Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 26, 1907, Page 10, Image 10

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And Buy a Lot for
Railway Addition, Monbvilla
Improved Streets, 5c Carfaro
Easy Terms
$10 Down, $5 Per Month
Come out and see these lots.
Take Montavilla Car. Get off
at Hibbard St., corner of Villa,
or call at office.
lambert-Whitmer Co.
Real Estate Department.
107 6berlock bid. Cor. Third and Oak Sts.
New modern
7-room house,
large lmng-!-ooin,
now be
ing completed;
close in on
East Side.
Modern 8
room house;
furnace, fire-
rln InnnHrv.
r .
' mmr . - Kit 1 f""-"? 1 J
--rriCl tubs, etc;
terms; on
East Burnside
222 Failing Building.
M 5661. A 2653.
Pears, peaches, blackberries, green
gage plums, yellow egg plums; also
We want this fruit in any quan
tity. Boxes furnished. Prompt pay
ment on delivery.
. We are temporarily located on dock
at foot of Yamhill st., Portland, Or.
Weber -Bussell
Canning Co.
Telephone, Main 4219.
Colonial house, well built, 8 rooms, nice
ly situated, on W. W. carllne, 20 minutes
out. A full acre with young orchard of
selected fruit. This place affords com
forts of farm with advantages of city.
On account of bank failure will be Fold
now at a sacrifice. Only $L'00 down, bal
ance on terms to suit purchaser.
For Information telephone owner. Sell
wood 4 or 167.
$860 4 -room cottage, well improved lot;
$l(t) down, $10 month.
$,Vr0 .Vroom cottage, improved lot; $100
down, $H month.
$200 Full size lota, block from carllne;
car every 15 minutes, 5o fare; $25 down, $9
Take Mt Sco;t car, stop at Stewart's Sta
tion. Phone Tabor oflo. C. W. Well a,
FOR SALE: 6-room artistic bungalow, now
building on elevated corner in Rossmere.
i:uy this and we will fin inn to your order.
Ixnt let your wife see this If you don't
wnnt to buy. Address or call on Butter
worth, with Jacobs, Stine Company. Aelie
Fon bldg.. 6th and Alder. Phones Main G669,
Home 281 1.
$t35o 5-room cottage; modern plumbing. In
good condition; near Ev Ankeny car; $350
cash needed.
ISOO Best residence lot on East Side for
thu money.
HeaJey bldg.. Grand and E. Morrison.
Nice level lota. 40x125, 20-foot alleys,
$110, $. down, $5 per month.
A good and safe Investment. Come
quick. J. J. OEDER. cor. Grand ave.
and E. Ankeny.
FOR SALE rt-room cottage and barn, cor
ner lot, irult trees; rent paying 10 er
cent cn money wanted. Inquire 60S East
2lst st. near Clinton. Take Richmond
or Woodstock car.
$2600 8- room modern h ouse, new tin ted
waits, porcelain bath, etc.; one block from
car: full Jot.
222 Falling bldg. M 5661, A 2653.
FELL WOOD $21U0 New 5-room bungalow.
CONTRACT City View Park, $700. 3065
CO. East 33th. Phone Sell wood
$20OO Nice 6-room modern house on East
Everett; very easy terms; lot alone worth
$1000. F. Dubois,. Washington bldg.,
room 3.
RESIDENCE property or vacant lots clone In,
on East Side very cheap. Let us show you
what we have. Sphinx Agency, 305 Stark
iOOxlfSO ON East 8th M.t near Broadway car;
$40on. Also 100x100 In same locality for
$2500. Sphinx Agency, 3o5 Stark St.
EXCEPTIONALLY nice 2-story modern
house, full comer. Upper Alblna, $24O0;
bargain. K 154. Oregonlan.
$4750 7-room house, on N. W. corner 14th
and East Ash sts. ' Lot 60x100. Call or
address 575 East Ash St.
H 76 Nice 6-room house, large attic, two
lots, choice suburb; one block from car.
118 Ablngton bldg., 106 3d.
isoo $10oo cash, balance monthly, for beau
tiful home; lawn, fruit and trees; corner
lot. P 161, Oregonlan.
$2300 ,6 -room cottage, new, 2 lots, in High
land ; $200 cash ; great bargain. Miller.
76 3d st. M. 3940.
$1800 New 6-room cottage. In Highland,
lot 33l-3x10; $150 cash. Miller, 76 3d
st. M. 1040.
BARGAIN Lot 40x100. 4-room house, near
high school. East Stark; term. Pallett, 304
Fen ton bldg.
NAP 7-room modern house, lot 81x100; east
slope Mount Tabor. 1493 East Pine. Phone
East 6309.
$4)0 Choice 14 block, East llth and Wash
ington; terms. C. W. Fallen, 3o4 Fen ton
ODERN 7-room house, $3v0, $25 monthly.
Phone East 673.
Two-story 6-room modern residence, FJast
Salmon St., between 23d and 24th; lot 40x123;
$3800; one-half cash.
$2000 a 6-room house, almost new; cor
ner lot, 60x100; one block from car; 3.5 min
utes out; a snap.
A home of 6 rooms. Alblna Homestead ;
one block from L'nlon-ave. car; lot 60x100;
$2100; half cash, balance to suit.
Cottage 5 rooms on 23d st. N. ; desirable
neighborhood; lot 40x100; price $3700; terms.
We also have a number of choice homes
Irvington, Holladay and Nob Hill.
270 Stark st.
Portland homes our specialty.
$10,000 Corner lot, modern 9-room
house, bringing good rental income; 4th
and Harrison sts.
$MX Half block, convenient to Front
and Lowell. South Portland.
$10.000 12 acres, near Mllwaukie, all
in bearing fruit, peaches, apples, pears,
prunes, plums, berries, grapes, etc. ; beau
tiful 9-room residence, first-class barn;
large gasoline engine, pumps water to
house and barn. An Ideal country home.
$1200 2 small houses, lot 45xlO0, rent
will bring 15 per cent on investment; 22d
near Taggart
$1250 Lot 40x100, very pretty 6-room
cottage, all conveniences, nice lawn, Lau
149 H First st.
This beautiful tract, consisting of a
section of the best land in Washington
County, has Just been placed on the mar
ket and will be sold in tracts to suit
from 5 acres up. Prices range from $00
to $150 per acre, on easy terms. Be
one of the first and get the choice.
