG THEATER.
2-50 Tenor.
Seats Now Direction
8el!lnj--. Lois Steers-Wynn Coman.
The University of Oregon
Glee and Mandolin Clubs
"PRICES Lower floor, $1.00 and 75c. Bal
cony, "Sc and 50c. Gallery. 25c.
Beats Now eelllnir at Theater.
Portland' Famous Theater Phone, Main 6.)
Tonight and Remainder of Week
Matinee, Saturday
The Greatest Rural Comedv Ever "Written
Don't Miss This Delightful Play
Slventngs. 25c. 35c, 50c, 75c; Matinee, 35c, 50o
GEO. L. BAKER, General Manager.
Home of the famous Baker Stock Company.
All this week, an elaborate production of
Alexandre Dumas romantic drama,
A play everyone should witness. Scenery
And costumes correct and beautiful. Great
Evenings 25c. 35c. 50c. Matinee 15c. 25a
Matinee Saturday.
Tonight Every Night This Week.
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday,
t,lllian Mortimer's Startling Modern Melo
Bpeclal scenic production. ,. Thrills and
i .V .. 1 T". OKa O ,A, n.,n,al 10. OO-.
Kext Attraction "Why 6lrl Leave Home.!
Both Phones: Main 4685; Home, A 1026.
Week commencing Monday, December 16,
The Allen Stock Company Presents the
Thrilling Detective Drama.
Matinees Tuesday, Thursday. Saturday
nd Sunday. Prices 10c and 20c. Every
evening at 8:15. Prices 10c, 20c and 30c.
Boxes r.Oc. Office open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M.
THE STAR phoxes
A 14fl
Entire week of Dec. 15th.
The R. E. French Stock Company Presents
A Melodrama In Four Acts.
Matinee Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday. Prices 10c and 20c.
Evenings, 15c. 25c and 35c at 8:15.
Next Week "The Queen of the White
Trices Evenings. IKe and 25c. Three
performances dally, 2:30, 7:80 and 9:10
F. M. Week day matinee prices, 15c to all
Iarts of the house, except boxes.
And plenty .of other Big Ones.
fon't fall to visit the Grand this week.
At Gllman's Auction Rooms, 411 Washing
ton St.. at 10 o'clock A. M. S. L. N. Gil
man, Auctioneer. .
At 2 P. M., fancy goods, by the Port
land Auction Company, at 211 First t.
At 10 A. M., furniture, by' the Portland
Auction Company, at 211 First at.
F. & A. M. Special communica
tion Thursday 2 P. M.. new Ma
sonic Temple. Park and Yamhill
streets. Work In M. M. degree.
Stntul MmRiimlnstlnn i
T:30 P. M.; payment of dues, election and In
stallation of officers. M. W. Grand Master
will be present. Address by M. W. P. O.
M. J. B. Cleland. Refreshment. Members
urged to be present. All M. M. Invited.
By order of w. M.
B. S. FAGUE. Sec
1, K. T. Special conclave this
evening at 7:SO P. M.. Order of
the Red Cross. As this will be the
.OJ"! MENT. NO. 28. I. O. O. F. Reg
B K4f u,ar eession this (Thursday)
sfvflk. E evenlng. 8 o'clock. Grand avenue
HW and East Pine. Patriarchal de-f-yk.
r vlaltor always welcome.
J. C. JAMESON, F. a.
Trill give a whist party In K. of P. hall,
11th and Alder streets, Thursday evening,
Dec. 19. Refreshments. Admission 15c.
Regular meeting this (Thursday) evening at
7:30 o'clock. Work in second degree. Visit
ing brethren welcome. B. KLOTZ, Secre
tary. last conclave to be held In the old asylum,
all Sir Knights are requested to be present.
TV. S. Macrum, Recorder.
PROSPECT CAMP. Dance tonight, 128
11th St.; everybody Invited by Prospect
PT.INK In this city at the family residence.
107 North 17th street, December 18. David
Rdward Fllnk. aged 25 years, 6 montbs,
24 days. Announcement of funeral later.
8MIT In this city, December 19, Johan P
C. Smit, aged 21 years 11 months, late
residence. 1447 Oneonta at. Announce
ment of funeral later.
GREBXB At the residence of Ms daugh
ter. Mrs. J. D. Sullivan. In Montavllla.
December 18. Thomas Greene, aged 81
years. Father of Frank T. Greene and
Mrs. J. D. Sullivan, of this city; Michael
J. Greene, of Los Angeles, CaL; Mrs. R
L. Devaney, of Jefferson CltT, Or.: Mrs.
AV. M. Mlsner, of Albany. Or. Remains
will be taken to Salem, Or., Friday morn
ing. December 20, where Interment will take
place. Jefferson City, Or., papers please
Al'STEN Tn this city, at the family resl-
dence, 401 Tenth street, Dec. 17. Harry
O. Austen, aged 3 years. S months. 25 days.
Beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry B.
Austen. Friends of the family are respect
fully Invited to attend the funeral services,
which will be held at the above residence
at 2 P. M. today, Thursday. Deo, 19. In
terment River View Cemetery.
GRAY Dseember 17. Charles K. Orav. aged
years. Fylends are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral services,
which will be held at Holman's
viiapri, curngr niro, ana eaimon streets,
at 2 P. M. today. Thursday. Interment
Lone Fir Cemetery.
WALKER In this city. Dee. 18th, Launoe
lot Walker, aged 81 years. The funeral
services will be held at Flnley's chapel
at 1 P. M. today Thursday. Friends in
vited. Services at the grave private.
J. P. FIM.ET SON, Funeral Director.,
Third and Madison. FboDe Main 0, A 1A99.
Dunning, McKntee Gllbaugn, Funeral D.
rcciors. 7 th l ine. Phone M. 430. Laay swat.
St. i-ady assistant. Pbons Main
EDWARD HOtMAX CO.. funeral Direct
re, XtO Sd st. Lady assistant. Phone M. 6l7.
