Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 02, 1907, Page 17, Image 17

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Hopp'rcking Begins in Cali
fornia Next Week.
H. J Netter Reports Irniraovement
In the Yards In the Southern
State Movement In
Spot Goods.
Hop picking In Caltfornta will begin next
aeek. M J. Netterr. of Klaber. Wolf
Ifetter. who has just returned from that
state, says preparations have been made to
begtn harvest operations In the Sacramento
eectlon Monday. He reports that the yards
are In a more promising condition than they
were a few weeks ago and estimates the
crop in California at BO.OOO bales.
Some specimens of Oregon hops were re
ceived in this city yesterday showing clus
ters that apparently were about ready to
pick, but they grew In exceptionally fa
vored spots. The Oregon crop will be
gathered no earlier or latar than usual. The
latest reports from the yards show no
change In conditions. No damage was done
by the hot wave.
There seems to be a fair inquiry in the
market for spot hops, but at low prtces.
Several lots were bought yesterday by H.
L. Hart at 5 to 6 cents. Among them wera
36 bales from W. C. Tustin and 45 bales
from William Ebroall, of McMinnvllle, and
a small lot from James Shipman, of Wheat
land. It was rumored In the market that
several large transactions In spot hops wera
under way.-
Good Inquiry for Staple at Steady
Mail advices from Boston report a good de
mand for Oregon staple wool with sales being
made at 23H to 24 cents, the scoured cost of
72 to 73 cents being indicated. Choice cloth
ing wools are aelling there at 20 to 21 cents
and costing 68 to 70 cents clean.
Reviewing general conditions In the Has tern
markets', the latest issue of the Boston Com
mercial Bulletin says:
The market is fairly active. Demand la
not general. There are some grades, notably
one-quarter blood and below, in which very
alight Interest, comparatively speaking, is
shown. Medium pulled and low scoured wools
are neglected. Carpet wools are dull and
rather easy. The activity is confined to the
finer grades, with worsted wools selling quicker
than clothing. The condition of the market,
however. Is satisfactory and most dealers
speak hopefully of the outlook. While the
test on territory wools has not as -yet been
serious, enough haa been accomplished in
supplies to arrive to show the drift of the
market. There Is a strong demand for high
grade wools, and the feeling la that the
chances are better than last year for a profit
able turnover. This consummation la prob
ably the height of sellers' ambition. There
is no talk of a possible boom or attempts being
made to create one. Values are on a pretty
strong foundation, but any material advance
on present rates is not expected in the near
future. Healthy conditions prevail, dealers
not forcing higher prices and manufacturers
not unduly exerting themselves to break the
Watermelons and Cantaloupes Are in Plen
tiful Supply.
All kinds. of fruits were in strong demand
yesterday. Watermelons were plentiful and
sold readily at 14 lft cents. Cantaloupes
were quoted at a wide range of S2.238.75.
owing to the difference in quality. Peach
quotations were also wide. New apples are
more plentiful and sell briskly. Crabapplcs
are In fair supply and. quoted at 60 cents.
Feara continue scarce.
The first straight car of sweet potatoes
of the season left Merced yesterday for
Portland. Vegetables generally are In full
supply, and cucumbers and tomatoes are
too plentiful
Jobbers Expect No Change In Priors Before
New Floor Is on the Market.
Jobbers report liberal sales of flour and
expect no drop In prices before new flour is
on the market, which will be six weeks
hence, notwithstanding the easier tendency
of the wheat market.
Wheat continues quiet with very little
trading yet under way in the interior. New
Club is quoted on an export basis of 80
cents, and bluestem Is quoted at 82 cents.
A sale of a small lot of club at the equlva
lent of 7914 cents track was reported yes
Egg Buyers Are Cautious.
The egg market continues In a more or
less complicated condition, owing to the
presence ef a large quantity of seconds on
the street. If these were disposed of there
would be a good chance for lmproveemnt.
but as it Is buyers are very' cautious and
many customers have cut out eggs alto
gether during the heated spell.
Poultry receipts were libera! yesterday,
but the demand was good and the arrivals
cleaned up without difficulty.
Bank Clearings.
Bank clearings of the leading cities of the
'Northwest yesterday were:
. Sl.421.2!)
. 1,462,522
. 72:1.746
Seattle ..
Tacoma .
Grain, Flour, Feed, Etc.
MILLETUFFS Bran, city. $17, country
$18 per ton; middlings, $24. 50 25.60; shorts,
city, $10; country $'20 per ton; chop, $15
16 per ton.
WHEAT (New crop) Club, 80c; blue
tem, 82c; Valley, SOc; red, 78c.
OATS Producers' prices: No. I white,
$24-50 (.new crop); gray, nominal.
FLOLK Patent, $4.80; straight, $4.25;
clears, $4 25; Valley, $4.3U&.40; graham
flour, $4 S 4 50 ; whole wheat flour, $4-25 Q
BARLEY Producers' prices: Feed, $21.50
$ 22 per ton; brewing, nominal; rolled,
$23..0'5 24..-V0.
CEREAL. FOODS Rolled oats, cream, 00
pound sacks, $7; lowe rgrades, $5.506.60;
oatmeal, steel-cut, 45 -pound sacks, $8 per
barrel; 0-pound sacks, $4-25 per bale; oat
meal ground)., 45-pound sacks, $7.50 per
barrel; 9-pound sacks. $4 per bale; split
peas, pT 100 pounds. $4-254-80; pearl bar
ley, $4 frj'4.50 per 10" pounds; pastry flour,
10-pound sacks, $2. M0 per bale.
CORN Whole, $28; cracked. $29 per ton.
HAY Valley timothy, No. 1, $1718 per
ton; Eastern Oregon timothy, $21 &23;
clover, $0; cheat, $9(910; grain hay, $d10;
alfalfa, 14.
Butter, Errs. Poultry, Etc.
BUTTER City creameries: Extra cream
ery, 30c per pound. State creameries: Fan
cy creamery, 27 H 30c; store, butter, lb
CHEESE Oregon full cream twins, 15V
16c; Young America, IrtMiS'lTc per pound.
POULTRY Average old hens, 12H13c;
mixed chickens, 12 c; Spring chickens,
14 i 1? 15c; old roosters, 89c; dressed
chickens, 16& 17c; turkeys, live, 12 15c;
turkeys, dressed, choice, nominal; geese,
live, per pound. 8flllc; ducks, 814cr
pi peon p. $11.R0; squabs, 2q'A.
EGGS Fresh ranch, candled, 22 U 22 He
per dozen.
Vegetables, Fruits, Etc.
DOMESTIC. FRUITS Cherries, 8fl120
per pound; apples, $1.508 2.25 per box.
Spltzerbergs. 13.50 per box: cantaloupes.