611-12 Swetland Bldg.
$5500 6-room house. 20th and E. Couch,
with everything absolutely of the best.
Living room 16x23 with 6-foot plate glass
window; large fine porch; chandelier built
to order; built-in bookcases, wardrobe,
seat, mirrors, etc; quarter-sawed oak
floor in hall, Hving-coom, dining-room and
kitchen; full cement basement; gas, water
heater and laundry tubs. Palmer & Van
Alstlne, 222 Falling.
$3300 6-room new modern house, com
plete. East lth Ft. North; fine neighbor
hood; splendid view; Fot 50x100. See H.
ACREAGE, choice tract on new Salem Elec
tric line, not far out, suitable for acre
subdivision, with running water; best of
garden soil, and only $150 per acre for
quick sale; easy terms.
VANDUYN" & WALTON. 515 Chamber of
$2100 For sale by owner, a new 4-room
modern house, good basement and lawn,
on car line. In Hawthorne First Add. ;
terms. $1000 down and balance to suit
purchaser. 1 East 30th st. Phone East
Two most desirable lots
For home.
Overlook all the East Side.
For $1100. at room 14 Washington bldg.
A SIGHTLY residence lot, 60x100; Bull Run
water, cement walks and curbs, all paid for
and less than two blocks from' carllne;
only 15 minutes from' heart of city; $450;
terms. Columbia Trust Co.. Couch bldg.
Choice lots and homes, also acreage; cash
or terms; some overlooking river and city;
residence or business lots. C. A. Zygowski,
office Willamette Station, St. Johns car.
222 Failing bldg.
Vain 6661. A 2663.
SPLENDID home with hot water heat and all
modern conveniences, within easy walking
distance on best carl in e across the river; lot
100x100; ask us about this if you want a
nice place. Sphinx Agency, 305 Stark st. -
CLIFFS, Wash., new division point on North
Bank Road; many buildings under way;
hundreds investing; don't miss it; office
on ground; go via Rufus. Or., and Ferry.
J. J. Reld & Co.. 266 Stark st.
$200 EACH, easy terms, five choicest lots,
one and two blocks from station at Wood
mere, on Mt. Scott line; beautiful sur
roundings; graded streets; water mains
laid. N 142, care Oregonlan.
NEW artistic 7-room residence. Just finished;
beautifully arranged, complete in every de
tail, desirable location. ' Holladay Park Ad
dition, near Broadway carline. Owner, G 46,
FOR SALE A new 4-room cottage on East
21st st. ; price $1300; terms; also a large
house, 8 rooms, lot 60x100; East Harrison;
price $1000; terms. Wm. G. Beck, 312 Fail
ing bldg.
LAI'RELWOOD SNAP This week only, 80x
KM), -one block from Mount Scott' carline
and station; price $400; cash or installments.
See owner, 406 Swetland bldg. Pacific 1738.
1H acre, worth $1300. a 3-room house;
$1250 buys It if taken this week; terms.
STATE LAND CO.,. 133 H First st.
$5300 Three good dwellings, nearly two lots;
good location. West Side; income over 10
per cent net; easy terms; excellent invest
ment. 118 Ablngton bldg., lou 3d st.
BE UTIFUL home, block from carline, 8
sunny rooms, double floors, furnace, fire
place, gas. electricity, sewer,, fruit trees,
1 or 2 lots. Owner, 400 Prescott St.
SNAP $1800
block, 15 minutes' walk from post
office, 1 block carline. S. W. B. 388 East
Washington st. Phone EaBt 3060.
CHOICE 8-room residence. East 16th. reason
ably olose to East Morrison carline; nice
lawn; lot 80x100. Surroundings the best.
C. W. Fallen, 304 Fenton bldg.
NEW 2-story house of 6 large rooms, with
large barn and 3 lots, 40x100, with or with
out furniture; terms. 1028 B. 24th st. north;
phone, Woodlawn 478.
$1300 Six acres, near the city, convenient to
car; 2 acres clear, good barn and well,
small house; '.easy terms. Register & Co..
107 H 3d.
LOT 100x100. .close tn on East Morrison,
new building; can be bought this week for
$17,000. Call at 2094 4th st., rooms 4
and 5.
LOTS, 60x100, on Alberta carline, $250 and
$300, easy terms: lot 50x100, Piedmont,
$050. Other , bargains. Owner, 410 Dekum
. bldg.
FOR SALE by owner, 2 lots on East 30th
and Stark sts.. a fine business corner,
very cheap. 1 East 30th st. Phone East
IX-ROOM modern and new house. West
Side; fractional lot; $3600; $750 down. bsJ.
$25 month. S 43, Oregonlan.
NEW six-room modern house; will sacrifice;
leaving city September 1. 860 Montana
ave. Phone Woodlawn 990.
SIX-ROOM modern and new house. West Side;
fractional lot; $3600; $750 down, hai. $26
month. S 43 Oregonlan.
$3750 Good lO-room resiaence. East Alder,
full lot, choice location; terms. C. W
Pallett, 304 Fenton bid p.
THREE lots and a half at Mllwaukie Park;
very lovely view; 100x175. for $350. Phone
owner. Pacific 1031.
40 ACRES. 6 miles east, in cultivation: no
rock; only $200 per acre; half cash. Register
& Co., 107H 3d.
$1860 New 5-room cottage. East 2 2d st., only
1 block from car; easy terms. Register &
Co., 107 3d. .
INSIDE income property. 12 per cent on In
vestment; streets, sewerage all right. EJ
150. Oregonlan.
SNAP 2 choice lots 60x100 on East 10th, nea
Tillamook; $1200 each. C. W. Pallett. 3C
renion oiqk.
STRICTLY flrst-class house, 6 rooms; Ea
2Rth, near Davis; $3500. Phone E. 467
$1250 Cottage. 6 rooms, hall, bath, basement;
West Side; terms. 118 Ablngton bldg.. 106
3d st.
FOR SALE 4-room cottage Chaso, six, full
lot, $550. J. N. Harkleroad, Kent St., Sea
side. $2000 1 acres on Vancouver ave., near Pied
mont; half cash. Register & Co., 107 3d.