EELLER-BYRNES CO.. Funeral Direct
re, SIS KuseeU. East 1088. Lady assistant,
F. ft, PUNNING, Undertaker, 414 Kasi
Alder. Ladx aaeistant. Fbooa Eas
Following rates will be given only when
advertising Is ordered to run consecutive
days, Ually and Sunday Issues.' Tbs Ore
gonlan charges first-time rats each Insertion
for classified advertising that Is not run on
consecutive days. The first-time rats la
charged for each Insertion in The Weekly
"Rooms," "Rooms and Board." ""House
keeping Rooms," "Situations Wanted." 15
words or less, IS cents r 18 to 20 words, 2S
cents; XI to 25 words, 20 cents, etc. Me
discount for additional Insertions.
Matrimonial and clairvoyant ads, ene-ttme
rate each insertion.
"New Today," 80 cents for IS words or lessi
16 to 20 words, 40 cents; SI to 25 words, 69
cents, etc. Brat insertion. Each additional
Insertion, one-half; na further discount un
der one month.
"NEW TODAY." (gsoge measure agate).
14 cents per line, first Insertion; 7 cents
per line for each additional Insertion.
dressed care The oregoman, and left mt this
office, should alnrwi be inclosed in sealed
envelopes. No stamp Is required on such
the convenience of patrons. The Oregonlan
will accept advertisements for publication in
classified columns over the telephone. Bills
for such advertising will be mailed imme
diately and payment h expected promptly.
Care will be taken to prevent errors, bat
The Oregonlan will not 'be responsible for
errors in advertisements taken over the
telephone. Telephone: Main 7070; A 1670.
823 Worcester Building.
Phone Main 8371.
PINE timber claims, ltt to 2H million
feet, for location. For particulars call
on G. N. White, 84 Raleigh Bldg., 323(4
Washington st.
DO you want an established nickelodlon? In
quire 812 Alder St., city.
10 lots 50x132. 5 lots 50x138. all together,
9-room, extra good house, hard-finished, all
fenced, Rood barn and thicken houses and
other- buildings, 65 apple treea, 2 fig trees,
1 persimmon, 12 peach, 7 bartlet pear, 8
English walnut. 4 black walnut. 2 pecan.
8 almond, 4 chestnut, 8 cherry, 8 prune, 8
plum, 25 maple shade trees; 60 rose bushes
1 year old. hedge of hollies. 100 feet long;
250 feet frontage on carllne, 250 feet from
postofflce, 7 miles from Portland; running
water the whole year at the house. PRICE!
$8000; TERMS..
Espey-Meine Realty Co.
Will Locate You On
Location Fee
Guarantee 4 to 7 Millions
1500-acre stock ranch ; $10 per acre; all
fenced; all tillable; substantial Improve
ments; In Douglas County; or will exchange
for Portland property or close-in acreage,
paying difference.
Phone Main 345. 246 Stark it
Will sell watches, diamonds. Jewelry, guitars
and violins for 'amount loaned and ono
month's Interest for this month only, at
143 3d at., near Alder, Portland. Or.
When you can pay a small deposit at B.
Wolfe! Jewelry Store and have any article
held until Christmas? Don't miss the place,
92 6th st.. near Stark.
$500 DOWN and $225 every quarter will buy
a new, modern 7-room house, 60xlOO. cor.
of E. 19th and Everett; furnace, laundry
tubs, gas, electricity, etc.; large dining
room; easy walking distance.
222 Falling bldg.
Lot 55x100, S. E. corner 14th and Thom
son, $1300. Inside lot on 14th, between
Thomson and Tillamook, $1150. Lot 60x100.
on 22nd street, between Thomson and Till
amook, $1000. Room 39 Hamilton building.
NEW modern 5 -room cottage, furnished
with new furniture on Mount Scott car
line. 20 minutes from the heart of city,
200 feet from carllne; price with furni
ture. $2000; $1000 cash, balance to suit.
G 454, Oregonlan. 7
FOR 8 ALE By owner, new 7 -room house,
modern throughout, near 2 carllne, block
ffom school and business center; a bargain.
Call and be convinced. Call 867 Alblna
ave. Take L or R.-S. oar.
BEST snap In Portland; $1300 only for a
brand new modern 6 -room cottage; porce
lain bath, electricity; on Sellwood carllne;
$700. balance $26 montm ,F. Dubois,
Washington Bldg., room 3.
$30CO WEST SIDES 6-room house and lot,
walking distance. Market, St.; furnace,
gas, electricity; ownerTorced to sell. J as.
C. Logan, room 20, Raleigh Bldg., 323
Washington st.
FARMS, residences and lots; we have some
of the best buys;. It will pay you to In
vestigate before buying elsewhere. Mc
Callura & Gregg. 223 Chamber of Com
merce. $2450 Modern new 6-room house. East 29th
st., within one block of two carllnes; elec
tricity and gas. full cement basement, beau
tiful lawn, street Improved. Phone East 381.
CHOICE 5-acre lots for sale on the Oregon
electric carllne; also a few special bar
gains In larger tracts near the city. W.
E. Burke, 620 Chamber of Commerce bldg
100-foot ""corner lot. 15-foot alley. In
Piedmont ; threo $5000 houses In block;
terms. O 468, Oregonlan.
$900 4 -room cottage, 753 E. 8th; terms.
New modern cottage, 766 E. 6th, bath,
gas. $1550. Owner. 208 4th. Main 3990.
$75 SACRIFICE lot. 25x100, East 26th.
near Alnsworth ave.; city water. L 454,
GREAT SNAP Vernon; large lot. 68x100;
$375. $10 down, balance $5 a month. Apply
owner, 1140 B. 24th North, corner of Kill
lngswortb. 5-ACRE tract on Oregon City electric car
line; a beautiful building site; $3000, half
cash. H. G. Starkweather, Mllwaukle, Or.
BARGAIN New modern 7 -room house, cor
ner, $2650; terms. Plttenger, 614 Com
mercial st. Call mornings.
1400 $100 down and $15 per month buy
new 5-room cottage two blocks from car
line. Phone East 381.
MUST be sold. 8 -room new house. Don't
miss It If you want a home or bargain.
L 440, Oregonlan.
U. P. PALMER. 222 Falling bldg., makes a
specialty of selling houses In the East
Burnslde district.
BRAND NEW, strictly modern 5-room cot
. tage, Sunnyslde; will sell on Installment.