2.253.75 per crate: peaches, 5c61.50 per
crate: raspberries. 11.256 1.50; blackberries.
o ic per pound; loganberries, xi per
crate: prunes, sl.50dl.75 per crate; water
melons, 1141He per pound; plums, $1.00 t
l.B.i per box: pears. I2.s.2.5u; apricots.
Sl.SOfj 2 per box.
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons. 5(87 per
box; oranges, sweets. S3.25 3.50: Valenclas,
3.754.00; grape-fruit, 2.503.00; bar
nan. 5c per pound, crated ottc
ROOT VEGETABLES Turnips, 11.75 per
sack; carrots, $2 per sack; beets, $2 per
sack; garlic. 8c per pound.
FRESH VEGETABLES Artlchockes. 60t
75c per dozen; asparagus, 10c- per pound;
beans, nominal. 3325c; cabbage, 2&e per
pound; celery. $1.25 per dosen; corn. 2535c
per dozen; cucumbers, 10? 15c per doz.; egg
plant. 10c pound: lettuce, head. 25c per
dozen; lctture. hothouse. $1.50 per bcx;
onions, 15 & 20c per dozen; parsley. 20c per
dozen; peas, 4 5c per pound; peppers, bell,
12 15c per pound; radishes, 20c per
dozen; rhubarb, 3 lio per pound; spinach,
6c per pound; squash, &0cg$l per box;
tomatoes. $1i9$1.2.i per crate, hothouse
$2.50; sweet potatoes, 6(?7c per pound.
unions walla walla, per cwr.
DRIED FRUITS Apples, 8&8V4C pound;
apricots. 1619c; peaches, lllSc; pears.
HV4814c; Italian prunes. 28c; Califor
nia figs, white. In sacks, 56Hc per pound:
black. 4 5c: bricks. 75cP$2.Z5 per oox;
Smyrna, 19,i20o pound; dates, Persian.
eV&Sj1 7c pound.
POTATOES New, lH2e per pound.
Provisions and Canned Meats.
BACON Fancy breakfast, 22c pound;
standard breakfast, 19 c; choice, 184c;
English. 11 to 14 pounds, 16c; peach, 15 Via.
HAMS 10 to 11 pounds, 16Vc pound; 14
to 16 pounds. 16c: IS to 20 pounds, 16c;
picnics, 12c; cottage, 12 Vie; shoulders, 12c;
boiled. 25c.
SAUSAGE Bologna, long, 8c; links, 7c
BARRELED GOODS Pork, barrels. $20;
half-barrels. $11; beef, barrels, $10; half
barrels. $5.50.
DRY SALT CURED Regular short clears.
dry salt, 12c; smdked, 13e; clear backs, dry
salt, 12c; smoked, 13c; clear bellies, 14 to 17
pounds average, dry salt, none; smoked,
none; Oregon exports, dry salt, 13c; smoked.
LARD Kettle rendered: Tierces, 12Vac;
tubs, 12 c; 50s, 12 c; 20c, 12 c; 10a,
13Uc; 5s, 13c Standard pure: Tierces,
11 He; tubs, 1114c: 50s, llc; 20c, llc;
10s, 12c: 5s, 12Vc. Compound: Tierces,
94c; tuba, 9fec; 50s, c;0b, 10c; 5s.
Groceries, Nuts, Etc.
RICE Imperial Japan, No. 1, 9e; South
ern Japan, 6.10c; head, 7c.
COFFEE Mocha, 24328c; Jav, ordinary,
173? 20c; Costa Rica, fancy, 18 20c; good. 16
($18c; ordinary, 12(5 16c per pound. Columbia
roast, cases, 100s, $14.50; 50s, $14.75; Ar
buckle, $16.50; Lion, $15.75.
SALMON Columbia River, 1-pound tails,
$1.75 per dozen; 2-pound tails, $2.40; 1
pound flats, $1.10; Alaska, pink, 1-pound
tails, 95c; red, 1-pound talis, $1.25; sock eyes,
1-pound tails, $1.70.
SUGAR Sack basis, 100 pounds, cube,
$6.12 Vfc ; powdered, $6.02H ; granulated,
$5.87 extra C, $5.67 H: golden C, $5.27 H;
fruit sugar. $5.87: berry, $5.87 fc; XXX,
$5.77H- Advance sales over sack basis as
follows: Barrels, 10c r barrels, 25c; boxes.
SOc per 100 pounds. 'Terms: On remittances
within 15 days deduct c per pound; if
later than 15 days and within 30 days, de
duct He; beet sugar, $5.77 per 100 pounds;
maple sugar, 15 18c per pound.
NUTS Walnuts, 16 20c per pound by
sack; Brazil nuts, 19c; filberts, 16c; pecans,
jumbos, 23c; extra large, 21c; almonds, 18
20c -v. chestnuts, Ohio, 17 Vie; Italian, 14
15c; peanuts, raw, 68c per pound;
roasted. 10c; pinenuts 10 12c; hickory
nuts, 10c; coco a nuts, 3590c per dozen.
SALT Granulated, $14 per ton; $2 per
bale; half ground, 100s, $10.50 per ton; &0a
$11 per ton.
BEANS Small white. 3c; large white.
8c; pink, 3c; bayou, 3c; Lima, 5c; Mexi
cans, red, 4c.
HONEY Fancy. $3.25 3.50 per box.
Hop, Wool. Hides, Etc.
HOPS 57c per pound.! according to
quality. 1
WOOL Eastern Oregon, average best, 16
22c per pound, according to shrinkage;
Valley, 20822e, according to fineness.
MOHAIR Choice, 29 30c per pound.
' CASCARA BARK Old. less than car lots,
6Gc; car lota. 6c; new, 64t6c pound.
HIDES Dry, No. 1, 16 pounds and up, 18c
per pound; dry kip. No. 1, 5 to 15 pounds, 15
4? 16c per pound; dry calf. No. 1, under a
pounds, 20c; dry salted, bulls and stags,
one-third less than dry flint; culls, moth
eaten, 'badly cut, scored, murrain, hair
slipped, weather-beaten or grubby, 23c
per pound less ; salted steers, sound, 60
pounds and over, 8c pound ; steers, sound,
50 to 60 pounds, S0c pound; steers, sound,
under 50 pounds, and cows, 8(g) 9c pound;
stags and bulls, sound.. 66c pound: kip.
sound, 15 to 30 pounds, 89c pound; veal,
sound, under 10 pounds, 11c; calf, sound.
under 10 pounds, 11 12c pound; green (un
salted), 1c pound less; culls, lc pound less
sheepskins, shearings. No. 1 butchers stock,
25 30c each; short wool. No. 1, butchers'
stock, 50 60c each; medium wool. No. 1
butchers' stock, $1.25 1.60 each; murrain
pelts, from 10 to 20 per cent less, or 13g 14a
pound; horse hides, salted, accardlng to
size, $22.50 each; hides, dry, according
to size. $131.50 each; colts' hides, 2050c
each; goatskins, common, 15 25c each;
goatskins. Angora, with wool on, 30c $1.50
FURS Bearskins, as to size. No. 1, $5
20 each; cubs, $13 each; badger, prime. 25
50c each ; cat, wild, with head perfect.