$1500 Corner lot (Holladay Park); cement
sidewalks; improved street. L 40, Oregonlan.
sell your business property or residenos.
HOUSES, lots and land, by J. Tressler, 1440
E. Gllsan st. Stop at Claremont ave.
GOOD Income cronertv. sftnon tn hni t
I business corner. F 12 Oregonlaa,
A 102-acre farm in Clackamas County,
4 miles from Oregon City and 14 miles
from the prosperous City of Portland, the
city with the future; 45 acres in high
state of cultivation; 40 acres in timber,
balance pasture; good living creek run
ning all year around ; 25 acres of the finest
bottom land ; good mal n road, planked
and macadamized all the way to town;
R. F. D. route past the place; all fenced,
part wire, part rail; one of the finest
farms in the county, and at the- lowest
price, but must sell on account of old
age; price $43 per acre. Address P. O.
Box 412. South Bend. Wash.
120 ACRES fine fruit land at The Dalles,
,Or., with valuable Improvements, flourish
ing fruit orchards and vineyards ad
Joining. Land equal to famous Hood
River fruit land at one-quarter the price.
.For price and reason for selling see own
er, E. H. Weeks, at Weeks Granite Works,
4th and Columbia sts.f Portland, Or.
FOR SALE 60 acres; 18 acres bottom land;
swale and beaverdam creek runs through
place; full 3500 cords of fir, ash and oak
wood standing; located on main road, 4
miles east of Hilleboro, 12 miles west of
Portland and 40 rods from new motor "line;
land level; price $4500. .Address Mark
L. Noble, Forest Grovs. Or.
HOMESTEAD relinquishment, 20 miles S. E.
of Oregon City, 'S miles to postofflce, 5
miles to proposed electric line; land on
the e3ge of the mountains; one-half cul
tivft table, one-fourth green timber; some
improvements; price $150; will trade for
Oregon Trust &. Savings Bank credit. B
14S. Oregonlan.
FARM, 80 acres, good 7-room house, 7 miles
from Forest Grove, on county road, 3
from railroad. 30 from Portland, one from
church and school; 30 acres in cultivation,
35 improved, 85 In timber; good orchard;
fine water supply; telephone; rural mall;
$52 per acre. Address R 143. Oregonlan.
FOR SALE OR RENT Attention nurserymen
and farmers, 320 acres, all In cultivation,
deep soil, fine Improvements, convenient to
rail and navigation. This farm Is especially
adapted for nursery business. Inquire of
owner, George O'Brien, 490 North Capital
st.t Salem, Or.
FOR SALES 2800 acres of land and 6000
sheep, 200 head of cattle, all farming Imple
ments. Write James Connolly, Burnt Ranch,
Wheeler County, Or.
FOR SALE Some of the best dairy and stock
ranches on Alsea Bay and vicinity. C. J.
Smith. Waldport, Or.
Is recognized to be ths standard way of
handling timber lends. The timber must
first satisfy us, and our cruise reveals
every detail of the conditions surrounding
it. Our reports are prepared in such a
way that the buyer Imows whether or not
the timber will satisfy him Defers hs visits
the tract,
Twenty years experience and the client
age we represent, is a sufficient guarantee
that our methods are right. You may
waste your valuable time in looking up the
tract you want Take advantage of the
t esults of our own constant efforts along
this line and get the best.
' Lumber Exchange, Seattle, Wash.
Chsmoer of Commerce, PortfaJIT!, Or.
SAWMILL, located in Valley town, on two
railroads; plenty of timber goes with
mill; splendid retatl and slabwood trade;
. the best mill proposition to be had today.
W. H. Buoy. 612 Swetland bldg.
FOR SALE Redwood timber lands; mill
now in full operation ; best opening on
coast of California. Address V 142, Ore
gonlan. WE have some of the best timber In Oregon
for sale at attractive prices. Large or small
tracts to suit. Sphinx Agency, 305 Stark
3000 cord wood stumpage proposition, on
new Salem line, 9 miles out. Vanduyn &
"Walton, 515 Chamber of Commerce.
TIMBER wanted. Oregon or Washington, large
or small tracts. Sphinx Agency, 806 Stark.
OREGON TIMBER CO.. timber lands bought
and sold. 403-4 McKay bldg.
WILL trade equity In good 8-room house,
almost new, and lOOxl(W) corner lot, only
10 blocks from postofflce. In town of
Hood River, good fruit and shade trees,
for unimproved suburban Portland prop
erty. Z 150. Oregonlan.
7-ROOM house, partly furnished, new carpets,
range, etc.; take part exchange, anything
of value, balance easy; 8-room new house
for farm. Call today. Burden, 434 Mar
guerite st., Montavilla.
EXCHANGE Hotel, one of the best commer
cial hotels in Oregon; would take small
houcfo or -acant lot in Portland for part
payment Owner, B 149, Oregonlan.
FOR SALE or trade, fine view lot on Port
land Heights carline; all improvements
in; make me an offer. X 147, Oregonlan.
80 ACRES fine fruit land, near Portland,
$25 per acre; trade for city property.
Hatfield & Smith. 165 4th st.
REAL estate, for Oregon Trust & Savings de
posits. Ainsworth Smith, 109 Sherlock bldg.
WILL trade for what you have. L. Ains
worth Smith. 109 Sherlock bldg.
AUTOMOBILE for sale or will trade for city
property. Phone Main 6718,
Our list Is nearly exhausted. In order to
do business we must have property of all
description, houses, vacant lots and plenty
of business property; now Is your time; list
with us.
LA MONT & HARRIS, 306-7 Swetland bldg.
WILL pay $2O0 or $300 down, balance month
ly payments, for a 6 or 6-room cottage or
bungalow, close to car; what have you? J
140. Oregonlan.
$40,000 TO invest in business property, im
proved or unimproved. Address H 154,
I WANT a choice corner lot close In on th
East Sid; will pay spot cash. P 147, Ore
FOR RENT for term of years, 400-acre
dairy and hog ranch, within 20 miles of
Portland, on good road. Address X 148,
500-ACRE stock ranch for rent; stock. In
cluding horses, cattle and goats, for sale.
L 146, Oregonlan.
ALL kinds, including approved forest reserve
scrip, for surveyed, uncurveyed timber and
prairie Government land. H, M. Hamilton
The Portland. Portland, Or.