Main 3953.
$950 A sacrifice, 5-room house. GOxlOO lot;
rent paying 12 per cent. Owner, G 467,
LARGE, modern 5-room cottage, corner,
$2800, $500 cash, balance to suit. Phone
East 675. ,
FOR SALE My beautiful West Side home;
pp lend Id location; no agents. K 463, Ore
gonlan. SPHINX AGENCY, business and residence
property. - 3(18 Chamber of Commerce bldg.
$1100 FOR lot. or $2800 for 100x100 on cor
ner. Holladay'e Add. Phone Main 447.
FOR SALE New 6-room cottage; Install
ments. vOwner. W 466. Oregonlan.
MUST sell 14 acres land, 10 clear; need
money; 12 miles out. 110 First st
10 ACRES, all In cultivation, fine eoil. good
house and barn, one mile from Oregon City
carline; price $3250; terms. ,
11 acres on Peninsula, all In cultiva
tion, fine soil, 5-room house; price $12,500;
6 acres, all In cultivation, near Vancouver
and St. John carline; beautiful view, fine
soil; price $7000; terms.
New 6-room house, modem, two lota, fruit,
3 blocks from carllne. Owners going away;
must sell.
110 Second St.
XMAS hy your own fireside. Am leaving
state and selling my beautiful modern. 5
room Colonial house, rooms extra large,
large windows (and plenty of them), fire
place, lot 102x104. 36 choice bearing fruit
trees, excellent furniture, insurance and
Winter's wood included; $2900 handles it;
long time on balance. Main 1675. Sun
day and evenings. Tabor 882.
303 Buchanan Bldg.
Tabor Heights, end of Mount Tabor and
Monison-st carllne. The new, sightly
"Broadview" lots from $300 up. on terms
made easy. Only 2 blocks from carlin;
wide streets. Bull Run water, shade and
fruit trees; the best buy now on the mar
' ket. We have a long list of lots, acreage,
timber lands and trading property. Phone
East 5050. Fare 5 cents.
2 ACRES, 4 -room cottage, city limits, W. W;
car; $S40O.
New 7-room house, lot 80x100, 1 block
carllne; $35C0.
6-room house, lot 60x100; $1700. 2 lots
60x100; $700.
2 7-room, up-to-date houses, Holladay'e
Addition. Terms.
405 Ablngton bldg. Phone Main S042.
BUY from owner and save commission, nice
5-room bungalow, modern every way. run
concrete basement, on carline, near Pied
mont. Phone East 2406; easy terms
6-ROOM cottage, almost new. Porcelain
plumbing, full cement basement, on car
line and In nice part of the city. O. M.
Smith. 538 Cham, of Com.
Tn 10-acre tracts, to trade for city prop
erty ; cleared or uncleared ; lays 3 miles
of Mosier on main state road ; prices
from $40 to $150 per acre.
' Room 412.
Commercial Bldg.
SUNSHINE, blue skies, orange groves. O in
land, Cal., Is booming! Cheap rich land and
Government irrigation works building. W.
W. Payne, agent, 1200 Williams ave. Phone
Woodlawn 1118.
$2000 15 acres near Vancouver, Wash., good
buildings, lots of fruit, in high mate of
cultivation. Owner. Adell Cain, Orchards,
Clark County, Wash. R. F. D. route 1.
box 91.
Will exchange for diamond or Port
land mortgage; West Seattle; fine sound
view lot, 50x117 and 2-room cottage; 80
foot streets. 20-foot alley; only 20 min
utes on car from rjusiness center. Jas.
C- Logan, room 20, Raleigh Bldg., 823'
Washington st.
FOR SALE Cheap, complete fine- motion
picture outfit, including films, song slides.
C 483, Oregonlan.
REAL estate for Oregon Trust &s Savings
deposit. Alnsworth Smith, 309 Wells-Fargo
WILL trade for what you got; a splendid
opoprtunity; value $300. H 464, Oregonlan.
WILL trade for what you have. L. Alns
worth Smith, 309 Wells-Fargo bldg.
CADALLIC automobile exchanged for real
tate, 169 11th st. Phone Main 1578.
Chicago. New Orleans, Seattle.
829 Chamber of Commerce,
CHOICE homesteads, also timber claims, with
from 3 million to 7 million feet each; no
agents, no trlflers wanted. Particulars, call
or address The Coaet Realty Co., 226Vs
Morrison st.
PINE timber olalms, 1H to 2H million
feet, for location. For particulars call
on G. N. White. No. 34 Raleigh Bldg.,
323 V Washington st.
Couch Bldg., 109 4th st., near Wash.
HOMESTEAD relinquishment; will exchange
for city property ; will assume mortgage.
X 257. Oregon lan.
TWO good homestead timber claims, Lin
coln County. $100 each. Loren Seward,
Vancouver, Wash.
160 ACRES fine fir timber, Douglas County,
Oregon. Address 646 Williams ave., city.
TIMBER wanted. Sphinx Agency, room
80S, Chamber of Commerce bldg.
NOTICE We can sell your land, no mat
ter where located; have cash buyers wait
ing or will be out from the East soon,
and have written and made all plans
with our Eastern offices. What have
you? Write us at once. Coast Com
mercial Co.. Dekum bldg., Portland, Or.
FARMS and acreage of all descriptions ;
have buyerse waiting; can't supply the
demand. F. Dubois, Washington Bldg.,
room 3.
JAPANESE wants contract; about 50 acres
clear or unclear land, within 10 miles from
Portland. Address F 455, Oregonlan.
WANTED 100 farm) in Oregon; give good
description, price and terms. F 463. care
WANTED City property, farms aad timber
lan da
420 Lumber Exchange bldg.
WANTED A. modern 6 or 7-room house in
Nob Hill district today if possible; cus
tomer waiting. h Dubois, room 8,
Washington Bldg.
WANTED 5-room cottage, good location;
Improvements. Inquire Austin-Union
Dentists, 1st and Morrison.
FROM T to 15 acres, well Improved, with
good buildings and lots of small fruit.
C 479 Oregonlan.
ALL kinds of real estate wanted by F.
Dubois. Washington Bldg, room 3.