30rg00c; cat, house, 5i3?20c; fox, common
gray, large prime, 50 70c each; red, $35
eacn; cross, $5lu each; silver and black,
$1 00 tf? 300 each ; fishers, $5 8 each ; lynx.
$4.50 6 each; mink, strictly No. 1, accord
ing to pize. 13 each; marten, dark north
ern, according to size and color. $10 15
each: pale, pine, according to size and
color, $2.50$4 each; musk rat, large, 12 15c
each; skunk, 30 40c each; civet or pole
cat, .5 15c each; otter, for large, prime
skins, $610 each; panther, with head and
claws perfect, $2 5 each; raccoon, for
prime, large, 50 75c each; wolf, mountain,
with head perfect, $3.505 each; prairie
(coyote), 60c$l each; wolverine, $6 8
Eastern Mining Stacks.
NEW YORK, Aug. 1, Closing quotations:
Adams Con 9 Uttle Chief A
Alice 410 Ontario 3M)
Breece . 20 lOphlr 195
Brunswick Oon.. SO ipotosl 12
Oomstock Tun.. 2S !Savage . . .-: 38
Con. Cal. ft . Va.. 60 (Sierra Nevada.. :iO
Horn Silver 1"0 Small Hopes 20
Iron Silver 22$ Istandard 185
Leadville Con... 83
. BOSTON, Aug. 1. Closing quotations:
Adventure ..$
Allouez ....
Atlantic ...
Bingham . ..
2.50 iParrot S 18.00
IQulncy 110.00
Tamarack .:
I'nlted Cop..
U. S. Mining.
IT. S. Oil ...
43. SO
Cal. ft Hecla.
Cop. Range..
Centennial ..
Franklin ...
Daly West..
Isle Rnyale..
Maps. Mining
Michigan ...
Mont. C. ft C.
O. Dominion
Oeceota ....
ivtctorla . . . .
IWInona ...i,
Wolverine . .. 138.00
INorth Butte. 73.30
I Butte coal it.
Cal. & Arlx. 16O.0O
Uris, Coml... 19.00
Metal Markets.
NEW. YORK. Aug. 1. There was a sharp
break in the London tin market, with spot
1 17s 6d lower at 180 2s Od. and-futures
closing at 179 2s 6d. Locally the market
was dull and easy, with quotations ranging
from 39c o 40c.
Copper was Irregular in the London mar
ket, with spot 15s lower at S6 5s. and fu
tures 10s higher at 83. Locally the mar
ket was weak and nominal with Lake
quoted at 2021. 23c; electrolytic at 10 75
20.25c; casting at 19.25 19.75.
Lead was unchanged at 5.15c to 5.25c in
the local market, but declined 2s 6d to 19
7s 6d In London.
Spelter was 7s 6d lower at 22 15s In
London. Locally the market .was weak but
unchanged at 5. 85 5.95c.
Iron was lower abroad. Locally the mar
ket was unchanged-
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK. Aug. 1. Coffee futures
closed steady at an advance of 3(310 cents.
Sales for the day were reported of 44,000
bags. Including September, 5.90 6c: Oc
tober. 5.90c; December, 5.95 6.05c; March.
RlgB.lOc; April, 6.05c; May. H.05.10c;
July, 6.13 0.20c. Spot coffee firm; No. T
Rio, 6c: No. 4 Santos, 77so. Mild coffee
steady ; Cordova, 9 12 4 c.
Sugar Raw firm; fair flnlng, 8.67 -4c;
centrifugal. 'Ofl test. 3.63&c; molasses sugar,
3.124 3.186c. Refined steady; crushed.
5.70c; powdered, 510c; granulated, 5.00c.
lally Treasury Statement. -WASHINGTON,
Aug. 1. Today's statement
of the Treasury balances In the general
fund shows: '
Available cash balance.. 238.574. 188
Gold coin and bullion 63.201,144
Gold certificates 80,469,480
Decline Follows Southern Pa
cific Announcement.
is due to Realizing
Copper and Iron Stocks Display a
Weaker Tone Depression Also
Prevails in the For
eign Exchanges.
NEW YORK, Aug. 1. The professional
traders tn stocks were very diligent today
to move prices, and they met with more
or less success at different times, but any
efforts to realise upon the movements re
vealed how small was the company of those
operating and carried prices back toward
the starting point.
It was expected that the declaration of
the Southern Pacific dlvidwd at the rate of
per cent wouia stir up some sort of In
terest In the market, although the declara
tion was scarcely more than a formal rati
fication of an Intention so explicitly stated
by the head of the system a week ago that
there was no room to suppose any depart
ure from the plan. The stock vibrated
quite feverishly, although within a narrow
range, with the circulation of rumors that
a hitch had occurred in the proposed In
crease, or that a failure of a qourum to
attend the meeting would necessitate a de
lay. When the formal announcement of
the 6 per cent rate was made, the whole
market sold off, the Harrimans losing all
of the early advances. The reaction was
clearly due ta realizing, and It found an In
significant demand attracted by the actual
advance in the dividend rates.
This additional evidence of the unrespon
siveness of the market to any favorable
news proved a fresh damper on speculative
enthusiasm. The adjournment of the Union
Pacific directors for want of a quorum
without acting upon the dividend seems to
have been unfavorably construed, although
the only surmise, that haa been suggested
as a possibility In the Union Pacific divl-
dent rate was of an Increase.
The copper and Iron market is receiving
a large amount of attention since the pub
lished statement by a director of the United
States Steel Corporation- that new orders
have fallen off 25 to 60 per cent for July.
American Smelting also shows close sym
pathy with the metal Industrials, but it suf
fered In addition today from reports of
the Intended organisation of opposition and
competition. United States Steel was com
paratively Arm, being helped by the reports
of a resumption of operations in the Lake
mining regions. Foreign markets shared
in the depression which existed here.
Bonds were Irregular. Total sales, par
value, $034,000. United States bonds were
unchanged on call.
Sales. H,igh. Low. Bid.