WANTED Five timber locations, homestead
relinquishment; also fruit land; cash or ex
change. A 150, Oregon ian.
BLOOD RIVER 16 acres, 3 miles depot, or
chard, clover, berries, buildings. Mercer,
695 Front. Portland.
WANTED From 10-15 acres south West
Portland, near city. Address M 139, Or
egonlan. FOR SALE
Horses, . Vehicles. Ktc
Surrey, team and harness, all In good
condition. $150.
$65 buys saddle horse, 7 years old,
weight lOOO pounds; has all gaits; $35
buys hack and harness.
$12 buys good light Democrat wrxron.
Main 22T.
jtok PAr m sr---r. team orv -wid.
or will tJ lot or any prope quire
of Joe Lanemme, 181 Montgomery st.
FOR SALE Extra fine driving horse, also
buggy, harness and cart. Acme Lumber
Co. Phone East 1846.
HUBERT A HALL, 266 4th st, dealers in
horses and vehicles; horses and vehicles
for rent.
TWO 6-year-old horses, 1100 and 1200, also a
short wood dump wagon, at 1028 E. 24th
st. N.
FOR SALE3 2 teams of work horses, harness
and wagon cheap. Inquire 151 Randall
FOR SALE Horses, by W. E. Jacobs. 1028
ISajU Alder. Tabor 743.
1 17
Horses, VehJclries. Etc
PAIR of gray geldings. 7 and 8 years old,
weight 2910; good work team. 6 years old;
dark grav horse, weight 1420 ; full blood
Clyde mare. 9 vears old, absolutely sound
and splendid worker, weighs 1800. best
brood mare in the country; bay, chunky
built., riding or driving mare. 6 years old,
sound and gentle. This stock will be
guaranteed every way. 94 Montgomery.
PIANO, nearly new, to rent reasonable. 452
Morrison St., cor 13th.
600 tons of pipe, sizes from to 13
Inches, all fixed In Al shape ready for use;
orders taken for cutting and threading
all sizes of pipe. '
100 tons of corrugated Iron, painted and
galvanized, all gauges of Iron.
100,000 feet of cable, all sizes, lengths
from 50 to 3O00 feet.
250 tons of T and girder rails.
50 tons of new and second-hand rope,
good for calking and general use.
60 tons of wedges and sledges, practical
ly new, guaranteed.
1000 blacksmith and bench vises. '
60 tons of barb wire, poultry netting,
nails and staples, all practically new.
We also carry the largest stock of pul
leys, shafting, boxes, hangers and miscel
laneous machinery on the Pacific Coast.
Call or write. ,
244-246-250 Front St.
$25 BIRDSEYE maple chiffonier, $16.50; $35
blrdaeye maple dresser. $20; $150 black wal
nut bedroom set, $27.60; $46 black walnut
sideboard, $20; golden oak princess dresser,
$14; $60 up-to-date New Home sewing ma
chine, $22.50; $35 axminster rug, good as
new, $20; hardwood dressers, $7.60; iron
beds, $2.50; round extension table. $10: 0
quartered oak dining chairs. $9; $25 Uni
versal cookstove. $10; good No. 8 cookrtove,
$7.50; carpets, rugs, matting, any size at
way-down prices.
TENTS FOR RENT All sorts of camp
and hop pickers' outfits for sale.
66 N. 3d st., between Davis and Everett.
FOR SALE One 7x10 logging engine on
One complete plledriving outfit. Including
double drum engine. Railway Equipment
Co., 324 Chamber of Commerce.
COMPLETE fixtures of grocery store; good lo
cation. Including, 60-gal. Beman oiltank,
cheese-cutter, 4 showcases, soda fountain,
refrigerator, counters, shelving, etc; will
sell separate. 410 Dekum bldg.
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard
and pool tables; easy payments; we rent
tables, with privilege of buying; modern
bar fixtures; cheap prices. Brunswick-Balke-Collender,
49 8d st.
7 HEAD choice young cows. 1 fresh, others
to be soon. Call before 30 o'clock morn
ings. N. D. Root, Tremont, Mt. Scott car,
2 blocks west of station. Phone Sellwood
New grocery, laundry, bakery, milk wagons,
3O0 second-hand vehicles; single, double
furniture wagens, horses, rigs rented.
Trmlinson & Casslday, 211 ' Wash. Pacific
MAIN 6655. 211 FIRST ST.
25-FOOT launch, 10-horse power dynamo,
storage batterips, fully guaranteed; will
sell cheap. Supple's Shipyard.
S. L. N. GILMAN. Auctioneer, 411 Washing
ton st. Main 2473. A 4750. We buy and
sell household furniture.
GENTLEMAN'S ticket to Omaha, Neb., for
sale cheap; tall, middle age. dark hair.
B 143, Oregonlan.
METAL tables and chairs to match, and all
necessary utensils for ice cream parlor.
211 First st.
EDfSON motion-picture machine and films
for sale cheap. Room 2, 145 6th, near
AUTOMOBILE, cost $1400; will sell for $500;
owner leaving city. Inquire at 287 Salmon
MOVING picture machines, supplies, repairs,
film slides; bargains. Stevens, 165 4th.
FOR SALE-rWill sell cheap threo box-ball al
leys. Apply to Charles Bredeson, St. Johns.
1907 ROYAL tourLt, fine condition, complete
equipment ; a bargain. 228 Sherlock bldg.
HUNTING dog and good shotgun for sale
cheap. Apply 24 East 14th, North.
A COMPLETE set of Jeweler's tools for sale
cheap. Phone East 1888.
3-ROOM houseboat for $50. E- Cramp ton.
Imperial barber shop.
8-FOOT floor showcase, also 4-foot counter
case. 211 First st.
ONE fine roll tpp desk (quartered oak) at
211 First st.
SECTIONAL bookcase and desk. 211 First
CANDYMAKER'S outfit 211 First st.
FINE Chappel organ. 211 First st.
50 CANDY Jars. 211 First St.
FOR RENT Miscellaneous.
FOR RENT Warehouse, 25x100 feet. In
quire 206 N. 13th st.
A SNAP if taken at once, 2-chalr shop and
bath in town of $80,000 pay roll per month.
Inquire G. N. W. Wilson's Barber Supply,
12 6th st.