ALL kinds. Including approved forest re
serve scrip, for surveyed, unsurveyed tim
ber and prairie Government land. H. M.
Hamilton, "The Portland." Portland. Or.
PUBLIC land scrip for sale; land, mining
practice. D. N. Clark, Atty., Washington,
D. C.
WANTED A dairy to rent, 100 cows, more
or less, shares or cash. R. Wilson. Ore
gon City, Oregon.
ACRE tracts along the line of the O. W. P.
from $65 up. We make a specialty - of
farms and acreage in this locality.
420 Lumber Exchange bldg.
WILL lease 20 acres for term of years for
clearing same; land near Clarnie, on O.
R. & N., 7 miles east of city; Japs pre
ferred. Apply at 28 y Union avenue north
today between 1 and 4 P. M.
Horse. Vehicles and Harness.
Ladd & Reed farm. Bachelor leland, 700
acres fine pasture; large - barns; stock put
up every night; dally boat to and from
place. D. E. Keasey. room 7. Chamber of
Commerce. Both phones.
$180 ' BUYS handsome bay driving-horse. 6
years, weight 1100, harness and rubber-tired
Ktudebaker?, cut under buggy, or sell sep
arate. Can be seen at Dexter Stables, 45
4th. Phone Main 2586.
ONE team. 1200 and 1300, hnrncss and
wagon. $150; camp at foot Nevada tt.,
BARN to rent rear 676 S Burn side.
Horses, Vehicles and Harness.
Hubert & Hall. 260 4th, dealers In hcrse
and vehicles; horses and vehicles for rent.
FOR SALE Smith ft Barnes upright piano,
In good condition; will sell same on easy
terra a. Phone Main 6280, room 79 Glendora
Hotel, after 6 P. M.
50 SLIGHTLY damaged sewing machines at
very low prices: Singer. Wheeler & Wilson.
Domestic, White, Household, Davis and
others ; to make room for new stock.
Wheeler & Wilson and Elngera, S. S. Slgel,
335 Morrison at., Marquam bldg.
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard aad
pool tables; easy payments; we rent table
with privilege of buying; modern bar fix
tures; cheap prices. Brunswick-Balke-Col
lender, 49 3d st.
ART exhibition for Xmas. On account of
the financial flurry We are forced to ewll our
entire stock at cost. Artistic framing a
specialty. Art Emporium. 348 Alder.
WE sell the best and most reasonable wood
for fuel for this Winter. J. Yamashlta
Wood Co. Phone E. 4152. N. W. cor. Base
- Line and Mlsner. Montavtlla, Or.
slides, views, supplies; rented, sought, m11.
exchanged; lowest prices. Newmans, 293
Burn ?lde. Phone Main 8458.
several launches to fill orders. See us for
Fall bargain. 171 Madison mL Phone
Mala 7408, Home A 8867.
BUY or sell furniture, stove sad househol d
good. Call Main 6H74 or A 2327. We went
your trade. The Dollar.
FOR SALE One motor and motor generator
for sale cheap; price $125. G 469, Ore
gonlan. .
FOR SALE Cheap. 8O-30 Wim-hester re
peating rifle, nearly new. Phone Main
MOVING-pIcture machines, films and slides,
rented and exchanged. Weister. 375 Stark at.
Moving-picture machines, supplies, repairs,
film slide?; bargains. Stevens, 165H 4th st.
NICE upright piano for sale. Call this week
only at 940 Mallory ave., near Skidmore.
SCOTCH COLLIE pups, seven weeks old.
Pedigree with each. 471 E. 12th st. ,
PHONE Main 5273 for canary blrda; fine
Christmas presents'. O 459, Oregonlan.
. ,
AN A-l bicycle, with coaster brake, for
sale cheap. V 457, Oregonlan.
TWO first-class fresh milch cows. 1480 Ma
cadam str. Take Fulton car.
WHY not buy a Navajo blanket or rug for
Xmas. 665 Wash. et.
FOR SALE A-l hand printing press, 7x11.
628 Everett st. ,
FIREMEN and brakemen on railroads In
Portland and vicinity, to fill vacancies
caused by promotions. Experience un
necessary. State age. height, weight.
Firemen, $100 monthly, become Engineers
and earn $200. Brokemen. $75, becoming
conductors, earn $150. Name position pre
ferred. Railway Association, care Port
land Oregonlan.
For man and wife to get free rent of
nicely arranged 3-room apartment in
large rooming-house- in return for care
of furnace; privilege of taking boarders
given ; water, wood and lights also fur
nished free; give telephone number and
address. T 458. Oregonlan.
BRIGHT YOUNG M0N to prepare for postal
clerks on the railroad; Government posi
tions; salaries near $70 a month to start and
opportunity for promotion with advanced
pay. Must be physically strong and near &
ft. 6 In. In height. Call oday for further
reference. Pacific States School, 613 Mc
Kay bldg.
WANTED For U. 8. Army, able-bodied un
married men, between ages of 21 and 35,
citizens of United States, of good character
and temperate habits, who can speak, reed
and write English. Apply to Recruiting
officer, Alnsworth block. Third and Oak sts.,
Portland, Or.
MAN with time and money to Invest in
business paying $ 1 00 weekly above ex
penses; well established and can be - eas
ily increased ; present manager will take
part Interest. Box 249, Walla Walla,
PROTECT youcself for $1 per month against
accident, sickness and death. Write or
call for full Information. Northwestern
Health and Accident Association. 809
Wells-Fargo bldg. Agents wanted.
Men to learn electricity, plumbing, plastartnsr.
bricklaying, all kinds of drafting and plan
reading; day and night; no books; positions
secured; free catalog. Coyne Trade School,
230-240 Eighth St., San FrancUco.
MEN and women to learn barber trade In
eight weeks; graduates earn from $15 to
$25 weekly; expert instructors; catalogue
free. Moler System of Colleges. 85 North
Fourth St., Portland.
PARTNER wanted to help manage business- of
great merit; must be sober and Industrious;
It's a man I want, not his money; references
given. Austin, suite 123 and 124, 221 Mor
rison. WANTED Every man to know that all eur
Burt Packard "Burrojap" patent
leather shoes are "guaranteed." Price $4.