Adams' Express 150
Amal. Copper 65,500 86 83 8414
Am. Car tt. Foun.. 00 42 42)4 42
do preferred 1004
Am. Cotton Oil... 1.000 84 3414 34ft
do preferred ..... ..... 85
American Express. ....... ..... ..... fr-d
Am. Hi ft Lt. pf 20
American Ice .... ...... ..... . . - - 5414
A in 1 ln,ll ( HI . 9
do preferred 22
Am. Locomotive.-. 500 56. 66 6ttH
do preferred ..(. 200 10614 'o6 104
Am. Smelt. & Kef. 26,300 113V4 110 111
do nreferred 100 1041 104'i 104
Am. Sugar Ref... 1,300 121ft -120 12o4
Am. Totaeco cits od
Anaconda Mln. Co. 9,500 5514 . 53 53
Aichlson 10.4O0 9114 '91 is
do preferred .... 100 92 92 92
Atl. Coast Line... 2(X -uo woii
Bait. & Ohio 1,000 97 97 9714
do nreferred - 85
Brook. Rap-. Tran. 7,200 56 56 50
Canadian faclnc... I,2u0 175 174 l.o
Central of N. J ..... ..... 175
Ches. ft Ohio 700 86 35 . 35
Chi. Gt. Western.. 200 11 11 11
Chicago ft N. W.. 5oO 148 147 147
C M. ft St. P 14.5O0 1381b 131 131
Chi. Ter. ft Tran 6
do Dreferred lo
C C. C. ft St. L 65
Colo. Fuel ft Iron. 2,200 30 29 29
Colo, ft Southern 2.100 20 20 zo
.do 1st preferred ..... 58
do Z1 prererrea.. ..... 40
Consolidated Gas... 500 119 117 117
Corn Products ... 5u0 17 17 17
do preferred .... 100 72 72 72
Del. ft Hudson 900 160 168 168
Del., Lack, ft Wes 460
D. ft R. Grande.. 500 28 28 . 27
do oreferred 72
Distillers' Securl... 400 ' 65 64 64
Erie 4,900 - 23 23 23
do 1st preferred 58
do 2d preferred.. 1.30O 41 41 41
General Electric... 300 138 138 135
Illinois central 16
Int. Paper 100 14 14 14
do preferred r; 72
Jnt. Pump ..... 24
do preferred ..... ..... 73
Iowa Central ..... ..... 17
do preferred 38
K. C. Southern 400 27 27 27
do preferred .... 57
Louis, ft Nash 500 112 111 ,111
Mexican central... z ct'Is as
Minn, ft St. L 200 41 41 41
M.,St.P. ft S.S. M 101
do nreferred -. 130
Missouri Pacific 73
Mo., Kan. ft Texas 32
do preferred 56
National Lead 1.600 67 86 55
-Mex. Nat. Ry. pf 5o
N. Y. Central Z.BOO 111 110 110
N.Y., Ont. ft Wes. 3"X) 36 35 35
Norrolk & west... boo
do preferred 78
North American 68
Pacific Mall 2
Pennsylvania 9.4UO jzz 1CT izz
People's Gas 200 90 89 89
P., C. C. ft St. L 70
Pressed Steel Car. 100 33 33 " 34
du preferred .... 200 90 90 90
Pullman Pal. Car. 162
Reading 96,800 103 101 101
ao 1st prererreo oo
do 2d Dreferred '. 77
Republic Steel .... 26
do preferred .... loo z H2 z
Rook island Co... 7,600 . 21 21 21
do preferred .... 400 47 47 46
Rubber Goods pr s
St.L. ft S. F. 2 pf. 700 87 88 36
St. L. Southwest 20
do preferred .... 300 46 46 46
Southern Pacific... 78.200 90 88 89
do preferred .... 300 112 112 112
southern Kaiiway. . l.zoo io i iw
do preferred 100 64 64 83
Tenn. Coal ft Iron 140
Texas ft Pacific. J 300 2t 29 29
Tol.,St. L. ft Wes; 400 26 2H 2
do preferred 400 49 49 48
Union Pacific 89.600 143 141 142
do preferred 80
U. S. Express ..... 108
U. S. Realty :.. ' '.. 53
U. S. Rubber .... 100 84 84 . 34
do preferred 97
U. S. Steel 43,300 86 34 35
do preferred 2.500 100 100 100
Va.-Caro. Chem 25
do preferred 101
Wabash 100 13
do prererrea .... lou 24 24 -
Wells-Fargo Ex 284
Westlnghouee Elec ..... 44
Western union n
Wheel, ft L. Erie 11
Wisconsin Central 17
do preferred ..... 38
Central Leather... 100 22 22 22
do preferred .......... ..... ..... 91
Int. Metal 500 15 16 15
do preferred .... 300 43 43 43
Gt. Northern pf T.600 133 131 131
xsortnern racine... ia,ouu . ira mi
Sloss-Sheffteld 200 . 55 . 55 65
Total sales for the day. 516,400 shares.
BOSTON, Aug. 1. Closing quotations:
U. B. ref. 2s reg,10RlN. Y. C. G. 8 s. BOH
do coupon 103iNorth. Pac. 3s... 71
TT. S. 3s re 1 102 North. Pac. 4s.. .100
do coupon 10218outh. Pac. 4"... 87 I
U. S. new 4s reg. 127 Union Pac 4s... 99
ao coupon. .. .12!iwis- central 4a. 4
Atchison adj. 4s 88 Uan. 4s ctfs... 79
D. ft R. G. 48... 93 I do 2d series.. 99
Money, Exchange, Ete.
NEW YORK. Aug. 1. Prime mercantile
paper, 5? per cent: sterling exchange weak,
with actual business In bankers' ' bills at
84.809064.8696 for demand and at 84.8355
4.8360 for 60-day bills. Commercial bills,
Bar silver. c.
Mexican dollar, 64 c.
Government bonds, steady; railroad bonds,
Money on call, Arm, 33 per cent; nil'
ing rate, per cent: closing bid. 84 V"
cent; offered at 3 per cent. Tims loans, Bra;
60 days. 4i per cent" 90 days, BH per cent;
six months, 6 per cent.
LONDON', Aug. .1. Bar silver, firmer.
33 ll-16d per ounce.
Money. 263 per cent.
The rate of discount tn the open market for
short bills is 3Mg34 Pr cent: for three
months bills, 3',-jS- per cent. '
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1. Silver bars.
69Hc. '
Mexican dollars, 54c.
Drafts Sight, 10c; telegraph, 12c.
Sterling on Jbondon, 60 days. 14.&i; sight.
Stocks at London.,
LONDON, Aug. 1. Consols for
82; do for account. 82 13-16.
Anaconda ..... 1114TN. Y. Central
Atchison 94 Norfolk ft West.
do preferred.. 93 I do nreferred..
Bait, ft Ohio... 100 Ontario ft West.
Canadian Pac. . .179 Pennsylvania ...
Ches. ft Ohio... 3lRand Mines
Chi. Gt. West... URead!ng
Chi.. M. St. P.I.1K .southern Ry
De Beers 22141 do preferred..
jjenver t rc. toutnem m.
do preferred.. 73UJnion Pac...