WANTED Solicitors; good proposition to
hustlers; permanent. Apply Great Ameri
can Imp. Tea Co., 406 Washington st.
WANTED A good bright man as dry goods
clerk, and must understand general mer
chandise. Address E 144, Oregonlan.
WANTED A newspaper man who is famil
iar with a trade publication. The Timber
man, Union Block, Portland, Or.
DANCING lessons, 25c, waltx, two-step, etc.
Prof. Wal. Willson's Dancing School, 804
Allsky bldg., 265 Morrison st
EXPERIENCED boy for confectionery and
lunch stand ; state age and references.
Address N 152, Oregonlan.
WAITERS Flrst-class lunch waiters, 2 dish
carriers. Apply Head Walter, Alder-st.
entrance Commercial Club.
WANTED Married man to go on small
place, do clearing and other general farm
work. Miller, 76 3d sf
TRAVELING salesman for a line of high
grade smoked meats ; must have regular
territory. 208 Stark st
REMUNERATIVE position, solicitor, energy
- and character. 601 Buchanan, 286 Wash
ington. Call forenoon.
WANTED Bill clerk in wholesale grocery
business; must be able to use typewriter.
K 140. Oregonlan.
WANTED A good bright man as bookkeeper;
must have the best of references. Address
G 141, Oregonlan.
WANTED Slack barrel cooper. Apply West
ern Cooperage Co., room 306, Stearns bldg,,
opposite postofflce.
EXPERIENCED baker wanted at the Cali
fornia bakery, Salem Or.; good wages for
a good man.
WANTED Young man to learn drug busi
ness. Cottel Drug Co., First and Sherman
BARBER wanted at once; good wages
guaranteed. J-. O. Taylor, Independence.
Or. .
California Wine Depot, headquarters for cooks
and helpers. 148 4th st. Pac. 2183. P. Loratl
WANTED Physician registered in Oregon for
011 ice worn, au ureas ja mt, (jregonian.
600 MEN wanted Free shaves and haircuts,
284 Couch st. Moler Barber College.
WANTED An experienced cleaner and
presser. Call at 208 RusselL
WANTED Men's clothing; right pries paid.
6HOEMAKER wanted at 68 N. 3d, bet. Davis
1and Everett ; gooa wages.
WANTED First-class coatmakers. NicolL
the Tailor. 108 Third st.
WANTED Boy to drive wagon. Henry
Berger Co., 128 1st st.
BARBER wanted at once, $15 per week. No.
6 9th st.,' Eugene, Or.
WANTED Good bushelman, $18 a week,
489 Washington st
WANTED 2 boys to learn trade. 65 Front,
corner Davis.
LARGE boy to work In shipping department
145 Front st.
WANTED Parlor frame varnisher 55 Front,
corner Davis.
iGOOD advertising solicitor at 147 Front st
GENTLEMAN, 25 to 35, for collecting po
sition; exceptional opportunity for ad
vancement; must be hard worker, able to
stand lots of walking; only temperate,
neat appearing party capable of furnishing
best references and meeting above require
ments need apply; $20 to $25 weekly.
Room 10, Healy bldg.. Grand ave. and
E. Morrison st. after 1:30 P. M.
WANTED For United States Army, able
bodied unmarried men between the ags
of 21 and 35, citizens of United States,
of good character and temperate habits,
who can speak, read and write English.
Apply to Recruiting Officer, Ainsworth
' block. Third and Oak sts.. Portland. Or.
WANTED Gentleman 25 to 35, willing to
hustle as collector, with chance of ad
vancement to good paying position. Must
be good walker and able to work six
days a week; $20 to $25 per week. Call
after 1:30 P. M. Room 10 Healy bldg..
Grand ave. and E. Morrison st.
BOYS for good positions In departments of
Pacific Coast Biscuit Co 12th and Davis
WANTED An experienced glove salesman
to travel for a well-established glove firm
through Northern and Western Washing
ton, Idaho and Montana; good salary and
expenses guaranteed; only experienced
men with good references need apply. Ad
dress P. O. Box 307, Stockton, Cal.
WANTED Stavebolt cutters, $1.60 per cord;
timber yellow fir. Apply room 306 Stearns
bldg., Portland, Or.
WATCHMAKER and Jewel ery repairer; a
splendid opening for a first-class man to
work on his own account; he must be abso
lutely reliable and a ftrst-class workman; this
Is an opportunity out of the ordinary. Reply
at once, with references and experience, to
P 143, Oregonlan.
want salesmen for shoes, men's furnish
ings, men's clothing, domestic drapery ;
also stockkeepers and bovs over 16; also.
Apply Superintendent's office, 8 to 10
A. M.
A FEW young men, not less than 6 feet 6
Inches In height, for Railway Mail Division,
to qualify a O once. Advancement and pay
certain. Letter carriers and postal clerks for
Portland. Call today or write Pacific States
School, 613 tMc Kay bldg., cor. 3d an Taik.
ALL diseases of men successfully treated ;
discharges positively cured In from 8 to
6 days; consultation free and strictly con
fidential; send for our symptom blank.
X-radlum Medical Institute, 3d and Alder
sta; entrance 253 Alder st, Portland.
WANTED Teachers Manual training $860;
English and elocution, $800; science, five po
sitions, $600. to $900: principals, ten positions,
$600 to $850: German and bookkeeping, $S0O.
The Flsk Teachers' Agency, 12C0 Williams
ave. Woodlawn 1118.
WANTED At once, 2000 men for railroad
construction at Karalla, Alaska; laborers,
bridge men, station men, etc.; work will
be continued all Winter. For particulars
apply to 322 Railroad ave., foot Jackson
st., Seattle, Wash.
Young man with ability and an eye for
business and a few hundred dollars canh
can become partner In one of the best
paying real estate offices in Portland.
225 Fifth st.
MEN and boys wanted to learn plumbing,
plastering, bricklaying; day and night
classes; free cat.; positions secured; no
book learning. Coyne Trade School. 230
240 8th st, San Francisco and New Yorlc
In men's furnishings, good positions for
thorougly competent and experienced men;
none but flrst-class salesmen need apply.
PROTECT yourself for $1 per month against
accident, sickness and death. Write or
call for full Information. Northwestern
Health and Accident Association, 109
Sherlock bldg. Agents wanted.