'Korrect Shape" shoe store, 293 Morrison.
YOUR chance; you need the money; we have
absolutely first opportunities for ready cash;
commission basis; put it in your- pocket by
calling 9 to 2 at room 8, Hotel Avalon.
YOUNG man, clerical work, $6 per week to
start, chance for rapid advancement it
attentive to business. Address in own
handwriting, H 465, Oregonlan.
SALESPEOPLE, bookkeepers, stenographers,
collectors, general mds.. shipping, grocer
and bill. Clerks' Registration Bureau. 386
Washington st.
YOU can make big wages; easy work; no
capital or experience required; we ten you
iow. Room -i hours l to 6. 488 Wash
ington st.
WANTED Young men to study telegraphy;
permanent positions at good wages when
competent. Oregon College, S. W. cr. 5th
and Oak.
WANTED Reliable man for position as
partner; pay $4 a day; experience unnec
essary; $200 required. Call 248 Stark st.
WANTED Salesmen, all llaea bookkeepers,
stenographers and clerical men. Call or writ
Commercial Abstract Co.. 323 Wash. mt.
XOU can make big wages; easy work; no
capital or exnerience required; we tell you
how. Room 227, 308 Gllaan.
WANTED Young man to run elevator
evenings; give experience and reference.
Address C 430, Oregonlan.
FIRST-CLASS washman and head marker for
laundry ; state experience had and where
at. H 463, Oregonlan.
WANTED Two capable and experienced
salesmen. Call 148 5th St., 2nd floor, front,
and ask for manager.
FOR SALE Cheap, complete fine motlon-
picture outfit. Including films, song slides.
C.433, Oregonlan.
MAN wanted for best seller out. Call be
tween 2 and 6 P. M. 227 Barr Hotel, 6th
and GUsan.
WANTED Errand boy, 8 hours per day,
$5 per week. Anderson sc Duniway Co.,
208 Alder st.
YOUNG man with small capital can buy in
terest In real estate business. O 462. Ore
gonlan. WANTED At once, 2 experienced salesmen
for men's furnishing department. Roberta
DENTIST wanted; all-around man; big salary;
come at once. Union Dentists. 1st and Mor
rison. California Wine D-spot, headquarters for cooks
and helpers. 148 4th et. Pac. 2183. P. Lorati.
WANTED Honest young man for real estate
office; can make big money. 189 4th t.
HIGH-CLASS salesman, $10,000 - profit,
something new. 215 Commercial bldg-.
WANTED Baker, good man on coffee cake
and pies. Address M 463, Oregonlan.
$00 MEN wanted Free shaves and haircuts.
284 Couch st. Moler Barber College.
WQ secure positions for our members; spe
cial membership $2. Y. M. C. A.
BARBERS For sale, cheap, 3-chalr shop;
good reasons. Apply 171 1st st.
COLUMBIA Employment Co. Help free to
. employer. 25 N. 2d st.
BEVELER WANTED Pacific Art Glass
Works. 157 Front st.
EXPERIENCED clothing man, at the Boston
GOOD advertising solicitor at 147 Front
YOUNG man of good appearance; must be
over 5 feet 6 inches tall, about 21 years
of age. as floorwalker and window trim
mer; state former experience, references and
salary desired. Address N 108. Oregonlan.
16 years of age and over
Experienced and competent.
WANTED at once.
Applicants for all kinds of work, regis
ter with us. free of charge, so we may
locate you on short notice.
843 Washington St.. Corner 7th, upstairs!
MIDDLE AGED lady with rapital and ser
vices to invest In established business
now paying $4000 per year; present man
ager anxious to take part interest: good
reason for selling. Box 249, Walla Walla,
CAPABLE woman, good plain cook, assist
with children ; must have reference; good
wages; one who sleeps at home preferred.
Phone Woodlawn 619. or call at 860
Union ave. N.
BRIGHT young woman to represent grow
ing enterprise, paying prop, to right party.
Portland Multlgraph and Rapid Ad. Co.,
29 and 30 Raleigh Bldg.
and situations furnished ; real estate and
business opportunities, all kinds. 230
Yamhill. Main 5413.
YOUNG woman, of good education, speaking
French and German, would like position
as housekeeper ' or companion. Address X
452. Oregonlan.
GOOD wah woman, 3 half days weekly;
one living near Shaver and Union ave. .N.
preferred. Woodlawn 619, or call at 800
Union ave. N.
WANTED Refined,, capable woman for re
sponsible position, with opportunities for
advancement. Vlavl Co., 10th and Morrison
WANTED Young ladies to study telegraphy
and shorthand; special low tuition for com
bined course. Oregon College, 5th -and Oak.
343 Washington St., Corner 7th, upstairs
Phone Main 2692.
A GOOD cook, dining-room girl and dish
washer for a new country hotel. Write
Mrs. L. King. Stella, Wash.
WANTED A good cook In private family of
four; 2 In help. Apply mornings, 701 Main
st.. cor. King.
WANTED At once, 3 experienced salesladies
ror ribbon and lace departments, nooerz
WANTED Girl for general housework;
small family. Phone East 5988; B 2440.
Cashiers, book-keepers, stenographers, store
help. Clerks' Reg. Bureau. 386 Wash. st.
WANTED A girl for housework ; good
home; good wffgs. Call 304 Park st. 8.
WANTED -Housekeeper" In the country for
widower. Apply 50 N. 7-th, room 16.
GTRL to canvass; good money. Call bet.
2 and 8. Room 57. 850 Alder st.
GIRL to assist with housework; small fam
ily; apply mornings. 552 Kearney.
WANTED 2 experienced waitresses. Hotel
Nortonia, 14th and Washington.
GIRL for general housework In subutb.
Phone East 5000. Good wages.
NEAT girl for light housework; 2 In family.
Apply forenoon, 808 Clackamas.
GIRL for general housework ; small family;
must be neat. 107 N. 16th st.
WANTED A good girl for general housework.
692 Schuyler st. Phone C 1442.
YOUNG girl to assist with housework; small
- family. Apply 774 Hoyt st.
GIRL wanted at once to " work In private
boarding-house. 389 Taylor.
WANTED An experienced waitress. Ho-bart-Curtls.