Erie 24 i do preferred
do 1st pref... 01 U. S. Steel
An 9 rl nrpf. 41111 An nr.furr.ri .
Grand Trunk... 28 Iwabash
Illinois Central. 144 I do preferred..
Louis, ft Nash.. .116 ISpanlsh Fours..
Mo.. K. ft T 39 1
Prices Current Locally on Cattle, Sheeo and
In the livestock market yesterday hop's
ruled strong and other descriptions steady.
Receipts were 52 cattle, 28 sheep, 88 hogs
and 320 lambs.
T. C. Bensora buyer for the Union Meat
Company, of Portland, shipped 12 carloads
of beef from this place today, says th
East Oregonlan. The shipment consisted
of fat cows and were driven to this point
from Grant County. They were purchased
of Zoeth Houser and Bob Adams.
The following prices were auoted in th
local market yesterday:
CATTLE Best steers, 83.8534: medium.
83.25i8 3.30; cows, 83: fair to medium cows,
82.30a2.75; bulls, 8218 2.50.; calves, 84T5.
SHEEP Good sheared. 8413)4.25: lambs.
$4.75 3.25.
HOGS Best. $6.656.75: lights, fata and
feeders, $6.50 6.75.
Eastern . Livestock Prices.
CHICAGO, Aug. 1. Cattle Receipts, 4000.
Market steady. Beeves, $4.407.50; cows.
8 1.40 IS 5.20; heifers. $2.4093.40; calves. 85.50
67.00; good to prime steers, $5.80iji7.30;
poor to medium, $4.505.75; atockera and
feeders, $2.60 4.90.
Hogs Receipts. 18.OO0. Market 8c to 10c
higher. Light. 86.05S6.55; mixed, $6.00?
6.47; heavy. $3.50ij6.30; rough, $3.50
8.85; pigs, $5.75 6.30; good to choice heavy.
$6.20 86.30.
Sheep Receipts. 12,000. Market, steady.
Natives, $3.503.75; Western, $3.505.C5;
yearlings, S6.OOtJ6.60; lambs, $3.50 to 7.30;
Western. $5.50 9 7.65.
SOUTH OMAHA, Aug. 1. Cattle Re
ceipts, 300. Market, steady. Native steers,
$4.3006.75; cows and heifers, $2.755.4.75;
Western steers, $3.50 5.50; stockers and
feeders. $2.755.00; calves, $2.505.50;
bulls, stags, etc., $2.30f35.00.
Hogs Receipts, 11,000. Market 10c lower.
Heavy, $5.806.00; mixed, $3.855.95; light,
$6,006)6.25; pigs, $5.50(6.00.
Shcip Receipts, 3000. Market, steady.
Yearlings, $3.50i66.0O; wethers, $5.00Q5.50;
ewes, $4.50 5-25; lsmbs, $8.5007.50.
KANSAS CITY. Aug. 1. Cattle Receipts.
5000. Market, steady. Native steers, $5.00
0.70; native cows and heifers, $;
stockers and feeders. $3.005.25; Western
cows, $2.754.25; Western steers, $4.00
S.S0; bulls, $2.604.00; calves, $3.7506.00. -
Hogs Receipts, 9000. Market, 5c uwer.
Heavy, $6.00(8. 6.10; packers. $6.056.20;
light. $8.10 6.25. "
Sheep Receipts, 2000. Market, steady.
Muttons. $5. 23 Cg' 7.40; lambs, $6.30 7.40;,
range wethers, $5.25 6.25; fed ewes, $5.30
03.80. i .
Prices Paid for Products in the Bar City
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1. The following
prices were quoted in the produce market
today :
VEGETABLES Cucumber. 4050c; jarlio,
34c: green peas, l&2c; beans, 182c;
asparagus, 58c; tomatoes, 4050ci egg
plant, $1.75.
FRUIT Apples, choice, $1.25; common. 75c;
Bananas, $12; Mexican limes, $4; California
lemons, cnolce, $5; common, $2; o.'angea.
navels, $460; pineapples, $1.503.50.
POULTRY Roosters, old, $4ljf4.5-. young,
$6.5UQT9; broilers, small, $2.504J3; fryers, $4
S; hens. $4. soft 7.50; ducks, old, $3.5vC4.50;
ducks, young, $5T6-
BL'TTER Fancy creamery. 28c; creamery
seconds, 24c; fancy dairy, 26c; dairy second,
23c; pickled, 22 (3 24c.
EGGS Store, 19 25c; fancy ranch, 29c;
Eastern. 21c.
CHEESE Young America, 15c; ' Eastern,
WOOL Spring Humboldt and Mendocino,
2325c; Nevada, ' 1618e.
HOPS Old, 57c; new. 9!&10c.
MILLSTUFFS Bran, $19(822; middlings, $27
HAY Wheat, $16(gil9: wheat and oats. $9
1U; alfalfa. $8.50(8 13.50; stock, $7.6o&9;
straw, per bale. 4085c.
POTATOES Early Rose, $1.251.60; new,
ONIONS Red and yellow. $262.25.
FLOUR California family 'extras, $3.20
5.70; bakers' extras, $5.205-43; Oregon
and Washington. $4.90ti3.20.
RECEIPTS Flour. 9822 quarter sacks;
wheat, 890 centals; barley, 3175 centals;
oats, 1410 centals; corn, 810 centals; pota
toes, 3090 sacks; middlings, 100 sacks; hay,
785 tons; wool, 183 bales; hides, 1130.
New York Cotton Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. 1. Cotton futures opened
firm. August. 11.55c; September, 11.60c; Octo
ber, 11.95c; November, 12c asked; December,
12.04c; January, 12.15c: February, 12.15c Md;
March, 12.25c; May, 12.82c.
Cotton futures closed barely steady at a net
decline of ( 3 points on August, but 1 to 4
points higher on later months. August,
11.53c: September, 11.69c; October, 11.93c; No
vember, 11.95c: December. 12.08c; January,
12.12c: February, 12.16c; March, 12.21c; April,
12.23c; May, 12.30c.
Spot closed quiet. Mid-uplands, 13c; do. Gulf,
Dairy Produce in the East.
CHICAGO, Aug. 1. On the Produce Ex
change today the butter market was steady.
Creameries. 2023c: dairies. 20322c.
Egge Firm at mark, cases included, 139
15c: firsts, 16c;. prime firsts, 17c.
Cheese Steady. 12iglSc.
Wool at St. Lonls.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 1. Wool, steady. Terri
tory and Western mediums, 21fB,26c; fine
medium, 17ffl9c; fine. 14516c.
Wheat at Taeoma.