HAVE BOO cords of 4-foot wood, less than
one mile to haul, that I will give $l.;r
per cord to have delivered on river bank
before December 15. 1907. Kirk Hoover.
Box 637, Portland, Or.
YOUNG man as assistant manager; special
ty dry goods store in Portland; give in
detail references and experience, had;
splendid future for right man. Address
Box A 141, Oregonlan.
MEN and women to learn barber trade In
eight weeks; graduates earn from $15 to
$25 weekly; expert Instructors; catalogue
free. Moler System of Colleges, 35 North
Fourth st, Portland.
A. Men and boys to make simple drawings;
devote spare or whole time; experience un
necessary; splendid income. Write for par
ticulars. International Art League, Lock
port, N. Y.
WANTED Good sober, reliable man for wash
ing buggies and harness; night work; an
average of 15 to 20 rigs per night; salary
$60. Capital Stables, W. S. Low, proprietor,
Salem, Or.
WHY look for work? Call and see me.
Clerks, stenographers, cashiers, bookkeepers,
timekeepers, collectors, office workers Clerks
Registration Bureau, 266 Morrison, cor. 8d
St., offices 803.
GOOD mol drs for steel foundry wanted; we
operate an open shop, pay union wages and
work union time. Address Pacific Jupiter
Steel Co., 140 First St., San Francisco, Cal.
WANTED A No. 1 salesmen and solicitors
for best proposition ever made to both
agent and public Call after 7 P. M. New
Occidental Hotel, room 212. P. Kramer.
MEN and women to learn watchmaking, en
graving. Jeweler work, optics, easy terms;
positions guaranteed; money made learning.
Watchmkg-Engvg. Sc'l, 1426 4th av, Seattle.
Boys 17 to 18 years of age wanted at
once. Apply to
FIRST-CLASS salesman; must have extensive
business and social acquaintance in city; per
manent; splendid inducement and big wages
to right man. 215 Commercial block.
BOY In office of wholesale house; must
. write fair hand, make neat figures; ex
cellent chance for bright, willing young
man. N ICS, Oregonlan.
WANTED Intelligent young men to study
telegraphy; positions when competent ; day
and evening classes. Call Oregon College,
406 Commonwealth bldg.
WANTED Druggist to take full charge of the
only drugstore in good Valley town; would
like one who could buy part Interest. C
153, Oregonlan.
WANTED An experienced bookkeeper and
credit man, one who is acquainted with the
trade. First-class references required. N
161, Oregonlan.
PICTURE frame Joiner wanted; also fitters;
only strictly temperate, experienced men
need apply. Keller, the Art Man, 471
Washington st.
EDISON motion-picture machine and films
for sale cheap. Room 2, 145 6th, near
WANTED Boy to run machine. Apply 810
Davis st.
WANTED Woman cook, logging camp, $60;
close In. Pioneer Employment Co., 16
North 2d st
WANTED Apprentice girls in cloak and
suit department. H. B. Lttt 851 Washing
ton st
WANTED One dinner cook; also good pas
try cook. ABC Restaurant, 386 Morrison.
A COOK and second girl for country home.
Apply Mrs. F. H. Hopkins, Hotel Portland.
Factory, 2 Grand ave. and East Taylor st
2 GIRLS for general kitchen work. Riverside
Hotel, St. Johns. Phone Union 3102 or call.
GIRL for general housework, good wages, 3
In family. 100 Raleigh st. Phone Main 6290.
WANTED Girls to make Fits-Well shirts
and Boss of All overalls. Inquire 76 1st.
GIRL wanted for general housework. Call
225 West Park st. Phone Pacific 2907.
YOUNG girl wanted to assist with light
housework; good home. 491 Davis st
WOMAN to do light housework. Apply A.
Kincald's store, end oj W-W carline.
WANTED Experienced girl; three in fam
ily; good wages. 245 St Clair st.
WANTED A competent stenographer In a
wholesale house. R 151, Oregonlan.
GIPLS wanted to work in tailor shop. Union
Tailoring Co., 73 North 6th.
WANTED Competent girl for general house
work. Apply 254 10th, cor. Mill.
WANTED A girl for dining-room at 412
'N, 19th st. Baumann Hotel.
want salesladies for suit, millinery, laces,
neckwear, sewing machines, toys, crock
ery, paper patterns, stationery, notions,
muslin underwear; also office help and
60 cash girls, and wrappers. Apply to .the
Superintendent. 8 to 10 A. M.
50 PACKERS and wrappers, best of wages,
steady employment, work light and clean.
Pacific Coast Biscuit Co., 12th and Davis
WANTED A first-class girl for general
housework; must be good cook; none other
need apply; wages $40 per month. Apply
at Pacific Coast Bibcuit Co., office 12th
and Davis sts.
Wanted Thoroughly experienced and com
petent saleswomen in a number of our de
partments. OLDS, WORTMAN & KING.
Applicants for all kinds of work, register
wits us. free of charge, so we may locate
you on short notice.
$4S Washington st. cor. 7th. upstairs.
WANTED Good cook for family at present
in the country, later in Portland. Perma
nent position for the right person; good
wages; no washing or housework. Apply
immediately, 622 Kearney.
A. Women and girls to make simple draw
ings; devote spare or whole ilme; excr
imce unnecessary; splendid income. Write
for particulars. International Art League,
Lock port, N. Y.
WHY look for work ? Call and see me.
Clerks, stenographers, cashiers, bookkeepers,
timekeepers, collectors, office workers Clerks'
Registration Bureau, 235 Morrison, cor. 3d
St., office 803.
WANTED Competent girl for general
housework; three in family; no children;
good wages to right party. Apply 774
Irving st-, phone. Home 4971.
on sh 1 rt s and o ve ral Is; 1 eraons given to
Inexperienced. Apply at Standard Factory,
2 Grand ave. and E, Taylor st
COMPETENT girl for general, housework:
family one larly; 6-room cottage, at Hood
River; unusual position for right person.
Address W 14S, Oregonlan.
WANTED All Kinds of laundry help, ma
. .ciilfle girls, hand Ironers. starchers, mangle
girls, markers and sorters. Opera Housie
Laundry, 2d and Everett
A GIRL to do cooking and assist with
housework in smalt family, where second
girl is kept,. 769 Marshall st. Phone
Main 2917.