265 14th St.
WANTED An experienced cook. Call in
morning, 184 N. 20th.
EAST SIDE Female Employment Office. 122
Grand ave. Eact 10i6.
WANTED German girl for general house
work. 300 Park st.
MEN and women to learn watchmaking, en
graving and optics; easy terms; positions
eecureo; money earned while learning.
Watchmaking, Engraving, School, cor. 4th
and Piker Seattle.
STENOGRAPHERS and bookkeepers will
find a helping hand at the Eclectic Busi
ness University, .625 Worcester block; se
curing positions new.
POSITION will be open Jan. 1 for cutter
and fitter, ladles' tailoring and dressmak
ing; Interest in business if desired. R
4(6. oregonlan.
MEN and women to demonstrate and take
orders for well -advertised line of goods; it
wi'.i pay you to Investigate this offer. 208
Flledner bldg.
JAPANESE employment office; male and fe
male. 249 Couch st Phone Main 6521.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
YOUNG man of considerable business ex
peri en ce and with best of local references
desires to engage for a few months perhaps.
In systematizing or accounting. Phone Wood
lawn 466.
EXPERIENCED cashier. accountant and
salesman with A-l city references, will ac
cept half day or evening position. J 43s,
- Oregonlan. 1
YOUNG man wishes position In crockery or
hardware business; 2 years stock-keeper in
crockery bouse ; references. A 459, Ore
Books opened, closed or adjusted. P. L.
Crawford, 15 Hamilton mag. Main eioo.
THOROUGHLY experienced stenographer
typewriter wants work . or win teacn.
w 45. Oregonlan.
WANTED Position as shipping, clerk or
stock man in wholesale house; rererences.
M 462, Oregonlan.
OFFICE work, any capacity. 18 years' ex
perience, bookkeeper, stenographer, cashier.
H 404. Oregonlan.
POSITION wanted by experienced book
keeper and stenographer; nest ot reierences,
W 454. Oregonlan.
PERMANENT position by experienced
graduate pharmacist. ox ow. .foca
tello, Idaho.
SALESMAN .of 35 desires position with
wholesale house; references, n 400, ore
WANTED Position by traveling salesman; 10
years' experience in wortnwest. M tw.
YOUNG man. age 30. wants position as
night watchman in store or business
place or night ciera in notei; win (five
good references. J. E. Wilson. 211 First
st.. room 11.
HTT1DEXT wants nositlon between 12 mid
night and 8 A. M- in cafe or restaurant
for board or small salary. C 481, Oregonlan.
POSITION wanted; first-class, non-union car
pen ter, who is good f ramer and fair mill
wright, wants job. m 400, uregomjui.
JAPANESE boy wants domestic servant or
any kind work In private family; speaks
English good, rt 40U. uregomau.
SCHOOLBOY wants good h5me; will work
mornings and evenigns tor noara, age
10 years. P 4G4. Oregonian. -
JAPANESE, good boy, wants position at
any kind of housework or in boarding-
house. Call up Main 290.
ST HAM engineer, 7 years' experience, also
. experienced on gasoline engines. Jonn
eraser, w ifl. uavia.
WANT work as Janitor or flreman, by col
ored roan: can give good references. Phone
Main 6199.
JAPANESE student Wants nosltlon as school
boy;' speaks good English. L 455, Ore
GOOD bushelman and tailor, steady, desires
position. Address u 4.M. care ine oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED barbent wishes a good steady
job. Address l 433, care me oregonian.
WANTED Position In prlyata family. G 456,
W A NT ED Post tlon by energet lc y oun g man
or good nbits. capable or takinc charge ot
dry goods store; good buyer and first-class !
W. Davis. Scottsburg, Ind.
A YOUNG man who has had experience In
securing contracts in cities -and towns
desires position with contractor; refer
ences. R 456. Oregonian. '
WOULD like position as clerk In general mer-
cnanaise, with 8 years experience. Address
F. J. West, General Delivery. Portland. Or.
JAPANESE boy wishes a position to work
a rew nours in the morning, t ot, ore
Bookkeepers and Stenograph era.
FOR a stenographer, experienced or begin
ner, phone Bclectric Business University.
Main 4504. Try us now.
WANTED Position as stenographer, by
young lady of six years' experience. Apply
M 46T. Oregonian.
MRS. EMMA J. THOMAS, modiste; tailor
made suits and party gowns a specialty.
00 Wash. bldg. Pacific 727; A 2724.
MME. TUTTLE, modiste. 607 Montgomery
near 15th, M-G car. Phone A 5057.
DRESSMAKING by the day $1.75: or will do
work at home. Phone Pacific 256.
FIRST see Angeles Dressmaking Parlors, 243
5th and Main. Pacific 982.
AN American woman, best of references,
would like a position either as companion
and housekeeper for an elderly lady or as
housekeeper for an elderly couple. Phono
Main 4401. Address C. D.. 54" Morri
son st
WANTED By middle-aged lady, with little
boy, position as housekeeper for gentle
man with children; country preferred. Mrs.
M.. 936 Molalla ave., Oregon City, Or. '
YOUNG widow, boy 6. desires situation
housekeeper, widower, rooming-house.
230 Yamhill. Main 5413.
WANTED Position as housekeeper by middle-aged
widow. Address L 462, Ore
gonlan. Domestics.
HOUSEWORK wanted for elderly woman;
only light work. Young Women's Christian
Association. Main 5267, after 11.
YOUNG woman wants place to work for
board and small wages, attending school
afternoons. H 462, Oregonlan.
GIRL wants general housework near East
35th and Belmont sts.; no washing. A 4629.
EXPERIENCED nurseglrl can furnish best :
ferences. W 469, Oregonlan.
WORK wanted for cooks, waitresses, family,
store, office, laundry any help. "Drake's,
205 Washington. (Telephones. )
FRTONCH teacher will give French lessons at
25 cents per lesson. L 451, Oregonlan.
HOME-LAUNDERED lace Curtains. Phone
Tabor 634. Mrs. S. M. Scott.
A HOME company; low premium rates and
high cash values make the policies of the
Columbia Life A Trust Co. easy to sell.