TACOMA, Wash., Aug. 1. Wheat; un
changed. Bluestem. 85c; club. 83c; red. . 81c.
Colorado Celebrates Admission.
DENVER. Colo.. Aug. 1. Thousands of
Coloradoans, coming from all parta of
the state, joined the people of Denver to
day in celebrating; the 31af anniversary of
the admission of Colorado to the Union.
The surviving; pioneers-lu:d tho position
of honor in. a parade Ihs c.:enonn, and
this afternoon appropriat exercises, fol
lowed by various amusements, were held
at the City Park. An extensive fireworks
display will conclude tho p.-ogTamma
tonight. The weather Is ideal for the oc
casion. Arrangements for the celebration
were made by the Society of the Sons of
Colorado. "
Inquiry on Victoria Fire. .
VICTORIA, B. C, Aug. 1. An 'investi
gation to Inquire Into the recent fire was
commenced last evening by the City
Council. Evidence was given by Chief
Watson and. Assistant Chief McDowell re
garding conditions surrounding the con
flagration. Watson testified that the wa
ter supply a', ths start of the fire was
sufficient hail there been no wind, but
that the heavy wind made it impossible
to fight to advantage.
Sfears of frost
Low Temperature Has Effect
on Wheat Prices.
Higher Quotations In Minneapolis
and Advances In Principal Euro
pean Grain .Centers Bull
Campaign In Oats.
CHICAGO. Aug. 1. The wheat market
was firm for the greater part of the day.
The main factor was the weather In the
Northwest, where the temperature was so
low last night as to suggest a possible frost
before the crop Is fully matured. Higher
prices at Minneapolis emphasized these fears.
Other interests strengthening the market
were higher prices at the principal grain
markets In Europe and the bull campaign
now being waged in oats. The chief de
mand came from commission houses, while
selling was largely by pit traders. The close
was firm. September opened c to
c higher at 910-to 92c, advanced to
9214c, and then declined to 9lc. The
close was at 92c.
Corn was In active demand today because
of numerous reports of damage to the crop
in Iowa and Illinois. The market held
firm throughout the session and the close
was at the highest point. September opened
Dc higher at 54 c. sold between 62 S4C
and 34 c. and closed at 54 c.
Oats were strong on renewed buying.
Trading was active all day. September
opened c higher at 40c to 40
40c. sold at 40c and closed 4040c.
Provisions were weak because of moderate
sales of lard by a local packer. A 610c
decline In live hogs was a depressing In
fluence. At the close September pork was
6-7c lower, lard was 12c and ribs 5c
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Onen. High. Low. Close.
August $ .OO $ .90 .89 $ -9
September ... 92 .92
December 96 .96 .95 .98
May 1.00 1.01 1.00 101
September ... .54 -54 .53 -Ml
Icember 60 .51 ';
jfay . .61 -52
September . .40 .40 .40 '.40
t. k julT .40T1. .40U .40
Mav '.42 .43 .42 .43
September ...16.40 18.46 16.35 16.45
October 9.27 8.27 9.20 9.20
September ... 8.70 8.70 8.65 8.87
October 8.60 8.62 a.o. , Boo
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour Steady.
Wheat No. 2 Spring, 9cS$l; No. 3, 84c
81: No. 2 red. 80 tfSOUc.
Corn No. 2, 54(854c; No. 2 yellow, 65
Oats No. 2. 4546c; No. 8 white, 47
Barley Good feeding, 6Sijr68c; fair to choice
malting, 89QS3C.
Flax seed No. 1 Northwestern, $1.15.
Timothy seed Prime, $4.65.
Clover Contract grades, $15.50.
Short ribs Sides (loose), $.50S8.70.
Mese pork Per barrel, 16.35-? 10.40.
Lard Per 100 pounds, $8.95.
Sides Short clear (boxed), $8.879.12.
Whisky Basle of high wines, $1.31. -
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels 24.100 56,200
Wheat, bushel 170.8O0 24,000
Corn, bushels 181. "0 343.008
Oats, bushels 82.000 124,000
Rye, bushels 2.0OO
Barley, bushels 4,0oo 900
Grain and Produce at New York.
NEW YORK, Aug. 1. Flour Receipts.
11,000 barrels; exports, 4400 barrels. Dull
and barely steady.
Wheat Receipts, 100.000 bushels: exports.
40,000 bushels. Spot quirt; No. 2 red, 9Uc
elevator and 98 c f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 Du
luth, $1.08 f. o. b. afloat; No. 2 hard
Winter, 99 c f. o. b. afloat. Options
closed at SUc, December closed at $1.02
and May at $1.08.
Hops and Hides Quiet.
Wool Steady.
. Petroleum Firm.
Grain at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1. Wheat steady.
Barley steady.
Spot quotations: Wheat Shipping, $1.43
1.50 per cental: milling, $1.57(&'1.67 per
cental. Barley Feed, $1.271. 30 per cental;
brewing, $1.27-J1.32 per cental. Oati
Red, $1.6O31.70 per cental; white. $1.401.50
per cental; black, $2(2.25 per cental.
Call Board sales: Wheat No sales. Barley
December, $1.30 per cental. Corn Large
yellow, $1.47j1.52 per cental.
Wheat at Liverpool.
LIVERPOOL. Aug. 1. Wheat September,
7s 2d; December, 7s 4d: March, 7s 4d
The weather in England today was fair
but cloudy.
Building Permit.
WEINHARD ESTATE Altering two-story
irame saloon, irst street, near Arthur
C. WILDET Altering one-story frame
store. Fourth street, near Alder: 8150.
THOMAS C. DEVLIN One-story frame
dwelling, Multnomah - street, near East
Twenty-third: 82000.
A. L. WHITTEN One-story frame shop.
union avenue, near Alberta; 8400.
A. J. F. BOWMAN Altering one and a
hair-story frame dwelllrsr, Exeter street,
Houghton: 850.
GUSTAV SCHIELZ Altering two-story
frame - dwelling, ' Commercial street. - near
railing; i."oo.
R. S. BAILEY Altering one-story frame
dwelling. Amherst street, near Wall: 8150.
J. B. GILLIS One-story frame dwelling,
Crescent street, near Magnolia: S150O.
WRIGHT One and one-half-story frame
dwelling, Alberta street, near Simpson
M. L. MfMINN One and one-half -story
frame dwelling, Wlberg lane, near Hancock
H. SIMMONS Altering one-story frame
store. East Twenty-furst street, near Tib-
betts; 8575.
STEPHEN KURILO One-storv frame
dwelling. East Fourteenth street, near Fall
ing; $400. . '
AI.'Gl'ST KESNER One-story frame
dwelling. East Fourteenth street, near
Shaver; 8200.
UNIVERSITY CLUB Excavation for
clubhouse. North Park street, near Stark;
F. O. PlfCHETT One-story frame dwell
ing. East Twenty-sl4h street, near Els
worth; $800.