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re
sponsible position, with opportunities for
advancement Viavl Co., 10th & Morrison,
WANTED Girl or woman for general house
work; steady work; $35 per month. 101 East
17th st., cor. Washington. Phone East. 472
WANTKD Housekeepers, cooks, nurses,
waitresses, second girls. St. Ixuis Ladles'
Agency, 230 Yamhill. Main 5413.
WANTED Operators and girls to learn
shirt making. Apply Standard Factory, 2
Grand ave. and East Taylor st
10 COOKS mon and women), waitresses,
chamber, kitchen, family help. See Drake
for work. 2o5 Washington.
$43 Washington st. cor. 7th, upstairs.
Phoue Main 2092.
SCHOOL teachers for Wash., Or., Mont..
Idaho. C. R. B. Tcchers' Agency, 3t3
Allsky bldg., 265 Morrison st.
WANTED Neat housekeeper In bachelor's
home; no objection to young widow with one
child. N 139, Oregonlan.
GIRL for general housework; good wages.
474 Broadway, corner East Oth. Phone
East 3286, or C 2185.
WANTED Girl for general housework;
2 in family; little washing. 241 N. 22d.
Phone Main 2071.
OPERATORS and finishers, also learners on
pants; steady work, good pay. 207 Com
monwealth bldg.
A YOUNG girl wanted to help with house
work in small family. Apply at 252 Stout
st., in morning.
WANTED Girl for general housework and
cooking; family of 4 grown persons; wages
$30. 570 Hoyt
WANTED Girl for general housework;
small family; no washing; good wages.
252 King st.
EXPERIENCED hairdresser and manlcurer.
Rosenthal Sisters, 109 7th st.
WANTED An experienced cook for family of
four. 474 Market,, corner 14th.
COMPETENT girl for general housework. 233
North 24th. Phone Main 2717.
APPRENTICE girl In alteration department
H. B. Litt, 351 Washington.
APPRENTICE girl wanted, at Miss E. Wol
siefer's Millinery, 169 7th st.
GIRL wanted for general housework; fam
ily of three. 702 Northup st.
WANTED Girl to assist tn housework. 148
N. 18th st. Apply morning.
ELDERLY woman to care for child; good
home. Inquire 180 1st st.
WANTED First-class vestmakers. Nicoll,
the Tailor, 308 Third st.
WANTED Girl for general housework;
good wages. Main 3525.
EXPERIENCED waitress. Elton Court, 11th
and Yamhill, at once.
WANTED 2 shirtwaist girls, H. B. Lltl,
35 1 Washington st
NEAT girl to wait on table; no cooking. 452
Morrison, cor. 13th.
CHAMBERMAID at the Grand Central Hotel,
3d and Flan dens.
WANTED A girl for second; wages $25. 68
Lucretia et.
WANTED Girl for dining-room. 567 Wash
ington. WANTED A flrst-class waitress. 150 11th
EXPERIENCED waitress. Elton Court, at
on ce.
WANTED 1000 hop-pickers to pick 624 acres
of hops; big crop; largest and best equipped
hap yard in Oregon; all on trellis wire; per
fect accommodations; grocery store, bakery,
butcher shop, restaurant, barber ehop,
dancing pavilion. 60x150 ft, telephone, phy
sician, beautiful camping ground, 3 acres,
bathing pool, provisions sold at Portland
prices; we pay $1.10 per 100 lbs. Reduced
excursion rates on our special train. For
further particulars apply to Kreba Bros..
272 Stark at, Portland, ' Or., on or after
Aug. 17. Telephone Main 1320. Home phone
A 3153.
500 MEN and women wanted for a South
American Co-Opera live Company; wages
$7 a day for every kind of work;
healthy and cool climate; free passage.
Send 30 cts. In 3 -cent stamps for book of
full Information,, 727 Hayes st., San
WANTED Hopplckers for large yards; long
season; fine picking; fine camping ground,
etc. Groceries at city prices. Apply Andrew
Kan & Co., 287 Morrison st
HOPPICKERS excursion to Brooks! Train
leaves about August 29. For further par
ticulars see grower, G.' W. Maasey, at St.
Charles Hotel after Sunday.
POSITIONS open for capabie salesman and
saleslady; permanent and good salary.
203 Fleidner bldg.
HOP-PICKERS. 862 Corbett st. Phone Pacific
115; good hops, shacks, fruit; fare 60c. Mrs.
WANTED 1OO0 hop-pickers to buy 1000
camp stoves at 97c each. 271 First st.
WANTED Cooks, first-class; no other need
apply. 63 North ISth corner Davis.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
CASHIERS, stenographers, bookkeepers, col
lectore, grocer, shipping and bill clerks,
salesladies, salesmen, in furnishing goods,
shoes, etc; reference as to character and
experience furnished and ready to go to
work on the instant Clerks' Registration
Bureau, 266 Morrison. Entrance office 3u3.
WANTED A steady position as bookkeep
er in or out of town; four years' experi
ence; just arrived ; am very anxious to
go to work. W. B. Thlem, Portland, Or.
General delivery.
BOOKKEEPER wants position; quick ana
accurate: good references; 17 years' exper
ience. B 146, Oregonlan.
RELIABLE bookkeeper wants position.
145, Oregonlan.
M iscellaneoo.
VINEGAR EXPERT Practical man with
long experience, familiar with up-to-dais
methods of manufacturing cider, grape
snd spirit vinegar; refining and bottTng
of sweet elder, wishes position with
progressive concern, or partner with
m oney to tart b usi ness. Address
Capitol Hotel, Boise, Idaho.
WANTED Position as draftsman, structural
or mechanical; experience on steam and
gas engines, electric locomotives and cy
anide machinery. Chss. C. Bogart, Ths
Calumet. 7th and Alder, cltv.
POSITION wanted First-class all-around
electrician looking for permanent connec
tion with electric light and power or in
dustrial compasv; my past work speaks
for itself. E 121. Oregonlan.
YOUNG man of 22, not afraid of work,
desires position with firm with chance
fnr advancement Address O 152. Orego
nian. YOUNG man wants situation as waiter pri
vate house or boarding-house; very smart.
Thomas, 383 West Park. Phone A 4468.