Apply to Jesse R. Sharp, manager of
agents, 214 Lumber Exchange bldg.
WA NTED A gents to sell our high-grade
trees, shrubs, etc. Outfit furnished free.
Commission advanced each week. Choice
territory open. Albany Nurseries. Albany,
AGENTS WANTED Can you sell goods? If
so, we need you; complete outfit free; cash
weekly. Write for choice of territory
Capital City Nursery Co.. Salem. Or.
AGENTS WANTED Male, with special or
side lines; one not afraid to leave Port
land; where can I see you? W 453, Ore
WANTED To rent houses, cottages, fleets,
stores, offices, rooming-houses, etc Land
lords will do well to call on Portland
Trust Company of Oregon, S. B. cor. Bd
and Oak. Phone Exchange 72.
WANTED A good place for two boys to
.board, 9 and 11 years old, a place near the
Ladd School, preferred. Answer to B 453,
WANTED 'Board and room In private fam
ily; West Side, walking distance, refer
ences exchanged. Address L 467, Ore
gonlan. WAK'Tnn Ti mnt hnncM nfflc tnpM
Y rooms, etc.; long list of applicants. Albee-
Benham Co., 25 Concord bldg., 2d and Stark
A DOCTOR able to use half of 8 rooms
would like doctor or dentist to share other
half. P 463. Oregonlan.
OFFICE or desk room, first floor, vicinity
Market square. Address Contractor, box
260. city. ,
WANTED A well-furnishsed bouse in good
location; references. A 4.16, Oregonian.
WANT to rent furnished country hotel; will
buy If suited. F 466, Orexonlan.
hand store tn Portland. We buy and sell
from a chair to a full house.
20th and Washington. Phone Pacific 793.
WANTED Men's cast-oft clothing and
shoes; we also buy household furnishings,
highest price paid. Call at the 'Fair
Deal," 62 N. 3d at. Phone Pacific 1722.
MAIN 5655. 211 FIRST ST.
TABLEWARE, royal sliver plated 85 cts. to
$1.25 per doz. Western Plating Works, C3
. N. Park st.
CASH paid for furniture fixtures and mer
chandise. Phone Main 1626. J. T. Wilson,
WANTED To buy bicycle for boy of 7; must
be In good condition, and reasonable. Phone
Main 6858.
I PAY cash for household goods. Savage A
Pennell Fur. Co., 845 1st st. Paclflc 360.
Nob Hill Second-Hand 'Co. pays highest
prices for goods. 615 Wash. st. Main 2421.
SPOT cash paid for your furniture, prompt
attention always given. Phone East 1067.
TOTAL adding National cash register: must
be cheap for rash. N 414 Oregonlan.
Furnished Rooms.
412 JEFFERSON, two handsomely fur
nished front rooms, modem, heated, each
suited for two persons, $12 and $16. Phone
Pac. 256.
LADY has large, warm room, all conven
iences, private family. Phone Paclflc
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room suitable
for one or two young ladies employed. 389
11th. '
HOTEL ROYAL, 108 4th St.. steam heated
rooms $2.50 to $5 per week; 50c to $1 night.
LIGHT, pleasant rooms; central, reasonable.
Phone, gas and bath. 415 Taylor, cor. 11th.
THE EL WOOD Newly furnished; $2 to $5
wk. ; also transient .rooms. 343 Morrison.
ELEGANT rooms, low rates, day or week, free
phone, heat, bathe 87 6th, near Stark.
THE RANDOLPH. 3d and Columbia; rooms;
heat; bath. 60c to $1 day; $2 to $4 week.
FURNISHED or unfurnished room, modern,
cor. 21st and Flanders St., Apartment 24.
WARM, well furnished room, good location
for one cr two gentlemen, 251 Tenth.
PLEASANT alcove room suitable for one or
two gentlemen. Inquire 405 Madison.
MAXWELL HALL Rates reasonable; hot,
cold water, all rooms. 207 14th st.
STEAM heated rooms, everything first-class.
494 Morrison, 3d floor, flat 9.
1 NICELY furnished room for 2 gentlemen;
private family. 532 Couch.-
NICELY furnished rooms, furnace heat;
close In. 473 Alder st.
NEWLY furnished rooms, en suite or sin
, gle. 48 No. 9th st.
12 furnished or unfurnished zooms. 142 N.
10th st.
Furnished Rooms.
LARGE outside rooms, single or en suites
beautiful outlook; newly furnished: every
modern hotel convenience; special rates to
permanent guests; with or without meal;
finest cafe In Portland at modest prices;
be sure and see these rooms before you
denlde where to move. Hotel Sargent.,
Grand and Hawthorne avenues.
Nicely furnished rooms, single or en
suite, $2.50 per week up; steam heat, hot
and cold water; free batns; free phone;
dining-room In connection; transients so
licited; open - all night; best location In
the city; office and reading-room ground
floor. 4S8 Washington.
Corner Ynmhtn and West Park sts. New
house, elegantly furnished; hot and cold
water, telephone, hot water heat In every
room; private baths; elevator service.
Transient. Rates. Si per day up. Phone
Pacific Hotel, furnished rooms. 214 Columbia
St.. cor. 1st. New brick building Just open
ing; steam heat, hot, cold running water
in every room; rree bath, phone; rates, 500
to $1 day, $2.30 to $5 week. One call
means another. Phone A1539.
New house. Just opened to the publlo. eer.
11th and. Wash, sts.; beautifully furnished;'
private baths, hot and cold water, electrlo
lights, steam heat; rates $1 and upward.
Phone Main 7954. Mrs. E. Ogllvle, prop.
HOTEL BUSHMARK. Washington and 17th
First-class furnished rooms, single or en .
suite; steam heat, hot, cold water, electric '
light, phone in every room; suites with 1
private rath, single, from $3 by week. 75o
up by day; reasonable by mo. Main 6647.
HOTEL BARTON, 455 Alder st,. at 13th.1
Under new management, remodeled and
renovated throughout; new heating ap
paratus' being Installed; strictly modern
tn every detail; dining-room In connection.,
HOTEL FRANKLIN, cor. IStU and Wash
ington sts., newly furnished throughout.;
new building; suites with baths, hot and
cold water In every room. Phone Main I
7195. Long-distance phones In all rooms.
YOU can get a good room at the Benson for;
$2.50 up per week. 600 to $1.50 day; most
central brick rooming-house in city: newly ;
renovated; new management. 291 Mor-'
rlson st.,' cor. 6th.