Marriage Licenses.
POUTINEN-MAKI Henry Poutinen 28,
city; Annie Makl, 24. city.
TAPSCOTT-KENT W. A. Tapscott, 30.
city; Hattle Sybil Kent. 23. city.
BRENNER-BADER Max Brenner, 23.
city; Rose Bader, 19. city. ,
ANDERSON-BLAIR Richard Anderson,
22 city: Marie Blair, 20. city.
26, city; Evelyn Berggren, 19, city.
COOK At 1087 East Morrison street, July
31. Mary Cook, aged 78.
RYAN At Reservoir Park, July 30. Willie
M Rvan. aged 1 year.
SANDS At Home of the Aged, July 89,
Anna Sands, aged 55. ,
. Births.
WILDE To the wife of Ralph E. Wilde,
July 26, a daughter.
BODDY To the wife of Herbert . J.
Boddy, July 28, daughter.
FLOURIE; To the wife of John Flouria,
July 18, a daughter.
HANSON To the wife of John G- Han
son. July 24. a daughter.
BARROWS To the wife of Edward B.
Barrows. July 4, a daughter.
COVENY To the wife of Thomas J.
Coveny, July 27. a daughter.
WESTERGARD To the wife of Jamas C.
Westergard. Jaly I, a daughter.
ARNOLD To the wife of Hosmer K. Ar
nold. July 27, a daughter.
Bsnght amd aaial fsv esisfc mmd araarela.
PriYito Wires ROOM 4. CHAMBER
WEINMAN To tho wife of Edward J.
Weinman. July 27. a daughter.
ANDRUS To the wife of Keul Andrus.
July 30, twin daughters.
JOHNSON To the wife of Tele jonnson.
July 30, a son.
MORAY To the wife or Davia Moray.
July 31, a son.
Mcc AKLAXK To tne wire or . w. aac-
Farlane, July 28, a son.
CH.. .TON To the wife of R. C. Chan-
ton, July 5. a son.
YOL MAN To the wife of Bert E. You-
man, July 28. a son.
ALLINGHAM To the wife of Artnur .
AMingham. July 25, a son.
MICHAEL To the wife of Jesse L.
Michael, July 30, a son.
redfuku no tne wire or isatnan v.
Redford. July SO, a son.
SOULE To the wlte of N. coulson souie.
July 16. a son.
A. Dlelsehneider. July 2 a son.
STARR To the wife of W. B. Starr. July
20, a daughter.
COOPER To the wife of Nat nan cooper,
July 30. a daughter.
BURKHART To the wire op- Artnur
Burkhart. July 20. a daughter.
BARNEY To the wife of Frank Barney,
July 19. a daughter.
CARLSON To the wife or Eric J -an-
son, July 3, a son.
LIBSER To the wife of Joseph w.
Lieser, July 3, a daughter.
FRANK. To tne wire of juiius rranit,
July 19. a son. i
SCHMITZ To the wife of C K. Scnmits,
July 10, a son.
J. H. and Anna Buck to Katharina
Ludwig. lot 17. block lfi, original
Townslte of Albina ( 1
Pedr and Insreborg Skogapth to Cath-
arlne M. Markwell, lot 4, diock h.
North Irvinaton 2,000
John N. and Clara E. Jamea to William
M. and Jennie M. Miller, lot a, diock
R2. Llnntnn 1,050
Helfn Goode and Henry Fairciough
woae to roruHnu jiri cttwi ivj
Co., electric company Is entitled to
& deed of conveyance of all of block
28. cltv 1
M. EX and Clara O. Thompson and
James u. and Lula B. ugaen, lot
4'B." Clifford Addition to Albina 650
William R. and U L. Bewail to C. B.
and Edward C. Sewall, all of tne
portion of the Seldon Murray and wife
donation land claim subject to a cer- -tain
agreement made with Multnomah
County regarding strip of land 30 fet
In width along the west aide of the
nit jMt odIHa fnr rnnntv road Dlir-
Dosex. cltv 1
Cecil H. and Roee Bloch Bauer to Fred
C Dunham, past 14 of lot 8. block
234. East Portland 1
George Coote and M. A. Coote to Adnlf
KhRflpr. lot lO. block: 7. Mount bcott
View 202
J.. J. Edgren to Amanda Edgren. 109x
vl feet, commencing at a point on tne
northeant corner of block 5 Oak Park
Addition 1.300
Victor Land Company to Nathan Seldon
Mnlnmon. lot 1K hlork ." .Forta-
mouth Villa Eauennion 400
C. M. Rusnell, trustee, to C. M. Hykell,
an undivided interest in lots . iz,
13 and 14, block Subdivision vb."
and lot 3 hlorlt RV Subdivision 'B."
Southern Portland lO
Fred C. and, Mildred M. Dunham to
Georite and Anna Kamoo. east V of
lot 8, block 23. East Portland 2,000
U. v. and Margaret Ward to J. E
Bovdston. lot a. block 2. Unco In
Park Annex 1
Herman Metzger, trustee, to Ham L.
Bearv. lot- 17. block 3. Reservoir
Park 175
Columbia Steel Company to Portland ic
Seattle Railway Company, block '
.Couch's Addition. alo all that certain
parcel of land formerly the portion of
Kearney street lying between the west
Hne of Ninth street and the east line
of Tenth street 130,000
Gregory Katurfch to Manly I. Smith,
2 acres of the D. S. Southmayd dona
tion land claim, section 6. townshio 1
north, range 1 eat 2,500
Title Guarantee & Trust Company to
Peder Skoeseth. lot 4. block 24.
Nprth Jrvlngton 184
B. C. and Alice R. Mays to Edward
J. and Joseoh P. Jaoirer. lots 11 and
12, block 13. Burrage Tract 2,125
unaries a. Bryant and J. G. Kiigreen
to Therese H. Everdlng and Margar-
etta V. Russell, lot 14, block 101,
Sell wood
Catherine and J. F. McGrath to L. A.
Wrleht. lot 8. block 121. Couch's
Addition 12,600
John A. and Susie Thompson to Blvin
Zimmerman. 1 acre beginning at the
northwest comer of the 10-acre tract
In the donation land claim of Perry
Prettyman and wife 2,500
J. T. and C. Madjte Gates to John
Sullivan, lot 10. Aubdivision of lots 3 '
and 4. block 2. "Wiil'ams Addition No.
2 2.300
Olive 3. and Charles B. Hamlin to
Emily M. Lasche. lot 11. Sunshine
Park 125
John C. and Annie Campbell to Ray
mond Packard, east :t3 1-3 feet of lot
4 block 207. Holladay'a Addition ....