A YOUNG man attending business college
would like place to work for board and
room. L 123. Oregonlan.
PRACTICAL airbrake man wishes position
w 1th lumber road or streetcar company.
X 141, Oregonlan.
JAPANESE good cook wants position; pri
vate family, in city. 502 Washington st.
Bookkeepers and Stenographers,
CASHIERS, stenographers, bookkeepers, col
lectors, grocer, shipping and bill clerks,
salesladies, salesmen, in furnishing goods,
shoes, etc.; reference as to character and
experience furnished and ready to go to
work on the instant Clerks' Registration
Bureau. 265 Morrison. Entrance office 303.
EXPERT stenographer wants any kind1 of
copying to do at home; low rates. Mala
RELIABLE bookkeeper wants position, A
144. Oregonlan.
FOR stylish gowns and reasonable prices
go to thn Elite Dressmaking Parlors,
343 Yamhill st. Phone Pacific 1997.
FIRST see Angeles Dressmaking Parlors, 243
5th and Main. Pacific 982; A 89S2.
YOUNG Japanese girl wants situation to '
do housework and help cooking in small
family, understands English. B 154. Ore
gonlan. FIRST-CLASS lady cook wants position in ho
tel or restaurant; best references. Address
G 140, Oregonfan. 1
WANTED Agents to sell our hlgh-grada
trees, shrubs, etc.; outfit furnished free;
commission advanced each week; good ter
ritory open. Albany Nurseries, Albany, Or.
AGBNTS WANTED Can you sell goods? If
so, we need you; complete outfit free; cash
weekly. Write for choice of territory. 1
Capital City Nursery Co.. Salem. Or.
AGENTS wanted to sell our high-grade nur-'
sery stock; big commissions and premiums;
write today, before all territory is taken,
Chico Nursery Co., Chico. CaL ;
MEN. $10 dally, sure selling 'Mendarip," and
combination hatchet, 8 tools In one; two big
profit producers; exclusive territory. Fooie
Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, Cal.
AGENTS wanted throughout Oregon and
Washington to sell Portland lots on In
stallment plan: experience unnecessary.
Write B 353, Oregonlan.
LADY solicitor for Portland School of
Music; cash commissions; at least $6 a'
day. Mr. Kennedy, care Reed-French Co.,;
fl'h and Burnside.
87 People called Into our office Friday looking
for houses, flats and apartments. That is
about our daily average. We have a largs
waiting list on flle now. List your houses,
flats and apartments, either furnished or
unfurnished, with us for quick results.
250 Alder St.
t Established 1872. ,
WANTED To rent Houees, cottages, fiats,
stores, offices, rooming-houses, etc.. Land
lords will do welt to call on Portland
Trust Company of Oregon, S. E. cor. 3d
and Oak. Phone Exchange 72.
YOUNG gentleman desires room. with,
breakfast and dinner, in private family or
very select boarding-house; state full par
ticulars and price. Address O 140, Ore
gonian. WANTED To rent. 6 or 7-room house, fur-'
niched.. West Side preferred, no rhildren.
fall today. Phone M. 4070; Home, A
MAIN 6U35. 211 FIRST ST.
WANTED Men's cast-off clothing and
shoes; we also buy household furnishings,
highest price paid. Call at the "Fair
Deal." 62 N. 3d. Phone Pacific 1722,
AB30LUTE FACT The Dollar, 232 1st, pays'
higher prices for household goods. Phone
Main 6374. A 2327. $$$$$$$$
WANTED A copy of B. & C. Code General
Laws of Oregon. Address, giving condition
and price, W. R. Walpole. Irrigon, Or.
WANTED Second-hand horizontal tubular
boiler, 10 to 15 horse power, for low press
ure. Address H 149, Oregonlan.
and merchandise. Phone Main 1620. J(
T. Wilson, auctioneer.
I pay cash for household goods. Savage Ji
Pennell Fur. Co.. 845 1st Paclflo 800.
WE call for dead horses and cattle tre of
charge. Phone East 2233.
I WANT to buy goose-neck wagon or truck.
Box 137. city.
UNFURNISHED Flat of 3 rooms, with
water; rent, $6 per month; call after 10
A. M. 871 Kelly st. South Portland.
NICELY furnished rooms, brick building,
steam heat, free baths and phone. Flat
8, 494 Morrison.
8 UNFURNISHKD rooms on two carllnes;
walking distance; price $12. Phone 2931.
.102 13th.
Furnished Houses.
NICELY furnished rooms in modern house
one block from car; terms reasonable;
use of piano. 166 E. 16th st.
CIEAN, quiet rooms, very central, reason -.
able to permanent s. 450 Yamhill, near
12th. Phone Pacific 846.
258 13TH ST. Nicely furnished rooms in
new, modern home: gentlemen only; excel
lent location ; reasonable.
SUITE- two front rooms, nicely furnished
and clean, cheap, private family, bath,
gas. 472 Jefferson st
NICELY furnished rooms, brick building,
steam heat, free baths and phone. Flat
S. 404 Morrison.
DESIRABLE furnished room for gentle
man desiring home comforts. Phone
Main 7852.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms. $2.60 to $4; fres
bath, large closets. 353 Yamhill, New
GROUND floor of cottage, 3 large rooms, com--pleiely
furnished; modern. 224 14th. Pa
cific 2H22.
$10 BRIGHT, quiet, newly furnished rooms',
fori t ra I hath oaa nh-tna 11K T. ...
cor 11th.
THE COLLING Newly furnished, with hot.:
cold water, free bath and phone. 821 '
NEWLY-FURNISHED front rooms; every con
vfnlence; reasonable. 180 17th et. cor
Yamhill. '
THE ELWOOD Newly furnished; 2 to tS.
week; also transient rooms. S43V, Morri
son. THE RANDOLPH. 3d and Columbia. room
50c to $1 day; $2 to $4 week. Pacific 2744.1
ST. FRANCIS Nicely furnished room. In'
suites or single. 34 N. 8th st cor. Couch. I
NBWLY furniehed modern rooms, very rea-f
sonable, with breakfast. Phone Hast 6078.
NICE room, well furnished, pood location; '
for one or two gentlemen. 251 Tenth.
.FURNISHED rooms for rent. 5S8 Hoyt J