CLOSE In. fine large front room, well fur
nished, in modern flat; suit 1 or 2 gentle
men; furnace heat, bath, phone, etc., rea-i
sonable; 30 16th St., N., half block oft
HOTEL KEN YON, 18th and Washington sts.. 1
modern rooms, single and en suite; also '
housekeeping; running water; private and
free baths; rates reasonable. Pacific 496.
THE WILAMETTE, 822 Stark, 8. W. cor.
6th st.; well furnished rooms, large and
light, single or en-suite; transient. 6O0. to
$1; by week, $2 to $5. Pacific- 1296.
ELEGANTLY furnished single outside rooms ;i
steam heat, hot water, both phones; location1
. very central; gentlemen only. 494 Morrison,
st.. Flat 11, opposite high school.
THREE nicely furnished; rooms, furnace heat,
gas, eleatric light, close In, West Side, $15.
Main 4740. after 4 P. M.
HOTEL ANTLERS, cor. 10th and Washing-;
ton sts., all modern conveniences, suites
with bath; principal carllnes pass the
door. Phone Main 2333.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished rooms, suitable
for 2 or 8 people; all Improvements;
breakfasts optional;' terms moderate.
Call 215 13th at.
FURNISHED rooms and one apartment of
3 rooms at The Ellsworth; steam heat,
bath and phone. 166 Lownsdale, near
WELL-FURNISHED rooms, close In, mod
em conveniences. 809 Madison, between
5th and 6th.
SUNNY, well furnished room with excellent
board for one or two, In private family,
walking distance. References. Phone Main
The Kingston. 190 8d st.. rooms, steam
heat, modern conveniences; transients, 50o
and $1 per day; special rates by week.
THE) GEN DV I EVE Steam heat, porcelain
bath, free phone; walking distance; $'l a
week and up. 445 Columbia st. Main 7410.
TH E ESTES Good rooms, reasonable ; new
furniture, telephones and baths free. 327
Stark, corner 6th. Mrs. -Maud J. Ernes.
$10 Newly furnished, warm, bright room,
quiet, central; porcelain bath, gas, both
phones. Pacific 2102 and A 3702. 325 12th.
LARGE front room, for young men, pri
vate family, close In. Rent $10. 468
East Oak, bet. Eighth and Ninth sts.
TWU rooms, elegant new house, latest Im
provements, choice location, walking dis
tance; references. Phone Main 2219.
392 COLUMBIA, near business, large, bright
room; electric light, furnace heat, porcelain
bath, telephone; reasonable.
ONE large furnished room for 2 gentlemen.
West Side, about 2 minutes' walk from city.
D 457, Oregonian.
461 R. MORRISON, cor. E. 8th. newly fur
nished rooms, electrlo light, bath, heat;
rates reasonable.
FURNISHED front room with exclusive bath,
private family. 6-1 Marshall. Phones A
4030, Main 4116.
MODERN front room; furnace, bath; famllr
of two; hot and cold water. Cobb, 40T
Jefferson st.
NEW furnished room in private residence;,
furnace heat, gas and bath. 685 Bast
Salmon st.
268 13TH ST. Nicely furnished rooms la
new, modern home; every convenience; gen
Memen only.
850 MORR3 SON. cor. Park, furnished or
unfurnished rooms; all conveniences; best
ST. FRANCIS, 34 North 8th St.; beautifully
furnished rooms, en suite or single; baths
fr. -
Unfurnished Rooms.
THREE unfurnished housekeeping or four
large rooms on ground floor, with gas and
bath. 745 First, near Porter; take S car.
TWO or three large unfurnished front rooms;
$10, Including water. 16 East 12th N.
Rooms With Board.
BE SURE and .see rooms at Hotel Sargent
before you decide where to move; modest
prices; American or European plan; best
cafe in Portland; famous dining-room ser
vice; living here Is a pleasure; manage
ment studies comfort of guests; every
modern hotel convenience ; close In, yet
away from downtown dirt and noise.
Hotel Sargent, Grand and Hawthorne ave
nues. ELEGANTLY furnished room with board ;
house and grounds occupying entire block;
hot and cold water. 300 Jefferpon, be
tween 6th and 6th sts. Tel. A 5345.
Portland Women's Union; 18th year; rooms
with board, use of sewing-room., use of
library : Women's Exchange. Address Mrs.
Ella Rawllnga Supt... 610 Flanders.
THE CLAY Sleeping room and parlor for
two gentlemen, with board, $5.50 per
week; gas, bath; homelike; single rooms.
3120 2d st., cor. Clay.
FURNISHED room, with board, modern
house, $4.75 week; table board, $3.75 per
week. 89 E. 8th N. Phone EaM 722.
GLENDORA, 19th and Couch, first-class
rooms and board; homelike; two carllnes;
walking distance; rates reasonable.
NICE furnished room, for two gentlemen,
also first -class board; close in; bath, gat
and free phone. 392 Salmon st.
THE COLONIAL High-class family hotel;
best board in city at moderate prlcea 165
10th "t., cor. Morrison.
NICELY furnished room with board for
two young ladies; home cooking; refer
ences. 402 Clay st.
FURNISHED room with board In private
family, for two gentlemen; modern con
veniences. 400 Clay.
r .
FURNISHED rooms with board In private
familv. for two gentlemen; modern con
vinces. 400 Clay.
DESIRABLE room, excellent board, mod
ern home, couple employed, or two men.
Phone Pacific 1742.
168-lOTH Large front room with or with
out board; suitable for two gentlemen or
ROM and board for two young ladles or
mr n ; modern, reasonable. 624 E. Mor
rison. TH E MARLY N Fum ished rooms; good
board; convenient. 653 Washington.
ELEGANTLY furnished rooms and board,
strictly first-class. 715 Everett.
YOU will find nice table board at 196 North
23d st. Phone Pacific 922.
FRONT room and board for two gentlemen
bath. 288 4th.