Evalyn C. Black to O. F. Cooke, lots
7 and 8. block 67, Carter's Addition.. 10
O. r. H. Jamfaon to Fanny X. Jamison,
beginning at the intersection of the
south line of "West Main street with
the Vest line of Nartllla street, "run
ning thence south 54.35 feet, thence
west ft4.35 feet, thence north 54.35
feet, thenoe east to beginning 100
l-anny i. Jamison to O. P. M. Jamison,
beginning at the southwest corner of
the southwest hi of block 3, In A. JC.
King's Addition, running thence west
43 feet, thence south 72.35 feet 100
Philip and Martha Buehner to the Pub
lic, land for road in section 8. town
ship 1 south, range 2 east, beginning
at the Intersection of the west line of
the tract of land conveyed by Chrlsteo.
ChrlMensen and wife to Philip Bueh
ner Title Guarantee A Trust Company to
T. . L. - Glllen. lot 8. block 1. Mc-
Dougall's Subdivision 625
Isaiah Buckman to the Public, a dedi
cation to the Public and continuation
of East Twenty-seventh street to East
Ankeny ptreet ,
Arleta Land Company to Ititia F.
Humbree. lots 8. 9 and 10. block 1.
Arleta Park No. 4 800
William s. Slnson and Marv E. slbson
. to Henry Ladd Corhett. Iota 4. 5 and
13. Abernethy Heights 10
Charles E. LAdd and Sarah H. Land to '
Henry Ladd Corhett, lots 4, 5. and 1
Abernethy Heights
Frank and Rose O'Neill to S. L. Gal
bralth. lots 0. 10 and 12, block 6.
, Richmond Addition 5,000
William Went and Martha A. Went to
Jacob Spies, beginning at a point 2rt
feet east of the southwest corner of
lot 10, Glen wood Park, thence run
ning north 418 feet to a point, thence
east 75 feet to point, thence south
418 feet to point, thence west 75 feet
to beginning 1,550
Leonard and Olive H. Newklrk to L.
Sumner Tyler. lot 7, block 1,
Slee's Addition 1,100
J. C. and Alice ri. Alnsworth to Wralter
A. Holt, lot 5. block lo. Taborslde.. 75
J. C. and Alice H. Alnsworth to Agnes
E. Holt, lot . diock 13. Taoorslde
A. T". and M. N. Green to T. H.
Edwards, lot 8, block 19. Hawthorne
First Addition 2,200
Herman Metzger. trustee, to Bertha
Powell. lot 18, 19 and 20. block 1.
Reservoir Park 450
Have your abstracts made by the Security
AMtract : Trust ;o. . 7 Chamber or commerce.
OF COMMERCE Phone Main 37
Alaska 1907
S. Spokane, August 9.
S. S. Senator, Oct. T. President. Sept. 28.
Sailing from Seatala for
Ekac-way, Sitka. Juneau asft way porta.
Sailing 8 P. M.
Cottage City, via Sitka Aug. 13-W
City ot Seattle Aug. 8-15-20-21
H. S. S. Co.'s Humboldt Aug. 1-12-23
Sailing 8 A. M. From Seattle.
President Aug. 4-19
Sonoma Aug. 13-2$
Umatilla Aug. 8-23
City Office, 249 Washington St.
Jamestown .Exposition
Low Rates
August 8; 9, 10 ; September 11, 12, 13.
Chicago and return, J71.50!
St. Louis and return, $67.50.
St. Paul, Minneapolis. Duluth, Su- ,
perior, Winnipeg and Pt. Arthur and
return, $60.
For tickets, sleeping-car reserva
tions and additional information, call
on or address H. Dickson, C. P. and
T. A, 123 Third St., Portland,- Or.
Telephones Main 680, . Home A 2386.
S. SRedondo"
Balling from Couch-street dock. Portland.
for Seattle. Tacoma. 'Everett and Belllug-
ham. August 4 at 6 P. M.
Connecting at Seattle for Nome. Golofnlnln.
Et. Michael. Chena and Fairbanks with
steamers Pleiades. H jades, Lyra, Mackinaw.
Schubach tt Hamilton. General Agenta,
' Seattle. Wash.
IT. P. Saumgartner, Agent, Portland.
Couch-Straat Dock.
Phonea: Main 881: HomaA 4161.
Ho! For Astoria
Round trips dally (except Thursdays)
1 A. M. Landing;, Alder-street
Dock. . Phone Main 565.
Leaves Sunday at 8 A. M. Round
trip $1.00.
North Pacific S. S. Co's. Steamsship
Roanoke and Geo. W. Elder
Sail for Eureka, San Francisco and
Los Angeles direct every Thursday at
8 P.M. Ticket office 132 Third St,
near Alder. Both phones, M. 1314,
II. Young, Agent.
Columbia River Through Line
Steamorfl of the "OPEN RIVER" line Iavt
OAK-STREET DOCK every Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday at FIVE O'CLOCK A. M.,
tor all points between Portland, the Dalles
and Umatilla. Leave early and se all the
river. Arrive early Low rates. Prompt
Telephone Main 3201. Home, A S527.
Less Than lfour Iays at Sea.
Empresses sail August . 23, September
fl. 20. First cabin, $X0 up; second cabin,
$4r. up; third-class. I28.T5. .
Write for particulars.
r. R. JOHNSON, Pass. Ant.,
142 Third St.. Portland. Or.
Only ocean steamers affording daylight
trip down Columbia River.
From Alnsworth Dock. Portland, 9 A. M.
S. S. Panama, Aug. to, 22, Hypt. a. etc
8. S. Costa Kica. Aug. IB, 28, Sept. 0, eto.
From Spear atreet Wharf, San Francisco.
11 A. M.
H. S. Panama. Aug. 4, lfl, 28, etc.
S. 8. Conta Kica, Aug. 10. 22, Kept. 2, etc,
JAS. U. DBWSON. Agent,
248 Washington St. Phone Main 26S.
Columbia River Scenery
Dally service between Portland and Tha
Dalles, except Sunday, leaving Portland at
7 A. M., arriving about 5 P. M., carrying
freight and passengers. Fplendld accommo
dations for outfits and livestock.
Dock foot of Alder St.. Portland; foot ot
Court St.. Tha Dalles. Phone Main 1
Stenmers Pomona and Orrsrona for
Saiem and Way Landing's. ti:4o A. M.
Dally (ex. Sun.). For Oregon City
Leaves dally 7:30, 11:30 A. M 3:80 P. M.
Leaves Oregon City, 9:30 A. M.. 1:30,
b:30 P. M.
Foot Taylor St.
Phones 40, A 223.
Washington-Street Dock.
Dally, except Sunday, for The Dalles and
way landings, at T A. M-, returning 10 P.
M. Fast time, best service.
Phoarsi Main 8184 1 Home, A 1184.
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